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Starting from June 1, some Chinese express delivery companies will hike up delivery fees.自6月1日起,国内部分快递公司将上调派送费。Delivery fees refer to the income a courier gets from collecting or delivering mail or a parcel, insiders said.据业内人士介绍,派送费是指快递员收取和派送邮件或一票包裹所得的收入。Companies including YTO, STO, ZTO, Yunda and Best have all published a notice on 56ec.org.cn, a Chinese e-commerce logistics service portal.圆通、申通、中通、韵达和百世汇通都在中国电子商务物流务网上发布了通知。The companies asked all outlets to increase delivery fees by 0.15 yuan per ticket, effective from June 1.这些公司要求所有网点将派送费上调0.15元/票,自6月1日起实施。All the express companies involved in the hike operate on a franchise model, and said the move was aimed at improving delivery service quality and preventing cutthroat competition.此次提高派送费的均为加盟型快递公司。这些快递公司称,此举旨在提高派件务质量、避免恶性竞争。However, SF Express, an industry leader that sticks to a company-owned model, will not hike up prices.不过,坚持直营模式的快递业领头企业顺丰速运将不会上调派送费。 /201705/511752。

B News – South Korean women will be the first in the world to have an average life expectancy above 90, a study suggests. Imperial College London and the World Health Organization analysed lifespans in 35 industrialised countries. It predicted all would see people living longer in 2030. The researchers said the findings posed big challenges for pensions and care for elderly people.B新闻 - 一项研究表明,韩国妇女将在世界上最先达到人均预期寿命90岁以上。伦敦帝国理工学院和世卫组织分析了35个工业化国家的人口寿命。研究预测,到2030年所有这些国家的人都会更长寿。研究人员说,研究结果对养老金和照顾老年人提出了巨大挑战。;South Korea has gotten a lot of things right,; Prof Majid Ezzati told the B News website. ;They seem to have been a more equal place and things that have benefited people - education, nutrition - have benefited most people. ;And so far, they are better at dealing with hypertension and have some of the lowest obesity rates in the world.;“韩国做对了很多事,”马吉德.艾扎提教授对B新闻网站说。“他们似乎一直拥有一个更为平等的地方,教育、营养等令人受益的事惠及了大部分人民。” “而且迄今为止,他们更好地应对了高血压,肥胖率属于世界最低之列。”The data also forecasts that Japan, once the picture of longevity, will tumble down the global rankings. It currently has the highest life expectancy for women, but will be overtaken by both South Korea and France, the study suggests. Meanwhile, male life expectancy will go from the fourth highest to 11th out of the countries studied.数据还预测一度是长寿化身的日本全球排名将下滑。日本目前有着最高的女性预期寿命,但将被韩国和法国超越,研究表明。同时,日本男性预期寿命将从被研究国家中的第4位滑落至11位。The US also performs poorly and is on course to have the lowest life expectancy of rich countries by 2030. The study predicts an average age of 80 for men and 83 for women - roughly the same state Mexico and Croatia will have achieved.美国也表现不佳,正朝着到2030年成为富国中预期寿命最低的国家迈进。研究预测,美国男性平均寿命80岁,女性83岁 - 与墨西哥和克罗地亚将达到的预期寿命大致相当。;They are almost opposite of South Korea,; added Prof Ezzati. ;[Society in the US is] very unequal to an extent the whole national performance is affected - it is the only country without universal health insurance. ; ;And it is the first country that has stopped growing taller, which shows something about early life nutrition.;“它们与韩国的情形几乎相反,”艾扎提教授说。“[美国社会]非常不平等,到了整个国家的表现都受影响的程度 - 它是唯一没有全民医保的国家。”“而且它是第一个停止长个儿的国家,这多少反映了儿童青少年的营养状况。”The study, published in the Lancet, also shows the gap in life expectancy between women and men is closing...Much of the increases are due to improvements for the over-65s rather than reductions in deaths during childhood.发表在《柳叶刀》上的这项研究还显示了男女之间的预期寿命差距在缩小......预期寿命增加大部分归因于65岁以上的人寿命提高,而不是儿童时期死亡减少。 /201702/494025。

It is not often that Spider-Man features in share price discussions or the activities of short-sellers. On Monday, however, the superhero made an appearance in a case before a Hong Kong tribunal.有关股价的讨论或做空者的活动与蜘蛛侠(Spider-Man)扯上关系,这并不常见。然而,本周一,这位超级英雄却在香港一个案件的听会中被提及。The body is hearing accusations of market misconduct by Andrew Left, the US short-seller best known for his recent high-profile battle with Valeant, the US drugmaker.香港“市场失当行为审裁处”正在对安德鲁#8226;莱夫特(Andrew Left)受到的市场不当行为指控展开听。莱夫特是美国的一名做空者,他最知名的事迹是不久前高调挑战美国制药商Valeant。The Hong Kong case marks one of the first times a regulator has pursued a case based on public commentary by someone who is not a licensed financial professional. Short-sellers and other commentators are watching the case closely over worries that a ruling could have a “chilling” effect on their ability to opine freely on listed stocks.香港的这个案件标志着,监管机构开始基于非持照金融专业人士的公开言论提起诉讼。做空者及其他人士正密切关注这一案件,因为他们担心该案裁决或将让他们“不敢”自由表达对上市公司股票的观点。Inevitably debates over the merits of short selling turn to free speech arguments. In the Valeant case, Mike Pearson, its chief executive, likened Mr Left to someone “who runs into a crowded theatre and falsely yells fire” — the famous limit to free speech identified by US Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.辩论的焦点不可避免地由做空行为的价值转向了言论自由。在Valeant一案中,该公司首席执行官迈克#8226;皮尔逊(Mike Pearson)将莱夫特比作“跑进坐满观众的剧院大声谎报起火”的人——这是美国最高法院(US Supreme Court)大法官奥利弗#8226;温德尔#8226;霍姆斯(Oliver Wendell Holmes)对言论自由限度的著名论断。Mr Left’s response to that criticism: “Yelling fire in a crowded theatre is a lot different than walking into a theatre, smelling smoke and yelling, ‘Hey everyone, there could be a fire’.”对这一指责,莱夫特回应道:“在坐满观众的剧院高喊起火,与走进剧院、闻到烟味、然后高喊‘大家注意,可能有火情!’是截然不同的行为。”The short-seller was not in Hong Kong himself on Monday for the opening of the case brought by the Securities and Futures Commission. At the heart of it lies a 2012 report by Mr Left and his group, Citron Research, that alleged fraud and accounting misstatements at Evergrande, a Chinese property group. Evergrande vigorously denied the claims.周一,这个由香港监会(Securities and Futures Commission)提起的案件开始听时,这位做空者本人并不在香港。该案的核心是一份由莱夫特及其旗下的香橼研究(Citron Research)在2012年发布的报告,该报告声称中国房地产公司恒大地产(Evergrande)存在欺诈和报表不实。恒大坚决否认了这一说法。The SFC alleges the Citron report contained false or misleading information about Evergrande. Proving misconduct, a civil offence that can carry bans and orders to disgorge profits, involves showing the accused knowingly made false or misleading statements, or was reckless or negligent in doing so — and demonstrating that the information is likely to induce buying or selling in the underlying security.香港监会声称,香橼研究的报告中关于恒大的信息存在虚假或误导之处。所谓市场失当行为是一种民事违法行为,可能会被处以禁令并被要求交还相关盈利。要明当事人存在市场失当行为,需展示当事人故意或因为草率大意发出了虚假或误导性言论,还需展示当事人发布的信息可能会引发对相关券的买入或卖出操作。Spider-Man, or rather his alter ego Peter Parker, was brought up by Mr Left’s defence. Laurence Li, representing him, said he hoped the case would avoid enshrining what he called the “Spider-Man argument” that can impose a sliding scale of responsibility on financial commentators depending on their public following.”代表莱夫特出庭的是他的辩护律师Laurence Li。Li提到了蜘蛛侠,或者应该说是蜘蛛侠的另一个自我彼得#8226;帕克(Peter Parker)。他说,他希望该案会避免合法化那种“蜘蛛侠式主张”,该主张的逻辑是,金融人士背负的责任有轻有重,取决于他们的公众感召力大小。Mr Li was trying to head off a ruling that would echo the warning given to the young Peter by his uncle, Ben, who said that “with greater influence comes greater responsibility”.Li试图阻止法官做出与蝙蝠侠中彼得的叔叔逻辑相同的裁决——彼得的叔叔本(Ben)曾警告年轻的彼得,“影响越大,责任就越大”。“It would be our submission that the law does not do that,” Mr Li said.Li表示:“我方意见是,法律不会这样裁定。”Justice Michael Hartmann, chairing the tribunal and seemingly not a Spider-Man aficionado, took a different view after the reference was explained to him.主持此次审理的法官夏正民(Michael Hartmann)似乎不是“蜘蛛侠”迷,在听取了对此类比的解释后,他表达了不同的看法。“It’s not actually the influence of the person that matters, it’s the fact that what is published is likely to affect the share price — so that means the more influential you are, the more it’s likely to affect the share price,” he said.他说:“事实上,重要的不是这个人的影响力,而是发表的内容可能会影响股价,因此这意味着你的影响力越大,股价越可能受到影响。”The case is scheduled to last for two weeks. Opening arguments introduced a new fact: the Citron report on Evergrande was triggered by an anonymous tip-off, in the form of a bundle of papers, sent to Mr Left at his home. The SFC alleges the package formed a large part of the final report.听会计划将持续两周。开场陈述披露了一个新的事实:香橼有关恒大的报告是由一份匿名爆料引发的,爆料者将一包文件寄到了莱夫特的家中。香港监会声称,这份包裹中的内容占最终报告的很大一部分。“We are not suggesting they are identical but the Citron report, we would submit, is substantially based on this bundle,” Peter Duncan, acting for the SFC, told the tribunal.代表香港监会的彼得#8226;邓肯(Peter Duncan)告诉法官:“我们并不是说它们完全一样,但我们认为,香橼的报告在很大程度上是基于这包文件。”The Citron hearing comes as Hong Kong’s commentators are waiting for the verdict of another SFC case involving a report from Moody’s, the rating agency. There, the regulator claims the report was a “shoddy” piece of ratings work, which is carried out under licence. Moody’s contends the report, whose study of accounting “red flags” on Chinese companies proved mostly accurate in hindsight, was not ratings work.在香橼一案的听会开始之际,香港的人士正等待香港监会另一起案件的裁决,此案涉及评级机构穆迪(Moody#39;s)的一份报告。香港监会声称,这份报告是由一家持有执照的评级机构撰写的粗制滥造的评级报告。穆迪则主张,这份报告并非评级报告,报告对中国企业会计“危机信号”的研究,事后被明基本准确。The regulator’s pursuit of the two cases has worried hedge funds, other short-sellers and the analyst community more generally.香港监会提起的这两起案件引发了对冲基金、其他做空者以及分析师圈子的普遍担忧。David Webb, a corporate governance activist in Hong Kong, warned when the two investigations became public that “free markets depend on free speech and the open exchange of opinions and analysis, whether it turns out to be right or wrong”.香港公司治理活动人士戴维#8226;韦布(David Webb)在这两项调查公之于众时警告称,“自由市场取决于言论自由以及观点和分析的公开交流,不管它们最终被明是对还是错”。The Left case will be watched carefully, with or without more superheroes.莱夫特案将受到密切关注,不管会不会提到更多超级英雄。 /201603/428675。

Self-made billionaire and Chinese businessman Jack Ma said there was little difference in the way luxury goods and knock-off products are made with many made with the same materials in the same factories.白手起家的亿万富豪和中国商人杰克·马说,奢侈品和仿冒产品几乎没有差别,他们都在同样的工厂,使用同样的材料制造。Speaking from his Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou China Mr Ma said: ‘We have to protect (intellectual property) we have to do everything to stop the fake products but OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are making better products at a better price. 马云在中国杭州阿里巴巴总部说:“我们必须保护(知识财产),我们必须想方设法阻止假货,但是OEMs(代工厂)制造出来的货物更好,价格更合理。”‘The problem is the fake products today are of better quality and better price than the real names.“问题是那些假货现在比真货拥有更好的品质和更合理的价格。”‘They are exactly the (same) factories exactly the same raw materials but they do not use the names.’“他们恰好出自同一家工厂,使用同样的原材料,但是他们不使用那个商标”Instead luxury brands need to accept that the way to do business has changed he told investors at a company event on Tuesday.奢侈品品牌反而需要接受这种商业方式上改变,他在周四的一个公司活动上告诉投资者。The 51-year-old billionaire later defended his remarks saying: ‘This is simply my observation of the issues facing brands and OEMs. Counterfeiting is not a quality problem; counterfeiting is an intellectual property problem.’51岁的亿万富翁随后对他的言论辩解:“这只是我在面对品牌和代工厂的问题上作出的个人观察”,仿冒品不是一个质量问题,仿冒品是一个知识财产问题。 /201606/450037。

When the world was given a pre-opening peek in 1966 at the building designed by Marcel Breuer on East 75th Street and Madison Avenue, the new home of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the ceremony was nearly canceled because of a bomb threat, one that would have sent luminaries like Jacqueline Kennedy and Mayor John V. Lindsay into the streets. 东75街与麦迪逊大街交界的地方坐落着一栋马塞尔·布劳耶(Marcel Breuer)设计的建筑。1966年,它成了惠特尼美国艺术物馆的新址。开张之前,仪式差点因为炸弹威胁被取消,威胁一旦成真,来参加店里的杰奎琳·肯尼迪(Jacqueline Kennedy)和约翰·V·林赛市长(Mayor John V. Lindsay)等名流就得跑到街上去了。 On Tuesday, the Metropolitan Museum of Art formally reintroduced the building as the Met Breuer, its new Brutalist outpost for Modern and contemporary art, and the gathering was an altogether quieter affair. The only bombshells were on the walls: Leonardos, Titians, Rembrandts and Turners that at first glance looked so strange amid the Breuer’s trapezoidal windows and glowering-grid ceiling coffers that they seemed to be parts of a conceptual work devised by a wry contemporary artist — maybe Jeff Koons, who collects old masters and was the subject of the Whitney’s send-off to the space in October 2014. 星期二,大都会艺术物馆正式将这栋建筑以“大都会布劳耶分馆”之名推出,它成了大都会艺术物馆的野兽派据点,展出现当代艺术,这个仪式相对而言比较安静。“重磅炸弹”都挂在墙上:一眼看上去,透过布劳耶设计的梯形窗子以及带有阴沉格子的天花板镶板,达·芬奇、提香、伦勃朗与透纳第一眼看上去都是如此奇特,仿佛成了一件概念作品的一部分,由一个爱嘲弄的当代艺术家设计而成——可能是杰夫·昆斯(Jeff Koons),他专门收集古代大师作品,2014年10月惠特尼物馆离开这栋建筑时,主办的告别展就展出了他的作品。 But Met curators and officials, who migrated from Fifth Avenue in droves on Tuesday for a crowded news media preview of the building, described this sense of dislocation as gratifying for an encyclopedic museum, especially one that has long struggled to bring the masterpieces of the last century into conversation with those from the five or so millenniums preceding. 星期二,许多新闻媒体都来预先参观这栋建筑,大都会物馆的策展人与官员们也陆续从第五大道赶来,他们说,对于一个百科全书式的物馆而言,这种错位感是令人满意的,特别是大都会物馆,它长期以来都在努力令上个世纪的艺术杰作与人类五千年左右发展史上的杰作进行对话。 Thomas P. Campbell, the Met’s director, called the move — first proposed more than eight years ago by Leonard A. Lauder, then the Whitney’s chairman, as a way of “keeping the lights burning” — not only a turning point for the Met but “a significant moment for the city.” 这次搬迁是一种“火尽薪传”的办法,最早是八年前由当时惠特尼物馆的馆长莱昂纳多·A·劳德(Leonard A. Lauder)提出的,大都会物馆馆长托马斯·P·坎贝尔(Thomas P. Cambell)说,这次搬迁不仅对于大都会物馆来说是个转折点,“也是这座城市的重要时刻”。 “This is a masterpiece of midcentury architecture, and we’re going to be reactivating it with a new curatorial spirit and reweaving it in new ways into the cultural fabric of New York City,” he said, standing on the museum’s garden level, at the base of what the critic Ada Louise Huxtable once described as the building’s “disconcertingly top-heavy, inverted pyramidal mass,” a shape that grew on one only slowly, she added, “like a taste for olives or warm beer.” “这栋建筑是上世纪中叶的建筑杰作,我们要以新的策展精神振兴它,用新的方式让它融入纽约市的文化经纬,”他来到物馆的花园中,站在主楼之下说,家艾达·露易丝·哈克斯塔布尔(Ada Louise Huxtable)曾经这栋建筑是“令人困惑的头重脚轻,是颠倒的金字塔形状”,人们不会很快就喜欢上这种形状,她补充说:“就像橄榄或者温吞啤酒的味道。” But the building — which the Met has leased from the Whitney for eight years and which opens to the public on March 18 — has long since taken its place within the city’s architectural DNA. And in deciding how to reinvent it for a new museum and a new age, John H. Beyer, a founding partner of Beyer Blinder Belle, the architecture firm that restored the building, said that most of the decisions involved simple, originalist steps backward, to Breuer’s intentions. The bookstore was removed from the northern end of the lobby to open up the floor so visitors immediately sense the broad span between the museum’s load-bearing walls. A partial wall concealing the guts of the old automated coat rack was also removed, Mr. Beyer said, “because that coat rack was as much a part of Breuer’s design as the architecture — he loved it; it was new technology.” 大都会物馆从惠特尼物馆手里租下了这栋建筑,租约是8年,从3月18日开始对公众开放。自落成以来,它便已带上了这座城市的建筑基因。贝耶·布林德·贝拉(Beyer Blinder Belle)建筑公司负责重新装修这栋建筑,公司联合创始人之一约翰·H·贝耶(John H. Beyer)说,在决定如何将它返修为新时代的新物馆时,大多数决策都是在布劳耶的原意基础上,简单地后退几步。馆内的书店从走廊东边搬到正对大厅的位置,参观者可以马上意识到物馆承重墙之间的宽阔幅度。一部分用来隐藏老式自动衣帽架的墙体也被移除了。贝耶说,“因为衣帽架是布劳耶建筑设计的一部分——他喜欢它;它在当时是一种新技术。” The building’s few basic materials — concrete, granite, bluestone pavers, bronze for handles and railings and elevator doors — were taken almost back to their elemental states, with only a low-sheen wax applied to the floors. The wood railings were stripped of varnish and finished with Danish oil, as Breuer specified, so that they exude a sense of texture that the architect described as being “close to earth.” The rough, bush-hammered concrete walls, which reveal the black obsidian stones used in their making, were only cleaned and holes in them were plugged, sometimes with obsidian, to mimic the texture around them. 这栋建筑只使用了几种基本材料:水泥、花岗石、青石路面、黄铜把手和栏杆以及电梯门,它们几乎都回归到原本的形态,只有地板上打了一点蜡。如布劳耶特别指示的,木质栏杆外没有喷漆,只涂了一层桐油,这样就能保持一种质感,如建筑师们所说,“贴近大地”。粗糙不平的水泥墙面上露出和水泥时的黑色碎石痕迹,只被清洁过,上面的窟窿被填住了,有的地方是用黑色碎石填补的,以便模仿周围质材的质感。 “He loved the hard dignity of aging materials,” Mr. Beyer said. “One of the most important parts of restoration is in deciding what not to do. And we didn’t do a lot. But what we did, I think, gives you a clear understanding of the space as he created it.” “他喜欢陈旧质材散发出的坚硬的庄严,”贝耶说。“修复过程中最重要的部分就是决定不要做什么。我们没有做太多事情。但我觉得我们所做的事情都会让人更清晰地理解他所创造的是一个什么样的空间。” In preparing the exhibition that fills the museum’s third and fourth floors, “Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible,” which examines, over more than six centuries, the idea of what constitutes a completed work of art, curators from Met departments who rarely see one another except in the cafeteria worked together for months to fill Breuer’s art-friendly spaces with works made by both the living and the very-long dead. 物馆第三、四层的展出名为“未完成:依然可见的念头”(Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible),它回顾六个多世纪以来,关于一件完整艺术品构成的理念,在筹备这个展览的过程中,平时除了在餐厅外很少见面的大都会物馆各部门策展人们密切合作了几个月,在布劳耶适合陈列艺术品的空间里放满了各种艺术品,有些作品由尚在世的艺术家创作,有些作品的作者早已与世长辞。 “One of the things that’s been so thrilling for us,” said Andrea Bayer, a curator of European paintings, “is to see how different our own paintings look here, and the effect is hard to understate.” Many, particularly from the Renaissance, stand up to Breuer’s unforgiving materials and grids “in a very muscular way,” she said — and one that underscores how much of the contemporary sculpture in the show “draws a straight line all the way back to Michelangelo.” “其中一件令我们兴奋的事情,”欧洲油画策展人安德烈·贝尔(Andrea Bayer)说,“就是看着我们的油画挂着这里,看上去非常不一样了,这种效果无法忽略。”她说,很多作品,特别是那些来自文艺复兴时期的作品,在布劳耶粗犷的材质与网格设计的反衬下,“是一种很有力量的感觉”;而且可以强调出展览中的当代雕塑在很大程度上“可以直接追溯到米开朗基罗”。 The painter Kerry James Marshall, one of the few living artists among the opening crowd on Tuesday, said that no matter how much his contemporaries might want to deny or push against it, “on some level, in one way or another,” all of us “want to be a part of an institution like the Met.” 画家凯利·詹姆斯·马歇尔(Kerry James Marshall)是周二开幕展中为数不多的在世艺术家之一,他说,不管自己的同代人有多想否认和抵制这种想法,“在某种程度上,不是这样就是那样,”我们所有人“都想成为大都会物馆这样的机构中的一员”。 “Artists make art because other artists made work that inspires them,” said Mr. Marshall, who has a painting in the “Unfinished” show and whose retrospective will come to the Breuer this fall. “But at a certain point, just coming to the museum to see what other people did in those spaces is unacceptable.” “艺术家搞艺术是因为其他艺术家的作品给了他们灵感,”马歇尔说,他的一幅作品在“未完成”中展出,他的回顾展也将于今年秋天在布劳耶展出。“但是到了某个特定的时候,只是去艺术馆看其他人在这些空间里做了什么,这是不可接受的。” For himself, he summed up, exultantly: “I can finally say that I’ve been in an exhibition with Leonardo da Vinci.” 至于他自己,他开心地总结道:“我终于可以说,我和列奥纳多·达·芬奇在同一个展览上展出了。” /201603/430533。

People who have failed to fulfill court orders will be unable to travel by plane, sleeper train, or first-class coaches on high-speed trains and bullet trains with their passports in China, according to the Supreme People#39;s Court (SPC).最高人民法院近日表示,失信被执行人将无法在国内利用护照购买飞机票、列车卧铺、高铁和动车一等座车票出行。Previously, as courts only had the ID card information of defaulters, airlines and railway companies could only bar defaulters from purchasing tickets based on ID card information provided by courts.此前,由于法院只掌握失信被执行人的身份信息,航空和铁路公司只能根据法院提供的失信被执行人身份信息限制其购票。However, many defaulters still managed to buy tickets with their passports, circumventing the ban.不过,许多失信被执行人仍然设法利用护照购票,规避禁令。The SPC and police formulated a system for browsing passport information online, and the SPC paired defaulters#39; passport information with their ID card numbers so that purchasing tickets via passports will no longer be a viable alternative.最高法和公安部门推出一个可以在线浏览护照信息的系统,最高法已将失信被执行人的护照信息与身份号码相匹配,利用护照购票将不再可行。 /201612/485246。