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青岛胶南市医院治疗腋臭排名日照妇幼保健医院好不在青岛市第三人民医院去疤多少钱 Finance and Economics;Canadas pension funds财经;加拿大的养老基金;Canadas public pension funds are changing the deal-making landscape;加拿大养老基金变更投资布局;They own assets all over the world, including property in Manhattan, utilities in Chile, international airports and the high-speed railway connecting London to the Channel tunnel. They have taken part in six of the top 100 leveraged buy-outs in history. They have won the attention both of Wall Street firms, which consider them rivals, and institutional investors, which aspire to be like them.他们所拥有的财产遍布全球,这包括在曼哈顿的房产,智利的公共设施,国际机场以及将伦敦与外界连通的高铁海底隧道。历史上最有影响的100宗负债收购他们就占了6宗.无论是华尔街的竞争对手还是渴望像他们一样的公共机构的投资者,都对他们青睐有加。These giants are Canadas largest public pension-fund groups. They manage around C640 billion dollar(643 billion dollar) between them. Of the 40 largest public pension funds in the world, four are Canadian, according to Preqin, a research firm (see table). America aside, no other country has more on the list. But size is not what marks them out. Their approach to investment is intriguing.这些巨头就是加拿大最大的几家公共养老基金集团。他们管理着大约6400亿加元(约合6430亿美元)。据一家名为Preqin的研究机构的调查表明,在全球最大的40家公共养老基金中,加拿大就占了4家。除了美国之外,没有其它哪个国家有如此之多的机构榜上有名。但引人注目的不是他们的规模,而是他们的投资手法。Unlike those in charge of public pension funds elsewhere, the Canadians prefer to run their portfolios internally and invest directly. They put more of their money into buy-outs, infrastructure and property, believing that these produce higher returns than publicly traded stocks and bonds. They are in some ways like depoliticised sovereign-wealth funds. Jim Leech, the boss of Ontario Teachers Pension Plan, calls them a “new brand of financial institution”. And as public pensions around the world cope with painfully low yields on their assets, many see them as a template. Michael Bloomberg, New York Citys mayor, is among the models admirers.和其它掌管公共养老基金的机构不同的是,加拿大人更喜欢在内部经营他们的投资组合以及直接投资。他们把资金大量投在并购,基础设施和房地产领域。因为他们坚信这些领域方面的投资回报大于公共股票与债券方面的投资回报。他们有点类似于去政治化的主权财富基金。安大略省教师养老金计划负责人Jim Leech把它称为“金融机构的新品牌”。世界上其它为之收益甚少而头疼的养老基金把加拿大养老基金视为榜样。纽约市长Michael Bloomberg正是这种模式的推崇者之一。Ontario Teachers pioneered this style of investing in the 1990s when it brought more of its investments in-house. Other large funds soon followed suit, building up teams to handle deals on their own. The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) wants to have 90% of its assets managed internally by the end of 2012,leaving some room for allocations to external managers in specific areas.安大略教师养老基金于上世纪九十年代开创了这种投资模式,那时它便开始采用多元化的内部化投资方式了。其它大的投资基金很快纷纷效仿,并建立起自己的团队来管理。到2012年底,安大略省市政雇员退休体系计划把90%的资产用于内部经营,仅留少部分供外聘经理人投资到其它地方。The funds will do smaller deals alone but often act as “co-sponsors” with leading private-equity firms on bigger transactions. This allows them to have more control over the investment and to save on fees. CPP Investment Board and PSP Investments, for example, worked with Apax, a buy-out firm, to acquire Kinetic Concepts, an American medical-devices company, for 6.1 billion dollar. It was one of the biggest buy-out deals in 2011.基金会将会单独处理小笔交易,但更多的时候它是扮演着“共同赞助者”的角色,与大的私募股权公司一起处理大宗交易。这使得基金会能更好地控制投资并节省交易费用。例如CPP投资委员会和PSP投资,和一家名叫Apax的并购公司合作,以61亿美元的价格收购了美国的Kinetic Concepts医疗器械公司。这是2011年大宗并购交易之一。The main draw of the Canadian model is cost savings. Running operations directly helps plug “the incredible leakage that goes out through fees” to pricey external managers, says Gordon Fyfe, the boss of PSP Investments, a large fund. In private equity, for example, many managers charge a fee equal to 2% of assets and 20% of profits. Hiring staff and building up internal capabilities costs far less. Keith Ambachtsheer of KPA Advisory Services, a pensions consultancy, says running assets internally costs a tenth of what it would if they were outsourced.加拿大模式最引人注目的地方是成本低廉。一家名为PSP的大型投资基金的老板Gordon Fyfe指出,直接管理业务能够节省本该付给外聘经理的高昂费用。例如,对私募股权来说,多数经理人的佣金相当于资产的2%和利润的20%。雇用员工和打造内部能力的成本远远低于经理人的费用。KPA咨询公司的养老金顾问Keith Ambachtsheer认为,与外购相比,资产的内部化运营成本仅为外购成本的十分之一.There are other advantages. Public pension funds have a longer investment horizon than private-equity firms, so the Canadian behemoths can choose to sell when the time is right, mitigating some of the risks of investing in illiquid assets. In December, for example, Ontario Teachers announced it would sell its majority stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, a large Canadian sports business, for around C1.3 billion dollar. They had been invested in Maple Leaf since 1994, far longer than a private-equity firms typical five-year horizon, and are expected to get a return of five times their money.此外其它的有利因素是公共养老基金的投资期限和范围比私募股权公司大得多,因此加拿大这个庞大的公共养老基金集团可以在时机合适时将其出售,从而减小投资非现金资产的风险。例如,在十二月安大略省教师养老基金就宣布出售其在加拿大最大的体育产业之一的枫叶体育和的大部分股份,约13亿加元。这个养老基金自从1994年起就一直投资枫叶体育,远比私募股权通常五年的投资期限长得多。而且预期可得到初始投资五倍的回报。Because they are saving so much on fees and only need to meet the liabilities of scheme-members pensions, moreover, the Canadian funds feel less pressure to chase the high returns that leading buy-out firms do. They can pursue investments with less risk and leverage. “Because returns dont have to be as good, they can bid more for companies,” says one buy-out boss. It sounds like a losers lament.因为节省了大笔费用,而且仅须满足付养老金计划所覆盖的人群,此外,加拿大养老基金不像并购公司那样面临追求高额回报的压力。他们能够通过低风险和杠杆作用来经营投资。“因为收益不必太高,所以他们比其它公司更有竞争力”,一位并购公司的老板如此评价。这听起来就像是失败者的悲鸣。So far the funds strategy has paid off. Over the past ten years Ontario Teachers has had the highest total returns of the biggest 330 public and private pension funds in the world. Some of this outperformance stems from the relative strength of Canadian stockmarkets and property, to which Canadian pension funds have higher allocations than others. But not all of it. In 2010 OMERS returned 25 dollar on every dollar spent on internal management, for instance, compared to only 10 dollar for every dollar spent on external managers fees.迄今为止,养老基金的战略已初见成效。在过去的十多年时间里,安大略省教师养老基金在全球330家最大的公共及私人养老金中它的收益回报是最高的。这个骄人业绩部分是得益于加拿大股票及房地产市场的繁荣,这使得加拿大养老基金在房地产方面的投资高于在其它行业的投资。但这不是全部原因。例如,2010年安大略省市政雇员退休体系在内部管理上的花费中,每一美元得到25美元的回报。相比之下,在外聘经理的花销中,每一美元的花销得到的收益仅有10美元。Those seeking to understand how Canadians have pulled it off are given two answers: governance and pay. There is little political interference in the funds operations. They attract people with backgrounds in business and finance to sit on their boards, unlike American public pension funds, which are stuffed with politicians, cronies and union hacks.那些试图理解加拿大人如何完成这一经营的人得到两个,一是监管,二是付。在基金运营过程中仅有一点点政治方面的干涉。与美国公共养老基金充斥着政客、亲信和工会黑客不同的是,加拿大养老基金则能够吸引拥有商业和金融背景的人们加入董事会。Just as important is their approach to compensation. In order to recruit the best executives, Canadian pension funds have ensured their pay is competitive with Bay Street, Torontos version of Wall Street. They pay a base salary, annual bonus and long-term performance award (which many pension funds elsewhere do not) to make their employees take a long-term view of investments. Mr Leech of Ontario Teachers made over C3.9m dollar in 2010; 51% of that was a long-term performance award, 36% his annual bonus and only 13% of his base salary. He would doubtless earn more on Wall Street, but this is a huge pay packet by public-pension standards. Anne Stausboll, the boss of CalPERS, the largest American public pension fund, made around 380,000 dollar in the year to June 30th 2011, including a 96,638 dollar bonus.同样重要的是他们的薪酬体系。为了招募到最优秀的高管,加拿大养老基金保他们付的薪酬在Bay Street(加拿大的华尔街)是最具竞争力的。他们付的薪酬包括基本工资,年终红利以及长期绩效奖金(这是其它养老基金没有的薪酬制度)来让它的雇员从长远来考虑它们的投资。安大略省教师养老基金的Leech先生2010年拿到了390万加元。其中长期绩效奖金为51%,年终红利占了36%,基本工资仅占了13%。在华尔街他无疑会赚的更多,但是按照公共养老金标准来看,这已经是巨额薪酬了。。最大的美国公共养老基金CalPERS的老板Anne Stausboll在2011年上半年拿到了38万美元,其中包括96,638美元的红利。Such disparity may hinder the Canadian models sp. Joe Dear, the chief investment officer of CalPERS, has said it is “not politically feasible” to set up this sort of compensation structure. For politicians, not to mention voters, multi-million-dollar salaries are not going to be popular.薪酬体系上的差距阻碍了加拿大模式的推广。CalPERS的首席投资官Joe Dear认为建立这种薪酬体系没有政治上的可行性。对政客来讲,更不用说选民,拿百万年薪的人毕竟是少数。Many officials at American public pension funds would not want to copy the model anyway. If a big deal were to go south, they might be sued. But Mr Ambachtsheer says board members also have a fiduciary duty to consider how fees are eroding assets. If they have an option to pay 90% less, they should try to take it.不管怎样,多数美国公共养老基金的官员并不想照搬加拿大模式。如果大宗交易失败的话,他们可能会被起诉。但Ambachtsheer先生认为董事会的成员基于信用责任,应该仔细考虑这些费用是如何侵蚀资产的。如果他们可以选择少花90%的钱,那他们应该试着去接受。Another obstacle to the adoption of Canadian ways is scale. A fund needs to be a certain size to buy companies and invest in infrastructure projects, and to swallow the upfront costs of building internal teams. Smaller Canadian funds have been unable to follow suit, for example. Sometimes the large funds will syndicate their deals and give the minnows a chance to take part. In OMERS won approval to manage assets of smaller pension funds in Canada.采用加拿大模式的另一个障碍是规模问题。基金要有一定的规模,以便用来收购公司和投资基础设施工程,而且要为团队建设付出先期成本。小规模的加拿大养老基金根本不可能依样画瓢。例如,有时大型基金将它们的交易联合组成辛迪加,让小规模的基金也加入进来。在年,安大略省市政雇员退休体系被批准经营加拿大小规模养老基金资产。The giants face problems of their own. One, paradoxically, is the growth of assets: CPP, for example, expects to manage C275 billion dollar by 2020 and C1 trillion dollar by 2050. Getting bigger makes it harder for each investment to make a difference to overall returns. “How we can scale our direct investing so it continues to be meaningful in a fund thats doubled its size is a challenge,” says David Denison, CPPs boss.这个基金巨人自身也面临不少问题。第一个,也是自相矛盾的就是其资产的增长:例如CPP期望到2020年能管理2750亿加元,到2050年其管理的资产能达到1万亿加元。资产的增加使得每一项投资回报对总体收益的影响越来越小。“我们如何才能扩大我们的直接投资,使它在增加了一倍的基金里仍然举足轻重,这是一个挑战。”CPP的老板David Denison说道。Another challenge is handling expansion into more volatile emerging markets. To find good deals, funds need people on the ground. But as they become global, they may sp themselves too thinly. The Canadian model assumes that diversification is not as important as deep knowledge: the funds are likely to be better at doing deals in Montreal than Moscow. Some funds have opened foreign offices, but Mr Fyfe of PSP Investments is wary: “These people are going to be sitting there telling you to do a deal, so theyre not irrelevant.”另一项挑战就是在变化多端的新兴市场中不断扩大市场份额。为了拓展业务,基金会需要员工辛勤工作。但是随着他们的业务扩展到全球,他们有点疲于应付(应付不过来)。加拿大模式认为多样化不及专业化重要:蒙特利尔的业务比莫斯科开展得好。一些基金开设了海外办事处,但Fyfe先生对此持谨慎态度:“一些业务员乐于坐在那里来告诉你如何做业务,因此他们也不是事不关己。”Even so, Canadian pensions are primed to do well in these dismal times. Some are planning to do more in credit, since banks are lending less. Cash-strapped governments are also lining up a huge number of infrastructure-asset sales. Politicians find the Canadians cuddlier partners than many others. According to Michael Sabia, the boss of Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec, another pension-fund group: “If theyre faced with the consortium of ‘Bonfire of the Vanities from New York versus a consortium of large public institutions who are long-term investors… I think I know who theyre going to pick.”即便如此,加拿大养老基金在大萧条时期仍有望蒸蒸日上。他们计划在贷款方面拓展业务,因为贷款在不断减少。政府也面临现金短缺的问题,因此他们正在计划出售一大批基础设施资产。政客们认为加拿大人是最佳人选。另一家名为Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec养老基金老板Michael Sabia认为,“如果他们面临在虚荣的篝火式的财团与长期投资者组成的公共慈善机构式的财团之间作出抉择的话,我想我应该知道哪种方案能胜出。” /201307/247518Music and shopping音乐与购物Beware of Beethoven谨防贝多芬What you hear affects what you buy online你所听到的会影响你在网上购物时的选择EVER since Muzak started serenading patrons of hotels and restaurants in the 1930s, piped-in music has been part of the consumer experience. Without the throb of a synthesiser or a guitars twang, shoppers would sense something missing as they tried on jeans or filled up trolleys. Specialists like Mood Media, which bought Muzak in 2011, devise audio programmes to influence the feel of shops and cater to customers tastes. The idea is to entertain, and thereby prolong the time shoppers spend in stores, says Claude Nahon, the firms international chief. Music by famous artists works better than the generic stuff that people associate with Muzak. The embarrassing brand name was dropped in 2013.自从19世纪30年代Muzak开始为酒店和餐厅提供背景音乐开始,耳边回荡着的音乐就成了消费者体验的一部分。消费者在试穿牛仔裤或往购物车里挑商品的时候,一旦没有混音器的震动作响或吉他的琴音,就会似乎觉得缺少了点什么。此类专业公司如Mood Media,设计音频方案以影响顾客对商店的感觉,迎合消费者的品味,且其在2011年收购了Muzak。该公司的国际业务总监Claude Nahon说这一创意是为了使消费者感到愉悦,并因此延长消费者留在商店里的时间。比起普通的音乐,著名艺术家的音乐能更好的使消费者与背景音乐建立联系。这一尴尬的品牌名称在2013年被放弃。Online shopping is an under-explored area of merchandising musicology. A new study commissioned by eBay, a shopping website, aims to correct that. Some 1,900 participants were asked to simulate online shopping while listening to different sounds. Some results were unsurprising. The noise of roadworks and crying babies soured shoppers views of the products on offer. Chirruping birds encouraged sales of barbecues but not blenders or board games.网上购物是销售音乐学有待开发的一个领域。由购物网站eBay委托进行的一项新研究就是为了完善它。约1900名参与者被要求在不同的背景声音下模拟网上购物。一些结果并不让人意外。道路施工的噪音以及婴儿的哭声让顾客对所提供的商品感到失望。鸟的叽喳声有利于烧烤工具的销售而不利于搅拌机或棋盘类游戏的销售。Sounds associated with quality and luxury seemed to be hazardous for shoppers wallets. The study found classical music and restaurant buzz caused them to overestimate the quality of goods on offer and to pay more than they should. That backs up earlier research which found that shoppers exposed to classical music in a wine store bought more expensive bottles than those hearing pop.与品质和奢华相联系的声音似乎可以使顾客的钱包大出血。研究发现古典音乐和餐厅的杂音可以使顾客高估所提供的商品的质量,并使他们的花销比本应该的更多。这一点持了一个早期研究发现:在酒行里,暴露在古典音乐中的顾客会比听着流行乐的顾客购买更贵的酒。EBay wants consumers to avoid such unhealthy influences when shopping online. It has blended birdsong, dreamy music and the sound of a rolling train—thought to be pleasant but not overly seductive—to help them buy more sensibly. Retailers could presumably counter by cranking up the Chopin. “Classical music does seem to be the way to go” if your only interest is the narrow one of squeezing as much money as possible from your clientele, says the studys author, Patrick Fagan, a lecturer at Goldsmiths, part of the University of London.EBay希望消费者在网购时能够避免这些不健康的影响。混合了鸟鸣、梦幻般的音乐以及火车转轮声的音频—被认为是令人愉悦的,但不过于诱人的音乐—使得顾客购保持理智的同时又购买更多的商品。零售商们想必会通过把播放着肖邦音乐的音箱声音调大来彼此竞争。Patrick Fagan,伦敦大学分部—金史密斯学院的讲师,该研究报告的作者称:“古典音乐似乎就是正确的选择”,如果你唯一的兴趣就是狭隘的想要从你的客户身上榨取尽可能多的钱。Few traditional shops are likely to use that tactic. Hamp;M, a clothes retailer, airs “trendy, up-tempo” music from new artists, while Nespressos coffee boutiques go for “lounge-y” sounds, says Mr Nahon. Grocery stores, with a broad following, play top 40 hits. The tempo tends to be slower in the mornings, when shoppers are sparser and older, and becomes more allegro as the day goes on.很少有传统商店会使用这一策略。Nahon先生说,装零售商Hamp;M会播放来自新兴艺术家的“新潮,快节奏”的音乐,而雀巢咖啡精品店会选择“lounge-y”这类懒洋洋的音乐。有着广泛顾客群的杂货商店会播放排行榜前40名的单曲。早上,顾客比较稀少且多为老年人时,就播放节奏舒缓的音乐,而随后逐渐变快。Using the classics to set tills ringing may not be an option, but audio architects are thinking up new tricks for bricks-and-mortar stores. Mood Media is experimenting with an inaudible “digital tag”, attached to in-store soundtracks, which activates an app on shoppers phones. The app can tempt them with discounts or provide more information about products. With luck, this will trigger more sales than a blast of Beethoven.使用传统方式把收银机设置收银扫描时会响的模式可能不是一个好的选择,但是音频架构师正为实体店铺构思新策略。Mood Media正在试验一种无声数字标签,其与店内背景音乐联系在一起,且其可激活顾客手机上的一个应用程序。此应用程序可以提供折扣吸引顾客购买或为顾客提供更多产品信息。幸运的话,这将比贝多芬一段激荡的音乐引发更高的销售量。 /201408/324202即墨市人民医院祛除腋臭多少钱

李沧区妇女儿童医院网上挂号青岛/诺德医院电波拉皮 Prohibition and drugs禁止和毒品Press down, pop up打压,弹出Cracking down on illicit drugs means they surface in another form打击非法毒品, 意味着他们会以另一种形式浮出BEFORE “Breaking Bad”, there was “Miami Vice”. The 1980s television show pitted detectives in white linen suits against drugs traffickers who used the Caribbean as their point of entry into Florida. The route, at least, is back in fashion. The proportion of cocaine imports entering the ed States via the islands is rising (see article), as clampdowns in Central America and Mexico push drugs gangs back to their old haunts.“迈阿密风云”先于《绝命毒师》。这部80年代的电视剧讲述了白衣警探对抗毒贩的故事。剧中的毒贩以加勒比海为入口进入佛罗里达,至少这条路线现在又流行起来了。通过群岛, 可卡因在美国的进口比例上升(见文章). 由于中美洲和墨西哥对贩卖毒品团伙严打,这些团伙又回到其回到其老巢。The revival in Caribbean drugs traffic is just the latest example of the “balloon effect”, in which squashing down on illicit activity in one place causes it to pop up somewhere else. Colombias war on drugs in the 1990s and 2000s is another: coca crops moved back to Bolivia and Peru, now the worlds biggest grower; cocaine-processing shifted next door, to Ecuador and Venezuela; Mexicos drugs gangs grabbed market share. A subsequent bloody clampdown on Mexican gangs diverted traffickers to Central America: Honduras became the regions largest entry point for airborne smugglers. With the shift back to the Caribbean, the trade has come full circle.加勒比海走私路线的复兴是“气球效应”的最新例。在一个地方打击非法活动,会迫使其转移到别的地方。1990年和2000年的哥伦比亚的毒品战争就是明: 古柯种植回到玻利维亚和秘鲁- 现在世界上最大的古柯种植地, 可卡因加工转移临近地区- 厄瓜多尔和委内瑞拉,墨西哥的毒品团伙抓住了此市场份额。随后墨西哥帮派的血腥打击,迫使这些团伙转移到中美洲: 洪都拉斯成为该地区最大的机载走私的入口。这些团伙重新回到加勒比海, 贸易也兜回来了。The balloon effect also operates among consumers. Cocaine and heroin usage is dropping in places like the ed States and Britain, partly because of educational campaigns, partly because of falling levels of purity. But consumption of synthetic drugs like methamphetamine, ketamine and mephedrone is rising to compensate, in both developing and developed countries. Seizures of methamphetamines have tripled in Asia in the past five years. New ways of getting high proliferate faster than the authorities can keep tabs on. A report from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime says that 348 new psychoactive substances have been reported to the agency, most of them since 2008.消费者也受到了气球效应的影响。在美国和英国等地,可卡因和海洛因的使用减少, 一部分是因为教育起了作用, 还有部分原因是纯度水平的下降 (例如, 在欧洲, 可卡因通常用牛用抗寄生虫药物掺假)。在发展中国家和发达国家,合成毒品冰毒、氯胺酮和4-甲基甲卡西酮的使用却上升了。在过去五年里,在亚洲缴获的冰毒量翻了三倍。当局的密切关注赶不上制造毒品新方法的高增殖速度。联合国毒品和犯罪室的一份报告说, 该机构已报告的348种新刺激神经类物质, 其中大部分2008年以后才出现的。Prohibitionist drugs policies do have an effect. Traffickers are being inconvenienced; prices are raised. But the war on drugs surely aimed higher than merely altering the stuff people that take and how they get hold of it. It cannot count as a success if global consumption of illicit substances is going up, not down.禁止毒品政策确实奏效了。贩子们越来越难, 毒品价格也因此提高了。但是对毒品的战争不应只是改变人们吸食的物质,改变他们获得毒品的途径,而必然有更高的目标。如果非法物质在全球的消费上升了, 而不是下降,它也不算成功。Worse, the spillovers can be grave. Attacking gangs in one country does not just increase bloodshed there, it also exports violence abroad. Seizures of drugs create scarcity further down the supply chain, giving traffickers a greater incentive to use force. Researchers have estimated that Colombian interdiction policies may explain as much as half of the increase in drug-related homicides in Mexico between 2006 and 2010. The extraordinary homicide rates in Central America—Honduras is the worlds most murder-prone country—partly reflect the influx of narco-traffickers after Mexicos own crackdown. Once the gangs arrive, they are hard to dislodge entirely; the side effects, like corruption and extra weapons, outlast them.更糟糕的是,会产生严重的溢出效应。在一个国家,打击这些团伙,不仅增加该国的流血事件, 也会引发国外的暴力。癫痫药物的稀缺供不应求, 会给贩子更大的动力来使用武力。研究人员猜测,哥伦比亚封锁政策,正是为何在2006年和2010年之间墨西毒品相关的杀人事件增长了一半。中美-洪都拉斯的谋杀率为世界最高。这也反映出了墨西哥对毒贩镇压后,他们涌入洪都拉斯。一旦贩毒团伙来了, 他们是很难完全驱逐; 腐败和私藏的武器会让他们逃生。Consumer countries suffer, too.No one yet understands the long-term health effects of the new psychoactive substances that people hoover up, but some synthetic cannabinoids are clearly more dangerous than farmed marijuana. And production is more mobile, which means that the violence associated with supplying drugs is creeping closer to sources of demand. Meth labs are being discovered in the ed States and Europe on a daily basis.消费国也不好过。目前我们还不知道人们吸食的新型精神药物对健康有什么长期的危害, 但一些合成大麻类显然比种植的大麻更加危险。因为其生产更具移动性, 这意味着暴力与毒品供应正悄悄接近需求来源。在美国和欧洲每天都能发现冰毒实验室.Circular logicThis newspapers views on drugs are well known. Legalisation is the best way to prevent harm to users, and to shove the gangs aside.To work, prohibition requires an almost impossible sustained level of international co-operation and resourcing.The drugs war needs a rethink, not endless repeats.循环逻辑本报对毒品的看法是众所周知的。防止伤害用户, 并打击犯罪团伙最好的方法是合法化。禁毒工作, 需要一个持续水平的国际合作和资源分配。毒品战争更需要反思, 而不是无休止的重复。 /201406/306872山东省青岛城阳区瘦脸针技术

青岛胶州市最好的整形医院Part of the fun of eating almonds or pecans is cracking the shell and getting the nut.吃杏仁和胡桃的部分乐趣来源于敲碎外壳后得到果仁。But, some nuts, like cashews, are almost always sold shelled and roasted.然而,有些坚果,比如腰果,通常会去壳烤熟销售。Why arent cashews sold in the shell?为什么腰果会不带壳销售呢?Cashews are in the same family as poison ivy and poison sumac.腰果和毒葛与毒漆树同属一科。Like the others in this family, the cashew plant contains powerful chemical irritants, so handling and eating raw cashews will cause the familiar itchy skin reaction in people sensitive to the chemicals.与同科其它植物相似,腰果树含有强烈刺激性化学物质,所以处理和吃掉生腰果,会使那些对化学物质敏感的人皮肤产生瘙痒反应。People who are sensitive to one plant in the family, for example poison ivy, are likely to be sensitive to others.对某一科某种植物过敏的人,比如对毒葛过敏,很有可能会对同科的其它植物也过敏。Why dont we get a reaction when we eat cashew nuts, then?那当我们吃腰果时为什么没有反应呢?The irritants are found in the shell oil, but not in the nuts themselves.那是因为刺激物质存在于外壳油脂中,而果仁中却不含有。Handling the shell or eating a nut with shell oil on it can cause the reaction.所以处理外壳或者吃带有外壳油脂的腰果时,就会引起反应。This is why theyre sold shelled, but why are they roasted?这就是为什么腰果不带壳售卖的原因,但是又为什么要烤熟呢?Roasting at high temperature destroys the shell oil, so commercially sold nuts will not trigger a reaction.因为高温烘烤可以破坏果壳油脂,所以商业销售的腰果仁不会造成反应。But, cashew nuts that are still in the shell or that are shelled and roasted at home at lower temperatures may be contaminated with the oil, so, shelling raw cashews is about as much fun as handling poison ivy.带壳的或者在家中去壳并低温烘烤后的腰果可能仍会受到果壳油脂的污染,所以给生腰果去壳和处理毒葛一样有趣。201312/269979 Business this week一周商业要闻Aug 24th 2013 |From the print editionIndia was plunged into financial turmoil. Markets swooned in response to the government’s imposition of capital controls on domestic investors to stop cash flowing out of the country in order to halt the decline of the rupee. Investors fret that India’s large current-account deficit makes it particularly exposed to capital flight out of emerging markets prompted by the Federal Reserve’s plan to taper quantitative easing. As share prices in Indian banks fell and Indian bond yields rose, the central bank promised to intervene to boost liquidity.印度陷入金融危机。印度政府为了抑制卢比贬值,对国内投资者实行了强制资本管制,以防止现金外流导致市场混乱。受美联储缩减量化宽松规模的影响,印度大量的经常账户赤字使该国大量资本流出。由于印度业股价下跌,国债收益增加,印度央行承诺将进行市场干预以增加流动性。However, the rupee fell to a new low against the dollar after the minutes from the Fed’s latest meeting confirmed it was on track to ease bond-buying this year. Currencies in other emerging markets also came under pressure. In a surprise move Turkey’s central bank raised interest rates to support the lira. The Brazilian real sank to its lowest level against the dollar in four years.然而,美联储召开最新一次会议,确认将缩减本年度购买债券规模。消息披露数分钟后,卢比兑美元汇率跌至历史新低点。其他新兴市场里的货币也面临压力。土耳其央行采取了令人吃惊的举措——提高利率,以此持里拉汇率。巴西货币雷亚尔兑美元的汇率跌至四年来的最低点。Falcone has his wings clipped法尔康羽翼受损The Securities and Exchange Commission fined Philip Falcone and Harbinger, the hedge fund he runs, m for his misuse of clients’ cash to pay a tax bill. More importantly, Mr Falcone had to admit to wrongdoing, the first such admission under the SEC’s policy of reducing the number of deals it cuts with defendants in which they neither admit nor deny guilt.美国券交易委员会(SEC)给菲利普·法尔康和他经营的对冲基金公司Harbinger开出了高达1800万美元的罚单,原因是他挪用客户的现金去付税单。更重要的是,法尔康不得不承认违约行为,这也是交会出台减少与被告交易的政策以来第一个承认不法行为的被告;此前,被告总是不承认其不法行为或者不认罪。Two electronic-trading mishaps further undermined confidence in automated markets. A sudden spike in the Shanghai stockmarket was caused by a computer glitch at Everbright Securities. Chinese regulators banned the broker from proprietary trading for three months as a result. And a software error at Goldman Sachs saw it place enough mistaken orders for stock options on American exchanges to drive prices lower. The blunder could potentially cost the bank hundreds of millions of dollars.两笔电子交易的失误进一步打击了人们对自动交易市场的信心。日前,上海股票交易所股指骤升,起因是光大券的电脑系统出现了小故障。为此,中国监会决定在3个月内,禁止光大券进行自营交易业务。此外,由于高盛投资公司的一个软件故障,美国股市出现了大量订购股票期权的错误订单,导致股价下跌。这个错误可能会给造成数亿美元的损失。BHP Billiton’s net profit for the year to June fell by 30%, to .9 billion. The mining company is to invest heavily in potash, an ingredient used in fertiliser and for which there is a burgeoning demand worldwide. This should offset some of its decline in prices for iron ore and copper, as the Chinese-led commodities boom cools.截止今年六月,必和必拓公司净利润下降30%,仅为109亿美元。由于全球对化肥原料碳酸钾的需求急速上升,这家矿业公司打算斥巨资投资碳酸钾。随着中国掀起的大宗商品交易的热潮的降温,必和必拓公司投资碳酸钾的举措将会弥补由于铁矿石和铜矿价格下跌而遭受的损失。Glencore Xstrata reported its first earnings since merging as a new company in May, and announced a .7 billion write-down of its mining assets.近日,今年5月刚完成合并的嘉能可斯特拉塔公司报告了其首份收入报告。这份报告显示,自并购以来,其矿业资产已经减记了77亿美元。Vestas, a Danish maker of wind turbines, replaced its chief executive, after its quarterly earnings revealed steeper losses. Once a leader in the industry, Vestas’s windpower business has been buffeted by competition from China; it also gets less from European subsidies for green energy. Anders Runevad, who used to work at Ericsson, a Swedish telecoms firm, is the new boss.丹麦风电巨头维斯塔斯在本季度收益进一步下滑后,更换了其首席执行官。受到不断来自中国市场竞争冲击和欧洲对清洁能源的补贴的缩减压力,当年的巨头风光不再。曾在瑞典电信企业爱立信工作的安德斯·伦沃德成为其新任首席。Brewers’ droop天气让啤酒市场“遇冷”Carlsberg and Heineken saw profits slip in their latest set of earnings, partly because the cooler-than-usual European spring watered down the demand for beer. Carlsberg said the closure of outdoor beer kiosks in Russia in an effort to curb public drunkenness had also hurt it. Both companies pointed to Asia as a bright spot.嘉士伯和喜力最近收益下滑,部分原因是由于欧洲天气较往年偏低,使啤酒的需求减少。嘉士伯公司分析说,俄罗斯为了抑制在公共场所喝酒行为关闭了各种户外啤酒亭,这也是销量减少的原因。现在两家公司都把亚洲作为翻盘之地。The Bank of Israel issued new rules to banks on mortgages, including a requirement that monthly repayments be no more than half of a borrower’s household income. Lending has surged over the years, though the economy is slowing and unemployment rising.以色列央行对于抵押贷款颁布了新规定,包括月还贷额不能高于家庭总收入的一半的要求。经济增势缓慢和失业率的增高并没有给贷款热降温。Meg Whitman’s turnaround plan for Hewlett-Packard hit a bump in the road, when she said she now no longer expects to see a return to revenue growth next year after almost all its divisions recorded a drop in quarterly sales. HP’s big push into computer servers has so far failed to offset the decline of its PC business.惠普的复兴之路可谓是崎岖不平。本季度几乎所有部门销售量都有下滑之后,梅格·惠特曼说她不再对明年收益增长抱有期望。虽然在务器方面取得一定的成绩,但对于想以此缓解陷入个人电脑销售困境的惠普来说无异于杯水车薪。A judge refused Carl Icahn’s request to speed up his lawsuit to stop the proposed buy-out of Dell, the latest setback to the activist investor’s alternative takeover proposal for the computer-maker. A postponed shareholders’ vote is now due to take place on September 12th. Dell, meanwhile, reported a 72% drop in quarterly net profit, after heavily discounting sales of its PCs and servers.卡尔·伊坎为阻止戴尔按计划被收购提出了加速审理诉讼请求,而这一要求被法官驳回。这对于激进投资者卡尔·伊坎另外提出收购提议无疑是一个新的打击。9月12号将召开延期的股东投票大会。本季度,戴尔公司由于对个人电脑和终端务器的打折销售,净利润降低了72%。Al Jazeera began broadcasting on its new news channel in the ed States, building on the network of Al Gore’s Current TV, which it bought in January. With bureaus in 12 American cities, the Qatari company promises to provide an alternative on cable to CNN, Fox and MSN.半岛电视台已在美国开播了新的新闻频道。此频道原属于阿尔·戈尔创办的美国潮流有线电视台,于今年1月份被半岛电视台收购。卡塔尔半岛电视台已经在美国建立了12个分部,它承诺将为看惯了CNN,FOX和MSN的美国观众提供一个新的选择。That lost Kodak moment重拾柯达时刻A judge approved Eastman Kodak’s plan to restructure and leave bankruptcy protection, which it filed for in January last year. The company has shed its photography business (and .1 billion in debt) to focus on commercial printing technologies. It designed the world’s first working digital camera in 1975, only to discard the project and stick to film.法院通过了伊士曼柯达公司重建计划和脱离2012年1月提交的破产保护的申请。此前,柯达为专注于商业成像领域出售了负债41亿的照相机业务。柯达放弃负债41美元的摄影业务,以专注于商业印刷技术。1975年,柯达制造了世界上第一台数码相机,然而现在却转向数码影像业务。201309/254933青岛整形手术要多少钱青岛额头上长痘痘是什么原因



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