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The first one to form is Hydrogen. Then, over the next 3 minutes the Universe begins to create two more elements, helium and lithium.We went from a Universe that was infinitely small to a Universe that was light-years in size. In the first 3 minutes, essentially everything interesting that was going to happen in the Universe happened.形成的第一种元素是氢。在接下来的3分钟里宇宙内开始形成其他两种元素:氦和锂。我们赖以生存的宇宙从无比渺小扩大到以光年来衡量大小。从本质上来说,在最初的3分钟宇宙内该发生的有趣的事情都发生了。 Well, not quite. If you were there, you couldnt see it.When we look at the night sky, we can see a literally billions of years into the past. And we think its always been that way. Nope, not true. 380 thousand years after the Big Bang, thats when the Universe began to become transparent. But before then, it was milky.其实,也未必。就算你在这里,也看不见。当我们望向夜空,我们能看见过去几十亿年前星球发出的光,从字面上来说是几十亿年前。而且我们认为自古以来就是这样。不,其实不是这样。宇宙大爆炸38万年后,宇宙开始变得透明起来。但是之前,宇宙内部则浑浊不清。There was a milky soup of loose electrons. The young Universe has to cool down enough for the electrons to slow down and stick to new atoms. It took a long time for all of the hydrogen, helium and lithium atoms in the Universe to form. Scientists calculate it took 380 thousand years for the electrons to slow down enough so that the Universe could start mass producing atoms. When that happens, the milky fog clears. The first light escapes and raises across the Universe.就像一锅充满松散电子的浓汤。年轻的宇宙渐渐冷却,电子也随之放慢速度,粘附于新生代原子。经过了很长时间,宇宙内氢原子,氦原子和锂原子才全部形成。科学家们计算,电子经过38万年才将速度减得足够慢,这样宇宙才开始大量生产原子。批量生产原子的同时,宇宙内浑浊的迷雾也开始消散。第一束光逃逸出来,在宇宙内无限延伸。Nearly 14 billion years later, two young scientists in New Jersey picked it up by accident.In 1964, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson were mapping radio signals across our galaxy. Everywhere they looked, they picked up a strange background hum. They first suspected their equipment, maybe pigeon droppings on the antenna were causing the strange signal. But after cleaning the antenna, the mysterious hum remained, so much for pigeon droppers.大约140亿年后,两位年轻的科学家在新泽西偶然接收到这束光波。1964年,阿诺·彭齐亚斯和罗伯特·威尔逊在映射系的无线电信号。不论从哪个方向,他们都会接收到一种奇怪的背景辐射噪音。开始他们怀疑是设备的问题,也许是鸽子落到天线上的粪便导致的。但是清理完天线后,那种神秘的嗡嗡声依然存在,也就排除了鸽子粪便这一因素。Penzias delivered a talk at Princeton University. And according to law, one person in the back said,;either you have discovered the effects of bird-droppings or the creation of the Universe.;彭齐亚斯在普林斯顿大学的举行了一场讲座。根据物理定律,一位后排的人说道:“要么你发现了鸟粪的作用,要么你发现了宇宙的起源。”201205/184169

;You would need to get out of the Milky Way to really see what it looks like. We dont have a way to do that, but we can look at other galaxies and see what they look like.;;你需要走出系列才能看到它真正的样子。我们都没有办法做那件事,但我们可以看看其他的星系,看他们的样子。;Hubble can provide us with exquisitely detailed images of nearby galaxies, like Messiah 74. Its over 13 million light-years away. But that still makes it one of our nearest neighbors. Its structure is impressively clear. A beautiful spiral galaxy with its stars contained in large arms sweeping out from a bright core.哈伯太空望远镜可以给我们提供邻近星系精确详细的图像,如距离我们超过1300万光年的弥赛亚74。但是这仍然使它成为离我们最近的邻居。它的结构非常清晰。一个美丽的螺旋星系,恒星群从明亮核心中扫过。;This is an example of a galaxy that astronomers think looks a lot like our galaxy, the Milky Way. This is a great representation of our own star city. In the central region, we have the downtown. This is the bulge, this bright spot in the middle. And from that, we see spiraling out these arms, his beautiful spiral structures we see in this galaxy.;;这是一种典型的星系,天文学家们认为,看起来非常像我们的星系,系。这是一个很好的表达自己明星的城市。在中部地区,我们有了市中心。这个亮点在中间。从那里,我们看到这些螺旋, 我们看到在这个星系中美丽的螺旋结构。;注:听力文本来源于普特201203/173242

This is Homes just hours before the latest deadline for a ceasefire, and aly shattered neighborhood is still being pounded by government forces.这是最后停火期限前的人口聚居区,早已离破碎的社区仍然遭受着政府军队的打击。The Syrian regime has pledged again to hold this, but the shells are still falling and there is little evidence that any troops have been withdrawn.叙利亚军队再次承诺会履行停火协定,但是炮火仍在继续,没有一丁点儿撤离的迹象。Government tanks are still riding in the heart of Homes and still on the attacks.叙利亚政府的坦克仍骑踞在人口聚居区的中心,攻击仍在持续。But Kofi Annan in Iran for talks with Syrias key ally whos refusing to give up on his peace plan yet.但是为缓解局面,联合国阿盟叙利亚问题特使安南赴伊朗与叙利亚政府进行和谈,这位头号盟友目前还未放弃和平计划。Its extremely important that we find a way to end the violence and the killing that is going on today in Syria.叙利亚内部暴乱冲突和伤亡事件仍在不断上演,现在当务之急是寻求解决的办法。We need to find a way to get humanitarian necessity to the needy as quickly as possible and then get the parties to the table for discussions.我们要想办法尽快把人道主义救援物资发给难民,想办法促使各党派参加和谈。The Syrian government claims it has pulled back from some areas, but even around the capital Damascus out in the suburbs, s filmed by activists appear to show troop reinforcement being sent in.叙利亚政府声称已经从一些地区撤军。但是在首都大马士革周边的城区还是会看到激进分子拍摄的派遣援军的视频。There are also reports of raids and arrests across the country.也会看到全国各地关于空袭和逮捕的报道。We are relying on the goodwill of regime to cooperate, and allow a return to peaceful demonstrations, and deal with the demands of the people with other means than simply criminal repression of it.我们希望武装团体有诚意合作,允许再出现和平示威活动,并采用非暴力镇压手段对待民众的要求。Defiant from the Syrian regime has become all too familiar, but the UN Security Council may still be too divided to come up with an alternative plan.叙利亚武装政团对抗的态度早已被各界熟知,但是联合国安理会内部意见存在分歧,无法提出第二种可行的计划。注:本文原文译文属原创,,!201205/180569

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