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南平无精症到哪家医院The alarm bell goes off. You slowly open your eyes. A new day lies before you. A day of unexplored potential and opportunities. How can you make it more likely to become a positive and good day?闹铃响起,你慢慢睁开眼睛。眼前又是新的一天。充满未知可能与机遇的一天。该怎样让这一天过得积极而美好呢?Today I#39;d like to simply share 7 habits that I have used to make my mornings and whole days better.今天,我就分享一下自己更好地度过早晨和全天的7个习惯。1.Have a reminder on your bedside table.1.床头柜放上提醒物品How will you start your very first moments and minutes of the day? One good way to get off to a good start is to have a note, a reminder on your bedside table that will be one of the first things you see after you have woken up.你将怎样开始每天的最初时刻呢?有个好开端的妙方就是在床头柜上放纸条或提示物品,这样你一醒来就能看见它们了。A couple of suggestions for what to write down on your note:关于纸条内容,可以参考以下建议:Your top 4 priorities in life. To keep your attention in the right place it is essential to remind yourself every day of what is truly most important. So what is most important for you this year? An important project at work? Your family? Improving your social life? Your blog, photography, soccer or debt? Think about it and reduce what is important in your life to the top 4 most important priorities.你生命中最重要的4件事情。要保用对精力,就得每天提醒自己什么才是真正最重要的。对你而言,今年最重要的是什么呢?工作上的一个大项目?家庭?社会交际的改善?还是你的客、摄影、足球或债务呢?用心想想,然后只保留生命中最重要的4件吧。2.Give one genuine compliment.2.发自内心地赞美Giving one genuine compliment to your partner, a family member, friend or co-worker during your morning can not only lift his or her day but also make yours a little brighter and happier.早上发自内心地赞美伴侣、家人、朋友或同事不仅能让他/他一整天神采飞扬,也会使你自己更阳光更快乐。So tap into what you can appreciate about a person in your life. Then tell him or her that.所以,请发掘生活中身边人值得赞赏的地方,然后告诉他们吧。If you can, make it something that may be a bit unexpected and something that person hasn#39;t heard a hundred times before. For example, a compliment about her great taste in music or his wonderful way with animals may be more appreciated and powerful than a compliment about looks and other more superficial stuff.如果可以,或许你能让赞美带点惊喜,不至于那个人觉得已经听了上百遍了。比如,与其赞美他人外貌或其他表面特征,还不如赞美她出色的音乐品味或他特别的动物情缘呢。3.Positive information intake over breakfast.3.早餐时只接纳正面信息Instead of watching the news or ing the papers and getting a negative and perhaps depressing start to your day do something that will inspire you.与其看新闻或读报纸,然后阴郁沮丧地开始新的一天,还不如做点激励人心的事情。Read one or a couple of new posts from positive, funny and uplifting blogs or websites. Or simply have a fun and warm conversation with the people around your kitchen table.阅读有趣的、积极向上的客或网页中的新消息。或者干脆和共进早餐的人开心和气地聊聊天。4.Start your workday with your most important task of the day.4.从最重要的工作任务着手If you do then the rest of the day will feel lighter and easier. You will feel better about yourself and more confident as you move on to other tasks.如果这样做,剩下的时间你会觉得轻松自在得多。你处理其他任务时也会感觉更好更自信。If you have trouble getting started with the most important task then just make a deal with yourself to work on it for 3 minutes. Then you can stop if you like. But you may not want to once you have gotten started. That seems to be the case for me most of the time.如果最重要的任务处理起来比较棘手,那至少保花3分钟时间面对它。然后你可以先放一放。不过,或许一旦开始你就停不下来了呢。反正很多时候我就是这样的。Getting started is most often the hardest part. So make that part easier for yourself.行动起来往往是最难做到的。何不让行动来得更容易些呢?5.Go slow.5.放慢节奏When I go a bit slower it becomes easier to fully focus, to keep the stress down and I most often do a better job with something the first time around. I work with more clarity and I do not get stuck in doing busy work very often.每当放慢节奏,我都更容易做到全神贯注、放下压力,并能在第一时间将工作处理得更棒。我工作更有条理,忙起来时也不至于总是手足无措了。It may feel like I#39;m not getting enough done but at the end of the day I usually get more quality work done than if I tried to maintain a high speed through the day. Partly because the lower stress levels keeps my mind fresh and energy up even through the last few afternoon hours of the workday.听上去好像我做不了多少事情,但事实上下班前我反倒能比快节奏时做得更多更有质量。部分原因可能在于,哪怕是下午那几小时我都能压力减轻、思维活跃、精力充沛吧。6.Work out.6.锻炼身体My favorite time to do some free-weight exercise is about an hour or two after breakfast. By doing this 2-3 times a week I boost my energy and hormone levels. This makes the rest of the day lighter and I feel more decisive. Inner doubts and tensions lessen and my mind becomes more optimistic.我最享受的时刻便是在早餐一两个小时后做减肥运动。一周坚持2-3次后,我的精力和荷尔蒙大为改善。这么做使得我在剩下的时间轻松而敏锐。内心的犹疑和紧张减少了,思绪变得更加乐观明朗。I highly recommend doing some kind of exercise in the morning. If you can#39;t go to a gym or work out from home early in the day then maybe you can walk or bicycle to work or school.我强烈建议在早上做点运动。如果你去不了健身馆或无法早起做运动,可以走路或骑车去上班上学。7.Do the right thing in some small or big way.7.事无巨细做好你认为正确的事情This one boosts your self-esteem. It puts a spring in your step and it at least makes me feel happier. So do what you deep down think is the right thing.这能激发你的自尊心,让你步履欢快。至少我觉得自己更开心了。所以,做好内心认为正确的事情吧。A few examples that may resonate with you:以下几个例子或许能引起你的共鸣:Perform a random act of kindness. Hold up the door or point out the way for someone who seems lost.随时与人为善。替人开门或给看似迷路的人指路。Help someone out practically or just by listening.真正帮人解决问题或只是聆听也好。Encourage someone.鼓励他人。Get started with putting a dent in the most important challenge in your life.现在开始就攻克改变你生活中最艰巨的挑战吧。Build upon just a small step, a small thing if you like. Start building an upward spiral of positivity and good feelings within. And then take further steps upward. Towards what you know you really want and you know are the right things for you in your life.你可以先从点滴小事做起,在内心塑造盘旋向上的积极正面情绪,然后继续向着生活中你最想获知的、正确的方向前行吧。 /201210/202933福州哪个医院有b超检查输卵管堵塞的 A man tried to get a job in a stage show.一个人想在一个舞台剧中找份工作。;What can you do?; asked the producer.“你能干什么呢?”负责人问。;Imitate birds,; the man said.“模仿鸟儿,”那人说。;Are you kidding?; answered the producer, ;People like that are a dime a dozen.;“你在开玩笑吧?”负责人答道,“那样的人一毛钱可以找一打。”;Well, I guess that#39;s that.; said the actor, as he sp his arms and flew out the window.“噢,那就算了。”那名演员说着,展开翅膀,飞出了窗口。 /201209/201300福州做输卵管修复手术哪里最好

福州无痛人流手术医院From the mini designer toiletries to the array of TV channels, guests staying in hotels are quick to lap up the luxuries on offer.从名牌化妆品小盒装到电视节目的选择,英国人一到旅馆就火速地享用旅馆供应的各种奢侈品和务。Male hotel guests watch adult TV channels as soon as they arrive in their room while women check out the shampoo and conditioner on offer, according to new research.新研究显示,男房客一进旅馆房间就开始看成人电视台,女人则会先查看旅馆供应的洗发水和护发素。The intriguing findings were revealed today in a study into the most popular hotel ‘rituals’ among Brits.这一有趣的发现来自今日发布的一项针对英国人最常见的旅馆“惯常行为”的研究。And while 19 percent of men are quick to flick on porn shows, the nation’s females weren’t totally squeaky clean with 15 percent also admitting they like to find out what adult TV channels are on offer.19%的英国男房客会迅速地打开电视看色情节目,英国女房客也不是个个有洁癖,15%的女性承认她们也会想看看成人电视台播放什么节目。Unsurprisingly, only ten percent of men admitted they found the toiletries interesting.只有10%的男性承认自己对旅馆化妆用品感兴趣,这并不奇怪。The study found the favourite activity for both the nation’s males and females was taking in the view with 47 percent of men and 54 percent of women citing it as their favourite hotel past time.研究发现,英国男女最喜欢在旅馆里做的事是看风景,47%的男性和54%的女性称这是他们在旅馆最钟爱的消遣活动。This was followed by making full use of hotel facilities including the gyms and pools and jumping on the bed was also a favourite for 13 percent of men and 16 percent of women.其次是充分利用包括健身房、游泳池在内的旅馆设施,在床上蹦跳也是英国旅客爱做的事情之一,13%的男性和16%的女性喜欢这么做。Women were keener to raid the mini bar, 11 percent compared to eight percent of men.女性更喜欢从酒柜里拿东西,11%的女性有这个爱好,而喜欢这么做的男性只有8%。And they were also more likely to use the hotel loo (10 percent) while the same only applied to eight percent of male guests.女性也更可能使用旅馆的洗手间,10%的女性是如此,而更常用洗手间的男性比例为8%。Kate Hopcraft from Hotels.com, who carried out the study, said: #39;Men and women have very different priorities when it comes to their hotel rituals.开展这一研究的Hotels.com的凯特#8226;霍普克拉夫特说:“在旅馆惯常行为上,男人和女人优先做的事情有很大差异。#39;Men prefer to see the ;full; selection of TV channels and women more likely to check out the toiletries on offer.“男人更喜欢看频道‘齐全’的电视节目,女人则更喜欢看旅馆供应的化妆品。#39;Despite a couple of questionable hotel rituals it’s clear that the top priority for Brits is checking out their surroundings.#39;“尽管有些旅馆惯常行为有点问题,但显然英国人到旅馆后必做的头一件事就是查看四周的环境。”Research also revealed the things that are most likely to give us the holiday ‘buzz.’研究还揭示了那些最可能让我们产生假日兴奋感的事情。A total of 48 percent said it was boarding a plane, while 43 percent believed it was entering the hotel room. A further 38 percent said packing their bags before leaving for holiday caused the most amount of excitement.共有48%的人表示是在登上飞机的时候,43%的人认为是在走进旅馆房间的那一刻。还有38%的人称他们在度假前收拾行李的时候最兴奋。 /201210/205532 Once I received a thank-you note from a friend whom I had helped. In the envelope were five lottery tickets that had been scratched, revealing the numbers. "Thank you very much for your help," the note . "As a gift, I bought you some lottery tickets- sorry you didn't win. "   有一次,我收到一封感谢信,是一个我曾帮助过的朋友寄来的。信封内有五张票,都被刮过了,露出了数字。“非常感谢您的帮助,”信上写道,“作为礼物,我给您买了些票——真遗憾,您没。” /201109/153862福州做复通术那家医院好三明市做试管婴儿那家医院最好



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