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People the world over were touched by the heartbreaking story of a rescue dog that died after reportedly saving seven people in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake in Ecuador.世界各地的人们都被一只救援的令人心碎的故事所感动。据报道,在厄瓜多尔毁灭性的地震之后,这只共救出了7个人,随后力竭死亡。The news quickly went viral after the fire department for the northern city of Ibarra announced the death of 4-year-old Labrador retriever Dayko, who had been with its K-9 unit for three and a half years.在北部城市伊瓦拉的消防部门宣布这只名叫;达伊卡;的4岁拉布拉多搜救犬的死亡消息之后,这则新闻便迅速传播开来。据悉,达伊卡和K-9部队待在一起已经三年半了。;The Fire Department of Ibarra would like to express a brotherly thanks to all the people who gave us their support, and not only in regards to the death of our beloved canine Dayko,; the department said in a Facebook post.伊瓦拉的消防部门在脸书上发帖称:;我们深深感谢那些给予我们帮助的人,并深深悼念和我们并肩作战的、深爱的达伊卡。;According to Spanish-language news, such as A, Dayko suffered from heat stroke and injuries while braving the flames to find more victims, ultimately succumbing to a heart attack — despite resuscitation attempts by veterinarians and firefighters.根据A等西语媒体的消息,在英勇地、无数次闯进大火中寻找幸存者后,达伊卡曾多次受伤、热昏厥,尽管兽医以及消防员都采取了急救措施,但它还是最终死于心脏病突发。The fire department posted a series of pictures in honor of Dayko that show him searching through the rubble left behind by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake.此外,消防部门还贴出好几张照片来纪念达伊卡。在照片中,正在厄瓜多尔7.8级大地震留下的废墟中搜救。Some lambasted the fire department for working the Labrador to the point of exhaustion. In a subsequent Facebook post, the department defended the handling of its canines.有一些人斥责消防部门过度驱使拉布拉多犬,最后导致它力尽而亡。不过,在随后的脸书中,消防部门为他们使用搜救犬进行了辩护。 /201605/441448。

My 18 month old son has a slight preference for his mother. How can I win his favor?我18个月大的儿子喜欢他妈妈多一点,我要怎么做才能赢得他的喜爱? That is totally normal. My recommendation:这很正常。我的建议是:Be chill. The woman (your wife; his mom) played a much bigger role than you did in his early life, so you are pretty much screwed if you expect an even playing field for the first few years.冷静点。这位女性(你的妻子,他的妈妈)在他早年的生活中扮演的角色比你重要得多,所以如果你希望在最初的几年得到一样的爱,那你会很生气。As a rule, you should pretty much let him be with his mother whenever he wants; that#39;s the best way to build trust.一般来说,只要他想,你就应该让他和他的妈妈在一起,这是建立信任的最佳方式。When you are with him, do a really good job of taking care of him -- feeding him, changing him, putting him to sleep, etc. Get him to trust that you#39;re competent and confident.当你和他在一起的时候,你就要好好照顾他——给他喂饭、给他换尿布、哄他睡觉等等,让他相信你是个称职且自信的爸爸。When you are with him alone, you should be able to distract him quickly from thinking about mom.当你和他独处时,你应该让他能从对妈妈的想念中转移注意力。 It#39;s normal for children to be more attached to one parent than the other at various times during their development.在孩子的成长过程中的不同阶段,他们更亲近父母中的一方是很正常的事。At times it will be for one parent, and later, without any rhyme or reason, it can switch to the other parent.有时他们更喜欢父母中的一位,接着莫名其妙地,这份喜欢可能会转移到另一位身上。As long as there#39;s not something in your relationship with your son that might be causing the distance (ie, lack of time together, lack of affection, anything that might be effecting a strong bond forming), then don#39;t worry, your time will come!只要没有发生什么会疏远你们父子关系的事情(比如缺少共处的时间、没有感情,任何可能会影响你们之间形成牢固联系的事情),那就不用担心,你会有机会的! /201605/440595。

3 Eating Habits That Add Years to Your Life延长寿命的3种饮食习惯I have always had trouble understanding the meaning of life and death. I mean, I do understand, but I can’t accept the fact that some people live till 100 and others die in their 20s to 50s. Believe it or not, but I am so afraid of death that I am y to look for that Fountain of Youth my entire life.我一直很难理解生与死的意义。我的意思是,我是能理解的,但是我不能接受有些人能活到100岁而有些人却在20—50多岁时离世的事实。不管你信不信,我特别害怕死亡,以至于我已准备好一生都去寻求长生不老泉。I monitor my eating habits, do regular exercise and consult researchers and doctors regularly. My goal is to add years to my life and I am sure I will reach it and live more than 100 years. Why? Because I stick to these three eating habits recommended by many doctors and researchers.我监督自己的饮食习惯,进行常规锻炼并定期咨询研究员和医生。我的目标就是延长寿命,我肯定我能实现这个目标,活到100多岁。为什么?因为许多医生和研究员给我建议了3个饮食习惯,我一直坚持这些习惯。1. Never eat carbs alone1. 永远不要只吃碳水化合物Carbohydrates can wreak havoc on your blood sugar, increasing your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It does not mean that you should eliminate carbs from your eating plan. Your body still needs healthy carbs, as well as healthy fat and protein to keep your blood sugar at bay. If you want to live longer, consume carbs with protein or healthy fat, but never eat it alone.碳水化合物会破坏你的血糖,增加你患糖尿病,心脏病和高血压的风险。这并不意味着你应该将碳水化合物从你的饮食计划中取消。你的身体需要健康的碳水化合物以及健康的脂肪和蛋白质以控制血糖。如果你想活的久一点,那么就混合着蛋白质或健康脂肪摄入碳水化合物,但永远不要只吃碳水化合物。2. Watch out for hydrogenated fat2.注意你的氢化脂肪Dieters shy away from anything that contains fat, but there is a huge difference between healthy fat and trans fats. Healthy fat is vital for your brain, while hydrogenated fat (or trans fats) can lead to many health problems and shorter life. Margarine, processed oils, shortening, baked goods and some processed foods are all high in trans fats.节食者会避开任何含有脂肪的食物,但是在健康脂肪和转化脂肪之间存在着很大的差异。健康脂肪对你的大脑至关重要,而氢化脂肪(或转化脂肪)则会导致很多的健康问题,也会使寿命缩短。人造黄油、成品油、起酥油,烘焙食品和一些加工食品都含有大量的转化脂肪。3. Fill half your plate with color3. 餐盘中一半的食物要有颜色When the body does not get enough nutrients and phytonutrients, it can’t work properly. No matter what you put on your plate, make sure you add some colorful foods too. Leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits are loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Plus they have anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties.当身体不能获得足够的营养素和植物营养素时,就不能正常运作了。不管你的餐盘中有什么,一定确保添加一些有颜色的食物。绿叶蔬菜、蔬菜和水果含有大量的植物营养素、维他命、矿物质、抗氧化剂和纤维。而且这些食物还有消炎和抗癌的特质。译文属 /201606/451929。

Kathy McCoy and her husband, Bob Stover,retired to Arizona from their home in California six years ago.六年前,凯西·麦科伊(Kathy McCoy)和她的丈夫鲍勃·斯托弗(Bob Stover)退休时从加利福尼亚州搬家到了亚利桑那州。It’s not an uncommon move for US retirees,to relocate somewhere calmer and warmer in retirement. But, since they’vemoved, McCoy and Stover discovered a few things they didn’t anticipate. First,their city in Arizona is a “snowbird” destination, meaning that many peoplespend winters there but live elsewhere during other seasons.对美国的退休者来说,移居气候更加温暖宜人的地方并没有什么特别。但是自从搬到这里以后,麦科伊和斯托弗遇到了一些始料未及的事。首先,他们居住的这座亚利桑那州的城市是“候鸟”目的地,很多人来这里过冬,但是其他季节又会去别处生活。The couple wasn’t preparedfor the area’s summer weather.这对夫妇没有预料到该地区夏天的天气状况。“About half of our community is only here three to four months ayear,” McCoy, 71, said. “The more affluent ‘snowbirds’ who spend winters intheir second homes tend to look down on those of us who are full-timers.” Manycommunity events are geared toward those temporary residents, as well, andlittle is offered during the “off”season. with high humidityis not unusual.”“我们社区里有将近一半左右的人一年只在这里生活三到四个月,”71岁的麦科伊说,“较富有的‘候鸟’会去他们其他的住处过冬,他们往往看不起我们这些常住者。”很多社区活动也为这些暂居者而设计,所以“淡季”几乎没有活动。这对夫妇也没有预料到该地区夏天的天气状况。“我们对高温有预期,”麦科伊说,“但是我们没想到夏天的季风期会这么潮湿。华氏117度(摄氏47度)伴随着很高的湿度,这种天气司空见惯。”If they had to do it over again, McCoy andStover might have chosen to stay in California, they said.如果他们可以重新做决定,麦科伊和斯托弗说,他们可能会选择呆在加利福尼亚州。In the US, three out of five Americans hopeto spend their retirement in another city or state, according to a survey fromBankrate. In the UK, more than six million adults plan to retire abroad, withSpain and France being top destinations, according to research from MGMAdvantage, a retirement income specialist.根据Bankrate的一项调查,五分之三的美国人希望在另一个城市或另一个州享受晚年退休生活。根据退休收入专业咨询公司MGM Advantage的研究,在英国,600万以上的人计划去国外退休,首选地点是西班牙和法国。Before you join them, sunglasses in hand,here’s what you should know:在拿着太阳镜加入他们之前,你需要了解以下几件事:What it will take: Thoroughly research yourretirement destination to make sure it meets all your needs. Ensure it doesn’tdisrupt your financial situation via increased costs of living, such as higherhealthcare, or through different tax rules that might impact your retirementsavings. And you’ll have to give some thought to where family and friends are locatedand whether you’re y to start over in a new city.需要做哪些准备:对你的退休目的地做彻底调查,确保它符合你的全部需求。确保它不会给你造成财务问题。生活成本的增加、医疗费用的提高和不同的税收规定都可能影响到你的退休积蓄。而且你需要考虑亲朋好友的生活地点,以及你是否准备好了在一个新的城市开始新生活。Spending a week somewhere every winter doesnot make you an expert.每年冬天到一个地方度假一周,并不意味着你就成了当地的专家。“If you’re the sort of person who can join the local Y, take a class,make friends and start to do the things you’ve always wanted to do, that’sgreat,” said Gabrielle Redford, executive editor of integrated content at AARP.“But if you really place a lot of value in your friends and being close to yourfamily, then that’s something you should consider. People get lonely.”“如果你是那种能融入当地年轻人群体,会学一门课程,交友,并开始做你一直想做的事的人,那么这符合你。”美国退休人员协会(AARP)综合内容执行编辑加布丽埃勒·雷德福(Gabrielle Redford)说,“但是,假如你很看重朋友,希望离家人很近,那么你就需要三思。人总是会感到寂寞。”How long you need to prepare: Make time tovisit your chosen retirement destination extensively throughout the year,including the quiet months. You’ll also need time to seek advice on residency,tax and inheritance rules if you’re crossing borders — as well as to look intohealthcare. Give yourself at least six to 12 months to do the research. And,consider what you would do if you change your mind. Could you afford to moveback if things don#39;t work out?你需要花多长时间来准备:各个季节都要找时间去你选择的退休目的地参观旅游,包括淡季。如果你要出境,那还需要花时间咨询定居、税收和遗产方面的规定——还要研究医疗保障。至少花6到12个月进行研究。还要考虑的是,假如你的想法变了,你该怎么办。假如结果不理想,你还能否回来生活?Do it now: Get to know the place. Spendinga week somewhere every winter does not make you an expert. You need tounderstand all the factors that might impact you, so you don’t end up moving toa location that turns out to be dangerous, expensive, unsuitable or with littlesupport as you age. So, consider renting a place for several weeks at differenttimes of the year. And, visit in the summer months to make sure you can takethe heat.现在就行动:多了解那个地方。每年冬天到一个地方度假一周,并不意味着你就成了当地的专家。你需要了解所有可能影响你的因素,这样你才不会搬到一个地方才发现那里很危险,物价高,不合适,或者对老年人的持太少。所以,考虑一下在一年的不同时候去当地租房,住上几周。而且,要在夏天去住,确定你能接受高温天气。“You need to be there during the not-so-popular times,” said JasonBalm, a financial planner with Rehmann Financial in Florida in the US. “Thatmeans a couple of times during the rest of the year and for a minimum of two tothree weeks to really tell if the environment or the locale you’reconsidering is ideal for you.”“你需要在淡季时去当地感受感受,”美国佛罗里达州Rehmann Financial公司的金融规划师贾森·巴姆(Jason Balm)说,“这就意味着在一年其余的时间去几次,至少呆两到三周,才能真正判断当地的环境和人群对你是否理想。”When you’re considered aresident of most countries in the world, you have to file taxes there.在全世界大多数国家,如果你成为当地居民,你就需要报税。Think about family. Are you leaving friendsand relatives behind to feel the sun on your face? You may find that you spendmore than anticipated visiting them, even if you try to budget for it. Andbeyond the money, having a support network nearby becomes more valuable laterin life. “Everybody needs an advocate as they age,” said James Bryan, afinancial planner with Cahill Financial Advisors in Minnesota in the US. “Ifyou’re widowed or divorced or alone and the children are living back home andyou’ve relocated to a warmer state, it can get really tough.”考虑家人。你能不能为了晒太阳而抛下朋友和亲戚?你可能会发现你比预期更多地去和亲友见面,尽管你尝试为此设定预算。除了钱的问题,身边拥有一个人际持网络对老年生活来说也很有价值。“每个老年人都需要一个持者,”美国明尼苏达州Cahill Financial Advisors公司的金融规划师詹姆士·布赖恩(JamesBryan)说,“假如你老年丧偶,或者离婚,或者独居,你的孩子在家乡居住,而你迁居到了一个温暖的州,你可能会感到生活很困难。”Figure out the tax situation. If yourresidency is changing, it may affect how you’re taxed. Canada, for instance,has many residents that spend half the year in warmer parts of the US. “One ofthe issues there is when you’re considered a resident of most countries in theworld, you have to file taxes there,” said Julia Chung, a financial and estateplanner with JYC Financial in Langley, British Columbia, in Canada. “We have alot of Canadian residents that are just finding out they’re supposed to file atax return with the US every year. It’s a huge problem uphere.”弄清你的税收问题。假如你的居民身份发生了变化,这就可能影响到你的纳税问题。以加拿大为例,很多居民每年有一半的时间都在美国较温暖的地方生活。“其中一个问题是,在全世界大多数国家,如果你成为当地居民,你就需要报税,”加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省兰里市JYC Financial公司的金融和房地产规划师茱莉娅.陈(Julia Chung)说,“我们遇到很多加拿大居民发现自己每年需要向美国报税。这已经成为加拿大一个严重的问题。”If you’re a US citizen residing elsewhere,you will still owe taxes to the US on income, including Social Security. And ifyou’re in the US but changing states, your new state may tax retirementbenefits differently from your old one. Then there are estate and inheritancetaxes and property taxes, which may change, depending on where you move. Soseek expert advice.在美国境外生活的美国公民仍然需要向美国交所得税以及社保。而如果你仍然在美国,只是换了一个州,新的州的退休税收福利可能有别于旧的州。另外,还有遗产税和房产税。居住地点不同,税收也不一样。所以,应该去咨询专家。See a money professional. If you’re gettinga pension of any sort, make sure you can still receive it wherever you’regoing. One of Canada’s government pensions, for instance, doesn’t transfer ifyou move to certain countries. In the UK, if you qualify for a state pension,you can be paid in another country — but you can only be paid in one countryper year. A financial advisor can help you run the numbers to make sure you canafford the cost of living in your new home, and that you aren’t overlookinganything important.约见金融专业人士。假如你领取任何一种退休金,请确保你在移居之后仍然能领取。比如,加拿大政府的一种退休金就无法转付到一些国家。英国的政府退休金可以付到任何一个国家——但是每年仅限一个国家。金融顾问可以帮你计算,确保你能够负担在新居家地点的生活成本,并确保没有忽略任何重要的事项。If you’re crossing borders,the healthcare you have in your current country may not transfer.如果你要出境,那么你现在的医疗保险可能无法转移出去。Check into healthcare. If you’re crossingborders, the healthcare you have in your current country may not transfer.(Medicare in the US, for instance, does not.) “People are often surprised thatthey must pay contributions for healthcare cover or take out private cover —somethingthat they did not include in their budget planning,”said DaphneFoulkes, a financial advisor and partner with the Spectrum IFA Group in France.深入了解医疗保险。如果你要出境,那么你现在的医疗保险可能无法转移出去。(比如美国的医疗保险就不行。)“人们常常惊讶于必须付医疗保险费用或私人保险——他们没有把这部分计入预算中,”法国Spectrum IFA集团的金融顾问和合伙人达芙妮·福克斯(Daphne Foulkes)说。Then there are your day-to-day healthneeds. Where will you get your prescriptions? Who will your doctor be? Is therea major medical facility nearby? “Some of these beach towns are terrific, butdo they have a hospital?” Redford said. “As we get older, we all develop healthissues. You need to be close to medical facilities that can give you the carethat you need, whatever that care might be.”还有你日常的保健需要。你从哪里取得处方?你的医生是谁?家附近有没有大型医疗设施?“这些海滨小镇真的太棒了,但是他们有医院吗?”雷德福说,“随着年龄的增长,我们的健康开始出问题。你需要住在医疗设施附近,这样你就能得到你需要的医疗务,不论是哪种医疗务。”Do it smarter: Consider making a part-timemove. You don’t necessarily have to sell your house and move forever. “If I had tochoose the perfect recommendation, it’s to leave for fourmonths and rent,”Bryan said. “And then come back.”运用智慧:考虑不完全移居。不是非得卖掉房子,再也不回来生活。“如果你一定要完美的建议,那就是移居四个月,租房住。”布赖恩说,“然后再回来。”It’s the best of both worlds—you still getto store the snow shovel and enjoy some warm weather, but for the rest of theyear you’re close to your family, friends and regular doctors. You can even trya different warm climate every year. Just don’t forget to wear sunscreen.这是一种两全其美的办法——你仍然可以把雪铲收起来,享受温暖的气候,而且每年的其他时间还可以回到家人、朋友和熟悉的医生身边。你甚至可以选择每年去尝试不一样的温暖气候。只是别忘了抹防晒霜。 /201604/437329。

An elderly man from Somerset, England had perhaps just a bit of a surprise when he discovered that the crown shoved under his bed in a dirty cardboard box is actually worth about 0,000 to 0,000.英格兰萨默塞特一位长者发现,他床底下一个脏兮兮的纸板箱里藏着一个价值约15万到30万美元的,这还真蛮令人惊讶的。The wreath is about 2,300 years old and believed to be ancient Greek—dating from roughly to the Hellenistic period, the time following the death of Alexander the Great (300 E).这枚花冠可以追溯到2300年前的古希腊,即亚历山大大帝离世不久后的希腊化时期(公元前300年)。The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, possesses many items from his grandfather, who was a well-seasoned traveler. He decided to have appraisers from Duke’s of Dorchester—a nearby auction house—look at a few of the items he had inherited.One of the appraisers, Guy Schwinge, was present at the man rifled through a box filled with crumpled newspaper to bring out the delicate crown.这名男子不愿透露姓名,其祖父是名资深旅人,他从祖父那儿继承了不少物品。他此番决定去附近一家名为“多切斯特公爵”的拍卖行找人看看他继承的几样物品。其中一名鉴赏家圭·斯文哲就亲眼目睹了这名男士从塞满报纸的盒子里拿出精巧的。Despite its age and unusual method of storage (besides being stored under the bed, bits of dirt in the gold suggest it was once buried), the wreath is apparently in marvelous condition.尽管有些年岁了,储藏方式也不同一般(除却放在床底下不说,从金冠上的尘埃可以看出一度被埋起来过),但显然一看就是质地绝佳。Of course, being found in a cottage with no provenance to speak of makes it a challenge to know much about the wreath at all.当然,在一间名不见经传的小屋里发现,也给人们进一步了解这枚花冠带来了困难。#8204;Crowns made of real plants—like branches of laurel, myrtle, oak, and olive trees—that were given to victors in athletic and artistic contests worn in ancient Greece for religious ceremonies.However, the golden versions were so delicate, they were only worn rarely, for special occasions.由月桂、橡树、桃金娘还有橄榄树等真实植物制成的在古希腊是颁给艺术运动竞技的王者的,在宗教场合佩戴。然而,金冠精密又脆弱,所以尽在特别场合戴。As to how the owner’s grandfather got ahold of such a rare artifact, no one’s quite sure. The family believes he probably picked it up during his travels.至于主人的祖父是从何获得这一稀世珍品的,无人能知晓,家人认为大约是旅行途中所得。 /201606/448578。

Read through for 3 ways growing up a bookworm affected my life for the better, which are benefits your kids can also get in on if they#39;re encouraged to be ers early on.成为书虫对我的生活很有帮助,可以阅读以下三个方面,如果你想让你的孩子早点成为书虫的话,可以看看下面的好处。1.I learned new words constantly as a kid (and still do), and developed language at an advanced rate. Because I so often, I was constantly looking up or asking my parents what new words meant. It then became like a game to use my new words as a party trick of sorts both in school and around friends. When my friends were forming three-word sentences, I was speaking in paragraphs (and still do).1.小时候(直到现在)我一直在不断学到许多新的词汇,语言能力逐步提高。因为我经常阅读,我就会不断查字典,或者问我的父母那些新词汇的含义。渐渐地就养成了用新词汇在学校和周围朋友身上玩词汇游戏的习惯。当我的朋友用3个词说了一个句子之后,我能够扩展为好几段话(现在也是如此)。2.I have the memory of an elephant. Reading books with a lot of characters and storylines puts pressure on the er to recall events and names, something that for me, as a er, definitely carried over into everyday life. I#39;m amazing at remembering birthdays, middle names, and tons of other useless — and not useless — pieces of information.2.我的就像大象一样强大。在读书的过程中,会遇到许多人物和故事情节,这就会给读者压力迫使他们回忆事件和人名,我作为一名读者,一般是这样的,而且每天都会这样做。我的很惊人,比如记生日,中间名字,以及许多其他没用的——有用的——信息。3.I can tune out pretty much any type of noise or distraction. If you aren#39;t completely focused on the story you#39;re ing, you#39;ll miss details that could be important, which makes comprehension and recall more difficult as you . When you a lot, you have no choice but to adapt to your surroundings and focus on the story alone, even if that means blocking out noises from kid toys or loud TV shows. Being able to concentrate on a book translates to being tuned-in to real-life moments with loved ones, in the classroom, at work, and more.3.我能够自我屏蔽任何类型的噪音或者分心的事情。如果你不能完全集中注意力在你读的故事上面,你可能会漏掉重要的细节,这会使你在阅读过程中很难理解或者回忆内容。当你阅读量很大的时候,你不得不适应周围的环境,只集中注意力在阅读的故事上,即使这意味你需要自我有意识地屏蔽掉那些小孩玩具的声音或者嘈杂的电视节目的声音。这样就能够将书中的内容与你所爱的人在教室、工作中或者其他地方分享你的感受。 /201607/452875。