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襄阳477医院什么时候建立襄阳医院肛肠医院排名襄阳中心医院包皮手术怎么样 I recently retired from the California Highway Patrol after 23 years of service.我最近刚退休,离开了加利福尼亚公路巡警局,我工作了23年的地方。The majority of those 23 years was spent patrolling the southern end of Marin County,which includes the Golden Gate Bridge.这23年里的大多数时间,我都是在马林县的南部巡逻,我都是在马林县的南部巡逻,其中包括金门大桥,The bridge is an iconic structure,known worldwide for its beautiful views of San Francisco,the Pacific Ocean, and its inspiring architecture. 这座桥是一个标志性建筑,世界闻名,因为从桥上可以观赏旧金山与太平洋的美景,还有它予人灵感的建筑风格。Unfortunately, it is also a magnet for suicide,being one of the most utilized sites in the world. 不幸的是,这座桥也吸引了自杀者,成为了全球自杀事件最多的地点之一。The Golden Gate Bridge opened in 1937.金门大桥开通于1937年,Joseph Strauss, chief engineer in charge of building the bridge,was ed as saying,the bridge is practically suicide-proof. 约瑟夫·施特劳斯是负责建造这座桥的总工程师,我引用他一句话,这座桥实际上有防自杀设计,Suicide from the bridge is neither practical nor probable.在这座桥上自杀既难以成功也不太可能发生。But since its opening,over 1,600 people have leapt to their death from that bridge.但自从这座桥开放后,超过1,600人从桥上纵身投入了死亡。Some believe that traveling between the two towers will lead you to another dimension this bridge has been romanticized as such a that the fall from that frees you from all your worries and grief,and the waters below will cleanse your soul.某些人相信经过这两座塔间会带你去另一个世界—这座桥已经被浪漫成这样了,就是说从桥上坠落会让你免除所有的烦恼与悲痛,而下面的水会净化你的灵魂。But let me tell you what actually occurs when the bridge is used as a means of suicide.但是,让我来告诉你,假如你尝试从金门大桥跳河自杀结果实际上是怎样的。After a free fall of four to five seconds,the body strikes the water at about 75 miles an hour. 在四到五秒的自由落体后,人的身体击中水面,速度大约75英里(120公里)每小时。That impact shatters bones,some of which then puncture vital organs. 这个冲击力能使骨头粉碎,一些碎片之后会刺穿重要器官。Most die on impact.大多数人当场死亡。Those that dont generally flail in the water helplessly,and then drown.如果没有死,一般是在水中无助地扑腾,然后淹死。I dont think that those who contemplate this method of suicide realize how grisly a death that they will face.我认为那些考虑这种自杀方式的人并未意识到他们的死法将会多么可怕。This is the cord.这是钢索。Except for around the two towers,there is 32 inches of steel paralleling the bridge.除了在两座塔周围,桥边有32英寸(80厘米)的钢索,平行于桥。This is where most folks stand before taking their lives.大多数自杀者在自杀前就站在这里。I can tell you from experience that once the person is on that cord,and at their darkest time,it is very difficult to bring them back.根据我的经验,我可以告诉你,一旦有人站在了钢索上,在他人生最黑暗的时刻,再让他回来是极为困难的。I took this photo last year as this young woman spoke to an officer contemplating her life.我在去年拍了这张照片,当时这位年轻女子正和一位警官说话,思索她的人生。I want to tell you very happily that we were successful that day in getting her back over the rail.我要很高兴地告诉大家,那天我们很成功地把她从护栏那边拉了回来。When I first began working on the bridge,we had no formal training.当我刚开始在这座桥上工作时,我们没有受过正式的训练,You struggled to funnel your way through these calls.我在这些呼叫中挣扎前进,This was not only a disservice to those contemplating suicide,but to the officers as well.这是帮倒忙,不仅是对那些想自杀的人,对警察也是伤害。Weve come a long, long way since then.从那以后,我们走过了漫漫长路。Now, veteran officers and psychologists train new officers.如今,经验丰富的老警官和心理学家们对新警察进行训练。This is Jason Garber.这位是杰森·加。I met Jason on July 22 of last year when I get received a call of a possible suicidal subject sitting on the cord near midspan.我遇到杰森是在去年6月22日,那时我接到一个电话,说可能是一个人要自杀,正坐在桥中段附近的钢索上。I responded, and when I arrived,I observed Jason speaking to a Golden Gate Bridge officer. 我回应了,而当我到达时,我看到了杰森,他正和一位金门大桥的警官对话。Jason was just 32 years old and had flown out here from New Jersey.杰森年仅32岁,是从新泽西州乘飞机来的。As a matter of fact,he had flown out here on two other occasions from New Jersey to attempt suicide on this bridge.事实上,他另外还来过两次,从新泽西飞来,想在这座桥上自杀。After about an hour of speaking with Jason,he asked us if we knew the story of Pandoras box.在与杰森交谈了大约一个小时后,他问我们是否知道潘多拉之盒的故事。Recalling your Greek mythology,Zeus created Pandora,and sent her down to Earth with a box,and told her, Never, ever open that box. 想一想希腊神话,宙斯创造了潘多拉,然后将她降于人间,还有一个盒子,并告诉她:永远不要打开这个盒子。201506/379976襄阳一医院包皮手术多少钱

襄樊市同和医院是公立还是私立襄阳一院做割包皮要多久 %wUhydqYbt^GmAh~-zaGood morning. Scripture tells us, “We count as blessed those who have persevered.”QWGT9PJ8M_O(GB,Twu3(Secretary Hagel, General Dempsey, members of our Armed Forces, and, most of all, the survivors of that September day and the families of those we lost-Michelle and I are humbled to be with you once again.fo_;G2sz*HB176,zDWIt has now been 13 years. Thirteen years since the peace of an American morning was broken. Thirteen years since nearly 3,000 beautiful lives were taken from us, including 125 men and women serving here at the Pentagon. Thirteen years of moments they would have shared with us. Thirteen years of memories they would have made.W%Q3*,JdhvOc!,KoHere, once more, we pray for the souls of those we remember, for you, their families, who love them forever, and for a nation that has been inspired by your example-your determination to carry on, your resolve to live lives worthy of their memories.tsnG-1GlqkVRmkDAs Americans, we draw strength from you. For your love is the ultimate rebuke to the hatred of those who attacked us that bright, blue morning. They sought to do more than bring down buildings or murder our people. They sought to break our spirit and to prove to the world that their power to destroy was greater than our power to persevere and to build. But you, and America, proved them wrong.6d6GW.T51i^xU]juUxAmerica endures in the strength of your families who, through your anguish, kept living. You have kept alive a love that no act of terror can ever extinguish. You, their sons and daughters, are growing into extraordinary young men and women they knew you could be. By your shining example, your families have turned this day into something that those who attacked us could never abide, and that is a tribute of hope over fear, and love over hate.y]|_joTh)|E0gI@America endures in the tenacity of our survivors. After grievous wounds, you learned to walk again and stand again. After terrible burns, you smiled once more. For you, for our nation, these have been difficult years. But by your presence here today, in the lives of service that you have led, you embody the truth that no matter what comes our way, America will always come out stronger. vjYepwTRL@4Q2aAmerica endures in the dedication of those who keep us safe. The firefighter, the officer, the EMT who carries the memory of a fallen partner as they report to work each and every day, prepared to make the same sacrifice for us all. Because of these men and women, Americans now work in a gleaming Freedom Tower. We visit our great cities, we fill our stadiums and cheer for our teams. We carry on, because, as Americans, we do not give in to fear-ever.mrr~ZAvU^HT1RUAmerica endures in the courage of the men and women who serve under our flag. Over more than a decade of war, this 9/11 Generation has answered our countrys call, and three months from now, our combat mission in Afghanistan will come to an end. Today, we honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice these 13 years, more than 6,800 American patriots. And we give thanks to those who serve in harms way to keep our country safe and meet the threats of our time.u1h0[Ehfg*#XTb[America endures in that perennial optimism that defines us as a people. Beginning tomorrow, there will be teenagers-young adults-who were born after 9/11. Its remarkable. And while these young Americans did not know the horrors of that day, their lives have been shaped by all the days since-a time that has brought us pain, but also taught us endurance and strength; a time of rebuilding, of resilience, and of renewal. What gives us hope-what gives me hope -– is that it is these young Americans who will shape all the days to come.@b-WxgT#6+5+.(Thirteen years after small and hateful minds conspired to break us, America stands tall and America stands proud. And guided by the values that sustain us, we will only grow stronger. Generations from now, Americans will still fill our parks, our stadiums, our cities. Generations from now, Americans will still build towers that reach toward the heavens; still serve in embassies that stand for freedom around the world; still wear the uniform and give meaning to those words written two centuries ago: Land of the free. Home of the Brave. Generations from now, no matter the trial, no matter the challenge, America will always be America. “We count as blessed those who have persevered.”W[KnvsmSw#CnF%May God bless your families, who continue to inspire us all. May God bless our Armed Forces and all who serve to keep us safe. And may God continue to bless the ed States of America.R9tt1JKC~9iLod~wu36gzn4I8N44l@+dStGDtKq^RKM41fGx2qV201409/329674老河口市妇幼保健中医院上班时间

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