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三明市那间医院做人工受孕龙岩第一医院B超监测卵泡repetition重复,harp on喋喋不休, cram塞入,raise涨工资Repetition Has Many ApplicationsIn a sales company, the boss said to one of his employees, "The main thing to remember is repetition, repetition, repetition! That's the key! If you have a product to sell, keep harping on it in every way possible. Repeat it; cram it down people's throats. Even make yourself sickening and repulsive if you have to, but don't ever get to repeat, repeat, repeat. It's the only way to get results and sell our products!" So, the employee said, "Yes, sir!" Then the boss said, "Now, what was it you came to see me about?" And the employee replied, "Well, sir, it's about a raise, a raise, a raise!"学以致用销售公司的老板对一位员工训话: “重要的是要记得重复、重复、重复!‘不断重复’是重要关键!推销产品时,要用尽各种方法对客户不断反复地游说,对他们进行疲劳轰炸情况需要的话,即使让对方对你厌恶、反感也在所不惜就是不要忘记‘重复再重复!’这是得到业绩、销售产品的不二法门!” 员工回答:“老板,了解了!” 老板又说:“好,现在说说看你们来找我有什么事?” 员工回答:“老板,我要加薪!加薪!加薪!”1.repetition重复That is a mere repetition of what you said bee.那不过是重复了你以前讲的话也可以指“复制品, 副本”:He has a repetition of a previous talk.他有前次会谈的副本 .application实际用途也可以指“申请”:He has filed his application.他已经呈交了申请书3.product产品My bike is a home product.我的自行车是国产的 .cram塞入也有“死记硬背”的意思:She's cramming her history exam.她考历史之前临时抱佛脚5.sickening 令人厌恶的It’s sickening to see such cruelty.看到这种残忍的行为真叫人反感6. raise涨工资作动词有“引起”的意思: His words raised a blush on her cheeks.他的话使她脸红 5636福州市做人授手术哪家好 |#egDY()rgzEUIBQH3qUD-iUSL!^c9!O]9vi)CThe country is full of criminals. Criminals are in every city. Criminals are on every block. They break all the laws. They don’t care about the laws. There are thousands of laws. The criminals break all the laws. They laugh when they break the laws. The police watch the criminals. They try to arrest the criminals. The criminals shoot at the police. They kill the police. Last week they shot down a police helicopter. The helicopter crashed to the ground. The criminals ran over to the helicopter. All the policemen on the helicopter were dead. The criminals stole the guns from the dead policemen. They walked away from the helicopter. They were laughing.woAB~i#Cb;PMqIq8o@zj#nnrxWmItT-Yk.DmYrs|J5H+ZOuiacd;^+z@!7Wz_y1S!]E 3918福州输精管堵塞手术去那最好

福州除环哪里好*X53f50vmRA#PLSybv~%KP96KUu@N!Ky6VtERfcCJREy0YShe was a babysitter in her home. She took care of little children. They were not her little children. They were the sons and daughters of other people. She did not have a son. She did not have a daughter. She was not a mother. She was a babysitter. The children were 1 to years old. She babysat them all. She kept them in her house all day. They all stayed in her living room. She gave them toys to play with. She gave them books to look at. She gave them pillows and blankets. Some kids played with the toys. Some kids looked at the books. Some kids slept. She usually didn’t watch the kids. She usually watched the TV.M.YoXq_HHo,LsyGFIwzXVF1y|l)Evc(+G[+z9PS*H^ebtnFa9m[yh7[rHnOYy%F50xNu福州博爱医院检查很贵吗 Absent-minded 心不在焉的business trip 出差portable 便携的、手提的spouse 配偶combination 密码组合anniversary 结婚周年 An Absent-minded Husband I was accompanying my husband on a business trip. He carried his portable computer with him, and the guard at the airport gate asked him to open the case. It was locked, and the man waited patiently as my embarrassed spouse struggled to remember the combination. At last he succeeded. “Why are you so nervous?" I asked him. My husband confessed: “The numbers are the date of our anniversary." 心不在焉的丈夫 我陪丈夫一起出差,他带着他的手提式计算机机场出口处检查员要他打开包 他耐心地等着我那窘迫的丈夫设法回想起暗锁的密码最后他终于想起来了 “你为什么那么紧张呢?”我问他 “密码是我们的结婚纪念日”他承认道1.absent-minded:心不在焉的Absent是缺席的意思,mind是心思、想法的意思,那么心思缺席了,指的就是心不在焉.accompany陪伴也有伴随的意思,例如:thunder accompanies lighting.雷声伴着电闪还有“补充”的意思,例如:he accompanied his speech with gestures.他演讲时附带着做手势3.portable便携的,portable computer就是手提电脑作名词的时候就是“便携式计算机/电视机/收音机”的意思. succeed做不及物动词时有“成功”的意思,做及物动词时,则有“接在……后面”之意,例如:A silence succeeded his words.他的话说完后便是一片静默5. confess承认Confess 加名词或动名词,就是承认某事的意思例如:I must confess that I didn’t understand a word she said.我得承认我一点也没听懂她说的话6.anniversary结婚周年也可以只表示“纪念日”,例如:celebrate the 55th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China 庆祝中华人民共和国成立55周年 93福州男科精子检查去哪好

福州市中医看多囊比较好的医院Three wishes三个愿望A federal office worker finds a lamp in an old file drawer, and as he examines it a genie pops out. his first of three traditional wishes, he wants to be on a beautiful deserted Island. Poof! There he is. Next, of course, he wants the gorgeous babes, and Poof! There they are. Finally, he realizes he must sustain this great life and wishes he would never have to work. Poof! He's back at the office.一名政府工作人员在一个放文件的旧抽屉里发现了盏油灯,在他检查这盏油灯的时候,砰的一声一个妖怪冒了出来他的第一个愿望是要去一个美丽的荒岛砰!他就在那了第二个愿望,他想要几个漂亮的女郎砰!她们出现了最后,他想永远过着无忧无虑的生活不用工作砰!他回到了办公室 8939 69  Sunglass Mania  Why are sunglasses the latest additions to our wardrobe? This fashion trend has been followed centuries and is being developing into the latest and greatest fashion accessory. Jacqueline Kennedy is known to many as John F. Kennedy wife, but known to the fashion world as an international fashion-trendsetter. She gave a new cause to wearing sunglasses beyond just during summers at the beach. The big, dark rounded sunglasses became a legendary trademark in the 1960s. The whole world admired her fashion sense and as the first lady in the White House she was able to influence the fashion industry.  It seems that now more than ever sunglasses are being worn by just about anyone. From stars like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Brad Pitt, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Usher, the celebrities have used sunglasses as a means to reflect personality and style. Sunglasses have come to be accepted by all generations in their own unique era, but they have never been worn so much until now. In the most popular magazines sunglasses have been used not only to prevent the sun from one eyes, but also label one as a celebrity or star in the media.  In the January edition of Life amp; Style magazine the great look spring was dark sunglasses worn by Brad Pitt and the twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The young actresses have put a new look on the trend of sunglasses and this has caused them to be referred to as the legendary Jacqueline Kennedy.  Why so much emphasis on sunglasses? US Weekly said that ;they showcase flattering features on your face.; They seem to not only be in the spring and summer wardrobes, but in the winter and fall seasons as well. They are everywhere wearable and available. In a variety of prices they reflect individuality and personality. The ;classic look; has always been a style pursued by most high fashion designers like Versace, and Chanel. Keeping this in mind while designing outfits, designers, with their models have also showcased that ;big; is in. And the latest glasses that most celebrities and trendsetters have been wearing are dark colored lenses, trimmed in black, white, red, pink and even a simple blue. Sunglasses with brown tint that cause your eyes to be visible are on most of last summer ;out; lists according to the fashion industry top ;must-have list spring and summer .;  So, now it up to you to complete your outfit. Be a local celebrity on campus by wearing sunglasses to class, the gym, work, or just to avoid sun in your eyes. Everyone can be their own fashion icon at his or her own expense. As a college student we all cant afd Gucci sunglasses, but you can find some at a lower price and achieve the same look. 1868南平治卵巢早衰医院排名南平哪里可以治疗胎停育



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