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大理的医院人流大理妇科炎症的费用Mountain Climbing in the Double Ninth Day重阳节登高Autumn is the best season to climb mouhtains, as the weather is pleasant,the sky clear and the air crisp. People revel in the beautiful autumn scenes,and enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine. As a fxistime,mountain climbing is good for keying fit. The fragrant cornel can be used as herbal medicine. It may not possess the magic to exorcise evil spirits, but it does repel mosquitoes. That is why mountain climbers often carry a bundle of the plant.秋天是爬山的最佳季节,由于气候宜人,天空晴朗,空气清新的。人们陶醉于美丽的秋景,并享受清新的空气和温暖的阳光。作为欢愉时光,登山是很好的选择。芬芳的茱萸可以作为草药。它可能不具备魔法辟邪,但它确实驱除蚊虫。这就是为什么登山者往往携带植物香包。 /201607/455800大理市宫颈糜烂治疗需要多少钱 On the 400th anniversary of his death, Shakespeare is more popular abroad than in Britain and makes a significant contribution to the UK#39;s prosperity and influence, according to a survey published on last Tuesday.根据上周二的一项调查显示,在莎士比亚逝世400周年之际,他在英国之外获得了比在本土更高的人气,这也对提升英国的繁荣及影响力作出了巨大贡献。The British Council, which commissioned the YouGov survey of 18,000 people from 15 countries, said the results showed that internationally Shakespeare is widely known, liked and understood.英国文化委员会委托YouGov对来自十五个国家的一万八千人进行了调查,结果显示莎士比亚为全球人知晓和喜爱。;Four hundred years after his death, Shakespeare#39;s work continues to play a vital role in educating and entertaining people around the world,; said the Council#39;s Rosemary Hilhorst in a statement.该委员会的罗斯玛丽·希尔霍斯特在声明中表示:“在莎翁去世四百年之后,他的作品仍旧在人们的教育、方面发挥着重要作用。”The Council, which fosters cultural relations between Britain and other countries, said Shakespeare#39;s influence internationally helps generate a positive attitude towards the UK.英国文化委员会旨在促进英国和其他国家间的文化交流。该委员会表示,莎士比亚的国际影响力为英国塑造正面的国际形象提供了莫大帮助。Over a third of people questioned said Shakespeare made them feel more positive about Britain in general, with the greatest number of respondents holding this view in Brazil (57 percent) and India (62 percent).超过三分之一的受访者表示,莎士比亚让他们对英国有更好的印象,而在巴西(57%)和印度(62%)有更多人持相同观点。The survey also found Shakespeare was more popular (65 percent) in terms of being liked, understood and still regarded as relevant today overseas than in his home country (59 percent). But his popularity in other English-speaking countries such as Australia and the ed States was significantly lower than in the non-English speaking countries polled including China, Turkey and Mexico.这项调查还发现,莎士比亚在英国之外更为人熟知和喜爱。其中海外比例达到了65%,而在英国本土这一比例只有59%。但是,他在澳大利亚、美国这样的英语国家中却没有向非英语国家(中国、土耳其、墨西哥)中这样高的人气。The British Council said his popularity had a direct influence on Britain#39;s economy, not just in terms of attracting visitors to Shakespeare#39;s theaters but also contributing to the country#39;s standing in the world which had the knock-on effect of attracting tourists.英国文化委员会表示,莎士比亚的高人气对英国经济有直接影响。并不仅仅因为他的戏剧作品吸引着观众们,还因为他给这个国家带来的文化效应吸引着旅客们到英国观光。 /201604/440060Long have women and men sought after an ethereal glow and eternally young skin. Many have professed a willingness to die for it and many actually ‘have’ in the search for a miracle cosmetic. Throughout the ages we have unknowingly slathered our complexions in a nefarious barrage of deadly chemicals and taken lethal doses of beauty medications. Here are some of the most shocking and scandalous cosmetic disasters through the centuries. Check out the 3 poisonousbeauty products once used –男性和女性一直以来都在追求柔美的亮泽光感和永葆年轻的肌肤。很多人坦诚愿意为之献出生命,还有很多人在寻找能带来奇迹的化妆品。多年来,不知不觉之中,我们为了增亮肤色而使用了大量致命的化学物质和美容药物。这里是一些几个世纪以来最令人震惊的化妆品灾难。让我们看一下过去用过的3种有毒化妆品。1.Lead Based Eye Paint1.含铅眼线刷In the Egyptian Era, women and men alike longed for a dramatic accentuated eye. They achieved this sought-after-look by meticulously tracing a thick line of lead based eye paint around the entire eye. Over time the poisonous concoction would most certainly cause severe eye irritation. Yet, this eye paint also had the potential to bring on mental degeneration and even death if one were so vain to use it every day.在埃及时代,人们都渴求一双引人注目的深邃眼眸。因此,他们细致地用含铅眼线刷在眼部周围画上粗粗的线条。经常使用这种有毒的调和物一定会对眼部产生刺激性危害。而且,如果一个人每天都虚荣地涂抹这种眼部涂料,它也会带来潜在的心理退化甚至是死亡。2.Lead Laced Face Cream2.含铅面霜In the Roman Era lead laced face creams were all the rage for fixing any and every complexion ailment. One of the most poisonous beauty products of all time, lead cream masks also became wildly popular in this era. Unfortunately, the ingredients in the cream couldn’t have been good for the skin. It was the crushed lead they had used to create the white color in the creams that caused it to be poisonous. The ingredients in the face cream without the lead powder were basic. The elements the creams contained, such as animal fats (similar to modern day lanolin) and starches, where actually healthy for the skin. Yet over time the lead laced cream would take its toll on the user causing unsightly facial sores and lead poisoning.在罗马时代,含铅面霜被狂热地用来调理面部。毒性最强的化妆品之一——含铅面膜也在这一时期大为流行。不幸的是,面霜里的成分对肌肤没有益处。那些用于美白的铅粉是有毒性的。在面霜中,除了铅粉,其他成分都是基础性成分。比如动物脂肪(与现代的羊毛脂相似)和凝胶,都是对肌肤十分有益的。长时间使用含铅面霜会对人产生危害,导致脸部溃疡甚至铅中毒。3.Red Lipstick or Lead Lipstick?3.红色唇膏还是铅唇膏?This is the one that hits closest to home. Believe it or not many red lipsticks today still have a deadly secret. It’s one of the most poisonous beauty products that was used and is still used today. In 2007 hundreds of our favorite red hues were pulled off of the market for containing high levels of lead. The lead in the lip hues are measured by parts per million, which may make this seem like a mute fact. But in actuality the consumption of the minuscule amounts of lead overtime builds up in the human body creating a plethora of health issues. Hopefully, after the find in 2007 the FDA has stepped up and is heavily regulating and testing to ensure our safety.这是很普遍的化妆品。信不信由你,现在的红色唇膏仍有一个致命的秘密。它是一直以来最有毒性的化妆品之一。2007年,我们最喜爱的红色唇膏因为含铅量过高被退出市场。红色唇膏的铅含量为百万分之几,看起来好像颇有争议。实际上,极小量的铅元素在人体内日积月累也会诱发很多健康隐患。有希望的是,在2007年的结果公开后,美国食品及药物有关部门介入,通过加强管理和监测来确保我们的健康安全。译文属 /201608/460274大理市盆腔炎手术费用要多少

大理妇保医院有四维彩超吗The 2 Moves You Need for a Sculpted Upper Body塑造身体上半部分的2个动作The good news: Summer is officially here! The bad news: You can no longer hide your not-so-toned spots behind lots of layers. And with the thermometer registering crazy-hot temperatures, one of the first things you#39;ll want to shed will be your sleeves.好消息:夏天正式来临了!坏消息:你无法在一层层的衣下掩盖你不是那么坚硬的肉肉。随着温度计测量出了狂热的温度,你首先想要遮盖的东西之一就是你的袖子。Not quite y to bare your upper body in strapless dresses and off-the-shoulder shirts? Don#39;t panic. These three moves, which you should implement into your current routine posthaste, will have your deltoids, triceps, and traps looking stronger than ever—you may even give FLOTUS a run for her money. Ready to arm yourself?还没有准备好穿露肩礼和露肩衬衣露出你的上半身吗?别惊慌。这两个你应该尽快落实到目前日常计划中的动作将会使你的三角肌、肱三头肌和斜方肌看起来比以往任何时候都更加强壮——甚至可以与美国第一夫人相媲美。准备好武装你自己了吗?Crab walk蟹行How to do it: Start seated with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Place hands on either side of your butt, keeping them underneath your shoulders; imagine hands are pointing to 10 and 2 on a clock. Raise hips so that they are hovering over the group; walk right foot and left hand forward, followed by left foot and right hand. Continue alternating for three more steps forward. Reverse motion back to start. This is 1 rep; complete 10.如何做:首先双膝弯曲坐下,双脚平放于地板上。将双手放在臀部的两边,保持双手位于双肩之下;想象双手正分别指向闹钟的10点和2点方向。抬升臀部这样就会悬停着;右脚和左手向前走,左脚和右手随后。继续交替向前再走三步。开始向后的逆向动作。这是一次;完成10次。Tam#39;s tip: When fatigue starts to set in, you#39;ll be tempted to drop those hips—keep #39;em high though. Also, try to find a rhythm when moving your opposite arm and leg simultaneously.塔姆建议:当感觉到累的时候,你将面对放弃臀部动作——保持它们足够翘的诱惑。同样,在同时移动对立边胳膊和腿时,要尝试找到节奏。Upright row提哑铃How to do it: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with a 5- to 10-pound dumbbell in each hand; palms face down. Moving from your shoulders, drive elbows up toward chin. Pause at the top and then lower dumbbells, with control, back to start. Do 2 sets of 10 reps. 如何做:站立时双脚距离与肩部距离差不多,每只手上各握5-10英镑的哑铃;手掌朝下。从肩膀处移动,将肘部向上推向下巴。在顶部暂停,然后控制着将哑铃放下,重新开始。每组10次,做2组。Tam’s tip: Pull shoulders back, keeping chest open. Head should be level with your gaze looking out. Contract abs for the duration of the lift.塔姆建议:收回肩膀,保持胸部处于打开状态。目光向外看时,头部应该与目光齐平。在提哑铃期间,收缩腹肌。译文属 /201606/451090大理哪些医院人流做得好 Philippine mangoes, considered by some to be the best in the world, have emerged as the latest victim of the South China Sea ruling.菲律宾芒果干——有些人认为是世界上最好的芒果干——已经沦为了中国南海仲裁案的受害者。After an international tribunal on territorial disputes ruled against China and in favour of the Philippines, Chinese netizens used social media to call for a boycott of the Philippine fruit, as well as to make their feelings known through other memes and pictures.在这场领土争端中,国际仲裁庭持菲律宾而反对中国的结果使得中国网民们在社交媒体上呼吁联合抵制菲律宾进口水果,并且通过其他“梗”和恶搞图片来抒发自己的不满情绪。Slogans like ;If you want to eat mango, buy Thailand#39;s; and ;Starve the Filipinos to death; have been widely circulated on microblogging site Weibo.“如果你想吃芒果干,我卖你泰国芒果干”和“饿死菲律宾人”这样的口号已经在微上被大量转发。;I will eat Guangxi dried mango, drink Yunnan coffee and eat durian from Hainan. Anyway the point is, I#39;m making sure my money stays in China,; another comment said.“以后我就吃广西芒果干、喝云南咖啡、吃海南榴莲。总之不会让我的钱外流。”另一位网友道。;Our online shop will not sell Cebu mango from the Philippines and will not sell any snacks imported from the country anymore;, a Shanghai-based vendor on Taobao told state media outlet Global Times.“我们的网店绝不会出售菲律宾的宿务芒果干,也绝不会再从菲律宾进口任何食品。”一位上海淘宝店家这样告诉《环球时报》。#39;Won#39;t accept, won#39;t participate, won#39;t recognise#39;“不接受,不参与,不承认”The topics #SouthChinaSeaResult and #ChinaDoesn#39;tCareAboutYou have been among the top 10 trending topics on Weibo since the ruling.自从南海仲裁开始,#南海仲裁结果、#中国不理你……风话题已经是微话题的前十名。This picture, shared more than 400,000 times on Weibo, reportedly originated from state media outletPeople#39;s Daily.据《人民日报》报道,这张图片已经在微上被转载了40万次。The 50,000 comments on the picture were largely positive, with users voicing their support for the Chinese government actions, leaving critical comments about the Philippines and its people.图片下的5万条几乎清一色都是积极正面的,对于中国政府的行为表示持,并且对于菲律宾及其人民表达了不满。;No matter what the ruling is, we#39;ll be behind you China,; s one comment.“不过仲裁结果如何,我们都是中国坚强的后盾。”一条写道。Goddess of mercy观音菩萨Another trend was pictures of Guanyin, the Chinese goddess of mercy who is synonymous with peace and compassion.另一幅广为流传的图片就是观音菩萨——中国的仁慈女神,和平与怜悯的同义词。China has always said its intentions in the South China Sea are peaceful, and has accused other countries, including the Philippines, of risking conflict by resisting what Beijing sees as its rightful claims.中国在南海问题一直以来都主张和平,而其他国家——包括菲律宾在内——都不惜冒着发生冲突的风险来抵制中国政府的正当要求。China has said it will ignore the tribunal ruling.中国称其将无视该仲裁。Plenty of fish in the sea南海好多鱼Another widely shared image was this cartoon of a girl holding a fish in her hand.还有一张被狂转的图片就是上面这幅手拿鱼的女孩。Nine-line dash九段线The phrase on this Weibo meme is a play on a Chinese idiom meaning to ;leave none behind;.这个在微上的“梗”意思是:“中国,一点都不能少。”In this case, the phrase s ;Not even a bit can be left behind;. The word for ;bit; in Chinese is also the same word as ;dash;.这样这段话中的“点”在中文里和“九段线”中的“段”含义一致。#39;Don#39;t be such a Philippine#39;“我劝你做人不要太菲律宾了”The word Philippines is used as a verb in this image, with the caption ing: ;I urge you not to be too Philippines.;“菲律宾”这个词在上图中被用作动词,字幕意思是:“我劝你做人不要太菲律宾了。”What it means to ;be Philippines; is up to the user to decide.“做菲律宾人”的具体意思视用户而定。 /201607/454541大理怀孕堕胎的价格

大理市巍山彝族回族自治县看产科需要多少钱A megahit South Korean drama is inspiring Chinese -steaming website iQiyi.com to explore e-commerce as a new way to grow revenue.一部热播的韩剧促使中国视频网站爱奇艺探索电商销售模式以作为提升收益的新方式。The popularity of Descendants of the Sun, which has been viewed a combined 1.92 billion times online in China, shows how companies can benefit from consumers who want to mimic styles of celebrities.热播剧《太阳的后裔》在中国迄今为止已经获得19.2亿的点击量,也让人们看到企业是怎样从那些想要模仿明星风格的粉丝身上获取利润的。IQiyi, the official streaming site of the 16-episode drama in China, is seeing sky rocketing sales of items used by actress Song Hye-gyo, whose character is a doctor in the series.作为这部十六集电视剧在中国的官方独家授权网站,剧中宋慧乔饰演的一名医生使用的同款商品在爱奇艺上销量剧增。The Beijing-based company, backed by Internet giant Baidu Inc, said the daily sales on its e-commerce site jumped by 180 percent in March after it started streaming the drama on Feb 24. Sales of a Laneige cream from Amore Pacific Corp surged by 10 times and a Daniel Wellington watch by eightfold.这家由中国互联网巨头百度持股、总部位于北京的公司表示,自从2月24日此剧开播以来,3月份其网上商城的每日交易额已经增加了180%。其中,爱茉太平洋兰芝气垫BB霜的销量剧增了10倍,丹尼尔·惠灵顿手表的销量也提升了8倍。;The whopping sales figures illustrate there is a huge demand for derivatives of quality content,such as clothing and cosmetics,; iQiqi said in a statement.爱奇艺在一份声明中宣称:“销量的巨大攀升明消费者对于剧中相关衍生物如衣、化妆品等的需求巨大。”The company did not disclose detailed numbers but said Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing are the top three regions where consumers spend most on buying items used by actors in the drama.该公司虽然没有透露具体的数据,但其指出,广东、上海和北京的消费者在购买剧中主角同款商品上花费最多。To enable viewers to do shopping while watching, iQiyi has embedded shopping links into s so that consumers can get what they want with a simple click of the mouse.为了使观众可以“边看边买”,爱奇艺在视频中植入了购物链接,使观众只需轻轻一点就能买到他们想要的商品。Wang Xiangjun, chief management officer at iQiyi, said: ;E-commerce is an important part of our efforts to monetize intellectual properties. We will continue expanding our presence in e-tailing by selling products used in popular entertainment shows.;爱奇艺的首席营销官王向军说:“线上商城是我们知识产权变现的努力中重要的一部分,我们将继续在明星同款商品零售上加大投入力度。” /201604/437067 大理市中医医院治疗不能怀孕大理做人流家医院最好




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