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重庆市星宸医院抽脂多少钱重庆去蝴蝶斑多少钱重庆切割双眼皮哪家好 President Barack Obama, along with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, announced a new coordinated effort to fight climate change. 美国总统奥巴马携手加拿大首相贾斯汀·特鲁多和墨西哥总统恩里克·佩纳·涅托宣布一项新的协同努力,以应对气候变化。The North American Climate, Clean Energy, and Environment Partnership sets a series of goals for each country to achieve by 2025. All three nations will try to reduce methane emissions by 40-45 percent, use clean power to generate 50 percent of our electricity and improve standards for energy efficiency and vehicle emissions.北美气候、清洁能源和环境伙伴关系为每个国家设定系列目标,到2025年达成。三个国家将努力减少40-45 %的甲烷排放量,使用清洁能源产生百分之50的电力,提高能源效率和车辆排放标准。The White House says the U.S. is aly getting about 35 percent of its electricity from clean power, and that this focus on clean energy production will support more than 1 million jobs. 白宫表示,美国约百分之35的电力来自清洁能源,聚焦清洁能源生产将提供超过100万个就业机会。Renewable energy and energy efficient products, like LED light bulbs, have become more affordable. The lower prices allow more people to use them, reducing our overall energy demand. The more we can do that, the easier it is to reach that 50 percent clean energy goal. 可再生能源和节能产品,如LED灯泡,已变得更加实惠。较低的价格让更多的人使用它们,降低我们的整体能源需求。我们越如此,越容易达到那百分之50的清洁能源目标。The three leaders also emphasized their commitment to trade among the U.S., Canada and Mexico — something Obama hopes will continue under our next president. 三位领导人还强调了美国、加拿大和墨西哥之间的贸易承诺,奥巴马希望延续到下一任总统。But the meeting of world leaders wasn#39;t without some laughs and an awkward moment. Apparently, handshakes between three people should be choreographed in advance.但世界领导人的会议不乏一些笑声和尴尬的时刻。显然三人之间的握手应事先编排。译文属。 Article/201606/452106You know one of the most important chapters in establishing our present existence你知道 网络是我们目前生活中最重要的组成部分之一so to speak, our present media existence was the realization of the power of the check-in.或者说多媒体生活最重要的组成部分之一 就是多次查看社交软件That is that urge, maybe you’ve felt it, I’ve got to check my email也许你已经感受到了那种焦虑比如我必须要看一下我的邮箱或者or maybe I should see what’s going on in my Twitter stream or it’s time to go to Facebook.或者你可能该查看一下推特动态或者打开脸书看看都有什么新鲜事儿发生了That’s kind of an unusual thing.这种现象很不正常I don’t know how you’d explain it to another generation but it’s kind of almost like a biological feeling that you need to check-in.我不知道你会如何向另一辈解释 但它很像 一种生理反应——你想要上网看看I would say it was invented sometime in the 1970’s with email, the first emails.它是在20世纪70年代伴随着第一批电子邮件出现的In fact, the first email addict in my ing was a man named Stephen Lukasik事实上 我所知的第一起邮件上瘾事件是一个名为史蒂芬 卢卡斯克的人who was the head of the ARPA agency in the Pentagon in the early 1970’s.他是20世纪70年代早期美国五角大楼国防部高级研究计划署的领导人And he was an interesting guy because he carried around what was then a portable computer in70#39;s同时他是一个有趣的家伙 因为在70年代 他会随身带一台便携式计算机This huge terminal and he would plug it in everywhere he went and he would check his email.这样巨大的一个终端 无论他走到哪里他都会插上电源打开电脑 然后查看一下邮件And he insisted everyone do it and he was the first guy who had what many of us have right now并且 他持每一个人都这样做 他最早拥有我们现在都有的这个东西which is just this almost addiction to checking in.那就是沉溺于查看社交软件Now the psychology behind it is interesting.其背后的心理现象很有趣It is very reminiscent of what B.F. skinner described as operant conditioning这不禁让我们想起了斯金纳所说的操作性条件反射That is to say that the tendency of all creatures, not just humans but pigeons and other animals那时就说所有生物都会具有的一种倾向 不光是人类 鸽子和其他动物也有这种倾向to take actions that will lead to rewards那就是它们都会倾向于去做能够得到奖赏的事you know, pecking at a little button to get a little snack就像啄一个小按钮就能得到食物But one of the things that Skinner noticed that I think is very relevant for our lives我认为斯金纳发现的一件事跟我们的生活息息相关is the most addictive forms of rewards are those that are unpredictable.奖赏的不确定性是最让我们着迷的And so, for example, if you peck every time and outcomes a little prize that’s not that interesting.就比如说 如果你每次按按钮都能得到一点奖励的话 那这就不是很有趣了It’s the things that you can’t predict whether they’re slot machines让人着迷的是无法预测的事 即使只是投币游戏机whether it’s fishing, whether it’s playing golf.钓鱼或是打高尔夫All the things that like actually really capture our interest are things where the reward payout is quite unpredictable.让我们非常着迷的都是那些 可获得非常不确定的奖励的事And email obviously has that quality. So does Facebook.很明显脸书和邮箱都具有那种特质Most of the time you show up there’s nothing much there.大多数时候 你上线什么信息也收不到But occasionally you might see something extraordinary in email with great news or maybe a very meaningful message.但偶然你可能会通过邮箱收到一些好消或一条意义重大的消息You know you log into social media, most of the time it’s kind of a bore but occasionally something quite profound is there.大多数时候你登录社交媒体都觉得很无聊 但有时会发现十分有意义的事And this turns out to be the most addictive kind of thing, these unpredictable reward schemes这就说明最吸引人的是那些让人无法预测奖励的东西And I think there’s a sense in which we’re little pigeons sitting inside our boxes pecking away有时候我觉得我们就像那些小鸽子 在我们的盒子里啄那个按钮I mean this is not the most inspiring model of humanity but sometimes it all like that.我不是说这是人性中最给人启发的的一面 但有时的确是这样Pecking away and waiting to see what rewards come to us and that has proven to be a very啄那个按钮 然后等着看会得到什么 已经明这很让人上瘾addictive – I don’t know if that’s the right word but very compelling scheme and one which I think many of us have gotten involved in.我不知道我说的是不是完全正确 但是那是很诱人的 并且我想很多人已经上瘾了 Article/201706/513070重庆瘦脸针

重庆星宸整形医院祛除腋臭多少钱Actually,much better cooked than they are raw.事实上 这比生吃要美味的多And I love crabs.I often catch them with the kids at home.我爱死螃蟹了 在家经常和孩子们捉螃蟹Mmm. This is a good meal.Time to get up into the tree.这顿饭真不错 该到树上去了It#39;s important to get as much sleep as you can.尽可能多的睡眠十分重要It#39;s the body#39;s chance to recuperate,y for another day in the jungle.夜晚是恢复体力的大好时机 好为第二天的丛林冒险做足准备Feels a bit precarious, this.But at least I#39;m out of reach of any jaguars.这东西也不怎么安全 但至少 不用担心美洲豹什么的了Actually, it#39;s not too uncomfortable.Mad day.其实 睡着也不是太难受 疯狂的一天It#39;s a new day, new beginning,And I#39;m feeling good.全新的一天 全新的开始 神清气爽的感觉Guatemala really means the land of the trees危地马拉真是一块育着林木的and a kind of pretty special land that is. Look at that.瑰丽神奇的土地As beautiful as it is,the jungle can also be a very hostile environment.但美丽的外表下 也可能暗藏杀机You can never drop your guard here.所以不能放松警惕You see, I#39;m not the only,the only thing that likes hanging out in trees.你能看到 不是只有 只有我喜欢跑树上来You see in the crock there?A little green pit viper.看到那边了吗 一条绿色的小蝮蛇Get bitten by that, and you#39;re gonna be dead in two hours.被它咬到了 活不过2小时 Article/201609/466366四川重庆星宸医院激光去痣多少钱 重庆星宸皮肤美容医院祛痘多少钱

重庆大坪医院祛除腋臭多少钱吴大维洋腔洋调英语口语视频第一册第4集,今天的内容是各种house chores的表达方式,来看看怎么用英语下做家务的命令吧。与家务活各种相关表达:1.house chores 家物事2.spring cleaning春季大扫除3.vacuuming吸尘4.sweeping the floors扫地5.dusting掸灰尘eg. Hey, go dust your room. 把房间的灰尘打扫下。6.doing the dishes洗碗eg. Hey, I cook today, you do the dishes. 我今天炒菜,你洗碗。7.take out the garbage把垃圾拿出门8.mopping拖地eg. You, mop the floor. 你去拖地去。9.wiping擦拭eg. Here is the towel, go do some wiping. 毛巾在这,去擦擦东西。10.go scrub the toilet 洗马桶11.iron熨烫eg. Hey, iron those wrinkles out of your clothes. 把你身上衣这些褶皱给烫掉。12.make your bed铺床eg. When you wake up in the morning, don#39;t forget to make your bed. 早晨起床后千万不要忘了铺被子。相关专题推荐:色拉英语乐园视频新英语900句视频从零开始学口语 /200809/48275 I#39;m Bear Grylls.I#39;ve traveled to the most dangerous parts of the planet to search the most extreme challenges,or, to show you have to survive.我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我前往地球上的危险之境 只为挑战生存极限 并教你们如果险中求生I#39;ve been to the edge.That#39;s where the fun starts.我曾游走在生死边缘 好戏就要开始了But now I#39;m back to the countdown of my 25 favorite moments.如今 我凯旋而归 奉献给各位我最爱的25个片段Okay, let#39;s go.I#39;ve taken on the toughest tests the natural has to offer.好 我们走 我接下大自然最严酷的挑战书I#39;ve pushed my mind and body to the absolute limit.考验生理与心理的极限It#39;s often being painful.Gonna coming fast.I#39;m getting a devoured.艰难险阻是家常便饭 动作快点 我的手被咬住了And hasn#39;t always gone to plan.That tastes like raw goat testicle before.意外也时常发生 羊骚味太重了I#39;ve been chewed up and spat out.Very hot.险恶的环境 近将我生吞活剥 热死人了Come along for the ride. It#39;s gonna be a blast.做好准备 享受一场惊险大回顾I#39;ve traveled to the ends of the earth,taking on the world#39;s wildest places.我的冒险之旅遍布天涯海角 远至那荒无人烟之地Come on. Keep with me, keep with me.加油 跟上我It has been one hell of journey both for me and the huge diligent team of people,who were with me every step the way.这样艰险的旅程 对于我 及一路随我而来的摄制组来说 都是不小的考验The team and I were always asked about our favorites moments from the show.大家一直问我们 最喜欢的时刻有哪些So we#39;ve put together the top 25 countdown of the very best.因此 我们挑选了25个精片段 绝对够刺激There are so many moments for me to remember in ;Man vs Wild;.《荒野求生》中让我记忆犹新的时刻太多了It#39;s always been hard to narrow down to 25.只挑出25个着实不易But on a kickoff, 9000 feet up,in a helicoptor, looking down at a little desert island.Magic.从飞翔于2.7千米高空的直升机上 看着底下渺小而荒芜的岛 再一跃而下 绝对排得上 Article/201612/481459重庆西南医院治疗疤痕多少钱重庆星宸整形医院激光去斑手术多少钱



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