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第31期:At the Gas Station 在加油站X:May I help you?X:我能为您务吗?Y:Yes.Fill it up,please.Y:是的,请把车子加满油X:Premium or regular?X:高级的还是普通汽油?Y:Regular,please.Y:请加普通汽油X:Anything else,sir? Should I check the water and the oil?X:先生,还要其他什么吗?要不要我检查一下水和机油?Y:Yes,please.Y:好的,麻烦了其他出国旅游英语句型:1.Fill it up,please. 请把它加满本句的it,严格地说,应指;the tank;(油箱),但此处泛指车另外,句中的副词up之后也省略了with gas ,,原句是这样的:例:Fill the tank up with gas,pliase.Fill the car up with gas,pliase.Fill it up with gas,pliase.请把车子加满油.Anything else,sir? 先生,还需要什么吗?这句话通常是店员对顾务完后,再加问的一句话例:A:I need a quart of motor oil.B:Anything else,sir?A:No .That’s all.甲:我要1夸脱的机油乙:先生,还要什么别的东西吗?甲:不,就要这些 97。

必背句型:A:The theft comes into the catey of petty crime.偷窃属于轻罪B:What about the fighting?打架呢?The crime of stealing firearms and ammion comes into the category of heavy offense.盗窃弹药属于重罪The theft belongs to the category of petty crime.偷窃属于轻罪What category does the crime come into?这种犯罪属于哪种?延伸阅读:A:The suspect was apprehended at the scene of the crime.嫌疑犯在犯罪现场被捕B:Really?The police are so great.真的吗?警察真厉害He was arrested on suspicion of being an accessory to the crime.他因涉嫌同谋犯罪而被捕He was arrested disorderly conduct in the street.他因在街上妨害治安而被捕The suspect was arrested at the scene of the crime.嫌疑犯在犯罪现场被捕 5759。

The 35-year-old left Dartmouth eight years ago to work for John Risley, the billionaire owner of a food empire and the largest fishing fleet in North America and Canada. He managed to land a job as a deck hand on one of Risley's yachts, where he was introduced to his daughter and heiress Sarah, 35.The pair fell in love and after marrying in Nova Scotia last week, they sailed to Dartmouth aboard the 240 foot Northern Star on which they hosted a lavish wedding reception for all his old friends, family and former colleagues.现年35岁的英国小伙盖伊-巴尼年前离开达特默斯码头辗转至加拿大,为北美最大饮食集团帝国掌管人、加拿大渔业大亨、亿万富翁约里斯雷打工。成为一名游艇的甲板水手后,他和老板35岁的宝贝千金莎拉-里斯雷相识了。二人相爱并在加拿大新斯科舍完婚,随后乘0多米长的超级游艇“北极星”前往达特默斯宴请盖伊的老友、家人以及以前的同事 /201008/111984。

About Packing 关于包装S: Saleclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客情景对话 Dialogue对话1S: How to pack?怎样包装?C: When packing, please see to it that the different sizes are kept seperate.包装时请务必把不同尺码分开S: OK. We will do it as requested. Please do not worry.好的,我们一定照要求做,请放心C: Thank you!谢谢!对话C: Could you tell me how do you usually pack your sweaters when you export them?您能否告诉我你们在出口毛衣时是怎样包装的吗?S: We usually pack our sweaters individually in polythene bags, ten bags one hundle, ten bundles one carton.我们的毛衣通常每件单独装一塑料袋,十袋一扎,十扎一箱C: Acceptable. But you should make sure the cartons should be strong enough to stand rough handling.好的但是您该确保箱子要结实,足以承受粗鲁的装卸S: There no need to worry. We can reince the cartons with straps.这个不用担心我们可以用条带加固C: Well, I suppose there is no other choice.好吧,看来只能这样了 77。

All this fully proves that ;one country, two system; is the best solution to the Hong Kong question left over from history and the best institutional arrangement for the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong after its return to the motherland. Advancing the cause of ;one country, two systems; serves the interests and aspirations of our fellow compatriots in Hong Kong and the fundamental interests of the country and the nation. Through the great practice of ;one country, two systems;, the pearl of Hong Kong now shines more brilliantly than ever.这一切充分明,“一国两制”是历史遗留的香港问题的最佳解决方案,也是香港回归后保持长期繁荣稳定的最佳制度安排;推进“一国两制”事业,符合香港同胞利益和愿望,也符合国家和民族根本利益。在“一国两制”伟大实践中,香港这颗璀璨的明珠放射出更加绚丽的色。The cause of ;one country, two systems; is a ground-breaking endeavor and must be pushed forward in a pioneering spirit. Thirty years ago, Comrade Deng Xiaoping creatively put forward the great concept of ;one country, two systems;. He personally led the efforts to formulate the basic principles and policies of the Central Government for Hong Kong, gave direct instructions for Chinas negotiations with Britain on the question of Hong Kong the drafting of the Basic law of the Hong Kong SAR, and made foundational contribution to the return of Hong Kong and the great cause of peaceful reunification of the motherland. The third generation of the CPC collective leadership with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core properly handled various complex problems and challenges before and after the return of Hong Kong, ensured the smooth handover and transition of Hong Kong, and made enormous, pioneering efforts for the full implementation of the ;one country, two systems; principle. Over the past year, the Central Government has taken the maintenance of Hong Kongs long-term prosperity and stability as a major objective of governance under the new circumstances, encouraged the SAR government and the people of various sectors in Hong Kong to give priority to economic development, take effective steps to raise living standards, advance democracy in an incremental manner and promote inclusive, common and harmonious development, and supported their efforts in this regard, thus further enriching and improving the ;one country, two systems; principle in both theory and practice. It si the shared mission of the Central government, the SAR government and the people of Hong Kong to keep exploring new ways for advancing the cause of ;one country, two systems; based on the existing achievements.“一国两制”事业是前无古人的伟大创举,需要在实践中不断开拓前进0年前,邓小平同志创造性地提出“一国两制”的伟大构想,亲自领导制定了中央对香港的一系列基本方针政策,直接指导了中英香港问题谈判和香港基本法起草工作,为香港回归祖国、实现祖国和平统一大业作出了奠基性的贡献。以江泽民同志为核心的中国共产党的第三代中央领导集体,妥善应对香港回归前后出现的各种复杂矛盾和挑战,确保了香港顺利交接和平稳过渡,为全面贯彻落实“一国两制”方针做了大量开创性的工作。这些年来,中央政府把保持香港长期繁荣稳定作为新时期治国理政的重大课题,鼓励和持香港特别行政区政府和社会各界人士集中精力发展经济、切实有效改善民生、循序渐进推进民主、包容共济促进和谐,进一步丰富和发展了“一国两制”理论和实践。在已经取得成就的基础上不断探索,把“一国两制”事业继续推向前进,是中央政府、香港特别行政区政府和社会各界人士的共同使命。The fundamental goal of the principles, policies and major steps of the Central Government for Hong Kong is to safeguard state sovereignty, security and development interests and to ensure long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong. This is the core requirement and basic objective of practicing ;one country, two systems; in Hong Kong. Therefore, we must correctly and comprehensively understand and implement the principle of ;one country, two systems; and act in strict accordance with the Basic Law. We must stay committed to keeping a balance between adhering to the ;one country; principle and respecting the differences of the ;two systems;, between upholding the authority of the Central Government and ensuring a high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong SAR, between safeguarding the overall national interests and protecting the interests of various social sectors of Hong Kong, and between supporting Hong Kong in actively conducting exchanges with the outside world and opposing interference by external forces in Hong Kong affairs.中央政府对香港的一系列方针政策和重大举措,根本出发点和落脚点就是维护国家主权、安全、发展利益,保持香港长期繁荣稳定。这是在香港实践“一国两制”的核心要求和基本目标。为此,必须坚持全面准确理解和贯彻“一国两制”方针,严格按照基本法办事,把坚持“一国”原则和尊重两制差异、维护中央权力和保障特别行政区高度自治权、维护国家整体利益和保障香港社会各界利益、持香港积极开展对外交往和反对外部势力干预香港事务等有机结合起来,任何时候都不能偏废。来 /201207/189033。