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盐城国家高新经济技术开发区引产哪家医院最好的滨海县人民医院检查妇科病多少钱亭湖区做无痛人流需要多少钱 The festive break is fast becoming a distant memory and for many, New Year fitness regimes are too.新年假期会很快成为遥远的回忆,而对很多人来说,新年的减肥计划也会很快被抛之脑后。Despite 2.6m people starting diets on New Year#39;s Day, research suggests that by the end of the week 92 percent of dieters gave up, shunning exercise and gorging on comfort food.调查显示,尽管英国有260万人在新年第一天开始减肥,但在当周结束时,已有92%的节食减肥者放弃,不再运动,而且开始大吃大喝。Findings, released by weightloss firm XLS-Medical, suggest that the vast majority are unsuccessful at sticking to their diets for more than five days a week.英国减重中心XLS-Medical发布的这项调查结果表明,大多数人都无法在制定节食减肥计划的一周内坚持五天。Two out of 10 dieters admitted they have their first diet relapse just four to five days in, with hunger cited as the main cause.五分之一的节食减肥者承认自己在四五天的时间里就坚持不住了,他们提到的主要原因是饥饿。Boredom and alcohol were also blamed for people failing to keep their health kick on track.无聊的情绪和酒精刺激也让他们无法坚持瘦身计划。Dr Matt Capehorn, Clinical Director of the National Obesity Forum, highlighted that just one day off from dieting can undo a week#39;s worth of hard work.英国国家肥胖论坛临床主任马特bull;凯派恩士强调指出,仅仅一天不节食就会毁掉一周的努力。He told Female First: #39;A healthy diet, aimed at losing 1lb per week, relies on saving 3500 calories a week by having 500 calories less each day.他告诉Female First杂志说:;健康的瘦身是一星期减去1磅,有赖于一周减少3500卡路里摄取,而一天减少500卡路里的摄取即可。;;A day off the diet should mean that you eat the correct amount, but many dieters see it as an excuse to binge and have thousands of calories more than they need.;;免节食一天应该意味着你摄入正确的食量,而很多节食者把这看作大吃大喝的借口,吃进的卡路里数量比需要的多出好几千。;The results suggest that a massive 590,000 could aly have failed to stick to New Year diet resolutions.调查结果显示,有多达59万人可能已经放弃了新年减肥计划。And a vast majority are unaware of the negative impact a single day off can have on their weight loss efforts.而且还有很多人不清楚一天不坚持对其减肥计划的负面影响。Overall it was found only 5 percent of women stick to their diets until they#39;ve reached their target weight.总的来说,仅有5%的女性能坚持到最后,直到实现瘦身目标。 /201201/169047滨海县中医院专家

盐城/男科包皮过长盐城检查妇科病多少钱 Pick a nice, quiet, romantic restaurant and take your date dancing for dinner. Make reservations well ahead of Valentine#39;s Day to secure the location and time, then enjoy dinner and dancing with your favorite person.餐馆是最经典大众的约会场所,挑选一家美丽安静又浪漫的餐馆吧。当然光吃饭就太普通了,情人节这天最好还能和心爱之人翩翩起舞。注意:去餐馆的话一定要记得提前预定哦,那天的位子可抢手啦。Ask your date about a movie he or she wants to see and get tickets. Make a sacrifice on this date and it will be shown to your date. For example, if you are a man, as much as it pains you, choose a chick-flick for her; women, take your man to that action movie he has been dying to see. It will not kill you and your date will appreciate the gesture.电影院也是情侣们最喜欢去的场所。情人节前问问自己的伴侣想看哪部电影,记得这回要自我牺牲一下,跟着对方的口味走。对于男生,你可以为心爱的她挑选一部言情片;对于女生,你可以陪他看梦寐以求的动作片。一部电影再怎么不合你口味,也不至于让你想自杀,而你的小小牺牲却能给伴侣带去一份感动。Try a trip to the aquarium. The lights are dim and romantic, and sea life is very beautiful.除了餐馆和影院,水族馆也是非常好的场所哦。想想那微暗朦胧的灯光所带来的浪漫感觉,想想那五花八门的海洋生物在水中畅游的美丽画面,任谁都会沉醉的吧。For the more active Valentine#39;s Day date, ice skating or roller skating is a great way to have a youthful time on a date and keep the theme of the whole night young and fun-loving.情人节也不是必须过得很温婉,你们可以选择过一个更具活力的情人节。比如滑冰就是一个让约会充满朝气的绝好去处,今晚你们的主题就是我年轻、我玩乐!而且滑冰时可以提供很多身体接触的机会吧,相互扶持着慢慢滑,多温馨呀。Enjoy a meal and watch nature go by as you glide along a river or lake. Preferably, choose a time when you can watch the sunset after you have your romantic meal. This will be a terrific Valentine#39;s Day date.大自然总是能轻而易举地撩起人类心中的各种情愫。在情人节这天带着爱人驾一叶扁舟,边看着身边流过的美景,边享用一顿可口的晚餐。最好你能算准时间,吃完饭正好可以并肩欣赏夕阳西下,那这个情人节就太棒了!Another outdoors type of date that is very romantic for V-day is Horseback Riding. Going for a sunset ride and then having a romantic dinner for two is one of the most romantic dates.除了划船,骑马也是非常浪漫的情人节活动。落霞中拥着爱人骑在马背上缓缓而行,有种要浪迹天涯去私奔的感觉哈哈。之后再享用一顿两人晚餐,真是再浪漫不过了!If you and your date are the outdoorsy type, try going on an overnight camping trip for Valentine#39;s Day. Snuggling in a tent or roasting marshmallows over a cozy campfire could be the perfect date choice for you for this lover#39;s holiday. Even better would be sharing a sleeping bag overnight.如果你们两人都是户外活动爱好者,觉得划个船、骑个马还不够过硬,那么可以在情人节尝试野营过夜。和爱人依偎在帐篷里或者在暖融融的篝火上烤棉花糖,这可是情人节约会的完美选择。如果能够共享一个睡袋那就更好了XD。Many times, creating a romantic dinner at home yourself can be much more romantic to your date than taking them to a restaurant. This type of date has a very personal feel to it. Create a favorite dish of your date, and plan a romantic, sensuous dessert.哪儿都去不了也没关系,其实家里就很不错啊,自己做一桌情人节晚餐要比去餐馆浪漫多了。在家约会很有一种私密感,别忘了给你的爱人做道他/她最爱吃的菜,还要准备一份足够浪漫诱人的甜点哦。 /201207/191369盐城专业早泄医院

盐城协和女子医院做无痛人流多少钱500年前达芬奇·里奥纳多画了这幅当今西方艺术上最富盛名的画作,目前真迹被放在巴黎卢浮宫物馆,也成为了卢浮宫物馆的三大镇馆之宝之一,而蒙娜· 丽莎那神秘的微笑更是几百年来许多专家学者的研究对象。最新研究显示这幅画作中的模特可能是一位怀女性——而这也恰恰是达芬奇创作这幅画作的原因。Five hundred years after Leonardo painted the most famous picture in Western art, new research suggests that his model may have been an expectant mother - and that he painted her for precisely that reason.500年前达芬奇·里奥纳多画了这幅当今西方艺术上最富盛名的画作,最新研究显示这幅画作中的模特可能是位怀女性——而这也恰恰是达芬奇创作这幅画作的原因。Mona Lisa is a puzzle and quite unlike any other picture of the time. In the materialistic culture of early-16th-century Florence, portraits weren#39;t an expression of individuality and character, they were an advert for wealth and social status. But far from being the height of fashion, Mona Lisa#39;s dress is utterly plain and timeless and, despite the fact that she is a married woman, she wears no jewellery, not even a wedding ring.《蒙娜丽莎》这一幅作品和当时的其他作品不太一样。在16世纪早期的佛罗伦萨,一切都处在唯物主义的指导下,肖像画作不是用来展示个画中人物的性格而是一种财富和社会地位的象征。这幅画作里的蒙娜丽莎却没有显现出当时的潮流,她穿着的装朴实无华,完全看不出来她是个已婚的女性,既没有佩戴珠宝也没有戴戒指。The mystery deepens when we learn that Leonardo never delivered the portrait. Instead, he continued to work on it for many years and kept the Mona Lisa by his side until his death on May 2, 1519.当我们了解到达芬奇·里奥纳多不仅没有把这幅画卖出,还在之后的很多年里继续创作这幅画,并最终将这幅画珍藏到死。这一切更加加深了这幅画的神秘感。Rona Goffen, professor of art history at Ruttgers University, argues that although Mona Lisa began as a portrait, at some point its purpose changed: ;It was intensely personal to Leonardo, something that he would develop over the years entirely for himself.;罗格斯大学艺术史教授Rona Goffen认为《蒙娜丽莎》起初是一幅肖像画,但是在某种意义上却有了不同的目的:“里奥纳多倾注了强烈的个人情感,让他在之后几年里都在继续创作这幅画作。”If Mona Lisa is not a portrait, then what is it? Perhaps more than any other painter, Leonardo#39;s art is imbued with his scientific observations. His ambition was to discover the very source of life itself.如果《蒙娜丽莎》不是一幅肖像画,那又会是什么呢?与其他画家不一样,里奥纳多的艺术中充满了他对科学的观察。他急切的想探索生命的奥秘。Professor Martin Kemp, widely regarded as the world#39;s leading authority on Leonardo, describes: ;If you think that Leonardo, in a sense, saw this inside her body, then you suddenly realise, wow, that is how Leonardo looked at it. He thinks he#39;s really getting to the mystery of life, the cyclical nature of birth, maturity and death.;被认为是里奥纳多研究领军人物的Martin Kemp教授说:“如果你认为里奥纳多在某种程度上看出了她已经怀了,你就会猛然发现里奥纳多的视角原来是这样的。他认为自己对神奇的生命了解越来越多,了解了人类从出生到成熟最终死亡的生命周期循环。”The life cycle and the female role in creation is still only half the story of the Mona Lisa. The other half, often overlooked, is the primeval landscape in front of which she is sitting. Most people assume that this was a product of Leonardo#39;s fertile imagination, but there#39;s increasing evidence it was inspired by the landscape of his childhood, the Arno Valley.生命的循环和女性角色还只是《蒙娜丽莎》这个故事的一半。常常被忽视的另外一半则是画中蒙娜丽莎背后的背景。大多数人觉得那是里奥纳多想象出来的,但是越来越多的据表示蒙娜丽莎背后的背景其实是达芬奇根据自己儿时的记忆创作出来的自己曾经生活过的地方——亚诺河河谷。The two great lakes continuous, hydrological cycle all match Leonardo#39;s observations about how the landscape we see today was shaped by the power of water. Many regard him as the father of geology as a modern science.两条大河持续不断的冲刷循环造就了我们今天所看到的风景。很多人将他视为现代科学中的地理学之父。It is a distillation of all that he had discovered through a lifetime#39;s observation into the secrets of nature.因此《蒙娜丽莎》也是达芬奇对生命和自然观察留下的精华所在。 /201208/194732 盐城/包皮手术哪家最好盐城/治疗不孕不育的好医院



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