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[Nextpage视频演讲]President Obama says that the Gulf Coast Florida is still open for vacationers and reiterates his Administration’s commitment to helping the area deal with the consequences of the Deepwater BP Oil Spill after meeting with Federal, state and local officials at the Fish Sandwich Snack Bar in Pensacola, FL.Download Video: mp4 (45MB) | mp3 (4MB) [Nextpage演讲文本]We just had a very useful discussion, and I want to thank Governor Crist and the congressional delegation, as well as our owner here, Mike Pinzone, of this wonderful facility overlooking this beautiful beach. I want to also thank the mayor of Pensacola for his hospitality.What we’ve done is to try to find out from local business owners, local officials, as well as state officials like Alex Sink and Senator LeMieux and others, how the response can be most effective here specifically in Florida. And when you look out over this unbelievable beach, one of the things that you can see is that so far at least this beach has not been affected. This is a still place that’s open for business and welcoming so vacationers and people can have a wonderful holiday here. And I know the mayor wants to emphasize that. But there are obviously fears about the oil that is offshore. And what we emphasized was that we’re going to be doing everything we can -- make sure that there are skimmers out, there are booms out, and a response to keep the oil offshore. But even if we do the best possible job on that, what the mayor described, what Mike described as a local business owner here, is that they’re still being affected by perceptions -- that business has dropped off as much as 40 percent in this area. And that has an impact on the entire economy. You saw the same thing yesterday when we were in Alabama and Mississippi.So a couple of things that we’ve done. Number one, to make sure that there is a nimble and effective local response, Thad Allen has now assigned deputy incident commanders to each of the individual states, so Florida will have its own deputy incident commander, as Mississippi and Alabama do.In addition to the sites in Houma and in Mobile, we’re also going to set up an incident management team in Tallahassee, here in Florida. All this is designed to make sure that on the federal response we are able to work and make decisions at a local level in response to the suggestions of people who know the communities best and know the waters best. And my expectation is, is that we’re going to see a lot of good ideas coming from the local area that we can implement right away, as opposed to waiting until it goes all the way to the top.But the other thing that we’re hearing here is the same thing we heard yesterday, which is businesses need help right now. I’m going to be addressing this this evening, the issue of how we can make sure that claims to businesses that have been affected are responded to quickly and fairly.I’ll be meeting with BP chairmen and officials tomorrow to discuss the stories that I’ve heard from people like Mike. Mike has put in all the paperwork. In fact, he has documented more than amply the fact that his business has been deeply affected by this crisis, but he hasn’t received the compensation that he needs to make sure that his business stays open. And I told Mike -- and I want every business person here in Florida to know -- that I will be their fierce advocate in making sure that they are getting the compensation they need to get through what is going to be a difficult season. But what I described for them is the fact that if we can get through this season, cap this well, mitigate the damage -- we’re not going to eliminate it completely; there’s going to be damage to the shoreline -- but if we can reduce it as much as possible, help businesses get through this season, clean it up, by the time we get to next season there’s no reason why this beach behind us is not going to be as beautiful as ever, and Pensacola and other coastline communities across Florida won’t be thriving as they always have.So the key right now is just to make sure that people like Mike are helped, that they’re able to get through what’s going to be a tough time. And I told him and I told the governor and all the other Florida officials here that we’re not going to go away. We’re just going to keep on at this until we are able to not only get back to normal, but maybe even get better than it was before this crisis.So I appreciate everybody’s input, and we look forward to continuing to work with you on this enormous challenge.END201006/106364ZF1vMWibgDbDzI**6+(*8v;*YI.TpRqlMy name is Geraldine Ferraro. I stand before you to proclaim tonight: America is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. As I stand before the American people and think of the honor this great convention has bestowed upon me, I recall the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who made America stronger by making America more free. He said, ;Occasionally in life there are moments which cannot be completely explained by words. Their meaning can only be articulated by the inaudible language of the heart.; Tonight is such a moment for me.My heart is filled with pride. My fellow citizens, I proudly accept your nomination for Vice President of the ed States.And I am proud to run with a man who will be one of the great Presidents of this century, Walter F. Mondale. Tonight, the daughter of a woman whose highest goal was a future for her children talks to our nations oldest party about a future for us all. Tonight, the daughter of working Americans tells all Americans that the future is within our reach, if were willing to reach for it. Tonight, the daughter of an immigrant from Italy has been chosen to run for [Vice]President in the new land my father came to love.*!v+hhp83Kn%g||N~pj1CJ154Y816~C2~~h#.Q1CPie,aBj3L|)+5D201201/167307Over the past three years, weve been clawing our way back from the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. 过去三年来,我们一直在我们的一生中经历过的最严重的经济危机中缓慢恢复。And we know it will take longer than any of us would like to fully recover all the jobs and savings that have been lost. 我们知道它将花费比任何我们想的完全恢复所有失去的工作和消失的存款的时间还要长。But there are things we can do—right now—to help put people back to work and make life a little easier for middle-class families.但有些事情我们可以现在就做,让人们重返工作岗位,使得中产阶级家庭的生活更轻松些。For months, Ive been pushing Congress to help us along by passing common-sense policies that would make a difference. 几个月来,我一直在推动国会通过在情理之中的会做出变革的政策来帮助我们。Democrats and Republicans have aly done some important work together—like passing a tax cut thats allowing working Americans to keep more of their paycheck every week. 民主党和共和党已经一起做了一些重要的工作,比如通过减税措施,允许美国工人每周拥有更多的薪水。But Congress has refused to act on most of the other ideas in my jobs plan that economists say could put a million more Americans back to work.但是国会一直拒绝我的工作计划中其它大多数想法的法案,而经济学家称这将使一百万多美国人重返工作岗位。Theres no excuse for inaction. 无为不能作为借口。Right now, we are seven days away from thousands of American workers having to walk off the job because Congress hasnt passed a transportation bill.现在, 因为国会没有通过交通运输法案,近7天之久,美国成千上万的工人们不得不罢工。We are eight days away from nearly seven and a half million students seeing their loan rates double because Congress hasnt acted to stop it.因为国会还没有采取行动阻止,近8天之久,750多万名学生眼睁睁看着他们的贷款利率成倍增长。This makes no sense. 这没有任何意义。We know that one of the most important things we can do for our economy is to make sure that all Americans get the best education possible. 我们知道我们可以为我们经济做的最重要的事情之一是确保使所有美国人得到最好的教育成为可能。Right now, the unemployment rate for Americans with a college degree or more is about half the national average. 现在, 拥有大学学位或更多的美国人的失业率是全国平均水平的一半。Their incomes are twice as high as those who dont have a high school diploma. 他们的收入两倍于那些没有高中文凭的人们。So, if we know that a higher education is the clearest path to the middle class, why would we make it harder to achieve?所以,如果我们已经知晓高等教育是最明显的通往中产阶级的道路,那为什么我们要使它更难以达到?So much of America needs to be repaired right now. 所以现在美国的大部分需要修理。Bridges are deteriorating after years of neglect.经过多年的忽视桥梁正在恶化。Highways are choked with congestion.高速公路上到处都是交通拥堵。Transportation delays cost Americans and businesses billions of dollars every year.交通延误造成每年美国人民和企业数十亿美元的损失。And there are hundreds of thousands of construction workers who have never been more eager to get back on the job. 还有成千上万的建筑工人,他们从未如此急于回去工作。So why would we let our transportation funding run out?所以为什么我们让我们的交通运输资金耗尽?This is a time when we should be doing everything in our power—Democrats and Republicans—to keep this recovery moving forward.是我们民主党人和共和党人用我们的力量做一切以保持这种复苏稳固向前的时候了。My Administration is doing its part. 我的政府正在尽自己的一份力。On Friday, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced 0 million in competitive grants for states and communities that will create construction jobs on projects like road repair and port renovation. 周五,交通部长雷#8226;拉胡德宣布了5亿美元为州和社区建设工作的竞争性赠款,这将创建如修路和港口改造的工程项目。And thats an important step, but we cant do it all on our own. 这是一个重要的步骤,但是我们自己不能完成所有的。The Senate did their part. 参议院做出了贡献。They passed a bipartisan transportation bill back in March. 他们在今年三月份的时候通过了一项两党运输法案。It had the support of 52 Democrats and 22 Republicans.这得到了52位民主党人,22位共和党人的持。Now, its up to the House to follow suit;现在是议会效仿这一举措的时候了;to put aside partisan posturing, end the gridlock, and do whats right for the American people.抛弃党派姿态,打破僵局,做对美国人民正确的事情。Its not lost on any of us that this is an election year. 虽然今年是选举年,但这和我们当中的任何人都无关。But weve got responsibilities that are bigger than an election.但我们的责任比大选更艰巨。We answer to the American people, and they are demanding action.我们要对美国人民负责,他们正要求采取行动。Lets make it easier for students to stay in college.让我们使在大学的学生们更容易。Lets keep construction workers rebuilding our roads and bridges. 让我们使建筑工人们重建我们的公路和桥梁。And lets tell Congress to do their job.让我们告诉国会去做他们的工作。Tell them its time to take steps that we know will create jobs now and help sustain our economy for years to come.告诉他们是时候采取措施,我们知道现在将创造就业机会并且帮助撑未来数年我们的经济。201206/188039We have been proud of our industrial achievements, but we have not hitherto stopped thoughtfully enough to count the human cost,我们一向对我国的工业成就引以为豪,但我们至今仍没有缜密计算一下人类为此付出的代价:the cost of lives snuffed out, of energies overtaxed and broken, the fearful physical and spiritual cost to the men and women and children包括人们所献出的生命的代价;由于辛劳过度、心力交瘁所付出的精力的代价;以及男人、女人和儿童upon whom the dead weight and burden of it all has fallen pitilessly the years through.工业生产的全部重担成年累月地无情地压在这些人的身上——所付出的骇人听闻的体力代价和精神代价。The groans and agony of it all had not yet reached our ears, the solemn, moving undertone of our life,这些人的痛楚呻吟尚未完全传到我们的耳际,而由矿山、工厂,coming up out of the mines and factories, and out of every home where the struggle had its intimate and familiar seat.由每一个痛苦挣扎的家庭传来的这些呻吟则构成了我们生活中的庄严而感人的和声。With the great Government went many deep secret things which we too long delayed to look into and scrutinize with candid, fearless eyes.伴随伟大政体而来的,还有我们长期以来一直不愿以坦率无畏的眼光去探索、去审视的许多讳莫如深的事物。The great Government we loved has too often been made use of for private and selfish purposes, and those who used it had forgotten the people.我们所热爱的伟大政体经常被人们用来为个人谋私利,而利用这个政体的那些人则早已把人民大众忘记得一千二净。At last a vision has been vouchsafed us of our life as a whole.我们终于得以看到了生活的全貌。We see the bad with the good, the debased and decadent with the sound and vital. With this vision we approach new affairs.我们看到恶与善、丑与美、颓唐堕落与活力生机并生共存。我们是以这种眼光来处理新生事物的。Our duty is to cleanse, to reconsider, to restore, to correct the evil without impairing the good,我们的责任是清除、审察、纠偏、匡正邪恶而不损害善与美,to purify and humanize every process of our common life without weakening or sentimentalizing it.使我们日常生活的每一个过程得以净化、人性化而不使之衰弱伤感。There has been something crude and heartless and unfeeling in our haste to succeed and be great.但我们往往急于求成,有些事憎难免做得粗鲁、无情而冷酷。Our thought has been ;Let every man look out for himself, let every generation look out for itself,;我们一向认为要“让每一个人自己照管自己,让每一代人自己照管自己”,while we reared giant machinery which made it impossible that any but those who stood at the levers of control should have a chance to look out for themselves.同时,我们却建立起了庞大的政府机器、使除了那些掌握操纵杆的人之外,任何人都不可能有机会照管自己。We had not forgotten our morals.我们没有忘记我们的道德准则。We remembered well enough that we had set up a policy which was meant to serve the humblest as well as the most powerful,我们清楚地记得,我们曾经制定过一项政策,说明我们既要为权贵效劳,with an eye single to the standards of justice and fair play, and remembered it with pride.也要为地位低下者务,而且我们特别着眼于公正合理的准则,一想到这一点,我们就会感到自豪。But we were very heedless and in a hurry to be great.但是,我们太不谨慎,太急于求成了。We have come now to the sober second thought. The scales of heedlessness have fallen from our eyes.现在我们已经在冷静地重新思考。我们的眼睛已经去除了因考虑不周而造成的翳障。We have made up our minds to square every process of our national life again with the standards we so proudly set up at the beginning and have always carried at our hearts.我们决心要以我们当初自豪地建立起来的、并且始终牢记在心中的准则,重新调整国民生活的每一个过程。Our work is a work of restoration.我们所要做的工作是一项正本清源的工作。02/444784

j*k1qWSBOMv0A|m65#EwUw2*^m4a.XBVg_[Falwell: Somewhat]MwtO;vO7,WSomewhat, he says.JN+dLfQsWTM5C4@]SqThis is, of course, a nonpolitical speech which is probably best under the circumstances. Since I am not a candidate for President, it would certainly be inappropriate to ask for your support in this election and probably inaccurate to thank you for it in the last one.uaS6;]XD](1-I have come here to discuss my beliefs about faith and country, tolerance and truth in America. I know we begin with certain disagreements; I strongly suspect that at the end of the evening some of our disagreements will remain. But I also hope that tonight and in the months and years ahead, we will always respect the right of others to differ,that we will never lose sight of our own fallibility, that we will view ourselves with a sense of perspective and a sense of humor. After all, in the New Testament, even the Disciples had to be taught to look first to the beam in their own eyes, and only then to the mote in their neighbors eyes.I am mindful of that counsel. I am an American and a Catholic; I love my country and treasure my faith. But I do not assume that my conception of patriotism or policy is invariably correct, or that my convictions about religion should command any greater respect than any other faith in this pluralistic society. I believe there surely is such a thing as truth, but who among us can claim a monopoly on it?.j~C.NkmQY4Kdh*lV;-Syw[o!LMxe5_],#WH5jxm3[|siHd.Wb~~4mhM201111/162834

Americans move forward in every generation by reaffirming all that is good and true that came before ideals of justice and conduct that are the same yesterday, today, and forever.美国人通过弘扬过去创造的一切美好正确的东西———正义的思想和行为准则———一代代向前进。这些思想和准则昨天、今天、永远都是如此。In Americas ideal of freedom, the exercise of rights is ennobled by service, and mercy, and a heart for the weak.在美国的自由理想中,助人、仁慈和对弱者的关心使权利的行使变得更加崇高。Liberty for all does not mean independence from one another.全面的自由并不意味着人们互不相干。Our nation relies on men and women who look after a neighbor and surround the lost with love.那些照顾邻里、关爱迷失者的男男女女是我们国家的撑。Americans, at our best, value the life we see in one another, and must always remember that even the unwanted have worth.美国人珍视在其他人身上看到的活力,美国人必须永远牢记,即便是被遗弃的东西也有价值。And our country must abandon all the habits of racism, because we cannot carry the message of freedom and the baggage of bigotry at the same time.我们的国家必须抛弃所有种族主义的恶习,因为我们不能在传递自由信息的同时还携带着偏见的包袱。From the perspective of a single day, including this day of dedication, the issues and questions before our country are many.从一天角度,包括从就职典礼这一天的角度来看,摆在我们国家面前的事务和问题繁多。From the viewpoint of centuries, the questions that come to us are narrowed and few.从几个世纪角度来看,我们遇到的这些问题又可谓算不了什么。Did our generation advance the cause of freedom? And did our character bring credit to that cause?我们这一辈人是否推动了自由事业的发展?我们有没有给这项事业增光添?These questions that judge us also unite us, because Americans of every party and background, Americans by choice and by birth, are bound to one another in the cause of freedom.那些对我们作出评判的问题也把我们团结在一起,因为不同党派和背景的美国人,无论是移民还是本土公民,都在自由事业中相互凝聚。We have known divisions, which must be healed to move forward in great purposes-and I will strive in good faith to heal them.我们意识到了分歧,必须消除它们才能坚定前进,我将矢志不渝地为之奋斗。03/438296

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