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Although the majority of Americans say it is unacceptable, nearly one in four married adults stillcheat ontheir spouses.But what constitutes being unfaithful differs among men and women, according to a new survey.Most people questioned in the poll agree physical contact -- including kissing someone other than your partner -- means you are cheating. But 77 percent of women also think using the Internet for online sexual talk or cavorting in front of a Webcam is also cheating, compared to only 57 percent of men."We've always had theinside scoopabout what's on the minds of women, especially when it comes to relationships, said Deborah Fine, president of iVillage Inc, a media firm dedicated to women."This new survey gives us a closer look at how both men and women feel about the topic of fidelity," she added in a statement.Nearly three-quarters of women also feel sending flirtatious emails is cheating, as opposed to 53 percent of men.According to the online survey of 70,288 people, the most common cheating partners are friends and co-workers. Money is also an element in deceitful behavior because the higher a man's salary the more likely it is that he will be unfaithful.But the same does not apply to women.Men said they usually strayed because they wanted more sex, while women sought emotional attention.The survey also revealed that many partners will try to find out if their spouse isstraying.Eighty-three percent of people questioned in the poll said they would try to trick them into confessing, 63 percent would pay for a private detective and more than half said they would have no qualms about checking emails and telephone logs.But when people do have affairs they are usually brief. Nearly 30 percent last a week or less and 47 percent are done within a month.Those who do cheat rarely get caught, only about 30 percent or less, according to the survey. And just 13 percent confess to their misdeeds. 尽管大多数美国人认为对伴侣不忠不可接受,但却有近四分之一的已婚人士仍然这样做。然而,据一项最新调查显示,男性和女性对“不忠”的理解有所不同。大多数受访者认为与伴侣以外的其他人接吻等身体接触是一种不忠的表现。但77%的女性认为,在网上互相聊一些下流的话题或通过网络摄像头打情骂俏也是不忠的表现,而持此观点的男性只有57%。iVillage女性媒体公司的总裁黛拉·范恩说,“我们总能掌握女性的一些隐秘想法,尤其在两性关系方面。”她在一份声明中说:“这项新调查则针对忠贞这一问题对男性和女性的想法进行了更为深入的了解。”此外,近四分之三的女性觉得发调情的电子邮件也是不忠,持此看法的男性比例为53%。据此项对70288人进行的在线调查显示,朋友和同事最易成为“拈花惹草”的对象。金钱也是不忠行为发生的一个因素,因为男人的收入越高,越轨的可能性会越大。但这个“理论”并不适合女性。男人说他们越轨是因为性需求;女人则说她们则是为了寻求情感上的呵护。此外,调查显示,很多人表示他们会查明配偶是否有越轨行为。83%的受访者表示他们会采取一些小手段,“诱使”对方坦白;63%的人则表示会去找一个;一半以上的人说他们会去查对方的电子邮件和电话记录。但是真正有越轨行为的人通常会速战速决。近30%的人持续一周或不到一周的时间,47%的人则在一个月内就完事。调查显示,有不忠行为的人很少被抓个现形,只有30%或更少的人遭遇过此尴尬。仅有13%的人向伴侣坦白过自己的错误行为。 /200803/32752A third Saturn moon may have a subsurface ocean with potential for life, researchers say.研究人员日前表示,第三颗土星卫星可能存在表面深层海洋及潜在生命形式。Using gravity data from the Cassini probe, researchers at the Royal Observatory of Belgium say Dione joins Titan and Enceladus as Saturn moons likely having subsurface oceans.比利时皇家天文台的研究人员表示,卡西尼探测器的最新引力数据表明,和土卫六以及土卫二一样,土卫四的表面之下也有一个巨大海洋。Researchers say Dione#39;s ocean is likely 100 kilometers beneath the surface, ;several tens of kilometers deep; and surrounds a rocky core.研究人员认为,土卫四表层之下100千米处的这一巨大海洋深度足有数十千米,周围包裹着岩石。Unlike Enceladus, which has geysers of water that spurt from the southern polar region, Dione appears ;quiet; now, but researchers say it likely had a more active past.和曾经在南极区域向太空喷射巨大水蒸汽流的土卫二不一样,土卫四相对;安静;,但是研究人员认为它的表面远古时期活动性更强。Enceladus#39; ocean, according to researchers, is likely much closer to the surface, particularly in the southern polar regions where the icy crust might be only a few kilometers thick.研究人员表示,土卫二的海洋比土卫四更接近表面,特别是在冰壳只有数千米厚的南极地区。One way Enceladus#39; ocean was discovered was by observing ;large back-and-forth oscillations, called libration.; If the libration was smaller on the moon, it would likely mean the crust was thicker.当时卡西尼探测器观测到土卫二出现较大的前后振动,该现象叫做;天平动;,从而检测到了海洋。如果土卫二天平动幅度更小,那么这意味着其地壳更厚。;Like Enceladus, Dione librates but below the detection level of Cassini,; said Antony Trinh, co-author of the new study. ;A future orbiter hopping around Saturn#39;s moons could test this prediction.;;像土卫二一样,土卫四也存在天平动,但是其振动幅度低于卡西尼探测器的探测等级。;研究报告联合作者安东尼·郑如是说,;未来探测器将在土星卫星周围环绕,来测试我们的预测。;Dione#39;s ocean has likely been there since the moon formed, researchers said, adding that it could be host to microbial life.研究人员认为,土卫四的海洋自卫星形成以来就存在了,这为微生物提供了的宜居环境。;The contact between the ocean and the rocky core is crucial,; said Attilio Rivoldini, co-author of the study. ;Rock-water interactions provide key nutrients and a source of energy, both being essential ingredients for life.;;海洋和岩石内核之间的接触是至关重要的。;研究报告联合作者阿蒂利奥·利沃尔迪尼说道。;岩石和水之间的交互反应提供了关键的营养物质和能量源,以上是育生命的必要元素。; /201610/471140

In 1925, John Logie Baird wanted toconvince the public that his latest invention would be a great success.Unfortunately, when he arrived at the London offices of the Daily Express, hissales pitch was quickly dismissed. “For God’s sake, go down to reception andget rid of a lunatic who’s down there,”a news editor reportedly told staff. “He says he’s got amachine for seeing by wireless.”1925年,约翰#8226;罗杰#8226;贝尔德(JohnLogie Baird)想让人们相信,他最新发明的东西将大获成功。遗憾的是,当他跑去《每日快报》(Daily Express)伦敦办公室推销,却很快就被打发了。“看在上帝的份上,去前台把那个疯子赶走,”据说一位新闻主编对他的手下们这样说,“那个人说他有台能通过无线电波看到画面的机器。”This illustrates our inability to predictthe appeal of a medium, and particularly the problem of making a judgmentwithout hands-on experience. “Seeing by wireless”sounds impossible —until someone shows you a television set.这件事说明,我们无法预知传播媒介的吸引力,尤其是我们总爱不经体验就妄下判断。“用无线电观看画面”听上去不可思议——直到某个人让你见识到电视机。And that is why anyone surprised by thecontinued success of console games, with a revival of market share and analystsforecasting a “golden era” — long after smartphones were supposed to havestolen their business — should try playing a few. Appreciating the differencebetween the experiences makes it easier to see how they can happily co-exist.人们很早就认为智能手机会抢走主机游戏的生意,而事实上,不仅主机游戏的市场份额在复苏,分析师们还预言它将迎来一个“黄金时代”,那些惊讶于主机游戏长盛不衰的人都应该试着玩一玩。认识到智能手机游戏和主机游戏给人以不同的体验,就更容易明白二者为何能够愉快共存。Of course, we should not underplay theexplosive rise of mobile gaming. A decade ago, playing a game on the go meantbuying a dedicated gadget such as the Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable. Nowcommuters tap away on their phones at Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, whileanswering emails and checking the weather on the same device.当然,我们不应忽视移动游戏的迅猛崛起。10年前,想要边走边玩游戏,就得买个像任天堂DS (Nintendo DS)或是索尼PSP (PlayStation Portable)那样的专用设备。而现在,人们在上下班路上不仅能用手机回邮件、查天气,还能在手机上玩《糖果传奇》(Candy Crush)或《部落战争》(Clash of Clans)。This year, for the first time, mobile gamessales are predicted to be higher than those on consoles and PCs[REVISE EDS:SEPARATELY, NOT COMBINED]. But that is down to the creation of a vast newmarket, not the cannibalisation of an old one. Many of those playing games ontheir commute go home and switch on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.今年,预计移动游戏的销量将首次超越主机游戏或电脑游戏。但那要归因于一个巨大的新市场被开发出来,而不是移动游戏夺走了主机游戏的市场。那些在下班路上玩游戏的人,有很多回家后还会打开微软Xbox One或索尼PlayStation 4等游戏机。The two genres are quite distinct. Mobilegames are friendlier — not least because their revenue model depends on playerssticking with them. They are often free to download, making money fromadvertising or in-app purchases. They often tend to focus on repetitive puzzlesor slow-building strategies, which lend themselves to small pockets of time andimprecise, stabby fingers.这两种游戏截然不同。移动游戏相对更友好些——主要因为其盈利模式取决于玩家的忠诚。移动游戏通常是免费下载的,其收入来源于广告或玩家购买游戏内嵌的应用程序。移动游戏很多都是那种重复性的闯关游戏或需要慢慢构筑的攻略,人们只要花些零碎时间动动手指就能玩。Console games, however, need to justify thepurchase of the machine itself, at about £250, and of the game, at £30. So theytend to be epic — sweeping plots, gorgeous graphics, storylines that un-foldover many hours. (I have personally saved humanity at least a dozen times, andeach time it looked beautiful.) They often deal with war or its peacetimesubstitute, sport. And they demand precision and dedication, making them almostimpenetrable to anyone who did not start playing as a teen.主机游戏则不然,需要人们考虑值不值得买,一台游戏机大概要250英镑,游戏也要30英镑。这些游戏往往如史诗一般恢弘——广阔的场景地图、绚丽的视觉效果、各异的故事主线动辄就耗掉数小时。(我自己就至少拯救过人类十几次,而且每次体验都很棒。)有很多主机游戏都设定为战争场景,或选用战争在和平时期的替身——体育场景。主机游戏需要精准度和专注度,除非像青少年一样投入,不然基本搞不定它。This brings us back to Baird and his greatinvention. Television did not kill the movie industry; we did not all decidethere was no point going out when we could watch what we wanted at home.Instead, the mediums bifurcated: each focused on content suited to its form.Films, like console games, can do spectacle in a way smaller screens cannot.Captain America is a very different experience from Mad Men. So is Grand TheftAuto from Fruit Ninja.我们回头来说贝尔德和他伟大的发明。电视的问世并没有令电影业消亡;不是所有人都认为,既然在家想看什么就能看什么就没有必要出门了。只是传播媒介分化了:每种媒介只需专注适合其形式的内容。电影,就好比主机游戏,能够展现小屏幕无法表现的大场面。《美国队长》(Captain America)呈现的观感就和《广告达人》(Mad Men)截然不同。《侠盗猎车手》(Grand Theft Auto)与《水果忍者》(Fruit Ninja)给人的体验也不同。That also means films and console games areopen to the same criticism: their high production values are a barrier toinnovation because so few companies can invest the tens of millions it takes tomake them. Hollywood is dominated by the Big Six studios, themselves owned byconglomerates, and the top-grossing films of last year — Star Wars Episode VII,Jurassic World and Avengers: Age of Ultron — are all sequels. In games, the2015 US bestseller list was topped by Call of Duty: Black Ops III (a sequel toa spin-off, no less). Minecraft was the only original title in the top 10.那也意味着电影与主机游戏面临同样的批评:二者高昂的制作成本成为创新的障碍,因为很少有公司能拿出上千万投资来制作电影或开发游戏。好莱坞有六大影业巨擘,各自隶属于综合性企业集团,去年票房显赫的电影——《星球大战7》(Star Wars Episode VII)、《侏罗纪世界》(JurassicWorld) 以及《复仇者联盟2:奥创纪元》(Avengers: Age of Ultron) ——均为续作。至于游戏,2015年全美最畅销的游戏是《使命召唤:黑色行动3》(Call of Duty: Black Ops III)(依旧为一个系列的续作)。位列前10的游戏中只有沙盒游戏Minecraft属于初创。 /201605/444169

  The US government has announced that it is launching a cyber warfare campaign against the Islamic State (IS). This is the first instance of the US publicly using cyber attacks as a tool in warfare.美国政府近日宣布,,将对;伊斯兰国;组织(IS)发动网络战。这是美国首次公开将网络攻击作为一种作战手段。;I have given Cyber Command really its first wartime assignment,; said Ashton Carter, the US defence secretary, speaking to the US Senate. ;Even a few years ago, it would not have occurred to a Secretary of Defence to say, #39;let#39;s get cyber in the game#39;, but here we have real opportunities.;美国国防部长阿什顿·卡特对美国参议院说:“我已经给网络司令部布置了第一项真正的作战任务。即使是几年前,一个国防部长也不会说#39;让网络参与战局#39;。但是现在已经具备切实的可能性。”The US will use its arsenal of digital tools to weaken IS#39;s online communications network, and its access to money and trade. Carter said the cyber tactics would look to disrupt ;their ability to command their forces, interrupting their ability to plot;, and hamper ;their finances, their ability to pay people;.美国将使用其数字化工具“武器库”削弱IS的在线通信网络并破坏该组织获取资金、进行贸易的渠道。卡特表示,网络攻击手段将着眼于扰乱他们指挥武装力量的能力,干扰他们策划阴谋的能力,削弱他们的财力以及雇用士兵的能力。Isil#39;s cyber capabilities have been well documented. It released a security manual that revealed part of its cyber strategy in the week after the Paris attacks.“伊斯兰国”组织的网络能力已经有翔实的资料佐。巴黎袭击事件发生后的那周内,该组织发布了一份安全手册,泄露了部分网络战术。Advice included using the Tor browser and secure email. It also places great emphasis on communicating through social media, including Facebook and Twitter, and messaging apps, such as Telegram and WhatsApp. It even launched a #39;help desk#39; on encrypted messaging app Telegram.所提供的建议包括使用洋葱浏览器与可靠的电子邮箱。该组织尤其强调通过社交媒体与潜在的持者沟通,包括脸书和推特以及Telegram和WhatsApp软件。“伊斯兰国”组织甚至在加密即时通讯应用软件Telegram上建立一个“帮助桌面”。Public companies, including Facebook and Telegram have joined the cyber fight against Isil. Facebook, for instance, receives more than a million reports every day about objectionable content, ranging from nudity to terrorism, on the site.报道称,包括脸书和Telegram在内,一些公司已经加入这场对“伊斯兰国”组织的网络战。例如,脸书网站每天收到逾百万份有关违禁内容的报告,内容从色情到恐怖主义。Monika Bickert, who oversees the team that polices content on Facebook, including terrorism-related activity, told the Telegraph: ;One thing we’ve heard time and time again from academics is if you want to find terrorists online or those supporting terrorist ideologies, the best thing is to find their friends. So when we become aware of an account supporting terrorism, we look at associated accounts so we can remove them immediately.;脸书内容管理团队的主管莫妮卡·比克特对记者说:“我们不时从学者那里听到的一点是,要想发现网络上的恐怖分子或者持恐怖主义思想的人,最好的办法就是找到他们的朋友。所以我们发现一个持恐怖主义的账户后,就会查看关联账户,立即清除这些账户。” /201604/437608


  Online sales of fast-moving consumer goods in China are growing seven times quicker than in the US as some 415m Chinese millennials buy daily items over their phones, a study has found.一项研究发现,约4.15亿中国千禧一代通过手机购买日常生活用品,使得中国快速消费品(FMCG)在线销售的增速达到了美国的7倍。Over the five years to 2015, China’s online sales of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) grew at an average of 78.4 per cent, far outstripping a 10.7 per cent growth rate in the US and a 7.9 per cent rise in the UK, according to a report by OCamp;C, a consultancy. In total, online FMCG sales hit .3bn in 2015, more than the US and UK totals put together.咨询公司OCamp;C的一份报告显示,2011年至2015年间,中国快消品在线销售平均增速为78.4%,远超美国的10.7%和英国的7.9%。2015年,中国在线快消品销售总额达253亿美元,比英美两国加起来还多。The figures suggest the growing influence of millennials, born in the last two decades of the 20th century, on consumer trends in the world’s second-largest economy. “They live a very busy life, on average working 8.3 more hours per week than [richer] OECD countries,” said the OCamp;C report. “As such, consumers’ need for convenience has fuelled the surging demand to buy FMCG online anywhere, anytime.”上述数据显示出生于20世纪最后20年的千禧一代,对世界第二大经济体消费趋势的日益增长的影响力。“他们过着非常忙碌的生活,与(较富裕的)经合组织(OECD)国家相比,他们平均每周多工作8.3个小时,”OCamp;C的报告称,“因此,消费者对便利的需要助推了随时随地在线购买快消品的需求激增。”Millennials are set to dominate China’s consumer landscape over the next decade as their average annual incomes grow from ,900 in 2014 to ,000 in 2024, according to Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. In 2024, the total annual income of the group is set to be .4tn — or double the size of current UK gross domestic product.根据投资高盛(Goldman Sachs)的预测,随着中国千禧一代的平均年收入从2014年的5900美元增长至2024年的1.3万美元,他们势必将主导中国未来10年的消费格局。到2024年,这一群体的总计年收入将达到5.4万亿美元——是目前英国国内生产总值(GDP)的两倍。Millennials’ drive to spend money enjoying themselves is also evident in the surging sales of cinema tickets, international travel, pet food, water purifiers and probiotic yoghurt last year. Such products, often unavailable to past generations, also provide interludes for millions of young people who otherwise have to cope with long working hours, chronic traffic and heavy levels of pollution.千禧一代乐意花钱享受还体现在去年电影票、出境旅行、宠物食品、净水器及益生菌酸奶销量激增上。这些产品(通常是过去几代人享受不到的)还为无数年轻人提供了在长时间工作、忍受交通拥堵和严重污染之余的难得的闲暇。Although indicative of China’s defining consumer trends, the online sales of FMCG account for just 5 per cent of total retail e-commerce in the country last year, according to OCamp;C’s research. The retail e-commerce market is projected to reach to 1bn this year and could reach .57tn in 2018, according to China Internet Watch, a research group.OCamp;C的研究发现,虽然代表着中国的决定性消费趋势,但快消品在线销售仅占去年中国零售电商市场的5%。根据研究机构“中国互联网观察”(China Internet Watch),今年中国零售电商市场预计将达到9110亿美元,2018年或将达到1.57万亿美元。Such growth is not only underpinned by shifting consumer habits. Big e-commerce companies, including Alibaba and JD.com, have been investing heavily in building logistics systems to support faster delivery times. JD.com has seven “mega” warehouses, 234 large warehouses and 6,756 delivery warehouses across China, helping it to achieve a two-hour FMCG delivery time for consumers in 18 cities across China, OCamp;C said.如此快速的增长不只依靠消费习惯转变的撑。阿里巴巴(Alibaba)、京东商城(JD.com)等大型电商公司一直在投入巨资建设物流体系,以实现更快速的商品投递。OCamp;C表示,京东在中国各地拥有7个“超级”仓库、234个大型仓库及6756个发货仓库,这些仓库帮助京东在全国18个城市实现快消品两小时送达务。The online FMCG boom has also been positive for foreign companies. When Costco, a US retailer, decided in 2014 to sell food via Tmall, a subsidiary of Alibaba, it was “shocked and surprised” to ship .5m in merchandise on Single’s Day alone, the company said. Single’s Day, a discount online shopping day promoted by Alibaba, is the equivalent of Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the US. It falls each year on November 11.中国快消品在线销售的火爆对外国公司也是好消息。美国零售商好市多(Costco) 表示,2014年决定通过阿里巴巴旗下天猫商城(Tmall)销售食品时,它被“光棍节”(Single’s Day)一天就卖出350万美元商品“惊呆了”。每年11月11日的光棍节是阿里巴巴推出的在线购物打折日,相当于美国的“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)和“黑色星期五”(Black Friday)。 /201611/475968

  Hopes for a colony on Mars took a step forward after scientists proved it was possible to grow edible food in Martian soil for the first time.殖民火星的希望向前迈进了一步:科学家首次实在火星土壤上是有可能种出可食用作物的。Researchers in the Netherlands have been attempting to grow crops in soils created to simulate conditions on the Red Planet and also the Moon. Scientists of Wageningen University And Research Centre, Wageningen, were concerned that even if food grew it would contain dangerous levels of metals which would be toxic to humans.荷兰研究人员一直在试图模拟月球和火星的土壤条件,进行农作物栽培实验。荷兰瓦赫宁根大学与研究中心的科学家们担心,即便种出了农作物,其重金属含量也可能会过高,从而对人类产生有害影响。But experiments growing tomatoes, peas, radishes and rye proved that the crops were not only safe, but possibly healthier than those grown in Earth soil.但事实明,实验中种出的西红柿、豌豆、小萝卜和黑麦不仅安全,而且有可能比在地球土壤中种出的更健康。;For radish, pea, rye and tomato we did a preliminary analysis and the results are very promising,; says Dr Wieger Wamelink. ;We can eat them.;韦格·瓦梅林克士说:;我们对小萝卜、豌豆、黑麦和西红柿进行了初步分析,实验的结果充满了希望。我们可以食用它们。;Nasa has said that it wants to establish a Mars colony by the 2030s while the European Space Agency is hoping to return to the Moon even sooner. But if the plans are to be realised, astronauts will need to learn to grow their own food.美国航空航天局表示,希望在本世纪30年代在火星建立殖民地。欧洲航天局则希望能更早重返月球。而实现这些计划,宇航员得学会自己种农作物。The research showed that only radishes had high levels of aluminium, iron and nickel. They also grew significantly less well in lunar soil. However scientists think that the problem may just be on the outside and washing away the soil would be enough to bring levels down and make them safe for eating.研究显示,只有小萝卜的铝、铁和镍含量过高。小萝卜在月球土壤中的生长状况也更糟糕。不过,科学家们认为,问题可能只出现在小萝卜的表面,洗掉外层的土可能就足以使重金属含量降低,并可安全食用。It is still unknown if the take up of heavy metals is the same on Earth as it would be under the lower gravity conditions found on Mars and the Moon. Only research ‘on site’ or in will give an answer.现在不知道的是,重金属的占比在火星和月球这些重力较低的环境中是否还和在地球上一样。只有;实地;实验才能得出结论。The researchers are now planning tests on green beans, rocket and spinach and potatoes and are due to carry out further testing on vitamins, flavonoids, and alkaloids in the crops.研究人员现在打算对青豆、芝麻菜、菠菜和土豆进行实验,并对作物中的维生素、类黄酮和生物碱进行进一步的检测。 /201607/453271丹泽尔#8226;华盛顿当选美国最受欢迎影星Denzel Washington, the star of "American Gangster" and "The Great Debaters," topped the list for the second year in a row as America's favorite movie star in a new survey.The Academy-award winner was also the first choice of Democrats questioned in the annual Harris Poll, while Tom Hanks, the Republicans' favorite actor, captured the number two spot for the second consecutive year. He plays a hawkish Democrat in the newly released movie "Charlie Wilson's War.""I think what we're seeing here, is basically their types of movies," Regina Corso, director of the Harris Poll, said in a telephone interview."If you think of Tom Hanks—“Charlie Wilson’s War” notwithstanding—but if you go back to the 'Forrest Gumps,' the 'Apollo 13s' -- those very traditional, American values-type movies, I think that's why we're seeing Republicans leaning more toward him."Corso added that that a lot of Washington's movies are racially-charged and most African-Americans are Democrats.Johnny Depp, the star of "Sweeney Todd" and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy, rose four places to take the number three position, followed by Julia Roberts, the highest ranked actress on the list.Will Smith -- star of "I Am Legend" rounded out the top five.John Wayne, the only deceased star on this year's list, came in sixth place. Wayne is the only actor to rank in the poll's top ten every year since its inception in 1994.Matt Damon and former James Bond star Sean Connery tied for seventh place, while Sandra Bullock, the only other woman to make the top ten, took the ninth spot and Bruce Willis of "Die Hard" fame came in tenth.Different groups have different favorite movie stars. For men, Denzel Washington is their favorite while women cite Tom Hanks as their favorite.1,114 U.S. adults were surveyed online by Harris Interactive between December 4 and 12, 2007. 一项最新调查显示,主演《美国黑帮》和《伟大辩手》的丹泽尔#8226;华盛顿连续第二年被评为美国最受欢迎的电影明星。在哈里斯年度民意调查中,这位奥斯卡奖得主同时还是民主党人最喜爱的影星,而共和党人最喜爱的影星汤姆#8226;汉克斯则连续第二年排名第二。他在新上映的影片《查理#8226;威尔森的战争》中饰演一位鹰派民主党人。哈里斯调查机构主管蕾吉娜#8226;科索在接受电话采访时说:“两大党派对于这些影星的喜好主要取决于他们饰演的角色类型。”“说起汤姆#8226;汉克斯,尽管他出演了《查理#8226;威尔森的战争》,但如果你看看他原来演的《阿甘正传》、《阿波罗13号》等一些非常传统的体现美国价值观的电影,你就会明白为什么共和党人更倾向于他。”科索还说,丹泽尔#8226;华盛顿演过很多反映种族问题的电影,而美国多数黑人都是民主党人。出演《理发师陶德》和《加勒比海盗》三部曲的强尼#8226;戴普攀升四位,名列第三;茱莉娅#8226;罗伯茨位居其后,她是榜上排名最高的女影星。主演《我是传奇》的威尔#8226;史密斯名列第五。排在第六位的约翰#8226;韦恩是唯一入选的已故影星。此外,自该年度调查从1994年开始至今,韦恩是唯一一位每年都跻身该榜前十位的男影星。马特#8226;达蒙和老牌“007”(詹姆斯#8226;邦德)的扮演者肖恩#8226;康纳利并列第七;跻身排行榜前十位的另一位女星桑德拉#8226;巴洛克名列第九;主演《虎胆龙威》的影星布鲁斯·威利斯位居第十。此外,男性和女性的喜好也有所不同。男性更喜欢丹泽尔#8226;华盛顿,而女性更青睐汤姆#8226;汉克斯。该项由哈里斯互动调查机构开展的在线调查从去年的12月4日持续至12日,共有1114名美国成年人参加。 /200803/31400The Four Great Inventions(2)四大发明(2)It was generally believed that paper was first made by a man called Cai Lun in 105 during the Eastern Han Dynasty.人们普遍认为公元105年东汉时期的蔡伦是第一个造纸的人,However, in recent decades, earlier paper made during the Western Han Dynasty was unearthed in Xinjiang, Shanxi and Gansu.但是,最近在新疆、山西和甘肃出土了西汉时期造的纸。So it is reasonable to believe that paper was invented in the Western Han and was improved by Cai Lun in the Eastern Han.因此,我们有理由认为西汉时期就发明了造纸术,而东汉的蔡伦改进了这一技术。In later periods, different materials were used for making paper, and its quality became better and better.后来,人们利用不同的材料造纸,纸质越来越好,The famous Xuan paper, produced in Xuanzhou, Anhui Province, first appeared in the Tang Dynasty.安徽宣州所产的著名的宣纸,最先出现于唐朝。Its quality was so good that all calligraphers and painters liked to use it.它的质量很好,因此,所有的书法家和画家都喜欢使用。Even today it is still considered the best kind of paper for calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting.直至今天,人们仍认为宣纸最适于书法和国画。During the Song Dynasty, bamboo began to be used for making paper, and the output of bamboo paper increased rapidly.宋朝吋期,开始用竹子造纸,竹纸的产量迅速提高。In 751,during the reign of Tang Xuanzong, the Chinese technique of making paper was introduced to the Arab world, and from there to Europe in 1150.751年,唐玄宗统治时期,造纸术传入阿拉伯,1150年又从阿拉伯传入欧洲。In other words, Europe knew how to make paper about a thousand years late than China.也就是说,欧洲比中国晚了1000多年才知道怎样造纸。 /201508/394014


  The director of Ringing Bells, the Indian firm which claimed to be selling the world#39;s cheapest smartphone, has been arrested on allegations of fraud.号称售卖全球最便宜手机的印度手机制造商响铃公司的负责人因欺诈罪于日前被捕。Mohit Goel was held after one of the phone#39;s distributors claimed it had not received handsets it had paid for.在一家分销商公司声称未收到已付款的手机后,莫希特·戈埃尔遭到了逮捕。The Freedom 251 phone, priced at 251 rupees (.70), went on pre-sale in February 2016.这款“自由251”手机,定价251卢比(约合3.7美元),于2016年2月预售。But while many customers got their phones, Ringing Bells is accused of not fulfilling all of its orders.不过,在许多顾客收到了手机后,响铃公司却被指控未能如数发货。The distribution company, Ayam Enterprises, said it paid 3m rupees (,000) after Mr Goel persuaded it to distribute the phone. But only 1.4m-worth of devices were delivered.经销商亚扬公司表示,在戈埃尔劝说其经销这款手机后,该公司订购了价值3百万卢比(约合4.5万美元)的货。但是最终仅收到了140万卢比的货。Police spokesman Rahul Srivastava confirmed the arrest to the B. ;A number of similar complaints have been filed against him from other parts of the state. We want to investigate these claims thoroughly,; he said.警方发言人拉胡尔·斯里瓦斯塔瓦向B实已逮捕了莫希特·戈埃尔。他说:“在其他地方也出现了许多类似的指控。我们希望能彻查此案。”;It#39;s important for us to expose these scams because innocent people end up losing their hard-earned money. We are seeing an increasing number of technology-related frauds. I appeal to people to be sure before investing money into such schemes.;“我们揭穿这些诈骗的把戏是非常重要的,无辜的人们就不会再拿着他们的血汗钱上当受骗。科技诈骗日益增多。我在此呼吁人们在购买前要注意,避免掉入此类陷阱。” /201703/496490

  Mark Zuckerberg has said Facebook will do more to tackle fake news, and again denied it had in any way aided Donald Trump#39;s presidential election victory.扎克伯格日前表示,Facebook将采取更多行动应对假新闻,并再次否认Facebook以任何方式帮助唐纳德·特朗普取得总统选举胜利。In a post on his Facebook Mr Zuckerberg said he hoped to announce measures to tackle fake stories ;soon;.在他Facebook的一篇文章中,扎克伯格表示,他希望宣布措施以“尽快”处理这些假情报。He said this work ;often takes longer than we#39;d like in order to confirm changes we make won#39;t introduce unintended side effects or bias;.他说:“为了确保我们做出的改变不会造成出乎意料的副作用或者偏见,这项工作要比预期的长。”More than 99% of content on Facebook ;is authentic;. Only a very small amount is fake news and hoaxes. The hoaxes that do exist are not limited to one partisan view, or even to politics.Facebook上超过99%的内容是真实的。只有很小的一部分是假新闻和骗局。这些确实存在的骗局并不局限于某一个党派观点或者政见。He said that made it extremely unlikely hoaxes ;changed the outcome of the election in one direction or the other;.他表示,这使得这些骗局极不可能在“一个或其他方向上改变选举结果”。Mr Zuckerberg continued: ;That said, we don#39;t want any hoaxes on Facebook. Our goal is to show people the content they will find most meaningful, and people want accurate news.扎克伯格继续说道:“也就是说,我们不想Facebook上有任何骗局。我们的目标是向人们展示他们觉得最有意义的内容,人们需要准确的新闻。”;We have aly launched work enabling our community to flag hoaxes and fake news, and there is more we can do here. We have made progress, and we will continue to work on this to improve further.;“我们已经开展工作,使得Facebook用户群可以标记骗局和假新闻,我们能做的还有更多。目前已经取得了进展,我们将继续致力于此,以获得更长远的进步。” /201611/480167。


  The good news: Yahoo clearly has not spent a cent devising “Altaba”, the new name for the investment company that will be left after the operating business is sold to Verizon. The bankers’ working title of “RemainCo” is hardly less exciting.在将主营业务出售给Verizon公司后,雅虎(Yahoo)剩下的投资公司将更名为“Altaba”。好消息是:雅虎在设计Altaba的公司名时显然没花一分钱。该公司之前的暂定名称“RemainCo”令人兴奋的程度一点也不逊色。Further good news: the people who came up with what seems to be a combination of “alternative” and “Alibaba” (Yahoo’s stake in which is its most valuable asset) did not decide to call the new company “Alibernative”.更大的好消息是:想出这个貌似是“alternative”(替代物)与“Alibaba”(雅虎持有的阿里巴巴股份是其最有价值的资产)结合体的名称的人,没有决定给新公司取名为“Alibernative”。The bad news: one underwhelming naming ceremony does not signal an end to wilder rebrandings.坏消息是:一场平淡无奇的命名仪式并不意味着更疯狂的重命名的结束。Fuelled by the never-ending cycle of mergers and demergers, inventing new names is an annuity business for brand gurus and a dependable source of nonsensical justifications from the marketing department.在企业合并、分拆的无休止循环的推动下,发明新名称成了品牌大师们的一项赚取年金的业务,而企业营销部门对于新名称如何高妙会给出层出不穷的荒谬解释。I thought this sector had reached a low point in 2014, when PwC rebranded Booz amp; Company, the consultancy it had bought, as Strategyamp;. But the past year has seen the birth of Conduent, which sounds more like an intimate skin balm than the business process services group that was part of Xerox. Arconic, which makes multi-material products for aerospace groups and carmakers and emerged from Alcoa, could be an old-fashioned cocktail mixer. In fact, according to the group, the A stands for Alcoa, the “arc” for the “arc of progress”, and the “conic” alludes to the iconic products the company produces.我以为这一行业在2014年进入了低潮期,当时,普华永道(PwC)将其收购的咨询公司斯(Booz amp; Company)更名为Strategyamp;。但过去一年还诞生了一家名为Conduent的公司,听起来更像一款私密的护肤膏,而非施乐(Xerox)旗下的业务流程务集团。Arconic是一家分拆自美国铝业(Alcoa)并为航空航天集团和汽车制造商提供多材料产品的公司,其名称听起来更像一种老式鸡尾酒混合器。实际上,按该集团的说法,A代表美国铝业,“arc”代表“进步弧线”,而“conic”暗指该公司生产的标志性产品。Whatever. History suggests that if a company is successful, people do get used to its new handle, however outlandish it seems at first (think of Accenture or Diageo, at first ribbed for their portmanteau brands).随便怎么说。历史经验表明,只要企业取得成功,人们就会习惯于它的新名称,无论这个名字起初听起来多么古怪——想一想当初因使用合成词作为品牌名称而遭调侃的Accenture(埃森哲)或Diageo(帝亚吉欧)。The people I usually pity in rebranding exercises are the front-line employees. They suffer the indignity of having to explain themselves — and their new name — long after the marketing department has packed away the jargon and the branded freebies. For instance, I can only imagine the pain of staff at “Everything Everywhere” before that 2010 telecoms joint venture was renamed EE.在公司品牌重塑的过程中,我通常比较同情的是一线员工。在营销部门将宣传行话和印着品牌名称的免费赠品收起来很久以后,他们还不得不费力向别人解释自己及公司的新名称。例如,我可以想象合资电信公司Everything Everywhere的员工在2010年公司更名为EE后的痛苦。Yahoo looked an odd brand at first — though co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo’s original name “Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” was never going to last. Still, the brand was enough to energise its early hires. According to Karen Angel’s book Inside Yahoo!, published in 2002, the group’s first head of marketing even replanted her garden to bloom in Yahoo’s purple and yellow colours.雅虎起初听起来也有些怪异——虽然公司创始人杨致远(Jerry Yang)和戴维?费罗(David Filo)最初选择的公司名“Jerry#39;s Guide to the World Wide Web”(杰瑞的万维网指南)注定不会长久。不过,这一品牌足以激励公司早期的员工。据凯伦?安吉尔(Karen Angel) 2002年出版的《雅虎内幕》(Inside Yahoo!)一书描述,该集团首任营销主管甚至在自家花园中改种了象征雅虎紫色和黄色的花。Those flowers have long since wilted. Now, my sympathies are with the staff who will continue to work at the operating businesses, under the unchanged Yahoo banner, rather than the few who will run Altaba. As the once-mighty internet group’s reputation suffers slow death by a billion data breaches, a rebrand, however dull or wacky, would probably come as a merciful relief to Yahoo’s job-seeking employees.那些花早已凋零。现在,我开始同情那些顶着雅虎旧名继续从事主营业务的员工,而不是少数将运营Altaba的员工。随着这家曾盛极一时的互联网集团因10亿用户数据外泄而声誉渐毁,新名称——不管多么乏味或古怪——对于雅虎忙着找新工作的员工来说或许是仁慈的解脱。 /201701/488238

  Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker that gave Apple a run for its money, is taking on the drone world with a 0 product that undercuts market leader DJI by almost 25 per cent.曾对苹果(Apple)构成强劲挑战的中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi),将凭借一款售价610美元的产品在无人机市场展开竞争。这款产品的售价比市场领跑者大疆(DJI)低了近25%。Drones are the latest gambit for Xiaomi, which launched its first phone in 2011 and, four years later, briefly became the top-selling maker in China. But its fortunes have since faded, prompting a wave of diversification spanning smart rice cookers and air purifiers.无人机是小米下出的最新一步棋。该公司在2011年发布其首部手机,四年后便迅速成为了中国市场上销量最高的手机制造商。但自那以来,小米的好运气逐渐减弱,促使其实施了一连串多元化发展举措,其产品涵盖智能电饭煲和空气净化器。Beijing-based Xiaomi said its drone would cost about Rmb4,000 (0), versus 9 for a comparable product from Shenzhen-based DJI. It plans to unveil its first drone on May 25.总部位于北京的小米表示,其无人机价格约为4000元人民币(合610美元)。相比之下,总部位于深圳的大疆同类产品价格为799美元。小米计划于5月25日发布其首款无人机。DJI was unfazed. Spokesman Wang Fan said it commanded a strong lead over the rest of the industry and superior value. “Price was never our greatest point of appeal,” he said. “Xiaomi’s new product, regardless of its price, will not have an impact on our sales.”大疆对此并不感到担忧。大疆发言人王帆表示,大疆遥遥领先于业内其他企业,品牌价值也高人一头。他说:“价格从来都不是我们的最大卖点。小米的新产品无论价格定在多少,都不会影响我们的销售。”The global consumer drone market is expected to reach .19bn by 2024, said a new report by US-based consultancy Grand View Research. While still largely novelty items, this year’s projected sales of 4m are expected to quadruple to 16m by 2020, Bloomberg said.总部位于美国的咨询公司大观研究(Grand View Research)发布新报告称,到2024年,全球消费类无人机市场的规模预计将达41.9亿美元。彭社(Bloomberg)表示,尽管无人机在很大程度上还是一种新鲜事物,但到2020年时,无人机销量预计会达到1600万架,相对于今年400万架的预期销量等于是翻了两番。Xiaomi is just one of a number of prospective entrants looking to tap into this market and emulate DJI’s success.小米只是考虑进军这一市场并赶超大疆成就的众多潜在玩家之一。That would help it offset flagging phone sales. Xiaomi said in January it sold more than 70m phones in 2015, up from 61m the year before. But that missed both its original target of 100m and its midyear revised goal of 80m.进军无人机市场将有助于小米抵消智能手机销售不振的影响。今年1月,小米表示2015年它售出了逾7000万部手机,高于上一年的6100万部。但这一数字既未达到其最初设定的1亿部的年销售目标,也未达到其年中修订后的8000万部的年销售目标。Analysts, however, reckon drones will fail to turn around Xiaomi’s fortunes, particularly given the limited market size. “There are several zeros between the drone market and the market for smartphone,” said Bryan Ma, analyst at IT consultancy IDC in Singapore.分析师们认为,无人机不会扭转小米的运势——尤其是考虑到无人机市场规模不大。IT咨询公司IDC驻新加坡分析师马伯远(Bryan Ma)表示:“无人机市场比智能手机市场小好几个数量级。” /201605/446133

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