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As the carriage drove on through Blackmoor Vale,Tess now began to awake from her sorrow and wonder how she could face her parents.当马车穿越黑荒野山谷继续行驶时,苔丝渐渐从悲痛中醒转过来,开始思考该怎样面对她的父母。She left the carriage and came into Marlott on foot.她下了马车,步行进入马勒特村。When she entered the little cottage, her mother was doing the washing as usual.当她走进那间小农舍时,她母亲一如往常地在洗着衣。lsquo;Why Tess!rsquo;she cried when she saw her daughter.lsquo;I thought you were married!Really married this time!rsquo;;苔丝,为什么?;她看到她女儿,不由得叫了起来,;我以为你结婚了!这次是真的结婚了吧!;lsquo;Yes,mother,I am.rsquo;;是的,妈妈,结婚了。;lsquo;Then where#39;s your husband?rsquo;;那么,你的丈夫呢?;lsquo;Gone away for a time.rsquo;;要离开一段时间。;lsquo;Gone away!When were you married then?Tuesday,as you said?rsquo;;离开!那么,你们是什么时候结婚的?如你说的,星期二?;lsquo;Yes,mother.rsquo;;是的,妈妈。;lsquo;Married on Tuesday and today it#39;s only Saturday,and he#39;s gone away!What strange husbands you seem to find,Tess!rsquo;;星期二结婚,今天才不过是星期六,他就已经走了。看来你是找了一个非常奇怪的丈夫啊,苔丝!;lsquo;Mother!rsquo;Tess ran across to Joan and put her head on Joan#39;s shoulder.lsquo;You told me I mustn#39;t tell him.But I did-I couldn#39;t help it;and he went away!rsquo;;妈!;苔丝朝琼奔去,把她的头伏在琼的肩上,;你嘱咐我不要告诉他,但是我说了;;我忍不住;;然后他走了!;lsquo;Oh you fool,you little fool!rsquo;cried her mother.;哦,你这个傻瓜,你这个小傻瓜!;她母亲喊道。lsquo;I know,I know,rsquo;sobbed Tess.lsquo;But he was so good!I couldn#39;t lie to him.And if only you knew how much I loved him and how much I wanted to marry him!rsquo;;我知道,我知道,;苔丝哭诉着,;可是他原来是那么好的人!我不能对他撒谎。如果你知道我是多么地爱他,多么地想嫁给他,你就会明白了!;lsquo;Well,it#39;s too late now,rsquo;said Mrs Durbeyfield.lsquo;Whatever will your father say? He was very proud of your marriage.;唉,现在已经太迟了,;德北夫人说道,;真不知道你父亲会怎么说?他对你的婚姻非常地自豪。He#39;s been telling them at the public house that you#39;ll help his noble family become great again.Oh,there he is now!rsquo;他在酒店里跟他们说,你会帮忙把他的高贵家族重新振兴起来。哦,他来啦!;Tess ran upstairs,but through the thin walls she could hear the whole story being told to Sir John.苔丝跑到楼上去了。但是透过薄薄的墙壁,她听到了向约翰爵士叙述的整个事件。lsquo;People will laugh at me in the village!rsquo;he said.lsquo;Do you think he really did marry her,Joan?Or is it like the first?rsquo;;村里人会笑话我的!;他说,;你认为他真地跟她结婚了吗,琼?还是就像头一次那样?;Tess could listen no more.Even her own family did not believe her.She could not stay.苔丝再也听不下去了,甚至她的家人都不信任她。她无法待在这儿了。She gave her mother half the money which Clare had given her,and told her family she was going to join him.她把克莱尔留给她的钱分出一半,给了她母亲,并告诉家里人,她打算去和他团聚。And so she left Marlott again,looking for work.于是她又一次离开了马勒特,去找活儿干。Angel Clare also returned home.He had spent three weeks since his wedding trying to remain calm and continue his studies,but with the disturbing picture of Tess always in his mind.安吉尔;克莱尔也回到了家里。从婚礼之后,他花费了三周的时间试图让自己保持平静并继续学习,但他脑子里总不断地闪现出苔丝的影子,搅得他心神不安。He was beginning to wonder if he had treated her unfairly.他开始思索自己是不是对她做得太过分了。She had been so much a part of his plans for the future that he was now thinking of countries where they could farm together.她曾是他未来生活计划中如此重要的一部分,以至于他现在还在考虑他们可以一起去哪些国家经营农场。The idea of Brazil attracted him.The countryside,people and habits would be so different.巴西对他颇具吸引力。那儿的乡村、那儿的居民和风俗都与此地截然不同,Perhaps they could make a new life there together.So he went back to Emminster to tell his parents his new plan.也许他们可以一起在那儿开创新的生活。于是他返回爱敏斯特,告诉他父母他的新打算。lsquo;But where#39;s your wife,dear Angel?rsquo;cried his mother when he arrived.;亲爱的安吉尔,可是,你的妻子呢?;当他到家时,他母亲喊道。lsquo;She#39;s at her mother#39;s for the moment.I#39;ve come home in rather a hurry,because I#39;ve decided to go to Brazil.rsquo;;她这会儿在她娘家,我是相当匆忙地赶回家的,因为我已经决定了要去巴西。;lsquo;Brazil!But they#39;re all Roman Catholics there!rsquo;;巴西!但是那儿都是罗马天主教徒!;lsquo;Are they?I hadn#39;t thought of that.rsquo;;是吗?我还没想过这个呢。;But Mr and Mrs Clare were even more interested in their son#39;s marriage than in Brazil#39;s religion.但是比起巴西的宗教来,克莱尔先生和克莱尔夫人对他们儿子的婚姻大事更为关切。lsquo;Angel,we do want to meet your wife.We are not in the least angry about this rather hurried wedding,so why haven#39;t you brought her?It seems strange.rsquo;;安吉尔,我们真地想见见你的妻子。对你这次草率的婚礼,我们丝毫没有生气。那么,为什么你不把她带来?这显得有点奇怪。;Angel explained that she would be staying at her mother#39;s while he went to Brazil alone to see if the country was suitable.安吉尔解释说,在他单独赴巴西考察那个国家是否适合期间,她先住在娘家。He planned to bring her to meet his parents before he went there a second time,with her.他安排好了,在下次他和她一起去巴西之前,带她来见他的父母。But his mother was disappointed at not seeing Tess.She watched her son as he ate,and asked questions.但他的母亲对于没有见到苔丝非常失望。她看着儿子吃饭,还问了些问题。lsquo;Is she very pretty?rsquo;;她很漂亮吗?;lsquo;She certainly is!rsquo;;那是毫无疑问的。;lsquo;And a maiden of course?rsquo;;自然是个少女喽?;lsquo;Of course.rsquo;;自然是的。;lsquo;I imagine you were her first love?rsquo;;我想你是她的初恋吧?;lsquo;Exactly.rsquo;;正是。;His father asked no questions,but when the moment for evening prayers arrived,he chose a passage from the Bible.他的父亲什么也没问,但是到晚上做祈祷的时刻,他从《圣经》里挑选了一段文章。lsquo;This passage is very suitable,as you are here,Angel.It is in praise of a pure wife.rsquo;;安吉尔,这一段非常适合现在这个场合,这是赞美纯洁的妻子的。;lsquo;We shall all think of her as your father s it,rsquo; added his mother.As they listened to the ancient,beautiful words,Angel felt like crying.;当你父亲读这段话时,我们都会想到她。;他母亲加了一句。当他听着这些古老、优美的辞句时,安吉尔简直要哭了。His mother said,lsquo;You see,Angel,the perfect woman,the Bible tells us,is a working woman,not a fine lady,a girl just like your wife.他的母亲说:;安吉尔,你看,《圣经》告诉我们,完美的女人是一个勤劳的女人,就像你的妻子那样的姑娘,A girl who uses her hands and heart and head for others.I wish I could have met her,Angel.As she is pure,she is fine enough for me.rsquo;一个用自己的双手、心灵和头脑为别人奉献的姑娘,而不是一位体面的。安吉尔,我真希望我见过她了。我觉得她已经够好了,因为她是个纯洁的姑娘。;Clare#39;s eyes were full of tears.He quickly said goodnight and went to his room.His mother followed and stood at his door looking anxiously at him.克莱尔的眼眶里满是泪水。他迅速地道了晚安,就到自己的房间去了。他的母亲跟了过去,站在门口忧虑地看着他。lsquo;Angel,why are you going away so soon?Have you quarrelled with your wife in these three weeks?Angel,is she ;is she a woman with a past?rsquo;;安吉尔,你为什么这么快就要离去了?这三个星期里,你和你的妻子吵架了吗?安吉尔,她是;;她是一个有经历的女人吗?;The mother#39;s instinct had found the cause of her son#39;s worries.做母亲的本能发现了儿子忧虑的原由。lsquo;She is totally pure!rsquo;he replied,and felt that he had to tell that lie,even if he went to hell there and then for it.;她是完全纯洁的!;他回答道,他觉得自己一定要撒那个谎,哪怕他要为此在此时此地下地狱。lsquo;Then never mind the rest.There are few better things in nature than a pure country girl.rsquo;;那就永远不要在乎别的方面。自然界里很难再有比一个纯洁的乡村姑娘更好的事物了。;Clare felt furious with Tess,because she had forced him to deceive his parents.克莱尔对苔丝感到非常愤怒,因为她逼得他欺骗他的父母。Then he remembered her sweet voice, and the touch of her fingers on his face,and her warm breath on his lips.随后,他又想起了她温柔甜美的声音,她的手指在他脸上轻轻触摸的感觉,还有她在他唇上温暖柔和的呼吸。But this well-meaning young man,despite his advanced ideas,was still limited in his thinking.但是这个本意善良的年轻人,尽管有先进的思想,在思维上却不免仍有局限。He could not see that Tess was in character as pure as the pure wife in the Bible.他不能看到,在本质上,苔丝与《圣经》中描述的圣洁的妻子是一样纯洁的。The next day Clare left Emminster and began to prepare for his journey to Brazil.第二天,克莱尔离开了爱敏斯特,开始为去巴西的行程作准备。One day,returning from doing some business with a farmer,he happened to meet one of the dairymaids from Talbothays,Izz Huett.一天,在同一位农场主了结了一些事情后的返回途中,他碰巧遇上了塔尔勃塞的一个挤奶女工,伊茨;休爱特。He knew her secret:she was an honest girl who loved him and who might have made as good a farmer#39;s wife as Tess.他知道她心里的秘密,她爱他,是个诚实的姑娘,而且能成为一个和苔丝一样贤惠的农场主妻子。He learnt from Izz that,of the other dairymaids,Retty had become ill,and Marian had started drinking.And Izz herself?他从伊茨口中得知了一些其他女工的情况。蕾蒂病倒了,玛丽安开始酗酒。伊茨自己怎么样呢?lsquo;Suppose I had asked you to marry me,Izz?rsquo;he asked.;伊茨,假设我请求过你嫁给我,会怎么样?;他问。lsquo;I would have said;yes;,and you would have had a woman who loved you!rsquo;;我会说lsquo;好吧rsquo;,然后你就拥有了一个爱你的女人!;A wild anger took hold of Clare.Society and its rules had trapped him in a corner.Why shouldn#39;t he take his revenge on society?一种疯狂的愤怒占据了克莱尔的思想。社会和它的法则设下圈套把他逼到了死角,为什么他不向这个社会报复?lsquo;I#39;m going to Brazil,Izz,without Tess.We have separated for personal reasons.I may never be able to love you,but will you come with me?rsquo;;伊茨,我将要去巴西了,苔丝不跟着去。我们因为一些私人的原因分手了。可能我永远也不会爱你,但是,你愿意和我一起去吗?;lsquo;Yes,I will,rsquo;said Izz after a pause.;是的,我愿意,;沉默了一会儿,伊茨说道。lsquo;You know it#39;s wrong in the eyes of the world,don#39;t you?Do you love me very much?More than Tess?rsquo;;你知道这在世人的眼里是不对的,是不是?你非常非常爱我吗?爱得比苔丝还深?;lsquo;I do,yes,oh,I do love you,but not more than Tess.Nobody could!She would have laid down her life for you.rsquo;;是的,我爱你,哦,我确实很爱你,但是爱得没有苔丝深。没人能这样!她可以为了你舍弃她的生命。;Clare was silent.A sob rose inside him.He heard Izz#39;s words again and again in his head:She would have laid down her life for you.克莱尔哑然无语,他的心在哭泣。他听到伊茨的话一遍又一遍地在脑子里响起:她可以为了你舍弃她的生命。lsquo;I#39;m sorry,Izz,rsquo;he said suddenly.lsquo;Please forget what I said just now!I must be mad!rsquo;;我很抱歉,伊茨,;他突然说道,;请你忘掉我刚才说的话吧!我一定是疯了!;lsquo;Oh please take me!Oh,I shouldn#39;t have been so honest!rsquo;sobbed Izz.;哦,带我去吗?喔,我不应该那么老实!;伊茨呜咽着说。lsquo;Izz,by your honesty you have saved me from doing something wicked.Thank you for that.And please forgive me!rsquo;;伊茨,你的诚实挽救了我,使我避免了一件罪恶的事情。我要因此感谢你,也请你原谅我!;And so Angel said goodbye to the miserable girl.But he did not turn towards Tess#39;s village.He continued with his plan,and five days later left the country for Brazil.于是安吉尔告别了这个可怜的姑娘。但他并没有转回到苔丝的村子。他继续按他的计划行事,五天之后,他离开这个国家到巴西去了。And so the months passed.Tess found occasional dairy work for the spring and summer.时间一个月又一个月地过去了。春夏两季,苔丝就在牛奶场找点临时的活儿干。She sent all Angel#39;s money to her family,who as usual had many expenses and hardly any income.她把安吉尔留下的钱都寄给了家里,这个家像往常一样总有许多出,却几乎没有什么收入。She was too proud to ask Angel#39;s family for more money.That winter she went to work at another farm,where Marian was working.她的自尊不允许她向安吉尔的家人伸手要钱。那个冬天她转到另外一个农场干活。玛丽安就在那儿干活儿。Here the earth was poor,and the work was difficult.But Tess did not mind the hard work in the fields.这里的土地贫瘠,活儿也很辛苦。但是苔丝并不介意在地里干那些繁重的活儿。As she and Marian dug out the vegetables in the pouring rain,they talked of Talbothays and of the sunny green fields and of Angel Clare.当她们淋着倾盆大雨在地里挖菜时,她们就讲讲塔尔勃塞,讲讲阳光明媚的绿色牧场,还有安吉尔;克莱尔。Tess did not tell Marian everything,so Marian could not understand why the couple were apart.苔丝没有把事情的来龙去脉都告诉玛丽安,所以玛丽安无法理解为什么这对夫妇会分开。They wrote to Izz,asking her to join them if she had no other work.It was the coldest winter for years,but Tess and Marian had to go on working in the snow.她们给伊茨写信,叫她来跟她们一起干,如果她没别的活儿干的话。这是几年来最冷的一个冬天,可是苔丝和玛丽安必须顶着雪花干活儿。Tess realized that the farmer was the same Trantridge man who had recognized her in the market town,and had been knocked down by Angel.He made her work twice as hard as the others.苔丝意识到农场主就是那个在集镇上认出她来的纯瑞脊人,曾经被安吉尔击倒在地。他让她干的活儿比其他人的加重了一倍。When Izz came,Tess saw her whispering to Marian.Tess had a feeling it was important.lsquo;Is it about my husband?rsquo;she asked Marian later.当伊茨到来时,苔丝见她跟玛丽安耳语着什么。苔丝感觉这一定是件重要的事。;是有关我丈夫的事吗?;之后,她向玛丽安问道。lsquo;Well yes,Izz said I shouldn#39;t tell.But he asked her to run away to Brazil with him!rsquo;;嗯,是的,伊茨说我不应该告诉你。可是,他叫她跟他一起私奔到巴西去!;Tess#39;s face went as white as the snow on the ground.苔丝的脸变得像地上的雪一样惨白。lsquo;What happened?rsquo;;后来呢?;lsquo;He changed his mind.But he was going to take her!rsquo;;他改变了主意。但是他原来是打算带她去的!;Tess burst out crying.lsquo;I must write to him!It#39;s my fault!I shouldn#39;t have left it to him!He said I could write to him!I#39;ve been neglecting him!rsquo;苔丝放声大哭起来。;我必须给他写信!这是我的过错!我原不该把这事留给他去做的!他说过我可以给他写信!我一直都疏忽他了!;But in the evening,in her room,she could not finish her letter to him.She looked at her wedding ring,which she wore round her neck in the day,and kept on her finger all night.可是到了晚上,她在房间里给他写信时,又写不下去了。她盯着她的结婚戒指,她在白天把它挂在脖子上,到了晚上就整夜把它戴在手上。What kind of husband would ask Izz to go to Brazil with him so soon after parting from his wife?与妻子分离后,这么快就叫伊茨和他一起去巴西了,这是什么样的丈夫呢?But this new information made her think again of visiting Angel#39;s family in Emminster.She wanted to know why he had not written to her.但是这个新信息让她重新考虑起到爱敏斯特拜访安吉尔的家人。她想知道为什么他没有给她写信。She could meet his parents,who would surely be kind to her in her loneliness.她可以见见他的父母,在她孤苦伶仃的时候,他们一定会善待她的。So she decided to walk there from the farm at Flintcomb-Ash on a Sunday, her only free day.于是她决定在一个她唯一空闲的日子,礼拜天,从弗林特石灰谷的农场出发,步行去那儿。It was fifteen miles each way.She dressed in her best,encouraged by Marian and Izz,who sent her on her way at four orsquo;clock in the morning.单程的路就有15英里。在玛丽安和伊茨的怂恿下,她穿上了最好的衣。她们在那天清晨4点钟把她送上了路。The girls sincerely loved Tess and wished for her happiness.姑娘们都真挚地爱着她,由衷地希望她幸福。It was a year since her wedding,and on that bright cold morning her unspoken hope was to win over her husband#39;s family and so persuade him back to her.现在距她结婚的日子已有一年了,在那个睛朗寒冷的早晨,她那不曾说出口的愿望就是赢得她丈夫的家人,然后说他回到她的身边。Although she started cheerfully,she began to lose her courage as she approached Emminster.虽然她出来时欢欣鼓舞,但是随着渐渐走近爱敏斯特,她却开始心慌了。The church looked forbidding.Perhaps the rather strict parson would not approve of her travelling so far on a Sunday.教堂显得令人生畏。也许那位相当严格的牧师会不赞许她在礼拜日长途跋涉。But she had to go on.She took off her thick walking boots and hid them behind a tree,changing into her pretty shoes.可是,她只有往前走了。她脱下笨重的靴子,把它们藏到一棵树后面,然后,换上那双精致漂亮的靴子。She would collect the boots on the way out of town.她想在出镇的路上再把靴子捡回来。She took a deep breath and rang the bell at the parson#39;s house.Nobody answered.She tried again.Silence.她深深地吸了口气,按响了牧师家的门铃。没有人答应。 她又按了一次。还是没有动静。It was almost with relief that she turned and walked away.Then she suddenly remembered that they must all be at church.她几乎是松了口气,转身离开了。然后她想起来他们一定都在教堂呢。So she waited in a quiet part of the street until people began to stream out of church.于是她就在街上一个安静的地方等着,直到人们川流不息地从教堂出来了。She immediately recognized Angel#39;s brothers and even overheard some of their conversation.她马上认出了安吉尔的哥哥们,甚至还远远地听到了他们的谈话。lsquo;Poor Angel!rsquo;one of them said.lsquo;There#39;s that nice girl,Mercy Chant.Why on earth didn#39;t he marry her instead of rushing into marriage with a dairymaid?rsquo;;可怜的安吉尔!;其中一个说道,;默茜;钱特,那个好姑娘在那儿。到底为什么他不娶她,而是跟一个挤奶工仓促地结了婚?;lsquo;It#39;s certainly very strange.But his ideas have always been most odd.rsquo;;这真是很奇怪。不过,他的想法一直是最古怪的。;They joined Mercy Chant as she came out of church,and walked together along the road Tess had walked into Emminster.当默茜;钱特从教堂出来时,他们便上前陪同她一起沿着那条苔丝走进爱敏斯特的路走着。lsquo;Look,here#39;s a pair of old boots,rsquo;said one of the brothers,noticing Tess#39;s boots behind the tree.;看,这儿有一双旧靴子,;兄弟中有一人说道,他发现了苔丝放在树后的靴子。lsquo;Excellent walking boots,I see,rsquo;said Miss Chant.lsquo;How wicked to throw them away!Give them to me.I#39;ll find a poor person who would like them.rsquo;;我觉得,这是很不错的步行靴子。;钱特说道,;这样就扔了,多差劲啊!把它们交给我吧。拿去送给穷人,会有人喜欢的。;Tess walked quickly past them,tears running down her face.She continued walking as fast as she could away from Emminster.苔丝匆匆地超过了他们,泪水从她脸上潸潸滚下。她继续尽可能快地走着,离开了爱敏斯特。How unlucky that she had met the sons and not the father!她是多么不走运啊,碰见的偏偏会是两个儿子,而不是父亲。Angel#39;s parents would have taken poor lonely Tess to their hearts immediately,as they did every other lost soul,without thought of family or education or wealth.安吉尔的父母会立即打心底里接受孤苦可怜的苔丝,就像他们对每一个迷失的人做的那样,而不会去考虑他的出身、学识或财富。She grew more and more tired and depressed as she walked the fifteen miles back to Flintcomb-Ash,where only hard work awaited her.在返回弗林特石灰谷的15英里路中,她变得越来越疲惫沮丧,那儿只有繁重的活儿等着她干。But on the way she noticed a crowd listening to a preacher and she stopped for a while to join them.可是在半路上,她注意到有一群人正在听一个传道士说着什么。她停下脚步,也去听了一会儿。The preacher was describing with enthusiasm how he had been wicked for years and how a certain parson had pointed it out to him:this had gradually turned him from wickedness.这个传道士正热情高涨地讲述他多年来曾是如何地品行不端,而一个牧师又是怎样地给他指出来:这让他渐渐地从邪恶中转变过来。But Tess was more shocked by the voice than the words.She moved round behind the crowd to look at his face.但是他的声音比他的讲道更让苔丝震惊。她从人群后绕过去看他的脸,As the afternoon sun shone full on him, she recognized Alec drsquo;Urberville.午后的阳光充沛地照在他身上,她认出来了,他是亚历克;德伯。 Article/201203/175096。

PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER EIGHTLife with Mr. RochesterLater that evening I had tea with Mrs. Fairfax in the [-----1-----]."Mrs. Fairfax, you told me that Mr. Rochester was a little strange," I said."Well, what do you think, dear?""I think he is a very strange man. I am not sure what I think of him!""He may seem strange way to you. But I know him very well, so I understand him a little. He has had family problems, you know.""What do you mean?"I asked."Well, he had an older brother, who died nine years ago.""Nine years is a long time to be upset. Is he still unhappy because of this [-----2-----]?""Well, you see, there were a lot of bad feelings and anger in this house. Just before their father died, he gave the older brother the house and almost all the money. Mr. Edward(that's Mr. Rochester) was angry and left his family. He [-----3-----] around the world. But when his older brother died, he got Thornfield. But he doesn't come and live here very often, and I am not surprised.""Why should he stay away?" I asked.Mrs. Fairfax said nothing for a moment. She looked as if she was remembering the past. "Well, dear, perhaps he believes Thronfield Hall is a sad place." It was clear that Mrs. Fairfax did not want to tell me anything more. 填空 :1.kitchen2.death3.travelled Article/200904/67193。

"Boo!"  "Ahhhhh!" I jumped about a mile.  I spun around, and saw my best friend, Alex, just coming out of the forest, howling with laughter.  "You idiot!" I screamed and shoved him as hard as I could. He stumbled and fell backwards.  "Where's Angie?" I asked, just as he had gotten up and was brushing the dirt off of his pants.  "Chickened out." He snorted.  "She didn't want to?" I looked surprised, "by the way, how are we going to get in." I nodded over to the school. Alex pulled something metal out of his pocket. "A crowbar!" I exclaimed.  "Exactly." He walked over to one of the boarded up windows.  "This is so exciting!" My eyes were twinkling.  Alex put his crowbar under the first board and pried it off with, to my surprise, no difficulty at all. Article/200906/73263。

班纳特太太得到这个暗示,如获至宝,她相信很快就可以嫁出两个女儿了;昨天她提都不愿意提到的这个人,现在却叫她极为重视了。Mr. Collins was not a sensible man, and the deficiency of nature had been but little assisted by education or society; the greatest part of his life having been spent under the guidance of an illiterate and miserly father; and though he belonged to one of the universities, he had merely kept the necessary terms, without forming at it any useful acquaintance. The subjection in which his father had brought him up had given him originally great humility of manner; but it was now a good deal counteracted by the self-conceit of a weak head, living in retirement, and the consequential feelings of early and unexpected prosperity. A fortunate chance had recommended him to Lady Catherine de Bourgh when the living of Hunsford was vacant; and the respect which he felt for her high rank, and his veneration for her as his patroness, mingling with a very good opinion of himself, of his authority as a clergyman, and his right as a rector, made him altogether a mixture of pride and obsequiousness, self-importance and humility.Having now a good house and a very sufficient income, he intended to marry; and in seeking a reconciliation with the Longbourn family he had a wife in view, as he meant to choose one of the daughters, if he found them as handsome and amiable as they were represented by common report. This was his plan of amends--of atonement--for inheriting their father#39;s estate; and he thought it an excellent one, full of eligibility and suitableness, and excessively generous and disinterested on his own part.His plan did not vary on seeing them. Miss Bennet#39;s lovely face confirmed his views, and established all his strictest notions of what was due to seniority; and for the first evening SHE was his settled choice. The next morning, however, made an alteration; for in a quarter of an hour#39;s tete-a-tete with Mrs. Bennet before breakfast, a conversation beginning with his parsonage-house, and leading naturally to the avowal of his hopes, that a mistress might be found for it at Longbourn, produced from her, amid very complaisant smiles and general encouragement, a caution against the very Jane he had fixed on. ;As to her YOUNGER daughters, she could not take upon her to say--she could not positively answer--but she did not KNOW of any prepossession; her ELDEST daughter, she must just mention--she felt it incumbent on her to hint, was likely to be very soon engaged. ;Mr. Collins had only to change from Jane to Elizabeth--and it was soon done--done while Mrs. Bennet was stirring the fire. Elizabeth, equally next to Jane in birth and beauty, succeeded her of course.Mrs. Bennet treasured up the hint, and trusted that she might soon have two daughters married; and the man whom she could not bear to speak of the day before was now high in her good graces. Article/201107/144838。

The biggest news in the whole world occurred two weeks ago when Paris Hilton was sentenced to 23 days in a Los Angeles jail. The heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune, who was a favorite of the paparazzi, had been cited for driving on a suspended license, among other things.When the judge decided that she must go to jail, people everywhere voiced their approval or disapproval. The news was on the radio, TV, and the Internet. Why her situation was such worldwide news mystified almost everyone. After all, her only known value to society thus far had been her ability to party with one boyfriend after another, one week after another. As many said, she was famous for being famous—nothing more.When she finally went to jail, there must have been 100 photographers taking pictures of her. At first, the jail officials put her in a private cell, but her claustrophobia caused her to have panic attacks. They released her the next day. The following day, however, the judge ordered her back to jail to finish her sentence.The sheriff said she was treated like all the other prisoners. She ate baloney sandwiches and other nutritious food, just like the others. When she finally was released from jail, at 12:01 a.m. on a Tuesday night, dozens of photographers again congregated around her to snap the “perfect” photo. She spent the first day relaxing—and recovering—at home in her parents’ mansion.Then she went on the Larry King radio show and talked about her experience. She hadn’t liked being in jail, she said, but it had turned her life around. She had found God, and now she was going to do all she could to help needy people improve their lives. Article/201104/131651。

The repaired alarm clock rang at six o#39;clock the next morning. Harry turned it off quickly and dressed silently. He mustn#39;t wake the Dursleys. He stole downstairs without turning on any of the lights.第二天早上六点,修好的闹钟铃铃地响起来。哈利迅速地把它关掉,静静地穿上衣。千万别把德思礼一家给吵醒了。他一盏灯都没开便偷偷地下了楼He was going to wait for the postman on the corner of Privet Drive and get the letters for number four first. His heart hammered as he crept across the dark hall toward the front door ;他打算在这里等邮递员的到来,这样他就可以拿到给他的信了。当他蹑手蹑脚地从大厅向前门走过去的时候,他的心扑通扑通地跳起来。;AAAAARRRGH!;;啊!;Harry leapt into the air; he#39;d trodden on something big and squashy on the doormat ; something alive!哈利被吓得跳得老高;;他踩到了门垫上一件又大又软的东西;;还是活的Lights clicked on upstairs and to his horror Harry realized that the big, squashy something had been his uncle#39;s face. Uncle Vernon had been lying at the foot of the front door in a sleeping bag, clearly making sure that Harry didn#39;t do exactly what he#39;d been trying to do. He shouted at Harry for about half an hour and then told him to go and make a cup of tea. Harry shuffled miserably off into the kitchen and by the time he got back, the mail had arrived, right into Uncle Vernon#39;s lap. Harry could see three letters addressed in green ink.楼上的灯亮了。哈利惊奇地发现刚才那个又大又软的东西居然是弗农姨父的脸。弗农姨父为了防止哈利早早地过来拿信,居然在门口用睡袋睡了一夜!他向哈利大叫大喊了几乎半个小时,然后叫他去冲一杯茶。哈利垂头丧气地进了厨房。当他回来的时候,邮件已经到了,正放在弗农姨父的膝盖上。哈利可以看见三封信都是用同样的绿色墨水写的;I want ; ; he began, but Uncle Vernon was tearing the letters into pieces before his eyes.;我想;;;没等他说完,弗农姨父已经当着他的面把信撕了个粉碎Uncle Vernon didn#39;t go to work that day. He stayed at home and nailed up the mail slot.弗农姨父那天没有去上班。他在家准备把那个邮箱钉死了。[;See,; he explained to Aunt Petunia through a mouthful of nails, ;if they can#39;t deliver them they#39;ll just give up.;;看着吧,;他含着一口钉子对佩妮姨妈说,;如果他们寄不到他们就会放弃的。;I#39;m not sure that#39;ll work, Vernon.;;我不认为那行得通,弗农。;;Oh, these people#39;s minds work in strange ways, Petunia, they#39;re not like you and me,; said Uncle Vernon, trying to knock in a nail with the piece of fruitcake Aunt Petunia had just brought him.;喔,这些人想法奇怪得很,佩妮,他们不像我和你那么想事情。;弗农姨父说着,嘴边还挂着佩妮姨妈刚刚递给他的水果蛋糕的残渣On Friday, no less than twelve letters arrived for Harry. As they couldn#39;t go through the mail slot they had been pushed under the door, slotted through the sides, and a few even forced through the small window in the downstairs bathroom.星期五那天,至少有十二封信是寄给哈利的。因为它们没法塞在邮箱里,它们被从门底下和边缝处塞了进来,还有几封是从楼下厕所的小窗户处被塞进来的。Uncle Vernon stayed at home again. After burning all the letters, he got out a hammer and nails and boarded up the cracks around the front and back doors so no one could go out. He hummed ;Tiptoe Through the Tulips; as he worked, and jumped at small noises.弗农姨父又没有去上班。在把所有的信都烧掉后,他拿出铁锤和钉子把前门和后门所有的裂缝给钉死了,这样没人可以出得去了。他一边钉一边哼着;踮着脚从郁金香间走过;的小曲,而且一听到一点动静就尖跳起来On Saturday, things began to get out of hand. Twenty-four letters to Harry found their way into the house, rolled up and hidden inside each of the two dozen eggs that their very confused milkman had handed Aunt Petunia through the living room window. While Uncle Vernon made furious telephone calls to the post office and the dairy trying to find someone to complain to, Aunt Petunia shredded the letters in her food processor.到了星期六,事情的发展完全失去了控制。二十四封给哈利的信出现在房子里。它们是被卷起来分别藏在二十四只鸡蛋中由送牛奶的人从卧室窗口递给佩妮姨妈的。在弗农姨父怒气冲冲地向邮局和牛奶场打电话找人投诉的时候,佩妮姨妈已经用她的食品搅拌器把信搅得粉碎了Who on earth wants to talk to you this badly?; Dudley asked Harry in amazement.;到底是谁这么急着跟你联系?;达力好奇地问哈利。。

Elizabeth#39;s collected behaviour, however, soon quieted his emotion; and as Miss Bingley, vexed and disappointed, dared not approach nearer to Wickham, Georgiana also recovered in time, though not enough to be able to speak any more. Her brother, whose eye she feared to meet, scarcely recollected her interest in the affair, and the very circumstance which had been designed to turn his thoughts from Elizabeth, seemed to have fixed them on her more, and more cheerfully.达西看到伊丽莎白不动声色,方才安下心来。彬格莱苦恼失望之余,不敢再提到韦翰,于是乔治安娜也很快恢复了正常的神态,只不过一时之间还不好意思开口说话。她害怕看到她哥哥的眼睛,事实上她哥哥倒没有留意她也牵涉在这件事情里面。彬格莱这次本来已经安排好神机妙算,要使得达西回心转意,不再眷恋伊丽莎白,结果反而使他对伊丽莎白更加念念难忘,更加有情意。Their visit did not continue long after the question and answer above-mentioned; and while Mr. Darcy was attending them to their carriage, Miss Bingley was venting her feelings in criticisms on Elizabeth#39;s person, behaviour, and dress. But Georgiana would not join her. Her brother#39;s recommendation was enough to ensure her favour: his judgment could not err, and he had spoken in such terms of Elizabeth as to leave Georgiana without the power of finding her otherwise than lovely and amiable. When Darcy returned to the saloon, Miss Bingley could not help repeating to him some part of what she had been saying to his sister.这一问一答以后,客人们没有隔多久就告辞了。当达西先生送她们上马车的时候,彬格莱便趁机在他面前大发牢骚,把伊丽莎白的人品、举止和装都一一编派到了。乔治安娜可并没有接嘴,因为她哥哥既然那么推崇伊丽莎白,她当然便也对她有了好感。哥哥的看法决不会错;他把伊丽莎白捧得叫乔治安娜只觉得她又亲切又可爱。达西回到客厅里来的时候,彬格莱又把刚才跟他说的话,重新又说了一遍给他听。;How very ill Eliza Bennet looks this morning, Mr. Darcy,#39;#39; she cried; ;I never in my life saw any one so much altered as she is since the winter. She is grown so brown and coarse! Louisa and I were agreeing that we should not have known her again.#39;#39;她大声说道:;达西先生,今天上午伊丽莎;班纳特的脸色多难看!从去年冬天以来,她真变得太厉害了,我一辈子也没看见过哪个人象她这样。她的皮肤变得又黑又粗糙,露薏莎和我简直不认识她了。;However little Mr. Darcy might have liked such an address, he contented himself with coolly replying that he perceived no other alteration than her being rather tanned -- no miraculous consequence of travelling in the summer.这种话尽管不投合达西的心意,他却还是冷冷地敷衍了她一下,说是他看不出她有什么变化,只不过皮肤黑了一点,这是夏天旅行的结果,不足为奇。;For my own part,#39;#39; she rejoined, ;I must confess that I never could see any beauty in her. Her face is too thin; her complexion has no brilliancy; and her features are not at all handsome. Her nose wants character; there is nothing marked in its lines. Her teeth are tolerable, but not out of the common way; and as for her eyes, which have sometimes been called so fine, I never could perceive any thing extraordinary in them. They have a sharp, shrewish look, which I do not like at all; and in her air altogether, there is a self-sufficiency without fashion which is intolerable.#39;#39;彬格莱回答道:;老实说,我觉得根本看不出她有什么美。她的脸太瘦,皮肤没有光泽,眉目也不清秀。她的鼻子也不过普普通通;讲到她的眼睛,人家有时候都把它说得多么美,我可看不出有什么大不了。她那双眼睛有些尖刻相,又有些恶毒相,我才不喜欢呢;而且拿她的整个风度来说,完全是自命不凡,其实却不登大雅之堂,真叫人受不了。; Article/201203/175244。

有声名著之螺丝在拧紧 Chapter24英文原著:《螺丝在拧紧The.Turn.of.the.Screw》文本下载 相关名著:有声名著之查泰莱夫人的情人有声名著之简爱有声名著之呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比有声名著之远大前程有声名著之巴斯史维尔猎犬 Article/200810/54126。

Henry went out to the front of the apartment building and turned off the main water valve. No one was home in the building except Stanley, so Henry didn’t have to warn the neighbors about the shutoff. Back in the bathroom, Henry flushed the toilet. Then he used a couple of rags to dry and clean the bottom of the toilet tank. He unscrewed the plastic Fluidmaster 400A Fill Valve and removed it. He replaced it with a new fill valve. “When the water keeps running, it’s usually your fill valve. It could also be the flapper, but your flapper looks okay. Plus, it’s a weird-looking flapper. I’d probably have to special order it.”Henry tightened the plastic nut below the tank, securing the fill valve. “You mustn't over-tighten this, because it’ll break,” he said. “In the old days, we used rubber gaskets and metal nuts and washers. Nowadays, everything is cheap plastic.” He went back outside, turned on the main valve, and returned. He flushed the toilet, waited for the bowl to refill and for the new fill valve to shut off the water. It shut off exactly at the Water Line mark.“We got lucky,” Henry said. “I don’t have to fiddle around adjusting the fill valve. That’s good, because I’m a little late for another job right now.” Henry flushed the toilet again, and watched the bowl and the tank fill. "That does it," he told Stanley. Stanley thanked him and paid him.Three hours later, Stanley noticed a puddle of water, hardly bigger than a quarter, on the bathroom floor. He called Henry, who said the plastic nut just needed a little tightening. But because he was working all that day on another job, he wouldn’t be able to come over until tomorrow. He told Stanley to put a big plastic bowl under the tank and not to worry. “It’s just a tiny leak. Your bathroom won’t get flooded.” Article/201105/136841。

Insurance An insurance agent called me this morning. This particular agent wanted to discuss my automobile coverage, but the next agent to call might be interested in my life insurance program, my health insurance, or fire protection for my home and furniture. The American consumer often feels constantly disturbed by insurance agents. Many agents selling many different policies call us by phone and sometimes even come to our doors. These insurance agents are always friendly, well dressed, and eager to be of help.Yet few Americans really enjoy visiting with these eager, helpful men and women. We are not happy when they call us; we are on guard when they visit our homes. They are never really our friends; at best, they are a necessary evil.Three reasons why we are unwilling to discuss insurance can be suggested. First of all, insurance is expensive. A young father who purchases a fairly small life insurance policy agrees to pay a sum of 0 every year for 40 years - a total of ,000. Many college students pay 0 to ,000 per year for car insurance. In effect, they pay as much for the insurance as they do for the car itself. Health insurance that pays for modern medical miracles often costs Americans as much as ,000 every year. Adequate insurance is expensive; it is a major item for most families.Insurance also reminds us that we live in an unsafe world. We are human and we must face the possibilities of illness, injury, death, and financial loss. Our rational minds recognize the many unfortunate events that can occur, but in our hearts we hope that we might be spared. Serious injury or death is not a pleasant subject to discuss or even consider. We are afraid; we would rather talk about football or the weather or what we had for lunch.Finally, insurance is a difficult, complex subject. No one understands it completely and only a few insurance professionals really feel comfortable in a discussion of automobile, life, and major medical coverages. We feel inadequate and try to hide our ignorance by avoiding discussions of insurance.Yet these three reasons for not discussing insurance provide three excellent reasons why we should learn more about it. Insurance is expensive. In a lifetime, many of us spend as much on insurance as we do on the purchase of a home. If we are to spend our money intelligently, we need information about the products and services available. We don't depend entirely on salespeople when we buy a car, a house, or a suit of clothes. Neither should we depend entirely on the agent when we buy insurance. We need a basic knowledge of insurance coverages if we are to be intelligent consumers.The intelligent consumer looks problems in the face. Although accident, illness, and death are not pleasant subjects, each of us knows we face these possibilities. It is better that we plan for these situations by finding means to deal with them than to just hope that they will somehow go away.Although insurance can be complex, its basic concepts are neither difficult nor impossible to learn. Quite the opposite. Insurance fundamentals can be understood by those willing to study them. Serious study provides knowledge. The study of insurance is an effective, proven method of dealing with the insurance ignorance faced by many American families. 美国的保险业务一位保险公司代理人今天上午拜访了我。这位打扮得过分讲究的代理人想要讨论我的汽车保险的承保范围,那么下一位再来拜访我的保险公司代理人就有可能对我的人寿保险项目,我的健康保险,甚至对我的房产和家具火灾保险感兴趣。美国的消费者都会经常觉得不断地受到保险公司代理人的骚扰。很多代理人为了兜售不同险种的保险单都会给我们打电话,有时甚至登门造访。这些保险公司的代理人总是彬彬有礼,衣冠楚楚并急于热情为您务。可是几乎没有美国人会真正喜欢这些急于热情助人的男男女女前来拜访。他们打来电话,我们不高兴;他们来我们家拜访,我们都怀有戒心。他们永远也不会成为我们真正的朋友;最多,他们代表我们必须与之打交道的魔鬼或灾难。我们之所以不愿讨论保险的三个原因可表述如下:第一,保险费太贵。有一位年轻的父亲,买了相当小的一份人寿保险单。他同意每年付的保险费钱数是200美元,连续付40年--总额共达8000美元!许多大学生每年付小汽车保险费800到1000美元。实际算起来,他们付保险费的钱数跟他们购买那辆汽车本身的钱数是一样多的。通常美国人每年都要付2000美元的健康保险费,用这笔钱来付现代医药界所创造出的一些奇迹。全方位的投保太费钱了。各方面都投保的费用是绝大多数家庭的主要开项目。第二,保险也使我们想到我们是生活在一个不安全的世界里。我们必须面对可能生病、受伤、死亡和财产损失这些灾祸。尽管我们的头脑在理性上能意识到很多灾难性的事故有可能发生,但是我们心理上都希望我们最好能幸免于难。重伤或死亡并不是一个令人愉快的讨论话题,这些我们甚至连想都下敢想。我们害怕;我们倒宁可聊一聊美式橄榄球,聊聊天气或者聊聊我们午餐所吃的东西。最后,保险是很难弄懂很复杂的问题。除了极小数的保险业的专家在讨论起车险,寿险和重病医药险等险种的承保范围时会高谈阔论而外,没有任何人能完全懂得保险业务。我们觉得自己没有足够的保险业务知识,因而避免讲座保险问题,以便掩饰我们自己的无知。可是,这不愿讨论保险问题的三个原因也正是我们应该更多地学些保险知识的三个充足的理由。保险费太贵。我们很多人,一辈子花的保险费跟购买房子的费用是一样多的。如果我们要把钱花得明智一些,我们就将需要获得有关购买产品或务项目的一些信息资料。在我们买小汽车、买房子或买一套衣时,我们不能完全相信销售人员;在我们买保险时,我们也不应该完全相信或依靠保险公司的代理人。如果我们打算要做明智的消费者,我们就需要有承保范围或者叫保险涵盖方面的知识。明智的投保人要正视种种问题。尽管事故,疾病和死亡都不是令人愉快的话题,但是我们每个人都知道我们都有发生这些灾害的可能。针对这些可能发生的情况,我们计划一下找出对付灾害的办法,这总比我们只是凭空希望这些灾害会不知不觉地自动消失要好得多。尽管保险可能是复杂的,但是保险的一些基本概念既不是很难懂的,也不是不可能学会的。恰恰相反,只要是愿意学习保险知识的人,都能弄明白保险的基本原则。认真地钻研就能获得保险的知识。钻研保险知识是很多美国家庭用来对付不懂保险情况的一种行之有效的切实可行的方法。 Article/200802/27817。