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I guarantee that your mother will be so hot that everyone at the funeral will be saying, #39;Well, I#39;m no necrophiliac, but if I was...#39;.我保你母亲会很性感——以至于每个参加葬礼的人都要说,“好吧,我没有恋尸癖,可如果我是……”。 /201701/487852。

Half of fathers want less stressful job to help more with child-rearing一半的父亲都希望减轻工作压力,从而有更多的时间带孩子More than half of millennial fathers want to be demoted into a less stressful job in order to be better fathers, according to a report released on Monday. As experts warn of a “fatherhood penalty” for men who want to be more involved in the upbringing of their children, 53% of millennial fathers told researchers they wanted to move to a less stressful job, while 48% would take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance.星期一发布的一项报告表明:一半多的千禧一代父亲都希望自己被降职到压力更小的岗位,以成为更好的父亲。专家警告:对于想要更多参与到孩子教育中去的男性而言,有一种“父亲惩罚”,但53%的千禧一代父亲都告诉研究员,说他们想要调到压力更小的职位,48%的父亲愿意减少薪资,以更好的平衡生活和工作。One-fifth of fathers said their employer was unsympathetic about childcare, expecting no disruption to work, while 44% had lied to their employer about family-related responsibilities that “get in the way” of work.五分之一的父亲说他们的老板都对看孩子没有兴趣,仍期待他的员工不停歇的工作,而44%的父亲不得不就“打断”工作的家庭责任问题对他们的老板说谎。The 2017 Modern Families Index, published on Monday, found that while nearly half of working fathers (47%) want to downshift to a less stressful job because they cannot balance the demands of work and family life, and just over a third would be willing to take a pay cut to achieve a better work-life balance, those figures increase for younger fathers – indicating a seismic change in workforce mentality.周一发表的2017年登家庭指数发现:虽然近一半的上班族父亲(47%)由于无法平衡工作需求和家庭生活而想要降职到压力更小的工作岗位,而三分之一以上的父亲愿意减少薪资以更好的平衡生活和工作,但这些增加的人数都是年轻父亲——这就表明劳动力心态发生了天翻地覆的变化。Among the 2,750 parents across the UK who contributed to the Modern Families Index, men were twice as likely as women to think that flexible working would have a negative impact on their career. Experts warn that if companies do not change working practices to suit both men and women, they risk losing out on the best talent of future generations.登家庭指数的数据来自英国2750位父母,在这些人当中,认为弹性工作会对职业生涯造成负面影响的男性是女性的两倍。专家警告:如果各公司不改变工作方式以更好地适应男员工和女员工的要求,那么这些公司可能就会失去后代的最佳人才。The women and equalities select committee has launched an inquiry into the treatment of fathers in the workplace, amid fears that they are more likely to face discrimination if they ask for part-time or flexible working than mothers.女性和平等委员会已开展了职场中父亲待遇的调查,因为委员会担心如果这些父亲要求兼职或弹性工作时间,那么他们可能会比母亲更易遭受歧视。“The Modern Families Index shines a much-needed light on the experiences of British fathers in the workplace,” said Maria Miller MP, chair of the select committee. “Many fathers want to take a more active role in caring for their children and our committee’s inquiry into the gender pay gap last year found that sharing caring responsibilities equally between mothers and fathers is the key to reducing the gender pay gap.”“登家庭指数强调:在职场中,需要加强对英国父亲经验的重视,”委员会主席玛利亚#8226;米乐议员说道。“许多父亲想要在照顾孩子中扮演更积极的作用,去年委员会在调查性别收入差距中发现:父母同等共享育儿责任是降低性别收入差距的关键。”译文属 /201701/489787。

The internet and adorable puppies has long been a match made in heaven - and their beautiful partnership may have a new face.网络和萌宠一直就是天作之合,如今网红又添新面孔。Norman the Pomeranian-Husky cross may have only been adopted by his humans in Los Angeles less than two months ago, but he aly has a vastly larger social media following than most people.诺曼是波美拉尼亚和哈士奇杂交混种,最近两个月不到时间才被领养,但在社交媒体积聚的人气早已超过了多数人。In fact, in just six weeks since his first post, the Pomsky puppy has amassed over 11,000 followers on Instagram.事实上,自贴出第一张照片以来,这条混种小在Instagram上已经积聚的超过1万1000名粉丝。According to Facebook page, Norman was adopted from a litter of puppies early in May by Los Angeles-residents Rachel and Matt.Facebook页面显示,诺曼洛杉矶居民瑞秋和马特五月初从遗弃小处认领了诺曼。Almost immediately after picking up their new addition, the couple created an Instagram account for Norman, showing off his sweet fluffy ace and cute features that include a set of dark rings surrounding his little eyes.几乎是一经领养,这对夫妇就为诺曼创建了Instagram账号,展示这条毛茸茸的王牌小,小眼睛的黑眼圈也是其特色之一。And fans just can#39;t seem to get enough, with one writing: #39;I melt... cuteness overload#39; and dozens of others asking the owners where they could get their own Pomsky.粉丝们似乎嫌不够,有一名粉丝这么写道,“我被萌化,可爱得不行了”,好几十粉丝都问哪儿也可以领到他们自己的混种小。While the breed isn#39;t exactly a new one, it seems that Norman is set to become the very first Pomsky to reach social media fame.尽管这不是什么新品种,但诺曼似乎注定要成为第一条波美拉尼亚和哈士奇杂交混种网红犬。 /201609/467104。

Science is proving what pet owners have long believed: Dogs understand what we#39;re feeling. Specifically, dogs can recognize the difference between a happy and an angry human face, a study published Thursday in Current Biology suggests.在《当代生物学》杂志上刊登的一篇研究表明,科学明了宠物主人一直坚信的观点:能够读懂我们的心情。尤其是,能够辨别人面部表情高兴与生气之间的区别。It#39;s the first research to show definitively that dogs are sensitive to our facial expressions, says coauthor Ludwig Huber, head of comparative cognition at Messerli Research Institute at the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna.维也纳兽医大学梅瑟利研究所负责人、也是合著者之一的路德维希·休伯说,这是第一个完全表明对我们的面部表情很敏感的研究。In the Austrian study, 20 pet dogs of various breeds and sizes were taught to play a computer game through a series of exercises. In the first, the dogs were shown two touch screens, one with a circle and one with a square. Through trial and error, they learned that a treat would appear if they chose the right geometrical figure.在奥地利的研究中,通过训练,让20只不同品种和大小的宠物来玩一种电脑游戏。期初,给展示两个触摸屏,一个是圆圈,一个是正方形。通过反复试验,它们知道,如果他们选择正确的几何图形,就会有奖励。Eleven of the 20 dogs were able to catch on to rules of the game and make it to the next phase, where they were shown photos of faces. Half the dogs were rewarded for picking a happy expression and half for choosing an angry expression. The interesting catch: the dogs were shown only the upper half or the lower half of a face.20只宠物中有11只能够理解游戏规则,并且进入下一个阶段。在这个阶段,他们会看到脸部照片。一半的将因为选择高兴表情得到奖励,另一半则是需要选择生气的表情。有趣的是,只让看到上半部分脸或下半部分脸。It was easier to teach the dogs to choose a happy expression than an angry one, suggesting the dogs do indeed understand the meaning behind the expression, Huber says.休伯说:“教会选择高兴的表情比生气的表情更容易,这表明确实读懂了表情背后的含义。”As a test, the dogs were then presented with:在试验中,向展示以下内容:the same half of the faces they saw during the training, but from different people在训练时看的不同人的半张脸the other half of the faces used in training在训练时用的脸的另外一半the other half of new faces新面孔的另一半脸the left half of the faces used in training在训练中用脸的左半部分In the vast majority of cases the dogs chose the right answer 70 to 100 percent of the time.在绝大多数情况下,70%-100%的选择了正确。Dogs who had been trained to recognize an expression of anger or happiness on the upper part of a face could identify the same expression when shown only the lower part, and vice versa, Huber says, adding ;the only possible explanation is that they recall from memory of everyday life how a whole human face looks when happy or angry.;休伯说:“通过训练,那些能够识别脸的上半部分是生气或时高兴的,在只看到脸的下半部分时同样也能够识别出同样的表情,反之亦然。”他补充道:“唯一可能的解释是,他们会回想每天的生活中人类高兴或生气时脸部表情是怎样的。”Dog owners know their pets not only recognize emotions but also feel empathy.的主人知道他们的宠物不仅能够识别情感,同时也能够感到同情。 /201705/509940。