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Supertasters Beware!品尝师们要注意啦!You may have heard of supertasters. These are people who, it was discovered, are carrying around extra taste buds on their tongues, making the world of eating much more intense.你可能也听过有这样一个群体——品尝师。他们是被挖掘出的特殊人群,他们的舌周围广泛分布着味蕾,让吃东西变得异常有“感觉”。Its not at all an unusual thing: the latest data suggest that one out of every four people is a supertaster. For them, eating is a much richer, more flavorful experience than for the rest of us.这并不稀奇:最新数据显示每四个人中就有一个人是品尝师。相比于我们这些普通人,他们吃东西时会有更丰富、更美味的体验。Still, before you get too jealous if youre not a supertaster, it turns out there are drawbacks to having a technicolor tongue. A study that looks specifically at supertasters over the age of sixty-five found that they have more colon polyps than folks who arent so taste bud gifted.然而,你也不用因为自己无法成为超级品尝师而对他们羡慕不已。事实明,拥有那样“华丽丽”的舌头也会带来某些不好的影响。专门对65岁以上的品尝师展开的一项调查研究发现,他们比那些未被赋予“超常”味蕾的人们患结肠息肉的概率更高。Colon polyps are the things you want to have removed before they become cancerous, which is why all folks fifty and older should get a yearly colon exam.结肠息肉容易发生癌变,因而它是“人人得而诛之”,这也是为什么人们上了50岁每年都得进行一次肠息肉检查。Why do supertasters have more colon polyps? It isnt known. But supertasters also weigh more on average than non-supertasters, and weight increases cancer risk. The reason for this may be as simple as it sounds: eating is more fun when you taste in 3-D.为什么品尝师们容易患上结肠息肉?具体原因还待考。但有一点,品尝师们的体重一般都比普通人重,而体重会增加患癌症的风险。而他们体重偏重的原因就跟大家听起来一样:多方位的品尝食品时,饮食让人倍感无穷乐趣。Some researchers think, however, that the problem may not just be an increase in pleasure. Those extra taste buds may also drive people away from food thats good for them, such as vegetables, because the taste of, say, a brussels sprout is just too intense.然而,很多研究人员又认为原因很可能不仅仅是在饮食当中增加了乐趣。这些多出来的味蕾会让品尝师们对一些有益身体健康的食物(如蔬菜)敬而远之。这是因为这些食物(蔬菜)的滋味,比如说抱子甘蓝,就太重了。 /201209/202199

Lots of people these days get their exercise at gyms and health clubs, oftentimes by walking or running on tmills—that is to say, running without going anywhere. If youve ever been on a tmill for some time and then suddenly stepped off it, youve probably experienced the weird sensation that you are suddenly moving much faster than you think you should be. Why?这些天很多人去健身房、健康俱乐部锻炼身体,时间大多花在跑步机上——也就是说原地不动行走或者跑步。如果你在跑步机上跑了一段时间,突然停下时,你心头可能会出现一种古怪的感觉:你移动得比实际要快。为什么?This deceptive sensation is the result of sending your brain two different signals at once. The first signal is the one coming from your legs; during exercise they are in rapid, regular motion, and the brain understands by this fact that the body is moving through space. The second signal comes from the eyes, which are seeing that the objects around you are not passing by, and hence you are standing still. In a sense your eyes are disagreeing with your legs. The result is that after about ten minutes of this input disparity, the brain recalibrates its internal sense of motion.这种欺骗性的感觉实际上是大脑一次传递两种不同信号的结果。第一种信号来自于你的双腿,在锻炼的时候它们快速,有规律地移动,然后大脑把这个事实理解成在空间里穿行。第二种信号来自于你的眼睛,眼睛看到的周围的物体并没有远去,因为你是站着不动的。在意识里,你的眼睛和你的腿是不一致的。结果,在这种输入分歧之后大约十分钟,大脑开始重新调整内心的动作感。In simple terms, your brain tells itself: this is how fast objects move by when Im walking at this rate, as opposed to what was formerly the case. That means when you step off the tmill and begin actually moving through space again, your recalibrated brain is now sent the incorrect message that you have suddenly increased your speed significantly. Once again, what the legs say and what the eyes say is out of sync. The sensation of accelerated motion is only temporary, though, and the ever-adaptable brain soon justs itself once more—until the next time you step up on that rolling, immobile track.单纯意义上来说,大脑告诉自己:当我以这样的速度行走时,身边的物体也以同样的速度在移动,不同于先前那种情况。这意味着,当你跳下跑步机再次开始真正的空间运动时,你调整过一次的大脑将会发送错误的信息:你突然加度了。腿和眼睛传达的信号再一次不同步。尽管加速运动的感觉只是暂时的,能不时顺应的大脑很快又会再次调整,直到下次你再踩在那滚动着但稳定的轨道上。原文译文属!201209/79

Research shows that whether a person is an optimist or a pessimist is related to their quality of life, including their physical health. The subjects involved first took personality tests in the 1960′s and then thirty years later they completed a follow-up self-assessment of their health status. Researchers found that not only did the optimists from the 1960′s report better physical and mental functioning thirty years later, but that optimists also lived longer on average than pessimists.研究表明,不管一个人是乐观还是悲观,都和他的生活质量息息相关,包括身体健康。这个主题首次在二十世纪六十年代提出并做了人格测试,三十年后他们后续完成了健康状况的自我评价。研究人员发现60年代的乐观主义者不仅身心比30年后的人更健康,而且乐观主义者比悲观主义者更长寿。It’s hardly clear that there is a causal relationship between optimism and health; it could be that they are related to the same underlying gene complex or set of mechanisms. Still, it sure is tempting to surmise that it’s partly a positive attitude that keeps people alive for so long. It may actually be possible that a lot of what my parents have been telling me for years is true. If you think positively, good things may happen to you. If you think negatively, then you may doom yourself.很难理清乐观与健康之间的因果关系,也许是因为它们与相同的潜在基因或是一套机制有关。不过,可以肯定的是,一定程度上的积极心态能让人长寿。实际上可能多年来我父母告诉我的许多事情都是真的。如果你积极地看待这个世界,好的事情就可能发生在你身上。如果你总是消极地看待一切,那样只会让你自己更郁闷。 /201303/229389

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