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话题9 地接务地接有时也称“地陪¨,指旅行目的地的旅行社利用本地人优势,为外地旅行社组织的旅行团提供接待务的一种工作形式,字面上的意思就是当地接待的意思,亦指当地接待人员地接务也为人们去外地旅行提供了方便英语情景会话A: Good evening, sir.Are you Mr. Jim Stewart from the States?A:晚上好,先生您是美国来的吉姆·史怀特先生吗?B: Ah, yes, that right.B:是的A: Glad to meet you. Mr Stewart. Im the guide from Pacific Tour Agency. My name is Zhang Hua.A:很离兴见到您,史怀特先生我是太平洋旅行社的导游,我叫张华B: Hello, I was just looking the guideB:您好,我正存找导游呢!A: Im always at your service, sir By the way, did you have a pleasant trip? A:随时为您效劳,先生对了,一路上迩好吗?B: Not bad. But Ive made too many flights these days.I could hardly remember how many take offs and landings Ive been through these three days.I think we all feel a bit tired.B:还可以可是这些天净乘飞机了都几乎记不清这三天早我经历了多少次起飞和降落了我想我们都累了A: Well, shall we go to the hotel right now? Ive aly made a reservation you.A:那我们马上去酒店好吗7我已为您预订了房间B: Wonderful. Im eager to take a sauna as soon as possible.B:太好了,我真想尽快洗个桑拿浴A: So we must get you to the hotel as soon as possible.I hope to see you refreshed and revitalized tomorrow morning, as we are going to visit the Great Wall.A:所以我们必须尽快地送您到旅馆希望明天早.卜您能精神焕发充满活力,因为我们明天要去参观长城B: Im sure we will. Actually, we are looking ward to seeing the great wonder.B:我一定会的实际上,我正盼望着能见到这个伟大的奇迹呢其他常用英语口语表达The coach is waiting outside.车子正在外面等着呢Is this all your luggage (baggage)?这是您所有的行李吗?Let go to the baggage claim area to take our luggage.咱们去行李存放区取行李常用英语词汇表达luggage 行李hotel 酒店baggage claim area 行李存放区 ‘make a reservation 预订wait 等待look ward to 期望 76。

A: Mr Brown! How nice to see you, can I help?Brown先生!.很高兴见到您,我能帮忙吗?B: Im not exactly sure if it your department, but Id like to ask some questions about qualifying Comprehensive Credit Granting.我不敢完全肯定是否是你们部门的事情,但我想请教一些关于综合授信业务的问题A: I see. You are one of my favourite customers, Mr Brown. Im more than happy to help. Comprehensive Credit Granting,IBJ will grant a promised a you, that is, if you qualify. Of course, your credit record, within you field of trade needs to be up to scratch.我明白了您是我最喜欢的客户之一,Brown先生我会非常乐意帮助您针对综合授信业务的对象,如果您有资格的话,IBJ将给予您融资承诺额度当然,您的信用记录,在您的经营领域里,必须要达到一定的水平B: How long a period will you look at to determine this?你们要考察多长时间来决定呢?A: We will consider the first part of the year, in your particular field, and your credit rating can be no less than class A, during that period.对于您所在的行业,我们会考虑今年的第一季度,在此期间,您的信用等级不能低于A级B: That sounds simple enough. It Friday today, Ill be back on Monday morning, first thing,with all of the relevant data. See you then, and enjoy your weekend.这听起来够简单的今天是星期五,我星期一早上第一件事就是带着所有相关的资料来这里到时候见啦,并祝你周末过得愉快 0618。

Russia denounced Ukraine’s interim leaders as dictators and blasted the western governments that it said helped bring them to power, in a sign that the toppling of Viktor Yanukovich as president is triggering a regional stand-off.俄罗斯指责乌克兰过渡政权的领导人是一群独裁者,并对其所称的帮助他们获得权力的西方国家予以严厉批评。有迹象表明,维克多#8226;亚努科维Viktor Yanukovich)总统的倒台可能引发地区对峙。The Russian foreign ministry claimed Ukraine’s new leadership was infringing on the human rights of Russians and other minorities in Ukraine. “This is headed towards the suppression of dissent in several regions of Ukraine by dictatorial and sometimes almost terrorist means,the ministry stated.俄罗斯外交部称,乌克兰的新领导层正在侵犯乌境内俄罗斯和其他少数民族的人权。“局势正走向利用独裁、有时近乎恐怖主义的手段来镇压乌克兰一些地区的异见,”俄罗斯外交部表示。Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, said Moscow’s bailout for Kiev would remain on hold until a “normal, legitimate governmentwas in office.俄罗斯总理德米特里#8226;梅德韦杰Dmitry Medvedev)表示,俄罗斯将暂不对基辅方面提供紧急援助,直到一个“正常、合法的政府”上台执政。“If you consider people who plough Kiev in black masks and with Kalashnikovs a government, then we will have difficulty working with such a government.”他说:“如果你认为那些带着黑面罩、手持卡拉什尼科夫(即AK-47突击步——译者注)在基辅街头横行霸盗的人是政府,那么我们很难同这样的政府打交道。”Russia’s furious statements came as Ukraine’s new authorities intensified their hunt for Mr Yanukovich, who has not been seen since Friday, and as tensions rose in Crimea, the Russia-friendly peninsula on the Black Sea.俄罗斯愤怒表态之际,乌克兰新政权加紧对亚努科维奇的缉捕,他自上周五以来一直下落不明。与此同时,黑海沿岸亲俄罗斯的克里米亚半岛紧张局势上升。Ukraine’s parliament voted to remove Mr Yanukovich on Saturday after a crackdown on three months of anti-government protests had left more than 70 people dead.上周六,乌议会投票决定撤销亚努科维奇的总统职务。此前,政府对持个月的反政府示威进行了镇压,造成70余人死亡。EU officials said they were ever more concerned at how Russia would react and were reining in some of their more aggressive diplomatic and financial efforts.欧盟(EU)官员表示,他们越来越关注俄罗斯会如何反应,并将收敛欧方一些较为咄咄逼人的外交和财政努力。The European Commission, for example, said it would await a “legitimate governmentto be produced after May’s elections before reviving talks over its integration treaty with Kiev.例如,欧盟委员会(European Commission)表示,在乌克月份选举产生“合法政府”之前,它将暂停与基辅方面有关入盟的谈判。来 /201402/277263。

The Senate Intelligence Committee has asked the C.I.A. for an internal study done by the agency that lawmakers believe is broadly critical of the C.I.A.s detention and interrogation program, but was withheld from congressional oversight committees. The committee’s request comes in the midst of a yearlong battle with the C.I.A. over the release of the panel’s own exhaustive report about the program, one of the most controversial policies of the post-Sept. 11 era.据《纽约时报27日报道,在当天提名卡罗琳?克拉斯为中央情报局(CIA)首席律师的听会上,美国众议院情报委员会要求中情局提供该机构关于拘留和审讯项目的内部报告。有议员认为,该内部报告也对审讯项目持批评态度。The Senate report, totaling more than 6,000 pages, was completed last December but has yet to be declassified. According to people who have the study, it is unsparing in its criticism of the now-defunct interrogation program: a chronicle of C.I.A. officialsrepeatedly misleading the White House, Congress and the public about the value of brutal questioning methods that, in the end, produced little valuable intelligence. Senator Mark Udall, Democrat of Colorado, disclosed the existence of the internal report during an Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday and said he believed it was begun several years ago, “is consistent with the Intelligence’s Committee’s reportand “conflicts with the official C.I.A. response to the committee’s report.”参议院情报委员会去2月通过了一份针对中情局“强化审讯”手段的调查报告。据知情人士透露,这份长000页的报告毫不留情地批评了该机构业已停止的审讯项目,认为中情局官员多次误导白宫、国会和公众对于残酷的审讯项目价值的认知,而这些审讯产生的有用情报事实上微乎其微。对此,中情局以一份长22页的报告进行了“还击”,不仅对情报委员会调查报告的具体事实进行了辩驳,还推翻了报告的结论。“If this is true,Mr. Udall said during a hearing on the nomination of Caroline D. Krass to be the C.I.A.s top lawyer, “this raises fundamental questions about why a review the C.I.A. conducted internally years ago and never provided to the committee is so different from the C.I.A.s formal response to the committee study.The C.I.A. responded to the committee report with a vigorous 122-page rebuttal that challenged both the Senate report’s specific facts and overarching conclusions. John O. Brennan, one of Mr. Obama’s closest advisers, who took over the C.I.A. this year and who himself denounced the interrogation program during his confirmation hearing delivered the agency’s response to the Intelligence Committee himself.科罗拉多州民主党参议员马尤德尔在当天的听会上称,中情局几年前就开始起草一份关于审讯项目的内部报告,该报告基本内容与参议院情报委员会的调查报告一致,但与中情局的“还击”报告相冲突。他表示,不会持克拉斯的任命,除非中情局向情报委员会提供更多有关审讯项目的信息。It is unclear what the C.I.A. specifically concluded in its internal review. Mr. Udall said he would not support Ms. Krass’s nomination until the C.I.A. provided more information to the committee about the interrogation program. Ms. Krass did not respond directly to Mr. Udall’s statements about the internal C.I.A. review. Dean Boyd, a C.I.A. spokesman, said that the agency agreed with a number of the Senate review’s findings, but found “significant errors in the study.“C.I.A. and committee staff have had extensive dialogue on this issue, and the agency is prepared to work with the committee to determine the best way forward on potential declassification,he said.中情局发言人迪伊德说,中情局赞同参议院情报委员会的一些调查结果,但是发现“报告中有重大错误”。他说:“中情局和情报委员会工作人员已经就此展开广泛对话,双方将一起确定可能的解密的最佳方式。”来 /201312/269580。

Place of Origin询问产地Do you have cheongsams?你们有旗袍吗?Yes. We have in stock a variety of styles and they are in different colors. What do you think of this one?有我们这里有各种款式、各种颜色的旗袍您想要哪件?The styte is 0K. Which country is this made in?这件款式不错产地是哪里?It made in China. The quality is excellent.中国,质量非常好Please wrap it.请把它包起来吧 759。

After years of teasing his older brother about his hair loss, Prince Harry has had to face some uncomfortable truths about his own thinning thatch.在开了哥哥脱发的玩笑多年之后,英国哈里王子不得不面对自己毛发日益稀少的不幸事实。But unlike William, who appears to have given up on his own bald patch, Harry (pictured) seems to be seeking a cure for his.威廉王子似乎已经放弃解决自己的秃顶问题,但不同于威廉王子的是,哈里王子貌似一直在寻找治疗方法。That, at least, was the conclusion of friends after the 29-year-old Prince was spotted eating asparagus, hailed by nutritionists as a powerful counter to balding because of its apparent high alkaline content, which stimulates hair growth.这一点至少是哈里王子的朋友得出的结论,日前这9岁的王子被拍到吃芦笋。营养学家力荐芦笋是治疗脱发的好食物,因为众所周知芦笋富含碱性物质,可以促进毛发生长。Just days after returning to London from the Royal Family’s Christmas gathering at Sandringham, Harry was spotted at fashionable Chelsea restaurant La Brasserie, which is his favourite hang-out.就在桑德林汉姆庄园皇族圣诞聚会回来之后,有人看到哈里王子出现在切尔西的一家时尚餐厅La Brasserie里,这家餐厅是王子常去的最爱。Harry ordered a .50 plate of hot asparagus, followed by eggs benedict after he joined friends for a late brunch.哈里点了一.50英镑的热芦笋,随后略晚的时候,和朋友吃早午餐时他又点了一些班尼迪克蛋(内含芦笋)。He has often joked about William’s receding hairline, once quipping that his brother was ‘aly bald aged 12他经常拿威廉王子脱发开玩笑,曾经嘲弄地说过哥哥2岁就秃顶了”。But over the past year it has been noted that Harry seems to also be experiencing early hair loss inherited from his father Prince Charles, who had the same problem as a young man.但在过去的一年中,人们注意到哈里王子似乎也在经历着遗传性过早脱发的苦恼。他的父亲查尔斯王子在年轻的时候也有着同样的问题。Indeed Harry’s emerging pate became more evident when he bent over to pet a dog brought by a well-wisher at the Sandringham Christmas church service.桑德林汉姆庄园圣诞礼拜仪式中,哈里王子弯腰轻拍一位祝福者带来的小。我们能看到这个时候他头部的秃顶已经更加明显了。But while he may be losing his hair, the Army officer, who spent three weeks trekking to the South Pole with a group of injured servicemen and servicewomen, did return home sporting a handsome beard.尽管他可能在逐渐脱发,但担任陆军军官的哈里王子,曾带领一队受伤的军人用三周的时间艰苦跋涉到南极。从南极回来后,哈里王子长出了帅气的小胡子。来 /201401/271654。

The sense of optimism among Democrats had been building all evening: a nervous hopefulness at first, with fingernails digging into palms, gradually edged out by something closer to confidence. Everyone anticipated a draining night.民主党整个晚上的乐观情绪不断上涨:开始时紧张地抱着希望,指甲嵌入手掌,类似信心的东西逐渐出现。每个人都期待着一个耗尽精力的晚上。Obama looked exhausted and grey-haired, but proved as energetic as he had ever been. America ;moves forward,; he told the ecstatic crowd, ;because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great heights of hope, the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family, and we rise or fall together as one people.;奥巴马看起来疲惫和苍老,但事实明他和往常一样精力充沛。美国“在前进,”他告诉狂喜的人群,“因为你们再次确认了那种战胜战争和大萧条的精神,那种精神使这个国家从绝望的深渊向希望的高处进发,相信,虽然我们每个人都在追求我们自己的个人梦想,但我们同属一个美国大家庭,并作为一个国家和民族共同进退的信仰。”He thanked ;the woman who agreed to marry me;, his daughters, his vice-president, and ;the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics,; and praised the Romneys for choosing ;to give back to America through public service;.他感谢那个答应嫁给自己的女人,他的女儿,他的副总统,以及“政治史上最好的竞选团队和志愿者”,并赞扬了罗姆尼“通过公共务回报美国”的选择。He thanked those who had queued for hours to vote and ;by the way, we have to fix that.; America, he concluded at 2am, in rhetoric of a kind unheard during the long campaign, was ;not as divided as our politics suggest. Were not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions, and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states.;他感谢那些排队数小时去投票的人——“顺便说一下,我们必须解决这个问题。”美国,他在凌晨2点,漫长的竞选中以一种闻所未闻的排比总结道,“(美国人民)不像我们的政界那样充满分歧。美国人民不像那些饱学之士所想的那样愤世嫉俗。美国抱负不是个人抱负的简单相加,美国也不是红州和蓝州的简单联合。”He had and comfortably ahead in the popular vote, too. Before long, the cable-news arguments over Ohio were rendered decisively irrelevant: Obamas victory in Colorado was confirmed, and Nevada was added to his column. Apart from North Carolina and Florida, where he held a slim lead, but where counting continued on Wednesday he had swept all the swing states. Speaking at McCormick Place, Obama made clear his belief that the four years ahead would be challenging ones. But for one night, at least, his supporters permitted themselves the deepest of sighs of relief.他也在普选中完胜。不久,关于俄亥俄州的电视争论显得对结果无关紧要:奥巴马在科罗拉多州获得胜利,内华达州也加入了他的获胜阵营。除了北卡罗来纳州和佛罗里达州,那里他有一个微弱的领先优势,但在周三继续的统计中,他横扫所有的摇摆州。在麦考密克广场演讲时,奥巴马明确表示他相信接下来年将是充满挑战的。但在这个晚上,至少,他的持者让自己深深地松了一口气。来 /201211/208248。