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新抚区人民医院正规吗怎么样抚顺曙光泌尿医院医院男科Simon is the camera man.Its really an exciting job to do.西蒙是摄像师 这是个令人兴奋无比的工作cause youve just travelled on the world,we get to explore out,we gotta get messy, climb thing,always adventure.在探索大自然的过程中 我们披荆斩棘 面对复杂的地形环境 总是险象环生Ex-royal marine commando Dave,is an expert mountaineer.前英国皇家海军陆战队队员戴夫 是个登山家For me, the motivation is the team and the people within this small team.对我来说 这个小团队的所有人和事 都是我的动力And former paratrooper Danny cool the main secure.还有退役伞兵丹尼 他负责主要的安保工作Ive just watched it all time,you know, just to make sure everything is going right.我时刻保持目不转睛地观察 只为确保一切安全进行The team just get on really, really well,and Bear is definately the kingpin in that.我们的团队合作无间 贝尔毫无疑问是我们的主心骨Bear would take a bold by the holy saying ;come on, lets just do it;.贝尔会直面危险 随时准备放手一搏Lets do it. Lets go, friend. Lets do it.开始吧 动手吧Whatever environment to deal with,the first challenge is always the most difficult.无论你将面对何等环境 正所谓万事开头难Getting to solic ground.头等大事便是安全着陆Weve filmed some of the most remote location on earth,and the only way in is used by parachute.我们录制过地球上许多人迹罕至的区域 走进它的唯一方法 就是空降In Alaska, the team and I joined forces with the search-and-rescue operation.How do you do? How do you do?在阿拉斯加 摄制组与搜救部队展开合作 你好 你好They gonna take me high for mountains in that HH-60 Pavel.他们要用这架HH-60帕尔维直升机 将我送到山顶Its a pretty typical things for us,you know, get a heli on the ground here.直升机停在身边的情况 我们早已司空见惯We are just waiting that with they gonna have a big brief the military guys who gonna fly the thing.我们现在只需等待 他们和稍后即将驾驶飞机的 军人们进行详细的计划讨论就好201610/471879抚顺新抚医院治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457824This cat camaraderie is another example from the experiment这些猫猫间的友情是实验中的另一个实例to suggest that cats may be changing,明猫的行为可以被改变evolving away from hunters to fit in better with us.逐步从捕猎者演变为人类的宠物As were domesticating cats,我们在驯猫的过程中were retaining a lot more of让他们保留了what we call their juvenile characteristics.我们称之为幼年特征的东西So they purr a lot, they play a lot,因此他们会呜呜叫 会玩耍we see them needing behaviour.会有依赖我们的表现With our pet cats, if we are domesticating them在饲养宠物猫时 如果我们驯他们and they are evolving, in a sense他们发生进化 从某种意义上来说that they are retaining lots of these characteristics,他们会保留许多特征they might be more likely也许能让他们- to get on with each other. - Yes.-彼此间相处更融洽 -是的But were right at the cusp of that,但我们对整个趋势的看法是对的in sort of the domestic cats evolution.猫猫在人类驯中发生的演变If shes right, this sort of feline harmony如果她是对的 那猫猫间和睦共处could be a vision of the future,可能是未来的一种形式as cats evolve to please the hand that feeds them.他们会取悦自己的主人重点解释:1.away from 远离, 从某地离开例句:The poor man ran away from his creditors.这个穷人躲避他的债主。2.get on with 取得进展例句:Do you get on with your parents?你和父母合得来吗?3.be able to 会; 能例句:Youll be able to come, wont you?你能来的,对吗?201609/466479抚顺包皮过长哪家医院比较好

望花区人民医院看男科好吗If we look at the tetrapod we have the pit now gone altogether我们再看一下四足动物,凹陷已经彻底消失and heres that lower blood vessel hole there in the tetrapod,这里有个四足动物颚骨的下行血管出口so in this respect livoniana kind of agrees with the tetrapod.就这一点而言,文塔螈比较接近四足动物On the other hand, we find that in the fish另一方面,我们发现在鱼的颚骨上a bone from the outer surface of the jaw comes round down to here and ends颚外面有一块骨头向下延伸,到这里就结束了and its, it abuts against another bone up here called the pre-articular.与之毗邻的这块骨头叫做前关节骨In the tetrapod, the bone from the outer face comes all the way up here.在四足动物的颚上,外面的骨头一直延伸到这上面,It forms a big tongue extending backwards so and it comes all the way up here beneath it, so quite a different arrangement.形成巨大的舌床,从后面开始,一直延伸到这下面,所以是很不一样的结构Livoniana here has got the junction and the bone exposed on the surface文塔螈有接合部,骨头暴露在外面just like the fish, so in this case livoniana agrees with the fish,这和鱼很相似,就这点而言,文塔螈比较接近鱼so as you can see depending on which characteristic you look at因此,根据观察到的这些特征it either lies sort of halfway between or it agrees with the tetrapod, or it agrees with the fish.它处于二者之间,它或者比较接近四足动物,或者比较接近鱼,Exactly what you would expect from an intermediate form.正是人们期盼的中间物种Ahlberg believes livoniana really is an elusive transitional form, almost exactly half fish and half tetrapod.Ahlberg认为文塔螈确实就是难得一见的过渡型物种,几乎就是半鱼半四足类的动物It is certainly the only fossil yet discovered that shows the process of change between the two actually taking place.它是迄今发现的反映二者演变过程的唯一一块化石。201703/500333抚顺市级医院有哪些 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470021抚顺石油三厂职工医院治疗阳痿哪家医院最好

抚顺男科医院治疗内分泌多少钱Hi there. My name is Emma and in todays we will be looking at the IELTS,大家好。我是 Emma,今天的视频中我们继续讲解雅思。which is a test that ESL students take when they want to immigrate to certain countries such as Canada, Australia, England.英语学生如果有意愿移民去加拿大、澳大利亚、英国等国家,就需要参加雅思考试。Its also a test some universities require students take.部分大学也要求申请的学生有雅思成绩。So if you want to study at an overseas university, you may have to take this test.如果你想出国留学,可能就必须准备雅思考试了。So we will be looking at specifically the speaking section of this test, part three.今天我们着重讨论雅思口语考试的第三部分。So the speaking task has three different parts to it; part one, part two, part three. We will be looking at part three.口语测试分为第一、第二、第三,三个部分,今天的重点是第三部分。Okay, so first I will explain what happens in part three of the IELTS speaking test,首先我们会分析一下第三部分的考试要求,and then I will look at some tips on how to do well, and also things you should not do.接着跟大家分享一些得分技巧和一些应该避免的事情。So lets get started.现在开始。First of all, its important to know how long this test, this part of the test will take.首先要知道第三部分的考试时长。It takes between four to five minutes.总时长为四到五分钟。And its different than part two. In part two, the student is expected to speak for about two minutes and theres no interruption.要注意,这部分和第二部分不同。第二部分要求你不间断地就一个话题说两分钟。In this part of the IELTS, its more like an interview.而这部分更像是面试。The examiner asks you some sort of question, you respond. They ask you another question or they might ask you to go deeper into the first question.考官问一个问题,你来回答。接下来他们可能问你另一个问题,也可能要求你更深入地阐述第一个问题。Okay? What types of questions are there?那么,你会遇到哪些类型的问题呢?Well, sometimes theyll ask you to predict something, to analyze something, to compare.他们常会要你预测、分析或者比较某事。They might ask you to give your opinion.也可能要求你表达自己的看法。Often times, youre looking at the future as well. So for example: what sports do you think will be played in the future? Okay? So often --future questions.一般,很多都是预测性问题。比如,你认为将来什么运动会流行?很多都是这样的预测性问题。Part three is based on a theme.第三部分的讨论基于一个明确的主题。In part two, youre given something to describe often -- it might be a historical building, it might be a teacher you really liked, it might be an object precious to you.第二部分是要求你描述某个事物——比如一栋历史建筑,一位你敬爱的老师,或者一件你珍爱的物品等。Part three continues from part two, so whatever you talked about in part two, youre going to talk about in part three, but at a more abstract level.第三部分和第二部分一脉相承,所以第三部分将继续第二部分的话题,只是更为抽象深入。So what do I mean by this?该怎么理解呢?Well, if in part two you talked about your favorite teacher, in part three you might be talking about education.如果第二部分谈论的是你最喜欢的老师,那么第三部分的话题可能就是教育。You might talk about how it is different today than it used to be. Okay? So you might be looking at education.比如说一说现在的教育和过去有什么不同,所以你的论题就在教育。Some of the topics you may look at in part three: technology is very common, education, environment, TV influence, leisure activities, shopping, sports, transportation.在第三部分可能遇到的话题中,科技很常见,其次是教育、环境、电视的影响、休闲、购物、运动、交通等等。So these are all very common topics, and so youll be asked between four to six questions on these types of topics.这些都是很常考的话题,围绕这些话题考官可能会问你四到六个问题。So an example you may be asked: ;How are education priorities different from those in the past?; Okay?比如他可能问你,“如今的教育重点和以往有什么不同?”So again, you have to state your opinion for this question.All right, so lets look at some of the ;Dos; and ;Donts; for this part of the IELTS.所以,你需要就这个问题发表自己的观点。好了,一起来看一下在这部分我们应该做些什么和应该避免些什么。Okay, so lets look at some of the things you should do. Okay?先来看应该做些什么。So theres our smiley face, this is a good idea. The first one is: listen for keywords in the question.应该做的事情我画了个笑脸,表明是个好做法。第一点:听清问题的关键词。Okay? Sometimes you may not understand what the question is... try to listen for the keywords of the question.万一没听明白问题是什么,那就试着去听关键词。Do you hear the word ;education;, ;school;?Listen and this will help you to understand the question better.听到“教育”和“学校”了吗?注意听,有助于更好地理解问题。If you still dont understand the question: ask. Okay?This is very important. Its okay to ask the examiner to repeat the question.如果还是不明白问题,那就问考官。这一点很必要,你是可以让考官重复一遍问题的。If you dont understand, you can also ask for clarification.如果你没听懂,也可以让考官稍作解释。Its better to ask if you dont understand than to answer something completely different and wrong. Okay? So its always better to ask.与其没弄懂问题结果答得风马牛不相及,不如张口跟考官确认。这种情况下问考官是更好的选择。When you do answer the question, make sure, again, you dont give these short yes/no answers.回答问题的时候,要再次确保不用“是或否”来简单地回答问题。Expand, give detail. Okay? Give examples, give reasons.扩充你的,补充细节,举例说明,给出原因。Its very important to support your points. For example: maybe they ask you if girls and boys should go to separate schools.撑你的论点很关键。比如,考官问你,男生和女生是否应该分校就读。If youre asked that, you might say: ;I think girls and boys should go to separate schools for three reasons.你可以这样答:“我认为男生和女生应该分开学校就读,原因有三。First of all, girls learn better when theyre separated from boys. In my own experience, when I was a student, I was always distracted by boys.;首先,将男女分开的话,女孩的学习效果更好。以我个人经验来说,我读书的时候就总是容易被男生分心。”So you see what I mean? Give details, give examples. Stick to the topic. This is very important.懂我的意思了吗?丰富细节,举例说明,围绕话题,这至关重要。If youre asked about education, talk about education. Dont talk about your pets, dont talk about your hair; stick to education.如果考官问你教育,那就谈教育。不要谈你的宠物,你的头发,就围绕教育来说。I think this is actually the most important point out of all of them: Think you will do well. What do I mean by that?有一点是应该做的事情中最最重要的,那就是相信自己能做好。我这样说是什么意思呢?I think the IELTS isnt only testing you on your English, its also testing you psychologically. Okay?雅思考试并不仅仅是测试你的英语水平,还考量你的心理素质。You need to think positively. You need to think you will do well. If you think you will do well, you will definitely do better.你的想法应该积极一些。你要相信自己会做好。如果你自信,你的表现肯定不错。Okay, another point: its important to build vocabulary before you do the IELTS.下一个要点,在考试前扩大你的词汇量。So youre being marked on four things. Youre being marked on pronunciation, youre being marked on grammar,考官是基于四个维度打分的。发音、语法,youre being marked on vocabulary, and youre being marked on fluency and coherence. So that last one is together.词汇、流利和连贯性。最后两个词构成一个维度。So, these are the four different areas youre being marked in.也就是说,考官是根据这四个维度综合评分的。Its good if you focus partially on building your vocabulary beforehand; this is a good way to prepare.在考前分出一部分精力来扩充词汇量是很可取的。You know youre going to be marked on this, so why not think about words that have to do with technology?既然知道了考官的评分点,那么科技相关的话题,是否该想一想有哪些词可以用呢?Practice these words in conversation. For example: ;technophobe;, ;cutting-edge;, ;state-of-the-art;.在你的对话练习中用到这些词,比如“技术恐惧者”、“前沿”、“顶尖”等等。All of these words will help you increase your vocabulary score if youre asked about technology.谈到科技话题时,这些词能帮助你提高词汇分。Find words that have to do with education, with leisure activities, transportation. So this is a very important thing to do as well.在教育、休闲、交通等话题上,也像这样去准备词汇。这一点同样重要。Okay, another thing you should do: relate the question youre asked to your own life.下一点:将问题与你的真实经历结合起来。So if they ask you about technology, bring examples of technology you use. Use examples of technologies you use, I mean.当问到科技话题时,举一些你体验过的科技的例子,也就是说用自己的切身体验来举例。Use your own experiences. And if you dont have a lot of experiences in terms of what theyre asking -- if theyre talking about sports,结合自己的经验去说,如果你并没有相关经验——比方说问你运动的话题,you hate sports, you dont have anything to say about sports -- again, you can make it up.但你不爱运动,也完全没啥可说的——那么,就像之前教你们的,编一个。Use your friends experiences, use what you know from the news.Its good to use real-life examples.借鉴你朋友的经验,借鉴新闻里听来的事情。用实际生活中的例子能增加说力。Okay, this is another important point: its good to divide up your answer. Okay?下一个重点:把有逻辑地分步组织起来。So when they ask you a question, instead of just getting right into it, you can say: ;There are three ways that such and such works.;,拿到问题之后,不要马上作答,你可以提纲挈领地说,“XX 有三种作用”,;There are three problems with transportation in Toronto.;, ;There are several points Id like to talk about.; Okay?“多伦多的交通有三大问题”,“我要说的有以下几点”等等。So its good to divide up what youre going to say by giving a number for your answer.给你的编号,分步作答是不错的选择。Another good thing to do is... This part of the IELTS often requires you to use modals.下一点,第三部分常常需要使用情态动词。So what are modals again? ;Can;, ;could;, ;may;, ;might;, ;should; -- these are modals.什么是情态动词?“Can”、“could”、“may”、“might”、“should”——这些都是情态动词。Youre going to be using them in this part of the IELTS. So brush up on that. Okay, practice using them.这部分要多多使用情态动词,所以大家要复习起来,并且勤加练习。For example, maybe theyre asking you: ;Who makes the best teachers?; You could say: ;Parents may make the best teachers.; Okay? So use modals.当考官问你:“最优秀的老师有什么特质?”你可以说,“好的家长可能成为最优秀的老师。”懂了吗?要会用情态动词。Also learn opinion expressions. So dont just keep saying: ;I think;, ;I think;, ;I think;. Use something else.另外,还要学会表达观点的方式。不要一直说“我觉得”“我觉得”“我觉得”。用点别的表达。;If you ask me;, ;In my opinion;, ;It seems to me that;, ;It appears to me that;, these are all good expressions to use. ;I think; is a little bit boring. Okay?“我的观点是”、“在我看来”、“对我来说”、“要我说”等都是很好的说法。一直用“我觉得”太没新意了,对吧?So now lets look at some of the ;Donts;, things you should not do for this part of the IELTS.接下来我们看一下在第三部分哪些事情应该避免。Okay, so what shouldnt you do in this section of the IELTS?那么在第三部分哪些事情不该做呢?Okay, so I have ;Donts; and an angry face. This is what you should not do.我给不该做的事情画了一个哭脸。以下是不该做的。So first of all, dont memorize answers. This is not the way to do well on the IELTS. Okay?首先,不要背。背无益于取得好成绩。If you memorize answers, and if the examiner notices that youre sort of speaking funny and thinks youve memorized an answer, theyre going to change the subject.要是你背,当考官注意到你的说话方式有点奇怪,认为你背了的话,他们会换话题。So its good not to memorize answers because youll probably have a lot more difficulty if you do.不要背,因为你可能因此更难通过。Its better, again, to spend your time learning vocabulary, practicing speaking with your friends,更好的做法是,把时间花在扩大词汇量上,花在和朋友练习口语上,practicing answering these types of questions, giving your opinion, but dont memorize answers.花在操练各类问题的上,表达你的观点,但是不要背。Dont worry if you make mistakes. Okay?犯了错误不用担心。If you make a mistake, if you can correct it and it wont take a lot of time - just quickly correct it.要是你犯了一个小错,能轻易纠正过来的话,那就纠正。If its one of those mistakes that if you try to correct it, its going to cause a lot of problems, confusion - just leave it.要是你试图纠正但会犯更多错误,或造成更多误解,没问题,将错就错。Its okay if you make mistakes, just keep going. Okay?犯了错误没关系,继续说下去。Dont go off topic. So if youre talking about education, dont start talking about sports. Stick to what theyre asking you.千万别跑题。不要从教育话题跳到运动话题,紧紧围绕考官的问题来作答。Dont change the question either; if they ask you a question, answer that question.也不要随意修改问题,考官问什么你就答什么。Dont use too many ;umms; and ;ahhs;. Okay? Some ;umms; and ;ahhs; are okay,不要频繁“呃”“啊”。偶尔出现没关系,but if every question youre saying: ;Umm, I think, uhh, ehh that umm, uhh really that uhh;, its not going to get you a good mark.但如果你这样回答问题:“呃,我觉得,嗯………嗯……那个什么确实是……呃……”,你肯定得不到好分数。So if youre one of those people who use ;umms; and ;ahhs; a lot, try to focus before the IELTS on using them less.如果你是那种不自觉地频繁“呃啊”的类型,那么在考前要有意识地控制自己,少使用一些“呃”“嗯”“啊”。What you can always do is tape record yourself speaking -- this is something I really recommend for the IELTS特别推荐一种雅思口语的训练方法——那就是练口语的时候录下来tape record yourself, listen to your strengths: what are you good at? And what are your weaknesses?录下自己的声音,听听自己的优势和劣势:你擅长什么?哪个环节比较薄弱?Be honest -- everyone has weaknesses. So listen and try to practice beforehand to fix those weaknesses. Okay?说实话——每个人都有弱点。因此,多听自己的录音,在考前尽量多地练习,修正这些不足。Dont use ;I think; too much. ;I think; gets very boring.不要总说“我觉得”,很没有新意。This is another thing ESL students often love to do: they want to get more time and have more time to think of an answer很多外语学生因为想多争取一点时间来思考如何作答,so they use these types of sentences in order to give themselves more time, they might say: ;Oh, thats a good question.;他们很喜欢用一些句子来拖延时间,比如“嗯,这个问题问得好。”Its okay to say that, but dont say it for every question. Okay?这么说是可以的,但不要每个问题都这么说。If you need to buy that much time, dont just keep saying: ;Oh, thats a good question. Yeah, thats an interesting question. Thats a good question.;如果你真的需要那多一点儿的时间,也别一味地说:“哦,这是一个很好的问题。是啊,这是一个有趣的问题。这是一个很好的问题。“Its not going to help your mark. If you use that, use it once.这对你得高分没有帮助。如果非要用的话,别超过一次。Okay, dont worry if you have an accent. We all have accents.不用担心有口音,人人都有口音。Its okay if you have an accent. In terms of your pronunciation mark,坦然面对自己的口音问题。拿到发音分的关键是,the main thing theyre looking for is that you speak clearly and they can understand what youre saying. Okay?口齿清楚,让考官听懂你在说什么。Oh, I think I said this twice, yes. So this is a very important point; Ive wrote it here twice. Dont worry if you make mistakes. Okay?哦这个我之前已经说过了,是的。所以这一点确实尤其重要;我还在这写了两遍,犯错了也不用太担心,记住了么?Treat this almost like a conversation.就把它当普通对话来看待。You know, its good to support what youre saying, its good to make clear arguments.要有论据撑自己的论点,并且清晰明了地阐述你的观点。And so dont get too worried about this section of the IELTS.口语第三部分的考试不用过于紧张。Practice is the most important thing. Practice giving your opinion to your friends, to your family, to anyone who will listen to you. Practice in English.最重要的还是练习,练习对你的朋友、家人、任何愿意听你说的人阐述你的观点,当然是要用英语说哦。And if you want to see some of the questions you may get, come visit www.goodluckielts.com.如果你想了解更多考试中会碰到的题目,欢迎访问www.goodluckielts.com。This site is wonderful, it has many good tips on how to do well on the IELTS and it also has good practice questions.这个网站很棒,有很多如何获得雅思高分的技巧,也有高质量的练习题。So maybe do some of those practice questions, and tape record yourself while you do them. Okay?做练习的同时,最好录下自己的回答。Another thing you can do is you can come visit us at www.engvid.com. We will have a quiz there that will check to make sure you know how to do your best on the IELTS.你还可以访问 www.engvid.com,网站提供一套自测题,帮助你了解如何在雅思考试中更好地发挥。Okay, so until next time, good luck on the IELTS. I know youre going to do great. Just practice, take a deep breath, and youre going to do fine.雅思好运,下次课见。相信你们的表现会很棒。好好练习,深呼吸,你可以的。So take care, and until next time.祝好,再见。201706/513900 Id heard a story from a Berber tribesman using a camel carcass as an emergency shelter in a sandstorm.我曾听柏柏尔部落的人讲过一个故事 在沙尘暴来临时 用骆驼尸体作紧急避难所The smell was absolutely disgusting.那气味实在是太恶心了Okay, its all just being held on at one point now.只有一处内脏还连在内腔上I have to hold my breath, get in there, and cut it.Stinks.I got it!我必须屏住呼吸 从里面切断它 真臭 好了Little did I know that this clip would follow me for a long time.And not just the smell.Its here at number four.当时我知道臭味定会挥之不去 没想到这录像片段也是 还成为了经典时刻的第四名The Berbers could use this as an emergency shelter in a sandstorm.柏柏尔部落的人在沙尘暴时 将其用作紧急避难所And all theyd do is,Okey, Im inside it,pull it over,and Ill be 100% protected from the sand.他们只须要 好了 我进去了 把它盖上 这样我就可以完全免遭 沙尘的袭击了My number one has to be the texas biplane.要我说 最佳时刻 非德州双翼机莫属The texas biplane was a fun one and it barrel-rolls its way in to number three.德州双翼机是一次有趣的经历 它飞滚着排到经典时刻的第三名Our insertion into the chihuahuan desert was definitely one of my favorite,我们的奇瓦瓦沙漠之旅 绝对是我的最爱之一and weve done a lot of them helicopters, balloons, planes,you name it.我们用过很多飞行器 直升机 热气球 普通飞机 应有尽有But hanging inverted under a biplane at 8,000 feet,life definitely became interesting.That was a stunt and a half.但在八千英尺高空中 被挂在倒飞的双翼机下 让我的人生更丰富多了 那已经不仅仅是特技了Skydiving from a biplane is anything but straightforward.从双翼机上做特技跳伞绝非易事201612/484653抚顺市治疗不孕不育哪家强辽宁抚顺妇幼保健院地址查询



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