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大学范文:补考之我见 --30 :3:37 来源: 补考已成为大学生的考试的重要一部分,有些学生平时不用功读书,到了考试时总想着反正还有下一次补考你觉得大学应不应该设补考呢?谈谈你的想法Remedial examinations have been part of university education many years. After careful observation, we can find that it is more complicated than we have thought.On the whole, I should say remedial examinations are necessary our educational system. On the one hand, some college students are not working hard, and if none of them fail the examination, how can we guarantee the quality of education? On the other hand, by preparing and taking part in remedial examinations, students can make up the lost time. If they can learn from this lesson, it will certainly be beneficial their future life.To make remedial examinations do the job, however, we have to make sure of several points below. one thing, we should make all the examinations as fair as possible. Some students cheat in the examinations to get high scores, and others beg the teacher a satisfactory grade. All of these people should be severely punished. another, teachers should not decide the number of students failing the test bee the examination. They should bear a standard in mind, which is comparable across the years.The remedial examination is an important part of college education. Only by planning it wisely and conducting it reasonably can we make best use of it.多年以来,补考已经成为大学教育的一部分经过仔细观察,我们可以发现,它远比我们认为的要复杂得多整体上,应该说补考是我们教育系统所必需的一方面,一些大学生学习不够努力,如果所有人都通过了考试,那么我们如何能保教学质量?另一方面,通过准备补考和参加补考,学生可以弥补错过的时间如果他们能从中汲取教训,补考必将对他们今后的生活有利然而,要使补考行之有效,我们必须保做到以下几点:一方面,我们要使所有的考试都尽可能的公正有些学生为了取得高分,就在考试中作弊,另一些人则为了得到一个满意的分数去央求老师所有这些人都应该受到严惩;其次,教师不应在考试前决定不及格学生的人数而是通过多年的教学,形成一个评价标准补考是高校教育的重要组成部分只有明智规划、合理实施,才能使这一制度最好地发挥效用范文【四】 -- :: 来源: 北京新东方学校 国内部 王菲  作文:  1,目前不少父母为孩子包办一切  ,为了让孩子独立,父母应该  how shuould parents help children to be independent?  There is no denying the fact that independence plays an increasingly important part in our daily life and we can’t help asking such a question: how should parents help children to be independent?  To begin with, it is imperative that parents provide opporties to children and allow them to participate in the social games which contribute to the independence of the children. What’s more, under the excessive care and protection of parents, these children are lack of the ability to overcome the difficulties that abound in their real life. Theree, it’s a must parents to cultivate the independence which helps their children easily conquer and frustration and depression  To conclude, it's essential us to dispose of the problem of children’s independence timely and effectively. Parents should help children develop strong independence and the abilities needed in the future. Only in this way can they be y to confront any challenges in the society of fierce competitionkinky,我记得我第一次从电视上听到这个字拿去问老美什么意思时,每个人都笑而不答,还互相推来推去,这点让我觉得非常奇怪,但却更激起我的好奇心后来我才知道,原来  第一,两者都要求内容不变英语专业四级 专四英语完形填空练习之新工作(附) --3 ::9 来源: If you were to begin a new job tomorrow, you would bring with you some basic strengths and weakness. Success or _31_ in your work would depend, to _3_ great extent, _33_ your ability to use your strengths and weaknesses to the best advantage. __ the utmost importance is your attitude. A person _35_ begins a job convinced that he isn't going to like it or is _36_ that he is going to ail is exhibiting a weakness which can only hinder his success. On the other hand, a person who is secure _37_ his belief that he is probably as capable _38_ doing the work as anyone else and who is willing to make a cheerful attempt _39_ it possesses a certain strength of purpose. The chances are that he will do well. _0_ the prerequisite skills a particular job is strength. Lacking those skills is obviously a weakness. A bookkeeper who can’t add or a carpenter who can’t cut a straight line with a saw _1_ hopeless cases.This book has been designed to help you capitalize __ the strength and overcome the _3_ that you bring to the job of learning. But in groups to measure your development, you must first __ stock of where you stand bow. _5_ we get further along in the book, we’ll be _6_ in some detail with specific processes developing and strengthening _7_ skills. However, _8_ begin with, you should pause _9_ examine your present strengths and weaknesses in three areas that are critical to your success or failure in school: your _50_, your ing and communication kills, and your study habits.31A. improvement B. victory C. failure D. achievement3A. a B. the C. some D. certain33A. in B. on C. of D. toA. Out of B. Of C. To D. Into35A. who B. what C. that D. which36A . ensure B. certain C. sure D. surely37A. onto B. to C. off D. in38A. to B. at C. of D. 39A. near B. on C. by D. at0A. Have B. Had C. Having D. Had been1A. being B. been C. are D. isA. except B. but C. D. on3A. idea B. weakness C. strengh D. advantageA. make B. take C. do D. five5A. as B. till C. over D. out6A. deal B. dealt C. be dealt D. dealing7A. learnt B. learned C. learning D. learn8A. around B. to C. from D. beside9A. to B. onto C. into D. with50A. intelligence B. work C. attitude D. weakness:31-35 cabba 36-0 cdcdc 1-5 ddbba 6-50 dcbac

、误:那些苹果品质优良并且成熟了正:那些苹果是很熟的了析:good and 作为副词讲,意思为 very 非常,thoroughly 完全地,同类的表达还有nice and(nicely),rare and(rarely),如:The car was going nice and fast. 汽车跑得相当之快

考研英语 考研:常考词汇总结(一) -- :: 来源: above beyond: 介词,后面接抽象而不是具体名词时表示“无法做到”,例如:“above comprehension”的意思是“无法理解”in the absence of something: “缺少,没有”,用于替代“in short of”或者“be lacking in”be absorbed in something: “专心从事”abuse: 用在物品词后面表示“过量使用”,用在有生命的事物后面则表示“虐待”have access to something: 这个短语最常用的意思是“to have something that you can use”,就是“能够用到”,当然,要根据它后面接的单词来判断其中文含义,比如“have access to town”表示“有道路通往市区”,“have access to the teacher”则是“有条件向老师请教”,而“have access to the Internet”则表示“有上网条件”accessible available: 形容词,中文的含义同上by accident: 介词词组,属于副词用法,修饰动作,意思是“偶然”accommodate: 英文解释为“to accept someone’s opinions and try to do what they want, especially when their opinions or needs are different from yours”或者“to get used to a new situation or to make yourself do this”,中文的意思是“接受;适应”: 名词,“解释,解说,叙述” : 本身是“解释说明”的含义,但在使用时可以翻译成“是…的原因”此外,在数字概念上表示“占…份额,比重”acknowledge: 这个词有两个常用含义,“向某个人表示感谢”或“承认”acquire: 这个词的中文非常灵活,通常由后面跟随的名词决定,如“acquire bad habits”就是“养成坏习惯”的含义在商业用语中,该词则表示“吞并”其名词形式acquisition也有这个含义action: 在军事用语中可以表示“战斗”in action: 表示“正在起作用”adapt: 动词,在科技用语中表示“(将某个领域的研究成果)应用于(另一领域)”address somebody: “对某人说话,发言”adopt: 动词有“收养”的意思afd: 用法非常灵活,总的来讲表示“承担不起”,后面可以接表示金钱,时间或者情感的词汇cannot afd to: 英文解释为“if you cannot afd to do something, you must not do it because it could cause serious problems you”,所以这个词组的中文应当理解为“不应当,一定不要做”agent: 目前的含义主要指“行政职能机构”,比如美国的很多国家机构都叫agency,另外在生物化学领域,这个词翻译成“介质,载体”,而在计算机英语中则是“务器”agree with: “使人或者身体的某个部分觉得舒适”agreeable: “惬意,令人愉快,恰倒好处”agreement: 在阅读文章时通常是“一致的意见”这个含义air: 名词有“气氛”的含义,动词则表示“公开表达或发表”in the air: 表示“悬而未决,仍在酝酿中”allow somebody to do something: 中文可以翻译成“让 使得某个人去做某件事”alone: 阅读中有时和“only”是同一个意思,即“仅仅”,但要用在单词或者句子后面ambitious: 中性词,“野心”或者“志向”的含义amount to: 在翻译或者阅读考试中的含义经常会是“竟然达到…的地步,程度”anchor: 动词有“固定,安定”的含义,如果在新闻界做名词用,则表示“新闻播音员”appeal to somebody: “吸引某个人的注意力”appeal to court: 法律用语,“上诉”appearance: 中文含义为“状况,现象”apply: 日常生活中是“涂抹,敷药”的含义词组apply to something表示“适用于”approach: 名词表示“方法,手段”,动词则是“处理,处置”appropriate to: “适用于,与之相应”argue: 在写作中可以表示“认为”,如果与介词同时使用,如“argue ”表示“持”,“argue against”表示“反对”argument: 这个词的意思一般不是“争论”,而是“观点,主张”arrest one’s attention: “引起某人的注意”art: “技术,技能”不要总是理解成“艺术”: 日常生活购物场景下表示“一件商品”assert oneself: “表现自己”或“维护自己的权利”associate: 动词主要是“与…有联系”或者“联想”名词association也是这两个含义assume: 动词,“承担任务或角色、任职”attachment: “依赖,眷恋”attend: 词义为“参加”attend to somebody something: “照料”的含义attribute: 名词表示“特点,特性”,是个褒义词authorities: “政府当局”,或者由上下文决定的“最高机构”,例如在教育的文章中,这个词可能就是“教育部或者是校方、教师”的含义back up: “持”balance: 在经济英语中指的是“账面余额”bargain: 名词形式在口语中很常用,表示“物超所值的商品”–based: 这个词缀用在任何一个地点名词的后面,表示“总部位于某个地方”bear: 最原始的含义表示“承载,承受”bearing: 用在人的身上指“品格,气质”,日常是“方向”的含义better: 动词的意思是“优于,胜过”the better part of: “大多数,大半个”bid: 动词是“吩咐,命令”,名词有的时候有“试图、企图”的含义board: 名词最常用的含义是“委员会”,动词后面接交通工具则是“上火车,上船,上飞机”bold: 在印刷术语中是“粗体字”的含义be born to do something: “天生有能力做某件事情”be bound to do something: “一定会做某件事情”branch: “分机构”,看上下文可以翻译成为“分校,分公司,分行”等等brand–new: “崭新的”ridge the gap: “缩短差距”brief: 动词可以表示“做简短介绍”,名词则是“简短会议”budget: 日常生活中可以翻译成“购物计划”build: 名词,指“人的身材”,而且应当是比较健壮的身材,多用于男士burst: 表示“(情感等的)猛烈爆发”,与其他一些单词连接使用,如“burst into tears”或者“burst into laughter”,翻译成“大哭”或者“大笑”business: “事务”but: 后面接名词时是“除…以外”,“anything but”中文为“就不是…”,而“nothing but”则为“就是…”

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