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淮安流产治疗费用淮安市淮安医院看妇科炎症多少钱在00加仑可乐中游泳是种怎样的体验? --01 ::5 来源: 最近美国一小伙向我们展示了在00加仑可乐中游泳是种什么感觉 A Calinian YouTube star has made a splash with a new take on the classic coke and Mentos stunt.最近加州一位油土鳖明星又造成了一场轰动,他尝试了经典的可乐+薄荷糖反应Taras Maksimuk, from Rocklin, has filmed himself emptying a bucket of the candy into a swimming pool full of Coca-Cola.拉塔斯来自美国罗克林,他拍下了自己将一整桶薄荷糖倒进一游泳池可口可乐的场景The Ukraine native, who goes by the name TechRax on YouTube, said he poured thousands of bottles of coke to fill the pool with 1,500 gallons of pop.拉塔斯是乌克兰人,他在油土鳖上的账户名字是TechRax他说他倒了几千瓶可乐来填满这个00加仑容量的游泳池’This is something you wouldn’t even see in the movies,’ he said. ’Imagine just swimming in this. Wow.’拉塔斯说道:“你甚至在电影里都不会有机会看到这样是场景想象一下在00加仑可乐里游泳的感觉喔噢!”He went onto empty the bucket of Mentos into the Coca-Cola and stepped back as the liquid began to fizz.拉塔斯把一整桶薄荷糖全倒进了这池可乐中,后来可乐冒出大量气泡,他不得不后退The reaction is caused by a process called nucleation, whereby the carbon dioxide in the soda is attracted to dozens of tiny pores on the surface of the Mentos, causing so much pressure that the soda erupts.这个现象是由一种被称为“成核现象”的反应造成的,碳酸饮料中的二氧化碳被薄荷糖表面数十个小孔所吸引,产生了巨大的压力,最终造成碳酸饮料喷发出来Any carbonated beverage will produce a similar effect, but Diet Coke became the most popular after it was found to produce the best results.任何碳酸饮料都会产生类似的现象,但是健怡可乐是最好的,因为它能够产生最佳的反应效果In , TV show MythBusters concluded that the potassium benzoate, aspartame, and CO gas contained in the Diet Coke, in combination with the gelatin and gum arabic ingredients of the Mentos, all contribute to the mation of the foam.在年,电视节目“流言终结者”做出了结论,认为健怡可乐中含有的苯甲酸钾、阿斯巴甜和二氧化碳气体,和薄荷糖中含有的明胶、阿拉伯树胶一起促成了泡沫的形成Although some scientists claim it is not a chemical reaction, rather a purely physical one.但是一些科学家表示说这并不是一个化学反应,而纯粹是物理上的变化While the reaction is not as extreme as in other viral clips, it gives the effect of a bubbling Jacuzzi.尽管拉塔斯的这个反应不像那些极端的例子那么剧烈,但是它仍然有一种浴缸里气泡的感觉But he wasn’t finished there.但是拉塔斯并没有就这样就不玩了Maksimuk added two hundred pounds of ice into the pool bee encouraging his friend ’Ryan’ to jump in.拉塔斯加了0磅的冰块在这个池子里,然后怂恿他的朋友“莱安”跳进去Taking a running jump, the friend leaped and landed with a splash into the icy coke.拉塔斯的朋友助跑了一小段,然后跃起跳进了这池冰可乐中,激起了一片水花It’s really weird. It feels like I’m in a pool of coke man,’ he said.他说:“这感觉真怪好像我在一个可乐池子里一样,兄弟”The YouTube star, who has more than .5 million subscribers, typically specializes in s showing him destroying expensive technology.拉塔斯是油土鳖上的明星,有50多万订阅用户,他的视频内容一般都是展示他败掉昂贵的科技产品And true to m, he wasn’t finished until he had trashed his brand new DJI Phantom Camera Drone.一如既往的,他没有就此停手,拉塔斯把他的新大疆“幻影”摄像无人机开到了可乐池子里Maksimuk filmed himself flying the drone straight into the coke pool, instantly destroying the drone and its camera.在视频中,拉塔斯直接把他的无人机开进了可乐池子里,无人机和上面的摄像头立刻就被他败掉了The has aly been viewed more than million times on YouTube.在油土鳖上这份视频目前已经被观看了00多万次淮安哪个医院男科比较好 震惊!中国5000年前就开始喝啤酒 --5 :6:50 来源: 一项最新研究发现,中国人也许从五千年前就开始喝啤酒了US and Chinese researchers say they found traces of barley, millet, grain, and tubers used in fermentation.美国和中国的研究人员表示,他们发现了一些线索,可以明大麦、小米、谷物和块茎曾被发酵It was found on pottery discovered in Shaanxi province in northern China during an archaeological dig years ago.十年前,陕西的一场考古发掘曾发现了一些陶器而此次的这些发现正是从这些陶器中得出的It would be the earliest known instance of beer-making in China and suggest a sophisticated approach.这将是中国已知最早的啤酒酿造实例,并且酿造的工艺还十分先进Published in the US Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study also suggested that barley may have been used booze bee being used food.这份研究结果出版在《美国科学院院报,它表明大麦也许先是被作为酿酒作物,随后才被当做食物的The pottery fragments were originally found in an archaeological dig in -, but only had their residue analysed by Stand University researchers in late , confirming earlier speculation by Chinese scholars that they might have been used brewing.在年至年间的一场考古发掘中,研究人员发现了这批陶器碎片,但是直到年底斯坦福大学的研究人员才对陶器上的残渣 进行的分析他们的分析实了中国学者们早先的猜测,认为这些器具是用来酿酒的The find included pots and pottery funnels, covered with a residue of broomcorn millet, barley, a chewy grain known as Jobrsquo;s tears, and tubers.研究人员发现在陶罐和陶质漏斗表面覆盖有一层残渣,残渣的成分包括黍、大麦、薏米和块茎It also included stoves that could have been used to heat and mash grains, as well as underground spaces that would have kept the brew at a cool, consistent fermentation temperature - and helped stop it going off quickly once it was made.研究人员还发现了一个火炉,可以被用来加热、煮熟谷物他们还发现了一个地下空间,可以用来存放啤酒,使其保持一个凉爽、恒定的发酵温度;在啤酒酿造完成后,这个空间还能够延长其保质的时间;The discovery of barley is a surprise,; lead author Jiajing Wang of Stand University told the B in an email, as it was previously thought the grain arrived in China 1,000 years later.斯坦福大学项目负责人、作家王家井(音)在一封邮件中告诉B,说:;大麦的发现很令人惊讶;因为此前学界一直认为大麦传入中国的时间还要再晚00年;This beer recipe indicates a mix of Chinese and Western traditions - barley from the West; millet, Jobrsquo;s tears and tubers from China.;;这份啤酒配方是一个中西传统相结合的结果--大麦来自于西方;而小米、薏米和块茎则来自于中国The latest find would suggest that drinkers in China first began to develop a taste beer around the same time as people in ancient Egypt and Iran - from where the barley may have come.这份最新研究表明,中国的饮酒者们第一次品尝到啤酒的年代和古埃及、伊朗的人是差不多的(大麦从伊朗传入中国)The exact taste of the ancient brew will remain a mystery however, as while the scientists say they know what ingredients were used, they donrsquo;t know the quantities.但是,五千年前啤酒的滋味也许将永远是一个谜,尽管科学家们表示他们知道使用了那些原料,但是他们并不知道每种原料的具体用量四川彝族自治州:孩子爬藤梯上学! --7 19::6 来源: 近日,一张四川彝族自治州的照片在全引起了剧烈反响,照片中年幼的孩子不得不攀爬藤梯上学此事一出,当地政府立刻采取了行动本周三,一工作组抵达了该村 A public outcry over photos of young school children clambering up a sheer 800-meter cliff face on rickety wooden ladders, the only way they can get from their village homes to school, has prompted swift action from local authorities.近日,一张照片引起了中国民众的强烈反响在这张照片上有一条800米长的陡峭山崖,而一群小学生正在攀爬一条摇晃的木梯,那是他们从家里到学校的唯一道路此照片一出,当地政府迅速采取了行动Atuleer, home to people from the Yi ethnic group in the southwest of Sichuan Province, has no road connection and the residents depend on subsistence farming of potatoes, walnuts and chili peppers.阿土勒儿村是四川彝族人聚居的地方,那里与外界没有道路连接,当地居民依靠种植土豆、核桃和辣椒为生While many urban residents have expressed shock and disbelief that there are still people struggling a basic living and education in the world’s second-largest economy, experts said that there is still a long way to go to lift those left behind by China’s modernization out of poverty.尽管许多城市居民都表示震惊,不相信在世界第二大经济体内居然仍有许多人为了最基本的生活和教育而挣扎,但是专家们表示要解决这些落后于中国现代化的人们的脱贫问题,仍然有很长一段路要走A work team of 50 from Zhaojue county’s transport, education and environment departments arrived in Atuleer Wednesday to look into the situation after photos of the children’s struggle caught the nation’s attention in the past two days, The Beijing News reported on Thursday.过去的两天里,这张孩子们奋力挣扎的照片让全国人民都揪起了心据《新京报周四的报道,周三的时候,一只来自昭觉县运输、教育和环境部门的50人工作小组已经抵达了阿土勒儿村,查看当地环境Lin Shucheng, Party secretary of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, said that authorities would build a set of steel stairs as a temporary solution to ensure the security of the village residents, while more permanent solutions were sought, the report said.《新京报的报道指出,据凉山彝族自治州党委书记林书成(音)透露,政府会修建一批钢制阶梯作为临时解决措施,以保障当地村民的安全,同时寻求更长久的解决办法Home to 7 families, the only way residents can reach the outside world is to risk the climb down a series of ladders made from tree branches and vines precariously fixed to the cliff, The Beijing News reported Tuesday.据《新京报在周二的报道,阿土勒儿村共有7户村民,为和外界相连,当地村民只能冒险攀爬一条由个梯子组成的“道路”这些梯子全由树枝和藤蔓固定到山崖上,极度不安全The village children, aged from 6 to , board at their school and are only able to return home twice a month, when their parents take turns escorting them up and down the mountain.村里6到岁的孩子们寄宿在学校里,两个月才能回一次家,每次都要他们的父母轮流护送上下山Yu Shaoxiang, an expert on social security and poverty relief legislation at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the Global Times on Thursday that the news went viral because it shows the sharp contrast between the relatively comtable lives of China’s urban majority, and the harsh life in villages like these.本周四,中国社科院社会保障和扶贫立法专家余少祥(音)告诉《环球时报,说之所以这份新闻能够引起如此大的反响,是因为它展示了在中国城市大众相对舒适生活和农村残酷人生之间存在的的鲜明对比"It warned the public that even though some people have a good life, China is still in the initial stages of socialism and so development is uneven," said Hu Xingdou, a professor at the Beijing Institute of Technology and expert on China’s social problems.北京理工大学教授、中国社会问题专家胡星斗(音)表示说:“这起事件是对公众的一个警醒,尽管目前一些人有一个很好的生活,但是中国仍然处于社会主义初级阶段,我国的发展还很不平衡”淮安哪家医院做无痛人流好

淮安医院堕胎那里好今年首对大熊猫双胞胎宝宝降生 -- :8:3 来源:chinadaily 大熊猫妈妈雅莉 6月日,大熊猫妈妈雅莉在四川生下了一对双胞胎宝宝根据四川大熊猫繁育研究基地表示,这对双胞胎“花”是今年第一对大熊猫双胞胎 A giant panda gave birth to twins in Chengdu city, southwest China's Sichuan Province on June , . The female cubs are the first twins born this year, according to the breeding base. 快来看看这对可爱的大熊猫“花”吧! 可爱的大熊猫宝宝努力地伸展着四肢 他们对世界充满了好奇,尝试着第一次呐喊 饲养员小心翼翼地喂食大熊猫宝宝 更多大熊猫最新消息请戳: [文化] 大熊猫和兴囡囡端午节赛龙舟 (双语) [国际] 中欧大熊猫在比利时生宝宝 (双语) [国际] 中国熊猫韩国正式亮相 民众激动万分(双语)淮阴区上环多少钱 暖冬减少欧盟国家的温室气体排放 -- ::1 来源: 暖冬对欧盟国家温室气体排放量持续下降起了显著作用 Significantly warmer winters have played an important role in the ongoing decline in EU greenhouse gas emissions.暖冬对欧盟国家温室气体排放量持续下降起了显著作用According to a new report, the use of CO and other gases across the bloc dropped by almost a quarter between 1990 and .根据最新报道,欧盟国家CO及其他气体的使用量在1990年至年间下降了近四分之一A switch from coal to natural gas, the recession and the rise of renewable energy all contributed to the fall.由煤炭转用天然气、经济衰退以及可再生能源的兴起都对这个下降起到了作用The latest figures, from , show that a milder winter was the major factor in the reduction that year.年的最新数据表明,一个更温和的冬天是那年数据下降的最主要因素Overall from 1990 to emissions across the member states of the European Union fell by .%, easily beating the target of % put ward as part of the first international agreement on climate change, the Kyoto Protocol.总的来说,1990至年欧盟成员国排放量下降.%,轻松达到第一个关于气候变化的国际协议——京都协议——提出的年前排放量下降%的目标Importantly, the EU managed to reduce emissions in this period while economic output rose by 7%.重要的是,欧盟在经济产出上升7%的同时成功降低了排放量The keys to cutting warming emissions over the period have been a big switch from coal to gas electricity production, the rise of renewable energy, better home insulation and the economic recession of .这段时间温室气体排放量减少的关键在于:发电由使用煤炭转向使用天然气,可再生能源的兴起,更优良的房屋绝缘以及年的经济衰退But milder weather has contributed as well. In , when emissions fell by .1%, it was the most important factor.但是暖冬也起到了同样重要的作用年排放量下降的.1%中,暖冬是最主要的因素"If you look at the year period, there is some warming in Europe and this has contributed to lower heat demand and lower greenhouse gas emissions," said Ricardo Fernandez from the European Environment Agency who compiled the figures.“如果你看过去这年,会发现欧洲气候在变暖,而这减少了人们对暖气的需求并降低温室气体排放,”来自收集这些数据的欧洲环境总署的Ricardo Fernandez说"In the last two years it has even been stronger - in you can see that, while its not the only factor, by and large it’s due to the milder winter conditions in Europe."“过去两年这变得更显著——在年你会看到,欧洲的暖冬虽然不是唯一的因素,但却是最主要的因素”That mild, wet winter was felt particularly in Germany and the UK, and it is reductions in domestic heating demand in both those countries that s just under half the decline across the states that year.德国和英国的冬天尤其令人觉得温和、潮湿,而家庭暖气需求的减少使这两个国家排放量的下降在那年占个国家总排放量下降的一半Overall though, over the past years the UK and Germany have both been major movers in helping to reduce greenhouse gases - in that time UK emissions have dropped by more than a third, by .3%.总的来说,过去年间英国和德国是减少温室气体的主要推动者——期间英国的排放量下降.3%,超过了三分之一"In Germany after re-unification there was a lot of energy efficiency improvements such as the shutting down of inefficient power plants," said Ricardo Fernandez.“德国在统一后采取了多种提高能源效率的举措,例如关闭效率低的发电厂,”Ricardo Fernandez说"In the UK there was a liberalisation of electricity production and that lead to much more gas, but beyond what happened in the 1990s both countries have continued to reduce emissions significantly."“英国曾经因为电力生产自由化导致气体排放量增加,但在90年代这两个国家都对减少排放量有着显著贡献”But despite the gains, there are some areas where progress is not being made as quickly. The use of hydrofluorocarbon gases, primarily in air conditioning and refrigerators, has increased.尽管进展不少,但也有一些领域进展不够快,像氢氟烃气体的使用(主要是空调和冰箱)就增加了Emissions from road transport have grown by million tonnes between 1990 and , now ing around % of all emissions in .道路运输的排放量在1990至年间增长了1亿00万吨,占年总排放量的%While the recession of reduced the amount of CO coming from this sector, the last couple of years have seen significant rises, particularly in road freight.虽然道路运输中CO的排放量因年经济衰退而减少,但过去几年它又开始显著上升,尤其在道路货运领域This difficult area will likely feature in discussions at the EU Commission over the coming months to decide how much each country will cut its carbon under the Paris Climate Agreement.在接下来的几个月,欧盟委员可能要讨论这块不易解决的领域,并根据巴黎气候协议决定每个国家应减少的碳使用量The EU has agreed that it will cut overall emissions to 0% below the 1990 level by but it will probably be the end of this year bee the members can agree on how much each state will contribute.欧盟已经决定在年减少排放量至1990年的0%,但可能今年年底才能知道这个成员国将各自贡献多少Despite the rapid progress on the target, getting to the benchmark will require more eft all round.虽然年的目标已快速完成,但达到年的基准需要大家更努力" , there has to be more, it’s not just sufficient with the current trends we have," said Ricardo Fernandez.“年应该更多,而不仅仅根据我们目前的趋势,”Ricardo Fernandez说"At the moment the target it is clear but we have to step up a little bit."“现在的目标是年,这很明确,但为了年的目标我们应该稍微加快步伐”淮安妇保院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

淮安区看妇科好不好英国脱欧影响美国总统竞选走向 --30 18:5:9 来源: 英国退出欧盟,对此,美国如何看待?各大总统候选人说法不一 Brexit’s surprise victory left the Obama administration scrambling to put the best face on an outcome it didn’t want.英国出乎意料地成功退出欧盟,对于这个并不期待的结果,奥巴马政府只能尽力掩盖其不满“One country has made a decision. Obviously, it was a decision the ed States had hoped would go the other way. But it didn’t. And so we begin with a fundamental respect voters."“英国已经做出了退出欧盟的决定显而易见,美国希望英国能够继续留在欧盟,但公投结果并非如此所以,我们要给予投票者最基本的尊重”But Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to welcome the outcome.但是,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普看起来很欢迎这个结果“People want to take their country back. They want to have independence, in a sense. I really do see a parallel between what’s happening in the ed States and what’s happening here. People want to see borders.”“人们想把自己的国家夺回来在某种意义上来说,他们想要独立我真的认为,美国和英国的情况有一些相似之处人们想看到界线”In a volatile world, the last thing we need is a volatile president.在这个动荡的世界,我们最不需要的就是反复无常的总统Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign pounced on Trump’s assertion that British monetary turmoil might benefit his business venture in Scotland.民主党总统候选人希拉里·克林顿对特朗普的观点予以攻击,称特朗普在苏格兰的企业会从英国的货币动荡中受益“Every president is tested by world events. But Donald Trump thinks about how his golf resort can profit from them.”“每个总统都受到世界事件的考验但唐纳德·特朗普考虑的只是怎如何使高尔夫度假区受益”But if the Brexit vote illuminated public discontent on one side of the Atlantic, Republicans said similar sentiments exist on the other side, as well.但是共产党人认为,如果英国脱欧公投能够说明大西洋一岸(英国)公众的不满,那么这种不满的情绪也存在于大西洋的另一岸(美国)“What you saw in England, at least from what I , is that people got tired of being dictated to by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. And of course we have a lot of that here in this country. A lot of the president’s bureaucrats expanding regulations in a way that slows our economy and makes it difficult to have growth.”“在我看来,英国发生的事情说明:人们厌烦了被布鲁塞尔未经选举的官僚们指手画脚在美国,我们当然也能有很多这样的呼声很多政府官员的监管使经济增长缓慢,使其很难增长”A new poll shows Clinton leading Trump by points, but most voters want a new direction America. Democrats insisted the electorate is not blinded by unease and discontent.新一轮民调表明,克林顿领先特朗普个百分点,但大多数投票者希望美国有一个新的发展方向民主党人坚持认为,选民们没有被不安和不满蒙蔽“The differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump in terms of temperament, in terms of judgment, in terms of values couldn’t be more stark. And they are on display once again over the last two weeks.”“国务卿克林顿和唐纳德·特朗普的性格、辨别力和价值观完全不同在过去两周里,他们再一次公开竞选”A trans-Atlantic shockwave rattling a lackluster U.S. economic recovery could be a wild card in the election. The Obama administration is stressing the need to minimize disruptions stemming from Brexit.大西洋彼岸的这场风波使人们惊慌失措:低迷的美国经济复苏是总统竞选中的变数奥巴马总统强调,要尽量减少英国脱欧带来的混乱 人工智能大发展 50%职业未来将消失 -- ::3 来源:   From self-driving cars to carebots elderly people, rapid advances in technology have long represented a potential threat to many jobs normally permed by people.  从自动驾驶汽车到为老年人设计的看护机器人,长期以来,对于某些通常由人类完成的工作来说,技术的迅猛发展一直是一个潜在的威胁  But experts now believe that almost 50 per cent of occupations existing today will be completely redundant by 5 as artificial intelligence continues to transm businesses.  而现在,专家相信,随着人工智能对商业的不断改变,到5年,有近50%的现有职业将是完全多余的  A revolutionary shift in the way workplaces operate is expected to take place over the next to years, which could put some people's livelihoods at risk.  在未来-年,职场的运作方式将发生一场变革,而这会威胁到一些人的生计  Customer work, process work and vast swatches of middle management will simply 'disappear', according to a new report by consulting firm CBRE and China-based Genesis.  根据咨询公司CBRE和立足中国的Genesis公司的一项最新报告,、加工和大量的中层管理工作将会“消失”  'Experts predict that 50 per cent of occupations today will no longer exist by 5 as people will take up more creative professions,' said Martin Chen, Chief Operating Officer of Genesis.  Genesis首席运营官马丁·陈说:“专家预计,到5年,50%的现有职业将不复存在,人们则会从事更富创造性的工作”  'This means that jobs will evolve and so will real estate development.'  “这意味着工作会发生演变,房地产也会得到发展”  Workspaces with rows of desks will become completely redundant, not because they are not fit purpose, but simply because that purpose no longer exists, according to the report.  报告显示,成排摆放办公桌的工作场所将变得完全多余,这不是因为不符合实际用途的需要,而是因为需要本身已不复存在  'The next fifteen years will see a revolution in how we work, and a corresponding revolution will necessarily take place on how we plan and think about workplaces,' said Peter Andrew, Director of Workplace Strategy CBRE Asia Pacific.  CBRE亚太地区职场战略总监皮特·安德鲁说:“未来年将见我们工作方式上的革命,与之相应的,在我们对于职场的规划和考量方面,也必然会有所改革”  A growing proportion of jobs in the future will require creativity intelligence, social skills and the ability to leverage artificial intelligence.  在未来,越来越多的工作要求创造性智慧、社交技能和利用人工智能技术的能力  'And most people that will be a route to happiness and fulfilment,' the report states.  报告指出:“对于大多数人来说,会有获得快乐和成就感的途径”  ' many of us, artificial intelligence will be a tool to undertake tasks of a scale and complexity that were once unimaginable but which are now eminently possible and hugely rewarding.'  “对于我们中的许多人来讲,人工智能将成为一种用于承接任务的工具从规模和复杂程度的角度出发,这些任务曾经是难以想象的,但现在已经极有可能完成并且具有极大的价值”  The report - Fast ward : The Future of Work and the Workplace - is based on interviews with 0 experts, business leaders and young people from Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.  报告《快进:工作和职场的未来是基于对亚太地区、欧洲和北美的0位专家、商界领袖和年轻人的采访撰写而成的  Data in the US suggests that technology aly destroys more jobs than it creates, as GDP has been able to grow faster than employment since 00.  美国的数据表明,00年以来,GDP的增长超过了就业率的增长,从而可以看出,技术毁掉的职业已经超过了其创造的职业  But the report states: 'Losing occupations does not necessarily mean losing jobs – just changing what people do.'  不过报告指出:“失去职业并不等于丢掉工作,只是改变了人们做的是什么”  TOP JOBS AT MOST AND LEAST RISK OF BEING REPLACED BY ROBOTS楚州区人民医院医院男科电话盱眙县人民医院做流产多少钱



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