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A special report on property关于房地产的特别报道Prime numbers顶级商业房产,如质数般稀少Commercial property has bounced back, but only in the best locations商业地产已经复苏,但是只在黄金地带Shard ascending“碎片”在升高IN SOME corners of the commercial-property market a slight whiff of self-congratulation is in the air. Doom-laden warnings issued in 2008 and early that commercial real estate would be the “next shoe to drop” have not come to pass. Opportunistic investors hoping to cash in on the sale of distressed assets have been largely disappointed. Governments have intervened less than they have in housing (there are fewer votes in office buildings and shopping centres). “Commercial real estate was not at the heart of the crisis,” says a big fund manager in Germany.在商业地产市场的某些角落里,空气中漂浮着一丝自得的气息。商业地产将会是“下一只掉落的鞋子”——这条2008年和年初发出的警告并没有最终成为现实。那些希望靠出售问题资产赚钱的机会型投资者多半沮丧而归。政府对商业地产的干预比对住宅所做的干预要少(写字楼和购物中心的选票少)。“商业地产不是这次危机的中心,” 德国一个大型基金的经理人这样说。Investors’ interest in the asset class is growing, thanks in large part to the extreme macroeconomic environment. Near-zero interest rates make the yields on offer from property look attractive. The cashflow from tenants is more stable than that from equities, where values zigzag day by day and dividends can suddenly be suspended by the management. And unlike many types of bonds, property is seen as a useful hedge against inflation because rental agreements can be renegotiated with tenants to reflect rising prices. Bulls note that Norway’s 3 billion state pension fund, one of the world’s largest sovereign-wealth funds, is starting to allocate money to property. It made its first real-estate investment in January, spending £452m (3m) on properties in London’s Regent Street.投资者对资产类别的兴趣正在增加,很大一部分原因是极端的宏观经济环境。近于零的利率使得房产提供的收益看起来很具吸引力。来自承租者的现金流比来自股票的更稳定,后者的价值日复一日地曲折前行,而且红利可能突然就被管理方中止。而且和许多类型的债券不同,房地产被看作是对冲通胀的利器,因为可以与承租者重新协商租赁协议,以此来反映上涨的物价。看涨者们注意到,挪威5430亿美元的政府养老金(世界上最大的主权财富基金之一)正在开始向房地产分配资金。该基金在一月份进行了第一笔房地产投资,把4.52亿英镑(7.23亿美元)投在伦敦丽晶街(Regent Street)上的房产。201106/142179虹口区下颌角整形多少钱Obama, McCain Clash Over Foreign Policy, Taxes奥巴马论外交 麦凯恩争取挽狂澜  In the U.S. presidential race Wednesday, Democrat Barack Obama focused on a new direction in foreign policy, while his Republican opponent, John McCain, looked to make a comeback in the polls. 在星期三的美国总统竞选活动中,民主党的奥巴马把精力集中在外交政策的新方向上,而他的共和党对手麦凯恩则在设法使民调反败为胜。Senator Obama convened a meeting of his foreign policy and national security advisers in Virginia. 奥巴马参议员召集他的外交政策和国家安全顾问们在维吉尼亚开会。Afterward, Obama told a news conference that he is up to the challenge of leading the ed States at a time of economic crisis at home and foreign policy challenges abroad.  会后,奥巴马在记者会上说,他有能力领导美国应对国内经济危机和外交政策的挑战。"We cannot afford four more years of policies that have failed to adjust to a new century," Obama said. "We are not going to defeat terrorist networks that operate in 80 countries through an occupation of Iraq. We are not going to deny the nuclear ambitions of Iran by refusing to pursue direct diplomacy alongside our allies."  他说:“我们不能再承受四年不适应新世纪需求的政策。我们不能通过占领伊拉克一个国家来击败在八十个国家开展行动的恐怖网络。我们不能与盟国一起拒绝通过直接外交手段来消除伊朗的核野心。”Obama repeated his pledge to bring a responsible end to the war in Iraq and shift more U.S. troops into Afghanistan, where he said the situation in grave. 奥巴马重申要以负责的态度来结束伊拉克战争,并把更多美国军人调遣到阿富汗去,他说阿富汗的局势十分危急。Obama was also asked about the recent comments of his vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. 人们也问奥巴马有关他的竞选夥伴、德拉瓦州参议员拜登最近发表的。Biden predicted that Obama would face what he called a "generated crisis" if he became president, a comment Republican John McCain seized on to question Obama's iness to be commander in chief.  拜登预测,奥巴马如果当选总统,他会面临所谓“有意制造的危机”,而共和党候选人麦凯恩抓住这一说法来对奥巴马是否具备担任统帅的资格表示怀疑。"Whoever is the next president is going to have to deal with a whole host of challenges internationally," Obama said. "And a period of transition in a new administration is always one in which we have to be vigilant, we have to be careful, we have to be mindful that as we pass the baton in this democracy that others do not take advantage of it." 奥巴马说:“不论谁担任下届总统都将必须处理众多的国际问题。而且在新政府刚成立时的过渡阶段,我们务必具有高度的警惕性,我们在这个民主体制中进行交接班的阶段也得小心谨慎,别让他人乘机钻空子。”Obama also rejected complaints from Republicans that the Obama tax plan is a form of socialism. Obama said it was not a plausible argument because no one accused McCain of being a socialist in 2000 when McCain initially opposed President Bush's tax cuts for wealthy Americans. McCain was busy trying to spark yet another political comeback in one of his favorite states - New Hampshire. 麦凯恩正在他所喜爱的州之一新罕普什尔州设法激励选民。McCain's victory in this year's New Hampshire primary in January put him on course to win the Republican Party's presidential nomination. He also won the New Hampshire primary against then Texas Governor George Bush in 2000.  麦凯恩今年一月在新罕普什尔州初选中的胜利把他引上赢得共和党总统候选人提名的道路。2000年他也在新罕普什尔州的初选中击败了当时的德克萨斯州州长布什。"It does not matter what the pundits think or how confident my opponent is," McCain said. "The people of New Hampshire make their own decisions. And more than once, they have ignored the polls and the pundits and brought me across the finish line first. I cannot think of any place I would rather be as Election Day draws close than running an underdog campaign in the state of New Hampshire!"  麦凯恩说:“不论那些权威怎么想,也不管我的对手有多自信,新罕普什尔州的人民自有主张。他们已不止一次无视民调结果和权威论断,让我成为冲过终点线的先锋。在选举日即将来临的时刻,我除了来到新罕普什尔之外,不可能会想到任何其它地方去开展处于劣势的竞选!”But public opinion polls suggest that McCain will have to climb out of a deep hole. Several recent national surveys give Obama a double-digit lead over McCain, and McCain trails in several key swing states - states that are competitive for both campaigns - that could be decisive in the electoral vote count on November 4. 但是民调结果显示麦凯恩将难以反败为胜。最近几项全国调查显示奥巴马以双位数的百分点领先于麦凯恩,而且麦凯恩在几个关键的战场州也落后奥巴马,这些州是两位候选人激烈争夺的地盘,它们可能在十一月四号的大选中在选举团票数上起决定作用。In New Hampshire, McCain continued to criticize Obama's tax plan as an obstacle to economic growth and he questioned Obama's iness to be president. 麦凯恩在新罕普什尔继续批评奥巴马的税务政策是经济增长的障碍,并且对奥巴马担任总统的资格表示怀疑。"We face many enemies in this dangerous world and many challenges here at home. The next president will not have time to get used to the office," McCain said. "He cannot invite testing from the world. He will have to act immediately." 他说:“在这个危险的世界上,我们面对许多敌人,在国内也面临许多考验。下届总统不会有时间来适应总统职位。他不能在全球事务中进行尝试。他必须当机立断。”With less than two weeks to go in the campaign, political experts caution that there still could be some sort of "October Surprise" - an unanticipated outside event that could shake up the race to McCain's benefit.But longtime political observer Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News says the pivotal event in this year's campaign likely aly happened. "I think if Obama is the next president, we are all going to be writing that the 'October Surprise,' the Hurricane Katrina, if you will, was the economy because that is what, at least as of today, has crippled McCain's candidacy," DeFrank said.The McCain campaign finds itself on the defensive trying to hold states like Missouri, Indiana and North Carolina that traditionally support Republican presidential candidates. 但是,民调显示麦凯恩的竞选处于守势,正在努力保住像密苏里、印第安纳和北卡罗来纳之类传统上持共和党总统候选人的州。Obama has made inroads in several swing states that could vote for either candidate, including Colorado and New Mexico, and he is focused on winning larger competitive states like Ohio and Florida that often determine the outcome of presidential elections. 奥巴马已在几个动摇不定的州取得进展,例如科罗拉多州和新墨西哥州。而且他目前正集中精力赢取竞争激烈的大州,诸如俄亥俄州和佛罗里达州,这些州往往决定总统选举的成败。200810/53771上海市徐汇区宛平地段医院做隆鼻手术价格US Officials Discuss Second Economic Stimulus Package美国官员讨论第二个经济刺激方案  Officials in Washington are openly discussing the possibility of another federal stimulus package to boost the troubled U.S. economy. The discussion comes as leading U.S. economic indicators edge slightly higher. 美国国会和行政部门星期一开始公开讨论新的经济刺激方案,以振兴陷入困境的美国经济。This year has aly seen two aggressive steps by the federal government to prop up the economy. 今年以来,为了使美国经济重振旗鼓,联邦政府已经采取了两个大刀阔斧的措施。In February, as the economy was slowing down, Congress passed a 0 billion stimulus package that featured rebate checks for middle- and lower-income taxpayers. 2月份,随着经济走缓,国会批准了一项1500亿美元的经济刺激方案,主要是给中低收入的纳税人发放退税款。Earlier this month, amid a worsening credit crisis, President Bush signed a 0 billion financial rescue bill, 0 billion of which is being used to boost capital for troubled American banks. 这个月早些时候,随着信贷危机的恶化,布什总统又签署了一个总值7千亿美元的金融拯救计划,并且将其中的2500亿美元用于帮助资金短缺的美国。Now, U.S. officials are openly discussing the merits of a third government economic intervention. 现在,美国官员又开始讨论政府对经济进行第三次干预的好处。Testifying on Capitol Hill Monday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Congress should consider another stimulus package. 美国联邦储备委员会主席伯南克星期一在国会作时表示,国会应该考虑下一个刺激方案。"The uncertainty currently surrounding the economic outlook is unusually large," said Ben Bernanke. "Any fiscal action inevitably involves trade-offs - not only among current needs and objectives, but also because commitments of resources today can burden future generations and constrain future policy options. That being said, with the economy likely to be weak for several quarters and with some risk of a protracted slowdown, consideration of a fiscal package by the Congress at this juncture seems appropriate." 他说:“目前经济前景的不确定性异乎寻常地大。任何财政政策都不可避免地涉及利弊得失的权衡。这种权衡不仅针对现在的需要和目标,同时也意味着我们今天动用的资源会给美国的下一代造成负担,同时也会制约未来的经济政策。不过话虽然这么说,我们目前的经济在未来几个季度内可能会持续走软,并存在长期减速的风险,因此国会现在考虑出台一个财政刺激计划似乎是妥当的。”The central bank chief added that any stimulus should be crafted to boost economic activity in the short term without significantly adding to America's fiscal deficit in the long term. Despite being prodded repeatedly by legislators, Bernanke declined to say how much money should be spent or specify what the package should contain. 伯南克说,任何刺激计划的宗旨都必须是在短期内刺激经济,而不至于在长期内显著增加美国的财政赤字。尽管议员们多次追问,伯南克拒绝就这个计划的金额数量和具体内容做出回答。The White House says President Bush is "open to the idea" of another stimulus package, but that it would have to see how Congress formulates it. 白宫说,布什总统“愿意考虑”新一轮经济刺激方案,但这要取决于国会如何设计这个方案。Fed chief Bernanke expressed confidence that the current financial rescue package will help unfreeze credit and allow businesses and consumers to secure loans that will boost economic activity. 伯南克对于目前的金融救助计划可以舒缓信贷冻结表达了信心。信贷解冻将有利于企业和消费者贷款,从而刺激经济活动。Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson provided an update on how the rescue package is being implemented. He stressed that, while huge amounts of public funds have been allocated to save troubled financial institutions, ultimately there should be no cost for taxpayers. 与此同时,美国财政部长保尔森就金融救助计划的具体实施提供了进一步信息。他强调,尽管大笔纳税人的钱被用来救助陷于困境的金融机构,但最终纳税人不会蒙受损失。"This is an investment, not an expenditure, and there is no reason to believe that this program will cost taxpayers anything," said Henry Paulson. 保尔森说:“这是投资,不是开。我们没有理由相信这个计划会让纳税人遭受损失。”Paulson says funds are being used to purchase assets that will be sold at a later date, allowing the government to recoup money spent.  保尔森说,用纳税人的钱收购的资产以后将再度出售,政府可以因此收回资金。After months of relentlessly negative economic news, Monday brought an indication of a slight uptick in U.S. economic prospects. The New York-based Conference Board's forecast of future economic activity edged higher by a third of a percent after two months of steep declines. The better-than-expected forecast helped spark gains on U.S. markets. Wall Street's main stock index closed with triple-digit gains Monday, about 400 points or nearly five percent. 在经过几个月的坏消息后,星期一,美国经济前景终于出现了一丝亮色。总部设在纽约的经济智库会议委员会关于未来经济活动的预测在经历两个月的急剧下滑后,今天出现了0.3%的增长。这个好于预期的结果带动了美国股市。道指大幅上涨了413点。200810/53450金山做隆胸多少钱

上海市长海医院激光点痣多少钱静安区大腿激光脱毛多少钱Over a hundred artifacts from Pre-Inca and colonial times were returned to Peruvian authorities on Monday after being recovered from private collections in Germany and the US. Peru's Minister of Foreign Affairs handed over the ancient objects to the country's National Institute of Culture at a ceremony in Lima."We give today to the National Institute of Culture a group of objects which belong to the cultural patrimony of all Peruvians. They came from Houston, Berlin and Hamburg, and after consulting with the National Institute of Culture, their Peruvian origin was confirmed."The artifacts, mainly textiles and ceramic objects, date back to the variety of cultures established in Peru before its colonization by the Spanish in the 16th century. The first group of objects, mainly from colonial times, was seizedwas by US Customs in Houston, Texas and given to the Peruvian consulate. The remaining artifacts, including a variety of different textiles, flutes, a ceramic piece and three pre-Inca dolls, were returned by private citizens in Germany. The National Institute of Culture praised the citizens who voluntarily returned the pieces.参考中文翻译:100多件前印加时代和殖民时代的文物于周一返回秘鲁官方。之前,这些收藏品在德国和美国的私人收藏家手中。秘鲁外交事务部部长在利马的仪式上将这批古文物移交给国家文化研究所。“今天,我们把一批文物移交给国家文化研究所,这是所有秘鲁人的文化遗产。我们是从休斯顿,柏林和汉堡取回。和他们的国家文化研究所交涉之后,终于确认了这批文物源于秘鲁。”这些文物主要是针织品和陶器,可以追溯到16世纪秘鲁沦为西班牙的殖民地之前的丰富多的文化。第一组物品主要来自殖民时代,被美国休斯敦,得克萨斯海关抓获,交给秘鲁领事馆。其他的文物,包括各种各样的针织品,长笛,一件陶器和3个前印加时代的玩具,石油德国的公民奉还的。国家文化研究所表彰了那些自愿奉还文物的公民。200811/56649The Federal Aviation Administration美国联邦航空Wings clipped翅膀被剪A worked example of the effects of congressional stupidity国会愚蠢行为之后果造就的现成例子Aug 6th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition LaGuardia’s old tower, now partly down拉瓜地机场的旧空管塔,现已部分拆除 AFTER he had signed the debt-ceiling deal, Barack Obama mentioned “another Washington-inflicted wound on America”. He was speaking about the impasse over funding for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which manages air safety and air-traffic control. Congressmen could not resolve a petty disagreement over the extension of the agency’s operating-authority bill, which expired on July 22nd. As a result, the agency has partly shut down, and 4,000 employees have been sent home. Air-traffic controllers are still on the job, as they are paid from a different source. But scores of FAA construction and research projects have been halted, affecting at least 70,000 workers. “Members of Congress should not get on a plane to fly home for vacation without passing an FAA bill and putting thousands of people back to work,” said Ray LaHood, the transport secretary. His words were drowned in the rush for the doors.巴拉克#8226;奥巴马在签署了债务上限协议后,提到了“华盛顿给美国造成的另一个创伤”。他说的是为美国联邦航空(FAA)拨款陷入僵局的事。联邦航空管理空中安全事务和负责空中交通管制。该机构的经营管理条列于7月22日失效,而国会议员们未能解决关于延长经营管理条列的一个小小分歧。结果,该机构部分停运,4,000名员工被打发回家。空中交通管制人员仍在工作,因为他们的工资来自其他渠道。但FAA的许多建设和研究项目已经停止,影响到至少70,000名工人。“在通过美国联邦航空局管理条列并恢复成千上万人的工作之前,国会议员们不应该坐飞机回家休假,”运输部长雷#8226;拉胡德说。他的话被淹没在匆匆离场的脚步声中。The FAA’s long-term funding bill expired in 2007. Since then Congress has passed, with little fuss, 20 stopgap bills, each lasting a few months. This time round, politicians could not agree on seemingly minor provisions. House Republicans passed a bill that cut .5m in federal subsidies for passengers at a dozen remote rural airports, something the Senate Democrats oppose. They also oppose a measure that would make it more difficult for airline workers to unionise. Because of this impasse over .5m a year, the government is losing m a day in uncollected federal taxes on airline tickets.FAA的长期拨款法案于2007年到期。自那以来,美国国会随随便便地通过了20个临时法案,每个法案的有效期都只有几个月。这一次,政治家就看似微小的规定不能达成一致意见。控制众议院的共和党人通过了一项法案,要削减十几个偏远农村机场的联邦政府乘客补贴1.65千万美元,而控制参议院的民主党人对此表示反对。有一项措施会使航空公司的员工成立工会变得更加困难,对此他们也表示反对。为一年1.65千万美元而陷入僵局,致使政府因联邦机票税流失每天损失3千万美元。201108/148204闵行区大腿抽脂价格多少Top Obama Administration Officials Speak Out On Pakistan, Afghanistan美官员:塔利班对南亚构成威胁  U.S. officials are stressing the threat posed to South Asia by Taliban militants, as they assess the results of the recent U.S.-Afghan-Pakistani summit in Washington. President Barack Obama met at the White House last Wednesday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari. 美国总统奥巴马上星期三在白宫会见了阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里。美国有关官员在评估这次会议所产生的结果时,强调塔利班激进分子对南亚地区构成的威胁。The U.S. commander responsible for American military operations in South Asia and the Middle East says an emboldened Taliban poses a true threat to Pakistan. 负责美国在南亚和中东地区军事行动的美军中央司令部将军彼得雷乌斯说,在巴基斯坦各地,越来越多的人意识到,必须阻止塔利班激进分子。General David Petraeus, head of the U.S. Central Command, says there is a growing awareness throughout Pakistan the Taliban militants must be stopped.During an appearance on the Fox News Sunday television program, he said the nation has been galvanized. 彼得雷乌斯将军在接受福克斯周日新闻电视节目采访时说,巴基斯坦群情激昂。"There is a degree of unanimity that there must be swift and effective action taken against the Taliban in Pakistan," he said. 他说:“巴基斯坦人民一致认为,必须采取快速有效的行动,对付那里的塔利班分子。”Pakistani President Zardari says his country's commitment is sound. But he says the Taliban threat goes beyond Pakistan, and should be a worldwide concern. 巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里说,巴基斯坦坚决致力于打击塔利班,不过他还说,塔利班的威胁并不局限在巴基斯坦,应当引起全世界的关注。He spoke in an interview with N's Meet the Press recorded after the White House summit. 他在白宫首脑会议结束后接受了美国全国广播公司“面对媒体”节目的采访。"I think the world need to understand that this is the new challenge of the 21st century, and this is the new war," said Mr. Zardari. 他说:“我认为,全世界都要明白,这是21世纪的新威胁,是一种新型战争。”Afghan President Karzai was also interviewed by Meet the Press following the talks. He said he has more confidence in Mr. Zardari than in the previous Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊也在会后接受了“面对媒体”的采访。他说,他对扎尔达里比对巴基斯坦上一任总统穆沙拉夫更有信心。"We had a very good meeting in Washington," said Mr. Karzai. "I hope this will be taken into further steps, meaning implementation on the ground. I am a lot more confident and a lot more hopeful."  他说:“我们在华盛顿召开了很有成效的会议。我希望会议的结果能够得到实施。我比以前更有信心,觉得更有希望了。”The White House summit was held during an investigation into the deaths of dozens of Afghan civilians who were said to have died in a U.S. bombing raid. 在白宫首脑会议召开的同时,有关人员正在调查几十名阿富汗平民据说在美国的轰炸袭击中丧生的事。President Karzai has called for the U.S. military to stop the air attacks. But White House National Security Advisor James Jones says further bombing raids are possible. 卡尔扎伊总统要求美军停止发动空中打击。不过白宫安全事务顾问琼斯说,美军有可能会再进行轰炸。"Certainly, to tie the hands of our commanders and say we are not going to conduct air strikes would be imprudent," said Jones. "That is part of the combined arms package so we probably would not do that." 他在美国广播公司“本周”节目中说:“当然,捆绑住指挥官们的手脚并说我们不会再考虑进行空袭将是轻率的做法。空袭是整体军事行动的一部分。所以美军不会取消空袭。”Jones spoke on the A television program This Week.05/69566上海眼部祛皱价格

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