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Thank you so much.Some good dancers out here today,and some excellent singing going on,you sang almost that entire song.谢谢你们 今天现场有些很棒的舞者 还有一些极棒的歌手 你们几乎唱完了一整首歌People who have turned their chairs around if you were on the right side.把椅子转了圈的人 检查下你的方向是不是对的All right we have addressed swimsuit issue,lets talk about topless man.既然咱们已经聊过了女式泳装 接下来就聊聊半裸的男人A couple of weeks ago,I announced a contest where I will be sending my gardener, Nick,几周前 我组织了一个比赛 我把我的园丁尼克to different cities and you would have to find him.送去不同的城市 然后让大家找到他Its called ;Nick in Your Garden;.这比赛叫;尼克在你花园里;And I mentioned it a while ago.我之前也提到过we sent him out but then we couldnt find him.我们送他出去了 但我们找不到他了Unfortunately I think I chose a bad location to start.非常不幸 我没选对开始的地方He went to Boston. Its cold there.他去了波士顿 那里很冷Look what happened.Oh no. God. Not even any bushes.看看发生了什么 天啊 连点灌木丛都没有Its like he doesnt even know how to gardening or something.貌似他不知道 该怎么修理花花草草了So were gonna thaw Nick out,were gonna send him to another city.我打算把尼克解冻 然后送他去另一个城市If you find him,take a picture with him and you could win a trip to the show.如果你找到他了 跟他合个影 你就有机会来艾伦秀现场And now lets talk about what everybody is talking about.现在我们来聊聊最近的大热话题;50 Shades of Grey;.Who seen ;50 Shades of Grey;?;五十度灰; 有谁看了;五十度灰;吗 /201510/404620It aly uses AI techniques to identify people in photos, for example, and to decide which status updates and ads to show to each user. Facebook is also pushing into AI-powered digital assistants and chatbot programs which interact with users via short messages. Next week it is expected to open up its Messenger service (which can aly be used to do things like order an Uber car), to broaden the range of chatbots. And Facebooks investment in VR—it bought Oculus, the cheerleader of this emerging field, for billion in 2014—is a bold guess about where computing and communication will go after the smartphone.例如,它已经利用人工智能技术来辨识照片中的人像,也用这一技术确定向每个用户展示什么样的状态更新和广告。Facebook还在推动由人工智能持的数字助手和聊天机器人程序,它们通过简短的信息与用户互动。下周它计划开放Messenger务(它已经可以用来做一些事情,例如从优步叫车),并且拓宽聊天机器人的适用范围。Facebook在虚拟现实上的投资是对计算和通信在智能手机之后将何去何从的大胆预测,它于2014年以20亿美元收购了这一新兴领域的领头羊Oculus。But Facebook faces rivals in all these areas. Google is using AI techniques to improve its internet services and guide self-driving cars, and other industry giants are also investing heavily in AI—though with the deepest pockets and the most data to crunch, Facebook and Google can attract the best researchers and most promising startups. Facebook lags behind Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft when it comes to voice-driven personal assistants; when it comes to chatbots, it faces competition from Microsoft and a host of startups eager to prove that bots are the new apps. And its push into VR—which Mr Zuckerberg sees as a stepping stone to “augmented reality” (AR), where information is superimposed on the real world—pits it against formidable rivals, too. Microsoft has jumped straight to AR with its HoloLens headset, its most impressive product in years, and Google, aly active in VR, has invested in Magic Leap, a little-known AR startup.但是在所有这些领域Facebook都有对手。谷歌正利用人工智能技术提升其互联网务、指引无人驾驶汽车,其他业界巨头也不惜重金投资人工智能,不过Facebook和谷歌钱袋最鼓、有最多数据可供分析,因此能吸引到最优秀的研究人员和最具潜力的创业公司。在由语音控制的个人助理领域,Facebook落后于亚马逊、苹果、谷歌和微软;而在聊天机器人领域,它的对手是微软以及诸多急于明机器人是新应用的创业公司。虚拟现实领域被扎克伯格视作“增强现实”(AR)的踏脚石,AR即信息被叠加在真实世界上的技术。进军这一领域也让Facebook和强敌正面交锋。微软凭借其多年来最引人瞩目的产品HoloLens头盔直接挺进AR,而在VR领域已十分活跃的谷歌已经投资了Magic Leap,一家鲜为人知的AR创业公司。 The scale of Facebooks ambition, and the rivalries it faces, reflect a consensus that these technologies will transform how people interact with each other, with data and with their surroundings. AI will help devices and services anticipate your needs (Googles Inbox app aly suggests replies to your e-mails). Facebook的雄心壮志及其面临的竞争反映出一个共识,即这些技术将转变人与人之间、人与数据之间、人与周围环境之间的互动方式。人工智能会帮助设备和务预测你的需求(谷歌的Inbox应用已经能对如何回复电子邮件提出建议)。Conversational interfaces will let you look things up and get things done by chatting to a machine by voice or text. And intelligent services will sp into a plethora of products, such as wearable devices, cars and VR/AR goggles. In a decades time computing seems likely to take the form of AR interfaces mediated by AI, using gestures and speech for inputs and the whole world as its display. Information will be painted onto the world around you, making possible new forms of communication, creativity and collaboration.会话接口能让你通过语音或文字与机器对话来查阅信息和完成任务。智能务将扩展到太多产品中,如可穿戴设备、汽车和VR/AR眼镜等。十年之内,计算看似有可能采取增强现实界面,以人工智能为媒介,用手势和语音进行输入,将整个世界作为它的显示器。信息将被叠映在你周围的世界之上,让新形式的交流、创造与合作成为可能。This is the ambitious vision that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other technology giants are working towards. But along the way there are certain to be privacy and security concerns. Crunching all that information to provide personalised services looks a lot like surveillance, and will cause a backlash if consumers do not feel they are getting a good deal in return for handing over their personal details (as the advertising industry is discovering to its cost)—or if security is inadequate.这是Facebook、谷歌、微软及其他科技巨头为之努力奋斗的恢弘愿景。但沿途必定会有隐私和安全问题。分析所有信息以提供个性化的务看起来很像监控,并且如果消费者感觉在提交个人详细资料后并没有获得大量回报(广告业吃过苦头后正在明白这一点),又或者安全性不足,会引发激烈反对。 There will also be worries about concentration and monopoly, and the danger of closed ecosystems that make it hard for people to switch between services. Facebooks plan to offer free access to a limited subset of websites was blocked by Indias telecoms regulator, which argued that it was “risky” to allow one company to act as a gatekeeper. And Germanys competition authority is investigating the way Facebook handles personal data. As its dominance grows, Facebook can expect to face more such cases, as Microsoft and Google did before it.也有人会担心集中、垄断以及封闭式生态系统的危险,让人很难在各种务之间切换。Facebook提供免费接入一些指定网站的计划被印度电信监管部门阻拦,它们认为让一家公司来把关“太过危险”。德国的竞争主管机构正在调查Facebook处理个人信息的方式。随着其统治地位的不断加强,可以预见Facebook会遭遇更多此类情况,正如微软和谷歌所经历的那样。Striking a balance between becoming ever more intimately entwined in billions of peoples lives, making huge profits as a result and avoiding a backlash will be one of the biggest business challenges of the century. Even in ancient Rome, emperors could find that the crowd suddenly turned against them. So applaud Mr Zuckerberg—and fear for him, too.既能和数十亿人的生活更紧密地交织在一起,又可借此获得巨额利润并且避免强烈反对,如何在其间取得平衡将成为本世纪最大的商业挑战之一。即便是在古罗马,帝王们也会发现民众会突然转而反抗他们。所以为扎克伯格鼓掌,也为他担忧吧。 /201605/442078

听力参考文本:Flint residents are getting some relief when it comes to their water bills. But what about their medical bills? Its a question some Flint families are asking.Medical bills are adding up for Keri Webber. I met her over the weekend, volunteering at an open house for Flint residents.;Aly in collection, aly in collection,; she says, flipping through a stack of bills in the backseat of her white Chrysler minivan. ;This one here: 6 paid, but we still owe 2,; she says.Thats 2 for one specialist.The Webbers had Medicare coverage last year, because of a disability, but still, the bills started adding up last fall. In late August Webbers husband, Mike, had an eye stroke. Theres a huge blind spot now in his right eye.;He went from perfect vision to where his vision is now screwed up,; Webber says.;What can he not do now that he could do before?; I ask.;Oh, he just cant see,; she answers flatly. ;Its only one eye, right?;Webbers smile shows her sarcasm here. That said, Webber is happy things didnt turn out worse for her husband.The day Mike went to the doctor about his eye, Webber says her husbands blood pressure was 225 over 157. He had taken a small dose of Lopressor for several years, but his blood pressure had never been that high.His family doctor told him to see a retinal specialist and a cardiologist right away.;The eye doctors said either he had a blood clot and it blew in his eye, or what they figure is more likely, his blood pressure got so high he simply popped the artery,; Webber said.It took months to get the bleeding in his eye under control, Webber said, but his high blood pressure is still a problem. Hes now taking eight pills a day for it.Webber didnt tie her husbands sudden health problems to lead until about a month after the eye stroke, in early October, after news about the lead levels in Flints water came out. They were watching a doctor on the news explain symptoms of lead exposure in adults, Webber said, and the first one this doctor listed was extremely high, uncontrollable blood pressure.;It clicked,; she said. ;So the next thing we do, everybody goes in and gets lead tested.;Webber, her husband, and her two daughters all tested positive for lead. One of her daughters had levels that were considered ;elevated.; A different test of their tap water in December showed lead levels more than eight times higher than the federal limit of 15 parts per billion.Taken together, Webber says the retinal specialists told her that Mikes eye stroke was likely tied to his lead exposure.Keri Webber says she was devastated when she got those results. The bills were never-ending. The eye specialists, the cardiologists, the extensive tests—she says its tough for the family to pay the bills with a yearly income of a little more than ,000.;I thought we were at about ,200; behind on their medical bills, Webber says, looking again at the stack of bills.Webber gets quiet, tells me the family is ;rocketing towards bankruptcy.;;Looking at this now and knowing these are not all the bills, theres a ton more. My guess is were sitting somewhere around ,000. What are you going to do? Im not going to let me husband die. But do we have that? Hell no,; she said.Like some 30,000 people in Flint, this year, the Webbers are covered under Medicaid.Earlier this month, the state expanded coverage for another 15,000 people, covering all pregnant women and kids under the age of 21.;Really this is focused on those high-risk populations that have the potential for greater impact for lead exposure,; Chris Priest, Michigans Medicaid director, said.Lead can affect anyone whos exposed, but pregnant women and kids are considered at higher risk of health problems. Priest says the states effort to expand Medicaid coverage to these two groups of people in Flint was ;logical.;But the expansion is not going to help people like the Webbers much.They have Medicaid this year, but they have to pay more than ,300 out of pocket per person, each and every month before Medicaid will pick up the tab. The Webbers arent alone. The average monthly ;spend-down; for Medicaid coverage in Michigan is about 0, according to Michigans Department of Health and Human Services.The expansion wont help the Webbers pay off all the bills they accumulated last year.Priest and others at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and even the governors office, are meeting with people like Keri Webber, to iron out some of these issues. But its all happening on an individual basis. A spokesman with the governors office says thats the most appropriate response at this point.;We have to work with the community to say, what is the degree of that impact?; MDHHSs Chris Priest said.;Is it attributable to whats going on? And really, what are the needs on the ground? So were hearing the same things I think that youre hearing. I think the question of how we respond is something we have to do in concert with the local community,; he said.Webber is excited officials are taking the time to meet with her, to understand her budget and her familys situation. But shes cautiously hopeful, because she doesnt want help for only her family.;They said something about, ‘Well, were going to work on yours and then see, and I said, ‘No youre not. No. I dont receive relief until we all get relief,; Webber said.Webber is worried about others in this predicament. She doesnt think anyone in Flint, especially those who can document lead exposure, should have to cover associated medical bills. ;If (my husband) had gotten drunk, got in a wreck, was in a coma. You poison him, and we have to pay for it? Thats your issue,; she said.A group has paid for Webber to be in Washington D.C. this week, as Congress hosts hearings on the Flint water crisis. Shes taking the opportunity to sit down with national advocacy groups, to discuss her concerns.201603/431977

What this means is that our lips have little to no protection from the environment, and their main source of moisture is the saliva that comes from our mouths.这就说明嘴唇易受环境影响,而嘴唇水分大多是来自嘴里的唾液。What’s more, unlike much of the rest of our body, our lips are almost always on display, and rarely covered by clothing.此外有别于身体其他部位,嘴唇直接暴露在外面。As a result, the moisture on our lips is continually evaporating.结果就造成嘴唇的水分一直在蒸发。And that’s before we take into account exposure to sun, wind, cold, and air-conditioning.我们的嘴唇还要暴露于阳光、大风、冷空气及空调环境。Plus, if you’re sick or have allergies, and your nose is congested, your lips end up drying more quickly because you tend to breathe through your mouth.此外,如果你生病或者过敏而鼻塞,嘴唇会干得更快,因为你不得不大口呼吸!201503/362015

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