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江西上饶市韩美医院做抽脂手术多少钱上饶市人民医院修眉手术多少钱武夷山割眼袋多少钱 The Ardila condo was not the only foreign-owned unit in Time Warner that was sold after an owner faced an investigation.除了阿迪拉之外,时代华纳中心还有其他业主在面临调查后成功售出了公寓。Mr. Contominas, the Greek businessman, sold his condo nine months after he was arrested in January 2014 and accused of using a commercial loan for personal expenditures. His lawyer, Grigorios Tsolias, said Mr. Contominas “is strongly denying any criminal accusation.”2014年1月,希腊商人孔托米纳斯(Mr. Contominas)遭到逮捕并被控将商业贷款用于个人花销。九个月后,他卖掉了这里的公寓。其律师格里格罗斯·索里亚斯(Grigorios Tsolias)表示,孔托米纳斯“坚决否认任何刑事指控”。Stewart Ford, another Time Warner owner, was facing a fraud investigation in October 2010 when he transferred the million condominium he had bought in his own name to a shell company. At the time, Mr. Ford’s firm, Keydata Investment Services, was at the center of one of the biggest financial collapses in Britain, with an estimated 30,000 victims.斯图尔特·福特(Stewart Ford)是时代华纳中心的另一名业主。2010年10月,当他面临着一起欺诈调查时,福特与曼哈顿的一名公人会面,将之前用自己名字购买的价值600万美元的公寓无偿转移到了一家空壳公司。当时,福特的Keydata投资务公司(Keydata Investment Services)正处于英国一起大型金融崩溃案的中心,估计受害者有3万名。That summer, it had been revealed that he had transferred close to million out of Keydata investments before his company was put in receivership by the British government, and moved it into shell companies and trusts that benefited his family.那年夏天,人们发现,在Keydata被英国政府破产接管之前,福特已经把将近6000万美元从Keydata转移到几家空壳公司以及受益人是他家人的几个信托基金中。Phil Burbidge, a disabled former teacher, said he invested through Keydata in 2008 but lost his life savings when the firm imploded the next year. “I’m in complete and utter poverty,” Mr. Burbidge said. “It’s all gone. I can’t even mend the roof.”曾经是老师的菲尔·伯比奇(Phil Burbidge)身有残疾。2008年,他开始通过Keydata进行投资,但公司在第二年崩溃,导致他的毕生积蓄化为乌有。“我现在处于赤贫状态,”伯比奇说。“钱全都没了,连屋顶都修不起。”British financial authorities have concluded their investigation and notified Mr. Ford that they plan to take enforcement action, a spokesman for the British Financial Conduct Authority said in an email to The Times.英国金融市场行为监管局(British Financial Conduct Authority)的发言人在电子邮件中向时报表示,该国金融部门已经结束了相关调查,并通知了福特,他们计划采取执法行动。Mr. Ford, in turn, is appealing the authority’s decision, the spokesman said. In an interview, Mr. Ford said the government should not have put his company into receivership. He added that the funds he transferred out of Keydata investments were fees legitimately owed to entities his family controlled.该发言人称,福特对当局的执法决定随后提起了抗诉。接受采访时,福特宣称,政府不应该对自己的公司进行破产接管。“他们这是在试图展示权威,”他说。他还表示,家人控制的那些实体本就是自己从Keydata转出的资金的合法债主。He has since sold the Time Warner condo.后来他就卖掉了时代华纳中心的那所公寓。Mr. Ford’s critics say he appears adept at keeping his assets out of reach of the authorities and bereft investors.福特的批评者说,他似乎很擅长让自己的资产免受当局和绝望的投资者追查。“We don’t believe he’s got any assets that are touchable,” said Geoff Hartnell, a financial adviser in Britain who invested in Keydata products and also sold them to 70 clients. “First of all, we know that he had trusts set up in the Dutch Antilles, trusts in Tortola, in the Virgin Islands.” He added: “If they turn around and fine him, then he says, ‘I’m not going to pay it.’ Since it’s civil, what can they do?”“我们觉得他没有任何可以追查的资产,”英国财务顾问杰夫·哈特内尔(Geoff Hartnell)说。他投资了Keydata的产品,并把它们出售给70名客户。“首先,我们知道他在荷属安的列斯群岛设立了信托,在维尔京群岛的托尔托拉也有信托,”他说:“如果他们转过来对他处以罚款,那他就会说,‘我不会付钱。’这是民事问题,他们又能拿他怎么办?”Even a computer server in the company’s office proved difficult for the authorities to examine. When British regulators seized it, Mr. Ford sued and said he did not own it. In fact, it was owned by a company that promoted Scottish culture, which in turn was owned by a shell company that was 70 percent owned by a trust, which, it was eventually revealed, was set up for Mr. Ford’s four children.事实明,当局要搜查该公司办公室里的一台计算机务器都很困难。当英国监管机构没收这台务器时,福特起诉说,这个务器不是自己的。事实上,它属于一家促进苏格兰文化的公司,但这又是一个空壳公司,70%的所有权属于一个信任基金。调查最终发现,这家信托基金是为福特的四个子女设立的。Anonymous in New York大隐于纽约Like most Time Warner owners, Anil Agarwal, an Indian mining magnate, is anonymous in New York. While interviews and private documents reviewed by The Times confirm he is behind condos purchased by the Amantea Corporation for .1 million in 2004, his name appears nowhere on public records. The deeds for Amantea’s Time Warner condos — one on the “maids floor” and another with sweeping views of Central Park — are signed by a New York lawyer named Constance Cranch. When contacted, she said: “You cannot say anything with respect to me. It’s a client of mine’s apartment, and I pay their bills.”就像时代华纳中心的很多业主一样,印度矿业巨头安尼尔·阿加瓦尔(Anil Agarwal)在纽约并不为人所知。虽然采访和时报审阅的私人文件可以明,他在2004年通过阿曼泰亚公司(Amantea Corporation)购买了售价910万美元的公寓,但他的名字却完全没有出现在公共记录中。阿曼泰亚公司在时代华纳中心的公寓——一套在“女佣层”,另一套则可以将中央公园的美景尽收眼底——房契由一位名叫康斯坦丝·克兰奇(Constance Cranch)的纽约律师签署。时报联系她时,她说:“对于我,你没有任何东西可以说。这是我客户的公寓,我帮他们付账单。”For all the secrecy at Time Warner, Mr. Agarwal is hardly private about his wealth. He spends much of his time in London and told a newspaper in 2005: “I have to have a Bentley, the best of chauffeurs and butlers.”虽然对时代华纳中心的房产极尽保密之能事,阿加瓦尔对自己的富有倒毫不隐瞒。他很多时候都住在伦敦,2005年时,他还告诉一家报纸:“我必须坐宾利,有最好的司机和管家。”But Mr. Agarwal and his company, Vedanta Resources, are known in some parts of the world for having left financial and environmental problems in their wake.不过,在世界上的一些地方,阿加瓦尔及其名下的韦丹塔资源公司(Vedanta Resources)有着留下财务与环境问题的恶名。He moved his company from India to London in the late 1990s, after it was banned from the Mumbai stock exchange for involvement in a prominent insider trading case.上世纪90年代末,由于牵涉到一宗重大内幕交易案,阿加瓦尔的公司被孟买券交易所封杀,于是他将公司从本国搬到了伦敦。Ten months before he closed on his Time Warner condos, Mr. Agarwal, his father and his brother were found to have illegally moved money out of India using shell companies in Mauritius and the Bahamas. The Agarwals, an Indian judge later wrote, “tried to pull wool over the revenue’s eyes and manipulated foreign exchange.”购买时代华纳中心两套公寓的交易完成之前10个月,阿加瓦尔、他的父亲及弟弟,被裁定利用毛里求斯和巴哈马的空壳公司从印度非法转移资产。一名印度法官后来写道,阿加瓦尔一家“试图偷偷诈取钱财并操纵外汇”。There were also complaints about Vedanta’s environmental record and treatment of residents near its operations.此外,韦丹塔也因其环境记录及工厂附近的居民受到的对待,而面临的诸多投诉。In September 2004, an Indian Supreme Court committee stated that Vedanta had dumped thousands of tons of “arsenic-bearing slag” around its factory in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Gro Nystuen, a lawyer who evaluated companies for Norway’s pension fund, said the pollution was “harming the environment to such an extent that it also harmed the people living in the neighborhood.”2004年9月,印度最高法院的一个委员会表示,韦丹塔在该公司位于南部泰米尔纳德邦的一家工厂周围倾倒了数千吨“含砷矿渣”。为挪威养老基金评估企业状况的律师格罗·尼斯滕(Gro Nystuen)称,该污染“极为严重地损害了环境,以致于还伤害到了周边社区的居民”。The next year, another Supreme Court committee accused the company of forcing 102 indigenous families from their homes in Odisha State, in eastern India, where it sought to mine bauxite for use in an aluminum refinery. According to the committee’s report, residents were “beaten up by the employees of M/s Vedanta.”第二年,最高法院的另一个委员会指控韦丹塔迫使东部奥里萨邦的102户原住民搬迁,因为它想在那里开采炼铝厂所需的矾土。根据该委员会的报告,居民们遭到了“韦丹塔雇来的人的殴打”。“An atmosphere of fear was created through the hired goons,” the report said. “After being forcibly removed they were kept under watch and ward by the armed guards of M/s Vedanta and no outsider was allowed to meet them. They were effectively being kept as prisoners.”“招来的打手制造了一种恐怖氛围,”文中称。“被迫离家后,他们被韦丹塔的持械警卫看守着,不准与外人见面。实际上就是遭到了囚禁。”As Vedanta pursued its mining plan over several years, the plight of the indigenous tribe in Odisha became a focal point for international activist groups. The cause was taken up by Rahul Gandhi, the son of a former prime minister, as well as by Bollywood stars such as Gul Panag, who withdrew from a Vedanta marketing campaign.随着韦丹塔在接下来的几年里推进其采矿计划,奥里萨邦原住部落的遭遇,成了国际维权团体关注的焦点。维权行动由印度前总理的儿子拉胡尔·甘地(Rahul Gandhi)和一些宝莱坞明星发起。女星古尔·潘纳格(Gul Panag)还退出了韦丹塔的一项市场营销活动。The British commerce agency issued a rebuke of Vedanta’s actions in Odisha, and the Church of England’s investment funds sold their shares in the company in protest. “It was just very apparent that the lives of the villagers immediately around the refinery had been made worse, rather than better,” said Edward Mason, the chief of responsible investment for a billion church fund. “The villagers had not been properly consulted about the process, or properly compensated.”英国商务部门发表声明谴责韦丹塔在奥里萨邦的所作所为。英格兰国教会(Church of England)旗下的投资基金抛售了该公司的股份以示抗议。“非常明显的是,这家炼铝厂周边的那些村民的生活变得更糟,而不是更好了,”爱德华·梅森(Edward Mason)表示。“村民们事前既未能获得关于建设过程的充足信息,也未能获得合理的赔偿。”梅森在教会旗下一规模达90亿美元的基金,担任投资社会责任主管。Vedanta’s operations elsewhere have drawn intense criticism. Its copper mine in Zambia has been a source of both pollution and suspicion of financial improprieties. In 2006, two years after Vedanta acquired the mine, the company dumped hazardous waste into the Kafue River, a major source of drinking water for the country, according to a lawsuit filed on behalf of 2,000 residents. Fish were dying, according to the ruling in the case, and local residents experienced skin diseases, lung pain and diarrhea.韦丹塔在其他国家的几家分机构也遭到了猛烈抨击。它在赞比亚的铜矿一直是污染源,还有不端财务操作的嫌疑。代表两千名居民提起的一宗集体诉讼的文件显示,2006年,也就是韦丹塔收购这座矿场的两年后,该公司往赞比亚的重要饮用水源卡富埃河中倾倒了有害废物。案件判决书表示,河中鱼类濒临绝迹,而当地居民出现了皮肤病、肺部疼痛和腹泻的症状。The company was fined by a local judge who wrote: “This was lack of corporate responsibility and criminal and a tipping point for corporate recklessness.”一名当地法官决定处以韦丹塔罚款,并在判决书中写道:“此案暴露了企业责任的缺失,构成了犯罪,达到了企业无法无天的极限。”Last year, Zambian officials began an audit based on suspicions that Vedanta was not paying the government its proper fees. Hundreds of former mine workers are fighting Vedanta for severance or disability pay. “This company is making its own rules in Zambia,” said Darious Yundayunda, a former miner who has been active with a group called Foil Vedanta. “People are struggling.”去年,赞比亚官员开始对韦丹塔进行审计调查,理由是怀疑该公司未能向政府足额缴纳费用。有数以百计曾为韦丹塔工作的矿工在追讨遣散费,还有其他一些人在追讨残疾抚恤金。前矿工达瑞斯·容达容达(Darious Yundayunda)参与了一个名为“挫败韦丹塔”(Foil Vedanta)的团体积极维权。“这家公司在赞比亚自行其是,”容达容达说。“挣扎的是普通人。”Mr. Agarwal declined The Times’s interview requests over several months. But Vedanta has said publicly, “We remain fully committed to pursuing all our investments in a responsible manner, respecting the environment and human rights.”在数月的时间里,阿加瓦尔反复拒绝时报的采访请求。但韦丹塔公司公开表示,“我们会一如既往地努力,确保所有投资都以负责任的方式开展,尊重环境和人权。”Despite the complications and controversy, Mr. Agarwal’s fortune, according to Forbes, has grown from billion to an estimated .5 billion since he purchased his condos at Time Warner.尽管面临种种难题和争议,根据《福布斯》的估算,自从阿加瓦尔买下时代华纳中心的公寓以来,他的身家从10亿美元增加到了35亿美元左右。Big Spenders挥金如土When Mr. Bloomberg set out the welcome mat for the world’s billionaires, the idea was this: Money they spent would trickle down to the doormen, concierges, cleaners, drivers and construction workers, as well as to the shopkeepers and restaurateurs who sell ,000 handbags and 0 sushi dinners.当布隆伯格向世界上的亿万富翁发出邀请时,其想法是这样的:他们花掉的钱会下渗到门卫、门房、清洁工、司机和建筑工人,以及卖5000美元的手袋的店主和卖450美元的寿司晚餐的餐厅老板手中。And many of the players at the Time Warner Center are indeed big spenders.且时代华纳中心的许多玩家也确实是挥金如土的人。After Maxim Finskiy, a Russian business associate of the Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, moved in, he imported his Bentley.在布鲁克林篮网队的所有者米哈伊尔·普罗霍洛夫(Mikhail Prokhorov)的俄罗斯生意伙伴马克西姆·芬斯基(Maxim Finskiy)搬进中心时,他运进了他的宾利(Bentley)轿车。Robert Tsao, who gave up his Taiwanese citizenship after authorities there sued him unsuccessfully for investing in mainland China, owns one of the world’s most renowned private collections of Asian art.曹兴诚(Robert Tsao)拥有世界上最知名的亚洲艺术私人藏品。他在台湾当局就他在中国大陆投资起诉他不成功后,放弃了台湾籍。Adam Chen, who graduated from New York University in May, was one of several college students to use the complex as a dormitory. He celebrated his birthday last year at the restaurant Per Se in the Time Warner Center, dining on its famous starter, Oysters and Pearls, all captured in photographs on Instagram.5月从纽约大学(New York University)毕业的亚当·陈是几个把这座大楼当成宿舍的大学生之一。他去年在时代华纳中心内的Per Se餐厅庆祝了自己的生日,并吃了该餐厅著名的头盘“生蚝和珍珠”(Oysters and Pearls)。所有的这一切都可以在Instagram上的照片中看到。The precise impact of wealthy foreigners on the city may be more complex, though. As nonresidents, they pay no city income taxes and often receive hefty property tax breaks. A program aimed at new condo development doles out about a half-billion dollars in tax breaks a year, according to the city’s independent budget office. These savings are passed on to owners in the form of lower property taxes. The Time Warner Center was not part of the most lucrative tax break program, but many other buildings around Central Park have benefited.但富有的外国人给这座城市带来的确切影响可能更为复杂。作为非居民,他们不用缴纳城市所得税,且往往能得到巨额的房产税减免。据该市独立预算办公室(Independent Budget Office),一项致力于新共管公寓开发的计划一年会发放约5亿美元的税务减免。这些省下来的钱以较低的房产税的形式转嫁至所有者手中。时代华纳中心没有包括在这项最具丰厚利润的税务减免计划之中,但许多其他中央公园周围的楼宇从该计划中受益。The city’s first condo costing more than 0 million, which sold in the last few weeks at the new luxury tower One57, had property taxes this past year of ,268, according to the city’s finance office. Those taxes will go up over time, but for now that is a savings of more than 9,000.据纽约市财政部,该市斥资逾1亿美元、于过去几周在新落成的豪华塔楼One57出售的第一座共管公寓过去一年有17268美元的房产税收。这些税收将随着时间的推移走高,但目前,这意味着节省下了超过35.9万美元。The Fiscal Policy Institute, a nonprofit in New York, recently suggested a downside to the influx of billionaires who are in the city only sporadically.纽约非营利组织财政政策研究所(Fiscal Policy Institute)最近指出了只偶尔在城中居住的亿万富豪涌入的一个负面影响。“In terms of the local economy, you don’t have people who are going to plays, going to restaurants,” James Parrott, the institute’s chief economist, said. “They’re not spending at the dry cleaners, the grocers and all of that, so it deprives New York of all that local multiplier effect.”“至于本地经济,并没有人去看舞台剧,去餐馆就餐,”该研究所首席经济学家詹姆斯·帕罗特(James Parrott)说。“他们不在干洗店、食杂店等等店铺消费,所以纽约本地并没有得到什么‘乘数效应’。”What is more, Mr. Parrott said, the skyrocketing prices of the pieds-à-terre are affecting the price of real estate in the city more broadly. “There’s a downside to having such pressure at the top. It pulls up the prices overall. When owners of million condos see that there’s a big market for million condos, they’re more likely to raise their prices,” he said. “Then the person at million raises his prices, then the person at million sees that and there aren’t any prices below million.”更有甚者,帕罗特说,这些富豪在纽约的房产价格奇高,也在范围更广的纽约房地产市场上,对价格产生了影响。“顶端有这样的压力会产生一些坏处,它会拉高整体价格。价值1000万美元公寓的房主,看到9500万美元的公寓有很大的市场,就更可能会提高售价,”他说。“接着200万美元的房主也会提价,100万美元的房主就会看到已经没有100万以下的要价了。”Through a spokesman, Mr. Bloomberg said last month that he had hoped billionaires who moved to New York would not simply be part-timers but would live in the city and pay taxes “so we could use that revenue for government services that, incidentally, disproportionately benefit lower-income New Yorkers.”布隆伯格上月通过一名发言人表示,他所希望的是,移居纽约的亿万富豪不再单单只是小住一段时间,而会长居于这座城市中,并缴纳税款,“这样我们就可以将这一税收用于政府务,从而主要造福于较低收入的纽约人”。Some local politicians have suggested taxing the owners of pieds-à-terre who are not city residents.一些本地政治人物提出,要对非本市居民的房屋业主征税。“We are spending money to keep them safe and maintaining the infrastructure,” said Brad Lander, a city councilman. “Should there be the equivalent of a commuter tax? An international residents tax?”“我们需要花钱保障他们的安全,维护基础设施,”市议员布拉德·兰德(Brad Lander)说。“难道不应该有类似‘通勤税’的名目吗?例如一个‘国际居民税’?”A proposal from the Fiscal Policy Institute would impose a graduated tax on pieds-à-terre worth million or more. The group estimates it would generate 5 million a year in revenue for the city, mostly from owners of the approximately 445 apartments valued at more than million.财政政策研究所的提议是,对价值500万美元及以上的昂贵寓所加征一项累进税。该研究所估计,这项税收每年可以为纽约市带来6.65亿美元的收入,主要来自大约445所价值超过2500万美元的公寓的业主。There is no simple way to unmask ownership of a shell company. Exploring each of the more than 200 shell companies that have owned units in the Time Warner Center became its own journey, with its own surprise ending.要想探究一家空壳公司的所有人绝非易事,既没有数据库也没有公共记录。探究在时代华纳中心拥有过公寓的超过200家空壳公司,需要一个过程,而且时常会有出人意料的结果。The case of Columbus Skyline, which paid .6 million for three condos, began with two clues: a barely legible signature and a forwarding address.哥伦布天际线花费2560万美元购置了三套公寓。而探究这家公司的过程,是从两个线索开始的,一个很难看清的签名,一个转寄邮件的地址。The signature on the deeds was difficult to , but in one spot it could be made out: Wang Zi. A search of that name did not yield obvious results, but a Wang Zi did register a phone number at Time Warner. The Times cross-referenced that number and found it was tied to a firm called MQ Realty with an address at an apartment in a public housing complex in Chinatown. A visit to that apartment yielded little more than a conversation in Chinese with a neighbor who said the person behind MQ Realty had recently moved. It was a dead end.法律文书上的签名很难读,不过有一处字迹可以辨认:王兹(音)。查询这个名字并没有得到什么明显的结果,不过此人的确在时代华纳中心注册了一个电话号码。时报经过多方查后发现,这个号码属于一家名为MQ Realty的公司,注册地址是华埠一处公屋里的一间公寓。走访这一地址并没有得到什么收获,只是与邻居用汉语交谈后得知,MQ Realty背后的人物最近搬走了。线索断了。The second clue proved more promising. Columbus Skyline was formed in New York State. While the state filing does not list the name of the L.L.C.’s owner, it does have an address: 10 East 39th St., Suite 1110. In public records, one name comes up as having used that address: Wang Wenliang.第二个线索更有收获。哥伦布天际线是在纽约州成立的。尽管州政府的备案文件并没有列出这家公司的主人,但是它留有地址:东39街10号1110室(10 East 39th St., Suite 1110)。通过在公开记录中查考,时报发现有一个人曾使用过这个地址:王文良。Further searches turned up a prominent Wang Wenliang. This Mr. Wang is a former municipal official in Dandong, a city on China’s border with North Korea, and a member of the National People’s Congress, China’s parliamentary body. Among his businesses is a construction empire that has worked on numerous consulates and embassies for the Chinese government, and he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He is on the board of trustees of N.Y.U., where he donated million.进一步的调查发现,此人背景显赫。王文良是邻近朝鲜的中国城市丹东的前政府官员,现在是中国的全国人大代表。他拥有一家大型建筑公司,参与建设了中国政府驻海外的许多使领馆,身家数亿美元。他是纽约大学校董会成员,他为这所大学捐款2500万美元。But establishing that Mr. Wang from Dandong was the owner of the Time Warner condos required more confirmation.但要想认定从丹东发迹的王文良,正是时代华纳中心公寓的业主,还需要更多的信息。The lawyer listed on the condo sales was David Glassman. A search of commercial property filings showed that Mr. Glassman had also done legal work for an affiliate of Mr. Wang’s company, China Rilin Construction Group.公寓销售记录上登记的律师是戴维·格拉斯曼(David Glassman)。通过查阅商业地产的登记文件,时报发现格拉斯曼也为王文良的建筑企业日林集团做过法律工作。When The Times called Mr. Glassman, he briefly discussed the condos and said he would ask Mr. Wang if he would be interviewed about his ownership.时报致电格拉斯曼时,他简短地谈了谈那几间公寓,并表示会询问王先生,愿不愿意就拥有房产的事宜接受采访。Another round of searches found a less glamorous side to real estate used by Mr. Wang’s company in the ed States. In February 2011, the housing task force in Jersey City followed up on a complaint from a resident on Pavonia Avenue about the number of people living in a single-family residence rented by Rilin. “We conducted the inspection and uncovered conditions that were very troubling to say the least,” wrote Mark Redfield, the task force chairman.通过另一轮查,时报从王文良的公司在美国使用过的房产中,发现了不那么光的一面。2011年2月,泽西城负责住房事务的工作组跟进了帕翁尼亚大街(Pavonia Avenue)一名居民提出的投诉,投诉的问题是日林集团租用的独户住宅里居住了太多人。工作组主任马克·雷德菲尔德(Mark Redfield)写道,“我们开展了检查,发现那里的情况往轻了说也是令人不安。”“There were 15 Asian males with no identification, passports, or work visas all residing in this one-family attached rowhouse,” an internal email from Mr. Redfield said. “The house was divided up into sleeping quarters to accommodate 28 roomers,” he wrote, adding, “The crammed quarters were extremely unsanitary and posed an imminent hazard.”“这栋独户联排房屋内,居住着15名亚洲男子,他们没有身份件、没有护照、没有工作签,”雷德菲尔德在内部邮件中写道。“房子里分隔出了铺位,可容纳28名住客,”他还写道。“拥挤的空间内极不卫生,而且构成了近在眼前的威胁。”The same day, Jersey City officials found “the same conditions” at another house that was used by Rilin for its workers, according to city records.市政府的记录显示,同一天,泽西城的官员在日林集团为员工租用的另一处房屋发现了“相同的情况”。In 2013, Jersey City inspectors reported finding an illegal rooming house at another location used by Rilin. An internal city email said the building was “housing Chinese workers who work for the Chinese Embassy as construction workers. This is the same group China Rilin Construction Corp. that the task force issued summonses to in 2011 for housing multiple Chinese workers.”2013年,泽西城的检查人员报告称,又在日林集团租用的另一处地点,发现房屋中非法分隔了居室。市政府的一封内部邮件中提到,房中“居住着为中国大使馆从事建筑工作的中国工人,其隶属的中国日林建设集团,正是工作组于2011年因容纳多名中国工人而发过传票的同一家企业。”Rilin paid fines of several thousand dollars for the 2011 violations. The outcome of the 2013 case was unclear from city records, but the company said it had been dismissed.日林为2011年的违规情节付了数千美元的罚款。案件在2013年的处理结果在该市的记录中语焉不详,不过该公司表示案件已经被驳回。Mr. Wang’s lawyer said Rilin “took the allegations very seriously, and the reported violations were all quickly remedied by the company or dismissed.” He disputed the idea that 28 people lived at the Pavonia Avenue house, saying the top bunks had been used for storage. He said the Wang family had purchased the Time Warner condos through a shell company partly because a disgruntled former employee had threatened to harm them.王文良通过律师表示,日林集团“对指控十分重视,报告提到的违规问题中,一些很快就得到了纠正,另一些则已经撤案。”他对帕翁尼亚大街的房子住了28个人的说法提出了质疑,称上层的床铺是用来放东西的。他说,他之所以通过空壳公司购买时代华纳中心的公寓,是因为一个心怀怨念的前雇员曾经威胁要伤害他和他的家人。When The Times asked Ms. Sample, the Time Warner real estate agent who represented Mr. Wang, for information about his condo purchases, she shot back: “How do you know about him?”时报向时代华纳中心代理王文良的房产经纪桑普尔询问有关他购买公寓的情况时,她陡然反问道:“你怎么知道他的?” /201502/359214上饶铅山县激光祛疤多少钱

上饶市第二人民医院去痘印多少钱德兴市妇幼保健人民中医院美容整形科 上饶蓝光祛痘多少钱

横峰县妇幼保健人民中医院祛疤多少钱China on Sunday banned shark fin for official dinners as part of its austerity drive. The controversial ingredient joins hairy crabs, mooncakes and expensive suitcases as the latest victim of President Xi Jinping’s campaign.中国周日发布《党政机关国内公务接待管理规定》,禁止工作餐提供鱼翅等菜肴,这是厉行节约运动的一部分。继大闸蟹、月饼和高档行李箱之后,鱼翅这种备受争议的食材也成为中国国家主席习近平发起的这场运动的“受害者”。Chinese state media reported that the central government has banned official dinners with shark fin, bird’s nest and wild animal products in a new directive. Xinhua, the state news agency, said government staff would not be able to serve cigarettes and expensive alcohol at official functions.中国官方通讯社新华社报道,中央政府下达的这项新规定禁止工作餐提供鱼翅、燕窝和用野生保护动物制作的菜肴,禁止提供香烟和高档酒水。This comes as Samsonite, the 103-year-old luggage maker, says China sales will show a “certain amount of moderation” this year due to Mr Xi clamping down on extravagant spending.与此同时,已有103年历史的行李箱制造商新秀丽(Samsonite)表示,受习近平打击奢侈浪费风气影响,该公司今年在华销售增长将出现“一定程度的放缓”。Ramesh Tainwala, Samsonite’s Asia head, says sales are expected to decline at least 10 percentage points from a growth rate of more than 20 per cent last year to 12-15 per cent this year.新秀丽亚洲区总裁拉梅什?塔因瓦拉(Ramesh Tainwala)表示,今年销售额增长率将下滑至少10个百分点,由去年的逾20%降至12%至15%之间。“Because of the austerity drive that is going on with the government? Officials are now trying to learn?.?.?.?how they are supposed to react,” says Mr Tainwala. “Will this be considered as, let us say, a luxury or avoidable expense?”塔因瓦拉表示:“因为中国政府眼下正在推行的厉行节约运动……官员如今正努力搞清楚……他们该怎么做。比如说,他们会想,这会不会被视为奢侈品或可避免的出呢?”Since coming to power a year ago, Mr Xi has cracked down on excessive spending by government officials. The drive has taken a toll on everything from culinary delicacies such as abalone and exotic crabs to the kind of transportation and hotels that government workers use on official business trips.自一年前上台以来,习近平一直在打击政府官员的过度出。这项运动波及了方方面面,从鲍鱼、大闸蟹等美味食物,到政府工作人员在差旅中的交通方式和住宿规格。One Beijing resident and local official who travels to Nanjing to visit a relative says she was accustomed to being picked up at the airport in a government car. But she says the car has disappeared since Mr Xi became China’s leader.一名经常去南京探亲的北京地方官员说,过去她一下飞机就坐上在机场等候的公务车,自从习近平上台以来,这种待遇就消失了。To power his campaign, Mr Xi, or his propaganda team, has created slogans such as “four dishes and a soup” to urge officials to refrain from the kind of previously ubiquitous banquets that were laced with copious amounts of baijiu or, in more recent years, expensive claret.为宣传这场运动,习近平(或他的宣传团队)创造了“四菜一汤”等宣传语,以敦促官员杜绝过去普遍存在的那种摆满高档白酒(近年来则还有高档红酒)的公务宴请。In an interview, Tim Parker, Samsonite chief executive, and Mr Tainwala stress that China remains a very important market for the company. Mr Parker says he can “well imagine that in the next sort of three to four years that the company will make its first acquisition of a Chinese business”.塔因瓦拉和新秀丽首席执行官蒂姆?帕克(Tim Parker)在一次采访中强调,中国仍是新秀丽非常重要的市场。帕克表示,他完全可以“设想,再过个三四年左右,新秀丽将首次收购一家中国企业”。But, in the meantime, Samsonite must join other global luxury brands in navigating the new austere landscape in China. Mr Tainwala says one way the campaign is hurting business is through the impact on corporate gifts. Banks have also cut back on redemption campaigns that allow customers to exchange accumulated points for luggage and other items.但与此同时,新秀丽必须和其他国际奢侈品牌一样,应对厉行节约运动下中国的新形势。塔因瓦拉表示,这场运动冲击公司业务的方式之一,是影响企业的礼品购买行为。也减少了积分兑换行李箱等礼品的活动。As a result, there has been “a lot of slack” in Samsonite’s sales to businesses in China. Mr Tainwala says airlines that typically buy cases in bulk for flight crews until recently held off, as they tried to interpret the rules being telegraphed by Mr Xi.因此,新秀丽在华对企业销售情况“很不景气”。塔因瓦拉表示,航空公司以前往往批量购买行李箱,配发给机组成员,但最近也不这么做了,因为航空公司试图解读习近平主政下这些新规定传递出什么样的信息。“Buying is being looked upon a little bit more carefully and the new rules and regulations and guidelines are getting released,” says Mr Tainwala.塔因瓦拉表示:“人们在购买时变得更谨慎了,而新的规定、监管措施和指导方针还在不断出台。”But he adds that recently there are “indications that some of the airlines and banks which operate redemption schemes are aly getting started” again.但他补充说,最近有“迹象显示,一些航空公司和又开始在做积分兑换活动”。 /201312/268205 The 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe will this week be commemorated in towns and cities across the continent. On this occasion, the celebration will be especially poignant. It will probably be the last important Victory Day anniversary involving veterans and survivors of the conflict, men and women who bear direct witness to its horror. What will also be unsettling is that it arises at a moment of acute diplomatic tension between Russia and the west.本周,欧洲大陆的各个城镇将举行二战结束70周年纪念活动。这一次的庆祝活动将尤为令人心碎。它很可能将成为有那场冲突的老兵与幸存者、直接目睹了二战之恐怖的男女参加的最后一个重大的胜利日周年庆典。另外,此次庆祝发生在俄罗斯与西方外交紧张颇为尖锐的时刻,也将令人不安。Nowhere will east-west divisions be more apparent than in Moscow itself. Ten years ago, at the 60th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War, as it is known in Russia, the leaders of the US, France and Germany joined President Vladimir Putin for the May 9 victory parade in Red Square.莫斯科本身将最明显地展现东西方的分裂。10年前,在俄罗斯所称的伟大卫国战争(Great Patriotic War)结束60周年纪念之际,美国、法国和德国的领导人跟弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)一起参加了5月9日的红场(Red Square)胜利阅兵式。This year, they and other western leaders will be absent. Mr Putin is likely to use the occasion to aggrandise his regime after its seizure of Crimea and its incursion into eastern Ukraine. Western leaders have made clear that they do not want to be part of the show.今年,他们和其他西方领导人将缺席红场。在吞并克里米亚和入侵乌克兰东部之后,普京很可能利用这一机会夸耀他的政权。西方领导人已明确表示,他们不想参与这场表演。Anyone contemplating the scale of suffering in the second world war is bound to regret their absence from Moscow on Saturday.任何思量二战造成多大苦难的人,注定会对他们周六不去莫斯科感到遗憾。The Soviet Union lost more than 20m citizens and its role in defeating Nazi Germany was greater than that of any other state. The number who died in the siege of Leningrad exceeded the total losses of British and US forces combined in the entire war.苏联在二战期间失去了逾2000万公民,苏军在击败纳粹德国方面发挥的作用大于其他任何国家。列宁格勒围城战中的阵亡人数超过了英美军队在整个二战期间的阵亡总人数。The battles of Stalingrad and Kursk were turning points of the conflict. Russia’s role was central and critical and this should never be forgotten by historians.斯大林格勒战役及库尔斯克战役是第二次世界大战的转折点。俄罗斯在这场战争中扮演了核心且至关重要的角色,历史学家们永远不应该遗忘这一点。The 70th anniversary ought also to be a moment when the world comes together — not only to honour those who gave their lives to defeat Nazi tyranny but to recognise the difficult moral lessons of the conflict. The world did not prevent the Holocaust of European Jewry. The saturation bombing of Hamburg and Dresden was excessive. The Red Army committed hideous war crimes, notably the destruction of the Polish officer corps at Katyn. The second world war was not the simple tale of good defeating evil that is often served up.二战结束70周年也应该是全世界聚在一起的时刻——不仅是为了缅怀那些为打败纳粹暴政而献出生命的人,也是为了重温这场战争期间艰难的道德教训。世界没有阻止欧洲犹太人遭遇大屠杀。盟军对汉堡(Hamburg)和德累斯顿(Dresden)的饱和轰炸过分了。苏联红军犯下了可怕的战争罪行,特别是在卡廷(Katyn)大规模屠杀波兰军官。二战并不像经常被叙述的那样,是一个正义战胜邪恶的简单故事。Yet the absence of western leaders from Moscow, while regrettable, is understandable. Mr Putin’s annexation of Crimea and his incursions into Ukraine are the first redrawing of the map of Europe by force since the end of the cold war.不过,西方国家领袖缺席莫斯科,尽管令人遗憾,但也是可以理解的。普京吞并克里米亚及入侵乌克兰的行为,是自冷战结束以来首次有人用武力改写欧洲版图。Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine has been contained but it has not been stopped. This makes any show of western solidarity with Mr Putin impossible at present.俄罗斯对乌克兰东部地区的侵略迄今遭到遏制,但并未被完全阻止。这使西方目前不可能展露出任何与普京团结的迹象。The likely tone of next week’s celebration in Moscow would also make western leaders uncomfortable. Russian state propaganda repeatedly links the victory against Nazism with recent events in Ukraine, describing the pro-European Ukrainians who toppled President Viktor Yanukovich as fascists and Nazi collaborators. The May 9 commemoration in Red Square is unlikely to show restraint in using history as a propaganda weapon.下周在莫斯科举行的庆祝活动,也很可能带有让西方领导人不爽的基调。俄罗斯国家宣传机构一再将打败纳粹的胜利与乌克兰最近发生的事件联系在一起,将推翻乌克兰前总统维克多#8226;亚努科维奇(Viktor Yanukovich)的亲欧洲乌克兰人描述为法西斯分子和纳粹帮凶。在5月9日的红场纪念活动中,俄罗斯把历史当做宣传武器方面的行径也不太可能有所克制。At this solemn moment, the west’s leaders should take the opportunity to declare that whatever differences they have with Mr Putin, they have none with the people of Russia.在这个庄严的时刻,欧洲领导人应该借此机会宣告,无论他们与普京的分歧有多大,他们与俄罗斯人民是一致的。Mr Putin may wish to use Victory Day as an exercise in militaristic posturing that puffs up his regime. But the millions of Russians and other former Soviet peoples who fought heroically to rid the world of Nazism deserve better.军国主义的装腔作势使普京政权摆出强悍姿态,他或许希望把胜利日当做又一个这样的机会。但是,当年英勇战斗、帮助世界摆脱纳粹魔掌的数以百万计的俄罗斯人和其他前苏联人民,理应得到更好的纪念。In Russia and beyond, they should be honoured for the extraordinary sacrifices they made — and for no other purpose.在俄罗斯和其它地方,人们应该在没有其它目的的前提下,对他们做出的巨大牺牲致敬。 /201505/373175上饶弋阳县治疗白瓷娃娃多少钱广丰区去除黄褐斑多少钱



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