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Beijng#39;s air-quality index on Monday fell to some of its lowest levels all year -- in the single digits for two hours -- after rain swept away most of the city#39;s air pollution. If the government had its way, the index, which averages about 174, would remain fixed at those famously low levels for the rest of the month.在一场大雨冲走了绝大多数的北京空气污染物之后,这座城市的空气质量指数周一几乎达到全年最好水平──有两个小时该指数只有个位数(该指数越低表明空气质量越好)。如果政府举措得力的话,那么这一平均大约在174的指数在本月余下时间内有望保持在这样的极低水平上。The city plans to heavily reduce the use of government vehicles for two weeks while it hosts a meeting of senior officials from the Asia-Pacific Economic and Cooperation forum later this month, the Beijing News reported Tuesday.《新京报》周二报道称,北京市计划在举办亚太经济合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic and Cooperation, 简称APEC)高官会议的两周期间,大面积停驶公车。Beijing will suspend bus services for government officials and reduce the use of government vehicles by 70% from Aug. 6-21, the newspaper said. The measures will help #39;ensure good air quality and unimpeded traffic flow#39; during the APEC meeting, it said. Residents will also be encouraged to use public transportation as much as possible and to reduce their use of private cars, it said.该报称,在8月6日至21日期间,北京全市各级党政机关和市属企业单位的机动车全天停驶70%。其表示,此举将有助于保障APEC会议期间空气质量良好和道路交通畅通。报道还称,北京市政府同时也号召市民,出行尽量乘坐公共交通工具,减少自驾车。The forum will be attended by hundreds of delegates from 21 APEC member countries, while dozens of side meetings will also take place with more than 1,500 delegates in attendance.来自21个APEC成员国的数百名代表将参加此次会议,而且逾1,500名代表还将出席数十个小组会议。It#39;s unclear whether government vehicles have a huge negative impact on Beijing#39;s air quality. Government-vehicle purchases in China comprise less than 5% of the country#39;s overall annual passenger-car demand, according to an estimate from consultancy Automotive Foresight. Meanwhile, vehicle emissions contribute as much as 30% of the fine particulate matter known as PM2.5--which is considered particularly hazardous--in urban air.目前尚不清楚政府公车是否对北京空气质量产生了非常严重的负面影响。根据咨询公司Automotive Foresight的估算,中国每年的公车购买量占全国乘用车总需求的比例不到5%。与此同时,大气细微颗粒物(PM2.5)中最多30%来自于汽车尾气,PM2.5被认为是城市空气污染中危害尤其大的污染物。Still, this wouldn#39;t be the first time China made itself artificially pretty for visitors. The country managed to improve air quality by more than 45% compared with the annual average during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. During that period, the city enforced a much tougher measure that called for alternate driving days for cars with even- and odd-numbered license plates--and took almost two million cars off the road.不过,这并非中国首次为了外宾而刻意装点粉饰门面了。2008年北京奥运会期间,政府成功地让空气质量比往年平均水平改善了45%以上。那段时期,北京强制推行了严苛得多的规定,要求车辆按车牌尾号单双数隔日限行,使得路上跑的汽车减少了将近200万辆。And with the exception of last year, the annual meeting of China#39;s legislature in March--which lasts at least nine days--also ushers in a stretch of cleaner air, according to numbers crunched by China Real Time using data provided by the U.S. State Department.去年的空气污染也有例外之时。“中国实时报”整合了美国国务院提供的数据后发现,3月份人民代表大会(持续了至少9天)期间,北京的空气质量出现好转。 /201408/318991

  China#39;s admiration of outstanding scholars has turned the well-preserved childhood home of TuYouyou, the Chinese pharmacologist who won this year#39;s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine,into a popular tourist destination.中国人对于杰出学者的赞赏使得荣获今年诺贝尔医学奖的屠呦呦的家乡成为了旅游胜地。Since it was announced on Monday that 84-year-old Tu had become the first Chinese citizen to win the international prize, her former home in the old town of Ningbo, Zhejiang province, has attracted visitors, especially parents and their children-even though it is not open to the public.由于本周一84岁的屠呦呦被宣布成为第一个获得国际奖项的中国公民,她位于浙江省宁波古镇的前住宅吸引了很多游客,尤其是父母和孩子。尽管该地并不对外开放。The house, which is for sale, is part of a complex of 37 traditional buildings, including several city-and district-level cultural relic preservation sites, that have been transformed into a high-end art and commercial zone.正在出售的房屋是37栋传统建筑群的一部分,该建筑群包括几个市区级文物保护遗产,这些遗产已经摇身变为高耸的艺术经济区。Tu won the prize for developing a lifesaving malaria drug, artemisinin, a staple of traditionalChinese medicine, which has helped save millions of lives across the globe.屠呦呦因为研发了一款拯救生命的疟疾药物-青蒿素而获奖,它是一种主要的中国传统药物,已经挽救了全球成百上千万病患的生命。;There are continually parents taking their children, from infants in strollers to college students, totake photos in front of Tu#39;s former home. Security guards have been ordered to go on patrol around the clock,; said a sales person surnamed Zhao, from Ningbo Real Estate Inc Co.一名宁波房地产置业公司赵姓的销售员说:“大批父母带着孩子源源不断地来到这里,孩子小到婴儿车里的婴儿,大到大学生,都在屠呦呦先前的家门口拍照留念。保安日以继夜地执勤巡逻。Shanghai resident Xu Lingfei, who was on a trip to Ningbo, took her 9-year-old son to walk around the complex on Wednesday.正在宁波旅行的上海居民徐凌峰周三带着自己9岁的儿子在建筑群间踱步。;Chinese people believe in exams and awards and have a strong preference for high performers. Taking children to visit the former dwelling places of celebrities is a way to inspire them to study harder,; Xu said.徐说:“中国人信任考试和奖励,对表现出众的人有强烈的喜好。带着孩子来参观名人之前的故居,是一种激励他们更加努力学习的方式。”Something similar happened after Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2012.2012年莫言获得诺贝文学奖后,同样的情景也出现过。Tourists started visiting Mo#39;s former home in rural Gaomi, Shandong province, in an endless stream starting the day after he won the prize. Some even plucked the radishes planted in front of the house and carted away some bricks.自莫言获得诺贝尔文学奖后,他先前在山东省高密的家门前便游人不绝。有些人甚至摘走了他门前的萝卜而且运走了一些砖块。Tu#39;s former residence, where she lived until she went to university in Beijing, covers an area of2,200 square meters and is priced at 150 million yuan (.6 million).屠呦呦去北京上大学之前的住宅占地2200平方米,估价一亿五千万人民币。The house was built by her maternal grandfather, Yao Yongbai, who was once a member of the Ningbo General Chamber of Commerce and a professor at Shanghai#39;s Fudan University. It is owned by her uncle Yao Qingsan, an economist and former president of the Ningbo-Hong Kong Fellowship Association.房子是她的外祖父姚永佰修建的,他曾经是宁波商会的成员,并且是上海复旦大学的教授。房子的所有者是她的叔叔姚清三,他是一位经济学家,前宁波-香港联谊协会的主席。Another site that has become a bigger tourist draw these days thanks to Tu#39;s success is the Luofu Mountain scenic area in Huizhou, Guangdong province, where Ge Hong, a TCM master of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 317-340) picked herbs, developed herbal medicines and wrote the classic Manual of Clinical Practice and Emergency Remedies.另一个由于屠呦呦获奖而成为旅游胜地的是广东省惠州的罗浮山景区,东晋医药学集大成者葛洪在这里采摘草药,研发中药,并且撰写了经典的临床实践手册和紧急补救措施。After winning the Lasker Award in the ed States in 2011, Tu said she and her team were inspired by Ge#39;s theory to solve the puzzle in extracting artemisinin from the herb Artemisia annual, also known as sweet wormwood.2001年获得美国拉克斯奖后,屠呦呦说她和她的团队受葛洪理论的启发,解决了从黄花蒿中提取青蒿素的谜题。A garden and a monument on Luofu Mountain commemorate Ge#39;s dedication. The mountain is home to 3,000 species of plants, including more than 1,200 with medicinal uses.在罗浮山景区,有一座纪念葛洪贡献的花园和纪念碑。这座山遍布3000种植物,包括1200多种药用植物。 /201510/402651


  In a modern supermarket the problem is often an excess of choice, not a shortage. In China, the consumer is spoilt for choice among retailers themselves. The promise of a 0bn grocery market, which Euromonitor thinks will grow by a quarter over the next five years, has vendors lining up.在现代化超市里,问题往往在于选择太多而不是商品短缺。在中国,对零售商本身的选择就已把消费者宠坏了。6400亿美元食品市场的诱人前景令销售商排起了长队。而按照欧睿(Euromonitor)的预测,今后五年期间该市场规模还将增长四分之一。The future may be bright. The present is a nasty fight in which local and foreign retailers are suffering. This week, China Resources Enterprise announced that it will sell its non-beer businesses back to its state-owned parent, China Resources Holdings. Retail and the associated property make up two-thirds of revenues outside of beer. This looks like an admission of defeat. Just last year, CRE consolidated Tesco’s Chinese supermarket business, forming a joint venture in which the UK food retailer still owns one-fifth (a stake it recently partly wrote down). The combined entity is the market leader, with share of just 3 per cent, according to Euromonitor. Still, the venture’s performance was weak enough to drag down CRE’s subsequent results.前景或许是光明的。然而眼下本土和外国零售商正处于痛苦的激烈竞争之中。就在本周,华润创业(China Resources Enterprise)宣布将把其非啤酒业务卖给其国有母公司华润控股(China Resources Holdings)。在啤酒业务以外,零售业务及与之相关的物业占了华润创业营收的三分之二。该公司此举似乎是在零售业认输。就在去年,华润创业还曾整合乐购(Tesco)的中国超市业务,组建了一家合资企业。合并后这家英国食品零售商仍然持有该合资企业五分之一的股份(最近乐购对其所持股份进行了部分减记)。根据欧睿的数据,合并后的实体虽然是市场领军企业,却也只有3%的市场份额。话虽如此,该合资企业的疲弱业绩仍拖累了华润创业后来的业绩。Carrefour, in China for two decades, has also struggled. The country’s contribution to the company’s top line has doubled from 3 to 6 per cent over the past eight years. Still, last year the French food retailer had its first year-on-year drop (2 per cent) in Chinese revenues since at least 2008. Organic sales fell 6 per cent. In the first quarter this year, the trend worsened, like-for-like sales dropping 13 per cent in an environment the company described as “frugal”.进入中国市场已有20年的福(Carrefour)也处境艰难。在过去8年里,中国对福总营收的贡献比例已经从3%增长一倍至6%。然而,去年这家法国食品零售商遭遇了至少自2008年以来的首次在华营收同比下滑(跌幅为2%)。其中有机销售额下滑了6%。今年第一季度,这一趋势进一步恶化,同店销售额下滑13%。福称,当前中国处于一种“节俭”的大环境。The situation is unlikely to improve. Tesco may have bowed out, but the remaining players are expanding. Euromonitor forecasts that over the next five years supermarkets will increase their number of outlets by a third. Meanwhile, internet operators such as Alibaba and JD.com are facilitating the delivery of fresh products from New Zealand milk to American cherries. The retail environment is spoiling.局面不太可能出现改善。乐购也许已经告退,其余商家却在扩张之中。据欧睿预测,今后五年中国超市的门店数目将增加三分之一。与此同时,从新西兰牛奶到美国樱桃,阿里巴巴(Alibaba)和京东(JD.com)等互联网运营商也在推出新鲜农产品递送务。零售环境正在宠坏消费者。 /201504/372028

  Soil samples collected by Greenpeace East Asia researchers near Asia’s largest zinc and lead mine and smelting plant, in Yunnan Province, show severe heavy metal contamination, the organization says. The findings, it has reported, highlight the environmental and health hazards as industries react to tighter pollution constraints in eastern China by expanding operations in less developed areas in the west.绿色和平东亚分部(Greenpeace East Asia)研究人员前往云南省境内的亚洲最大铅锌矿和冶炼厂附近进行了土壤样本采集,据样本显示,土壤的重金属污染十分严重。据该组织的报告显示,面对中国东部地区日益严格的污染限制,工业企业在向西部欠发达地区扩张,造成了当地环境和健康危害。In April, the researchers took samples of soil, household dust and river water in the town of Jinding, near the border with Myanmar, and sent them to an independent laboratory for testing. The results, released this week, show cadmium concentrations of up to 142 times the national health standard, and lead at eight times the standard, suggesting that the soil is not safe for growing food.4月,研究者在靠近中缅边境的金顶镇对土壤、家居降尘和河水进行采样,并将样本送往独立实验室进行检验。本周发布的检验结果显示,镉含量是国家健康标准的142倍,而铅的含量则是国家健康标准的8倍,这表明土壤对于粮食种植来说并不安全。“Soil pollution is less visible than water and air pollution, so the public is often unaware of the problem,” Ada Kong, a senior campaigner for Greenpeace East Asia, said in an interview. “With little public attention, the government lacks incentives to share information on the soil situation in China.”“土壤污染没有水污染和空气污染那么明显,所以大众通常都意识不到土壤污染这个问题,”绿色和平东亚分部的资深活动人士江卓珊(Ada Kong)在采访中表示。“公众关注度低,政府在国内土壤情况信息共享方面缺乏激励机制。”In April 2014, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Land Resources released a report based on a national soil survey, which found that 16.1 percent of China’s soil, and 19.4 percent of its farmland, was polluted, mostly as a result of industrial and agricultural activities. The most common pollutants were cadmium, nickel and arsenic.2014年4月,中国环境保护部和国土资源部在一份国家土壤调查的基础上发布了一份报告,其中显示中国16.1%的土壤和19.4%的农田受到了污染,工业和农业活动则是主要的污染源。其中,镉,镍和砷是最常见的污染物。But Ms. Kong said that report lacked specific geographic information. “No names of the provinces or locations where they took samples were disclosed,” she said. “Some other organizations have requested more information about the study but have been turned down.”但是江卓珊说,该报告缺乏具体的地理信息。“报告没有公布土壤采样来自哪些省份或地区,”她说。“有的组织希望获取该研究的更多信息,被拒绝了。”The Greenpeace team also looked at household dust, which has received less scrutiny than soil. “China does not even have a national health standard or health regulations for pollutants in household dust,” Ms. Kong said.绿色和平研究团队还关注了家居降尘,针对这项指标的观测比土壤更少。“中国甚至没有制定家居降尘的国家健康标准,或关于粉尘污染物的法规,”江卓珊说。“The lowest level of lead concentration we found was 1,576 micrograms per square meter” of floor space, she said. This is more than six times the level cited in a study published in Public Health Reports, a journal of the ed States Public Health Service, at which children were eight times more likely than their peers to have a blood lead level of 10 micrograms per deciliter. The ed States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used to refer to that as a “level of concern,” but it now says there is no safe blood level in children.Levels of heavy metal in samples correlated with proximity to the smelting plant. “Lead, zinc and cadmium concentrations increased by 5 percent for every kilometer closer to the plant,” Ms. Kong said.她说按住宅占地面计算,“我们发现的铅浓度水平最低的是每平方米1576微克,”她说。这是美国公共卫生局(Public Health Service)刊物《公共卫生报告》(Public Health Reports)的一篇研究中提到的浓度水平的六倍以上,而在那项研究中的浓度水平下生活的儿童,血铅含量达到每100毫升10微克的可能性是其他儿童的八倍。美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)曾经称那是“令人担忧的水平”,但现在他们认为并不存在儿童安全血浓度指标。样本中的重金属水平和冶炼厂的距离是相关的。“距工厂距离每拉近一公里,铅、锌、镉浓度会增加5%,”江卓珊说。Household dust is a major vehicle for lead being absorbed by the human body, said Chen Nengchang, a scientist at the Guangdong Institute of Eco-environmental and Soil Sciences.广东省生态环境与土壤研究所的科学家陈能场说,家居降尘是人体吸收铅的重要途径。“In children, it can impair learning ability and lead to behavior problems,” Mr. Chen said in an interview. “Lead in blood can be dispersed rather quickly, but some of the lead can accumulate in brain tissues and bones, where it can remain for a very long time.”“它会给儿童的认知能力造成损害,导致行为异常,”陈能场在采访中说。“铅在血液中可以很快分解,但有些铅会在大脑组织和骨骼中沉积,那样就会留存相当长一段时间。”The lead and zinc mine and smelting plant, which began operations in 2003, are owned by Yunnan Jinding Zinc. The Greenpeace report is not the first time that the company has been accused of polluting surrounding areas.云南金鼎锌业公司所有的这些铅锌矿和冶炼厂是2003年投产的。绿色和平的此次调研已经不是该公司第一次面临污染周边环境的指责。Records compiled by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, a nonprofit organization based in Beijing that monitors corporate environmental performance, show that the Nujiang Prefecture Environmental Department and the Yunnan Environmental Protection Bureau cited the company as in violation of environmental regulations in 2009, 2011 and 2014.监督企业环保状况的北京非盈利机构公共环境研究中心整理的资料显示,怒江州环境保护局和云南省环境保护厅分别在2009、2011和2014年指出该公司存在环保违规。One document shows that in 2009, the company was fined 600,000 renminbi, nearly 0,000 at the current exchange rate, for disposing of wastewater containing cadmium levels 887 times the national health standard into the nearby Bijiang River.其中一份文件显示,2009年该公司因向附近的沘江排放镉浓度超标887倍的废水,被罚款60万元人民币。Local residents appear well aware of the health risks.当地居民似乎很清楚自己面临的健康风险。“You can see layers of black dust on your furniture all the time,” said Li Zhouping, 24, who lives with his family in Maigandian, a village about 100 meters, or around 330 feet, from the smelting plant.“家具上什么时候都是一层黑灰,”24岁的李周平(音)说,他家所在的麦秆甸村距离冶炼厂大约100米。Greenpeace says that in 2010, the Lanping County health bureau conducted blood tests of children in Maigandian and found that 59 of 61 children had high levels of lead.绿色和平称,2010年兰坪县卫生局对麦秆甸村儿童进行血液化验,结果61名儿童中有59人血铅浓度偏高。Mr. Li said that to protect his 3-month-old child’s health, he has been urging Yunnan Jinding Zinc to help the family move to a safer area.李周平说为了3个月大的孩子的健康,他曾要求金鼎锌业帮助他把一家人搬到安全的地方。“They promised us a relocation in 2006, but no action has been taken,” he said in an interview.“他们在2006年答应搬迁,但没有实际行动,”他在接受采访时说。Last year, he said, he and other villagers went to the company’s offices to press their case.他说去年他和其他村民一起去公司办公室施加压力。“We went there around six or seven times,” he said. “They just told us they would hurry up, but nothing has been done.”“我们去了六七次,”他说。“他们就只知道说我们会抓紧,但什么也没做。”At a news conference in Beijing on Tuesday, at which the Greenpeace report was released, Ms. Kong said: “In 2013, the Lanping County government announced again a relocation plan and told villagers they would be relocated by the end of 2016. The villagers say, however, that they have yet to receive any more information on this.”绿色和平于周二在北京举行新闻发布会公布了研究报告,江卓珊在发布会上说:“兰坪县政府在2013年再次宣布了搬迁计划,并对村民说在2016年底之前可以完成搬迁。然而村民们说除此之外他们再也没收到关于此事的其他消息。”An official in the public information department of the Yunnan Environmental Protection Bureau reached by telephone declined to comment on the report’s findings or on allegations of environmental violations by Yunnan Jinding Zinc. A woman who answered the phone at the company said none of its executives were available to comment.记者通过电话联系到的一位云南环保厅信息公开部门官员,他拒绝就该报告的发现以及金鼎锌业的环保违规行为置评。金鼎锌业公司一位接听电话的女性表示,公司领导层没有人能就此事置评。 /201506/380881When many of us have a little cash to invest, we might buy a mutual fund or a stock — if we don’t blow it on the latest tech gadget. Not the truly wealthy, however. They often put their money in property, art, businesses and other investments that the rest of us can only dream of owning. How this group uses their cash differentiates them from the rest of us — and keeps them in the black。很多人手头有现金时,如果不将其全部挥霍在最新的高技术产品上,就会买共同基金或者股票。但是真正的富人不这么做,他们经常投资一些普通人梦寐以求的不动产、艺术品、商业或者其他投资项目。这个团体使用现金的方式让其在众人中脱颖而出,也让他们一直保持富有状态。Take Joshua Coleman, for example. When his family sold their Chicago-based telecom company for 0m in 2004, they didn’t run out and buy something extravagant. Instead, they began seeking advice on ways to save their newfound riches and help them grow。以约书亚·科尔曼为例。2004年其家人以4亿美元的价格将总部位于芝加哥的电信公司售出,但是他们并没有将这笔钱挥霍殆尽或者购买其他奢侈品。相反的是,他们开始寻求建议,以找到节约这笔新财富并使其增值的方式。Their quest sparked an idea for Coleman. In 2011, he launched Momentum Advanced Planning — a firm that connects people to tax, legal and wealth experts. If the business one day sells, he could see a big return, just like his first business。探索激发了建立科尔曼公司的想法。2011年,科尔曼成立了动力现金计划公司,为人们提供税收、法律以及健康专家的信息。如果有一天商业运转起来,就会和之前的企业一样,有很大的收益。If you think that starting a business is an odd way to invest your money, then you probably aren’t among the ultra-wealthy. People who have at least m in assets invest in stocks and bonds, but they also grow their money by buying companies and investing in unusual securities, such as airline leasing funds. They also own art and cars that they hope will appreciate in value。如果你认为创业并不是投资方式,那么你很可能就不属于超级富豪这个群体。拥有3千万美元资产的人不仅投资各类股票和债券,还会收购公司并投资一些不寻常的债券,如航空租赁基金,使自己的资产增值。此外,他们还拥有一些艺术品和汽车,期待其增值。“It’s called alpha risk,” said Coleman. “It’s this kind of stuff where there can be a lot of upside。”“这叫做‘阿尔法风险’,”科尔曼说道,“这能为你带来很多好处。”As for the downside, many of these investments are riskier than traditional investments, so there’s a higher chance of losing a large chunk of change. As well, they’re far less liquid than stocks and it could talk months or years for the wealthy to get their money out of an investment。其缺点在于,与传统投资方式相比,此类投资的风险更大,因此更可能失去改变的机会。此类投资不如股票的流动性强,通常要过数月或者数年才能从投资中收回。Even if you don’t have millions to invest, though, you can learn a thing or two about how the rich reap returns and apply it your own portfolios。尽管你没有数百万元进行投资,但是你也能从富人收获回报的方式中学习一两点,并将其应用于自己的投资中。 /201503/363739China#39;s property prices fell for a third straight month in July, as demand wanes and lenders propping up the market pull back.今年7月,中国房地产价格连续第3个月下跌,因为需求在减弱,而撑房地产市场的也削减了房贷业务。New home prices across 70 cities tracked by the government fell by an average 0.9 per cent between June and July, the sharpest tumble in three straight declines, according to a weighted average calculated by Reuters. In June prices fell half a per cent.路透(Reuters)计算的加权平均值显示,6月至7月,政府跟踪的70个大中城市的新房均价环比下降0.9%,为三次连续下跌中的最大降幅。6月,房价环比下降0.5%。Sixty four of the 70 cities saw monthly prices fall, versus just 55 in June.在70个大中城市中,7月房价下降的城市有64个,6月仅为55个。From a year ago nationwide prices were up just 2.5 per cent, slowing from a pace of 4.2 per cent in June and 5.6 per cent in May. Back in January, annual prices had been climbing at 9.6 per cent.与去年同月相比,全国房价升幅仅为2.5%,慢于6月的4.2%和5月的5.6%。今年1月,70个大中城市新建住宅销售价格同比上升9.6%。Home prices in Beijing decelerated 1 per cent in the month - the first such decline in more than two years - cooling the annual change from 6.4 to 4 per cent. In Shanghai prices fell 1.2 per cent in the month, pushing the annual pace down from 7 to 4.1 per cent.7月北京房价下降1%,为两年多来首次出现如此降幅,同比涨幅由6.4%下降至4%。7月上海房价下降1.2%,推动同比涨幅由7%下降至4.1%。 /201408/321897

  Two years ago, a group of Moscow restaurateurs made what on paper looked like a sound business decision. They chose a trendy location — Moscow’s Gorky Park, an oasis for hipsters — and opened a gleaming new restaurant called Oyster Bar, which planned to purvey molluscs and other imported delicacies to the city’s cosmopolitan elite.两年前,一群莫斯科餐馆老板做出了一个理论上貌似不错的商业决定。他们选择了一处时尚之地——潮人聚集的莫斯科高尔基公园(Gorky Park),开办了一家名为“牡蛎酒吧”(Oyster Bar)的全新餐厅,准备为莫斯科的国际化精英群体提供牡蛎和其他进口美食。One year later, in the wake of western sanctions, Vladimir Putin announced Russia would ban an array of American and European food products, including cheese, beef and seafood. Oyster Bar tried to rebrand — boldly renaming itself No Oyster Bar and relying on a of local ingredients — but the gamble didn’t pay off. The restaurant closed a few months later.一年后,随着西方国家的制裁,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)宣布禁止进口来自美国和欧洲的大多数食品,包括奶酪、牛肉和海鲜。牡蛎酒吧试图改头换面——大胆地更名为“无牡蛎酒吧”(No Oyster Bar),并依靠本地食材提供餐品——但这次押注并未奏效。餐厅在几个月后关张。The fate of Oyster Bar seems to fit a familiar narrative. Threatened by increasing western influence in Ukraine and the rise of Nato, Putin is hitting back against the west both in Ukraine and through a culture war at home, where a propaganda campaign has made Moscow’s pro-western, oyster-eating minority the enemy.对于牡蛎酒吧的命运,我们似曾相识。由于受到西方在乌克兰影响力日增以及北约(NATO)扩大的威胁,普京既在乌克兰也通过国内文化战对西方进行回击。在俄罗斯,一场宣传战已将莫斯科亲西方的、喜欢吃牡蛎的少数派变成了敌人。It is an allegory straight out of Tolstoy’s playbook. InAnna Karenina, the corpulent, adulterous, French-speaking Oblonsky orders a meal of Flensburg oysters, Parmesan and Chablis. His friend, the proletarian hero Levin, prefers cabbage soup and porridge.这是托尔斯泰(Tolstoy)剧本中常有的一幕。在《安娜愠列尼娜》(Anna Karenina)中,臃肿、荒淫、操着法语的奥勃朗斯基(Oblonsky)要了一桌包括弗伦斯堡牡蛎、帕尔马干酪和夏布利酒的大餐。而他的朋友、无产阶级英雄列文(Levin)更喜欢卷心菜汤和粥。On the Oblonsky-Levin scale, I probably lean more to the former. Returning to Russia from abroad, I’ve been known to stick copious amounts of jamón, Brie and Parmesan in my handbag. Yet during the ban I’ve found myself eating things such as scallops from Murmansk and crab from Magadan — and licking my fingers after every bite.如果将奥勃朗斯基与列文放在天平的两端,我可能更倾向于前者。很多人知道,我从国外回到俄罗斯时,手提包里总是塞满了伊比利亚火腿、布里干酪和帕尔马干酪。然而,在禁令期间,我发现自己吃东西——如来自尔曼斯克(Murmansk)的扇贝和来自马加丹(Magadan)的螃蟹——时,每咬一口都要吮吸自己的手指。Alexander Yezhel, an expert in the Russian mollusc industry, is inclined to agree with me. A former colonel for Russia’s security services with piercing blue eyes and a permatan, Yezhel reinvented himself upon retirement as a small-business owner. His trade: oysters.俄罗斯牡蛎行业专家亚历山大叶热列(Alexander Yezhel)倾向于同意我的观点。这位有着一双锐利的蓝色眼睛的俄罗斯情报部门前上校,在退休后当起了做牡蛎贸易的小企业主。Yezhel says Oyster Bar didn’t survive because its owners were “dilettantes”. For stalwarts, such as his own company Zhemchuzhina (Pearl), switching to local molluscs from Russia’s Far East and Black Sea regions has been good for the bottom line. Because the domestic oysters are cheaper, he can sell them at a higher mark-up than the French ones he used to import, a business strategy that has led to a 50 per cent increase in Zhemchuzhina’s profits, he says.叶热列说,牡蛎酒吧之所以倒闭,因为其所有者“不专业”。对于内行的公司,比如他自己的Zhemchuzhina(意思为珍珠),转而销售来自俄罗斯远东和黑海地区的本土牡蛎带来了不俗的业绩。他说,因为本土牡蛎更便宜,较之过去进口的法国牡蛎可以赚取更高的差价,这一商业策略已经使公司利润增加了50%。This is the Kremlin’s dream scenario and illustrates the two-pronged goal of the food ban: to boost patriotism and give Russians a chance to thumb their noses at the west, while also giving a fillip to Russia’s agricultural industry, which has lagged behind since the fall of the Soviet Union.这是克里姆林宫梦想的一幕,而且展示了食品禁令的双重目标:提振国民的爱国主义,给俄罗斯人一个蔑视西方的机会,同时也可以刺激一下自苏联解体以来一直处于落后状态的俄罗斯农业。The stimulus the ban provides is great in theory. But it does little to solve the industry’s longstanding problems: primarily, poor logistics and a lack of incentive to modernise and make the industry more competitive. While Yezhel’s oyster business may be booming, it is still dependent on the entrepreneur’s warehouse of aquariums in the Moscow suburbs. So fragmented is Russia’s national logistics system that it is quicker and easier for a shipment of oysters to travel from the country’s Far East to central Russia via Moscow than it would be to make the journey between the two destinations directly.进口禁令带来的激励在理论上是巨大的。但对于解决该行业长期存在的问题基本上没有帮助:主要是糟糕的物流,以及缺乏现代化、提高俄罗斯农产品行业竞争力的激励机制。虽然叶热列的牡蛎生意或许很红火,但它仍依赖于这名企业家设在莫斯科郊区的水族仓库。俄罗斯的全国物流体系如此割裂,以至于一批牡蛎从远东地区经由莫斯科到达俄罗斯中部,要比直接在这两个地区之间运输更快速、更便捷。The ban isn’t making Russian food products more competitive but creating an artificial lack of supply and driving up food prices in the process.进口禁令并未让俄罗斯的食品更具竞争力,却人为制造了供应不足,在此过程中推高了食品价格。Annual food inflation has risen to 20 per cent in Russia since the ban. Yet few in Russia seem to either make the connection between the two or to mind. In a poll conducted this month by Levada Centre, Russia’s most respected polling agency, two in three respondents said they viewed the ban positively.自实施禁令以来,俄罗斯年度食品通胀率已上升至20%。然而,在俄罗斯,似乎很少有人将两者联系起来,或者在意这一点。俄罗斯最受尊敬的民调机构列瓦达中心(Levada Centre)本月做的一项民调中,三分之二的受访者表示,他们持这一禁令。 Authorities risk alienating a larger swathe of the population with its newest decree, which declares that any sanctioned European or American food products that have found their way into Russia must be destroyed on the spot.俄罗斯当局最近冒着惹恼更多俄罗斯民众的风险颁布了最新法令:任何禁运的欧洲或美国食品,一经发现进入俄罗斯,必须当场销毁。Since the ban took effect on August 6, Russian state television has shown blanket coverage of the staged destructions, which at times appear like a parody of Russian bureaucracy. In one , a dour Russian official gravely s out the death decree for three frozen Hungarian geese found in a Tatarstan food shop. With half-a-dozen witnesses watching, the geese are then carefully arranged on the ground and run over multiple times by a bulldozer.自该法令8月6日生效以来,俄罗斯国家电视台对销毁禁运食品进行了铺天盖地的报道,有时看起来像是在“高级黑”俄罗斯的官僚主义。在一段视频中,一名脸色阴沉的俄罗斯官员严肃地宣读着对在一家鞑靼斯坦人开的食杂店发现的3只匈牙利冷冻鹅的销毁令。在6名见者的注视下,这些鹅随后被煞有介事地排列在地上,然后用推土机反复碾压。In a country that lived through the Leningrad blockade and b lines, the destruction decree has not been as widely popular as the ban. Nearly half of Russians polled by Levada said they viewed the new measure somewhat or very negatively, arguing that the food should be donated to the needy instead.在一个经历过列宁格勒(Leningrad)大围困和购买面包都要排队的国家,销毁令并没有像进口禁令那样得到广泛持。勒瓦达中心调查的俄罗斯人中,将近一半受访者称,他们对新措施持有一定程度或者非常负面的看法,认为应该把这些食品分发给穷人,而非销毁。One friend said her 95-year-old grandmother had watched the broadcast of the destruction, convinced that the authorities were only destroying food that was rotten or dangerous, so difficult was it to believe that they would raze it for another reason.一位朋友说,自己95岁的祖母看了销毁食品的电视转播,但她相信当局只是在销毁腐烂或危险的食品,很难相信会因为其他理由将食品全部销毁。The new decree may not be working entirely. On a recent evening at a Mediterranean restaurant in Moscow, my waiter cheekily confided that the halloumi on my plate had come from Greece, one of the sanctioned countries. Banning Brie and bulldozing geese is an easy matter on paper. Getting rid of the systemic problems — well, that’s another matter.新法令可能也无法彻底实施。最近一天晚上,我到莫斯科一家地中海风味餐厅用餐,务生嬉皮笑脸地对我吐露,我盘中的哈罗米芝士来自希腊——禁运国家之一。禁运布里干酪、碾压冷冻鹅在理论上都很简单。而摆脱系统性问题——嗯,那是另一回事了。 /201509/397108



  More than 60 percent of travelers reported they will take short-distance trips during Qixi Festival, or the Chinese Valentine#39;s Day, which will fall on August 20, according to travel website qunar.com. Grasslands, islands and hiking spots have become popular destinations this year, according to a Beijing Youth Daily report.据旅游网站去哪网调查显示,超过60%的旅行者会在8月20日,也就是即将到来的七夕节期间选择短途旅行。七夕也被称为中国的情人节。北京青年日报还报道,草原,岛屿和远足地点成为今年最受欢迎的旅游目的地Starting last week, ;Qixi; and ;romance; have become top key search words on qunar.com. Trips lasting for two to four days make up their highest sales, said Gao Xing, CEO of the holiday department of the website.去哪网旅游部CEO高兴表示:“从上周开始,#39;七夕#39;和#39;浪漫#39;成为了去哪网搜索量最高的两个词,这一势头甚至一直保持了两到四天之久”The top three national destinations for Qixi among Beijing users are Qinhuangdao (Hebei Province), Sanya (Hainan Province) and Beidaihe (Hebei Province).去哪网的北京用户最青睐的三个国内旅游点分别是秦皇岛(河北省),三亚(海南省)还有北戴河(河北省)The top three outbound destinations are Phuket in Thailand, Bali in Indonesia and Seoul in South Korea, Gao said.而最受青睐的三个国外目的地分别是泰国的普吉岛,印尼的巴厘岛和韩国的首尔 /201508/393881

  The B is facing a fine after its journalists were caught using a drone without authorisation during the Davos summit in January.英国广播公司(B)目前正面临一项罚款。此前,B旗下新闻记者被查到在1月达沃斯(Davos)峰会期间未经许可使用了一架无人机。Swiss authorities had implemented a no-fly zone with a radius of 25 nautical miles and monitored by fighter jets as part of security measures for the conference, which involves leading business figure and political leaders from around the world.在世界各地政商领袖云集的达沃斯峰会召开期间,瑞士当局针对会议采取了多项安保措施,包括对以会场为中心、半径为25海里的区域实施禁飞,并派出战斗机实施监视。Three journalists, working with the B’s chief business correspondent Linda Yueh, were questioned by police.与B首席商业记者Linda Yueh共事的三名记者,受到了警方的问询。“We can confirm that in Davos during the World Economic Forum a B team mistakenly took a drone into a no-fly zone area. Three members of staff were briefly questioned by police and it is still to be determined by the Swiss authorities if the B will pay a fine,” Britain’s public broadcaster said in a statement.这家英国公共广播公司发表声明称,“我们可以确认,在达沃斯世界经济论坛(WEF)会议期间,一个B团队错误地让一架无人机进入了禁飞区。这三名员工受到了警方的简短问询,瑞士当局尚未裁定B是否将为此付罚款。”For broadcasters, the devices offer aerial footage of events, landscapes and natural disasters at a fraction of the cost of helicopter footage.对于广播公司而言,无人机可以对事件、场景和自然灾难进行航拍,而成本仅为直升机航拍成本的几分之一。The Davos incident is the second time in recent months that the B has run into problems with aerial footage. In August, the corporation was heavily criticised for using a helicopter to broadcast aerial footage of a police raid on a home owned by entertainer Cliff Richard. That story has since been nominated for Scoop of the Year at the Royal Television Society’s upcoming journalism awards.达沃斯无人机事件,是近几个月来B第二次在航拍方面惹上麻烦。去年8月,B因为使用一架直升机航拍并播送警方对明星克利夫#8226;理查德(Cliff Richard)一处房产的突击搜查而受到严厉批评。后来那次报道成为英国皇家电视协会(Royal Television Society)新闻奖之“年度独家新闻奖”的提名作品,不过该奖当时尚未颁奖。 /201502/358444

  Capt. Zaharie Shah of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 showed no unusual signs of stress before the plane departed, an interim report on the investigation said。马航MH370事故调查中期报告显示,该航班机长扎哈里在飞机起飞之前并无异常压力紧张表现。;The Captain#39;s ability to handle stress at work and home was good. There was no known history of apathy, anxiety, or irritability,; the report said. ;There were no significant changes in his lifestyle, interpersonal conflict or family stresses.;报告指出:“机长在工作和家中处理压力的能力良好,没有冷漠、焦虑或易怒等行为历史。他在生活方式、人际交往冲突或家庭压力方面并无重大变化。”A year after the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the Malaysian government says it remains committed to the search for the plane and the 239 people it was carrying。马来西亚航空MH370航班神秘失踪一年以后,马来西亚政府表示会继续搜索飞机和机上239名失踪人员。Family members of the missing passengers and crew members are gathering Sunday to remember their loved ones. And Malaysian authorities are expected to release an interim report on the investigation。失踪航班上乘客和机组人员的家人周日(3月8日)聚集在一起纪念他们的亲人。马来西亚官方也将在这一天发布事件调查的中期报告。;No words can describe the pain the families of those on board are going through,; Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said in a statement. ;The lack of answers and definitive proof -- such as aircraft wreckage -- has made this more difficult to bear。马来西亚总理纳吉布在一份声明中表示:“机上人员的家属所经历的痛苦无法用语言来描述,而因为很多问题没有,也没有飞机残骸等明确的据,这些现实让痛苦加剧。”;Together with our international partners, we have followed the little evidence that exists,; Najib said. ;Malaysia remains committed to the search, and hopeful that MH370 will be found.;纳吉布说:“我们跟世界各地的伙伴一起在追踪那些仅有的线索,马来西亚会继续搜寻,希望能找到MH370航班。” /201503/363762

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