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吉林省长春市中医院如何迷你对话 Subject: We need a lot more elbow room. A: Dad, our house is too small. We need a lot more elbow room.爸爸,我们的房子太小了,我们需要一个空间的房子。B: You are growing up, so the house seem to get smaller and smaller.因为你长大了,所以房子看起来越来越小了。 地道表达:elbow room 1. 解词释义 Elbow room在文中的意思是“更大的空间”。它的起源是这样的:当初以为美国人呗周围的人挤得胳膊都动不了了。于是他就说:“Please give me some elbow room.”他说这句话的意思就是希望对方能让出一旦空间,让他的胳膊活动活动。。在别人给他让出胳膊活动的空间时,他也因此得到了更大的空间。后面人们就用elbow room来表示“更大的空间”。对话中“We need a lot more elbow room.”的意思就是“我们需要一个空间更大的房子。” 2. 典型例句 e.g. Excuse me. Could you give me a little elbow room?对不起,您能给我一点活动余地吗?e.g. Hey, you forget that I weigh 250 pounds. I need more elbow room than you.嘿,你别忘了我体重两百五百磅,我需要的空间比你还大。e.g. I can hardly move here. Can you give me some elbow room?我一点儿都动不了,你可以给我点地儿吗? Ps:grow up的意思是“长大成人”。例如:Whenever will he grow up?他究竟什么时候才能成熟起来? I like to muse about what I will do when I grow up. 我喜欢仔细思考长大后做什么。 /201310/259274九台市人民医院官网Hi, everyone,my name is Chris I’m a teacher with Meisi.Hi ,大家好,我的名字是Chris ,我是美思的英语老师。How is the haze today? Has it gotten better?今天的雾霾怎么样?好点了吗?There are a few words sound very similar to haze. Don’t get them mixed up! For example, hazel. Very similar right? It’s just an L added at the end.有几个词和haze很相似,别混淆了。 比如,淡褐色,只是后面加了个L。(Kelly Clarkson有首歌叫《Behind these hazel eyes》)This is one reason why learning a language can be hard. Words that sound similar are often confusing for students.这是一个加高学语言难度的因素,听起来很像的字令学员困惑。For example微信班朗读内容1. Are you deaf? Can you hear me? I told you to come here.你聋了吗?你能听见(hear)我吗?我叫你过来这里(here)。2. You have to start the name of a country’s capitol with a capital letter. Isn’t it confusing?一个国家的政治中心(capitol)必须用大写开头(capital). 是不是很令人困惑?3. We are going to the desert for a trip. I’m going to miss eating dessert. Don’t mix these two words up!我们要去沙漠(desert)一趟,我会想念我的甜品(dessert)。不要混淆了这两个词!Who can make a sentence with two different words that sound similar?谁可以造一个两个不同的词发相似的音的的句子?公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201701/487544听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Is there really any wrong way to eat cake? Its doubtful.Were happy to eat it covered in chocolate frosting, or layered with custard and berries, or even upside down with pineapple slices.Thats why its a little confusing when someone tells us, ;You cant have your cake and eat it too.;If you have cake, eating it seems like a reasonable expectation. Frankly, were troubled at the thought of letting a perfectly good piece of cake going to waste.Its important to point out that this phrase is an idiom, and idioms arent meant to be parsed out word by word. Thats why we generally accept ;you cant have your cake and eat it too; to mean that you cant have something both ways, sometimes you have to make a sacrifice.To better understand the confusing wording of this saying, we need to go back.Like a lot of other things in our language, this idiom has gone through some changes since its first appearance which is cited as 1546.Back then, it went, ;You cant eat your cake and have it too.;Reversing the verbs adds some clarity. It makes sense that if you eat your cake, youll no longer have it.The expression seems to have flipped around sometime in the 18th century, with the latter version taking over as most common in the middle of the 20th century.Not everyone got that memo.Ted Kaczynski, otherwise known as the ;Unabomber;, learned the older version of the expression from his mother and used it in his manifesto. This quirk helped lead to his identification and capture.201610/475097长春市南关区中医院好么

长春市妇幼保健属于私人医院吗长春那里能做人流网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:直接拒绝法/强硬的“拒绝”一般拒绝是不好说出口的,但是如果对方真的很烦,你想拐弯抹角的拒绝都不行,那就得语气强硬,来“真格”的了。这次我们就来看看一些“强硬”的拒绝法。 1. I dont want to go and thats that.我不想去,就是这样。 Thats that 通常是接在否定句后的,意思是:就这样了,不必再多说了。这样的语气是很强烈的,通常听的人可能会不太高兴。如果电话推销员很烦人,你就可以跟他说Thats that. 也许一开始你只是很客气地说I am not interested. 可是有些人就会不识相地一直说个没完:What do you want me to doto change your mind? 这时你就可以不客气地说:I dont want it, andthats that. 通常他就会知道你是真的烦了。 Thats that. 这句话跟Thats it. 不太一样。Thatsit. 的意思是“就这样吧,就这些吧”,在点餐的时候会用到,或者是你问别人什么,别人回答刚好对了,你也可以这么说。Thats that 则是表示不想再跟对方谈下去了。同样的情况,你也可以这么说The conversation is over. 我想这个意思也很明显了。 2. There is nothing to talk about.没什么好说的。 当别人问你的问题你不想回答或懒得回答时就可以说There is nothing to talk about. 例如有人问你考试考了多少,你自己考得太差不想说,就可以说There is nothing to talk about. 另外一个类似的用法叫No comment. 就是;无可奉告;的意思。 在英语中,There is nothing to…… 可当作是一个片语来使用,意思是;没什么好怎样怎样的;, 例如There is nothing to worry about. 就是说“没什么好担心的”。记得看某部电影时小孩子问他爸爸家里的钱到底够不够用时,父亲就说There is nothing for you to worry about. 3. Thats enough, anymore is just overkill.那就够了,再多一点也是多余的。 Overkill 这个词在美国的口语里是“多余”的意思,在字典上是查不到的。例如有一次和一个老美打球,打了两局后我问他还要不要再打,他就说Thats enough, anymore is just overkill. 或是吃东西时别人问你还要不要再吃,如果你吃不下了就可以说No, thanks. Thats overkill. 4. I cant handle it.我应付不来。 这个handle 跟afford 的区别要分清楚,handle 指的是事情上应付不来,而afford 多半指金钱上无法负担。譬如学校里,你选的课太多了应付不来,就可以说I took too many courses, I cant handle it. 再举一个例子,例如工作很多作不完,你就可以这么说Theres too much work load here. I cant handle it. 这也是变相拒绝的一种方式吧。 /201212/213681长春省中医院客服咨询关键词:a wet blanket “扫兴的人”或“扫兴的事”短语释义:今天的图片很有意思,我们看到一个人裹着湿毯子(wet blanket),另外两个人一脸鄙夷的表情,不愿意接近它。我们知道冬天把湿毯子盖在身上可真不好受,会让你全身上下冷得发抖。由此你可以想象要是wet blanket用来比喻一个人,这可绝对不是个受人欢迎的人。那么湿毯子wet blanket具体有什么含义呢?Blanket就是“毯子”的意思。如果有东西起火了,那么用一条浸湿了的毯子往火苗上一盖,就算也许不能完全将火扑灭,至少也能使火势锐减。所以呢wet blanket湿毯子就有了它的比喻意义,表示“扫兴的人”或者“扫兴的事”。情景领悟:1. The teenagers dont invite Bob to their parties because he is a wet blanket.少年们不邀请鲍勃参加他 们的聚会,因为他是一个让人扫兴的人。2. The weatherman throws a wet blanket on picnic plans when he forecasts storm.天气预报员预报有暴风雨,给野炊计划泼了瓢冷水。可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201212/217527长春协和医院治疗宫颈炎好吗

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