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The day pingpong changed the world 老美眼中的“乒乓外交” Thirty-seven years ago, America feared China, then the largely unknown Communist giant of the Far East. But as N’s John Larson reports, all of that changed thanks to a little white ball. With a world about to descend on Beijing for the Olympic Games, it may be difficult for some younger people to imagine that Communist China was once largely cut off from the Western World. Then, at the height of the cold war, that began to change in a most remarkable way. John Larson has the story tonight of "a diplomatic breakthrough----pingpong style". The Chinese economic miracle, the Beijing Olympics may have never happened without the help of a little, white ball. Liang Geliang from China and George Braithwaite of the U. S. played an exhibition match at the Nixon Library this month. Both were members of their countries' pingpong teams 37 years ago which arguably changed history. In 1971, America feared the largely unknown communist giant (Communist China seeks to sp its own brand of global revolution). But that's when a long-haired American pingpong player missed his team bus in Japan and befriended the world's NO. 1 Chinese player. N correspondent John Rich watched as the unlikely friendship became international news and the American team was invited to be the first Americans inside the mysterious China in 20 years. (A remarkable display of warmth and good will. ) "Well, I ve never landed on the moon but it was a little bit like that." The American athletes were welcomed by the Chinese Premier himself. Crowds of 18,000 turned out to watch exhibition matches, in which it can now be said the Chinese let the Americans win. "Do you think the Chinese guy went easy on you because you were an American visitor?" "I, I would say yes. " "You think so?" " I think so! "All of which stunned the Nixon White House, "It was a pretty clear signal that the Chinese were looking for a fundamental change in the relationship." White House tapes reveal Nixon recognized the matches were a diplomatic breakthrough. "We want to get everything that we can out of this... That we not appear to exploit it." Within days, the groundwork was laid for a Nixon's historic trip to China, which soon opened China with all its exotic wonders to the world. But perhaps the Chinese leaders said it even better. In essence, they had let the little ball move the big ball. John Larson, N News, Los Angles. 参考中文翻译:37年前,美国惧怕中国,那时不为人知的远东地区共产主义大国。但是,幸亏一个白色的小球,一切发生了变化。N新闻的John Larson报道。世界性的奥林匹克即将在中国北京拉开帷幕,年轻一代可能无法想象,共产主义中国曾经一度被西方世界排斥。冷战时期,发生了举世瞩目的变化,今晚John Larson将向我们讲述乒乓外交的故事。如果没有这个白色的小球的帮助,中国经济的神话,北京奥运可能永远不会发生。本月,来自中国的郎葛亮和美国的George Braithwaite在尼克松图书馆举行了一场表演赛。37年前,两人都是他们国家兵乓队的队员,而这两乒乓球队改变了历史。1971年,美国惧怕共产主义大国中国。(共产主义中国试图在全球性的变革中刻上自己的名字。)但是那时,长头发的美国乒乓选手在日本与世界第一的中国选手成了朋友。N记者目睹了这一罕见的跨国友谊成了国际性的新闻,美国队成立20年来第一批受邀去神秘的中国的美国人。(这一举动很好的表现了友好的意愿。)“我从来没有登上月球,但是那听上去就好像登月一般遥远。”美国运动员收到中国国务院总理的亲自接待。18,000人观看了表演比赛,可以说,中国人让美国队赢了。“你是否认为中国选手谦让是因为你是美国访问者?”“是的。”“你认为是这样?”“对 ,我是这样认为。”这一切震惊了尼克松政府。“这是一个很明显的信号,中国人想从根本上改变两国关系。”白宫的磁带记录表明,尼克松意识到那些比赛是外交上的突破。“我们希望能尽一切努力突破这一点……我们似乎没有去努力开拓。”几天之后,尼克松访华,中国的大门向世界敞开。但是,中国的领导人说的更好。实质上,他们用一个小球滚动了世界这个打球。200812/58129Arab Summit in Kuwait Ends in Discord阿拉伯峰会结束 分歧依然存在Arab leaders tried to patch over their differences as a two-day summit in Kuwait drew to a close, but the Gaza conflict appears to have exacerbated the tensions. 阿拉伯领导人在科威特举行的为期两天的首脑会谈结束,各国领导试图弥补他们的分歧,但是加沙的冲突看来已经导致紧张加剧。Arab leaders began their Kuwait summit, Monday, amid discord, and ended it, a day later, amid more discord. Attempts to find a common position on the conflict in Gaza and towards Israel seemingly failed, leaving rival Arab camps as divided as ever. 阿拉伯领导人在不协调的气氛中从星期一开始了他们在科威特的首脑会谈,一天以后又在更不协调的气氛中结束了会谈。就加沙冲突和如何对待以色列的问题找到一个共同立场的打算似乎已经失败,让持不同立场的阿拉伯阵营和以往一样抱持分歧。Arab leaders did, however, agree to a plan to rebuild the war-torn Gaza Strip, promising a total of billion to reconstruct what was damaged or demolished in the 21-day conflict between Israel and Hamas militants. 不过阿拉伯领导人的确同意重建饱受战争蹂躏的加沙地带的计划,承诺拿出20亿美元来重建经过21天以色列和哈马斯冲突中被损坏和被夷平的建筑和设施。Iraqi Foreign Minister Houshiyar Zubeiri told Kuwaiti TV that the summit's final declaration avoided a common position on Gaza because Arab leaders had "run out of time" to reconcile their differences, and because "some [leaders] remain entrenched in their positions." 伊拉克外长祖贝里对科威特电视台说,这次首脑会谈的最后宣言避开了对加沙问题的共同立场,因为阿拉伯领导人已经“没有时间”就他们的分歧进行和解了,也因为“一些领导人固守他们的立场”。Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa sounded unusually downbeat and discouraged in a press conference after the summit. 阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨以一种不同寻常的悲观和气馁的口气在首脑会谈以后的记者会上发表讲话,形容阿拉伯内部关系是一种麻烦的状态。He said the Arab state of affairs remains troubled and tense. He said, "we tried, Monday, to start rebuilding after the important speech by [Saudi] King Abdallah [calling for an end to discord]." But, he concludes, "things are still not back to normal, in my view, and we must make intensive efforts in order to repair the damage." 他说,阿拉伯事务的状态仍然是麻烦的、紧张的。星期一沙特国王阿卜杜拉呼吁结束纷争的重要讲话之后,我们试图开始重建,但是,他总结说,事态还没有恢复正常,以我的观点,我们必须付出巨大的努力,来修补损失。Moussa did, however, make a special point to emphasize that the 2002 Arab peace initiative towards Israel, remains on the table, despite events in Gaza, and despite calls from Syria and Iran to withdraw it. 不过穆萨确实指出了特殊的一点,就是强调2002年阿拉伯向以色列提出的和平倡议,这个问题仍然在谈判桌上,尽管出现了加沙的冲突,尽管出现了叙利亚和伊朗要求撤销倡议的呼声。The 2002 Arab peace initiative, he says, did not figure in the summit's closing statement, but he said it remains valid, and he said Arab leaders have no quarrels over the initiative, which he calls a common point of view. But, he adds, the initiative can't remain on the table much longer, if after seven years Israel still hasn't accepted it. 他说,2002年阿拉伯的和平倡议没有在首脑会谈结束的声明中提及,但倡议仍然有效,阿拉伯领导人对这一倡议没有争议,他说这是一个共同的观点。但是他补充说,如果以色列7年以后仍没有接受这一倡议,那它则不会被保留太久。Paul Salem, who heads the Beirut-based Carnegie Center for Peace in the Middle East, explained that the Arabs had papered over their profound differences which had arisen during the Gaza conflict. "Definitely, the two camps remain; papering over some of the differences was expected and is sort of the normal course of affairs in Arab affairs. The idea of conciliation and sort of moving forward and not bringing out differences too much into the open, but nobody's position has changed, but it was necessary to save face for the Arab leaders, in general, for the regimes in general, to show that they could agree, at least after the Gaza war was over," he said.  塞勒姆是设在贝鲁特的卡内基中东和平中心的主任。他解释说,加沙冲突再次让阿拉伯世界出现分歧,但是各位领导人一度掩盖处在他们之间的这一深刻分歧。他说:“肯定,这两个阵营仍然存在,搁置一些分歧也是估计到的,是阿拉伯事务中的一种正常状态。和解和向前推进的想法,不把分歧公开表现太多的想法都有,但是没有人改变立场,总体来说,这些阿拉伯国家领导人要顾及面子,总体来说这些国家要显示他们可以同意,至少是在加沙战火停止之后可以同意。”Salem was, however, more optimistic about the long term prospects for peace. "The Gaza events certainly divided people, but there is more areas of agreement as to how to move forward in terms of bringing Hamas and Fatah together, in terms of reconstructing the Gaza Strip, in terms of trying to revive negotiations with Israel, and encouraging the U.S. administration to do so," he said.As the new Obama administration takes office, it will both have to work with the camp of traditional U.S. allies, including Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as well as to make some sort of overture to the opposing camp of foes and adversaries, which includes Iran and Syria. 目前正值美国总统奥巴马走马上任,美国新政府必将和美国传统盟友合作,包括埃及、约旦、沙特和科威特,同时也会跟对立阵营的夙敌及对手进行初步交涉,其中包括伊朗和叙利亚。01/61333Even though women continue to advance in American society, many little girls still get stuck in a world of fairytale princesses and frilly pink dresses. That does not sit well with journalist Peggy Orenstein, who mused about her young daughter’s obsession with Disney princesses and predilection for the color pink in a New York Times Magazine essay.在美国社会,虽然妇女们继续取得进步,可是小姑娘们仍然很容易迷恋于童话里的公主和粉红百褶裙。新闻记者奥仁斯坦不喜欢这种现状,她在纽约时报杂志一篇文章里探讨了她小女儿对迪斯尼童话中公主的迷恋和对粉红色的偏爱。She reflects on the overwhelming emphasis on this stereotyped ideal for girls in a new book, "Cinderella Ate My Daughter." Orenstein is at war with what she describes as our hyper-feminized girlie-girl consumer culture. 她在一本名为《灰姑娘吃掉了我女儿》的新书中,探讨人们为什么那么强调女孩儿这种程式化了的幻想。奥仁斯坦在跟她所说的过度女性化的娇娇女女孩消费文化开战。"What is marketed to girls is this idea of pink and pretty. It fuses the idea of appearance with innocence, and then presents the interest in appearance as being evidence of their innocence," she says. "But what’s happening is that girls are emphasizing the way they look more and more and more. So, we’re talking about makeup and provocative dresses and all of that kind of thing."她说:“向女孩推销的是这个粉红和可爱的观念,一种天真无邪的样子。于是女孩儿们就去追求一种明她们天真的外貌。结果是,女孩们越来越看重自己的相貌。所以,我们就在谈论化妆和具有挑逗性的饰,诸如此类的东西。”Many parents don’t see anything wrong with their little girls playing Cinderella, putting on make-up and dressing up as cute princesses, but Orenstein wonders about the long-term impact of encouraging that behavior.许多家长不认为他们的小姑娘扮演灰姑娘、化妆以及把自己装扮成漂亮的公主有什么不好。但奥仁斯坦想知道鼓励这种行为会有什么样的长期影响。"I think parenting is such a present tense thing. When your daughter is 3 months old, you can't imagine having a 6-year old. And when you have a 6-year old, you don’t want to imagine having a 13-year old. You don’t tend to step back and see the context and the arc. I wanted to provide that for parents so they can make their choices more intentionally and really think about whether indulging them in this when they’re three was going to be healthy for them when they were 13." 她说:“我认为,做父母是一种‘当下’的事。当女儿3个月大时,你不能想像养一个6岁孩子的情景。孩子6岁时,你不会去想怎样去养一个13岁孩子。你不大可能后退一步来设想一个孩子的整个成长过程。我要给家长们的就是这个,让他们更有意识地做出选择,去考虑任由3岁的孩子迷恋这些东西,到他们13岁的时候,会不会是健康的。”201103/129448

In the brief three weeks the pup has with his mother.His body weight would triple.As herds shrinks by a third.在短暂的三个星期,幼仔只能与母亲作伴。他的体重会重达三倍。而它的群体却缩短为原来的三分之一。A bull moves in soon after the birth to impregnate her again.Each beach master on these shores may have dozens of females in his harem.And 100 meetings to complete in less than a month.All the while having to fight off more and more challengers.在她生育后不久,一只公牛再次和她进行交配。每一个海滩的王者在其后宫都可能有很多佳丽。这些100多次的交配在不到一月之内即可完成。之后所有动物都开始抵抗越来越多的挑战者。词语解释:1. shrink v. 缩短2. impregnate v, 交配、3. harem n. 后宫163427

Competing rallies have been held in Washington on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech, offering different visions for America's future. Hundreds of thousands of people attended the bigger protest, a conservative rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the same spot where the civil rights speech was made 47 years ago.在美国民权领袖马丁.路德.金发表著名演讲“我有一个梦想”47周年之际,两场立场对立的集会在美国首都华盛顿举行,这两场集会对美国的未来提出了不同的观点。几十万人在林肯纪念堂参加了保守派举行的较大的抗议集会。47年前,马丁.路德.金就是在林肯纪念堂的台阶上发表了那个著名民权演讲的。Former Republican party vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was the headline speaker at the conservative event called "Restoring Honor".前共和党总统候选人萨拉.佩林是这次被称为“恢复荣誉”的保守派活动的主要演讲人。She said she was honored to speak at the same historic spot as Martin Luther King Jr.. He was assassinated in 1968, after leading non-violent protests for civil rights.她说,她对能在马丁.路德.金发表演讲的同一个历史性地点讲话感到荣幸。马丁.路德.金在为争取民权而领导了许多非暴力抗议活动后于1968年被暗杀。Palin said she was also proud of the large crowd which had gathered, stretching along the Washington Mall's reflecting pool nearly to the Washington monument.佩林说,她也对大批民众参加这次聚会感到骄傲,聚会人群从林肯纪念堂一直延伸到华盛顿纪念碑附近国家大草坪的倒影池。"It is so humbling to get to be with you patriots, you who are motivated and engaged and concerned, knowing to never retreat. We must restore America and restore her honor," she said.佩林说:“与你们这些爱国者在一起我感到非常荣幸。你们的动机明确,参加和关注这次集会,你们知道永不退却。我们必须恢复美国,恢复美国的荣誉。”201008/112582首架中国组装空客A329飞机在上周完成地面测试后,于5月18日成功完成首次飞行测试。本次测试共进行4个小时16分钟。空客公司生产飞行测试部副总裁、资深测试飞行员哈利·耐尔森表示:"此次飞行非常成功,飞机各项性能完全达到预定目标。"据了解,首次测试飞行任务是由哈利·耐尔森和资深测试飞行员菲利普·佩勒林完成。其他机组成员还包括空中客车公司飞行及综合测试部负责人费尔南多·阿隆索,空中客车公司培养的第一位中国飞行测试工程师任子聃和客舱工程师埃里克·加西亚。 The first China-assembled Airbus A320 plane has made a smooth landing on the second runway in Tianjin Binhai International Airport Monday afternoon, becoming the first Airbus A320 plane assembled outside the Europe made a successful test flight.The test flight began at 10:40 a.m. when the Airbus A320 was slowly dragged to the second runway by a trailer, and the plane took off 2 minutes later.This Airbus A320 plane, painted in white and red and printed with the sign of "Sichuan Airlines", made a 4 hours and 16 minutes test flight before its landing.It is learned that the first Airbus A320 plane assembled in China, which has aly been purchased by Beijing-based Dragon Aviation Leasing Co Ltd. and leased to Sichuan Airlines, will be delivered to Sichuan Airlines for operation by the end of June.The goal of Airbus (Tianjin) final assembly line is to deliver a total of 11 aircrafts by the end of , to China's Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Shenzhen Airlines for operating respectively.The Airbus (Tianjin) is planning to produce 2 aircrafts per month by the end of this year and reach the maximum production capacity of 4 aircrafts per month by the end of 2011.Tianjin is the third city which have the Airbus final assembly line besides Toulouse in France and Hamburg in Germany. Toulouse 图卢兹,法国南部城市Hamburg 汉堡,德国西北部城市05/70569Journey out of this world 4:49 Space Adventures client Richard Garriott discusses space tourism and his plans to visit the International Space Station. Every kid wants to fly in space, right? Well, if that kid happens to have a dad who's an astronaut who's been to space, that dream gets solidified. But it's amazing how fate and life can give you a twist and turn, and your path to space may not be exactly what you have anticipated. Richard Garriott is case in point on that. His father Owen flew to/ Skylab in 1973, flew on the Shuttle about ten years later, [That's right.] and he went off and made a fortune with the game business. [Exactly.] Tell us briefly about that.Yeah, I'm actually one of the earliest members of the club, so to speak, I was making games since the late 1970s and it grew to a company. [Wow, it's like punch card or something like that.] And I, my first games on schools was a paper tape. [Wow, wow.] Exactly.So you did well on that business but you always had this dream to go to space, and tell me how that changed the way you invested, and how it led you to what you're doing right now.Well, throughout my career, even though I was generating my income in the business of computer games, all of my personal investing has been in the privatization of space. So I've been literately through my whole career trying to find ways to open up space travel for more than just governments, and for private individuals, of course, thinking of myself as a principal on that list.Right, and so you found Space Adventures, this company which you now are a customer, it’s one of those with their victor client like it so much about the company, that kind of thing. [Exactly right.] What is it about Space Adventures that you think is going to be a good solid return on the investment.Well, I think that the key issue is, I think it's been proven through the ten years that Space Adventures is now under its belt, is good planning and good management. You know it's one thing to dream of going to space and theorize about wouldn't it be fun if, but putting together natural business plan with the appropriate steps to succeed all the parts and pieces that have to come together to make it happen, to make it realizable, and simultaneously find the clients who're willing to buy the products and services at these, as you know, pretty high prices is a very tough thing to put together, and they've shown the vision to do that.Well, when you're talking between 20 and 30 million a ticket, it's a niche market, to say the least. Now you invested several million dollars, [Right.] and you feel pretty confident you're gonna get a good return in the end?Well, no question. Although, you know, to be honest, my original investment was an, what we'd call, an investment of passion, trying to open up this frontier on the part of, you know, humanity in general but myself selfishly in specific. However, I then, you know, hope that I'm also, that that money is not squandered, and very fortunately it really does appear that, you know, Space Adventures for ten years now has built a growing, inspiring business that looks very well poised for the future.You are set to be the sixth space tourist, space participant, whatever you wanna call it, you probably don't like the term tourist. I know you've got a lot of things planned that are not at all like tourism, including a lot of scientific experiments happens in October. Tell us a little bit about the training, is it what you anticipated? Is it harder either? The Russian training is supposed to be pretty rigorous.It is, in fact, you know before I went out there, it was going like what I'm going to do for 9 months of training. And I was going like what's * of me to participate in this way, I didn't think it would be that great. As soon as I got there and began the training, I was going like, Oh man, I have underestimated what I really need to know in order to participate and not just feel comfortable and safe and a contributing member of the team, so to speak. But also especially if you want to do what like I do, you want to do some actual science and research activities, there is really a lot to learn, so the Soyuz and the International Space Station are very complex machines, there is a lot to learn to operate there safely.Do you feel pretty confident about the Soyuz? The Soyuz that you'll ride a whole month, latched on the International Space Station very likely has the same fundamental problems which led to some couple of scary landings, the last couple of landings. You don't have time to get into the technical details but there were some issues as to whether it's separated at the right time, and that led to a, what they call ballistic entry which means more G-loads for the crew. It's not necessarily unsafe; it's just that you'd want to know why that all happen. Are you, you feel it's a safe way to go touring from space?There is no question. I mean, the Soyuz has a 30-year track record of safety, which in this industry is forever. And so just the statistic can bear out that it's a, you know, for doing something that's frankly not safe, this is about a safer way as you can, you know, can approach a relatively hazardous undertaking. But the, you know, the engineering on the Soyuz as you mentioned is so good they’ve got backups to backups to backups, and in fact the ballistic reentries we've seen here on the last two are in fact still considered a normal reentry. It's, it's not, that on itself is not considered anything particularly endangering.Well, either way, I'm sure it will be a landing to remember. Richard Garriott, who are in October if all goes well will be the first second generation astronaut to fly to space. Thank you, good luck and, as they say, Godspeed.Thank you Miles.200812/58897

Australian Mining Companies Optimistic as Demand from China Bounces Back中国铁矿石需求强劲 澳公司眉开眼笑The Anglo-Australian mining giant, BHP Billiton, has given its most optimistic assessment of the commodities markets since the global economic downturn. The company says surging demand from China for iron ore shipments will lift the mining industry, but it warns markets could remain volatile. From Sydney, Phil Mercer reports.英国和澳大利亚的合资大型矿业公司必和必拓对世界商品市场做出全球经济滑坡以来最乐观的评估。必和必拓公司说,中国对铁矿石需求的大幅度上涨将提升世界矿业,但是同时警告说,市场仍然可能出现动荡。Industrial analysts say iron ore prices could rise 10 to 20 percent this year because of increasing demand as the global economy recovers.工业分析人士说,随世界经济复苏而来的需求上涨可能会导致铁矿石价格上涨10%到20%。BHP Billiton, the world's largest mining company, also is optimistic in its latest assessment of key commodity markets.世界最大矿业公司必和必拓在对世界主要商品市场的最新评估中也表示了乐观。The company's output of iron ore, as well as copper, zinc and nickel, surged in the last three months of because of strong demand from Chinese carmakers and construction companies. 由于来自中国汽车制造商和建筑公司的强劲需求,必和必拓公司年最后三个月的铁、铜、锌和镍矿石产出大幅上扬。Iron ore production in the three months hit 32.45 million metric tons, up from 29.4 million tons a year earlier.年最后三个月的铁矿石产量从2008年同期的2940万吨增加到3245万吨。201001/95368科学家表示,试验明,那些在尿样中被发现有高剂量NNAL(一种尼古丁衍生物)的吸烟者患癌症的可能性比那些尿样中NNAL剂量少的吸烟者患肺癌的可能性多一倍。而如果在尿样中同时发现高剂量的NNAL和另一种被称为Cotinine的尼古丁衍生物,这类人群患肺癌的可能性比尿样中两种衍生物含量都很低的人群高出7倍。A new published report says at least a dozen victims and families of those killed in Rhode Island in 2003 in a nightclub fire have filed for bankruptcy protection while awaiting their share of a 176-million-dollar settlement. Providence Journal reports its review of bankruptcy court records shows some victims have lost their homes and vehicles or were laid off after they recovered from their injuries and returned to work. 100 people died in the fire in February 2003 at the Station nightclub. It started when the pyrotechnics group used by the band Great White ignited soundproofing foam in the building. Researchers have found that urine test for a particular chemical may be useful in predicting which smokers will develop lung cancer. NPR's Joanne Silberner has the story. Researchers from the University of Minnesota and Shanghai and Singapore suspected that a breakdown product of tobacco called NNAL might play a role in lung cancer. They look for NNAL in the urine of 500 smokers, half of whom developed lung cancer. Smokers with high levels of NNAL were twice as likely to get lung cancer. Smokers with high levels of both NNAL and a nicotine-related compound were eight times as likely. A low level of NNAL and a lower risk of lung cancer is no licence to light up. Tobacco smoke causes other cancers, heart disease and emphysema. Urine test for the compound may someday be useful in identifying people who should be screened more frequently for lung cancer. The researchers reported their results at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting. Joanne Silberner, NPR News. A spokesman for the group Doctors Without Borders confirms that two workers of the group are missing in Somalia. Witnesses say the two may have been abducted by a masked gunman. I'm Craig Windham, NPR News in Washington.04/67799Let me see that thong... lawsuit A California woman is suing Victoria's Secret because she says she was injured while putting on her thong. Willie Geist has the story on today's News You Can't Use. (Oh, is that time?) It's time for a quick version of (Oh, Willie.) News You Can't Use. We only have time for one story. So, Mica, (Oh, dear.) I have to give you the one I promise you. You asked for filth, I give you filth. (Oh, dear.) A Californian woman is suing Victoria's Secret because she says she was injured while putting on her thong underwear. (That'll do it?) (Okay.) Seeking unspecified damage, the 52-year-old woman (Come on.) says she was injured by a defective, low-rise, V-string from the "Sexy Little Thing" collection of Victoria's Secret. She says a design problem cause a decorative metal piece on that throng to strike her in the eye as she was putting on the underwear, so she's damaged her cornea, and she wants Victoria's Secret to pay. Again, recapping our top story, "Woman suing Victoria's Secret after she was injured by her own underpants." Uh, Mica what do you think of that story. Um, I'm, I`m good, that's fine, thank you Willie, haha. You know, Willie, (yeah, yeah.) sometimes, the cable guys smile upon you in a way that makes me think that though you are not Irish, you do have a luck of the Irish, (Well I'm gonna be following the story very closely for us to have an update tomorrow.) that, is great, that is a good example of the glass half-full for Willie guys all the time. (seriously, ) And the , (Don't you hate those defective thongs.) and Willie, where did you, where did you select ah, (I thought the product was all right) the for that, because some of that really didn`t even go along with the story. Well, that's hardly the point, is it? It's uh, you get the, you get the idea, thongs like, thongs you're seeing here. (Ok, thank you.) File, it's file footage, file thongs footage, we've dug it up. (You know.) (Stop it) You know, (You got, ah…) Oh, Jesus, oh, I'll tell you what, you know the thing that we only, we only gave Willie 35 seconds this entire hour, (Yes, I make the most of it), we, we, we, we try to save the Earth, we try to solve the immigration, (you did) we try to talk politics, (But he can save people from thongs, that's okay, too.) but in 35 seconds, you`ve taken it so far off the ditch, that Mica is feeling a little dirty. That's why I'm here, well Mica you asked for it, you got it.200812/58993

Schumpeter熊彼特专栏Green growth绿色增长Some emerging-world companies are combining growth with greenery一些发展中国家的企业将环保事业与利润增长相结合Sep 17th 2011 | from the print editionTHE enrichment of previously poor countries is the most inspiring development of our time. It is also worrying. The environment is aly under strain. What will happen when the global population rises from 7 billion today to 9.3 billion in 2050, as demographers expect, and a growing proportion of these people can afford goods that were once reserved for the elite? Can the planet support so much economic activity?我们身处的这个时代最激动人心的进步乃是前贫穷国家的经济发展。而这令人忧虑。环境早已不堪重负。当全球总人口从今天的70亿上升至人口统计家所预估的2050年的93亿,并且越来越多的人有钱购置一度为上流人士储备的商品之时,世界会成何样呢?地球能够承担如此繁重的经济活动吗?Many policymakers adopt a top-down and Western-centric approach to such planetary problems. They discuss ambitious regulations in global forums, or look to giant multinationals and well-heeled NGOs to set an example. But since most people live in the emerging world, it makes sense to look at what successful companies there are doing to make growth more sustainable.许多决策者们建议采纳一个自上而下并以西方为中心的方法来解决此类问题。他们在全球论坛中雄心勃勃地探讨监管制度,或指望大型跨国公司和富有的非政府组织来树立典范。但鉴于大多数人生活在发展中国家,故而有必要了解这些国家的成功企业为促进可持续增长而做了些什么。201109/154232Three Shot Dead in Afghan Capital喀布尔再爆射杀外国人事件 Afghan police say the two top officials of an international shipping company and one of their security guards were shot dead Saturday in front of their office in Kabul. The killings are the latest in a series of attacks on foreign nationals there. 阿富汗警察说,一家国际运输公司的两名高级官员和他们一名的保安星期六在他们设于喀布尔的办公室前被击毙。这起杀事件是对当地外国人一系列袭击事件的最新一起。Afghan officials say the two Westerners were gunned down as they sat in a vehicle in front of the German-owned freight company DHL. 阿富汗官员说,两名西方国家人士被开击中,他们当时坐在德国货运公司DHL办公室前的一辆汽车里。On the scene, General Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, the director of the Interior Ministry's criminal investigation department, told reporters the shots were fired from inside the DHL office. 在事发现场,内政部刑事调查部门主任雅曼德将军对记者说,子弹是从DHL办公室里面发射出来的。General Yarmand says one of the guards at the DHL facility fired at the vehicle, killing the two foreign company officials and their Afghan bodyguard. He says a motive has not been established. 雅曼德说,DHL公司的一名保安向这辆汽车开,打死两名外国公司官员和他们的阿富汗保安。雅曼德说,开动机还没有确定。The DHL office is located at a busy intersection across from the Iranian Embassy, in an upscale section of Kabul. DHL公司办公室位于繁忙的街道路口,对面是伊朗大使馆,处于喀布尔的高收入阶层地区。Police and diplomats say the two DHL officials - the country director and deputy director -- were from Britain and South Africa. 警察和外交人士说,这两名DHL公司官员来自英国和南非,一人是阿富汗项目主管,另一人是副主管。Officials of Saladin, a British-based private security company confirmed to VOA News that the Afghan guard who died was employed by them.  设在英国的一家私人保安公司“萨拉丁”的官员向美国之音确认这名被打死的阿富汗保镖受雇于“萨拉丁”的报导属实。Authorities say two other Afghans, standing outside the DHL office, were wounded in the shooting.  有关当局说,站在DHL公司办公室外的另外两名阿富汗人在击事件中受伤。Police detained 13 people, including DHL employees and guards. Interior Ministry officials say they are questioning them to determine whether the shooting stemmed from an "internal dispute" or outsiders were involved. 警察逮捕了13人,其中包括DHL公司雇员和保安。内务部官员说,他们在审问这些人,以确定击事件是否由“内部分歧”导致,还是有外人介入。The latest violence comes less than a week after the shooting death of Gayle Williams, a British-South African national working for a Christian charity in Kabul. Taliban insurgents claimed they attacked the young woman because her British organization, SERVE Afghanistan, was sping Christianity. 最近的这起暴力事件发生前不到一个星期,一名为喀布尔一家基督教慈善机构工作的英国裔南非人威廉姆斯被开打死。塔利班暴乱分子声称他们袭击了这名年轻女性,因为她所在的英国公司“为阿富汗务”在传播基督教。The charity denied it was proselytizing but decided to close its operation in the country following the killing. 这个机构否认在试图改变阿富汗人的宗教信仰,但是这个机构决定在发生杀害事件之后停止在阿富汗运作。Security has deteriorated in the capital and many parts of the country. Taliban insurgents and criminal gangs are blamed for a recent wave of killings and kidnappings targeting Afghans and foreigners. 在首都喀布尔和阿富汗许多地方,安全局势有所恶化。塔利班暴乱分子和犯罪团伙被控在近期连续从事杀害、绑架和袭击阿富汗人和外国人的活动。Afghan authorities say several foreigners have been abducted in the past few days in the country. Among them are two Bangladeshi development workers in Ghazni province and two Turkish engineers hired to erect a communications tower near the Pakistani border in Khost province.200810/54012Carlo and Luss like fish too, so they decide to visit the famous fish market. Monkfish on ice, both are astounded at the weird and wonderful selection of seafood not available in their country. They are surprised to see whale meat, a local delicacy. Norway still hunts whales. This marker offers a 1 in seafood that can't be found anywhere else in the country. Luxuries like crab meat are relatively cheap here,a good opportunity for seafood lovers to gorge themselves. The historic area of Burgen is a small area of the town with typical wooden houses from the 18th and 19th century. This is how the city would have looked years ago when the village was originally built in the 19th century. Several catastrophic fires have destroyed large parts of the town. This quarter has been protected as a monument. Carlo and Luss leave Burgen and continue their journey further north. Their route takes them past gorgeous lakes formed by glacier. Thousands of streams and rivers 2 the land. Here, the country is even more sparsely populated. It's hard to find anywhere else in Europe so close to nature. In the region around Stryn, they stop for a break. You are allowed to camp wherever you like in Norway. No need to book a place, you can just stop wherever the view takes your fancy. Lake Loen is ideal for Kayaking. It's part of the Northfjord region and one of the most beautiful in Norway.注释:① astound vt. 使惊骇;使震惊例句:1. His practical grasp of affairs and his energy still astound me.他对事物的实际掌握和他充沛的精力实在使我惊异。2. Does not my heat astound you.我的热度没有吓坏你吗?② quarter n. 四分之一;地区;季度;一刻钟;两角五分vi. 住宿;驻扎 vt. 将…四等分;供某人住宿 num. 四分之一例句:1. The rent is due at the end of each quarter. 缴纳租金以每季度末为期限. 2. A quarter of the area is covered with virgin forest. 四分之一的地区都是原始森林。③gorgeous adj. 华丽的,灿烂的;极好的例句:1. The sunset is gorgeous tonight. 今天晚上日落的景色美极了。 2. In the evening the rosy clouds were gorgeous. 傍晚的云霞绚丽多。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/157115

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