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大坪医院割双眼皮重庆三峡中心医院怎样My dream ended when I was born. Although I never knew it then, I just held on to something that would never come to pass. Dreams really do exist. But in the morning when you wake up, they are remembered just as a dream. That is what happened to me.I always have the dream to dance like a beautiful ballerina twirling around and around and hearing people applaud for me.When I was young, I would twirling around and around in the fields of wildflowers that grew in my backyard. For hours I would dance as if people were watching me. I would dance so fast that I would forget where I was, until I would hear sounds that reminded me of where I really was. I thought that if I twirled faster everything would disappear and I would wake up in a new place. Reality woke me up when I heard a voice saying, "I don't know why you bother trying to dance. Ballerinas are pretty, slender little girls. Besides, you don't have the talent to even be a ballerina." I remember how those words paralyzed every feeling in my body. I feel to the ground and wept for hours.We lived in the country by a nearby lake and I would sometimes go there to hide. My parents were never home anyway and I did not like to be at home where I could hear the walls talking of pain. When they were home, my mother just yelled and criticized because nothing was ever perfect in her life. She dreamed of a different life but ended up living in a country far away from the city where she believed her dreams would have come true.I enjoyed hanging out by the water. I would sit there for hours and stare at my reflection. There I was, looked nothing like a pretty ballerina dancer. Reflections don't lie. Once the waves would come, my reflection was gone. Washed away just like my dream to dance. I sat there staring at the water, hoping that my reflection would reappear and be different.As I grew older, I began to realize that the reason my dream was even born in the first place, was because it was something that was inside of me. The dream I had was never nurtured and cared for, so it slowly died. It's not that I wanted it to die, but I allowed it to die the day I started listening to the words, "You can't do it." When I finally woke up from many years of dreaming, I realized that you can't settle for dancing in the wildflowers, you have to move on to the platform. I still go to the lake sometimes and sit there. Looking at my reflection is different now too. When I was young, I looked at how others saw me, now that I am older and wiser; I look at how God sees me . 从出生那天起,我的梦想就注定了只能是一个梦想。 但是那时,我却从来没有意识到这一点,我只是一厢情愿地去抓住那些易逝的美好时光,努力珍惜眼前的点点滴滴。而梦,无论多么真切,当你在清晨睁开双眼的刹那,都仍只是梦。我时常梦想着能像最优美的芭蕾舞演员般在观众热烈真诚的掌声中翩然而舞。在我小的时候,我家后院里有一大片不知名的花丛,我常常在花丛中一圈又一圈的飞速旋转,越转越快,快得我仿佛感觉到四周有许多观众在注视着我;越转越快,快得我忘了置身何处,仿佛整个世界都随我转动了起来。直到,一声轻响将我拉回现实。我时常幻想着,如果我能转得更快一些,整个世界会不会随之消失,而我也将在另一个地方醒来呢?可是现实总会一次次无情的将我唤醒。“我不明白你为什么要自寻烦恼的去尝试跳舞。芭蕾舞演员都是些漂亮、苗条的年轻女孩,你根本没有成为芭蕾舞演员的天赋啊。”直到今天,我仍清楚地记得当我听到这些话时,那种刻骨铭心的麻木和无力。置身于冰冷的绝望之中,泪水肆意的汹涌着。那时,我们住在一个沿湖的村子里,有时我会一个人走到湖边,仿佛在那里可以逃避现实的无情。不管怎么说,反正父母也经常不在家,而我也不愿在家里被痛苦和忧伤笼罩。即使他们在家的时候,母亲也只是不停的抱怨和指责,她总觉得她的生命充满不幸和烦恼。她梦想有一个不同的生活,可惜这个梦想却只能在远离城市的乡村中破碎得无影无踪,而城市才是她坚信可以让她实现梦想的所在。我喜欢沿着湖水散步,在湖边一坐就是几个小时,长久地凝视着自己的倒影。那就是我,没有任何地方像一个美丽的芭蕾舞者。倒影是不会撒谎的。波浪卷来,倒影碎裂,一如我的芭蕾之梦。我没有起身,我仍坐在那里凝视着湖水,盼着倒影再次出现,焕然一新。梦想,从诞生起那一刻就对我有着非凡的意义。当我渐渐长大,我开始意识到这是因为那是深深印刻在我体内的灵魂烙印。但是,我从来没有好好的去滋养过她,照料过她,所以,她慢慢枯萎了。我并不希望她枯萎,但当那一天我听到“你无法做到”的时候,她已经在我的懦弱下枯萎了。直到成年后,当我从漫长的梦中醒来时,我才认识到,你不能仅仅甘心于在无人的野花从中舞蹈,你必须走向舞台,唯此,你才可能实现你的梦。现在,我仍会时不时独自去那片湖边静静坐上片刻,而我的倒影也已经有所不同了。当我年少时,我在乎的是他人眼中的自己;现在,我长大了,多了对人生的体悟,更加从容淡定了,我在乎的是内心真正的自我。 /200810/54147永川区人民医院属于私人医院吗 Whose Dog Was the Smartest Four friends were arguing over whose dog was the smartest. The first man, an engineer, called to his dog, "T Square, show your stuff. " The dog trotted over to a desk, pulled out a paper and pencil, and drew a perfect triangle.  The next guy, an accountant, called to his dog, "Slide Rule, go ahead. " The dog went to the kitchen, nibbled opened a bag of cookies and pided the contents into four equal piles.  The next man, a chemist, beckoned his dog, Beaker, to show what he could do. The dog went to the fridge, took out a quart of milk and poured out exactly eighty ounces into a measuring cup.  The last man was a government worker. "Coffee Break," he hollered to his dog, "go to it. " With that, the dog jumped to his feet, soiled the paper, ate the cookies and drank the milk. 谁的最聪明  四个朋友在为谁的最聪明而争吵。第一个人是个工程师,他对自己的喊道:“T形角,使出你的本领来。”这只便跑向一个书桌,拉出一张纸和一铅笔,画出了一个完美的三角形。  第二个人是个会计。他对他的说:“Slide Rule,上吧。”那直奔厨房,用嘴咬开一袋甜饼并把饼分成了四等份。  第三个人是位药剂师。他命令他的---Beaker,表现一下。但见那径直走向冰箱,叼出一瓶牛奶并精确地把八盎司牛奶倒入一个量杯中。  最后一位是政府职员。“休息时间,”他对自己的喊叫,“去吧。”话还未落,那便跳将起来,踏污了那张纸,吃掉了所有的甜饼,喝光了那杯牛奶。 /201106/140070There’s a saying, “Use it or lose it.” That’s pretty much why exercise is good for you. But that’s just the short answer. The details of what actually happens in your body are truly amazing and, I think, super motivating. Here’s the the rest of the story you won’t want to miss![This article is going to motivate you to exercise more. So here’s the obligatory, but important, cautionary note. If you are going to start an exercise program, you should have the OK from your doctor first to make sure that you don’t have any potential heart or other health issues.]How Exercise Makes You Stronger and HealthierThe very first day that you start your exercise program, you will be healthier than you were yesterday. Why? Because your body immediately responds to the exercise by building new cells and tissues to support that exercise. It gets y to better handle the exercise you will do tomorrow. Isn’t that amazing!?There are several marvelous ways that your body changes when you begin a consistent aerobic exercise program. All of the improvements your body makes increases your VO2 Max, which is a measurement of of your fitness level. Specifically, VO2 Max measures the volume of oxygen a person can consume in one minute exercising at maximum exertion.Here are the incredible changes you’ll see in your body:HeartWhen you train over a period of time your heart will grow in size, allowing it to pump a larger volume of blood with each stroke (or pump). This allows more oxygen to be delivered to all the cells in your body. At the same time, your heart also becomes stronger and more efficient at pumping blood.Blood VesselsIn response to your muscles needing more oxygen, your body will grow more capillaries to deliver more oxygen faster going forward. Isn’t that cool?! In addition, over time, regular exercise will make your blood vessels become more flexible allowing them to deliver more oxygen rich blood more efficiently. And if that wasn’t enough, the increased blood flow in your blood vessels serves to clean out excess cholesterol, keeping you free of clogs which can cause strokes and heart attacks.Red Blood CellsAs you exercise each day, your body says, “OK, I get it. You need more oxygen. Alright, turn up the red blood cell production!” As your red blood cell count increases so does your ability to receive more oxygen more efficiently.Cellular LevelThis improvement is very cool too. In each of the cells in your body there are these little power machines called mitochondria. What they do is produce energy by combining oxygen and glucose (or other fuel molecules). This combination produces ATP which is the molecule that gives your cells the energy they need to do their cellular work. When you exercise regularly, guess what happens? Yup, your body creates more and stronger mitochondria in each of your cells, making you more powerful and giving you more endurance for everything in your life! Wow! How exciting is that!?MusclesWhen you use your muscles beyond what they can handle, either through aerobic exercise or weight bearing exercise, it causes your body to build new muscle tissue. Tiny tears can occur with weight lifting, and when these tears are repaired, this is what causes the muscle to become larger and more defined. Larger, stronger muscles will raise your metabolism making weight management easier.Your VO2 MaxIf you want to test your VO2 max, a simple way to do this is to perform the Rockport Walking Fitness Test. It is well regarded as an accurate way to measure your VO2 max. If you can’t get your heart rate above 120 with fast walking, here is a similar jogging test. (Again these tests should only be done with your doctor’s approval.)What Kind of Exercise is Best?The best kind of exercise is the kind you do everyday for 30 minutes, whether consecutive minutes or broken up throughout the day. You should aim for a target heart rate of 55-85% of your max heart rate. Here’s the formula to calculate your maximum heart rate:Maximum heart rate 208 - (0.7 X your age in years)Example: If you are 40 years old, then your maximum heart rate 208 -(0.7 X 40) 180.Moderate activity level would be between 99 - 126 beats per minute.Strenuous activity level would be between 126 - 153 beats per minute.So it doesn’t matter if you walk or run, bike or swim, play tennis or rake the yard. As long as you do it everyday and get your heart pumping you will make yourself healthier every day. The only advantage that running has over walking is that you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time. But, the advantage of brisk walking is that it is easier on your joints than running. So just choose whichever activity you like better, and go for it!Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to stop in the middle of your exercise, don’t fret. As long as you finish it later, it’s fine. You can do 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Everyone has time for that right?My soon to be released book on healthy living will have more information on healthy exercise. In the meantime, all you need is a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. Vary your exercise every so often for a new muscular challenge and also for fun. Here are some other aerobic activities you can try:bikingcross country skiingswimmingtennisstrenuous yogasquashhikingkayakinggolfingsoccerjumping (jump-rope or mini-trampoline)dancing 有这样一句俗语,“不常使用,就失去。”就很好地说明了为什么运动对你有好处。但这只是句简短的回答。运动让你身体里实实在在变化着的细节是令人惊奇的,我认为,非常激励人。这里有你绝不愿错过的其他的信息!(这篇文章将激励你更多地去运动。所以这里有些必需的,但重要的警示。如果你要开展一项运动,必须先得到你的医生的许可,确保你将不会有任何潜在的心脏或其他健康上的问题。)运动怎样让你更加强壮和健康即使是开始运动项目的第一天,你也比昨天更健康。为什么?你的身体以建立新的细胞和组织的方式迅速地做出反应,来持那项运动的进行。你的身体状况将更好,使你更好地应付明天要做的运动。这难道不是很神奇吗?当开始坚持一个有氧运动计划时,你的身体以一些惊人的方式发生改变。所有的身体状况上的改善将增加你的最大摄氧量,而最大摄氧量是测量你的健康水平的一个标准。具体来说,最大摄氧量测量的是一个人在一分钟运动中的最大耗氧量。这些就是你将在自己身上看到的难以置信的改变:心脏当你运动训练过一段时间以后,你的心脏体积将变大,每一次跳动(或撞击)可以输送更多的血。这将输送更多的氧气到你身体的各个细胞。同时,你的心脏变得更强壮,能更有效率地输送血液。血管因为你的体力需要更多氧气撑,你的身体将生成更多毛细血管来便于更多氧气的传送。这难道不神奇吗?另外,久而久之,定期的运动将使你的血管更有效率、更灵活地更传送更多富氧的血液。除此之外,那些增加的血液在你的血管里流动着,它们能清除多余的胆固醇,让你免于可能引起中风和心脏病发作的血管堵塞。红细胞随着每天的运动,你的身体说,“好的,我知道了。你需要更多的氧气。好吧,加大红细胞的产量!”红细胞数量增加了,你也能更有惬意地吸收更多的氧气。细胞水平这个进展也是令人称奇的。你身体中的每一个细胞里,都有这些叫做线粒体的“小发电机”。它们将氧气和葡萄糖(或其他燃料分子)结合起来来制造能量。这种结合制造出提供细胞每天运行所需燃料的分子--三磷酸腺苷。当你定期运动,猜猜会发生些什么?是的,你的身体在每一个细胞中制造出更多更好的线粒体,让你更强壮,在生活中做任何事情时都更有耐力。哇!这不是多激动人心吗!?肌肉当你用你的肌肉做些有难度的活动时,不论是有氧运动还是负重运动,都会让你的身体建立新的肌肉组织。举重时肌肉会有轻微的裂开,当这些裂口愈合时,肌肉也变得更强大更轮廓分明。拥有些大块些、强壮些的肌肉会让新陈代谢加快,让体重更容易保持。你的最大摄氧量若你想测试自己的最大摄氧量,进行rockport步行体能测验就是一个简单的方法。它被认为是测量最大摄氧量的一个准确途径。如果你不能通过快走让你的心率超过120,这里还有个相似的慢跑测试。(同样地,这些测试必须在你的医生的准许下完成。)什么方式的运动最好?运动的最好方式是每天进行半个小时,不管是持续的半小时还是一天中零碎进行的半小时。你需要朝着使心率往你的最大心率的55-85%的目标前进。这是计算你的最大心率的公式:最大心率208-(0.7X你年龄的年数)例子:如果你40岁,那么你的最大心率208-(0.7 X 40) 180一般的心率水平应该在每分钟99-126之间。较好的心率水平应该在每分钟126-153之间。所以,无论你是走还是跑,是骑自行车还是游泳,是打网球还是用耙理庭院,都没有关系。只要你每天做,让你的心脏自由跳动,你会每一天变得更健康一点。比起步行,跑步的唯一优势是能让你在更短的一段时间里消耗更多的卡路里。但是比起跑步,快走的优势是它对于关节来说更为轻松。所以只要选择你更喜欢些的运动,去做吧!另外你需铭记在心,当不得不在运动中停下来时,不要为此苦恼。只要你能稍后完成它,就可以了。你可以早晨和晚上各运动15分钟。这样每个人都有时间运动了,不是吗?我将发行的那本关于健康生活的书中会提供更多关于健康运动的信息。与此同时,你所需要的一切仅仅是一双穿着行动方便的胶底运动鞋。偶尔让运动的内容多样化,这将既是一项新的肌肉挑战,也是一种乐趣。这里是一些你可以尝试的其他有氧运动:* 骑自行车* 越野滑雪* 游泳* 网球* 艰苦的瑜珈训练* 壁球* 徒步旅行* 划皮艇* 高尔夫球* 英式足球* 跳跃(跳绳或小蹦床)* 跳舞 /200805/38134重庆去除狐臭多少钱

重庆打完瘦脸针注意事项For years the advice has been clear: eating five portions a day of fruit and vegetables is the key to a healthy life. But five may no longer be enough.   在我们日常的饮食中,蔬菜与水果需占摄取食物总量的5成,这也是维持健康的身体与生活状态的关键之一。不过现在看来,50%的蔬果已经不足以满足需求了。   A study has found that to get maximum defence against heart disease, you need to eat at least eight daily servings of fresh food.   据一份最新的健康研究显示,为了能更好的预防心血管方面的疾病,我们每天所要食用的蔬菜与水果至少要占到饮食总量的8成。   The Government’s five-a-day advice has its roots in World Health Organisation guidelines to include 14oz of vegetables in a daily diet.   更具世界健康卫生组织所倡导的“每餐需含有14盎司蔬菜的标准”,英国政府向国民建议,每日摄取的食物中最还有一般为蔬果类。   But there have been doubts over whether eating more than this level of fruit and veg meant even greater health benefits. Now the new study suggests every extra portion provides added protection.   不过有人也对此提出了怀疑,多下更多吃蔬菜与水果就是否一定以为着又会更健康的身体。而现在,这份研究明,提高健康食物所占的体重将对人体提供多大的保护。   Significantly, those in the shy;highest category – eating eight or more a day – have a 22 per cent lower chance of dying from heart disease than those who consume three shy; portions, the UK average.   更要中的是,从英国国民健康水平的平均值来看,每日摄入近8成的蔬果的人要比那些仅仅吃“3份”蔬果的人罹患心脏病的概率小22%。 /201102/125051江津区治疗腋臭多少钱 Moms pass on experience without even tryingMothers can pass along their experiences to their children without even trying, researchers reported in a surprising study on Tuesday that showed baby mice could inherit the benefits of "education" that their mothers received before they became pregnant.The study shows that inheritance can go far beyond the classic genetic theories, researchers report in The Journal of Neuroscience.They found that young mice raised in an enriched environment -- with toys and other stimulation -- passed along the learning benefits to pups they had after they grew up.The stimulated mothers did not simply have better parenting skills, because the researchers showed pups swapped at birth still learned better if their biological mothers - but not their foster parents - had been raised with the extra toys."You inherit to some degree some aspects of your parent's experience," Larry Feig, a professor of biochemistry at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, said in a telephone interview."This is a protective mechanism a mother passes on to her offspring," Feig, who helped lead the study, added.Feig and colleagues raised mice, some in plain cases with wood chips and others in "enriched" cages with boxes, a running wheel, toys, and constant rearrangements of nesting material.They tested learning with an unpleasant "shock chamber" to condition the mice to be afraid.Mice born to mothers raised in the "enriched" cages learned much more quickly that the shock chamber was a scary place, Feig's team found. This was true even when the mothers did not become pregnant until weeks after they lived in the special cages. /200902/61801重庆中医院有学生套餐?

重庆面部抽脂哪家医院好【中英对照】If you were a tear-drop; In my eye,For fear of losing you, I would never cry And if the golden sun, Should cease to shine its light,Just one smile from you, would make my whole world bright 如果你是我眼里的一滴泪; 为了不失去你;我将永不哭泣; 如果金色的阳光;停止了它耀眼的光芒; 你的一个微笑;将照亮我的整个世界。I have searched a thousand years, and I have cried a thousand tears. I found everything I need, You are everything to me. 我寻觅了千万年,我哭泣了千万次。我已经找到了需要的一切,你就是我的一切。I just wish someday and somehow, we can be back together, Together we'll stay, always and forever.我只希望有那么一天,不管怎样;我们能重新在一起;相依相伴,直到永远!How do I say I love you? How do I tell you I care? How do I tell you I've missed you, and let you know I'm here?我如何说我爱你?我如何告诉你我在乎你?我如何告诉你我一直都在想你?如何让你知道我就在这里?For years I had been searching, for that perfect fantasy, But, I find it in my arms, right now, you are all to me.我已经寻找了多年,为了那个美丽的梦想,但是,现在,我发现它就在我的臂弯里,你就是我的全部。You are my life. You're my one and only dream. I love you, and to you that i mean. Together for always, i hope we will be. I’ll love you always. 你是我的生命,你是我唯一的梦想。我爱你,只有你,我希望我们能永远在一起。我会永远爱你,如果你仍然爱我。cease 停止, 终止, 结束The storm has ceased.暴风雨停了。 /200906/75511 Law and Order 美国的法律与秩序 What does it mean to obey the law? That depends on where you are. Different cultures have very different views of obeying the law. In some cultures, law-abiding citizens try to keep the letter of the law. That is, whatever the law says, they do. In other cultures, good citizens live by the spirit of the law. They see the law only as a general guideline. Often they obey the law only when someone official is looking. The situation in America fits into the first category. That doesn't mean all Americans keep the law. But American culture teaches people to respect the law--even to the smallest detail. 守法的定义是什么? 那要视你身处何地而定, 不同的文化对守法有不同的看法. 在一些文化中, 守法的公民会试着完全遵守法律的字面规定, 也就是说, 不管法律怎么规定, 他们都会照着去做. 而在其它文化中, 好公民则按着法律的精神来做, 他们视法律为一般的准则, 通常只有在执法人员会看到的情况下才守法. 美国的情况是属于第一种, 但这并不表示所有的美国人守法. 但是美国的文化教导人民要尊重法律--即使是在很小的细节上. Driving habits illustrate American respect for the law. A driver will usually stop for a red light, even when there are no other cars around. People treat the lines marking streets and roads as definite boundaries, not just decora-tions. Vehicles yield to those with the right of way-particularly pedestrians. Actually, though, drivers don't always keep traffic rules. For example, many drivers ignore freeway speed limits. But Americans generally drive with careful attention to the rules. 美国人的开车习惯说明了他们对法律的尊重态度. 开车的人通常会在红灯前停下来, 即使四周没有其它的车也是如此. 人们视街道上的标线为绝对的界线, 而不只是装饰而已. 车辆会让路给有权先行者 - 尤其是行人. 然而, 事实上, 开车的人并没有遵守所有的交通规则, 举例来说, 很多开车的人根本不理会高速公路上的速限. 但是美国人在开车时通常会小心地留意交通规则.History gives several clues to explain American attitudes toward the law. The U.S. Constitution, the basis for all laws in America, reflects many historical influences. The Magna Carta, or "Great Charter," was one. King John of England was forced to sign this document in 1215. It placed the king under the authority of the law. No longer was the king law; rather, the law was king. America's Christian heritage has also shaped how people view the law. For one thing, the Bible reveals God's unchanging laws which people must obey. It also teaches people to respect human authority as established by God. 过去的历史可以提供点线索来解释今天美国人对法律的态度. 美国宪法是美国所有法律的基础, 由它反映出很多历史性的影响. "Magna Carta"或称为"英国大宪章"就是一例, 英王约翰在一二一五年被迫签署这份文件, 它把国王置于法律的权威之下. 国王的命令不再成为法律, 相反的, 法律才是最高的权威. 美国的基督教传统也影响了美国人对法律的看法. 首先, 圣经显示了上帝不改变的律法, 这是人们必须遵守的, 它也教导人们尊重上帝所设立的执政掌权者. Of course, not everyone in America abides by the law. Crime is a growing problem. For that reason, law enforce-ment officials will never be out of a job. Police officers have their hands full trying to arrest lawbreakers. Detective agencies spend countless hours trying to figure out unsolved crimes. Nevertheless, most Americans still like to believe that the "long arm of the law" will eventually nab the bad guys. 当然, 并非每个美国人都守法, 犯罪是一个日益严重的问题. 正因这个原因, 执法人员永远都不会失业, 警察手上堆满了逮捕罪犯的工作, 侦探社花上数不清的时间想办法解决尚未侦破的案件. 尽管如此, 大部份美国人仍相信"法律的长胳臂"终究会逮到坏人的. But even bad guys in America have the right to a fair trial. When a person is brought to an American court, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Many ancient Eastern systems, in contrast, viewed an accused person as guilty until proven innocent. They used torture and other extreme measures to find out the truth. The American system tries to protect the rights of the accused. Still, the system is far from perfect. Court cases involving celebrities like O.J. Simpson can become media circuses. Skilled lawyers sometimes use minor issues to get their clients set free. And prison inmates may live even better than many poor citizens. 可是, 即使是坏人, 在美国仍享有接受公平审判的权利. 当一个人被带到美国的法庭时, 在明有罪之前, 会先假设他是无罪的. 相反的, 在很多古老的东方体系中, 在明被起诉者为无辜之前,都视他为有罪, 他们用严刑拷打其它严厉的方法来找出事实的真相.美国的司法系统试着要保护被起诉人的权利, 但是这个系统离完美尚有一截. 像辛普森这种知名人物的法庭案例, 反而成了媒体的马戏; 有技巧的律师有时会用不重要的论点帮客户脱罪; 而监狱里囚犯的生活甚至可能比很多穷人还要好. No one believes a perfect legal system is possible. Yet every society has laws. Whether people follow the letter of the law or just the spirit of the law, they recognize the need for laws to keep order in society. Without them, chaos would result. If every man were a law unto himself, no man would be free. 大家都认为完美的法律系统是不可能的. 但是, 每个社会都订有法律. 不管人们是完全守法还是只遵守法律的精神, 他们认同以法律来维持社会秩序的需要. 没有法律, 社会就会变得杂乱无章, 如果每个人都有自己的一套法律, 就没有人能享有自由. /200804/33378巴南区治疗痤疮多少钱璧山区中医医院看病贵吗



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