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乌鲁木齐纹眉哪里比较好喀什激光祛胎记多少钱I spoke earlier to Bob Parker who's the deputy chairman of Credit Suisse asset management. I asked him whether he's impressed by the new highs in Asia and whether those numbers can be sustained.Well certainly it's justified by the high levels of growth that we are seeing in Asia. And you know, we stick with our view that Chinese growth for example this year will be well above 10 % may actually come out to 12 %. Um, and it also is justified by the high level of savings which are now being transfered from bank deposits into equity markets. Now having said that the Asian markets which we have been long of and have been recommending to our clients for at least the last 2-3 years are now becoming expensive. That our pockets are undervaluation in Asia and I would highlight the Japanese market, Taiwan and possibly, Thailand and Malaysia. But over all Asia has a block that's gone from being cheap two years ago to now expensive relative to other equity markets.So treat with caution but does that mean that we should be keeping on money mainly in Europe in the ed States or in the ed States or is there still a worry that we could see a slowdown which take the shine of those markets?Well I think the first point to make is that on our models, globally equities are cheap relative to other asset classes. So I think the equity market rally that we have had this year with the interuption in August. Um, I think taking a 3-6 months view is still intact. Within equity markets the geographic markets which are the cheapest today are still a core Europe, Germany France Italy. And quite very interestingly Japan. Japan on our model is gone(So it sounds like terribly,I mean we had a very very bad year last year)it's been...(and not so good to stride there.)it's just been one of the worst performing equity markets for the year last 18 months. And Japan 9 months ago looked very expensive now Japan is moving up to being one of the cheapest equity markets. In the last few days we have had 4 of the biggest banks, Merrilynch, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Citigroup announce huge write-downs in round numbers just those 4 are gonna write down 15 billion dollars in round numbers. Are you impressed with that? Does that draw the pain, draw the poison out of the subprime or equity crisis.I think the simple anwser is yes. Having said that the subprime market is 700 billion US dollars and we estimate that going into 2008 the default rate on subprime could actually rise close to 20%. So I think the subprime crisis is not over. It's gonna take months if not years to sort out.OK. What about the dollar though, I mean clearly we are looking at an ailing dollar. Does that suggest to you that there are a lot of imbalances and difficulties in the financial system of gain, of which we should beware as investors?Well I think the primary source of the problems for the US dollar is obviously the expectation that interest rates will come down further in the ed States and I think that's right. And the trade and current account deficit one of the surprises going into the 2008 may well be the improvement in the trade uh, in current account position of the ed States as we see an economy which is growing more moderately and therefore importing less. Against the Euro the dollar is clearly undervalued and I would be very surprised if we actually break out of this range of 140-145 one dollar Euro towards 150. I think we actually could be forming a base for the dollar against the Euro. It's a different question against the Asian currencies which I think appreciate on trend and one should obviously highlight the fact that the Japanese yen is probably now the most undervalued currency in the world. Notes:round numbers: A round number is a number that ends with one or more zeroes (0), meaning that they are multiples of 10, 100, 1000, and so on.200807/43914阿图什吸脂多少钱 Democrats Criticize Bush Iraq Policy美国提高援助全球艾滋病防治资金 Democratic U.S. Senator Jack Reed, who recently accompanied likely presidential nominee Barack Obama to Iraq and Afghanistan, is calling the Republican strategy in Iraq a "blank check" that America cannot afford. President George Bush, meanwhile, says he is eager to sign a bill to triple U.S. spending to fight AIDS and other diseases in Africa and worldwide.  美国民主党参议员杰克.里德批评共和党的伊拉克战略是美国付不起的“空白票”。里德最近陪同美国民主党最可能成为总统候选人的巴拉克.奥巴马参议员访问了伊拉克和阿富汗。与此同时,美国总统布什说,他期待签署一项法案,把美国在非洲和全球范围内战胜艾滋病和其它疾病的经费增加两倍。In the Democrats' weekly radio address, Senator Reed said the Republicans' plan for Iraq is open-ended and too expensive.  在民主党每周一次的广播讲话中,里德参议员说,共和党在伊拉克的计划没有结尾,过于昂贵。"At a time when the war in Iraq costs billion each month, Americans are paying a gallon for gasoline, and our economy is struggling, we cannot continue down the path that President Bush and Senator McCain propose: writing blank check after blank check." “如今,美国为伊拉克战争每个月消耗100亿美元,而美国的民众却为一加仑汽油要付出4美元,我们的经济在挣扎中,我们不能再沿着布什总统和麦凯恩参议员提议的道路走下去了,他们提议的就是一张空白票接着另一张地开下去。”Reed, a Democrat from the Northeastern state of Rhode Island, said his party's alternative would carefully move U.S. combat troops out of Iraq and have them work in counter-terrorism and train Iraq's military. 这位来自罗德岛的民主党参议员说,民主党提出的替代方案将会谨慎地把美国作战部队调离伊拉克,让他们参加反恐任务以及训练伊拉克的军队。"Make no mistake: This is a plan that seizes on the progress and sacrifices our troops have made in Iraq, and it recognizes the desire of the Iraqi people to take control of their own destiny," he said. “请听清楚:这个计划基于我们的部队在伊拉克取得的成就和做出的牺牲之上,会尊重拉克人民希望自己掌控自己尊严的愿望。”Reed and Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska went with Obama on a six-day trip to Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait that ended this past week. 里德和来自内布拉斯加的共和党参议员黑格尔一起陪同奥巴马前往阿富汗、伊拉克、约旦和科威特进行了为期六天的访问,上个星期刚刚回国。Obama says he will try to withdraw combat troops from Iraq over 16 months if he is elected. Iraqi leaders gave the plan conditional support when they met with Obama in Baghdad. 奥巴马说,如果他当选总统,他就将努力在16个月里从伊拉克撤回美国作战部队。伊拉克领导人在巴格达会见奥巴马时,对个计划表示有条件的持。President Bush, in his weekly radio address, said he would be "honored" to sign a bill to provide billion to fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis around the world. It would expand the current plan, called PEPFAR, which Mr. Bush said has been very successful. 布什总统在他每周一次的广播讲话中说,他将荣幸地签署一项法案,向世界范围内防治艾滋病、疟疾和肺结核等疾病的努力提供480亿美元。这将扩大现有的“总统防治艾滋病紧急救援计划”,布什表示,这项计划一直很成功。"When we first launched this program five and a half years ago, the scourge of HIV/AIDS had cast a shadow over the continent of Africa. Only 50,000 people with AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa were receiving antiretroviral treatment," he said. "Today, PEPFAR is supporting treatment for nearly 1.7 million people in the region. PEPFAR has allowed nearly 200,000 African babies to be born HIV-free." 布什说:“5年半之前我们开始执行这个计划时,艾滋病和艾滋病毒蔓延的阴影笼罩着整个非洲大陆。萨哈拉沙漠以南地区的艾滋病患者只有5万人接受着抗逆转录病毒药物治疗。今天,总统防治艾滋病紧急救援计划为这个地区的将近170万人提供治疗。这个计划让20万非洲婴儿出生时免受艾滋病毒的感染。”After months of compromise, Republicans and Democrats in both houses of Congress have voted to approve the expanded program, which Mr. Bush says will do even more good in Africa. 经过几个月的妥协,国会参众两院的共和党和民主党人最终投票赞成扩大这个项目,布什总统也说这会为非洲带来更多的好处。"The new legislation that I will sign next week will build on this progress," he said. "We will expand access to lifesaving anti-retroviral drugs. We will help prevent millions of new HIV infections from occurring. And we will also bolster our efforts to help developing nations combat other devastating diseases like malaria and tuberculosis." 布什说:“下个星期我将签署的这个法案会强化这一进步。我们将让更多的人可以得到挽救生命的抗逆转录病毒药物的治疗。我们会帮助防止数以百万计的人感染艾滋病毒。我们还会加强我们努力,帮助发展中国家对付其它灾难性疾病,比如疟疾和肺结核病。 ”In his radio address, the President also praised the use of U.S. foreign assistance to promote democracy, free trade and human rights, and to fight hunger. 布什在广播讲话中还赞扬利用美国对外援助来促进民主、自由贸易和人权,以及战胜饥饿的做法。200807/44983新疆隆鼻子要多少钱

新疆军区总医院祛痣多少钱US Warns of Further Sanctions Against Iran美国警告对伊朗实施更多制裁The ed States says major world powers will have no choice but to pursue new sanctions against Iran in the absence of a positive reply to their offer of incentives for it to halt uranium enrichment. The State Department says a written response to the offer is expected Tuesday. 美国说,在伊朗对国际社会向其提出的激励方案不做出肯定答复的情况下,世界主要大国别无选择,只能对伊朗实施新的制裁。向伊朗提出激励方案是为了促使它停止浓缩铀活动。美国国务院说,预计伊朗将于星期二就国际社会的提议做出书面答复。With a two-week deadline for an Iranian reply having passed over the weekend, senior diplomats of the five permanent U.N. Security Council member countries and Germany conferred by telephone and renewed their warning of further sanctions against Iran. 在上周末国际社会给伊朗设定的做出答复的两个星期期限过去后,安理会五个常任理事国和德国的高级外交官举行电话会议进行协商,并重新提出要对伊朗实施新制裁的警告。The so-called P Five Plus One offered Iran an enhanced package of incentives in June, including aid for a civil nuclear program, if it dropped a uranium-enrichment project the ed States and European allies believe is weapons related. 所谓的5加1国今年6月向伊朗提出了更进一步的激励方案,其中包括为伊朗的民用核项目提供援助,但前提是伊朗必须放弃浓缩铀项目。美国和欧洲盟国相信,伊朗的浓缩铀项目同核武器有关。Iran was non-committal about the offer at a July 19 meeting in Geneva and was given an additional two weeks to respond.  在7月19日的日内瓦会议上,伊朗没有对这个提议做出肯定的表态,因此国际社会再给伊朗两个星期的时间做出答复。In a talk with reporters, Acting State Department Spokesman Gonzalo Gallegos said Iranian nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili has told European Union chief diplomat Javier Solana Iran will give a reply in writing on Tuesday. 国务院代理发言人加莱戈斯对记者说,伊朗的核谈判代表贾利利对欧盟首席外交代表索拉纳说,伊朗将于星期二做出书面答复。Gallegos said the major powers are disappointed at the lack of a response thus far, and he made clear that if Tuesday's reply is not positive, Iran can expect more sanctions: 加莱戈斯说,世界主要大国对于伊朗迄今为止仍未做出答复表示失望。他明确表示,如果星期二的答复不是肯定的话,伊朗将面临更多的制裁。"We remain committed to both tracks of the P Five Plus One dual-track strategy," said Gonzalo Gallegos. "Accordingly, we agreed in the absence of a clear, positive response from Iran that we have no choice but to pursue further measures against Iran as part of this strategy. Iran has a clear choice: engagement or isolation. The P Five Plus One incentives package contained everything Iran needed to pursue a modern civil power nuclear program which Iran's leaders claim is their aim." 加莱戈斯说:“我们仍致力于5加1的双轨战略。因此,我们商定,如果伊朗未能对有关提议做出清楚、肯定的答复,作为我们战略的一部分,我们别无选择,只能对伊朗采取新的制裁措施。伊朗有一个明确的选择,那就是,要么接触,要么孤立。伊朗领导人宣称他们的目的是发展民用核项目,5加1激励方案包括他们在这方面所需的一切。”The U.N. Security Council has aly approved three sanctions resolutions against Iran. The P Five Plus One, in the incentives plan, offered to suspend sanctions, if Iran suspended enrichment and returned to negotiations over the future of its nuclear program.  联合国安理会已经批准对伊朗的三次制裁决议案。在激励方案中,5加1提出,如果伊朗停止其浓缩铀活动,并重新就其核项目前途举行谈判,他们将终止对伊朗的制裁。EU diplomat Solana and Jalili had what a European spokesman described as an inconclusive telephone discussion Monday. 欧盟外交官索拉纳和贾利利星期一举行了电话磋商。欧盟发言人说他们的谈话没有得出结论。Iran has insisted that its nuclear program is entirely peaceful and that it has a right to pursue an enrichment capability. 伊朗坚持说,它的核项目完全用于和平目的,伊朗有权谋求浓缩铀的能力。Tehran submitted a document to Solana July 19 that is understood to have proposed several rounds of ministerial level negotiations while avoiding any promise to halt enrichment.  德黑兰7月19日向索拉纳提交了一个文件,据信这份文件提出要举行几轮部长级的会谈,但回避在停止浓缩铀活动的问题上作出任何承诺。U.S. spokesman Gallegos said P Five Plus One political directors will confer by telephone again soon, presumably after submission of the Iranian paper to Solana. 美国发言人加莱戈斯说,5加1的政治主管们不久将再次举行电话会议,可能会在伊朗向索拉纳提交他们的声明之后。The U.S. political director is Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns, who attended the July 19 meeting with Jalili, despite the absence of U.S. diplomatic relation with Iran. 美国的政治主管是国务院负责政治事务的国务次卿伯恩斯。尽管美国和伊朗没有外交关系,伯恩斯还是参加了7月19日同伊朗谈判代表贾利利举行的会谈。200808/45488乌鲁木齐自体脂肪移植隆胸哪家医院好 Hillary: When FEMA was moved into the Department of Homeland Security. Its traditional mission of trying to prepare for and recover from and respond to disasters was subsumed in what became the overall mission of the war against terrorism. Obviously as a senator from New York, I care deeply about our effectiveness in battling the terrorists. But I think we also can do two things at once. And maybe we need to get back to an independent FEMA agency with leadership that's prepared and experienced in order to be sure that we never ever see anything like this again in our country.Interviewer: But surely FEMA has to be able to respond to a terror incident as well and does the rationale for putting it in Homeland Security.Hillary: Well...but the independence of it doesn't in any way interfere with that. But even some of the people who are in this administration have admitted that the cutbacks in funding, the cutbacks in personnel, the fact that FEMA was no longer seen as a lead agency on anything would interfere with the ability for it to do either of those functions, either in disasters or with respect to a terrorist attack. We need to be able to respond to natural disasters or man-made disasters. And I had the,you know, great doubts about whether that could happen in the department of Homeland Security. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt but I think that you know we've seen clearly that it isn't working and I'm afraid that if it is not independent we are gonna continue to have this confusion. You know, it's one thing to be a bureaucrat and presidential appointee who is, you know, doing some job though our people's lives are not directly at stake. It is something else though when you are on the, you know the point of the arrow, you have to make the decisions and that just didn't happen.Interviewer: Well, would you suggest then that the FEMA director Mike Brown be fired. Hillary: Well, I don't…er…have that, you know, decision, that's up to the president but …er… certainly…Interviewer: Do you think it is a good idea. Would you fire him?Hillary: Well, you know right now I don't know what that mean in terms of what we are trying to get accomplish now. We don't want to make a bad situation worse. Obviously, the legislation I am introducing will require that whoever in that position have specific appropriate experience with handling disasters.Interviewer: Now you are on record as calling for a Katrina Commission, sort of, like a 9-11 commission. Is it the time to be calling for those sorts of things right in the wake of this when there are real needs right now. I think that a lot of people watching this would say, let's, let's wait a little bit on the blame issue and we can deconstruct this later. We have people in need right now.Hillary: You know, Miles, I've said that's why I've called for an independent commission because I don't think the government should be investigating itself and I don't think that anybody in the government should be taken away from the important tasks of dealing with the enormous challenges facing the people along the Gulf Coast. I think we do need an independent commission. You know, I am always struck when people say that, because it is commonly said. You know, after Pearl Harbor, there was an immediate investigation launched. You know I think that, we've sort of lost track of fact that this is a government that has to be accountable to the people of our country. This is not a game. This has to be a serious inquiry that people have confidence in that will help us understand what did go wrong. The sooner we know that, the better. We have no idea what Mother Nature or Heaven Forbid, you know, the terrorists have installed for us. I for one want to know what went wrong because I don't ever want to see this happen in our country and have people put at risk and have people lose their lives and have the questions that people were asking me that are so painful and poignant in Houston when I saw them, you know, go without answers for very long.Interviewer: Is there a simple answer, senator, to who drop the ball?Hillary: Well, on August 27, the president signed an emergency declaration at his ranch in Crawford, in which he said that it would be an emergency and the federal government would take the lead in coordinating response. I think that the bucks stopped at the federal government and so let's find out what went wrong from an independent panel of experts, people would understand what should happen, what didn't happen and let's do it as quickly as possible.200807/44186北屯假体植入丰胸多少钱

阿拉尔市botox除皱多少钱一支a case in point ------ 典型案例 英文释义An example that clearly illustrates something being discussed. 例句I believe it is important to public safety that people get proper sleep, a case in point being the big traffic accident this morning that was caused by a drowsy driver.我认为,良好睡眠对于公共安全很重要。典型的例子就是今天早上由疲劳司机导致的重大交通事故。 /201610/466522 Bush Arrives in Slovenia for US-EU Summit布什抵达斯洛文尼亚参加美欧峰会 U.S. President George Bush is in Slovenia for talks with the leaders of the European Union. The agenda includes economic and security matters. 美国总统布什正在斯洛文尼亚同欧盟领导人举行会谈。会谈的内容包括经济和安全议题。These trans-Atlantic summits have traditionally focused on economic issues. And President Bush says he is eager to discuss money matters with the leaders of the European Union. 跨大西洋的首脑会议历来注重经济议题。布什总统说,他渴望同欧盟领导人讨论货币议题。"The U.S. economy has continued to grow in the face of unprecedented challenges," he said. "We [have] got to keep our economies flexible; both the U.S. economy and European economies need to be flexible in order to deal with today's challenges." 他说:“美国经济虽面临前所未有的挑战,但仍在增长。我们必须保持经济的灵活性。为了应对当今的挑战,美国和欧洲经济都需要具有灵活性。”He says he wants to talk to them about joint action to address the high cost of energy. He says currency issues will also be discussed, including concerns about the strength of the U.S. dollar. 他说,他想和欧盟领导人讨论如何采取共同行动解决高能源价格问题。他说,他们还将讨论货币问题,包括对疲软美元汇率的担忧。"I will talk about our nation's commitment to a strong dollar," said President Bush. "A strong dollar is in our nation's interests. It is in the interests of the global economy." 布什说:“我将谈到,美国承诺保持美元的强势。美元坚挺符合美国的国家利益,也符合全球经济的利益。”In recent years, these summits have also begun to tackle trans-Atlantic security concerns. And the White House says the talks at a castle just outside Ljubljana will cover efforts to ease tensions in the Balkans and bring peace to the Middle East. 最近几年,美欧峰会也开始着手应对跨大西洋的一些安全忧虑。白宫说,这次会晤在卢布尔雅那郊外一座城堡里举行,将涉及为缓解巴尔干地区紧张关系和实现中东和平所作的努力。President Bush has made clear he is eager to talk about Iran's nuclear program. And as he left the White House, he left no doubt he wants to talk to the Europeans about stepping up their commitment to the young democracy in Afghanistan. 布什总统清楚地表示,他迫切希望讨论伊朗的核项目。布什在离开白宫时曾明确表示,他想对欧洲国家说,他们要为帮助阿富汗年青的民主政府承担更多义务。"The countries I am going to have committed troops to Afghanistan, and I, of course, want to thank them, and remind them there is a lot of work to be done," he said. 他说:“我即将访问的国家向阿富汗派遣了部队。我当然要感谢他们,并要提醒他们,还有许多工作要做。”White House officials say they expect no dramatic announcements following the president's talks with European Union leaders in Slovenia, which currently holds the six-month rotating E.U. presidency. 白宫有关官员说,他们预计,布什在斯洛文尼亚同欧盟领导人会谈之后不会宣布什么出人意料的消息。斯洛文尼亚目前担任欧盟轮值主席国,任期六个月。In addition to Slovenia's prime minister, European Union participants in the talks will include European Commission President Jose Barroso, and E.U. security chief Javier Solana. 除斯洛文尼亚总理外,参见会谈的欧盟领导人还包括欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐和欧盟安全政策高级代表索拉纳。Experts in trans-Atlantic relations say they have seen a shift in President Bush's attitude toward dealings with Europe that is bearing fruit at the end of his term.John K. Glenn is head of the foreign policy program at the German Marshall Fund of the ed States.He says President Bush has made a concerted effort since his re-election in 2004 to move beyond differences with Europe over Iraq."And so we kind of set aside Iraq off the trans-Atlantic agenda as a way to look at these other issues because there is certainly enough to be done and enough pressure on both the ed States and Europe," said Glenn.After the summit talks with E.U. leaders, President Bush will head to Germany where he will mark the 60th anniversary of the implementation of the Marshall Plan and the Berlin airlift. He will then travel to Italy, France and the ed Kingdom. 200806/41613双河治疗腋臭多少钱克拉玛依市冷冻点痣多少钱



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