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江津区妇幼保健医院的电话沙坪坝区注射丰唇一针多少钱重庆市第四人民医院双眼皮 A deadly new strain of bird flu claimed its sixth life in eastern China on Friday as agricultural authorities in Shanghai began slaughtering birds in a local market in an effort to stem the sp of the disease.周五,中国东部地区出现第六例H7N9禽流感死亡病例。与此同时,上海农业部门开始扑杀当地一个市场中的禽鸟,以遏制禽流感的扩散。A 64-year-old farmer died in Hangzhou, capital of eastern China#39;s Zhejiang province. The man, from the nearby city of Huzhou, was later confirmed to have been infected with the H7N9 virus, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Friday, citing the local health bureau.浙江杭州一名64岁农民死亡。新华社周五援引当地卫生部门的话报道说,此人来自杭州附近的湖州,后被确认感染了H7N9病毒。His death brings the number of identified H7N9 infections in Hangzhou to three. China has confirmed a total 14 H7N9 cases nationwide, with patients ranging in age from 4 to 87. So far the virus has appeared only in parts of eastern China surrounding Shanghai, where the first human infection was publicly identified on Sunday.至此,杭州H7N9确诊病例上升至三例。中国全国各地已确诊14例H7N9禽流感病例,患者年龄从4到87岁不等。目前为止,H7N9病毒似乎仅限于中国东部的上海和周边部分地区。在上海,首例人感染H7N9禽流感病例于周日公布。With fears mounting around the country, Shanghai issued a temporary ban on all wholesale live poultry trading and ordered markets closed. The ban came a day after the city#39;s agricultural authorities cordoned off the live poultry trading zone in the city#39;s Huhuai market and ordered a cull following the discovery of the H7N9 virus in samples taken from pigeons being sold there.随着中国各地担忧情绪加剧,上海发布了临时禁令,禁止一切活禽批发活动,并下令关闭市场。这一禁令发布之前一天,上海沪淮农副产品批发市场销售的鸽子样本检测出H7N9病毒,随后上海农业部门封锁了该市场的活禽交易区,并下令扑杀交易区内所有禽鸟。Shanghai TV broadcast footage of sanitation workers in yellow boots, white hazardous-material suits and face masks dragging bags of dead pigeons out of the market. A local official told the station that the sanitation team expected to cull between 8,000 and 10,000 birds.上海的电视台报道的画面显示穿着黄色靴子、白色防护、戴着口罩的防疫人员将一袋袋的死禽拖出市场。当地一位官员对电视台说,防疫队预计将扑杀8,000至10,000只禽鸟。At a large market in the city#39;s former French Concession area, the live poultry business was quiet on Friday afternoon. Two of the salesmen were snoozing behind full cages of yellow chickens. A third seller said authorities were still allowing sales of chickens. #39;We can#39;t sell pigeons or ducks,#39; he said.在上海前法国租借地的一个大型市场,周五下午活禽交易很安静。两个商贩在装满黄色活鸡的笼子后打盹。另有一个商贩说,有关部门仍允许卖活鸡。他说,不允许卖鸽子或鸭子。While the number of infected people remains small, the appearance of the new virus has shaken China, where memories of the crippling 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic remain fresh. Unlike with SARS, the government has vowed to be transparent and promised to release information about H7N9 as quickly as possible, though many in China remain skeptical.虽然感染人数仍然不多,但新出现的这种病毒还是令中国感到恐慌。中国人仍然清晰地记得2003年爆发的严重影响人类健康的SARS病毒。和上次处理SARS疫情不同的是,中国政府誓言做到透明,并承诺尽快公布有关H7N9禽流感的信息。但许多中国人仍持怀疑态度。Adding to the fear on Thursday, Shanghai#39;s Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission said that it had placed under quarantine a resident who had developed a fever and itchy throat after coming into close contact with one of the patients who had died.上海市卫生和计划生育委员会周四表示,该机构此前已经将一位居民隔离。在与一位已经死亡的病人有过密切接触之后,这位居民曾出现发烧和喉咙发痒的症状。这一消息加大了民众的恐惧。Up until now, no cases of human-to-human transmission of the virus have been discovered. Among those infected so far, several are believed to have been in close contact with birds, including a 48-year-old who transported poultry, a 45-year-old poultry butcher and a 38-year-old chef.到目前为止尚未发现人际间传播禽流感的病例。迄今为止在所有感染者中,据信有多位曾同禽类有过密切接触,其中包括一个48岁的运送家禽的人、一名45岁的禽类屠宰员以及一名38岁的厨师。Aside from the person placed in quarantine, health authorities have found no symptoms in any of the people known to be in close contact with identified H7N9 patients, according to state media.据官方媒体报道,除了那些已经被隔离的人,卫生部门在那些同已经确诊的H7N9患者有过密切接触的人身上没有发现病症。The U.S. consulate in Shanghai issued a statement Friday urging people to remain calm.美国驻上海总领事馆周五发表声明,呼吁人们保持冷静。#39;At this point the risk for international disease sp is considered low,#39; the consulate said. #39;The latest advisory from the World Health Organization as of April 4 is that no travel or trade restrictions with China should be applied based on the current information.#39;领事馆说,眼下疾病进行跨国传播的可能性被认为很低。截至4月4日世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)给出的最新建议是,从当前信息看,无需限制外国人进入中国,也无需施加对华贸易限制。 /201304/233549重庆做处女膜修复多少钱

重庆中山医院网上预约重庆吸雕双眼皮价格 Move over(1) Barbie, veiled is beautiful. The physical ideal of Muslim girls increasingly includes the hijab(2), as evidenced by toy shops' best-selling doll "Fulla" and the string of showbiz(3) stars opting(4) to cover up.The dark-eyed and olive-skinned(5) Fulla has replaced her American rival's skimpy(6) skirts with more modest "outdoor fashion" and Barbie's luxuriant(7) blonde mane(8) with an Islamic veil."Fulla sells better because it is closer to our Arab values: she never reveals a leg or an arm," says Tarek Mohammed, chief salesman at a Toys R Us branch in Mohandessin.The Arab answer to Barbie has been selling like hot cakes for Eid Al-Adha(9), not least because it is cheaper than its American rival, although both are made in China.Fulla is not the first Islamic doll but none of her predecessors(10) have taken the regional market by storm like she has, selling some two million since its creation two years ago by the Emirates-based NewBoy Design Studio.Saudi Arabia's religious police had then just banned "Barbie the Jewish doll", whose "revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence(11) to the perverted(12) West."Fulla, named after an Arabic word for a type of jasmine(13), was initially sold in the Gulf in a similar pink box but in more modest attire(14), such as the traditional abaya(15) overdress and complete with a little prayer mat."Her wardrobe(16) had to be widened to adapt to the Egyptian market. In other words, she became more modern," said Ahmed, a sales clerk at City Stars, Cairo's largest shopping mall.Fulla can now dress her perfect albeit slightly less busty(17) figure with tight t-shirts and jeans and wear the same colourful head scarves donned by most young Egyptian women today.Fulla also has two female friends, Yasmine and Nada, with lighter hair.But she is still single as no plans appear to be afoot for(18) marketing an Islamic equivalent of Ken, as giving her a boyfriend would be seen inappropriate in conservative Muslim cultures. 芭比靠边站,穿着保守才是美。 穆斯林女孩的完美装束一定要有一条伊斯兰头巾,不信的话可以看看玩具店中畅销的“芙拉”娃娃和成串穿着严实的秀明星们。黑眼睛、橄榄色皮肤、穿着端庄“户外装”、披着伊斯兰罩袍的芙拉已经完全击败了身穿超短裙、顶着一头金发的美国对手。Toys R Us穆罕黛森分店的主管塔莱克·穆罕默德说:“芙拉卖得好是因为她更符合我们阿拉伯人的审美:她从不露出腿或者胳膊。”芙拉在阿拉伯的热销就像宰牲节的热蛋糕,不仅是因为她比她的美国对手要便宜,虽然她们都产自中国。芙拉并非第一个伊斯兰娃娃,但却是第一个如此轰动当地市场的伊斯兰娃娃。自从两年前由阿酋新男孩设计室设计出来后到现在,销量大约已经有二百万了。沙特阿拉伯的宗教警察当时封杀了“犹太巴比娃娃”,说它那“暴露的衣、丢脸的姿势、装饰物和小零件是邪恶西方堕落的象征。”芙拉是阿拉伯语,是一种茉莉的名字。芙拉最初在海湾地区出售,包装是和现在相似的粉色盒子,娃娃的衣更加保守,例如传统的阿拉伯长袍,还附赠一条祈祷跪毯。开罗最大商场都市之星的销售人员说:“为了适应埃及市场,娃娃的衣柜也必须拓宽。”现在,芙拉可以穿着端庄了,只是当她穿上紧身体恤和牛仔裤时显得没有那么丰满。她还可以戴上当今多数埃及年轻女子喜欢的色头巾。芙拉还有两个女伴,雅斯敏和娜达,她们的发色稍浅。但是她仍然单身,并没有计划推出伊斯兰版的肯,因为拥有男朋友在保守的穆斯林文化中还是很不妥的。 /200804/37122重庆脱腋毛多少

北碚区激光祛痘多少钱Looking very unhappy, a poor man entered a doctor’s consulting-room. “Doctor,” he said, “you must help me. I swallowed a penny about a month ago.” “Good heavens, man!” said the doctor. “Why have you waited so long? Why don’t you come to me on the day you swallowed it?” “To tell you the truth, Doctor,” the poor man replied, “I didn’t need the money so badly then.”一个看起来很难受的穷人走进大夫的诊室。“大夫!” 他说,“帮帮我!一个月前我吞了一分硬币!” “天哪,” 大夫说,“ 早干嘛去了?你当时怎么不来看?” “实话告诉您吧,大夫,”穷人说,“我当时还不缺钱!” /201302/226078 We attended the wedding of an acquaintance#39;s son. Because we did not know the young man or his bride, we decided to send them a practical household gift, a fire extinguisher. Apparently, the couple mass-produced their thank-you notes because we received a card saying: Thank you very much for the nice wedding gift. We look forward to using it soon.我们参加了一个熟人的儿子的婚礼。由于我们都不认识那个年轻人和他的新娘,所以我们决定送给他们一个实用的全家礼----一个灭火器。很明显,这对新人大批量制作了他们的感谢信,因为我们收到了一张卡片,上面写着:“非常感谢您的漂亮的结婚礼物,我们期待着不久就用到它。”内容来自: /201303/232371重庆第三医院是医保定点医院吗重庆儿童医院祛疤多少钱




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