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呼和浩特京美医院光子脱毛多少钱乌兰察布市中蒙医院韩式隆鼻多少钱呼和浩特赛罕区切埋线双眼皮多少钱 The results are spectacular.结果非常惊人。Thanks to their super-nutritious diet, queen bees grow up to one and a half times larger than regular bees, live forty times longer than normal bees, and lay up to two thousand eggs per day.由于超有营养的饮食,蜂王长大后的身体比工蜂长1/3,寿命是工蜂的40倍,每天产卵2000个左右。Inevitably, entrepreneurs have attempted to capitalize on royal jelly by creating jelly-infused dietary supplements that supposedly make people stronger and more virile.必然地,企业家们试图利用蜂王浆牟利。他们大量制作注入浆状物的营养保健品,大概能使人的身体更强壮和更有男子气概。But dont go sping royal jelly on your toast just yet.但别马上把蜂王浆涂到烤面包上。Although it does the trick for bees, theres no solid proof that the stuff will make you king or queen for even a day.尽管它对蜜蜂管用,但并没有确凿的据明它能够让你成为哪怕一天的国王或女王。 201312/267980At last, this compromised, sycophantic, creepily self-exonerating historian stands tall, brimful with pride in his Judaism, and says in a phrase I find genuinely moving—We have become the teachers of men in the greatest of things.最后,这一妥协,奉承,令人毛骨悚然,兼具自我责备之心的历史学家最终赢得了胜利,他的犹太教满怀骄傲之情,而说着一句令我真正感动的话,我们成为了男性的榜样,做出了最伟大的事情。Given the hammer blows of the Roman legions, and coming as they did after century upon century of blows from Egyptians, the Syrians and Babylonians, there would have been scant reason to suppose that the Jews would survive as a people. And yet, 2,000 years later, the Jews are still here. How. Well, one answer can be found back at the Arch of Titus, not something thats here, but something thats not.对于罗马军团的打击,就如同他们几个世纪来对埃及人,叙利亚和巴比伦人所做的一模一样,这是我们认为犹太人生存下来的理由。然而,2000年后,犹太人仍在这里。在提图斯的拱门处可以找到,这里没有什么东西留下,但绝不是空无一物。When Josephus describes the procession of loot and prisoners parades through the streets of Rome, he says, and last of all of the spoils was carried, the laws of the Jews. But where are the laws. Where are the Torah scrolls. Conspicuously, tellingly, they are absent.当约瑟夫描述掠夺和囚犯游行的队伍走在罗马的大街上,他表示最后所有的战利品是犹太人的法律。但法律在哪里。律法的卷轴在哪里。明显的是它们已经不在了。What were scrolls of law anyway. Just so many words on parchment, not really worth the time of a sculptor or the cost of the marble. But words copied, memorized, internalized, made unforgettable, will beat swords any time. You cant hold words captive. The Roman Empire has come and gone, but go into a synagogue any Saturday, and youll still hear those words.什么是法律卷轴。只是羊皮纸上的很多单词,不是雕塑家倾注的大把时间或大理石的价值。仅仅是复制,记忆,难忘,会使得剑刃折断的话语。你不能囚禁语言的奴隶。罗马帝国来去匆匆,但只要在任何一个周六进入会堂,你仍然会听到这些话。201404/291908呼和浩特市立医院激光去胎记多少钱

回民区面部除皱纹费用呼和浩特祛疤 People who work with chemicals make sure they know the flash point of each substance in their labs. A flash point is the temperature at which the fumes from a liquid can be ignited with a spark.与化学药品打交道的人,总会确保自己知道实验室中每一种物质的燃点。燃点是液态气体能被火花点燃的温度。But people who have never taken a chemistry course need to be concerned with flash points as well. For example, the gasoline you put into your car has a flash point of minus forty-five degrees Fahrenheit.但未曾上过化学课的人同样需要关注物质的燃点。例如,你加入车里的汽油燃点是华氏零下45度。So, unless you live in a climate where the temperature stays below minus forty-five degrees, the fumes from gasoline can ignite from a nearby spark. And that’s why most gas stations have warning signs posted about not smoking while you fill up your tank.所以,除非你生活在温度维持在华氏零下45度以下的环境里,汽油逸出的烟雾才不会被附近的明火点燃。这也是为什么大多数加油站都张贴警告标志,告戒人们不要在给车加油时吸烟。Olive oil has a flash point of 437 degrees Fahrenheit. That means if you could heat olive oil to 437 degrees, it would give off a vapor that could ignite if a lit match passed through it. Cod liver oil has a flash point of 412 degrees Fahrenheit and formaldehyde has a flash point of 122 degrees.橄榄油的燃点是华氏437度。这意味着如果你把橄榄油加热至437度,它散发出的蒸气完全可以被一根划过去的、燃着的火柴点燃。鱼肝油的燃点是华氏412度,而甲醛的燃点是122度。Most flash points are inconsequential to the lay person because they occur at such high temperatures. But some, like kerosene, with a flash point of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, can be cause for concern on a hot day. If you keep an old-fashioned kerosene lamp on your fireplace mantel, you probably shouldn’t light it on a hot summer day, or you might ignite more than just the wick of the lamp.大多数物质的燃点对于业外人士来说不重要,因为它们只在高温条件下出现。但是,一些像煤油一样,燃点为华氏100度的物质,在炎热的日子里着实令人担忧。如果你的壁炉架上有一盏老式煤油灯,你最好不要在炎热的夏天点燃它,因为你点燃的可能不仅仅是煤油灯的灯芯。原文译文属!201304/234948呼和浩特人民医院打瘦脸针多少钱

乌兰察布市妇幼保健医院修眉手术多少钱Business商业报道Corporate governance in Germany德国公司的管理Diversifying the board董事会的多元化German boards have long been cosy mens clubs. But things are changing德国的董事会曾一度是享乐者的天堂,但是现在不一样了。HERMANN JOSEF ABS liked to joke, Whats the difference between a doghouse and the supervisory board?HERMANN JOSEF喜欢开玩笑:屋和监事会有什么不同?The doghouse is for the dog; the supervisory board is for the cat.屋是给的,监事会是给猫的,For those unfamiliar with the nuances of German humour, for the cat is slang for something like trash.这是德国式幽默,猫在俚语里通常指代废物。The late banker would know: while running Deutsche Bank from 1957 to 1967, he also sat on dozens of supervisory boards.已故的家或许知道,在1957到1967年间主管德意志时,HERMANN JOSEF ABS还是几十个监事会成员里的一个。This was the peak of Deutschland , a clique of long-serving bosses, autocratic chairmen, do-nothing board members and their financier friends.过去,监事会是德国公司的顶层,他们是由一群长期担任老板的小团体,独裁主席,游手好闲的董事会成员以及他们金融界的朋友们组成。Big German companies supervisory boards are supposed to act as a check on their management boards.大型德国公司的监事会应该管理董事会,But in practice their relations were too cosy for this.但是实际上他们的关系过于亲密。This past year the stumbles of two titans seemed to highlight how much corporate power is still concentrated in few hands in the Germanspeaking world.去年这两大巨头的过失似乎在过于强调企业大权仍掌控在少数德国人手里。As 2013 began Gerhard Cromme was chairman of the supervisory boards of both Siemens, an industrial conglomerate, and ThyssenKrupp, a steelmaker.2013年伊始,Gerhard Cromme成为西门子及钢铁制造商蒂森克努伯两家企业的监事会主席。But big losses at foreign mills and heavy fines over a cartel case cost him the chairmanship at ThyssenKrupp.但是卡特尔事件中国外钢厂的巨大损失及高额罚款让他失去了蒂森克努伯公司监事会主席一职。Then in July, a boardroom bunfight at Siemens ended with the departure of Peter Lscher, the chief executive.同年7月,西门子董事会舞会事件以其首席主管Peter Lscher的离职而告终。Mr Cromme belatedly called for his firing—but only after hiring him and protecting him for years.Cromme请求延迟他的解雇,但也只是在雇佣和保护了他几年之后。Josef Ackermann, a Swiss former boss of Deutsche Bank and a Siemens board member, had defended Mr Lscher.德意志前瑞士分行行长兼西门子董事Josef Ackermann力挺Lscher。When Mr Lscher went, so did he.当Lscher走后他也离职了。Shortly before this he had quit as chairman of Zurich, a Swiss insurer, whose chief financial officer had committed suicide, leaving a note berating Mr Ackermann.在这之前不久他还辞去了瑞士保险公司苏黎世董事长一职。该公司的首席财务官自杀了,只留下一张便条斥责Ackermann。Now he has no big corporate job, there have been reports that Mr Ackermann may have to step down as a trustee of the World Economic Forum after its gabfest in Davos this week.现在他没有大公司工作,有报道称本周在达沃斯会议进行冗长的谈话后,Ackermann只能降职为世界经济论坛的受托人。At first glance, corporate power in Germany still looks male, German and concentrated.乍一看,企业大权仍集中在德国男性手里。But its boardrooms are slowly getting more diverse.但是董事会正慢慢变得多样化。In 2003 the average supervisory-board member at a public company sat on 1.9 boards; now the figure is 1.6.2003年监事会成员中上市公司平均占了1.9席。A 2001 cut in tax on sales of shares let banks and insurance companies, which played big roles as lenders and part-owners, start disentangling themselves from companies.然而现在这个数据是1.6。2001年销售股份削减税被放款及合伙大户和保险公司承包,并开始解决纠纷。Into the gaps, and onto the boards, has come a new generation of more active members.为了填补空缺,也有很多新一代的有活力的成员加入董事会。Boards have little choice but to be sharper, says Christoph Schalast of Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.法兰克福金融管理学院的Christoph Schalast表示董事会别无选择,只有变得更加锐利。Many companies are now paying fines and settlements for their behaviour before the financial crisis.现在许多公司都在金融危机到来之前为他们的行为付罚款和理赔款。A 2010 change in the law doubled the statute of limitations for such misdeeds to ten years.2010年修改法律诉讼时效等罪行翻了一倍,达10年了。Progress on making boards more international is slower.董事会的国际化进程变缓了。Eight of the largest 30 public companies have foreign bosses, but the rest of their boards members are predominantly German, even at the countrys most multinational firms.规模最大的30家上市公司中有8家老板都是国外的,但是即使在大多数跨国公司,其董事会其他成员主要还是德国人。But Burkhard Schwenker, the boss of Roland Berger, a consulting firm, says that counting passports is simplistic: what matters more is international experience, which German firms increasingly look for when recruiting both management-and supervisory-board members.咨询公司Roland Berger的董事长Burkhard Schwenker却表示哪个国家的其实不重要,在招募管理及董事成员时更看重的是德国公司急需的国际经验。If boards are becoming more professional and diverse, is accumulation of board seats a bad thing in itself?如果董事会变得越来越专业越来越多样化,积累董事会职位本身是坏事吗?Jrg Rocholl, the president of the European School for Management and Technology, says that studies disagree on whether busy board members are better or worse for profits.欧洲管理与技术学院的院长Jrg Rocholl表示繁忙的董事会对企业收益是利是弊仍意见不一。But he agrees that boards are becoming more capable, and says this has been a factor in Germanys economic revival.但可以肯定的是董事们正变得越来越能干,这也是德国公司经济复苏的原因之一。Pay for German board members is going up; but these days, members are earning it.董事成员的工资上涨了,但是这段日子是他们应得的。 /201402/275160 Suppose one day scientists pick up a transmission they think isgenerated by aliens.假如有一天,科学家收到到外星人发来的信号该怎么办呢?Now what? Do we build a landing strip andbreak out the welcome wagon?我们有建造飞碟起落跑道来欢迎它们吗?Well heres the thing about picking up alien broadcasts.关于接收到外来广播的事情是这样的。The receivers scientists are currently using to listen to space noise are designed to find constant signals,or signals that are pulsing at regular intervals.科学家接者收目前会听航天噪音,然后找出不变信号或者找出那些常规跳动的信号。But any message carried by these signals wouldprobably be lost because the receivers cant pick up the modulation, or rapid variations, in thebase signal.但是任何携带信息的信号都可能丢失,因为接收者在信号基地不能收集到变调或快速变化的信号。The SETI institute, which searches for extra terrestrial life, has compared picking up asignals modulation to picking up the sound of a flute when its masked by the noise of a waterfall.对外星智能的探索研究院,专门寻找外星生物。它他们对接受到信号的变调和被瀑布声掩盖的笛声做了比较。Luckily, scientists would still have enough data to pinpoint where in the sky the transmission iscoming from.幸运的是,科学家们有足够的数据来确定信号广播的位置。And any slow changes in the broadcast frequency would reveal information aboutthe rotation and movement of the aliens planets.广播频率的细微变化都会揭露外星人星球的旋转和运动情况。Okay, but how will we know if they are friendly?我们怎样才知道那些是友好的信号呢?Well, If we ever do detect a transmission, thiswould be huge news. 如果我们发现了外来广播,那就是很大新闻了。The government would definitely allocate funds to building largerinstruments capable of picking up signal modulations.政府一定会拨款建造更大的仪器,能够接受信号变调。However, even once scientists are able tomeasure the modulation, it isnt certain that well be able to understand the message.不管怎样,即使科学家能够测量变调,也不能确定我们能明白这些信息。I guesseveryones hoping that if the aliens are anything like us, theyll send simple pictures and easy-to-decode messages.我想每个人都希望外星人与我们多少有点相似之处,会发简单的图画和容易解码的信息。 201408/320723内蒙古医科大学附属医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱呼和浩特开眼角手术要多少钱




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