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中国享誉世界的一道菜是什么?北京烤鸭有没有?都说不到长城非好汉,到了北京没吃北京烤鸭就等于没来过北京,就这话给北京烤鸭蒙上了一层神秘的面纱,另无数人垂涎,每年春节,在北京上班上学的孩子们回家必买的一个特产是什么?全聚德烤鸭有木有?放寒假期间,沃尔玛卖得最好的一件商品就是;北京烤鸭;。译言网的庞冰心译者为大家翻译了中英对照,如何在家自制烤鸭,过春节在家里试试吧。1. Trim the legs and wings of your duck back to the first joint. Remove any fat from the cavity and check for any remaining feather stubs. Slide your fingers under the skin and loosen all over1.从鸭腿的第一个关节处断去鸭脚和翅膀,检查鸭毛是否煺干净,取出内脏。然后进行涮膛,把鸭腔、鸭颈、鸭嘴洗涮干净,将回头肠及腔内的软组织取出,用手指滤鸭皮,使其无血污。2. String your duck onto whatever hanging device you prefer and then bring a large pot of water to the boil. Add 150g white venegar then take off the boil and plunge the duck in for 10 seconds. Hang the duck back up and allow it to cool for a minute or two. Repeat this process five times2.用线把鸭身串好,将其吊挂,然后将一大锅水烧沸。添加150克白醋,用沸水浇烫鸭身10秒钟。将鸭身重新吊挂,待其冷却一、两分钟后,重复刚才的步骤5次。 3. Grind 5g each of salt, star anise, orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, szechuan pepper and a couple of cloves and use to powder the cavity of the duck3.取食盐、八角茴香、桔皮、姜、桂皮、花椒以及丁香各5克,磨碎,将其填入鸭腔。4. Either hang the duck in the blast from a fan or leave it uncovered overnight on a rack in the fridge. This will dry the skin4.将已烫皮的鸭子挂在通风处,既可将其悬挂在风扇可以吹到的地方,也可放在冰箱物架上,无需遮盖。这样可将鸭皮风干。5. This is maltose, the secret ingredient available from Chinese groceries. It#39;s about a quarter as sweet as sugar syrup but has the consistency and adhering power of epoxy glue and caramelises beautifully5.下图中是麦芽糖,是一种秘密配料,可在食品店购得。其甜度是糖浆的1/4,但含有稠度与粘度较好的环氧胶,用麦芽糖上色可使鸭身色泽鲜美。6. Melt 200g of maltose in a pan with a little boiling water and stir in 50g each of rice vinegar and dark soy sauce Photograph: Tim Hayward/Guardian 6.在平底锅中倒一点沸水,溶解200克麦芽糖,加米醋与老抽各50克。 /201201/168934。

  • Since 1789 the Debrett#39;s publishing house, which describes itself as ;Britain#39;s leading experts on manners and behaviour,; has been offering authoritative guides on how to handle life#39;s social curveballs with tact, breeding, and aplomb.自1789年以来,自诩为;英国顶级礼仪与举止专家;的德布雷特出版公司(Debrett#39;s)就一直出版各种权威礼仪指南,教导人们如何机智、有教养并沉着地处理各种社交问题。Now it has addressed one of life#39;s high, inside fastballs: divorce.现在,这家出版公司又瞄准了人生中一个重大的难题:离婚。Its volume on this unusually bellicose subject was authored by the family law department of Mishcon de Reya, a London-based, transatlantic law firm. The resulting collaboration, Debrett#39;s Guide to Civilised Separation, debuts February 29. (Though the book is never so indiscreet as to say so, Mishcon represented Diana, Princess of Wales, in connection with her divorce.)《德布雷特文明离婚指南》(Debrett#39;s Guide to Civilised Separation)一书将于2月29日问世。这本书由Mishcon de Reya律师事务所的家庭法律部编撰,探讨了离婚这个格外充满火药味的话题。这家律师事务所总部位于伦敦,是一家欧洲法律机构。(虽然这本新书并没有不知分寸地乱说,但Mishcon de Reya事务所确实在威尔士王妃离婚案中担任了戴安娜王妃的法律代表。)In this handsome, 61-page paperback;the cover shows a poker-faced lovebird taking flight from its poker-faced ex-mate;the Mishcon lawyers provide compassionate but clear-eyed advice about the emotional process they#39;ve observed so many times from a healthy distance. Though Americans may bridle at the notion of being taught manners, the book really just aims to give sound advice for getting through the ordeal with maximum dispatch and minimum damage to children. Following its advice could save you some billable hours, too, the solicitors point out, since, as Robert Louis Stevenson once observed, ;Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer.;这本装帧精美的平装本共61页,封面是一只面无表情的爱情鸟正在飞离它那面无表情的前任;爱侣;。Mishcon de Reya事务所的律师们一直站在必要的距离之外观察离婚这个情绪化的过程。他们在书中根据大量的观察,给出了富有同情心但又异常冷静的建议。美国人或许会对这种教授礼仪的概念不屑一顾,不过这本书实际上只是试图提供一些合理的建议,帮助读者在这个让人倍感煎熬的过程中实现最高的效率,以及最大程度地降低对孩子的伤害。律师们指出,遵循书中的建议也可以让人们省下一笔钱,不用花冤枉钱去资讯按小时收费的律师;正如罗伯特bull;路易斯bull;斯蒂文森曾说过的:;体谅是最出色、最便宜的律师。;The book#39;s advice is, of course, ;aspirational,; says Sandra Davis, the head of Mishcon#39;s divorce unit, in an interview, ;because inevitably divorce is a very destructive event and people don#39;t always feel at their best nor can they react positively to every situation with a great degree of control. But certainly when there are children involved it#39;s important to be able to maintain a co-parenting relationship.;Mishcon de Reya事务所离婚部门的负责人桑德拉;戴维斯在一次采访中表示,书中的建议当然是;人们梦寐以求的;,;因为离婚必然具有非常巨大的破坏力。人们有时候难免情绪低落,也无法拿出极佳的自制力来积极应对所有的情况。但可以肯定的是,如果离婚牵扯到小孩,能否保持共同抚养的关系是非常重要的一点。;While safeguarding the children#39;s emotional health is its own reward, it happens to be sound financial policy, too, notes Mishcon#39;s New York-based family law partner, Michael Stutman, in an interview. Cooperation can save expenses on ;all the collaterals; of ;unwinding the mess that you#39;ve made,; he explains, like when ;you start trotting the children off to therapists and tutors because they#39;re not paying attention, because they#39;re distracted, because they#39;re anxious.;Mishcon de Reya事务所的纽约地区家庭法律合伙人迈克尔;斯塔特曼在一次采访中称,保障孩子们的情绪健康不仅是为了孩子们好,同时也是明智的理财策略。他解释道,事情搞得一团糟之后再做补救需要花钱,但合作却能省下这笔的费用。譬如下面这种情况:(因为处理不善);孩子开始出现注意力不集中、容易分心、焦虑等现象,(做父母的只得心急火燎地)带他们去看治疗师和心理辅导师。;。The book#39;s advice is wide-ranging and practical, including suggestions about how to tell the children; how to dress and behave in court; how and where to conduct visitational handovers; how to deal with post-divorce bar mitzvahs, weddings, and funerals; getting back on your feet romantically, and more.这本书的建议涉及范围很广,也很实用,包括:如何告诉孩子父母要离婚的消息;出席法庭时穿什么,在法庭上的行为举止应该注意什么问题;如何以及在哪里进行探视交接;如何处理离婚后男孩的受诫礼、婚礼以及葬礼;如何从头再来,投入新的恋情,等等。 /201202/171952。
  • 1. Get News from Al Jazeera收看阿拉伯世界半岛电视台的新闻Don#39;t shut yourself out from new ideas. A 2009 study found that viewers of Al Jazeera English were more open-minded than people who got their news from CNN International and B World.不要将新思想拒之门外。一项2009年的调查发现,收看半岛电视台英语频道的观众比收看美国有线新闻网国际频道(CNN)和英国广播公司世界频道(B)的观众思想更开阔。2. Learn a Language学习一门语言Mastering a second language gives a workout to your prefrontal cortex, which affects decision making and emotions. Enroll in a class, embed in deepest Sichuan province, or simply pick up Rosetta Stone software and teach yourself Latin.掌握一门第二语言让你的前额皮质得到很好的锻炼,这会影响你的决策和情绪。选一门课程,深入到四川省,或者找一下罗赛达石 (译者注:解释古埃及象形文字的可靠线索)软件自学拉丁文。3. Toss Your Smartphone抛开智能手机Constantly checking your email disrupts focus and saps productivity. And go offline from time to time by installing Internet-blocking software that lets you concentrate on the task at hand.不停地查看电子邮件会使你的注意力紊乱并减弱你的创造力。时不时地下线,并安装一些脱机软件,这样能让你专注于手边任务。4. Sleep A Lot多睡觉Take a nap, then get to bed early. Harvard research has shown your brain continues to process memories even after you#39;ve gone to sleep, so you can recall them better later.小睡片刻,并且早点上床睡觉。哈佛大学研究表明,即便在入睡之后,大脑仍然在处理记忆,因此你稍后会有更好的记忆。5. Hydrate补水Sure, every doctor and trainer tells you this, and we will too: dehydration forces the brain to work harder and may dampen its planning ability.当然,每位医生和训练员都会告诉你这一点,我们还是要强调:脱水会促使大脑工作更费力,可能会抑制大脑的规划能力。6. Eat Dark Chocolate吃黑巧克力It might not boost your IQ overnight, but dark chocolate is reported to have memory-improving flavonoids. And go ahead and pair it with a glass of red wine;another great flavonoid source.黑巧克力或许不会在一夜之间就让你的智商陡升,但是据称它含有提升的类黄酮。吃吧,就着一杯红酒,这是另一种富含类黄酮的食物。7. Join a Knitting Circle加入编织小圈子Whip out the needles and make an awesome scarf. Refining motor ability can bolster cognitive skills. Plus;it#39;ll keep you warm this winter.拿出针来织一条不错的围巾吧。改善机动能力可以持认知技能。另外,它还会让你温暖过冬。 /201202/171403。
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