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资阳治雀斑价格彭水苗族土家族自治县去眼袋多少钱A exposed what bears striking resemblance to a 19th century child labor sweat shop has gone viral. Footage of underage workers slaving away in garment factories in Changshu, eastern China Jiangsu Province have shocked people and got us asking “how can we end child labor in China in the 1st century”? 977重庆星宸整形美容医院官网专家预约 征求意见--6 1:37:7 征求意见Asking OpinionSentences(句子)1. What do you think of the girl?你觉得那个女孩怎么样?. Now about that?那个怎么样?那个怎么样?3.HOW do you feel?你觉得怎么样?.. What do you think?你认为怎么样?5.How do you like working here?你觉得在这儿工作怎么样?6.How do you think of computer?你看我的电脑怎么样?7.What's your opinion?你有什么看法?8.What's Your view?你有什么见解?9. How do you see things like this?你对这类事情怎么看?. What do you think of it?这事你怎么看?Dialogue(对话)Model 1A: What you you think of an increase in tax?你对增加税收怎么看?B: The state will benefit a lot,I think.B: The state will txfenL a LL,L,,LrunK.我想国家会受益A: What do most people think about it?多数人怎么看?B: It's hard to say.很难说Model A: How do you find things over here?你觉得这儿的情况怎么样?B: It's quite different from what I exected.和我预料的有很大的差异A:Have you got used to the life here?你适应这里的生活了吗?B:Not yet. But I'll try my best.还没有,但我会尽力的Model 3A:What do you reckon on raising pets at home?你怎样看待家养宠物这件事?B:I think it's not good people's health.我认为对身体健康没有好处A:Why?为什么?B: Pets may communicate some kinds of disease.宠物可能会传染某些疾病买这款迷你播放机怎么样?- :57: A:A microwave oven?你要买一个微波炉?B:Yes, it's really two-pence colored.是的,那款真的是物美价廉A:Okay, honey, we aly have two. There is no more space a third one!亲爱的,我们已经有两个了,实在没有地方放第三个了!B:But it's so elegant.但是这款真的很棒A:Honey, maybe something else, just no more microwave oven, okay?亲爱的,要不我们买点别的,只是别买微波炉了,好吗?B:All right. Then what about a MD player? May to learn English with.好吧,要不我们买个MD播放机让阿美用来学英语A:Better.买这个比买微波炉好多了B:Do you have any MD players?请问你们有MD播放机吗?A:Yes, various. Here are the samples. What about this one?是的,有很多款式这里有样品这款怎么样?B:What are its features?它有什么特点?A:Well, it has a lithium battery which lasts hours. With MP3 mode, you can download about 9 hours of music or English audio texts. It's especially popular with students their English study!它有能持续小时的锂电池用MP3模式,可以下载9个小时的音乐或英语听力材料,现在特别流行于学生的英语学习B:What else?还有其他的优点吗?A:Maybe you should just have it operated then you would know how well it works.你可以现在就操作一些,然后你就知道它的性能有多好了!B:Oh,“My heart will go on”, I love the song.哦,《我心永恒,我喜欢这首歌A:Nothing can s her from buying it now, I suppose.我想,现在没有什么能阻止她买这个了B:Just think about the advantage you are going to get.想想你买它所得到的好处吧!重庆妇保医院是几级

重庆面部脱毛价格多少钱As the birth was announced, a loud cheer went up from the well-wishers and media gathered outside St. Mary's Hospital in west London, where William was born to the late Princess Diana in 198.遂宁瘦腿手术费用 Good morning , my buddies. I'm so glad to meet you via network. I'm hoping that we could spend a wonderful morning together.大家好,我是Juliet, 很高兴又和大家在空中见面了希望能和您在此度过一个美好的清晨【直击主题】 This morning I'd like to talk about an idiom which can express little possibility of doing something. What's it ? Let's listen to a simple situation dialogue. A : Do you thing you can get the project?B : It's a chance in a million. I hear John is interested in it. A : I see. After all , John is the boss's son.B : But, anyway, I will have a try . 【答疑解惑】Okay, guys , have you spotted it? It is " A CHANCE IN A MILLION". "A chance in a million" 直译就是“一百万中的一次机会”,wow , a million一百万,才得到a chance, it's really hard to get it and it's really takes time. So the Chinese it are : 很小的机会,微乎其微的机会,一丝机会,一种粗俗的说法还可以说成是:屎运【咬文嚼字】What's more, a chance in a million is an phrase belonging to a noun m. And in a million is preposition phrase which modifies "chance". As we know, 既然是介词短语修饰限定了前面的名词,some people maybe think that " a" should be changed to " the". Nope, do don't think so an idiom is a set expression from people's life , which can't be judged if it's right or wrong in grammar rules sometimes. This is just what I want to emphasize. 这正是我要强调的一点,a chance in a million 中的 in a million 是介词短语,作后置定语,修饰前面的 chance, 照常理来说,就然有了修饰与限制,那么就应该定冠词 the, 而不是不定冠词 a. 但是我们要知道习语使人们在生活中的口头语言,很多是无法用语法规则去言论他的对错的So it's fine that we just keep it in our mind by rote : a change in a million.【学以致用】How should we use it? Since it's a phrase of a noun m, verbs can be put in front of it as object . example: HVE A CHANCE IN A MILLION which equals to have almost no chance or GIVE A CHANCE IN A MILLION. 意思是有个微乎其微的机会,给予很小的机会Let's look at example sentences. We haven't a chance in a million of winning. 我们胜利的机会微乎其微Political experts gave him little chance of winning the nomination, because most Democrats didn't know him. 政治家说他赢得提名的机会很小,因为大部分的民主党人士不认识他 Since it is a phrase of a noun m, it can be used as predicative. example : It's a million of chance.这是个千载难逢的机会【拓展视野】Of course we have many ways to take place of " a chance in a million " . Let's have a summary. 1 a poor chance example: A chance of getting the job were por, so the young man felt gloomy about the future. 得到这份工作的机会很小, 所以这位青年人感到前途渺茫 a slim chance example: Her chance of success is slim. 她成功的机会很小3 little chance ( 备注: 这个短语前面不要加 a .) example: On the face of things, Ms Menchú has little chance of winning. 从许多方面看,门楚夫人获胜的机会都很小 little possibility example: There's little posibility of being the case or coming about. 还是有很小的机会存在或发生的5 The odds against somebody. example: The odds are against us. 我们成功的机会很小 9333自贡市第四人民医院做丰胸手术多少钱

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