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The first round of the French presidential election has confirmed the new trend in international politics.法国总统大选第一轮投票确认了国际政治中的一种新趋势。In country after country, the most important political division is no longer between left and right but between nationalist and internationalist.在一个又一个国家,最重要的政治分界不再处于左翼与右翼之间,而是处于民族主义者与国际主义者之间。The breakthrough year for the nationalists was 2016 with Brexit in Britain and victory for Donald Trump in the US. But the French election suggests that France and most of continental Europe will stay on the internationalist side of the line.对民族主义者而言016年是突破性的一年——英国公投决定退出欧盟,唐纳特朗Donald Trump)赢得美国总统大选。但法国大选表明,法国以及欧洲大陆大部分国家将继续留在国际主义那一边。The contest between Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron in the final round of the election on May 7 will be a classic contest between a nationalist and an internationalist. Ms Le Pen wants to pull France out of the European single currency, raise tariffs, strengthen frontier controls and crack down on immigration. Mr Macron is a fervent supporter of the EU and a believer in open trade and a liberal attitude to refugees.马琳?勒庞(Marine Le Pen)与埃马纽埃尔?马克Emmanuel Macron)日大选最后一轮投票中的角逐,将是一位民族主义者与一位国际主义者之间的经典对决。勒庞希望法国退出欧洲单一货币,她想提高关税,加强边境管制,打击移民。马克龙则是欧盟(EU)的热情持者,他信奉开放贸易,对难民持开明态度。The opinion polls which accurately predicted that Mr Macron would narrowly beat Ms Le Pen in the first round of voting now suggest that he will win a decisive victory in the final round of the election on May 7, gaining more than 60 per cent of the vote.如今,准确预测出马克龙将在首轮投票中以微弱优势领先勒庞的民调显示,马克龙将在5日大选最后一轮投票中赢得决定性胜利,获得超过60%的选票。Of course, there is plenty that could still go wrong for him over the next two weeks. Ms Le Pen is a skilled television debater. Mr Macron is a wealthy ex- financier and former minister who is vulnerable to being portrayed as a member of the out-of-touch elite. He could yet be tripped up by a scandal or a faux pas. But the strong likelihood is that the polls will be accurate and that the internationalist candidate, Mr Macron, will win a clear victory.当然,未来两周也可能出现很多变数。勒庞是一名经验丰富的电视辩论者。马克龙曾是一名富有的金融家,还担任过内阁部长——他容易被描绘成脱离群众的精英的一员。他仍有可能因一起丑闻或一次失言而栽跟头。但很大可能是:民调是准确的,信奉国际主义的候选人马克龙将大获全胜。Because the Macron-Le Pen contest is part of an international ideological struggle, the outcome of the vote in France will be watched with intense interest in the rest of the world. The likely victory of Mr Macron will be greeted with delight in Brussels and Berlin, with disappointment in the Kremlin and the Oval Office and with mixed feelings in London.鉴于马克龙与勒庞之间的对决已成为国际意识形态斗争的一部分,世界其他地区将怀着强烈兴趣密切关注此次法国大选的投票结果。如果马克龙获胜,布鲁塞尔和柏林将感到欢欣鼓舞,而克里姆林宫和白宫将感到失望——伦敦则是喜忧参半。Ms Le Pen campaigned on similar themes to Mr Trump although her language was considerably more moderate than that of the US president. (The National Front candidate, for example, has never proposed a Trump-style “Muslim banon all Muslims entering the country.) The Le Pen family enthusiastically endorsed Mr Trump for the US presidency; and the US president, in turn, has dropped heavy hints on Twitter that he supports Ms Le Pen in France and expected her to win. But while Mr Trump himself will be disappointed by a Macron victory his national security advisers, who hold less eccentric views than their boss, are likely to be relieved.勒庞的竞选纲领与特朗普类似——尽管她的言辞比这位美国总统要温和得多。(例如,这位国民阵National Front)候选人从未提议特朗普式的、禁止所有穆斯林进入本国的“禁穆令”。)勒庞家族积极持特朗普担任美国总统;特朗普则在Twitter上发出强烈暗示:他持勒庞,希望她赢得大选。但是,虽然特朗普本人会因马克龙胜选感到失望,但他的国家安全顾问们(观念不像自己老板那么怪异)可能会松一口气。Russia’s disappointment at a likely Macron victory will be much more straightforward. Mr Macron was the only leading candidate in the first round of voting to support a tough line against Putin’s Russia. A Russian bank has also lent heavily to Le Pen’s National Front possibly as part of the Kremlin’s investment in disarray in the EU.俄罗斯对马克龙可能胜选的失望将更直截了当。马克龙是首轮投票中唯一持对普Putin)治下的俄罗斯实施强硬路线的领先候选人。俄罗斯一家还大举放贷给勒庞的国民阵线——可能是作为克里姆林宫投资欧盟乱局的一部分。The British reaction to a Macron victory will be a mixture of relief and apprehension. The government of Theresa May resists the characterisation of Brexit as a nationalist spasm and emphasises the UK’s continuing support for free trade and a strong EU. But the problem for Britain is that the EU itself clearly sees Brexit as a manifestation of nationalism within Europe that needs to be dealt with very firmly.英国对马克龙胜选的反应将是喜忧参半。特里萨?Theresa May)政府反对将英国退欧比作一次民族主义发作,强调英国将继续持自由贸易以及强有力的欧盟。但英国面临的问题是,欧盟自身显然已将英国退欧视为欧洲内部民族主义的一次体现,需要以非常坚决的态度加以应对。In that sense, a likely Macron victory is both good and bad news for the UK. Mr Macron represents the strong and united EU that the May government claims to want. The difficulty from London’s point of view is that this strength and unity is likely to be expressed through a very tough line on Brexit with a demand for a large, financial settlement from Britain and a resistance to any special deals for the UK, whether on free movement of people or financial services. A Le Pen victory, by contrast, would take Europe in new and dangerous directions but could help to ease the narrow problem of Brexit, since there might no longer be an EU left to leave.在这个意义上,马克龙获胜(目前看来可能性很大)对英国来说既是好消息也是坏消息。马克龙代表了强大和统一的欧盟,一个梅政府声称想要的欧盟。从伦敦的角度来看,难处在于这种强大和统一很可能表现为对英国退欧持非常强硬的立场,要求英国付高额“分手费”,抵制为英国安排的任何特殊协议,无论是关于人员自由流动还是金融务的。相反,勒庞若获胜,将让欧洲转向新的危险方向,但可以帮助缓解英国退欧的小问题——因为欧盟本身可能都不复存在。In the wider European context, Mr Macron’s likely victory has to be seen in the context of setbacks for the nationalist right in recent elections in Austria and the Netherlands and their declining fortunes in Germany where the populist Alternative for Germany party is falling back into single digits in opinion polls. A fresh mandate for Angela Merkel in September’s German elections looks ever more likely. Nationalist parties have taken power in Poland and Hungary but the original core of the EU is resisting the nationalist tide.在更广泛的欧洲背景下,马克龙的可能获胜必须放在如下背景中来看:民族主义右派最近在奥地利和荷兰的选举中遇挫,以及他们在德国的衰落命运——德国的民粹主义政党,德国另类选择Alternative for Germany)在民调中的持率正跌回个位数。安格拉?默克Angela Merkel)在德月大选中获得连任的可能性看上去更大了。民族主义政党虽然在波兰和匈牙掌握得了政权,但欧盟的创始核心成员仍在抵制着民族主义潮流。In Brussels, the prospect of a Macron victory will be greeted as an opportunity to restart the Franco-German motor that has traditionally powered the EU. But euphoria would be misplaced. When it comes to economic reform and European integration, Mr Macron says all the “rightthings. Whether he can actually deliver them is another matter. Breaking France out of a cycle of low growth, high unemployment and rising debt has proved beyond a succession of ostensibly reformist presidents including Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and even the current president, Fran?ois Hollande. Mr Hollande failed despite appointing a dynamic young economy minister named Emmanuel Macron. Whatever happened to him?布鲁塞尔方面,马克龙的获胜前景将被视作重启法德“发动机”——欧盟的传统动力来源——的机会而受到欢迎。但这种兴高采烈是一厢情愿的。每每谈到经济改革和欧洲一体化,马克龙满口都是“正确”的事情。至于他是否真的能实现,那是另一问题。事实上,一连串看上去主张改革的总统,包括雅希拉Jacques Chirac)、尼古拉?萨科Nicolas Sarkozy),甚至现任总统弗朗索瓦?奥朗Fran?ois Hollande),都没能让法国走出低增长率、高失业率和债务不断上涨的循环。奥朗德虽然任命了一位年轻的充满活力的经济部长,却依然失败了,这位经济部长叫埃马纽埃马克龙。他到底经历了什么? /201704/506690

  Its on tip of my tongue.我一时想不起来了。on tip of ones tongue直译过来就是:“在某人的舌头尖上”,这个短语的正确意思是:“就在嘴边一时想不起来”。因此,当美国人说;Its on tip of my tongue.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I cant think of it at the moment.;、;I cant recall it now.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Where are we going to meet our client?本杰明:我们要在哪里跟客户见面?Shirley: Sorry, its on tip of my tongue. Let me think for a while.雪莉:对不起,我一时想不起来了。让我想一下。搭配句积累:①So what about tomorrows arrangements?那么明天有什么安排?②What is the schedule of our boss in London?老板在纽约的行程安排是什么?③What is the clients name?那个客户叫什么?④Tell me when and where the conference will be held.告诉我会议什么时间在哪里举行。单词:schedule n. 时间表,计划表He has been forced to adjust his schedule.他被迫调整了自己的日程安排。We both have such hectic schedules.我们俩日程安排得都很紧。The best way is to make an appointment with him in advance, because most westerners often keep a strict person schedule.最好的方法是预先与他订个约会,因为大多数西方人常常遵守一个严格的个人时间表。 /201305/238863

  商贸英语实用对话 11:Line of Credit(11)Line of Credit An American importer meets with a Taiwan exporter to discuss terms of payment. Importer : Thank you for meeting with me this morning. Weve been getting together quite often lately. My company is very pleased with the deal Ive been able to negotiate. Exporter: Yes, weve been able to undersell the competition with our new hearing device. Importer: Now that weve settled on a price, we need to discuss terms of payment. Is it necessary to do anything special in the way of payments for international trade? Exporter: You could have the goods sent on consignment.That way you wouldnt have to pay until you actually sold the hearing devices. Importer : But wouldnt we get a better deal if we bought the goods outright? Wed expect to be able to obtain a reasonably large reduction in price. Exporter : Yes, you would; and wed prefer to have the money up-front, so we can pay off our transistor supplier. Importer : Has the supplier indicated a need for money? Exporter : Oh, no. Theyre an enormously well-financed organization. Its just that wed get a discount if we paid before the fifteenth of the month. Importer Can we pay you by check? Importer : Can we pay you by check? Exporter : The customary method of payment in international trade is the letter of credit. A local bank will grant you, lets say a letter of credit line of 0,000. You would then need to pay one half the total invoice in local currency. The balance would be payable upon receipt of the goods. Importer : How can I open a letter of credit? Exporter : You would need to describe the transaction to the bank, and specify the documents the bank needs. For example, the certificate of insurance. Importer : I see no reason why my company cant operate this way. Exporter: We ask you to use an irrevocable letter of credit. this means that the bank would guarantee payment even if your company is unable to pay. This way we maintain continuous control over our financial risk until the final payment is made. Importer : I guess the next step is for me to visit the bank. Thank you for making my first importing experience a pleasant one. Exporter : Well, exporting is what were in business for. I notice that you have very few hesitations about beginning. Importer : Youve calmed my fears marvelously. /200707/15825。

  She is a real apple polisher.她真是个马屁精。apple polisher直译过来就是:“擦苹果的人”,这个俚语起源于美国西部“拓边”时期。那时人们都很穷,老师没有工资,学生给老师带点粮食水果当学费。哪个学生把苹果擦得越漂亮,老师就越高兴,以此比喻善于拍马屁的人。所以这个短语的正确意思是:“马屁精”。因此,当美国人说;She is a real apple polisher.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;She is such a kiss-ass.;、;She always flatters the boss.;。情景对白:Shirley: Guess who wins the chance to host the anniversary! Its Ivy!雪莉:猜猜谁抢到周年晚会主持的机会吧,是艾薇!Jane: She is a real apple polisher. She crawls around the boss all day. No wonder she could win.简:她是个马屁精,整天围着老板转,难怪会赢呢。搭配句积累:①Look! She is flattering the boss again.看,她又在拍老板马屁呢。②She always says something against the truth to please her boss.她经常说假话,就为了取悦老板。③I dont like to work with her.我不喜欢和她一起工作。④Why are you so sick of her?你为什么这么讨厌她呢?单词:1. polisher n. 磨光器,擦亮者But it s my job , your highness . Im the royal crown polisher.但是这是我的工作啊,陛下,我是缮修师啊。Apple polishers are a pain in the neck to conscientious teachers.对于有良心的教师,拍马屁的学生实在讨厌极了。2. flatter vt. 奉承,恭维The more we love our friends, the less we flatter them.我们愈关爱朋友,就愈不会奉承他们。We should not flatter the rich or look down on the poor.不要谄媚富贵,也不要傲视贫贱。 /201212/212784

  How do you come up with all these half-baked ideas?你怎么会想出这么肤浅的主意?half-baked idea中half-baked意思是:“烘焙一半的”,这个俚语可以用来比喻一个想法或设计未经过严密通盘的思考,换句话说,也就是:“未成熟的,不可行的,肤浅的”。因此 ,当美国人说;How do you come up with all these half-baked ideas?;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;How can you put forward such unfeasible ideas?;、;How can you bring out these ideas without thinking over?;。情景对白:Jane: Sir, here are my design drawings for our new product. Please have a look. 简:老板,这是我设计的新产品款式图纸,您看一下。Boss: Are these your ideas? Unbelievable! How do you come up with these half-baked ideas?老板:这些就是你的设计吗?真是难以置信,你怎么会想出这么肤浅的主意?搭配句积累:①You have been given almost a month to prepare for it.你有差不多一个月的时间来准备呀。②Havent you realized its importance to our team?你没有意识到它对我们团队的重要性吗?③Sorry. Ill revise my design drawings to meet your requirement.对不起,我会根据您的要求来修改设计图纸。④Sorry. Please give me another chance.对不起,请再给我一次机会。单词:1. unfeasible adj. 行不通的The weather made it unfeasible to be outdoors.这样的天气不能出门。The board said the idea was unfeasible.董事会认为这个提议不可行。2. revise vt. 修订Three editors handled the work of revising the articles for publication.3位编辑负责文章的修订出版工作。The staff should work together to revise the school curriculum.全体教职工应当齐心协力修订学校课程。They realised that some of their prices were higher than their competitors and revised prices accordingly.他们意识到自己有些价格高于竞争对手,就相应调整了价格。 /201305/24206910. 开场白CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1A: May I come in?I: Yes, please.A: How are you doing, Madam? My name is Wujing. I am coming to your company for an interview as requested.I: Fine, thank you for coming. Mr. Wu, Please take a seat. I am Anne Smith, the assistant manager.A: Nice to see you, Mrs. Smith.I: Nice to meet you, too.A: 我可以进来吗?I: 请进。A:你好,夫人。我叫吴京,我是应邀来贵公司面试的。I: 好的,谢谢你过来。吴先生请坐,我叫安妮·史密斯,是经理助理。A:非常高兴见到你,史密斯女士。I: 我也很高兴见到你。Dialogue 2A: OK, Mr. Wu. You may come in. I抦 Anne Smith and on my right, my colleague, Anna Duncan, and on my left, Angela Lamb. Do please sit down.I: Thank you. Good afternoon Mrs. Smith, Miss Duncan, Miss Lamb.A: Your English is fluent.I: Thank you.A: How do you think of the weather today?I: I don抰 like the weather like this. Cold and rainy. Hope it become sunny as soon as possible.A: 好了,吴先生,你可以进来了。我是安妮·史密斯,我右面是我的同事安娜·邓肯,左边是安吉拉·兰姆。请坐吧。I: 谢谢你。下午好,史密斯女士、邓肯、兰姆。A:你的英语很流利。I: 谢谢夸奖。A: 你觉得今天的天气如何?I: 我不喜欢这样的天气,又冷还下着雨,真希望早点出太阳。Dialogue 3A: Excuse me. May I see Mrs. Smith?I: Its me. What can I do for you?A: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Smith. I抦 coming here for an interview by appointment.I: Are you Mr. Wu?A: Yes, I am.I: Nice to meet you, too. Did you have any difficulty finding our company?A: Not really, I am familiar with this area.A: 不好意思,我可以见史密斯女士吗?I: 我就是,需要我帮忙吗?A: 很高兴见到你,史密斯女士。我是应约来面试的。I: 你是吴先生吧?A: 是的,我是。I: 我也很高兴见到你。找我们公司困难吗?A: 没有,我对这一带很熟悉。WORDS AND EXPRESSIONS 关键词interview 面试 request 需要,要求as requested 应邀 assistant 助理的,辅助的;助手as soon as possible 尽快 colleague 同事appointment 约会,约定 fluent 流利的,流畅的by appointment 按约定 be familiar with 熟悉NOTES 注释这是面试开始时常用到的几个场景。面试可能是一对一进行,也可能是集体面试,一般之前都有预约。注意不同场合下的几个关键用语:(提前预约过)“I come here for an interview by appointment.”或者“I am coming to your company for an interview as requested.”。如果是集体面试,主考官会轮流叫人,进入房间后只要自己介绍就可以了。如果是第一次登门拜访,则需要说明你的来意和一些相关情况,比如你是从广告上看到的招聘启事或者是经人推荐的,一定要说清楚。句型有:“Excuse me, please. I wish to apply for the vacancy advertised in the morning newspaper yesterday. Has the vacancy been filled?”或者“I was referred to your company by Mr.White, your manager.”。 /200811/55418

  Resort to arbitration诉诸仲裁A: Last May we bought 500 tons of red beans from you, but there was a shortage of 30 tons. According to what you requested, we supplied all the documents necessary, but the problem has not been settled yet. Its still pending.A: 去年五月,我方从您处购买500吨红小豆,竟然短重30吨。按照贵方要求,我们提供了所有必要的单据,但是问题至今也没有解决。B: You said you had two problems to clarify with us. Whats next?B: 您说有两个问题要澄清,下一个问题是什么?A: We also concluded a transaction of mung beans as the second lot. The goods should have reached us last June. The shipping date has been delayed several times. As far as I know, this shipement has not been effected. Now the marked price for mung beans has fallen sharply and our buyer has changed his mind. He doesnt want the consignment.A: 我们还成交了一笔绿小豆,作为第2批货。货应与去年6月份运抵我处。船期一拖再拖。据我所知,至今尚未发货。绿小豆市场价格急剧下跌,我们的买主改变了主意,他不想要这批货了。B: Well, Mr. King. First, Id like to point out that the shortage you allege is not a real shortage. The loss you sustained could only be the loss resulting from empty space. I think you still remember that more or less allowance stipulated in the contrast could be as much as 5%. So in fact were only 5 tons short. As for the second delay, Id like you to recall what you have done about the L/C establishment. We urged you several times to open the L/C, but you simply ignored us. We had no other choice but to set the beans at a much lower price. Well have to ask you to pay for our damages.B: 好,金先生。首先,我得指出,您所谓的短重不是真正意义的短重。你们所受的损失只是由于空仓所致。我想您还记得合同规定的溢短装数量吧,可以高达5%。所以我们实际上只短装了5吨。关于延期发运第二批货的问题,我希望您能自己会想一下贵方是如何对待开信用的。我方曾多次催促贵方开,可贵方置若罔闻。我方没有别的选择,只好降货低价售出。我们得要求贵方赔偿损失。A: But weve had the L/C opened at last.A: 我们最终还是开了。B: Indeed you have, but the L/C you opened has gone far beyond the accepted time. It is now invalid. To effect the delivery is out of the question. Youre breached the contract and all subsequent actions will be invalid.B: 的确是开了,但问题是贵方早已过了规定的开日期,已经失效了。发货是不可能的了。你们首先违约,以后所有的行为均为无效。A: Our dishonoring this contract and your shortage in quantity cancel each other. Dont they?A: 我们违约,贵方短缺货物,这两件事相互抵消怎么样?B: Its ridiculous to mix up these two cases. If you are not sincere in handling these problems, well have to submit them for arbitration.B: 把这两件事混为一谈,太荒谬了。如果您没有诚意解决问题,我们只好去冲裁。A: If you insist, Ive no other way out.A: 如果你们坚持这么做,恐怕我也没有办法了。 /201601/423306美国驻中国员工Tiffany 跟中国同事Kelly聊天儿。Kelly Yan: So Tiffany, youve been workingwith us here in China for a few months now. Are you still feeling cultureshock?Tiffany Scolini: Yes, a bit. But its muchbetter than the first few weeks. Back then I was really a fish out of water.K: Remember the first time I took you toeat real Chinese food? You barely touched anything!T: I know! I was scared! A lot of the foodhere is very different from back home. And the Chinese restaurants Ive been toin America are very different from here.Tiffany来中国几个月,文化上还是有些不习惯,Iam still feeling culture shock a little bit. 不过,跟刚开始比已经强多了。刚来那会儿,Iwas really a fish out of water. 就象离了水的鱼,意思是跟环境格格不入,特别不自在。Kelly第一次带Tiffany去中国餐馆吃饭,Tiffany几乎没动筷子,因为这儿的中餐馆跟美国的中餐馆差别太大了。K: Yeah. We Chinese like to joke aboutAmerican Chinese food. Its really not very authentic.T: Yes, thats true. But I think its trueall around the world. You really have to be in the foods original country totruly experience it. My family is Italian and in Italy they thinkAmerican-Italian food is awful!K: Oh, but I love pizza!T: Me, too! But the pizza in Italy isntanything like American pizza. In the U.S. we like to borrow the general idea ofa food, and then we give it an American twist.吃中国饭去中国,吃意大利菜去意大利,这样才能吃到最正宗的,authentic, a-u-t-h-e-n-t-i-c, authentic. 在美国,虽然什么都能吃得到,但是美国人喜欢把别人的菜拿来,give it an American twist,加入美国自己的特色。K: I remember when I was in the States I orderedfish one time. When the dish arrived I was surprised to see just a little chunkof meat. I thought ;Where is the head and tail?;T: (laughs) Oh...yes. In the States wealmost never leave the head and tail on a fish! Americans are kind of squeamishwhen it comes to dead animals. We would never - not in a million years - leavethe head on a chicken!K: Yeah, thats right! I never saw achicken head when I was there.Kelly回忆说,她在美国点鱼,结果上来的只是一盘鱼肉。原来,美国人不吃鱼头和鱼尾。Tiffany解释说,Americans are kind of squeamish when it comes to dead animals,美国人对杀生非常敏感。Squeamish意思是容易受惊的,神经质的。Americans would never--not in a million years - leave the head on achicken. 美国人绝不会把鸡头留在盘子里。这里说的not in a million years, 一百万年都不会,是强调的意思。Tiffany对中国菜还有哪些印象呢?我们下次继续听。 /201212/217612


  I would say it’s extremely unlikely that the Macedonian army could conquer China. However if Alexander managed to do so The entire of China would soon rebel. Their immense numbers would overwhelm and repel the Greeks.我认为马其顿军队是不可能征中国的但如果亚历山大企图这样做的话,整个中国都会很快反击他们的巨大人口将压倒和击退希腊人。This was because the Greek army was extremely small compared to the population and cities in China. Population density in China is much larger than in Europe. A Greek army of 400000000 men was equivalent to any army of a medium state in China in the Spring-Autumn period.这是因为希腊军队与中国的人口和城市相比起来极小中国的人口密度远远大于欧洲在春秋时期,一万至5万人的希腊军队只相当于中国的任何一个中等国家军队。Once Alexander’s army was dispersed. The Chinese would turn violent and crushed the Greeks from cities to cities.一旦亚历山大的军队分散了中国人会狠狠地逐个扫平各个城市中的敌人。Chinese written language is ideograph. Chinese written language can accommodate variety of spoken languages. That’s one of the reason China is united while Europe is not.中国的书面语言是象形文字,可以包容各种口语,这就是中国能够统一而欧洲不能的原因之一。China have a fair governance ideal named 王道 which view it subjects the same regardless race or ethnic difference. Chinese dynasty is not western empire. Western empire rule by racial or religious discrimination. The racial or religious discrimination existed in China not as major political mold nor as a ideal.中国拥有被称作“王道”的公平执政理念,视万物生而平等,不以种族区分。中国王朝不像西方帝国,西方帝国统治充斥着种族歧视和宗教歧视。中国虽然也有,但并非主导因素。That’s why Chinese civilization is the only survivor of Human cradle civilization. If Han Dynasty conquered west the civilization of the west died. If Alexander the Great conquered China Greek civilization died and be replaced by Chinese civilization.这就是为何中华文明是唯一流传下来的古文明。如果汉朝征了西方,那么西方文明就将覆灭,而如果亚历山大大帝征了中国,那么希腊文明就会被中华文明所取代。Assume in 320s B.C. Alexander the Great continued to march to China.假设公元20年代,亚历山大大帝的东征大军开赴中囀?The only plausible route was a series of states along Mount. Tianshan in Xinjiang. A thousand years later When Tang Army confronted with the Arab Empire in Talos in 751 A.D. that was their supply line. The route took Zhang Tsian a Han envoy in 2 century A.D. 2 years to take without fight. Let’s assume Alexander needed 5 years.唯一貌似合理的路线是途径沿新疆天山山脉的一众国家,这也000年以后公51年的怛罗斯之战中唐朝军队的补给线。公世纪,在没有发生战斗的情况下,汉朝使者张骞花了两年多时间走完了这条路线。让我们假定亚历山大要花5年。At around 320 they would met Chinese in west Shanxxi province. That was State of Qin which unified China a century later. As a military state Qin had aly become the most powerful and dful state of the States of War. On 306 B.C. Yin Ze became the king of Qin. 40 years later his army would massacre 400000 enemy soilders and civilians in Chang’ping.在公元前320年那个年代,他们会在陕西省碰到中国人,那儿有将在一个世纪后统一中国的秦国,作为军事国家,秦国是当时战国时期最强大最恐怖的国家。公元前306年嬴秦昭襄王(公元25年-公元51)成为秦国国君,大0年后,他的军队在长平之战中屠杀了大0万军民。The result of the war between these two states and the probability of other war states to give hand to Qin was highly unpredictable. Maybe someone could work out a fiction on this.这场发生在两国之间的战争结果以及其他战国援助秦国的可能性都是高度不可预测的,也许谁能就此题材写部小说。来 /201705/509715。

  不用课本学商务英语口语第4期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。

  Telephoning: Handling Enquiries and Technical ProblemsIn this Business English Podcast lesson we continue our series on making telephone calls in English by looking at how to deal with technical problems and clarify information using alternative choice questions. This questioning technique is useful when you need to clarify important information or reach a decision.打电话:处理询问和技术难题在这节课,我们就继续讲如何用英语打电话来处理技术难题,提供可供选择的方案来询问从而来阐明情况。当你需要阐明重要的情况或是需要达成协议时,这种询问技巧十分有用。 /201012/121604

  Chinas large amphibious aircraft 600 last Saturday successfully conducted its first glide test in Zhuhai, Guangdong, as it is preparing for its maiden flight.我国大型水陆两栖飞机600于上周六在广东省珠海市成功进行了首次地面滑行试验,为首飞奠定了基础。Other tests and check-ups are under way, according to the China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co (CAIGA).中航通用飞机有限责任公司表示,其他的测试和检查正在开展中。Designed to be the worlds largest amphibious aircraft, the 37-m 600, with a wingspan of 38.8 m, can collect 12 tons of water in 20 seconds, and transport up to 370 tons of water on a single tank of fuel.600是世界最大水陆两栖飞机。其机身7米,翼展38.8米0秒内可汲2吨,一次加油可投放的最大水量为370吨。With excellent maneuverability and a relatively wide search scope range, the 600 will be mainly used for maritime rescue, forest fire fighting, marine environment monitoring and protection.因其优异的可操作性和相对宽阔的搜寻范围,600将主要应用于海上搜救、森林灭火,以及海洋环境监测与保护。CAIGA said in March that 600 would embark on its maiden flight over land in late May and on water in the second half of 2017.中航通用飞机有限责任公司曾于3月表示,600将于5月底进行陆地首飞,今年下半年测试水上起飞。来 /201705/507676

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