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洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 03Where do I board my plane?How long is this light?Here is my ticket and seat assignment.May I have headphones for internet movie?What time is the plane land?Stuarts, I feel sick where is the bathroom?May I have a pillow and blanket please?Do you have magazine I can during the flight?May I have the tour of the cart pick please?Are we schedule to leave on time? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200603/5499That#39;s why snow is bad. All right?这就是雪的危险性 明白吗Try and walk across that, and that gives way.当你试着走过去时 它就会塌陷It#39;s a long drop into darkness.然后你就会坠入深渊T lightly.It#39;s pretty intimidating.轻点踩 这非常可怕You don#39;t really know what#39;s underneath the surface.你根本不知道地面下是什么Almost anything can happen.任何事都有可能发生So what you#39;re on now, Sean, is good.肖恩 你现在所处的地方是安全的What#39;s to your right is bad.你右面的地方就不行Snow bad, ice good.Snow bad, ice good.雪面危险 冰面安全 雪面危险 冰面安全I#39;m freaking out.我快崩溃了It#39;s good. It#39;s all good.没问题 一切正常This is the scariest I#39;ve been all day.这是我今天所经历的最可怕的事情The closer we get to the moraine,我们越接近冰碛the crevasses are getting deeper, wider,and more difficult to cross.冰裂缝就越宽越深 越发难以跨越I#39;m gonna take the lead and select a route through the maze of ice walls ahead.我带队并在前方的冰墙迷宫中 选出一条路来Okay, basically what we need to do is get across these few series of crevasses to reach over there, all right?我们基本上需要 越过这几个冰裂缝 到那边去 可以吗But in our way is a 50-foot sheer wall of ice down to a snow bridge.但这里有个50英尺深的陡峭的冰墙 上面由雪桥相连Yeah, no, that#39;s not great.看起来不太妙I don#39;t like to hear him say that.;Not great.;我不喜欢他说这话 不太妙 Article/201705/510169Buried inside all the crowing propaganda of the Greenwich ceiling,藏在浮夸的格林威治天花板中的there was one crucial nugget of truth.是一个重要事实Louis XIV could demand money for his wars,William III had to ask for it.路易十四可以为他的战争横征暴敛 但威廉三世只能开口祈求Almost everywhere else in Europe,the more military the state,而几乎在欧洲的其他任何地方 越是兵强马壮的国度the stronger the king, except in Britain.国王也就越强大 除了英国Here parliament, not the monarchy, signed the cheques.在这里 最后签票的是议会而不是皇室The longer the war went on,the stronger parliament became,战争越是持久 议会就越强大as the purse it had grew bigger and bigger.因为他们能不断靠战争敛财What#39;s more, the kind of politics raging in Britain,we can recognise as distinctly modern.更有甚者 一种政治格局在英国大行其道 这样的格局在如今的英国仍能看到Two parties,the Whigs and Tories,diametrically opposed,not just about the policies of the day,两大政党 辉格党和托利党针锋相对 不仅仅是针对当时的政策but about the entire political character of the nation更是针对整个国家的政治面貌and the upheaval of 1688 that had created it.以及造成这种面貌的1688年剧变Whigs and Tories were not two parties who,when the barracking was done,辉格党和托利党并非是那种 当一切舆论声浪过去后could meet up for a drink and a bawdy joke.就可以友好地喝酒谈天的关系They went to different taverns, different coffee houses and different clubs.他们会去不同的酒馆 咖啡店和俱乐部They were two armed camps.他们是两大阵营And the artillery barrages that flew between them were often red hot.而他们之间的关系 往往是真实弹 并且一触即发250,000 votes were at stake in elections,选举中25万张选票在摇摆more than 20% of the adult male population.超过成年男性选民的20%And nothing was spared to grab them,money, drink, libels, gangs of toughs.而所有人都使出浑身解数拉票 金钱 美酒 诽谤和恶棍团伙This was all-out war at the hustings.所有人都全身心投入选战 /201705/509254

栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201607/451759

Last year, I got a chance to watch the new ;Star Wars; movie, which was fantastic, but one thing kept bugging me.去年我有一次去看了全新的《星球大战》电影,这部电影很棒,但是有件事一直让我很困惑。I don#39;t know if you noticed this or not.我不知道你们有没有注意到。In this entirely technically advanced world, I did not see a single AED anywhere,在那个技术极其先进的世界,我竟然找不到一台AED,which was totally shocking -- almost as shocking as not knowing what an AED is, which you guys do know.这让我非常震惊--差不多和一个人不知道AED到底是什么同样震惊,我相信你们都知道的。But for those at home, an AED is an automated external defibrillator.但对于那些不知道的人,AED是自动体外心脏除颤器。It#39;s the device you use when your heart goes into cardiac arrest to shock it back into a normal rhythm,你在心脏骤停时就会用这台仪器,去电击心脏使其恢复正常起搏,or, as one of the guys I was teaching a class to referred to it as: ;The shocky-hearty-box thing.;或者,用我其中一个学生的话说就是:“那个电电心脏的盒子啥的。”But I really can#39;t blame the Empire, since health and safety regulations aren#39;t really their first order of business.但我真的没法怪罪帝国,因为健康和安全规章也不是他们最重要的事情。Though, even if we -- I think worse than not having an AED would be if there was one there,虽然,如果我们……我觉得比没有AED更糟糕的是,的确有一台AED,but just, no one knew where to find it.却没有人知道它放在哪里。These devices can drastically increase your chance of survival -- almost like a tauntaun on Hoth.这些设备可以极大提升人们存活的几率,就好像咚咚兽对于霍斯星人一样。But I#39;m pretty sure that stormtrooper is going to be toast, regardless if we have an AED or not,但我十分确信帝国冲锋队会死得很惨,无论我们手头是否有AED,since what happens is the chest plate is going to be quite hard to get off,因为他们的胸甲太难取下来了,and like that tauntaun, the AED has a very short window of time at which it#39;s highly effective.而就像咚咚兽一样,AED最高效的工作时间范围非常窄。In this case -- basically, we#39;ve got to use it within the first 10 minutes.对于这种情况,我们必须在心脏骤停10分钟内使用。The Jedi, on the other hand, have no problems with their outfits.而绝地武士又不同,他们的着装完全不会影响。Those robes open straight up, you can place the pads right onto the chest那些袍子直接就打开了,你可以把电极板直接摁到胸口上,so upper-right-hand side of the chest, lower left,分别放在胸口右上侧,还有左下侧,wait for the unit to determine if it#39;s a shockable rhythm and get y to shock.等到AED自动判定心律是否适合电击,然后就自己放电了。But, the Jedi do have a problem. They have a head appendage issue.但是绝地武士的确有个问题,就是他们头上长着的触角。And so I can be totally clear, thinking I#39;m y to go,假如我都准备好给他电击了,but I#39;m accidentally touching a tentacle and inadvertently shocking myself.但自己不小心碰到了他的触角,结果很不幸地把我自己电死了。So before you hit that button, make sure you are clear and everyone else is clear.所以在你按下电击按钮前,务必保自己安全,其他人也安全。Going back to that stormtrooper: If I did get that chest plate off in time,回到帝国冲锋队的话题,假如我把胸甲及时取下来了,what would you do if you suddenly found there was a Wookiee under there, or possibly two Ewoks?假如你突然发现是个伍基人,你会怎么办?或者是两个伊沃克人?Well, lucky for us, in the kit there#39;s actually a razor,那么很幸运的是,AED套件里有剃须刀,and we can use that to shave the chest on the upper right-hand side and the lower left.能够把胸口右上方的毛发剃掉,左下方也一样。Wookiees also have another problem. They have an accessory issue.伍基人还有一个问题,他们身上会佩戴其他东西。What we want to do is remove these我们一定要把这些摘掉,anything between the two pads we want to remove, since it can cause something called ;arcing.;任何挡在两个电极板间的东西都要取下来,因为它可以造成一种叫“电弧放电”的现象。For those who don#39;t know what arcing is, do you remember the Emperor,对于那些不知道电弧放电的人,你们大概记得西斯皇帝when he shoots electricity out the ends of his fingers -- that would be kind of like arcing.可以从手指尖放电--那大概跟电弧放电差不多了。Another thing that -- Oh! By the way, he creates that by wearing wool socks under his robes.另外一件事--哦!顺便提一句,他能这么做是因为穿了羊毛袜子。We can also get arcing if we have an extremely wet chest.如果胸口太潮湿的话也会引起电弧放电。The electricity travels across the surface instead of through the heart.电流通过皮肤表面传导而非经过心脏。We can correct this with the immortal words of Douglas Adams: ;Don#39;t panic,;我们可以引用道格拉斯·亚当斯的不朽名言予以修正:“不要恐慌。”which most of us have done today -- and also always having a towel. So, good words to go by.我相信大家都会照做的--然后赶紧去找一条毛巾。这些都是警世良言啊。The metal bikini -- unfortunately, this is where panic sets in -- like the modern bra,不幸的是--这个金属的比基尼,却让我们感到很恐慌,就像现代的胸罩一样,we have to make sure we remove, because this can cause severe arcing along with burns.我们一定要把它取下来,因为它会造成强烈的电弧还有灼伤现象。But unfortunately this opens up an issue that#39;s almost as controversial as talking about the prequels.但是这又引来一个棘手的问题,几乎跟讨论星战前传一样棘手。The mere mention of the word ;nipples,; and people get into a little bit of a tizzy.只需提到“乳头”这一个词,大家就开始感到很紧张。By the way, that is not a nipple, that#39;s a cupcake.顺带提一下,这不是乳头,这只是个纸杯蛋糕。Chances are, if you do have to use this, this is going to be on someone you know.比较现实的情况是,假如你要用AED,也应该是用在你认识的人身上。And remember, everyone has nipples, except for Jabba.一定记得,每个人都有乳头,除了贾巴。But he does love cupcakes. Speaking about Jabba, if we do have to use an AED on him,但是他却很喜欢纸杯蛋糕。提到贾巴,如果我们要对他用AED,remember pad placement is the same, even though he doesn#39;t have nipples.放置电极板的位置是一样的,即使他的确没有乳头。So it#39;s going to be upper right-hand side, lower left.所以是胸口右上方、左下方。If we were going through, we#39;re shocking, getting y to go -- after we#39;ve done the shock,之后我们准备好了,我们可以开始电击了--在电击完了之后,one of the things we need to do is remember to do compression.我们记得要做的一件事是心脏按压。The preferred method is 30 compressions and two breaths in the center of the chest,最好的方式是按压30次,之后人工呼吸2次,位置在胸口中心,between the nipples, pressing down at least two inches, no more than two and a half,乳头之间,向下按压至少5厘米,不要超过6.5厘米左右,at a rate of at least 100 beats a minute, no more than 120.频率至少每分钟100次,不要超过120次。Unfortunately, due to the size of Jabba#39;s mouth and also what he puts in said mouth,但又有个问题,鉴于贾巴的嘴尺寸太大,而且他在嘴里塞的各种东西,we may not want to actually do the mouth-to-mouth part.我们可能不太想做嘴对嘴呼吸那部分。So instead, we can do compression-only CPR.那么我们就可以做只有心脏按压的复苏。The way of remembering the compression-only part is we can actually use the Imperial March.大家要记得这种只用按压的步骤,因为我们可以直接用帝国进行曲。I would sing it for you -- Unfortunately, that would be more something an interrogation droid would do.我可以唱给你们听--但可惜的是,这种事情还是交给审讯机器人去做吧。Yoda. Small little guy, like a baby. What we do is basically treat him like a baby,聊聊尤达。这个小个子,跟小孩儿一样。我们某种程度把他当成一个小孩儿,in the sense that we#39;re going to place one pad in the center of the chest and one in the back.其实意味着我们把一个电极板放在他胸口中心,另一个放在背后。If we place them both in the front, they can be too close and cause severe arcing, so we want to avoid that.假如我们把它们都放在胸前,它们因为靠的太近,会引发强烈的电弧,所以我们要尽量避免。Hopefully, this helped to clarify and put some light on some of the darker issues希望我的讲解能够帮助大家理解、解决了一些比较禁忌的问题、of using an AED in the Star Wars universe, or any universe in total.以及在星战世界中如何使用AED,在其它世界也一样。I#39;ll leave you with one point.我最后给大家一个忠告。Remember, if you do find yourself dealing with a Wookiee, do not shave the entire Wookiee.务必记得,如果你真的要给伍基人做心肺复苏,千万别把他全身的毛都剃了。This takes way too much time, and it only pisses them off. Thank you very much.这实在太耗时间,而且他们也会相当不爽的。非常感谢。 Article/201707/516899栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464434

The sediment and sand acts as a fine filter helping to remove debris from the water,as well as other impurities.这种沉积物和沙土能有效进行过滤 帮助滤掉水中的废物 和其他杂质Let#39;s see it#39;s much clearer now.Second time round.现在水变得干净多了 第二次坑洞积满水And that#39;s going to be okay to drink.这就可以喝了It#39;s going to be hard mentally leaving a water source like this,要离开这样的水源 心里会很纠结but if you#39;re not going to be found and you#39;re going to self-rescue,you have no choice.但如果你无法被救援人员发现 你就要进行自救 这别无选择You#39;ve got resupply and you#39;ve got to move on.既然已经找到补给 就要继续前进了Water is the key to all life.Without it, you die very fast.水是万物之源 没有它 你很快就会送命Sources of fresh water in the desert have helped people carve out lives here for centuries.沙漠中的新鲜水源 已经帮助人们在这里开辟了新的生活 而且持续了几个世纪There#39;s some sort of old settlement.这里有一些古老的聚集地I don#39;t know whether that#39;s going to have people or not.Let#39;s get up there.我不确定那里是否有人居住 我们过去吧I have seen a few tire tracks in the sand,but the place looks deserted.我在沙中看到了车轮的痕迹 但这个地方好像已经被遗弃了The only thing that#39;s going to be living here now唯一会住在这里的生物is snakes and scorpions will love all the rubble,shelter to hide in.只有蛇和蝎子 它们喜欢藏身于 各种碎石和岩壁之中Let#39;s go down and have a look.我们下去看一看 Article/201611/480975Hi, everyone, I#39;m Jade, what we#39;re talking about today is writing a conclusion for an IELTS exam or a CAE exam.大家好,我是Jade,今天我要教你们在雅思考试或者CAE考试的作文中写一个结尾部分。So I#39;m going to give you two ways to write conclusions so that when you get to the end,我会教给你们两种写结尾的方法,这样当你们文章写到最后的时候,you don#39;t just sort of put a full stop that doesn#39;t really say anything extra, that doesn#39;t feel like a conclusion.就不会只写个句号,什么额外的内容也不写了,那样看上去根本不像个结尾。Because when you write a conclusion, a good conclusion has a different tone, there#39;s something that feels finished about it.因为当你们写结尾时,一个好的结尾有一种不一样的语气,会让人觉得这篇文章真的结束了。And more generally, your conclusion should be your last chance to impress, to show that examiner all that English that you know and how fluent you are when you#39;re writing in English.而且,通常结尾应该是你们最后一次能惊艳考官的机会,能够向他展示那些你们懂得的英语知识,以及你们在用英语写作时有多么流利。And you should leave the er with an additional thought in the end, ideally, when you#39;re writing a conclusion.理想地来说,你们在写结尾的时候,应该在文章最后给读者留有想象空间。So let#39;s look at a typical IELTS kind of question.;Some people think that parents should teach their children to be good members of society.我们来看一道典型的雅思作文题吧。“有些人认为家长应该教育他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员。However, others believe school is the best place to learn this.;然而,其他人则认为学校才是学习这个的最佳场所。”And then the IELTS question would say: ;Share your experience, and give reasons for your answers.;然后雅思作文的题干会写着:“请结合自身经历写下你的看法,并给出理由。”So let#39;s imagine that you#39;ve aly written your essay.So, how do you begin your conclusion?我们假设你们已经写了这篇作文了。那么,结尾要如何下笔呢?The... the first way I#39;m going to tell you, I#39;m going to call it the ;As I have discussed; conclusion.我要告诉你们的第一个方法,我称它为;As I have discussed;式结尾。And there are three parts to writing this conclusion.这种结尾有三个部分。And I#39;m giving you the structure so that you can see how you can put a conclusion together just by putting different pieces in there.我会把整个结构给你们,这样你们就知道如何通过仅仅把不同的部分放进去就能拼凑出一个结尾。And now, this is... this is great for an IELTS essay.这个方法对雅思考试的作文来说非常适用。It#39;s not a super imaginative kind of conclusion that would be great at university, but for IELTS, it#39;s... it#39;s good for IELTS.虽然这不是非常适合于大学作文的那种极具想象力的结尾,但是对雅思考试来说......它很适合雅思考试。So, here are the three parts for this conclusion: ;As I have discussed;.下面是这种结尾的三个部分:第一部分是;As I have discussed;。Then: ;However; sentence with ;I; or, you know, using your subjectivity, basically.然后是带;I;,或者任何主观性词汇的;However;句子。And then making a moral or social observation in the first conditional.So let#39;s have a look.最后一部分是用第一条件句做一个道德观察评价或社会观察评价。那我们来具体看看吧。So, ;As I have discussed;, what we#39;re doing is we#39;re just taking that phrase, basically, and this shows the tone... this establishes the tone of conclusion: ;As I have discussed;.在第一部分,基本上我们要做的就是把;As I have discussed;这个短语用上,它能带来一种结尾的语气:;As I have discussed;。You#39;re basically saying: ;Well, I aly told you all of this, but now I#39;m summarizing.;这样你们的主要意思就是:“我已经把这所有的内容都跟你讲过了,不过现在我是在总结。”;As I have discussed, there are advantages and disadvantages to the question.;As I have discussed, there are advantages and disadvantages to the question.(正如我已经说过的,这个问题既有好处也有坏处。)I#39;ve shown both sides of the argument.;I#39;ve shown both sides of the argument.; (我已经把两方面的论据都写过了。)You could just learn that, you could learn that whole phrase to begin a conclusion.你们可以直接把那个学下来,可以学着用那整个短语作为结尾的开头。What do you follow it with?You follow it with a ;However; sentence.接下来写什么呢?在第一部分之后你们要写一个;However;句子。So, there may be advantages and disadvantages, but there#39;s a catch.也就是说,也许既有好处也有坏处,但是你们要抓住其中一点进行描述。;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;比如;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;(但是,我认为家长应该负责教孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)So this is you saying: ;Yeah, I see both sides, this is good about it, that#39;s good about the other side.意思就是:“是,我知道有两方面,这是这方面的好处,那是另一方面的好处。But, you know, for me and in my opinion...;, because now we#39;re using your subjectivity by saying: ;I think;.但是,你要知道,对我来说,在我看来......”因为说了;I think;,我们现在就要讲你们的主观看法了。You can... you can finally make your position clear, make your position known.你们终于可以表明自己的立场,让别人知道你们的看法了。Maybe in the rest of the essay, this is discursive... this is a discursive essay, you#39;ve been showing both sides of the argument.这是一篇论述文,在这篇作文的其他部分,你们也许已经阐述过两方面的论据了。But if you write your essay in a way where you don#39;t use: ;I think;, ;I believe; in the rest of the essay before, it can be quite powerful just to use ;I think; once at the end in your conclusion.但是如果你们写作文的时候,在结尾之前的其他部分没有用过;I think;, ;I believe;的话,只在结尾最后用一次;I think;,可能会使结尾显得非常有力。So, again: ;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;所以我们再看一次先前的例子:;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;(但是,我认为家长应该负责教孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)That bit#39;s done, what do we do next?Well, sometimes people like to end essays by giving a grand statement about morals and the world, so you can also do this in your IELTS exam.这部分写完了,下一步做什么呢?有时候人们喜欢用一个关于道德和世界的宏大陈述来结束文章,你们在做雅思试题的时候也可以这么做。And this is what I#39;m talking about when I say: ;Make a moral or social observation; to do with the question, of course, not just the general one.而这也是我说“做一个道德观察评价或社会观察评价”时要表达的意思,当然啦,你们要做的是与题干相关的观察评价,不是笼统的。So here#39;s an example: ;If children are taught to be good members of society, the world will be a better place.;给你们举个例子:;If children are taught to be good members of society, the world will be a better place.;(如果孩子们被教成了优秀的社会成员,世界会变得更好。)So, it#39;s in the first conditional, because we#39;ve got ;if;, then we#39;ve got the past simple, followed by a clause with ;will;.这个句子用的是第一条件句,因为句子里有;if;,还有后接;will;从句的一般过去时。You can use that conditional structure in your essay, in your conclusion, I think that#39;s good because you#39;re showing the examiner you know how to write conditionals.你们在自己作文的结尾部分可以用这个条件句结构,我觉得这很不错,因为这能让考官看到你们会写条件句。So, because these essays are marked on your style, but also your grammar when you#39;re writing English, displaying a range of structures,因为这些作文的评分不仅以你们的写作风格为标准,还要看你们用英语写作、展示一系列结构时的语法,it#39;s good to write this moral... moral or social observation in the conditional.所以用条件句写道德观察评价或社会观察评价是个不错的方法。So, that was the first way you can write a conclusion.When we come back, I#39;m going to show you the second way you can write a conclusion for IELTS or CAE.以上是你们写结尾时能用的第一种方法。下面我会跟你们讲雅思或CAE考试的作文中能用来写结尾的第二种方法。Let#39;s have a look at the second way to write a conclusion for your IELTS or a similar discursive essay.现在我们来看看雅思作文或类似的论述文中,你们能用来写结尾的第二种方法。So, in this conclusion, we have a different structure to follow.在这种结尾中,我们要遵循的结构跟上一个不太一样。First of all, you can make a subjective opinion statement, what do I mean by ;subjective;?首先,你们可以写一个主观性观点的陈述句,“主观性”是什么意思?That basically means using ;I;.主要就是用;I;来陈述观点的意思。As I mentioned, you should not really use: ;I think;, ;I think;, ;I think; all the way through your essay, but it#39;s okay to use it just in the conclusion for impact.我之前已经说过了,你们不能整篇作文从头到尾一直用;I think;,但是为了效果只在结尾部分用是可以的。Then you include the sentence or statement with: ;The most important reason is;, blah, blah, blah.然后你们要在这个句子或陈述句中写上;The most important reason is...;(最重要的原因是......)And then, again, you make a moral or social observation.接下来,你们还是要写一个道德或社会观察评价。And this time, if you want, you can use a second conditional, and I#39;ll show you.So, let#39;s have a look.这一次,如果你们想的话,可以用一个第二条件句,我会告诉你们怎么写的。那我们来看看吧。A subjective opinion statement: ;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;首先写一个主观性观点陈述句:;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;(我认为家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)So we#39;re just taking... we#39;re taking... you know, there are two sides to this question.这个题目有两个方面,所以我们只是选了......There#39;s: ;Parents should teach their children to be good members of society;, and there#39;s: ;School should teach their children to be good members of society;,一方面是:“家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员”;另一方面是:“学校应该教孩子成为优秀的社会成员”,so now you just show us what you think.所以现在你们要告诉我们你们的看法。;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;比如;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;(我觉得家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员)。That bit#39;s done.Now we need to do the statement with the most important reason.这部分搞定。现在我们要为这个陈述句写下最重要的原因。So you#39;ve aly given your reasons for this in the main body of your essay.你们在作文的正文部分已经给出过这个观点的好几个原因了。Now you just elaborate and tell us a little bit more about which reason you think is the most persuasive reason or the most important reason.现在你们只要详细描述一下,再稍微多写一点你们认为哪个是最有说力的原因或者最重要的原因。For example: ;The most important reason is because parents can share their life experience with their children.;比如: ;The most important reason is because parents can share their life experience with their children.;(最重要的原因是家长可以和他们的孩子分享自己的人生经验)。There, I#39;m implying that maybe school teachers can#39;t do this.This bit#39;s done.在这个句子中,我的隐含义是也许学校老师无法做到这一点。这部分也做完了。And then, again, a moral or social observation.接下来,依然还是要写一个道德或社会观察评价。We#39;re using the second conditional this time, and we use the second conditional to talk about imagined situation, so that means hypothetical situations.这一次我们要用第二条件句,我们要用第二条件句来谈论想象的状况,也就是假想情景的意思。And it#39;s different because we are using ;would;, and we#39;re using the bare infinitive of the verb, and in the first clause we#39;re using past simple.这个的不同之处在于我们会用;would;和动词不带to的不定式,在第一个从句里还要用一般过去时。So let#39;s... let#39;s that last one: ;If schools were to teach this; -teach children how to be good members of society- ;the role of the family would be destroyed.;我们来读一下这最后一句:;If schools were to teach this;(如果学校要教这个的话)——教孩子们如何成为优秀的社会成员——;the role of the family would be destroyed.;(家庭的作用就会被破坏)。So that#39;s quite moral, quite a strong opinion to leave your essay with.这在作文结尾是个相当有寓意的、相当强烈的观点。And it does establish that: ;I#39;m finished now. My very important essay is complete.;而且它确实给人一种“我现在写完了,我的非常重要的作文结束了。”的感觉。So, there are two ways of writing your conclusions for IELTS, CAE, or a similar discursive essay.总结一下,雅思、CAE考试中的作文或者一个类似的论述文的结尾有两种写法。There are many more imaginative ways to write essays, this is not a fixed rule.还有很多更具想象力的写作文的方法,规则不是一成不变的。What can you take from this? You can take some phrases, you can start to think about the structure of your conclusion that you#39;re writing.今天的课上有什么能用的?你们可以把一些短语拿去用,你们可以开始思考自己要写的结尾的结构。And hopefully when you get there in your exam, you won#39;t get stuck in your conclusion, and you won#39;t just rewrite the answer,但愿你们去参加考试的时候,不会被困在结尾部分不知道该怎么做,不用重新作答,you#39;ll have something a little bit different to say, also something that displays a little bit of clever grammar, like a second conditional in your essay.希望你们会有一些不同的内容可以写,还有能稍稍展示出高明的语法的内容,比如在作文里写一个第二条件句。So... yep, if you did like this lesson, please subscribe here on my engvid channel.所以......没错,如果你们喜欢我的课程,请在这里点击订阅我的engvid频道。Also you can do a quiz on this, so you can take this lesson a little bit further, do a little bit of extra work on it.你们还可以做一个关于这堂课的小测验,这样你们就能进一步巩固今天的内容,稍微做一些与这相关的额外练习。Plus you can subscribe on my personal channel, because I#39;ve got two channels.另外,你们也可以订阅我的个人频道,因为我有两个频道。So, yep, I really do wish you luck on those exams, but I#39;m going now.我衷心希望你们在这些考试中能取得好成绩,不过我现在要跟你们说再见啦。 Article/201707/517005You got a lot of medals on. Mm-hmm.你得了许多奖牌啊。是的。You must be really good at what you do. Mm-hmm.你一定很擅长某件事情。是的。Swimmer? Nope. Gymnast? Guess again.游泳?不是。体操?再猜。I#39;m trying. Golf. You play golf. Really?我正在努力。高尔夫,你打高尔夫。真的吗?All right, so, what do you do?你到底擅长什么?You...so you got all these medals #39;cause you do animal calls? Mm-hmm!这些奖牌是你模仿动物声音得来的?是的。You#39;re like a champion animal caller? Three times.你是动物模仿秀冠军?三届冠军。Three times? Three-times champ? In a row. In a row? In a row!三届?三届冠军?连续三届。连续?连续三届,太棒了!Back-to-back-to-back. That#39;s a three-peat.连!续!三!届!这是蝉联啊!Wow, so how did you discover that you had this skill?你怎么发现你会模仿的?When I was 3 years old, I went to a marine park.我三岁那年,有一次去了海洋公园。And so, when we were at the dolphin arena, I started doing dolphin calls.当我在海豚馆时,我开始模仿海豚的叫声。And you love animals, huh? Mm-hmm.你喜欢动物吗?是的。Okay, this is what we#39;re gonna do. We#39;re gonna show you some animals.那么接下来我们,我们将向你展示某些动物。You are gonna make some animal noises, and I#39;m supposed to guess? Okay, let#39;s go. Let#39;s play.然后你模仿动物的声音,我猜。好的,我们开始吧。Ready, Mr. Harvey? Yes.你准备好了吗,哈维?准备好了。That#39;s a dolphin. Mm-hmm.这是海豚。对的。Okay, what else you got?还有什么?Oh, a horse. Yes. A horse.哦,马。对的。马的叫声。Watch this right here, though.看我这个。You ain#39;t, you ain#39;t gonna be able to keep up with this now.没法和我比了吧,不行了吧。Watch yourself. I#39;ll tell you right now. Man, you pretty good. All right, what else you got?我这个不错吧。你真的很棒。看看还有什么?Mr. Harvey#39;s mustache is fake. Pretty mustache. Pretty mustache.哈维先生的胡子是假的,很酷的假胡子,很酷的假胡子。A parrot? Mm-hmm.鹦鹉?对的。Mr. Harvey got a real mustache. Nah!哈维先生的胡子是真的,哼!Okay, they want me to switch places with you.好的,我们现在转换角色。Very good. Yeah! Yeah! Whoo!加油!加油!All right, let#39;s go. I#39;m gonna try to get you to guess.开始吧,我说你猜。Look, look at this right here. Um, a rabbit?看我这个。是兔子吗?I had nothing. All right, that was good.我什么都没说。猜的好。What, what noise?它会发出什么声音?I don#39;t need your help.不用帮我。Okay, watch this right here. Come on.看好了。A snake? Yes!蛇?对了!Did you ever watch Lassie? Nope.你看过“莱西”吗?没有。I#39;m gonna show you how Lassie worked. Do it. Just bark.我让你知道知道“莱西”是怎么做的。你先犬吠。Say what, Lassie?!“莱西”你说什么?Lassie, you say somebody down in the well?什么?你说水井下有人?We got to save him before he drown #39;cause the water level is rising!我们要在他溺水之前救他上来,水位正在不断上涨!You know what, what you doing, really, all jokes aside, is pretty fabulous, I think. I think it#39;s pretty good.你知道吗,不说这些小游戏,你的表现真的是非常棒,非常棒。非常厉害。Hey, people, make some noise for Lilly.朋友们,为丽丽鼓掌! Article/201706/513198

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201607/452244A company at Niagara Falls has begun work on one of the most ambitious construction projects ever undertaken.一家位于尼亚加拉大瀑布的公司开始了一项无比巨大的建设项目The world#39;s largest power plant is being built.世界最大的发电厂正在开建And 1,300 men are digging a massive tunnel 2.5 miles into bedrock.1300人正在挖掘一条巨大的隧道 深入岩床2.5英里Once complete, the raw power of the falls will generate a mind boggling 120,000 horse power.一经建成 瀑布的原始力量将产生难以置信的12万马力电能More than all the electricity being produced throughout the country combined.这比全国发电量的总和还要多Niagara is a watershed in the history of the electric industry.尼亚加拉大瀑布是电力工业史的分水岭It shows that it is not only feasible but practical to transmit electricity over distance.它显示出电力不但可行 还能长距离运输The Niagara power station will be capable of generating enough electricity to light the entire Northeast.尼亚加拉发电站所发电量将能点亮整个东北部To take such a incredibly famous place that#39;s got this extraordinary water power and harness it to electricity was going to make the case to the world that this was something you could do everywhere.找到如此著名的地方 利用它丰富的水力资源 驾驭它来进行发电 这是向全世界昭示这是任何地方都可以做到的But the Niagara Power Company hasn#39;t yet decided who will power the generators......Morgan and Edison#39;s D.C. or Tesla#39;s A.C.但是尼亚加拉电力公司还没决定用谁的发电机 是根和爱迪生的直流电 还是特斯拉的交流电 Article/201606/447039新东方英语900句 Lesson 7: AppearanceCore Sentences1. What does Sandy look like?2. She has big blue eyes and brown hair.3. What is Phillipes?4. He is a big guy.5. Voll is tall and quite lank. From her appearane, I would she is Asian.6. She takes after her mother.7. Voll looks exactly like his father. He has his father's blue eyes and his mother's round face.8. Tracy is a typical with her high cheek bones.9. Ray is popular with parents because he is very polite.10. Tom is quiet man, but his wife is extremy talk to him.11. My brother has good personality.12. Trim always wears a brown overcoat these days.13. The short and gentelman over there is a new director.Dialog ExercieseNumber one My idea husbandA. I dreamed my idea husband again last night. It's so exciting.B. What does your idea husband look like? Jane.A. He is a typical Asian with black hair, yellow skin and dark eyes.B. What sort of does he?A. He is lanky.B. And how is his personality?A. Right, he is quite polite. So much shine, glasses and a suit.B. Don't you think you are describing our boss, Jane. No wonder you are so late these days.Number Two Talking about a girlA. See the girl in the blue over there, I keep catch her at school. She is really sharp.B. Which one? They are all in the blue uniforms.A. The one wearing a polling tail. From her appearance, I would guss she is from China.B. Right, she has yellow skin and black hair. A. And she is always smiling, so I guess she has a good personality.B. Come on, Daniel, are you falling in love with her?A. Get out here, I just think she looks a lot like my grandma, you know when she was young. /200604/5852

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