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  There is nothing as romantic as two lovers sharing a kiss。恋人之间相互接吻是一件多么美妙浪漫的事情啊。But scientists have come up with an evolutionary explanation which perhaps threatens to kill the passion。但是科学家们最近根据进化理论做的一项研究结果可能会让接吻听起来没有那么浪漫了。Academics think that kissing helps partners share bacteria, shoring up their immune systems and enabling them to better fight disease。科学家们发现接吻有助于双方分享细菌,增强免疫力,并能够帮助双方更好地抵御疾病。As many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during a ten-second kiss, according to Dutch biologists。荷兰的生物学家称,仅仅接吻10秒钟就能传播8000万个细菌给对方。Humans carry trillions of bacteria in the body, which together make up a ‘microbiota’ – a complex mix of bugs which play a crucial role in digesting food and warding off infections。其实我们每个人体内都携带有数以万计的细菌,这些细菌组合在一起就形成了“菌群”,这些“菌群”在消化系统和免疫系统中发挥着至关重要的作用。Remco Kort, from the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - or TNO - said his team set out to discover the evolutionary reason for kissing。荷兰应用科学研究组织的雷姆科·科尔特和他的团队已经开始从进化论方面探索接吻的原因。After testing 21 couples, they think kissing helps form a shared microbiota, a similar mix of bacteria living in the body。在对21对情侣进行测试以后,科尔特他们发现接吻有助于双方在各自体内形成一个共同的“菌群”。He said: ‘Intimate kissing involving full tongue contact and saliva exchange appears to be a courtship behaviour unique to humans and is common in over 90 per cent of known cultures。他说:“包括舌头接触和唾液交换的亲密接吻似乎是人类独有的一种求爱行为,接吻在目前所知的90%的文化中都很常见。”‘Interestingly, the current explanations for the function of intimate kissing in humans include an important role for the microbiota present in the oral cavity, although to our knowledge, the exact effects of intimate kissing on the oral microbiota have never been studied。“有趣的是,目前的研究发现人类的亲密接吻对口腔中的微生物有重要作用,而就我们目前所知,还没有人研究过接吻对口腔微生物群的确切影响。”‘We wanted to find out the extent to which partners share their oral microbiota, and it turns out, the more a couple kiss, the more similar they are.’“因此,我们想研究情侣间口腔微生物群的相似程度,事实明,情侣间接吻越多,他们的菌群越相似。”The researchers, whose findings are published in the journal Microbiome, found that couples who share nine intimate kisses a day had a very similar microbiota, meaning they would be better prepared to deal with similar infections and digest similar food。发表在《微生物》杂志上的该项研究结果指出,每天热吻9次的情侣间存在非常相似的微生物群,这意味着他们能更好地应对相同感染、消化相同的食物等。Scientists have long warned that modern obsession with hygiene and cleanliness has driven a boom in allergies and health problems。科学家们一直警告称,现代人的过度“洁癖”正是导致过敏等诸多健康问题的主要原因。According to the ‘hygiene hypothesis’, increasing prevalence of allergies such as asthma are caused because we are not exposed to enough germs in our daily life。根据“卫生假说”理论,现代人之所以哮喘等过敏疾病高发,都是因为我们在日常生活中与细菌接触不够。Professor Graham Rook, an immunologist at University College London, has gone so far as to say that picking food off the floor, buying a dog and regularly kissing your relatives are some of the best ways to ward off allergies。伦敦大学的免疫学家格雷厄姆·鲁克教授甚至表示,想要避免过敏,可以把掉到地上的食物捡起来照吃不误、或者可以养、经常跟伴侣接吻等。Speaking at Cheltenham Science Festival earlier this year, he advised that when a baby spits out its dummy, a mother should lick it clean and put it back in the infant’s mouth。在今年年初举行的切尔滕纳姆科学节上,鲁克教授还建议,当婴儿吐出奶嘴后,母亲应该舔干净并直接塞回婴儿嘴里。He said the problem is that the modern body is at a ‘constant state of alert’ because it is not used to living with germs。他称因为现代人的身体不适应和细菌共存,所以一直处于高度戒备状态。‘When the immune system is not needed it should get turned off completely,’ he said。“当人体不需要免疫系统的时候,它就应该完全关闭。”‘What happens these days is that often it is on a constant state of alert and it is not turned off completely。“但现在,我们的身体经常处于戒备状态,免疫系统从没休息过。”‘It will do something completely pointless like attacking grass pollen wafting past in the breeze, or attacking the neighbour’s cat when it happens to walk past, then you are going to have allergic problems.’“因此,它就会做出一些毫无意义的防卫,比如攻击风中的花粉,或者攻击碰巧走过的邻居家的猫,这样就导致了过敏问题。” /201507/385610

  Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s your hair that reveals what you’re really like.别费力去想怎么表露感情啦,你的发型造早把你“出卖”啦!Someone with glossy hair like the Duchess of Cambridge is likely wealthy enough to afford a professional blow-dry, while someone with a fringe like Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man series leaves an amicable impression on others. So, what does your choice of hairstyle say about you? Read on to find out.有人的秀发光泽如缎,如剑桥公爵夫人,这类人通常“不差钱”,去得起专业发廊;有人则留着像蜘蛛侠系列里爱玛#8226;斯通一样的刘海,给人亲切可人的印象。那么,你的发型说明你是个怎样的人呢?一起来看看吧!High ponytail高高的马尾:目标明确型If you want to show your goal-oriented side, go for a high ponytail. People with this hairstyle tend to be results-driven and logical, according to Jean Haner, a US expert in face ing who wrote The Wisdom of Your Face.如果想要展示自己目标明确的一面,那么高马尾是个不错的选择。美国面相专家Jean Haner在他的著作The Wisdom of Your Face中写道:扎高马尾的人多为结果导向型,且逻辑性很强。When she first came out as an actress, Li Bingbing’s looks were often described as fragile and feminine, partly because of her long locks. But now, her polished high ponytail has convinced everyone that she is unstoppable and will go to any lengths to achieve her goals.李冰冰刚出道时总是给人软弱、充满女人味的印象,部分原因正是她的一头长发。而现在,她将长发扎成高高的马尾,仿佛要告诉大家没有什么能阻挡她实现自己的目标。Straighten your curly hair笔直的长发:冷静果敢型Wavy hair is attractive to many. But if you have curly hair and all you want to do is straighten it, this usually means your life is too chaotic and you need to calm down.卷发能吸引很多人。但是,如果你总是想拉直自己的一头卷发,那么,十有八九是因为你觉得自己的生活太过混乱,而你想要冷静。US singer Taylor Swift is a perfect example of this kind. Long curly hair used to be her signature look, but recently she has been flat ironing her hair quite often. By making it straight, she’s controlling its intensity and giving herself a sense of calmness, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. She may have decided to enjoy herself for a moment after all the ups and downs in her love life.美国歌手泰勒#8226;斯威夫特正是这种类型的典范。长长的卷发本是她的标志,而她最近却常常将以直发示人。据美国《大都会》杂志报道,泰勒#8226;斯威夫特认为拉直头发能让自己更冷静。也许,在经历了跌宕起伏的爱情之后,现在的她想要享受一个人的平静时光。Curl your straight hair浪漫的卷发:风趣乐天型Want to have more fun in your life? Curly hair may give you away. For those who have straight hair that is always curled, it can mean they’re craving for a more interesting life. The theory is that curly hair is more interesting than straight hair and will lead to more exciting experiences.想让自己的生活更有趣?卷发正说明了你的心声。有人天生直发,却总喜欢把它们烫卷,这正意味着她们想要追寻更有趣的生活。有理论认为,卷发比直发更有趣,可以给人带来更多刺激体验。If you don’t believe it, take US singer Beyonce Knowles’ case as an example. Her curly hairdo presents a more positive and fun image to the world.如果你不相信,那么看看美国歌手碧昂斯吧,她的卷发形象给人更积极、有趣的印象。Short wash-and-go简约的短发:自信叛逆型If you have a super short wash-and-go hairstyle, you must be super confident and don’t fuss over things in life.如果你有一头“随洗随干”的超短发,那么,生活中的你一定自信、爽快。Miley Cyrus is one of those types. Long gone are the days when she was the lovely Disney star who had long wavy strands. Now she has a super short wash-and-go hairdo that is as rebellious as her personality. As she told E! Online, by keeping her hair short, she is speaking on behalf of girls everywhere, breaking the stereotype of more traditional hairstyles.麦莉#8226;赛勒斯正是这样的类型。告别了昔日的一头长卷发,她早已不再是那个可爱的迪士尼明星。现在的她留着一头超短发,彰显她桀骜不驯的个性。她在接受E! Online采访时表示,她剪短发,要代表世界各地的女孩儿们(呼吁大家)打破传统发型的禁锢。 /201412/349152Cooking Class烹饪课One day during cooking class,一天在上烹饪课的时候,our teacher ,Mrs,Brown,was extolling her secrets for preparing perfect sauces .我们的老师布朗太太正在颂扬她:准备完美酱料的秘诀。When she ordered us to the stoves to the prepare our assignments,当她把我们叫到炉子边作准备工作时,she said, ;Don#39;t forget to use wooden spoons .;她说:“别忘了要用木制的汤匙”。As I stirred my sauce ,当我在搅拌酱料时,I contemplated the physica behind the mystery of the wooden spoon我一直苦思木制汤匙奥秘的背后所隐含的物理原理,and decided it must have something to do with heat conduction.然后认定它一定与热传导有关系。I approached Mrs.Brown to test my theory .我走向布朗太太来测试我#39;韵理论。;Why wooden spoons?;I asked .我问:“为什么要用木制汤匙呢?”;Because,; she replied , ;If I Have to sit here listening to all your metal spoons banging against metal pots ,I will go nuts!;她回答:“因为,如果我必须坐在这里听你们全部的金属汤匙砰砰敲着金属的罐子,我会发疯喔”。 /201503/361448

  St.-Ouen. The name made me shudder. Whenever visitors asked me to take them to that vast set of flea markets just north of the Paris city line, I did my best to divert them elsewhere.圣图安(St.-Ouen),这个名字让我不寒而栗。无论什么时候,但凡有游客请我带他们去巴黎北郊这片庞杂的跳蚤市场,我都会千方百计劝他们换个地方。For me, getting to the Marché aux Puces de Paris/St.-Ouen was exhausting. It meant a ride on the No. 4 Métro line to the Porte de Clignancourt in the 18th Arrondissement and 15 minutes of jostling through a bazaar of cheap clothing, fabrics, leather goods, trinkets, cellphone covers, pots and pans.对我来说,光是抵达巴黎跳蚤市场(即圣图安市场)就让人筋疲力尽。它意味着你得先坐地铁4号线来到第18区的科里尼安古尔门(Porte de Clignancourt)站,然后在一条两侧摆满便宜衣、布料、皮革制品、小工艺品、手机壳、锅碗瓢盆等杂物的路上穿行15分钟,才终于到达。St.-Ouen is so big (1,700 dealers in 14 markets sp over 750,000 square feet) that the only way to get around is with a map. Even then, I tended to end up in cul-de-sacs of oppressive, overpriced crystal chandeliers, marble mantel pieces, gilt-framed mirrors and Italian floor lamps in the shape of palm trees.圣图安市场真大(在75万平方英尺的空间里,共有14个分市场,1700家店铺),若想顺利游览一遍,必须带上地图。但即使有了地图,我还是差点走进死胡同,陷入昂贵水晶吊灯、大理石壁炉台、镀金框镜子和棕榈树造型的意大利落地灯的包围之中。Then there was the bargain issue. There was a time when St.-Ouen was a place where tourists could hope to outwit the dealers. Decades ago, the columnist Art Buchwald wrote that it was a “hodgepodge of taste” where “one may find some precious thing the rest have overlooked, or he may have his pocket picked.”随之而来的是砍价问题。曾几何时,圣图安市场的游客可能比卖家更精明。数十年前,专栏作家阿特·巴奇沃德(Art Buchwald)曾撰文写道,它是个“品味齐全的大杂烩”,顾客“说不定能找到别人视而不见的珍宝,但也可能会被偷走钱包”。The part about finding some precious thing (cheap, that is) became much harder as rents soared, the dollar sank, dealers catered to wealthy foreigners and the antiques market turned digital. Having your pocket picked, however, was never a challenge.现在,找到好东西(即便宜东西)更难了,因为摊位租金飞涨,美元贬值,卖家都转而开始吸引富裕的外国游客,古董市场也越发数字化。然而顾客仍有可能遭到扒窃,这一点并无改变。So I preferred to take visitors to Puces de Vanves, the small, messy, open-air flea market on the opposite end of town, where bargains were still to be had. I showed them the proof: a 2-euro silver-plated gravy boat in the shape of a swan and a 10-euro cache of mismatched cut-crystal cordial glasses (.40 and , at .21 to the euro). I introduced them to the button man with thousands of Bakelite buttons sewn on to their original cards, and the woman with the collection of 10-euro cuff links.所以我宁可带着游客到旺福跳蚤市场(Puces de Vanves),它位于巴黎市的另一边,是个杂乱的小型露天跳蚤市场,在那儿仍然可以买到划算的宝贝。我向他们展示了如下据:一只镀银的天鹅造型肉汁盘2欧元,一组不成套的切割水晶甜酒杯10欧元。按照1欧元等于1.21美元计算,这两样物品的价格约合2.4美元和12美元。我推荐了一名纽扣匠,他家店里有数千只树胶纽扣,都缝在创意十足的卡片上,还有一名女店主,她家的各式袖扣只卖10欧元。I also logged on to vide-greniers.org, the website that announces weekly street markets. Vide-greniers literally means “empty the attics”; they range from residents participating in a neighborhood fair to itinerant professional dealers.我也会登录vide-greniers.org,该网站的名字意为“空荡荡的阁楼”,上面发布每周的街头集市清单。参与者从参加社区集市的本地居民到巡回叫卖的专业卖家,不一而足。Then, over the last two years, St.-Ouen has become cool again, as a go-to weekend destination for young Parisians as well as foreign tourists. And not only for treasure-hunting.然而在过去的两年中,圣图安市场再次酷炫起来,成为巴黎年轻一代和外国游客周末逛街的好去处。而且,来这里不仅仅是为了淘到宝贝。The Iranian-born cameraman Darius Khondji made the flea market sparkle in Woody Allen’s 2011 crowd-pleaser, “Midnight in Paris.” (In case you don’t remember, Inez dips in and out of the stalls of Marché Paul-Bert-Serpette Puces de Paris St.-Ouen, the largest of the markets; Gil wanders off and makes the acquaintance of a French antiques dealer named Gabrielle who shares his passion for the Lost Generation. The message is clear: Anyone can go to Paris and find serendipity, beautiful objects and a soul mate.)在伍迪·艾伦2011年深受欢迎的电影《午夜巴黎》(Midnight in Paris)中,伊朗出生的摄像师达利尔斯·康迪(Darius Khondji)通过镜头,让这座跳蚤市场更加光夺目。(不记得了?那我提示一下:在剧中,吉尔与伊内兹在巴黎圣图安的保罗-伯特-赛尔贝德市场逛街,吉尔偶然结识了法国古董商加布里埃,在后者的引荐之下,领略了迷惘一代的生活。电影传达的信息很清晰:人人都可以来巴黎寻找内心的宁静、漂亮的物品和灵魂的伴侣。)I discovered that it’s as easy as pie to get straight to Rue Paul Bert, one of the main streets of St.-Ouen, from the Left Bank north through Montmartre on the Right Bank via the No. 85 bus. It’s a lovely way to see Paris. As for pickpockets, warnings throughout the market and armies of both local police officers and private security guards serve as deterrents.我发现直接去保罗伯特大街易如反掌。这是圣图安市场的主路之一,从左岸北到右岸的蒙马特,可乘坐85路公交车顺利抵达。这是一种可爱的巴黎观光方式。至于扒窃行为,市场里到处都贴着警告信息,本地警察与私人安保公司都是可靠的震慑力量。Last year, the European furniture designer Habitat spearheaded a move to transform a spacious courtyard of old ateliers and warehouses on Rue des Rosiers across the street from Paul-Bert-Serpette into soaring, deluxe spaces that look more like small museums than retail shops.去年,欧洲家具设计商爱必居(Habitat)率先来到这片市场,入驻保罗-伯特-赛尔贝德市场对面蔷薇街上一座宽敞的院子,将里面的老作坊与仓库改建为高耸的奢华屋宇。而今,它看上去更像一座物馆,而非家具分销店。Habitat 1964, as the 4,300-square-foot installation is called in honor of the year the company was founded, plays cool jazz and showcases furnishings no longer in production, including its 1977 Mushroom lamp and 1993 Altona desk. Beware the prices: a rare Pierre Paulin couch in sky blue was recently selling for 15,000 euros.这家店坐拥4300平方英尺的内部空间,名叫“爱必居1964”,以此向公司的诞生之年致敬。店内播放着冷爵士乐,展览着业已绝版的家居产品,包括1977年的蘑菇屋(Mushroom)灯具和1993年的阿尔托纳(Altona)书桌。注意价格:一套珍稀的天蓝色皮埃尔宝兰(Pierre Paulin)沙发最新售价为15000欧元。Another pioneer is L’Eclaireur, which opened its seventh Paris outlet in a former chandelier repair atelier here. It offers high-end contemporary furniture, sculptures and vintage haute couture clothing. Galerie Gam next door specializes in 20th-century French furniture design from the 1950s through the 1970s; Le White, in objects in, bien s#251;r, white.另一家先锋店是“时尚侦察兵”(L’Eclaireur),这是该品牌在巴黎的第七家分店,那里曾是一家吊灯修理作坊。它供应高端的当代家具、雕塑与经典高级时装。隔壁的加姆画廊(Galerie Gam)专营20世纪的法国家居设计,包含20世纪50年代至70年代的作品。还有一家店叫“白色”,当然了,专营白色的家具。Also in the courtyard, Mademoiselle Steinitz’s industrial warehouse mixes rare furniture, fantastical sculptures, contemporary photography and formal gowns. On a recent visit, a Viennese Arts and Crafts couch with two armchairs and two side chairs was 53,000 euros; a one-of-a-kind 1910 butterfly desk and chairs by the Belle #201;poque fashion designer Paul Poiret cost 300,000 euros.院子里还有一家“司坦妮”(Mademoiselle Steinitz),它的库房里琳琅满目,包括珍稀的家具、梦幻的雕塑、当代摄影作品与正装礼。最近我逛过他们店,记得一套“维也纳艺术与工艺”品牌的沙发配两个扶手椅及两个直背单椅,售价53000欧元;一台1910年的独一无二的蝴蝶书桌和椅子,由美好年代(Belle #201;poque)的时尚大师保罗·珀瑞特(Paul Poiret)设计,售价30万欧元。Nearby, three small early-20th-century houses on Rue Paul Bert are musts for lookers who may not be buyers. Un Singe en Hiver, covered with wisteria and ivy at No. 6, features an inner courtyard with old stone crockery, a stone ostrich and antlers in a bowl. Sylvain Seron, who owns the space with his wife, Sylvie, will be eager to explain the history of the objects, including the construction of long metal tables from 19th-century industrial water tanks.附近的保罗伯特大街上,有三座20世纪早期的房屋堪称必游之地,哪怕不买他们的东西。“冬天的猴子”(Un Singe en Hiver)位于这条大街的6号,墙上缀满紫藤花与常青藤,内部的庭院里有古老的石餐具、石鸵鸟和放在碗里的鹿角。这家店铺的主人是西尔万·塞隆(Sylvain Seron)和妻子赛尔薇(Sylvie),他们会热切地向你介绍每件物品的历史,比如,那些金属长桌是由19世纪的工业水槽改造而成的。Up a stone staircase at La Petite Maison at No. 10, Fran#231;ois Casal also loves conversation, so much so that if you stay long enough he may offer you a glass of Champagne in a heavy crystal goblet. Ask him about the zinc-topped, marble-based bar with inlaid mother-of-pearl at the entrance.踏上大街10号“珀蒂特”(La Petite Maison)的石阶,你会发现店主弗朗索瓦·卡萨尔(Fran#231;ois Casal)特爱聊天。如果你待的时间够长,他会用沉甸甸的水晶高脚杯倒一杯香槟递给你。跟他聊些什么呢?不妨谈谈这座酒吧那镀锌的门楣、铺地的大理石和镶嵌着珍珠母的大门。My least favorite shop of the trio is Colonial Concept at No. 8, although it is a taxidermist’s delight, with more than a dozen stuffed peacocks, zebra heads, a stuffed leopard and a stuffed lion lying on its side; 4,500 euros will buy you a bearskin rug. Feather headdresses, white corals, polished fossils, a partial giraffe, assorted skulls, lamps made of ostrich eggs — all make it difficult for the environmentally correct visitor to embrace. Photographs are forbidden; the chilly welcome makes you wonder whether it wants customers at all.三家店铺之中我最不喜欢的是8号的“殖民概念”(Colonial Concept),尽管它是兽皮师的最爱。店里陈列着十几只孔雀标本和斑马头,墙边摆放着猎豹和狮子填充标本。4500欧元可以买到一条熊皮毯。羽毛头巾、白珊瑚、打磨光亮的化石、一只残缺的长颈鹿、分类整齐的动物头骨、鸵鸟蛋制成的台灯,凡此种种都让环保爱好者难以接受。店内禁止拍照。店员的务态度也不热情,令人怀疑他们是否根本不欢迎顾客的到来。St.-Ouen has become a better bad place to eat. For a snack or light lunch, La Buvette des Tartes Kluger in what was once a brick factory in the Habitat courtyard offers Kluger’s wide assortment of homemade sweet and savory pies; lunch can be eaten on picnic tables outside.圣图安已经成为饕餮胜地。想品尝小吃或快餐,可以去爱必居院子里的La Buvette des Tartes Kluger餐厅,店址由昔日的砖厂改建而成,供应家常制作的甜食和开胃馅饼,品种丰富,也可以在屋外的野餐桌上享用午餐。Since 2012, there is also Ma Cocotte, a high-ceilinged, two-level brasserie designed by Philippe Starck. With several small dining rooms and two large terraces, it screams new, a contrast to the flea market’s warrens of alleys. Without sufficient insulation, it also screams loud. The restaurant, which offers everything from caviar and foie gras to cheeseburgers and fish and chips, is open evenings during the week, even when the flea market is closed.2012年,这里有了一家“马可可特”(Ma Cocotte),这家占地两层的啤酒餐厅天花板很高,由菲利普·斯达克(Philippe Starck)设计。包含几个小餐室、两个大露台,簇新簇新的,与跳蚤市场的陋巷对比鲜明。由于没有足够的隔音设施,餐厅内也很喧闹。供应各种美食,包括鱼子酱、鹅肝酱、芝士堡、炸鱼和薯片,从周一到周日每天晚上开放营业,哪怕是跳蚤市场歇业的时候。There are also the old-timers, like Café Paul Bert for a reliable steak frites on Rue Paul Bert, and Le P’tit Landais on Rue des Rosiers for a slab of foie gras and green salad. A two-course lunch for two with wine at either place will cost around 35 euros, one of the best bargains at St.-Ouen.此地也有老字号,比如保罗伯特大街上的保罗伯特餐厅,供应的牛排加炸薯条值得信赖,而蔷薇街上的Le P’tit Landais则供应美味的鹅肝酱和蔬菜沙拉。两道菜的双人午餐包含酒,在这两家餐厅花费都是35欧元左右,在圣图安市场,算是最划算的了。In the past two years, about 50 shops have opened in Paul-Bert-Serpette, many by younger dealers. Mid-20th-century furniture, lighting and decorative arts in modern, unadorned spaces are popular, trendy and pricey.在过去的两年中,保罗-伯特-赛尔贝德市场内开张了大概50家新店铺,店主大都是年轻一代。店铺多是极简风格的房屋搭配20世纪中期的现代家具与照明系统,红火、时尚而昂贵。Last spring, the Parisian media magnate Jean-Cyrille Boutmy bought Paul-Bert-Serpette. He has aly implemented measures to guarantee the authenticity of the market’s objects and is planning to spruce up the site.去年春天,巴黎媒体大亨让-西里尔·布特米(Jean-Cyrille Boutmy)买下了保罗-伯特-赛尔贝德。他实施措施保障市场内所售物品的正宗,并打算把它整饬一新。Cyril Aouizerate, one of the founders of the Mama Shelter hotel in Belleville, in the 20th Arrondissement, is investing 40 million euros in a hotel that will open at St.-Ouen in 2016. To be called M.O.B., the 350-room hotel will include a cultural center with a bookstore, meditation rooms, an open-air movie theater and a vegetarian restaurant serving organic, local produce.贝尔维尔妈妈庇护所(Mama Shelter)酒店的创始人之一西里尔·奥泽拉特(Cyril Aouizerate)投资4千万欧元在第20区建造一家新酒店,2016年将在圣图安开业。它的名字叫M.O.B,有350个客房,文化中心内有书店、冥想室、露天音乐剧场和素食餐厅,供应本地有机农产品。For visitors who want to shop as well as look, all is not lost. Here is a rundown of some of my affordable favorites (or at least where good value can be found).那些购物与观光并重的游客也不会错过什么。我列了个大纲,下列店铺的东西都不贵(或至少是优质的)。The perfect scarf: vintage Hermès scarves, many of them decades-old and in the softest of silks, start at 160 euros at Le Monde du Voyage in Marché Serpette. Helen and Alain Zisul also offer a selection of perfectly preserved Louis Vuitton trunks.完美的丝巾:赛尔贝德市场的“世界旅游”(Le Monde du Voyage)店有经典的爱马仕丝巾,用最柔软的丝绸制造而成,其中许多有数十年历史,价格60欧元起。店主海伦和阿兰·芝萨尔(Helen and Alain Zisul)也有保存完美的LV系列行李箱。Paintings: Post-Cubist gouaches in oak frames by the little-known painter Jacques Marly (1885-1965) start at 950 euros. Marly painted only for pleasure during his life; his grandniece Josette Revellin has begun to sell a few at a time at Marché Serpette.绘画:橡木画框装裱的前立体主义水粉画,作者是鲜为人知的画家雅克·马尔礼(Jacques Marly,1885-1965),价格950欧元起。马尔礼一生作画只为自娱,他的侄孙女乔赛特·瑞福林(Josette Revellin)在赛尔贝德市场偶尔出售几幅他的画作。Old kitchenware: Call on Fran#231;ois Bachelier at Bachelier Antiquités at Marché Paul Bert for enamel scales, heavy copper pots, enameled metal animal prize medallions, tin molds, advertising signs, kitchen utensils, southwestern French pottery jugs and pitchers and winemaking paraphernalia. At 350 euros, the three-foot-high, cast-iron apparatus in fire-engine red to cork wine bottles was a steal.怀旧厨具:去保罗-伯特市场的“巴舍利耶古董”(Bachelier Antiquités)店寻访店主弗朗索瓦·巴舍利耶(Fran#231;ois Bachelier),赏鉴珐琅秤、沉甸甸的铜锅、搪瓷动物奖章、锡模、广告牌、厨具、西南法国的陶罐、水罐及全套造酒设备。有一套三英尺高的火红色铸铁装置,功能是用软木塞塞住瓶口,售价才350欧元,简直是白捡。Old paper: Take a detour to Paul Maurel in Marché Vernaison at St.-Ouen. For 35 years, the shop has offered old travel posters, maps and flower and animal prints.旧纸:到圣图安市场威尔内森市场的“保罗瑞尔”(Paul Maurel)店逛一圈。35年来,这家店铺一直在供应古老的旅行明信片、地图、花朵和动物图案印刷品。Costume jewelry: If you’re longing for native English speakers, also in the Marché Vernaison is Au Grenier de Lucie. Jason and Heidi Ellis gave up their jobs as sports coaches, sold their London home to move to Paris and opened up a vintage jewelry and accessories shop five years ago. If you’re not tempted by the alligator handbags, try a rhinestone tiara.人造珠宝:如果你渴望遇见母语是英语的人,就去威尔内森市场的Au Grenier de Lucie。五年前,店主杰森和海蒂·艾利斯(Jason and Heidi Ellis)放弃了运动教练的工作,卖掉了伦敦的房子,搬到巴黎,开了这家古董珠宝和饰品店。如果你对鳄鱼皮手袋兴味索然,就试试水钻头冠吧。Old postcards and photographs: Take another detour up an escalator to the Marché Dauphine and call on Philippe Rault just inside the entrance. Try out his stereoscopes for a look at early 3-D. And at 15 euros apiece, you might walk away with the perfect gift: a 60-year-old aerial photo of a Paris neighborhood. If you’re not worn out, head into the main Dauphine area for some of the market’s best bargains.老照片和明信片:再绕个路,乘坐向上的扶梯去王妃市场拜访“飞利浦·罗尔特”(Philippe Rault),这家店就在市场大门内。试用一下他家的立体镜,看看早期的3D景观。只需15欧元,你就可买走一件完美的礼物:有六十年历史的巴黎街区航拍照。如果你还没累坏,可以走进地位显要的王妃区,有些东西在这儿买特别划算。But if such a singular adventure sounds exhausting, hire a guide to do all the work — and price-negotiating — for you. Henry Personnaz, a French interior designer, has made a hobby of giving small private tours of St.-Ouen. He can customize them to suit your tempo and your taste for any object — from a 19th-century oil painting to an Art Deco silver table setting.但是,如果这种孤身寻宝听上去很累人,不妨请个导游包揽一切,他们还会帮你讨价还价。法国室内设计师亨利·波桑纳斯(Henry Personnaz)有个小小的雅好,就是在圣图安担任私人伴游。他可以根据你的喜好和品味选购旅行纪念品,包括19世纪的油画和装饰艺术风格的银餐具。If you want a brasher, nonstop, more American approach, contact Rachel Kaplan. She loves to show you what she calls “the deals”; she hates being interrupted.如果你喜欢便捷、直接、更加美国的旅程,可联系瑞秋·卡普兰(Rachel Kaplan)。她喜欢带你逛她所谓的“好买卖”;讨厌被人打断。“You know what I call the flea market?” she told a mother, daughter and grandmother on a private tour. “The Louvre — except you can go shopping.”“你知道我把这片跳蚤市场叫做什么吗?”在一次私人伴游中,她对一个由母亲、女儿和外婆组成的旅游团说。“卢浮宫啊。而且还能买东西。”Some may call that the perfect Paris outing.或许会有人觉得,这就是完美的巴黎之旅。IF YOU GO旅行指南Hours are Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit www#173;.marcheauxpuces-saintouen#173;.com; maps are available at the St.-Ouen tourism office. Guides include Henry Personnaz (parisfleavip#173;.com) and Rachel Kaplan (contact#173;@frenchlinks#173;.com).市场内店铺开放时间为每周六上午9点至下午6点,周日上午10点至下午6点,周一上午11点至下午5点。更多信息可登陆网站www#173;.marcheauxpuces-saintouen#173;.com;圣图安旅游办公室提供地图。导游包括亨利·波桑纳斯(parisfleavip#173;.com)和瑞秋·卡普兰(contact#173;@frenchlinks#173;.com)。WEBSITES IN ENGLISH英文网站:L’Eclaireur, leclaireur.com/en.时尚侦察兵,leclaireur.com/en.Mademoiselle Steinitz, mademoisellesteinitz#173;.com.司坦妮,mademoisellesteinitz#173;.com.Un Singe en Hiver, unsingenhiver#173;.com.冬天的猴子,unsingenhiver#173;.com.Le Monde du Voyage, lemondeduvoyage#173;.com/defaultan.htm.世界旅游,lemondeduvoyage#173;.com/defaultan.htm.Paul Maurel, poster-paul.com.保罗瑞尔,poster-paul.com.Au Grenier de Lucie, augrenierdelucie#173;.com.Au Grenier de Lucie饰品店, augrenierdelucie#173;.com.WEBSITES IN FRENCH法文网站:Paul-Bert—Serpette, paulbert#173;-serpette.com.保罗-波特-赛尔贝德市场, paulbert#173;-serpette.com.Habitat 1964, habitat.fr#173;/vintage.爱必居1964, habitat.fr#173;/vintage.Galerie Gam, galeriegam.fr.加姆画廊, galeriegam.fr.aLa Petite Maison, lesmerveillesdebabellou#173;.com.珀蒂特,lesmerveillesdebabellou#173;.com.Colonial Concept, francoisdaneck#173;.com.殖民概念, francoisdaneck#173;.com.La Buvette des Tartes Kluger, tarteskluger.com.La Buvette des Tartes Kluger餐厅,tarteskluger.com.Bachelier Antiquités, bachelier#173;-antiquites.com.巴舍利耶古董,bachelier#173;-antiquites.com. /201412/350066

  Welcome to the six o’clock news! Our top story tonight: An armed criminal robbed the Iron Lifts Gym earlier today and then fled on foot.欢迎收看六点钟新闻报道!今晚新闻头条是:一个武装劫匪在今天较早前抢劫了健身房,然后徒步逃跑。Police have been in pursuit for hours, but the culprit has yet to be apprehended.警方追踪了数小时,罪犯仍未被逮捕。(小编有话说:在跑步机上抓贼,如此特殊,极为罕见,罪犯是呆,警察是猪呀╮(╯▽╰)╭) /201506/375909

  Sitting in a dark movie theater, leaning forward with your eyes fixed on the screen and hands clenching the edge of the seat, you hear the couple behind you “whisper”: “Is that Matt Damon?”坐在漆黑的电影院里,双眼紧紧盯着前方的屏幕,双手紧握座椅的把手,你听到你身后的一对“窃窃私语”:“那是马特·达蒙吗?”“Who is Matt Damon?”“马特·达蒙是哪只?”“The guy who played in the Bourne series!”“《谍影重重》里的那只啊!!”Most of the time you roll your eyes, hating them for ruining your experience. But somewhat bizarrely, these interruptions have themselves become a form of entertainment – though at least, the creators of these “interruptions” have the good grace to do them in text form.大多数你会白他们几眼,好讨厌他们毁了你的观影过程。但是有点奇特的是,这些打断观影成为了一种形式——虽然至少,这些个“打断的字眼”的创始人以文字的形式玩的乐此不疲。Video streaming websites in China have proven to be fertile ground for a giant community of “subtitles shooters” who revel in the creation and sp of memes, slang terms, and pop culture references, which find their way onto screens during movies, in subtitle form.中国的视频网站对于广大“发弹幕狂人”来说可是片广阔的沃土,他们着迷于在电影屏幕上以字幕的形式创造和扩散“么么哒”这种文化词啦,俚语啦,和流行文化。The “Bullet Subtitle” feature has been adopted by the biggest websites in China such as Tudou and iQiyi, and even appeared during a theater screening of the paean to feminine materialism Tiny Times 3. It even made its way into classes when a professor at a university in Wuhan allowed students to create live subtitles during class presentations. This function also became possible during a live concert by Chinese pop duet Yu Quan.“弹幕”已被中国最大的视频网站,比如土豆和爱奇艺采用,甚至《小时代3》线下上映时也有出现女性唯物主义赞歌(小编OS:你逗我?!)它甚至在武汉大学里,被一位教授运用到课堂上,他允许学生在做课堂展示时可以实时发弹幕。中国流行音乐二人组羽泉的演唱会上也用上了这种功能。The service, or phenomenon, is called 弹幕dàn mù, which literally translates to “bullet subtitles”. The word refers to the commentaries shooting across the screen, in the style of an arcade shooting game. Originally from Japan, “bullet subtitles” are said to have come to China thanks to anime lovers and followers of what would commonly be considered otaku culture.这种务,或是说现象,被称为“弹幕(dàn mù!筒子们再不要读错啦),翻译成“bullet subtitles”。这个名词指的是在屏幕上弹出的,以一种街机射击游戏的赶脚。最先起源日本,据说“弹幕”传到中国都是动漫爱好者的功劳,通常被看作是御宅族文化的一种。Although initially “bullet subtitles”were offered for forms of animation that are often referred to as two-dimensional works (二次元, 2-D), three dimensional works (三次元) –those that involve real people such as films and TV shows –began following the trend.虽然一开始“弹幕”只是动漫的一种吐槽形式(通常指的是二次元),如今三次元——那些有真人出演的电影和电视剧——也赶上了这股潮流。Websites such as AcFun and Bilibili themselves became the subjects of affection and admiration.A站和B站成为了弹幕者们喜爱和崇拜的圣地。To cinephiles, “bullet subtitles” sound like a blasphemous intrusion. But for “bullet subtitle” aficionados, they makes viewing more enjoyable, fulfilling, and worth repeating.对于影迷来说,“弹幕”听上去就是种不知好歹的打断观影的行为。但是对于“弹幕”狂热爱好者来说,弹幕让观影更有意思,更开心,并值得一遍遍重温。There are several main types of bullet commentaries:以下是几种主要的弹幕:Snarky remarks (吐嘈tucao) –directed towards the Chinese subtitles, actors, characters in the , or plot progression.吐槽——针对中文字幕,演员,剧中角色,或是情节进展。General comments: such as “the lighting is excellent”, “her acting in this scene is mindblowing”, and “hahahas.”普通:比如“灯光美翻了”,“她这个场景的表演好让人亢奋嗷嗷”,以及“哈哈哈”Helpful explanations for understanding the . These are the most useful comments because they usually help explain the plot, the background story, the significance of lines lost in translation, references, and visual elements easily overlooked.帮助理解视频的注解。这些是最有用的了,因为它们通常帮助观众解释情节,故事背景,翻译中遗漏了的台词,参考资料,还有容易忽视的视觉要素。Interactions among users: there are often discussions among viewers, such as if cheating is justified. Sometimes there can be a Qamp;A regarding other viewers’ comments, e.g. why Benedict Cumberbatch is called “Curly Fu”, why Watson is “peanut”, and why Kristen Stewart is “facial paralysis girl”.用户间的互动:观众通常都会讨论,比如作弊是否正当。有时候也可以是关于其他观众的问答,比如:为什么本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇叫‘卷福’,为什么华生叫“花生”,还有为什么克里斯汀·斯图尔特是“面瘫脸”。Inside jokes or memes. For instance, the opening sequence of every Person of Interest episode begins with viewers filling the screen with “You/We are being made into a watch”. The joke first began when the opening line “we are being watched” was translated into a literal “we are made into a watch” early in the series, and viewers turned the mistranslation into a tradition.圈内笑话或媒母。举个例子,每集《疑犯追踪》的开场,观众都在屏幕上打满了“你们/我们正在被做成表。”这个笑话起先源于开场白“我们正被监视着”直译就变成了“我们正被做成表”,观众把这种错误的翻译当成了传统。 /201501/353885。

  The piece was jade, a cylindrical Chinese cong from the sixth century B.C., and Lu Yizheng, a 33-year-old collector from Shanghai, was all over it. Nose to the stone, he followed the pinpoint beam of his small penlight, looking for imperfections, as four friends pressed against him for a closer view and loudly debated the merits. “This is the best of the jade I have seen,” Mr. Lu said. “The size and the quality are good; so is the provenance of the jade.”33岁的上海收藏家陆一征(音译)俯身观看一块来自公元前六世纪中国的圆柱形玉琮,鼻子都快贴到石头上了,他用小小的笔形电筒照着,试图寻找瑕疵,四个朋友挤在他身边仔细观看,大声品评。“这是我见过的最好的玉,”陆说。“尺寸和质量都很好,玉的来源也好。”Chinese dealers, collectors and art lovers have been out in force at Christie’s, which is auctioning the art collection of Robert Hatfield Ellsworth in five days of sales that begin on Tuesday, with a week of online sales to follow. Ellsworth, a revered connoisseur who died last year, amassed one of the finest private collections of Asian art in the West, and the presale estimates total million. Jin Zhao, who collects Tang and Song dynasty porcelain in a small way, flew in from Tianjin, China, hoping to pick up one or two pieces. “It’s worth it,” he said. “This is a very great collection.”从周二开始,佳士得拍卖行将开始拍卖安思远(Robert Hatfield Ellsworth)的藏品,为期五天,其后还将举办一周的在线销售,中国的经销商、收藏家和艺术爱好者们趋之若鹜。安思远是一位备受尊崇的收藏家,于去年逝世,拥有西方世界最精美的私人东方艺术藏品,预售估价3500万美元。小规模收藏唐宋瓷器的靳昭(音译)从中国天津赶来,希望能买下一两件物品。“物有所值,这是非常棒的收藏,”他说。The Ellsworth sale puts a giant exclamation point on Asia Week, an annual event that makes New York the prime destination for dealers, museum curators, scholars and collectors from around the world, a varied group that included sharp-eyed young collectors in down jackets and jeans, middle-aged dealers hunting their quarry in small packs, tweedy connoisseurs and Chinese women dressed up to Ming vase standards.安思远的拍卖是“亚洲周”的重头戏,这项一年一度的活动吸引着全世界的交易商、物馆策展人、学者与收藏家们赶到纽约,其中不乏目光敏锐、身穿羽绒与牛仔裤的年轻收藏家,寻找小型物品的中年交易商,身穿粗花呢西装的文物行家与打扮得像明代花瓶般漂亮的中国女性。“It is the largest constellation of Asian art on the face of the earth,” said Jay Xu, director of the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, who is leading a team of about two dozen curators, board members, collectors and donors to New York for a furious round of looking, meeting, greeting, publicizing and acquiring. “It is very rich.”“这是地球上最大的亚洲艺术精英人群了,”旧金山亚洲艺术物馆馆长许杰(Jay Xu)说,他率领二十多名策展人、董事会成员、收藏家与捐赠者来到纽约,进行一系列热闹的参观、会面、寒暄、公关和购买活动。“非常丰富。”Mr. Xu was referring to the week’s events: the exhibits, often museum quality, at the more than 40 dealers who participate in Asia Week; the shows and lectures at institutions like Asia Society and the Japan Society; the two dozen auctions of Asian art at Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams and Doyle; and benefit parties like the one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to celebrate the centenary of its Asian art department.许杰指的是本周的活动:40多名参加本次亚洲周的交易商举办了各种展览,大都具备美术馆品质;亚洲协会和日本协会等机构将带来展出与讲座;苏富比、佳士得、邦瀚斯和道尔拍卖行将推出20多场亚洲艺术拍卖会;来自大都会艺术物馆为庆祝该馆亚洲艺术部门成立一百周年而举行的慈善晚会等。But Mr. Xu could just as well have been talking money. In a good year, Asia Week accounts for about 0 million in sales, as it did in 2014. In 2011, when Chinese buyers were spending not just freely but in many cases recklessly, the sales figure reached 0 million. This year’s Ellsworth auction could have a similar inflationary effect.但许杰也可能是在说金钱。在2014年这样的好年头,亚洲周上的成交额可以达到两亿。在2011年,中国买家的表现不仅仅是慷慨,很多情况下简直可以用“不顾一切”来形容,当年的销售额达到了2.5亿。今年,安思远的拍卖上也可能会出现类似盛况。Joan B. Mirviss, a week before Asia Week opened on Friday, said that she had aly sold 75 percent of the 44 Japanese storage jars, ancient and modern, that she spent two years assembling for the exhibition “Tsubo: The Art of the Vessel.”亚洲周于周五开幕,一个星期前,琼·B·默维斯(Joan B. Mirviss)说,她在售的44个古代和现代日本储物罐已经卖出了大约75%,它们原本是为“壶:容器的艺术”展览而收集的,花了她两年的时间。Suneet Kapoor, a partner in Kapoor Galleries, a dealer in Indian art, said that Asia Week accounted for more than 50 percent of his annual sales. Other dealers attribute anywhere between one-third and two-thirds of their annual business to the event, which runs for nine days.卡普尔艺术馆的合作者萨尼特·卡普尔(Suneet Kapoor)是印度艺术交易商,他说亚洲周上的销量占了他年度销量的50%。其他交易商在亚洲周上卖出商品的比例约占全年销售额的1/3到2/3不等。这项活动持续九天。Less than 10 years ago, the market for Asian art in New York looked quite different. The International Asian Art Fair, held for many years at the Park Avenue Armory, went bust at the end of 2008, a victim of the economic downturn.不到十年前,纽约的亚洲艺术品市场还完全是另一番景象。国际亚洲艺术览会多年来一直在公园大道军械库举行,最终于2008年底宣告破产,成了经济低迷的牺牲品。Ms. Mirviss and the Korean art dealer Jiyoung Koo hastily organized a confederation of 16 dealers, which they called Asian Art Dealers of the Upper East Side, to hold open houses that, collectively, would replace the art fair. At the same time, a half-dozen dealers making up the Japanese Art Dealers Association staged their own show, which has become an annual event.默维斯和韩国艺术交易商Jiyoung Koo与16位交易商仓促成立了“上东区亚洲艺术交易商协会”,他们联合举办公开活动,试图取代艺术览会。与此同时,六七个交易商成立了日本艺术交易商协会,也推出了自己的展览,后来发展为一年一度的活动。From these beginnings, Asia Week quickly developed into its current hybrid form. “We are not an art fair,” said Carol Conover, the director of Kaikodo Asian Art and the chairwoman of Asia Week. “We are something very different. The intimacy of a gallery is different than being on a floor in a big room.”亚洲周就是在这些起源的基础上发展起来的,很快有了目前这种混杂的形式。“我们不是艺术览会,”怀古堂亚洲艺术馆(Kaikodo Asian Art)馆长兼亚洲周主席卡罗尔·康诺瓦(Carol Conover)说,“我们非常不一样。艺术馆的亲近感和在一个大房间里占一层的地方是很不一样的。”The lack of a central location turned out to have advantages. “Doing it this way enables me to have my library here, to have private meetings with clients,” Ms. Mirviss said. The concentration of galleries, especially along Madison Avenue in the 70s and 80s, makes it possible for buyers to cover a lot of ground quickly and to see art in intimate settings. The intangible reassurance of bricks and mortar, moreover, is no small thing in a market where trust counts for everything.亚洲周没有中心场馆,这也成了有利条件。“这种做事方式让我可以在这里拥有自己的书房,和客户私下里会面,”默维斯说。各家艺术馆的位置相对集中,特别是70年代到80年代,都集中在麦迪逊大街,因此买家可以很快走很多地方,以亲密的方式观看艺术品。此外,在这个“信任就是一切”的市场里,实体店铺那种难以言喻的安全感也非常重要。“In a way, it became more dynamic when it left the armory,” Mr. Xu said. “You’re hopping around New York to see all the offerings.”“在某种程度上,离开军械库后,这项活动变得更有活力了,”许杰说。“你可以在纽约到处跑,去参观所有东西。”Not everyone is enthralled with the hustle and bustle. “In a way, I love it and hate it,” said James Lally, who deals in Chinese art at his gallery, J. J. Lally. “Everybody shows up, but you can only spend 30 seconds with each person. It’s difficult to maintain a polite relationship with your clients.”不是所有人都喜欢这种忙乱。“在某种程度上,我对此又爱又恨,”詹姆斯·拉里(James Lally)说,他的画廊名叫J·J·拉里,也经营中国艺术。“所有人都会出席,但你只能花30秒钟去接待一个人。要想和客户保持彬彬有礼的关系很困难。”Asia Week has prospered in a decade dominated by bad economic news, thanks almost entirely to wealthy Chinese dealers and collectors, whose free spending and deep pockets have led to the first Asia Week in Paris, scheduled for June, and a new branch of Art Basel in Hong Kong, which started on Sunday and will run for three days. “The dominant force is the Chinese buyer,” Mr. Lally said. “They buy 75 to 80 percent of the Chinese art at the auction houses.”在这个经济不景气的十年,亚洲周却一直保持着繁荣昌盛,这多亏了富裕的中国交易商与收藏家们,他们出手慷慨,身家阔绰,因此今年六月,巴黎也要举办第一届亚洲周了,此外,香港也开办了巴塞尔艺术展的分展,于周日举行,持续三日。“中国买家是最主要的力量,”拉里说,“他们买下拍卖行75%到80%的中国艺术品。”Kimberly Masteller, curator of South and Southeast Asia art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, said, “I have been amazed by how many young-looking agents there are, scouting for galleries, dealers and buyers in China.”尼尔逊-阿特金斯艺术馆南亚与东南亚艺术策展人金伯利·马斯特勒(Kimberly Masteller)说:“有很多看上去很年轻的代理人在中国寻找画廊、经销商和买家,这让我感到惊讶。”Dealers turn somersaults to please them. “It is hard to grasp what to display, to get it right,” said Michael C. Hughes, a dealer renting space in Shepherd W amp; K Galleries on East 79th Street. Known for Chinese snuff bottles, he has added a selection of colorful Chinese earthenware camels this year. “Tang sancai ware, which used to be dead, has picked up in the last year,” he explained. “The Chinese want it.”经销商千方百计地取悦他们。“选择正确的展品是非常困难的,”迈克尔·C·休斯(Michael C. Hughes)说,他在东79街的谢泼德 W amp; K画廊租有一处空间,以出售中国鼻烟壶闻名,今年他又增加了一个中国陶骆驼系列。“唐三一度已经无人问津,去年又起死回生,”他解释,“中国人想要。”They also want art from Nepal, Kashmir and Tibet, the regions through which Buddhism made its way to China. Mr. Kapoor said that he first noticed the trend about six years ago, when Chinese dealers began paying top dollar and then some for bronzes, in many cases regardless of quality. That has changed. “In the last three or four years we have seen collectors, some of them wanting to build museums,” he said. “They have really been educating themselves.”他们还想要尼泊尔、克什米尔和西藏艺术品,它们都是佛教传入中国时途经的地点。卡普尔说,六年前,他最早注意到这种趋势,当时中国商人开始大笔花钱购买这些东西,还购买一些青铜器,很多情况下根本不管质量如何。这种情况已经有所改变。“在过去三四年间,我们看到一些收藏家想建物馆,”他说,“他们真地自学了不少东西。”And they have been showing up in droves. Francesca Galloway, a London dealer in Indian art showing at W. M. Brady amp; Company, on East 80th Street, put it bluntly: “If you’re a collector and you’re not here, you’re not in the game.”他们已经成群结队,陆续到来。伦敦印度艺术交易商弗朗西斯卡·加洛威(Francesca galloway)来到东80街的W·M·布拉迪与公司店,她坦率地说:“如果你是一个收藏家,却没有来这里,那你就完全落伍了。” /201503/364793

  When your sleeping, your body is hard at work for you so why not try one or all of these beauty habits to give your body a little help. So that when you wake up you will not only feel refreshed but gorgeous as well。当你睡着的时候,你的身体仍处于努力工作的状态。那么,为什么不尝试着用一些美容习惯来给你身体一点帮助呢。当你醒来的时候,你不但会觉得自己焕然一新,而且更加美丽。1 Remove all your makeup-Yes, all of it卸掉所有的妆容2 Use two pillows用两个枕头3) Do a spot treatment…with a purifying mask用面膜净化脸上的污点4) Turn on a humidifier打开加湿器5) Go to town with hand cream睡前用护手霜6) Sleep on a luxe pillowcase用一个奢侈的枕套(如蚕丝枕套)7) Pin your hair back睡觉时盘(扎)起头发8) Get eight hours of sleep睡够8小时9) Try a leave-on exfoliator适当去角质10) Use eye cream用眼霜Vocabulary:1、gorgeous 英 adj. 华丽的,灿烂的;极好的2、makeup 英 n. 化妆品;组成;补充;补考3、pillowsn. 枕头(pillow的复数);靠垫v. 靠(pillow的三单形式);搁在枕上;给…当枕头4、spot 英 n. 地点;斑点vt. 认出;弄脏;用灯光照射vi. 沾上污渍;满是斑点adj. 现场的;现货买卖的adv. 准确地;恰好5、purifying n. 净化;精制v. 使纯净;精炼(purify的ing形式)6、humidifier 英 n. 增湿器,[建] 加湿器7、exfoliator n. 去角质 /201507/386189

  Boris Nemtsov, who was shot dead in Moscow on Friday, was one of the most charismatic Russian politicians of the post-Soviet era, a tireless campaigner and fiery orator renowned for his uncompromising opposition to the Putin regime.上周五在莫斯科被杀的鲍里斯#8226;涅姆佐夫(Boris Nemtsov)是后苏联时代最有魅力的俄罗斯政治家之一。他是一名不知疲倦的活动家和慷慨激昂的演说家,以毫不妥协地反对普京政权而闻名。He rose from humble origins to scale the heights of Russian power and was once touted as a future president. But after being booted out of office in 1998 he gradually emerged as one of the Kremlin’s most outspoken critics.他出身于普通家庭,后来一步步进入俄罗斯最高权力阶层,并一度被誉为未来的总统人选。但在1998年失势之后,他逐渐成为最直言不讳批评克里姆林宫的人士之一。In words that now sound prophetic, Nemtsov recently expressed fears for his life. In a February 10 interview with Sobesednik, a news website, he related how his mother would often say: “When will you stop railing against Putin? He’ll kill you!”涅姆佐夫不久前表达了对自己人身安全的担忧,这些话现在听起来像是预言。在今年2月10日接受新闻网站Sobesednik采访的时候,涅姆佐夫提到了自己母亲经常说的话:“你什么时候才会停止批评普京?他会杀了你!”Asked if he feared for his life, he said: “You know, yes, a little bit. But if I was really scared, I would hardly be the leader of an opposition party.”在被问及是否担心自己的性命时,他说道:“你知道,是的,有点担心。但如果我真的害怕的话,我就很难成为反对党的领袖。”Nemtsov was born in the Black Sea town of Sochi in 1959 of a Jewish mother and Russian Orthodox father. In the 1980s he studied physics at the state university of Nizhny Novgorod, known as Gorky in Soviet times.涅姆佐夫于1959年出生于黑海岸边的索契市,母亲是一名犹太人,父亲信奉俄罗斯东正教。上世纪80年代,他在下诺夫哥罗德(Nizhny Novgorod)国立大学攻读物理学专业——下诺夫哥罗德在苏联时代被称为高尔基市。He was swept up in the intellectual and political ferment of the glasnost era and by 1990 had been elected to the Russian Supreme Soviet or parliament. There, he caught the eye of Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first democratically elected president, who appointed him governor of Nizhny Novgorod the following year.涅姆佐夫迅速投身于俄罗斯开放时代的思想和政治运动浪潮中,到1990年,他当选为俄罗斯最高苏维埃(即俄罗斯的议会)人民代表。在那里,他引起了俄罗斯首位民选总统鲍里斯#8226;叶利钦(Boris Yeltsin)的注意,后者在第二年任命其担任下诺夫哥罗德州州长。In this position, he turned the city into a laboratory of market reforms. Nemtsov was one of the first provincial officials of the Yeltsin era to auction farmland and sell state-owned shops and other businesses. And with his distinctive unruly black curls, engaging smile and colourful language, he was the closest thing Russia had to a popular, western-style politician.涅姆佐夫在下诺夫哥罗德任职期间积极开展市场改革试验。他是叶利钦时代首批拍卖农田并出售国有商店和其他企业的省级官员之一。涅姆佐夫有着独特不羁的黑色卷发、迷人的微笑和风趣的言辞,广受欢迎,是俄罗斯最接近西方风格的政客。In 1997, Yeltsin brought him to Moscow to work in the government. During this period, in which he rose to the rank of deputy prime minister, he was closely associated with liberals such as Anatoly Chubais, the architect of Russia’s privatisation programme.1997年,涅姆佐夫受叶利钦提携进入俄罗斯政府工作。在此期间他曾担任俄罗斯副总理,并与俄罗斯私有化项目设计师阿纳托利#8226;丘拜斯(Anatoly Chubais)等自由派人士关系密切。He grabbed headlines with eye-catching initiatives such as insisting that Russian ministers switch from Mercedes to domestically produced cars. Many saw him as a potential successor to Yeltsin.涅姆佐夫坚称,俄罗斯部长应将座驾从奔驰换为国产车,这类吸引眼球的提议让他登上了新闻头条。许多人将其视为叶利钦的潜在接班人。But he lost his job in August 1998 during the fallout from a financial crisis that saw Russia default on its domestic debt and which tarnished the reputation of the Yeltsin-era reformers.但在1998年8月他丢掉了副总理职位,当时金融危机肆虐,俄罗斯无力偿还国内债务,叶利钦时代改革家们的名声受损。He later drove efforts to create a liberal party that would bring together all reformist forces in Russia. He was one of the founders of the “Union of Right Forces” and was elected to the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament where he sat between 1999 and 2003. But his star waned with the rise of Vladimir Putin, who after becoming president in 2000 gradually curbed the democratic freedoms of the Yeltsin era.涅姆佐夫后来致力于创建一个将俄罗斯所有改革派力量联合起来的自由党派。他是“右翼力量联盟”(Union of Right Forces)的创始人之一,并在1999年至2003年当选为俄罗斯杜马(即议会下院)议员。但随着弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)的崛起,他的光环褪色。普京在2000年当选总统之后逐渐遏制了叶利钦时代的民主自由力量。Unlike other leading liberals of the 1990s, such as Chubais, Nemtsov refused to reach an accommodation with the Putin regime, remaining an implacable opponent of the new leader.与上世纪90年代的丘拜斯等其他主要自由派人士不同,涅姆佐夫拒绝与普京政权达成和解,依然不遗余力地反对普京。He continued to found and lead liberal parties, and ran for mayor of Sochi in 2009, coming second with 14 per cent of the vote despite little coverage in the mostly state-run media. In 2013 he was elected to the regional parliament of Yaroslavl, northeast of Moscow.他继续创立和领导自由党派,并在2009年竞选索契市市长,以14%的得票率位列第二,不过基本上由政府控制的俄罗斯媒体对此鲜有报道。2013年,他当选位于莫斯科东北方向的雅罗斯拉夫尔(Yaroslavl)州杜马议员。But he was better known for organising street protests and rallies, and became a driving force behind the anti-Putin demonstrations of 2011 and 2012. He was often detained by police, and was sentenced to 15 days in jail in January 2011.但他更为人所知的是组织街头抗议和集会活动,并推动了2011年和2012年反对普京的游行示威。他经常被警方拘捕,并在2011年1月被判处15天监禁。He also published reports on official corruption, and in recent months had been investigating Russian involvement in the war in eastern Ukraine.他还发表了关于官员腐败的报告,最近几个月一直在调查俄罗斯是否卷入乌克兰东部的战争。The attack on him came less than two days before he was to take part in another rally to protest against what he called “Putin’s covert war against Ukraine”. After Friday’s events, that was turned into a memorial march to mark Nemtsov’s eventful life — and tragic death. Guy Chazan and Kathrin Hille在涅姆佐夫遭杀之时,距他原本要参加被其称为“普京对乌克兰隐秘战争”的抗议活动已不到两天时间。在上周五的事件之后,这场抗议活动已转变为对涅姆佐夫跌宕起伏的一生及其悲剧性死亡的悼念活动。 /201503/362185

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