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赣州瑞金人民医院妇科是公立医院吗龙南县妇幼保健院网上预约In recent years, weve seen a big increase in the numbers of swans across the country. So some people feel that swans are becoming a danger to other river life. To answer this question, here is Paul from the Salmon and Trout Association.近年来,我们看到整个国家天鹅的数量大幅增加。因此有些人感觉天鹅正在威胁其它的河流生命。为了解答这个问题,现在连线三文鱼和鳟鱼协会的发言人保罗。What happens is the swans come along and in deep water, they just graze on it, thats no problem. Its quite resilient and itll come back. The problem is in low water, theyll eat it right down to the roots and theyll kill it off. The problem here is more (that there is) not enough water in the river.发生的情况是,天鹅来到深水区,以植物为食,这没问题。植被的生长具有反弹性,会复原。问题在于浅水区,天鹅会吃掉植物的根部,因而毁掉植被。更严重的问题是河流不再有足够的水。Although its difficult to believe that today with all this flood water coming down. Thats the real issue. We need more water in the river to provide the depth for fish and birds to coexist side by side. Lets hear from Graham who works for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, RSPB.尽管在洪水泛滥的今天,人们很难相信这个事实。但这是真正存在的问题。我们的河流需要更多的水来为鱼和鸟类的共存提供一定的水位空间。让我们来听听在英国皇家鸟类保护协会(RSPB)工作的格雷汉姆的意见。The amount of water being taken out of the system is unsustainable, and also the amount of pollutants from washing achines and from farmland run-off coming into these rivers are also causing problems. So yes, lets look at the problems swans are causing, but lets look at the much bigger environmental picture too. That is historically the case, but these days all swans are protected under the wildlife and countryside act.从水生系统流失的水是不可再生的,流向河流的大量洗涤和农田径流污染物也导致了这一问题。是的,让我们来看看天鹅造成的威胁,同时我们来看看宏观的环境现状。这是历史遗留下来的问题,所有的天鹅都属于皇室,它们都受到法律保护。原文译文属!201304/233646赣州中医院治疗妇科怎么样 赣州皮肤男科医院官网

南康人民医院概况Finance and Economics;Microfinance in India;Road to redemption;The industry is starting to revive;财经;印度的小额贷款;救赎之路;小额信贷蓄势再发;IndiaS microfinance sector was once touted as a saviour of the poor and a good bet for investors. The high point for the industry came when SKS—then Indias biggest microfinance company with a .2 billion loan book, a third of it in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh—went public in July 2010. The 0m offering was more than 13 times oversubscribed.小额信贷在印度曾一度被吹捧为是穷人的救世主,投资者的好选择。当时印度最大的小额信贷公司SKS以12亿美元的放贷额将这一行业推向了高潮,其中三分之一的贷款流向了南部州安得拉邦。该公司在2010年7月上市时,价值3亿5000万美元的新股被超额认购13倍多。Things went downhill fast. Many in the industry admit that runaway growth spurred reckless lending to poor Indians. Just months after the SKS listing, Andhra Pradeshs state government accused the industry of strong-arm collection tactics that drove some farmers to suicide. It issued suffocating rules; almost all loans in the state were written off; business ground to a halt. But the industry is starting to revive, with regulators in a far more central role.然而这一形式却急转直下。很多业内人士承认小额信贷的疯狂发展刺激公司把钱轻率地借给穷人。SKS上市几个月后,安得拉邦州政府便控诉信贷业中的暴力收账迫使一些农民自杀。州政府随后下发了遏制条例,使得该州几乎所有小额贷款都被当做坏账核销,当地商业活动也被迫停顿了下来。但现在小额信贷业又将蓄势再发,不过这次管理人员担当着更为核心的角色。Microlenders are attracting capital again. Grameen Capital India, a social-investment bank, says 4m of equity has been injected into microfinance groups in the past 12 months, more than double the amount in the preceding year. The International Finance Corporation, a multilateral lender, invested m in Equitas, a mid-sized group in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. SKS, whose loan book is now worth just 5m, raised .5m by issuing shares last year.眼下小额放贷公司又在吸引着投资者。印度乡村资本是一家社会投资,该行表示过去一年里已经将1.44亿美元的股本注入小额信贷集团,相比头一年要高出一倍多。多边放贷人国际金融公司将1800万美元的资金投入到了泰米尔纳德邦一家名为Equitas的中型信贷集团。SKS目前的放贷总额仅有3.25亿美元,其去年增发的新股筹集了4750万美元。Outside Andhra Pradesh microlenders loan books rose in value by 33% year on year in the third quarter of 2012, according to the Microfinance Institutions Network (MFIN), an industry body. Southern states and the eastern state of West Bengal are new hotspots. Bandhan, a no-frills company based in West Bengal, now has over 4m borrowers and the largest microfinance loan book in the country. Analysts say the sectors outstanding loans are now worth billion-3 billion, compared with a peak of around billion during the boom.小额信贷机构网(MFIN)的数据显示,2012年第三季度里,邦外的信贷公司流向安得拉邦的贷款比去年同期上涨了33%。南方各邦以及东部的孟加拉邦是新的热点投资地带。孟加拉邦的基本务公司班丹目前已经为400多万人提供过贷款,人数上在印度排名第一。分析师说目前小额信贷的未偿还贷款约为20到30亿美元,而繁荣期时的峰值约为50亿美元。Indias central bank is behind the renewed confidence. It released national guidelines for microlenders at the end of 2011 and has set up a licensing system. Although a bill officially appointing the central bank as the industrys regulator is languishing in parliament, these moves have helped stem what M.R. Rao, the boss of SKS, calls a “fear of contagion”, the worry that other states will copy Andhra Pradesh and suddenly draw up new rules.印度中央是促成小额信贷复苏的主要原因。2011年年末,中央就小额信贷公司出台了国家指导方针,并建成了许可制度。虽然对议会来说,将中央指定为这一行业的管者的法案令人难以接受,但这些措施却帮助阻止了SKS老总所说的“蔓延恐惧”,即担心其它各邦会效仿安得拉邦,也突然起草新规定。The guidelines try to draw a line between profits and profiteering. Microlenders annual interest rates are now capped at 10-12 percentage points above their own borrowing costs, leaving most charging 23-27%. Some charged 40% during the boom; dodgy local loan-sharks, the only alternative source of credit in many rural areas, have even higher rates. Microlenders are also barred from lending to anyone with more than one outstanding loan.指导方针试图划清盈利和暴利之间的界限,规定小额信贷公司的贷款年利率与其成本利率之间的最高差额要在10到12个百分点之间,这使得大部分贷款利率处在23%-27%之间。信贷繁荣时期的年利率有时高达40%,而在很多农村地区,奸诈的高利贷主作为唯一的信贷来源收取的利率甚至比这还要高。方针还禁止小额信贷公司贷款给任何有一笔及以上未偿还贷款的人。But capping profits may end up harming the neediest borrowers, say lenders. Undertaking small transactions in remote areas is not cheap. Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, Bandhans managing director, says he keeps costs down with one-room branches containing little more than plastic chairs. Alok Prasad, the head of MFIN, warns that others may ditch the hardest-to-reach villages.但是信贷公司表示限定利率最终可能会伤害到最贫困的借款人群。在偏远地区承办小额交易的成本很高。班丹公司总经理钱德拉-谢卡尔 高希说,为了节约开,他们的分行只占用一个房间,里面只有几个塑料凳。MFIN的总裁阿洛卡-普拉萨德警告道,要是其他的信贷机构,可能就会放弃那些最难抵达的村落。Some microfinance firms are looking beyond small, unsecured loans, which the central bank caps at 50,000 rupees (0) a pop. Equitas last year set up a subsidiary that sells mortgages to poorer customers. Bandhan has similar plans. P.N. Vasudevan, the managing director of Equitas, says his housing loans, starting at 100,000 rupees, involve lower operating costs, in part because mortgage payments often get transferred via banks and do not require collection. If firms start to gravitate towards these lines of business, that could yet again leave the neediest behind.央行还规定抵押贷款一次不能超过50,000卢布(910美元),但一些小额信贷公司的眼光却没有停留这种小额无担保贷款上。Equitas去年成立了一个子公司,专门为较为贫困的客户提供抵押贷款。班丹公司也有类似的计划。Equitas的总经理P.N.瓦苏德万说他们公司的房贷门槛是100,000卢布,营业成本相对较低,部分原因是按揭付款通常是通过转账,不需要亲自去收账。如果小额信贷公司把重心向这些业务转移,最贫困的人群将再次被甩在后面。 /201301/221192龙南县妇幼保健院医术怎么样 大余人民医院电话

赣州寻乌治疗妇科炎症哪家医院好的Harvard University professor John Palfrey recently spoke in Taipei on the subject of youth and contemporary media, the digital age, and parenting. I the news on his lecture with care.;(Palfrey) said it is down to parents and schools to determine which life skills-human interaction, argument making, [or] analysis-children should develop. Digital content can be a powerful tool to support those goals...; 哈弗大学教授约翰?帕尔弗里近日在台北就青年、当代媒体、数位时代和父母对子女的教育等问题发表讲话。我用心阅读了关于他演讲的新闻。帕尔弗里说道,总是由家长和学校来决定孩子应该朝哪项技能方面发展——反应能力,辩论能力或是分析能力。数字内容是个能实现这些目标的强大工具。 I would like to put in a word for the first skill, human interaction. 我想用一个字来概括第一项技能,反应能力。 One deficiency from which I feel many college students suffer these days is in self-knowledge and an understanding of how their words and actions affect others. That may be another way to speak of ;EQ,; or ;emotional ient.; 我能体会到当今许多大学生在自我认知和觉察自己的言行对别人的影响方面很匮乏。换句话说,就是“EQ”,或者“情商”低。 ;IQ; designates a students ability to grasp and express ideas and to know how to put knowledge to good use, so it follows that EQ points to peoples understanding of themselves and their impact on those around them. “IQ”代表的是学生领会和表达观点的能力,知道怎么学以致用的能力,因此EQ则是指人们对自身,及自己对周围人的影响的理解能力。 I sometimes wonder if too many of our young friends are overly computer literate, even as they are starving inwardly from loneliness and alienation. How many college students in Taiwan are more adept at Internet use and software than they are at human relationships? Too many, I am afraid. 我时常在想,是不是我们许多年轻朋友过于精通电脑文化,甚至他们的饥饿感是来自于孤独和寂寞。有多少台湾大学生对于互联网和软件的使用越来越熟练,却日渐疏于人际关系呢?恐怕有很多。 原文译文属! 201207/190880 赣州大余妇幼保健院妇科专家大夫定南县人民医院不孕不育多少钱



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