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Oliver: I had the most hair-raising experience of my life this past weekend.奥利弗:上周末,我经历了人生中最令人毛骨悚然的事情Alena: What happened?艾莲娜:发生了什么事?Oliver: You know that George bought an old house, right? Well, he been telling us that it haunted, so a lark, a few of us decided to spend the weekend there to see if we would have any supernatural experiences.奥利弗:你知道吗,乔治买了一间老宅?他一直说那里闹鬼,我们几个不相信,于是决定周末去那里一探究竟,看我们会不会遇上什么灵异事件Alena: Are you telling me that you saw ghosts?艾莲娜:你不会告诉我你看到鬼了吧?Oliver: Im not sure what we saw, heard, or felt. Everything was fine when we got there, but then we started hearing strange noises and I started to get goosebumps. The other guys tried to play it off, but I know they were scared, too.奥利弗:我不确定我们看见了什么,或者是听到,感觉到了什么我们去的时候一切都好,之后就开始听到奇怪的声响,然后我就开始浑身起鸡皮疙瘩其他人故作镇定地谈笑,但我知道他们也很害怕Alena: What did George say about the noises?艾莲娜:乔治说那声响是怎么回事?Oliver: He laughed when he saw us jump out of our skins, and told us we were wusses. He said he heard those noises every night and they didnt have him quaking in his boots.奥利弗:看到我们大惊小怪的样子后,他就哈哈大笑,并说我们是胆小鬼他说他每天晚上都会听见这声响,对他来说不足为奇Alena: Did anything else happen?艾莲娜:还发生了其它什么事情吗?Oliver: Well, when we went to bed, the house got very cold and drafty, like there was something passing by me very closely, but I couldnt see it. That sent me over the edge.奥利弗:当然,当我们躺在床上睡觉时,屋子变得异常阴冷就像有什么东西紧贴着我飘过去一样,但是我看不见它我害怕地躲在床沿Alena: Has it ever occurred to you that George was playing a prank on you guys?艾莲娜:你有没有想过是乔治在恶作剧呢?Oliver: A prank? It was no prank. In the middle of the night when we saw the strange faces in the windows, even George was scared stiff. By that time, all of us were petrified. It was no prank. That house is haunted.奥利弗:恶作剧?不是恶作剧午夜时分,我们看到窗子上的奇怪的脸,就连乔治也吓得僵掉那时我们都吓呆了根本不是恶作剧,那个屋子确实闹鬼Alena: Ooh, a real haunted house. Id love to spend the night there, too. Do you think George would let you stay there again and let me come, too?艾莲娜:哦,一个真正的鬼屋我很乐意去那里住一晚你认为乔治会让你在那里再待一晚,把我带过去吗?Oliver: You want me to go back to that house? get it! Wild horses couldnt drag me within 50 miles of that place again!奥利弗:你想让我重回那间屋子?休想!就算是野马也不能把我拽到离那间屋子50英里内的地方原文译文属! 197755

Real beauty真正的美丽When a first-time father cuddled his newborn son,he immediately noticed the baby ears conspicuously standing out from his head.他刚刚做了父亲,抱着刚出生的儿子,突然发现孩子的耳朵是很明显的招风耳He expressed his concern to the nurse that some children might taunt his child,calling him names like “Dumbo”.他跟护士说他很担心将来其他孩子会嘲笑他儿子,喊他“呆堡”一类的外号A doctor examined the baby and reassured the new dad that his son was healthy—the ears presented only a minor cosmetic problem.大夫为婴儿做了检查后向这位父亲保,他的儿子很健康,耳朵凸出仅仅有些有碍观瞻罢了But the nervous father persisted.不过这位情绪紧张的父亲不肯罢休He wondered if the child might suffer psychological effects of ridicule,or if they should consider plastic surgery.他担心孩子将来会因为受到奚落而影响心理健康,不知有没有必要做个整形手术The nurse assured him that it was really no problem,and he should just wait to see if the boy grows into his ears.护士也向他保真的没有关系,等孩子长大可能就好了The father finally felt more optimistic about his child,but now he worried about his wife reaction to those large, protruding ears.做父亲的终于对孩子有了些信心,不过他接着开始担心妻子见到这副又大又凸出的耳朵会作何反应She had delivered by cesarean section, and had not yet seen the child.她刚刚经历剖腹产,还没有见过孩子“She doesnt take things as easily as I do,” he said to the nurse.他对护士说:“她可不像我那样容易接受”By this time, the new mother was settled in the recovery room and y to meet her new baby.就在这时,刚刚成为母亲的妻子已经被安顿在护理病房,准备要见自己的孩子了The nurse went along with the dad to lend some support in case this inexperienced mother became upset about her baby large ears.护士随这位父亲一起进了病房,万一这位无甚经验的母亲因为孩子的大耳朵而焦急,她可以帮帮忙The infant was swaddled in a receiving blanket with his head covered the short trip through the chilly air-conditioned corridor.婴儿被裹在接生毯里,头也包了起来,以防在经过吹着空调的走廊时受风The baby was placed in his mother arms, who eased the blanket back so that she could gaze upon her child the first time.母亲抱住了婴孩,小心翼翼地把毯子移开,她终于可以第一次好好端详一下孩子了She took one look at her baby face and looked to her husband and gasped,“Oh, Honey! Look! He has your ears!”她看看婴儿的脸,又看看她的丈夫,感叹道:“哦,亲爱的!看!他的耳朵和你的一模一样!”No problem with Mom.这位母亲什么事都没有She married those ears...and she loves the man to whom they are attached.她嫁给了这副耳朵的主人…而且她深爱着长着这样一副耳朵的男人The poet Khalil Gibran said, “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”诗人纪伯伦曾经说过,“美不呈现在脸上,美是心灵之光”It hard to see the ears when youre looking into the light.你望向了心灵之光,当然很难注意到耳朵的样子了 678

Passing through the Atlanta airport one morning, I caught one of those trains that take travelers from the main terminal to their boarding gates.一天早晨去亚特兰大机场,我看见一辆列车载载着旅客从航空集散站抵达登记处Free, sterile and impersonal, the trains run back and th all day long.这类免费列车每天单调、无味地往返其间Not many people consider them fun, but on this Saturday I heard laughter.没人觉得有趣,但这个周六我却听到了笑声At the front of the first car looking out the window at the track that lay ahead were a man and his son.在头节车厢的最前面,坐着一个男人和他的儿子,他们正透过窗户观赏着一直往前延伸的铁道We had just stopped to let off passengers, and the doors wee closing again. 我们停下来等候旅客下车,之后,车门关上了“Here we go! Hold on to me tight!” the father said. “走吧拉紧我!”父亲说The boy, about five years old, made sounds of sheer delight.儿子大约5岁吧,一路喜不自禁I know we’re supposed to avoid making racial distinctions these days, so I hope no one will mind if I mention that most people on the train were white, dressed business trips or vacations and that the father and son were black, dressed in clothes that were just about as inexpensive as you can buy.车上坐的多半是衣冠楚楚,或公差或度假的白人,只有这对黑人父子穿着朴素简单,我知道如今我们不该种族歧视,我希望我这样描述没人介意“Look out there!” the father said to his son. “See that pilot? I bet he’s walking to his plane.” The son craned his neck to look.“快看!”父亲对儿子说:“看见那位飞行员了吗?我敢肯定是去开飞机的”儿子伸长脖子看As I got off, I remembered some thing I’d wanted to buy in the terminal. 下了车后我突然想起还得在航空集散站买点东西I was early my flight, so I decided to go back.离起飞时间还早,于是我决定再乘车回去I did and just as I was about to reboard the train my gate, I saw that the man and his son had returned too. 正准备上车的时候,我看到那对父子也来了I realized then that they hadn’t been heading a flight, but had just bee riding the shuttle.我意识到他们不是来乘飞机的,而是特意来坐区间列车的“I want to ride some more!”“我还想再坐一会儿!”“More?” the father said, mock-exasperated but clearly pleased. “You’re not tired?”“再坐一会儿!”父亲嗔怪模仿着儿子的语调,“你还不累?”“This is fun!” his son said.“真好玩!”儿子说“All right,” the father replied, and when a door opened we all got on.“好吧,”父亲说车门开了,我们都上了车There are parents who can afd to send their children to Europe or Disneyland, and the children turn out rotten. 我们很多父母有能力送孩子去欧洲,去狄斯尼乐园,可孩子还是堕落了There are parents who live in million-dollar houses and give their children cars and swimming pools, yet something goes wrong. 很多父母住豪华别墅,孩子有车有游泳池,可孩子还是学坏了Rich and poor, black and white, so much goes wrong so often.富人、穷人,黑人、白人,那么多人都轻易学坏了“Where are all these people going, Daddy?” the son asked.“爸爸,这些人去哪?”儿子问“All over the world,” came the reply. “世界各地”父亲回答The other people in the air port wee leaving distant destinations or arriving at the ends of their journeys. 机场来来往往的人流或准备远行,或刚刚归来The father and son, though, were just riding this shuttle together, making it exciting, sharing each other’s company.这对父子却在乘坐区间列车,享受着父子间的亲情与陪伴So many troubles in this country crime, the murderous soullessness that seems to be taking over the lives of many young people, the lowering of educational standards, the increase in vile obscenities in public, the disappearance of simple civility. 我们正面临许多问题:犯罪、越来越多的年轻人变得冷漠无情、文化水平下降、公共场合卑劣猥亵上升、起码的礼貌丧失,等等So many questions about what to do. 我们有那么多的问题要处理Here was a father who cared about spending the day with his son and who had come up with this plan on a Saturday morning.而这里这位父亲却很在意花上一天陪伴儿子,并在这样一个星期六的早上,提出这个计划The answer is so simple parents who care enough to spend time, and to pay attention and to try their best. 其实很简单:父母愿意花时间,愿意关注,愿意尽心尽职It doesn’t cost a cent, yet it is the most valuable thing in the world.这不要花一分钱,可这却是世间无价之宝The train picked up speed, and the father pointed something out, and the boy laughed again, and the answer is so simple.火车加速了,父亲指着窗外说着什么,儿子直乐,是的,就是这么简单 398567

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