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If you have a friend who sometimes acts more like an enemy, you may have a frenemy on your hands. These guidelines will help you sort it out.如果一个朋友有时的表现更像敌人,或许他就是友敌。下面的指引会帮助你鉴别出这样的朋友。You Will Need你需要Self-awareness自我意识Honest appraisal诚实的评价Steps步骤STEP 1 Gauge their reactions1.衡量他们的反应Notice how they react when you have good news. Do they seem genuinely happy for you, or do they respond with barbed comments and backhanded compliments?注意一下当你有好消息的时候他们如何反应。他们真诚地为你感到高兴,还是尖刻的和讽刺挖苦的赞扬?STEP 2 Assess their supportiveness2.评估他们的持Assess their supportiveness. Do they sabotage your self-improvement efforts -- perhaps even egg you on to be self-destructive? A true friend has your best interests at heart.评估他们的持。他们是否会妨碍你的自我提高——甚至鼓励你自我破坏?真正的朋友心中总是记着你的最佳利益。STEP 3 Misery loves company3.不幸需要陪伴Ask yourself if your misery attracts their company. Frenemies like you best when you#39;re at your worst.问一下自己,你的不幸是否吸引到他们的陪伴。当你处于最糟糕的状态时,友敌最喜欢你。STEP 4 Note how you feel around them4.注意和他们在一起时自己的感受Note how you feel after you#39;ve spent time with them: Good friends are uplifting; frenemies leave you feeling annoyed with them or bad about yourself. Or both.注意一下和他们在一起之后自己的感受。好的朋友是使人开心的;友敌会让你对他们感到气愤,或者对自己感到糟糕。或者两者皆有。If you both cancel plans more than you keep them, you might be frenemies.如果你们两人之间取消计划的次数多于遵守计划的次数,你们或许是友敌。STEP 5 Note how you behave around them5.注意在他们身旁时自己的行为Note how you behave around them. Do they bring out the best or worst in you? Frenemies do the latter.注意在他们身旁时自己的行为。他们会激发你内心最好的一面还是最糟糕的一面?友敌是后者。STEP 6 Examine your own conscience6.审查自己的良知Examine your own conscience. Do any of the preceding bad behaviors apply to the way you treat any of your pals? If so, my friend, you yourself could be a frenemy!审查自己的良知。你是否以上述这些坏的行为对待其他任何一个朋友?如果是这样的话,我的朋友,或许你自己就是一个友敌!The word ;frenemy,; which originated in 1977, was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2009.“友敌”这个词源于1977年,由韦氏大辞典2009年收录。 Article/201502/360726

吉他手兼歌手Raul Midon在他2007年的TED演奏会上为大家献上《人人》和《世界和平》。 Article/201411/344456

The first four programmes this week have been about religions that have millions, or hundreds of millions, of followers, but 1,700 years ago there were far more religions in the world than today, and many, many more gods. Gods at this date tended to have strictly local responsibilities, not the worldwide embrace that we#39;re used to now. In Mecca, for example, before Mohammed, pilgrims worshipped in a temple which had a statue of a different god for every day of the year. Today#39;s programme is about one of those numberless Arabian gods, that didn#39;t survive the coming of Mohammed.本周我们为您带来的前4件物品有数百万或成千上万的追随者,约1700年前,世界上的宗教与神远比现在要多。当时的神多具有地域性,而非像现在一样通常为全球各地的人民信仰。例如在麦加,在人们追随穆罕默德之前,朝圣者们进神庙敬拜,每天敬奉的神像都不相同。我们这部分的最后一件文物便是献给后来被穆罕默德禁信的众多阿拉伯本土神祇之一的。His full name was Ta#39;lab Riyam, meaning ;the strong one of Riyam;-a Yemeni hill town-and he protected the local hill people. Yemen in the third century was a prosperous place, a hub of international trade that produced some of the most sought-after commodities for the vast market of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and India. It was Yemen that supplied the whole Roman Empire with frankincense and myrrh.他的全称是塔拉布·里阳,意为“里阳的神”。里阳是也门的一座山丘城镇,而塔拉布庇佑着这里的山区百姓。公元三世纪的也门是个繁华之地,它是一个国际贸易集散地,出产一些在地中海、中东和印度市场都需求极大的物品,并为整个罗马帝国提供乳香和没药。I#39;m in the study room of the British Museum, and I#39;m holding the hand of a man called Wahab Ta#39;lab. It#39;s a life-sized hand, just slightly smaller than my own, made of bronze, and it is surprisingly heavy. It#39;s very lifelike, but as it#39;s got no arm attached to it, it does look as though it#39;s been severed. But according to Jeremy Field, orthopaedic and hand surgeon at Cheltenham General Hospital, this is not the case:我现在正身处大英物馆,我们这只铜手的原主人名为瓦哈·塔拉布。它的大小与真人的手相当,仅比我的略小一号,由青铜制成,很有分量。这手看起来惟妙惟肖,但没有手臂,仿佛是从手臂上切下来一般。但切尔滕纳姆综合医院的整形外科及手外科医生杰瑞米·费尔德认为,事实并非如此: Article/201507/385834

When I found out you were coming当我发现你即将到来时,it was the happiest day of my life那是我生命中最幸福的一天。A boy. A boy that would love football as much as I did.一个男孩。一个会像我一样热爱足球的男孩。I waited nine long months我已经等了长达9个月。And then you were born and you gave me the most unexpected surprise然后你就出生了,你给了我最意想不到的惊喜。You were a beautiful girl, football just wasn#39;t your sport.你是一个美丽的女该,而足球并不是你的运动。I wanted so much to teach you about this game我是那么希望教你这项运动的一切but in the end up, it was you ended up teaching me about life.但是最终,是你教会了我关于生活的一切。I#39;m your biggest fan.我是你最忠实的粉丝。 Article/201703/500216

在TEDGlobal2010的演讲中,作家马特-瑞德里认为,纵观人类的历史,人类进步的引擎是如何运转?不同想法是如何碰撞出新的想法?他认为,个人有多聪明不是很重要,协同合作的大脑能发挥多少才是至关重要的。 Article/201502/357523

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