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四方区妇幼保健医院光子脱毛多少钱青岛激光脱毛价格多少Hi david.How are you Ellen.Im good,how are you doing你好啊 David 过得怎么样 Ellen 我很不错 你过得如何Im doing fantastic.You look fantastic,you look healthy and glowing我好极了 你看上去很不错啊 看上去很健康 神采焕发and happy bladed birthday right?Thank you.when is your birthday.I just turned forty.just on the 8你最近过了生日 是吧 谢谢 你的生日是什么时候 我马上要四十了 就在8号Its been sober for 9 month now,is that right?Almost like in the half你戒酒9个月了 对吧 差不多Its so sweet,they are so fun of.Of course,and also you just look happy and healthy which is the most important thing真的好极了 很有趣 当然 你看起来真的很健康又开心 这才是最重要的and it so suits to you,it feels so right to you.It does,yeah.Aside from drinking and just getting real of myself and figuring out这才是真正的你 恩 是的 戒酒之后 我回到真实的自己What I was,I have a lot of feelings that I numbing them for years感觉就像 我找到很多感觉 它们被我麻木不理了很多年and I was really sort of,you know,asking myself the hard questions,why am I doing this开始问自己那些难回答的问题 我为什么要这么做You know,looking on my past,taking responsibility for my actions回头看过去的自己 对自己的行为负起责任and just for me,its something,its a light inside of us and in just sort of was deeming that was helping me be authentic self对我来说就像是来自内心的一把火 就感觉像一个信仰在帮助我找到真实的自己You know,Im not any kind of boyscout.I mean that goes to this carzy story你知道我不是童子军那种 这里有个很疯狂的故事要讲I say that as a joke,but like brought up all the past for me and all these memories我把它说成玩笑 但是它勾起我许多许多的往事 许多回忆I have a memory of being five years old and going to apply for the boy scout and getting rejected我五岁那年去申请参加童子军 可是被拒绝了 /201610/472154青岛诺德整形是公立的 Pricing energy能源定价Remote controls远程控制Smart meters promise another reason to resent energy firms智能电表成为人们抱怨能源公司的又一理由The midnight oil午夜石油乐队GOOD neighbours avoid doing laundry in the small hours. Yet householders in the north east of England are growing keener on late-night loads. Watched by academics at Durham University, volunteers are testing a tariff that makes power more expensive when demand is high. Some use washing machines that run only when energy is cheap.好邻居不在凌晨洗衣。然而在英格兰东北部的居民们越来越热衷于在午夜干家务。英国杜伦大学的学者观察发现,志愿者接受了一项测试:税费调整后,电力在需求高峰期变得更贵。有的居民只有在电价便宜时才会用洗衣机。Britons are used to paying variable prices for hotel rooms, train tickets and telephone calls. Now some hope that smart electricity meters, which the government wants installed in every home by 2020, will help energy suppliers charge in a similar way. Boosters say dynamic pricing can hold down bills and help save the planet. It is also likely to make power firms even less popular than they aly are.英国人习惯于为宾馆、火车票和话费的浮动费用掏钱。如今,更有人希望智能电表可以帮助能源供应商以也以同样的方式收费。持者们表示动态电价可以降低账单,并有益于节约地球资源。这样很有可能使电力公司更加不受欢迎。Flexible pricing is supposed to discourage power use at peak times, thereby bringing down the overall cost of generation by cutting the need for power stations that run only a few hours each day. Controlling energy use would also help network operators handle fluctuations in renewable power, which rises and falls depending on how windy or sunny it is. These problems will get more serious as Britain decarbonises: using more green electricity to power things such as cars and heating will make demand spikes bigger—and thus more costly—just as growth in renewables makes supply less dependable.弹性价格有望降低高峰期的用电,从而通过减少每天运行几小时的发电站数量来降低发电总成本。通过电力控制使用可以帮助网络操作者来处理可再生能源诸如由于风能或者太阳能造成的波动。这些问题将变得和英国降低碳含量计划同等严峻:使用更多绿色电力来驱动像车或者加热器的东西,将使得需求峰值更大——而且代价更昂贵——正如可再生能源使用的增长降低了供给的可靠性。Some Britons have been using cheaper off-peak power since the late 1970s, when “Economy 7” tariffs were created to encourage overnight demand for juice from nuclear power stations. Smart meters, which will add about £12 billion ( billion) to energy bills as they are rolled out over the next five years, are meant to save suppliers money by wirelessly transmitting meter ings, and to provide households with information that can help them to use less power. What excites energy experts is that, by recording full details of energy consumption, they could also make it easier for suppliers to create several peak and off-peak periods during each day, or even let prices float freely depending on the weather. Last month Ofgem, the energy regulator, said it was mulling reforms that could enable rates to change every half-hour.一些英国人自二十世纪七十年代晚期就开始错开高峰期使用低价电力,当时建立“经济七号”税费的目的就是为鼓励使用来自核电厂的通宵供电。智能电表通过无线传输仪表读数,这意味着可以为供应商节约费用,并且为居民们提供相应的信息来帮助他们节约用电,这项计划在未来五年内推出后将增加一百二十亿英镑的电费收入。让能源专家们感到兴奋的是,通过能源消费的所有详细记录,他们可以让能源供应商很轻松的在每天建立多个高峰或者非高峰期,甚至可以让电价随着天气的变化过渡平稳。上个月,作为能源调节者的天然气电力市场办公室表示,正在考虑这样一些改革——这可以让电价在每半小时内变化。The problem is that a proliferation of complex tariffs risks making it more difficult for bill-payers to identify the cheapest ones, even as regulators battle to simplify the market. Critics also say that punitive charges at peak times could affect the poorest families disproportionately, because they aly use power only when it is essential. And some fear that, without stronger competition, energy firms would use dynamic tariffs to raise prices, not just to even out demand.出现的问题是,这种复杂的收费方式所冒的风险在于,付者辨别最便宜的收费区间更为困难,虽则电力调配部门志在简化市场,正如电力调配部门志在简化市场一样。家们也声称,用电高峰期的惩罚性的收费会给最贫困的家庭造成影响更为巨大,因为他们只有在必要时才会使用电能。时一些人也担心到,没有强有力的竞争,能源公司只是利用动态电价来变向涨价而并非平衡需求。The biggest worry is that people will not be persuaded to change their routines. Many aly pay too much for their energy because they have never bothered to switch supplier. A study in 2012 by Consumer Focus—now part of the Citizens Advice Bureau—found that 38% of households with Economy 7 or similar tariffs did not use enough off-peak power to make it cheaper than a standard rate. Trials of more dynamic tariffs report mixed success—and almost all of those have involved green-minded volunteers, not busy families.最大的担心是,劝人们调整日常生活习惯很难。很多人嫌麻烦从不更换供应商,导致他们已经付了太多的电力。由聚焦消费(现在是公民建议局的下属单位)在2012年出示的调查显示,百分之三十八的“经济七”或者与之相似收费的住户没有使用错开高峰用电来降低电费。而这其中更为动态税费适用成功的报道显得复杂——这其中多数是绿色理念的志愿者,而不是那些忙碌的家庭。Enthusiasts say variable pricing will work best when people can set gear such as freezers, boilers and air-conditioners to respond automatically to pricing signals broadcast to their smart meter, in exchange for a discount from their supplier. Fridges need not run constantly to keep their contents fresh, for example; clever ones might perhaps turn themselves off during peak demand periods.狂热持者表示,当人们可以通过智能电表的价格广播来自动设置诸如冰箱,热水器和空调速率,可使得可变定价完美运行,以此从供应商那里获得折扣。例如,冰箱无需一直工作来维持里面东西的新鲜;聪明人也许会错开高峰阶段。Yet bill-payers will probably find it creepy to hand outsiders control of their appliances. A household full of smart devices would delight hackers. And it will bring chewy legal problems, such as working out who to blame should faulty appliances churn through premium-priced power. As Britain’s smart grid expands, rumbling washing machines may not be the only thing keeping people awake.然而,用户们肯定会发现把他们的家用电器交由外部控制是很恐怖的一件事。一个家里满是智能电器的用户会使黑客感到异常兴奋。而且这样会带来一系列耐人寻味的法律问题,例如,因为电流的变动导致电器发生缺陷时无法确定谁该为此负责。随着英国智能电网的不断扩大,也许不只是隆隆的洗衣机声吵得人无法入睡。译者:王红兵 校对:唐宇 译文属译生译世 /201508/392483Because of the Flint water crisis, the U.S. EPA wants more transparency about where the nations lead lines are. Specifically, the EPA wants to know how many lead service lines there still are underground, and they want to know exactly where they are. As we reported Tuesday, many Michigan cities do not know this basic information, its not just Flint.The EPA also wants water systems to post the results from water tests to prove cities are in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule.This week, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality gave the feds an update on these requests.In a letter to the EPA, MDEQ officials say theyre closing some well-known loopholes in the way many Michigan cities test for lead. Specifically, theyre recommending cities use large-mouthed water bottles to collect water samples and theyre getting rid of a recommendation to flush water lines for a few minutes before it sits overnight for sampling the next morning.Theyre hiring a corrosion control treatment specialist, to help communities who need technical expertise. MDEQ is also asking cities to prove theyre testing at the homes theyre supposed to; these are typically homes with lead service lines or lead solder.Before the Flint water crisis, MDEQ used to just trust cities when they said theyre testing the highest risk homes. That came back to haunt them in Flint, because the city was not testing the right homes.The EPAs request for increased transparency for the public is proving to be more ;controversial.;The EPA maintains cities should aly know where and how many lead lines they have. But the agencys request goes further than that. The EPA would love to see cities post this information online: how many lead lines there are in a city, a map of where they are, even the results from those individual high risk homes where testing is done once every few years.MDEQ says it is aly hard for cities to get enough people living in these higher risk homes to do this testing. Theres no forcing them. These people volunteer. MDEQ says that posting the test results from those homes online, in such a public way, ;may result in further difficulty getting residents to participate in the sampling.;The state isnt the only one concerned about peoples privacy. Many water system operators weve talked to over the past few weeks said the same thing.Jeff Castro, the director of Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority, brought this up. He says residents should be able to find the make up of their own service line. But in Ypsilanti, there are only about three dozen lead lines left.;I feel pretty strongly that thats information for our customers only. I dont think theres any need to apply three dozen customers online so 25,000 other customers can see where they dont want their children to play at or a house they dont want to buy,; Castro said.Castro says if they had way more lead lines or none at all hed be more comfortable putting this information on the web, because it wouldnt single certain homes out as badly. If the EPA mandates that the information be posted, hed comply. But for now, thats not something hes willing to do.Privacy isnt the only concern. Some people were worried about security; there was talk of potential terrorists using water system maps to do harm. Others were worried about property values. One guy worried that someone could make a quick buck if they had a list of homes with lead service lines and went around scaring them into spending thousands of dollars to replace the line.Still, others arent that worried at all.Art Krueger supervises Traverse Citys water treatment plant. He says they aly have a digital map of their water system (to his knowledge, Traverse City doesnt have any lead service lines on city property - although there could be some on private property). He says it wouldnt be that hard for them to post the information online. He understands some people might have privacy concerns, but he says you could get ahold of the lead test results if you filed a public records request.;Its public information likely anyway. If someone wanted to really find out what addresses we were testing, correspondence is going back and forth to the DEQ; they could probably get a copy of those addresses.;Regulators and operators ar0e trying to hash out a middle ground where theres increased transparency without compromising too much privacy. That said, this business of posting information online, this is all a request from EPA. It is not a mandate. Changes in federal law are coming next year, but its not clear this increased transparency will be a part of that.201604/436151青岛永久去腿毛

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青岛割双眼皮哪儿好 wheres your mother? wheres your mother? My mothers right there你妈妈呢 你妈妈在哪儿呢 我妈妈就在那儿啊There she is,she is here. Hi,Ive asked every time,I know在那 她今天来了 您好 每一次我都问 我知道Please wheres your mother?shes never been here for taping请问妈妈在哪儿呢 她从来没到这里录过节目The other day I drove in,theres all sorts of police那天我正开车进来 好多的警察Theres all sorts of lines to get into the building.oh,the first lady is on her tour很多人排队准备进这栋楼 才发现原来是第一夫人来访了And I get my car scanned and unlocked here,we work here然后我刷完卡 并准备开车去我工作的地方And I looked into my rearview mirrow and theres your mother我无意中看了下后视镜 猛的发现你妈了And I went,oh,shes here for first lady,will she be here for the first nerd?you know我想着 啊 她是来看第一夫人的 那她会去看第一书呆子吗 你懂的And you are!Thank you!And she is,she loves you.I love her,she loves you.您今天还真的来了 太谢谢了 对啊 她很爱你 我也爱她 她很爱你When she hear youre gonna be here she said,cause she doesnt come all the time当她知道你要来的时候就说过了 毕竟她不是经常露脸的she does a lot but she doesnt come all the time and of course,you know the first lady来是来 不会期期都出现 比如说第一夫人来了shes gonna be here for that,she has to come,I understand,she has to她就会赏个脸过来看看 这个必须来看的 我懂 必须的your mother must be so proud of your success.How is your mom你妈妈一定为你成功感到骄傲 妈妈最近好吗shes great,shes great,she is very,she enjoys talking to people more than I do我妈挺好的 她很 她比我健谈So when they come to her and talk about the show,No! I love people.所以 当别人和她聊起我的节目时 不是那个意思 我爱大家But its just,Im shy or cantankerous,I dont know人家只是害羞或者脾气不好 我自己也不太清楚But my mother is very friendly.So she loves this new-found reason to talk to people,you know.不过我妈妈确实很友善 她总能找到一些新话题去跟别人聊天Maybe it sounds desperate,doesnt it?Idont need it like that听上去她像祥林嫂 是吧 我就不会这样No,I mean she just enjoys saying hi.and talking about her son and his work反正她就是喜欢跟人聊天 聊聊她儿子以及他的工作And working you into the conversation somehow,yes.well,they work it for her typically,you know不知不觉也把你引入对话中了 是的 你知道的 主要是别人让她聊的But she wont,she doesnt poopoo it.she likes it happen,bring it on.但是她不会 她不会去拒绝这个话题 正和她意 随便聊yeah,so when they hear the name Pasons,theyll like Oh,any relation,right away当他们说到Parsons的时候 会马上问 他还有其他兄弟吗 /201607/453542烟台市中医院祛痣多少钱青岛腹部抽脂术多少钱



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