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厦门薇格整形医院整形厦门薇格整形专家咨询008 friends Beginner A: I had a big argument with david yesterday. I hope he’s not still mad at me. B: what did you argue about? A: he borrowed some money from me and I needed it back. He said he didn’t have the money yet. B: well, he should pay out back. It’s only fair. A: yes, but is got angry with him too quickly. He probably thought that I mistrusted him. I shouldn’t have got angry. B; did you lend him a lot of money? A; not much. I had to pay an unexpected bill, so I needed the money back. B; well, talk to him about it next time you see him. He probably feels as bad about it as you do. Close friends sometimes have disagreements. It’s nothing unusual. Neither of you said anything really nasty, did you? A: no , we didn’t. I guess you’re right. We should patch things up. B: of course you should. You wouldn’t want a silly argument to ruin a long friendship, would you? Intermediate A: what kind of qualities do you look for in your friends? B: I like people who are open and friendly. Those people are usually more active and fun to be with. I like spending time with my friends. We go to bars together or play sports together. A: I don’t like to make friends with people who aren’t honest. Honesty is very important to me. B: I think it’s important to most people. The problem is that you can usually only find out if someone is honest by getting to know them. A; you can find out from their friends. B: if you know any of their friends. You can’t rely on your friends to introduce people to you all the time. You have to go out and make the first move sometimes. I also like funny people. A: oh, I don’t. they don’t seem to take anything seriously. You never know when they are joking and when they are being serious. B: sometimes it can be hard to tell, but if you know the person fairly well, you can usually see from their expression what they are really thinking. A: it seems that we generally like different kinds of people. How is it that we are such good friends? B; maybe people don’t like to have friends that are all same. Most people like a little variety in their lives-including a variety of characteristics in their friends. Words Old friends close friends boy/girl friends best friend mate pal buddy schoolmate classmate acquaintance lifelong friend pen-friend Phrases Make friends with Get together Be friendly with Get to know Introduce(to) Get on well with Drift apart Fall out /200704/12814厦门哪家吸脂好 新东方最新英语口语学习词典W部分暂无文本 /200707/15352Imagine if I let go of my habit of saving the world behind your back,想像我放弃在你们背后拯救世界的习惯,of deliberating on the future of your work, your food, your schools, in places where you couldnt get past security.想像去放弃对在连安保都无法通过地方,你未来的工作,食物,学校的幻想。We can do this only if we first accept that we have neglected each other.我们只有先承认我们忽视了彼此,才可能做到这一点。If there is hope to summon in this ominous hour, it is this.如果在这不详的时刻有重新振作精神的希望,那就是这个。We have, for too long, chased various shimmering dreams我们已经追寻各种闪亮的梦想太久了,at the cost of attention to the foundational dream of each other,以最基本的对你我之间梦想的注意力为代价,the dream of tending to each other, of unleashing each others wonders, of moving through history together.照顾彼此的梦想,释放彼此疑虑的梦想,共同跨越历史的梦想。We could dare to commit to the dream of each other as the thing that matters before every neon thing.我们应该敢于承认对于彼此的梦想,承认它比其他各色事情更重要。Let us dare. Sincerely yours, a fellow citizen.让我们敢于这么做。敬上,一个公民伙伴。201703/497521厦门思明薇格整形中心

厦门隆鼻哪家好VOA流行美语 109: come clean/no sweat今天Larry和Li Hua一边开车一边在车上听广播,Li Hua会学到两个常用语:come clean和no sweat。(Highway amp; traffic SFX)LL: Hey, Li Hua, did you hear that? The president of that corporation finally came clean about stealing several million dollars.LH: 什么什么?我刚才没注意听,你说那个公司总裁怎么啦?他来上班的时候干干净净?这和偷几百万美元有什么关系呀?LL: No, I said, "He finally came clean about stealing several million dollars." It means "He finally admitted he stole several million dollars." To come clean about something is to admit to it.LH: 噢,to come clean about something 原来就是“坦白承认”。你刚才是说那个公司总裁最后终于承认他偷了几百万美元。这么说,Larry, 要是我做错了事,然后承认做错了,那我就是come clean 喽?LL: That's right. If you cheat on a test and then tell the professor because you feel guilty, then you are coming clean about your mistake.LH: Hey, Larry, 你可别瞎说,我考试从来不作弊,心里没鬼,更不用去教授那儿认错。你刚才闯了红灯,我看呐,你还是干脆承认你的开车技术不怎么样吧!LL: What? You want me to come clean about my bad driving? What stop light? There wasn't a stop light. Don't tease me like that.LH: 我知道没有红绿灯,我只不过是逗你玩儿呢!LL: Speaking of coming clean about things, did your roommate ever come clean about stealing your CD?LH: 没有!我那个同屋偷了我的CD死活都不承认,可是我敢肯定是她偷的。LL: How do you know?LH: 有一天我看见她的CD夹子在桌上开着,我那张CD明明就在里面。LL: Well, if she's not going to come clean about it, then maybe you should just take it back.LH: 那可不行,她不愿意承认是她的问题,我可不想乱翻她的东西。LL: Then you really need to find a new roommate. You should just come clean and admit that you made a mistake when you moved in with her.LH: 你说得对,Larry,我真该换个同屋,早知道这样,一开始就不该和这个人搬到一起。******LH: 哎哟,Larry, 你刚才拐弯的时候开这么快,我把可乐撒在车座上,把你的车给弄脏了。LL: No sweat. I'll stop at that gas station and we can get some stuff to clean it up.LH: 那我们赶紧开到前面那个加油站擦擦干净吧!可是你还说 - No sweat - 别出汗?噢,你的意思是让我别着急,是不是?LL: That's right! No sweat means "don't worry about it" or "it's okay." Don't worry about the coke. We can clean it up.LH: 你以前还教过我一个类似的短语,是Don't sweat it! 也是“别担心,别着急”的意思。除了可以说Don't sweat it, 也可以说No sweat。可是,Larry, 我还是挺不安的,你看我撒了这么多可乐,这能擦干净吗?LL: As I said, no sweat. The seats are leather, so they are really easy to clean.LH: 噢,这种皮制的车座很容易擦干净啊?这我就放心了。哎,Larry, 你能不能再给我举个 no sweat 的例子?LL: Well, if someone accidentally bumps into you in the hallway and they say, "sorry," you can tell them, "no sweat."LH: 嗯,要是有人在楼道里不小心撞到我,他如果说sorry, 我就可以说,No sweat! 也就是没关系的意思。Larry, 昨天我和一个朋友约好一起吃午饭,可是他没来。我估计是忘了,我下次见到他能不能也对他说No sweat呢?LL: Well, personally, that would upset me, but if he comes clean about the fact that he has forgotten to meet you, then you can tell him no sweat.LH: 对,让我白等是挺让人恼火的。你说得对,要是他承认是把约会给忘了,那我就会告诉他 No sweat - Don't worry about it 。今天李华从Larry那儿学到了两个常用语。一个是come clean, 意思是“坦白承认”。另一个常用语是 no sweat, 意思是“别着急,别担心”。 /200602/3329厦门薇格整形医院双眼皮多少钱 Holding down the right flank of the OECD, all the way on the other side, is Greece.在图右侧的这些国家,最右边的是希腊,And what you can see is that over the last 25 years,我们看到在过去25年Greece has barely managed to save more than 10 percent of their GDP.希腊的国民储蓄率刚超过10%。It should be noted, of course, that the ed States and the U.K. are the next in line.需要注意美国和英国紧随其后。Now that we see these huge differences in savings rates,现在我们看到存储比率的巨大差别,how is it possible that language might have something to do with these differences?但是语言跟这种差异有什么关系呢?Let me tell you a little bit about how languages fundamentally differ.让我告诉你语言之间的本质差异所在。Linguists and cognitive scientists have been exploring this question for many years now.语言学家和认知科学家已经研究这个问题很多年了,And then Ill draw the connection between these two behaviors.而我今天将会将这两种行为联系起来。Many of you have probably aly noticed that Im Chinese.你们可能注意到了我是华裔。I grew up in the Midwest of the ed States.我在美国中西部长大。And something I realized quite early on我很小的时候就意识到了was that the Chinese language forced me to speak about and -- in fact, more fundamentally than that中文在家庭关系的叫法--实际上更本质的ever so slightly forced me to think about family in very different ways.甚至在思维方式上都(跟英文)有很大的不同。Now, how might that be? Let me give you an example.怎么解释呢,我举个例子。Suppose I were talking with you and I was introducing you to my uncle.假设你我在聊天,提到了我的叔叔(uncle)。You understood exactly what I just said in English.你完全理解这个英文的意思。If we were speaking Mandarin Chinese with each other, though, I wouldnt have that luxury.但是如果我们用普通话聊天,我就头疼了。I wouldnt have been able to convey so little information.这里面传递的信息如此之多。What my language would have forced me to do, instead of just telling you, ;This is my uncle,;我无法用中文告诉你这是我的“叔叔”,is to tell you a tremendous amount of additional information.而是会附加上更多的(家庭关系)信息。My language would force me to tell you whether or not this was an uncle on my mothers side or my fathers side,如果用中文,我就要一并告诉你这个人是我爸爸这边的还是妈妈这边的whether this was an uncle by marriage or by birth, and if this man was my fathers brother,是婚姻关系还是血缘关系;如果是我爸爸的兄弟,whether he was older than or younger than my father.年纪比我爸爸大还是比我爸爸小。All of this information is obligatory. Chinese doesnt let me ignore it.这些都是必须的,中文无法省略这些信息。201703/495806厦门超声刀

厦门祛痘费用I refuse to accept this.I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail. 我拒绝接受这一观点。我相信人类不只是承受,人类将会战胜一切。He is immortal, not because he has a soul, a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance.人类是永怪的,不是因为在大自然所创造的所有生灵中只有人类拥有不竭的声音,而是因为人类拥有心灵——一种让人能怜悯,能牺牲,能承受的精神。The poets, the writers, duty is to write about these things. 诗人和作家的责任在于抒写这些东西。It is his privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart, by reminding him of the courage and honor and hope and pride and compassion and pity and sacrifice which have been the glory of his past. 他们的荣誉在于通过完善人类的心灵,提醒人类要拥有勇气,要有荣誉感,要拥有希望,要有自豪感,要有怜悯心,同情心和牺牲精神——这一切优秀品质是人类过去历程的光荣。The poets voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail.诗人的呐喊不只是记录人类的历史,诗人的呐喊应该是一根擎夭大柱,帮助人类去承受,去战胜。201608/461167 厦门微格整形美容医院做抽脂手术多少钱厦门薇格整形医院丰胸多少钱



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