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Kyoto, Japan - Forover a thousand years, Kyoto has thrived as thecultural and imperial capital of Japan. Now a popular touristdestination, it is also the hometown of Japan#39;s mysterious geishas.日本,东京——一千多年来,东京已经成为了日本帝国繁荣的文化之都。如今,作为受欢迎的旅游目的地,这里还是日本神秘的艺妓们的故乡。The word‘geisha#39; means a skilled artisthighly trained in music, dance, and art of conversation. They were not paid tosell bodies; instead, geishas were considered beauty-obsessed elite.“艺妓”指的是一位在音乐、舞蹈和交际艺术方面接受过高度训练的具备技艺的艺术者。她们并不出卖自己的身体;相反,艺妓是人们眼中美得让人着迷的精英人士。The geisha culture rose to its peak in the1750s and gradually disappeared before the Second World War. Now there are only300 of them left in Kyotoentertaining at heavily expensive restaurants.艺妓文化于18世纪50年代达到巅峰,在二战爆发前逐渐消失。现在,东京只有300名艺妓在昂贵的餐厅中招待宾客。For average visitors even spotting one ofthose beautiful geishas is extremely difficult. But there are relatively newservices that have become especially popular in recent years: geisha makeover.对于普通的游客来说,连碰见一位这样的艺妓都是件极其困难的事情。但与此相关的新兴务业在近年来变得尤其受欢迎:艺妓妆容。Professional makeup artists and attendantstransform visitors into a geisha complete with white foundation, wig andtraditional kimono. The two full hours of applying makeup could be a bit toomuch to endure but the end result is well worth it.专业的化妆师和务员给游客打上白色粉底、戴上假发并让他们穿上传统的和,将他们妆扮成艺妓的模样。长达两个小时的化妆时间需要费点耐心,但最终的效果让等待有所值。Prices range from 0 to 00 withoptional services at an additional charge; for example, going out to thestreets or taking rickshaw rides.务价格从100美元到2000美元不等,并附带收取附加费的可选务;例如,逛街或乘坐黄包车。 /201409/329906Know yourself认识你自己This step is very important if you really want to choose the right partner. You have to know yourself. Some people are searching in all corners of the earth for their soulmate but come back in vain. One of the reasons of that failure is that the bachelor did not ask himself. So the, before loving someone, before making your choice on the right guy or girl to marry, start by asking yourself the real questions: who are you? What do you want? What are you expecting from your partner? What do you like most? All these little questions may seem tiny but are very important. It is after answering these questions to yourself that you can start defining who you are and what you really want.如果你想选择一位合适的伴侣,认识你自己这一步相当重要。你必须认识自己。一些人翻遍地球寻找自己的灵魂伴侣,但徒手而归。失败的一个原因便是单身人士没有反求诸己。因此,在与某人陷入爱河之前,在你选择合适的人结婚之前,先要问自己最真实的几个问题:你是谁?你想要什么?你对伴侣的期待是什么?你最喜欢什么?所有这些问题似乎微小,但却重要。只有在回答了这些问题后你才能开始定义自己的身份和欲求。 /201405/294105

1. Decoration Competition装饰竞赛What’s a party without a cheesy game? There are a lot of different things that you can decorate for a competition. Cookies or people, just choose whatever you like.聚会没有一些有趣的游戏怎能称之为聚会?这里有许多你能用来进行装饰竞赛的不同用品。饼干或是人,选择你喜欢的就好了。2. Cookie Exchange交换饼干If you plan on Christmas with a large group, set up a Christmas cookie exchange. Everyone should bring individually wrapped portions of their cookies to the party, as well as recipes, so that each person can have a sample to take home and enjoy.如果你打算圣诞节时和一群人一起度过,进行一下圣诞节饼干交换吧。每个人都要带一份自己的饼干参加,配方也需要,一遍每个人都能带回家借鉴和享受。3. Name That Tune疯狂猜曲Do you remember that game show from the 70′s where people would try to name a tune in so many notes? Why not play the same game with your friends and family by naming Christmas songs? This is a great activity for a big group and people can be split into individual teams or larger groups.你还记得哪个始于70年代的综艺节目吗?一个让人们在许多提示下猜曲子的节目。为什么不和你的朋友及家人一起用圣诞节歌曲尝试一下呢?这个游戏很适合大量人一起玩,并且可以进行团体战也可以进行个人战。4. Do A Thanksgiving Activity玩感恩节喜欢玩的活动There are some fun and frugal Thanksgiving activities. Just change the theme from Thanksgiving to Christmas and you’re all set!有很多又有趣有省钱的感恩节活动。只需要把主题从感恩换成圣诞就都解决了! /201312/268618




  The Winter Olympics are as important as the Summer Olympics. They can be forgiven for this one. After all, it was the International Olympic Committee who in 1925 decided to grace what started as an #39;International Winter Sports Week#39; with the name Winter Olympics. But let#39;s face it, while the Summer Olympics are a test of man#39;s strength that goes back to ancient Greece, the winter variety is just 48 types of skiing.冬季奥运会跟夏季奥运会一样重要。关于这一点,我们可以原谅他们,毕竟是国际奥委会在1925年决定给“国际冬季运动周”增光而冠之以冬奥会的名义的。但是,让我们面对事实,夏季奥运会是对人类力量的考验,它的历史可以追溯到古希腊,而冬奥会则仅仅是48种滑雪运动。 /201407/311114It only took until lunchtime on China’s main shopping holiday for consumers there to click their way to a new record for ecommerce sales in a single day.才到午餐时分,中国面向消费者的主要购物节就刷新了单日电子商务销售的纪录。Yesterday in China was Singles’ day, a day that ecommerce companies have turned into the world’s biggest for online shopping by offering a stream of promotions and discounts.昨日是中国的“光棍节”,各大电商企业拿出各种促销和折扣,使其成为全球最大的在线购物节日。By 1:04pm, sales on Alibaba, the nation’s largest ecommerce group, reached Rmb19.1bn (.1bn), equivalent to all it sold on last year’s Singles’ day and about double what was sold last year on the US “Cyber Monday” following Thanksgiving.到了下午1时04分,中国最大电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的销售额就达到191亿元人民币(合31亿美元),相当于它在去年“光棍节”全天的销售额,而且差不多两倍于去年美国感恩节之后的“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)的销售额。At midnight, this figure had almost doubled to Rmb35bn (.7bn) – the surest sign yet that China’s affinity with online shopping shows no sign of abating, with the country on track to overtake the US as the largest market for ecommerce.截至午夜,当日销售额几乎翻了一倍,至350亿元人民币(合57亿美元),这是一个最确凿无疑的信号,显示中国人的网购热情没有减弱迹象。目前中国有望超越美国,成为全球最大电子商务市场。“Crazy”, wrote the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling Communist party, on its Weibo microblog account.中共机关报《人民日报》在其新浪微账户上写道,“双十一,你疯狂了吗?”The day has drawn the approval of China’s leaders as the nation seeks to rebalance its economy from one driven by investment to consumption. Premier Li Keqiang recently praised Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, for creating a day for consumption, according to state media.“光棍节”得到了中国领导人的赞许,目前中国正寻求推动经济再平衡,从投资驱动型转向消费拉动型。据官方媒体报道,中国总理李克强最近表扬阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)搞出一个消费节。“11.11 isn’t about numbers, it’s about fostering a healthier consumer environment,” Mr Ma said yesterday, according to the company’s Twitter feed.根据阿里巴巴公司的Twitter帖子,马云昨日表示,双十一不是关乎数字,而是关乎营造一个更健康的消费环境。The rapid growth of ecommerce in China contrasts with slowing online sales growth across much of western Europe and the US. Last year, revenue from online sales in China was between 0bn-0bn, a close second to the US market, worth 0bn-0bn, according to research by McKinsey, and China’s market is growing much faster.中国电子商务的快速增长,与西欧很多国家以及美国的在线销售增长放缓形成反差。麦肯锡(McKinsey)研究显示,去年中国在线销售的营收总额介于1900亿至2100亿美元之间,仅次于美国(2200亿至2300亿美元),而且相差不大,同时中国市场的增速快得多。Part of the reason China’s ecommerce market is growing so quickly, analysts say, is that internet access still has room to grow. Only 31 per cent of households now have broadband, and 21 per cent have mobile broadband, says Paul McKenzie of brokerage CLSA. With the recent growth in affordable smartphones, that percentage is poised to grow.分析师们表示,中国电子商务市场增长如此迅速的部分原因是,中国的互联网接入仍有增长空间。里昂券(CLSA)的保罗?麦肯齐(Paul McKenzie)表示,中国只有31%的家庭具备宽带上网条件,21%具备移动上网条件。随着近期价格适中的智能手机快速增长,这个百分比有望大幅提高。Consumers in China’s vast number of small cities also have a limited array of goods on sale in shops in their hometowns, particularly when it comes to foreign brands.在中国的广大中小城市,消费者从当地商店得到的商品选择也比较有限,尤其是外国品牌的商品。 /201311/264429Does an Apple a Day Keep Dementia Away?一天一苹果真的预防痴呆么?Apples have been as not only a delicious fruit, but also as an effective way to improve your health. Research suggests that eating apples can benefit your heart, your teeth, and your energy level. Eating a higher amount of fruits and vegetables in general has also been associated with a lower risk for chronic diseases including coronary heart disease, asthma, diabetes, cancer and perhaps even Alzheimer#39;s disease.苹果不仅因其美味倍受热捧,而且对健康有十分有利的影响。研究表明多吃苹果让你心好,牙好,精神好。一般说来,多吃蔬菜水果能降低罹患冠心病、哮喘、糖尿病、癌症和老年痴呆等慢性病的风险。So, is it true that apples are a super fruit? Do they impact the health and functioning of your brain? The research is limited, but it does show some promise.那么,苹果真的是万能水果么?它们真的能影响大脑健康和机能么?关于这方面的研究虽然有限,但的确被明有一定可能性。A Review of 3 Research Studies回顾三项相关研究The Effect of Apples on Memory苹果对记忆的影响One study published in the Journal of Alzheimer#39;s Disease involved older mice who were fed a deficient diet. These mice then demonstrated a decline in their cognitive ability shown by poor performance in navigating a maze. However, after apple juice was added to their drinking water for a month, their memory was restored and they were able to efficiently navigate the maze again. (Often, research on mice translates to humans, which would suggest that apple juice may improve our memory.)一项发表于《阿兹海默症期刊》的课题研究了一组年老的老鼠在食物摄取量不足的条件下的行为。在迷宫测试中,这些老鼠表现欠佳,显示出认知能力的下降。然而,把苹果汁加到老鼠的食谱里一个月后,它们的恢复到原来的水平且又能走出迷宫了。(对老鼠进行的研究常能反映到人类身上,也就是说,苹果汁也能提高我们的)How Do Apples Affect the Actual Health of the Brain?苹果是如何影响大脑的实际健康的?A second study found that the actual brain structure was affected in mice whose drinking water included apple juice. The mice#39;s brains were examined and found to contain a decreased level of beta amyloid protein, as compared to the brains of mice whose drinking water had not contained apple juice. The accumulation and excess of this protein in the brain is one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer#39;s disease.第二项研究发现喝了加有苹果汁的水会影响老鼠的实际大脑结构。研究明,饮用加苹果汁的水的老鼠,其大脑所含β-脑内淀粉样蛋白少于不加苹果汁的水的老鼠。而这种蛋白在脑内的积聚和过剩是阿兹海默症的显著特征。Will Eating an Apple Right Before a Test Help You Perform Better?在考试前吃个苹果会让你表现更佳么?A third study tested the immediate effects of apples and spinach (both separately and together) and found no change in the cognitive functioning of the participants right after eating the foods. The study did not, however, measure if a sustained diet that included apples affected cognition or risk of dementia over time.第三项研究检验了吃完苹果和菠菜(分别吃和同时吃)是否有立竿见影的效果,发现刚吃完蔬菜水果后,参加者的认知能力并没有改变。然而这项研究并未检测长期将水果纳入膳食对认知能力或痴呆症病发几率的影响。 /201408/322117



  Christmas is one of the most beautiful holidays of all time. It is the day when God#39;s son was born on earth. Hence, this day is sacred for all Christians around the world. The Christmas season gives rise to a number of Christmas traditions that come along. Here are a few of them that are celebrated with zest and enthusiasm worldwide for centuries.圣诞节一直是个美好的节日。这是上帝之子诞生的日子,因此对世界各地的基督徒来说,这一天是非常神圣的。圣诞季节自然少不了各种圣诞传统。下面这些传统,可是几个世纪以来一直世界各地的人们一直热闹欢庆的习俗。Preparation of the Christmas cake烘烤圣诞蛋糕This was an English tradition which started centuries ago. On Christmas eve, plum porridge was served to the people. As years passed, various other things like dry fruits, honey and spices were used. Soon this porridge got replaced with the Christmas cake. Christmas cakes are made using eggs, butter, confections, fruits, etc. Today a Christmas cake is an integral part of a Christmas .这项英式传统早在几个世纪以前就流传开了,以前人们在平安夜喝梅花粥。随着时间慢慢推移,人们还会享用果脯、蜂蜜及香料食物等,随后圣诞蛋糕便代替梅花粥出现了。圣诞蛋糕由鸡蛋、黄油、甜点、水果等烘制而成。现如今,圣诞蛋糕已成为圣诞菜谱不可或缺的一部分。木头形蛋糕:不可缺少的圣诞礼物你会做吗? /201312/269913。


  5. David Jenkins. Seal Island, South Africa. July 26, 2013.2013年7月26日,南非海豹岛,摄影:戴维·詹金斯I have been traveling to Seal Island off the coast of South Africa for 5 or 6 years now to photograph the interaction between the great white sharks and their prey, the cape fur seal. On the morning of July 26, 2013, I made my way out to Seal Island with a local shark tour operator. The sea was not too rough and there was some cloud cover -- good conditions to see the sharks hunting.我在南非海豹岛(Seal Island)已待了五、六年时间拍摄大白鲨和其猎物海豹之间的战斗。2013年7月26日早晨,我和一位当地鲨鱼观赏导游前往海豹岛。那是个阴天,海面并无大浪,这种天气非常适合观赏鲨鱼捕食。Usually, the most active hunting time is an hour before sunrise and an hour after. I arrived at the island at about 7:15 and immediately we could see that there had been some kills -- from the gulls in the area hovering and the slicks on the water. When the attacks happen they are at lightening speed and can be over in a second. We decided to track alongside some seals which were coming back to the island after feeding out at sea, keeping a distance so as not to interfere. I noticed a smaller seal had dropped off the back of the main group. The sharks often choose the single seals to attack as their chance of success is higher.最激烈的捕猎时间一般在日出前后1小时左右。我7点15分到达海豹岛,立刻就发现已经有捕杀发生,因为海面上漂浮着动物残骸,海鸥在上空盘旋觅食。捕猎发生如闪电般迅速,一刹那就会结束。我们决定,跟着一些在海里觅完食返回岛屿的海豹,保持一段距离,以免干扰。我发现一只小海豹落在大部队后面。鲨鱼往往会选择这种落单的海豹发动袭击,这样成功率较高。I tracked with the seal in my viewfinder and, without warning, a great white attacked. The shark had its mouth wide open and the seal managed to just avoid the bite. It was sent flying out of the water by the nose of the shark. As the seal was falling back towards the water it narrowly missed the mouth of the shark. For the next couple of minutes the seal stayed close to the shark#39;s body but away from the mouth, using its agility to tire out the shark. When the shark gave up, the seal managed to make its way back to the island safely.我随着探视镜观察这只海豹,这时毫无预警,一只大白鲨发动了攻击。它张开血盆大口,但海豹侥幸逃过一劫。鲨鱼穷追不舍,海豹被逼出水面。它回到水面时,又一次逃过鲨鱼的大嘴。接下来几分钟里,海豹在鲨鱼攻击范围之外兜圈子,依靠灵活的身体拖累鲨鱼。最终鲨鱼放弃了攻击,海豹才成功返回小岛。 /201312/269453


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