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Being a tall girl has its difficult moments. Between being gawked at in public and struggling to find the perfect pair of jeans, tall people have a special set of grievances.高个女孩儿有她们的难处。在公共场合被人傻傻盯着,想找到一条合身的牛仔裤比登天还难,这种苦只有她们自己才懂。Let#39;s start with the top 20:我们来看看高个女孩儿最常见的20个烦恼:1. That whole ;fingertip length; rule in grade school was your worst nightmare.小学时的指尖规则(指女孩子穿裙子/短裤时,裙子的长度要正好和手臂下垂时手指尖所在的腿部位置齐平或更长)是你一生的噩梦。2. Pants are never long enough, so you have to shop at specialty stores.裤子总是不够长,专卖店是你唯一的选择。3. You were the tallest person in your grade until at least sophomore year of high school.小学时你永远都是学校里的擎天柱,直到差不多高二,形势才可能有改观。4. Parents and friends always said you#39;d ;find someone your height in college.;父母和朋友总会对你说:“到了大学你就会找到和你一样高的人了。”5. You still dream of marrying a basketball player or rando giant.你还不死心,希望嫁给一个篮球运动员或者随便一个巨人。6. Occasionally, doorways present a very real threat to your forehead.你的额头偶尔会狠狠地撞到门框。7. You inadvertently look over bathroom stall walls because they#39;re shorter than you.洗澡时,你总能放眼整个浴室,因为浴室隔间的墙没有你高。8. Long limbs make you look clumsier than you really are.手长腿长让你看起来更加笨拙。9. When you trip and fall, it really is a long way down.跌一跤还要花很长时间才落地。10. People ALWAYS assume you played basketball or volleyball.别人总觉得你会打篮球或是排球。11. You visibly cringe every time you#39;re asked, ;How#39;s the weather up there?;每次被问到:“上面的空气怎么样?”,都很尴尬。12. Grown men and women, as well as little kids, actually point and stare.男女老少都会对你指指点点,盯着你看。13. Finding someone to dance with is always hard.要想找个人做舞伴真是难乎其难。14. You can#39;t wear heels without everyone you know commenting on it.一穿高跟鞋就被周围的人评头论足。15. You know your future daughter will also hate you when she#39;s 6 feet tall in middle school.你知道,将来你的女儿在中学就飙到6英尺高时会恨你。16. Shirt sizes -- S, M, L or XL -- mean nothing to you because they#39;re all too short.衣尺寸-小码,中码,大码,加大码——对你来说这些都是浮云,因为它们对你而言都太短了。17. Shaving your legs is not only a feat of strength and balance -- it#39;s a true test of perseverance.刮腿毛并不仅仅只是力气和平衡感的问题——这是对你毅力的真正考验。18. Being a gymnast or ballerina was just NOT in your future.你的未来与“体操运动员”和“芭蕾舞演员”永远都沾不上边。19. People loudly complain when you stand in front of them at concerts.听音乐会坐在前排时,你总能听见后面一大群人在大声抱怨。20. Doing pushups, lunges, benching and squatting are way harder for you. It#39;s just SO FAR DOWN, people.做俯卧撑、弓步、弯腰和下蹲对你而言更加困难,因为离地太远了。Regardless, everyone knows the truth. Tall girls ROCK.不管如何,人人都知道,高个女孩儿都棒极了。 /201507/384049

1. Jon: Hi, there... I#39;m Jon Arbuckle. I#39;m a cartoonist, and this is my cat Garfield.『大家好!……我叫姜?艾伯克,是个漫画师,这是我的猫——加菲』2. Garfield: Hi, there. I#39;m Garfield. I#39;m a cat, and this is my cartoonist, Jon.『大家好!……我叫加菲,是只猫,这是我的漫画师——老姜』3. Jon: Our only thought is to entertain you『我们只有一个想法——让大家都开心』Garfield: Feed me.『我也只有一个想法——快拿吃的给我』 /201505/375870

Weddings are a sacred ritual and formal expression of love between two people promising to spend the rest of their lives together.婚礼是一种神圣的仪式,它表达了两个人要携手余生的决心。And as such, the importance of such a day, and seriousness of the occasion, cannot be underestimated.在这重要的一天,在这庄严的场合,谁都不敢大意。But this seems lost on a hotel in Japan that allows couples getting married to hire an alpaca to act as the witness.但是,日本的一家酒店似乎并不在意这些,他们居然允许新人们租用羊驼来当婚人。The hotel in question, the Epinard Nasu in Tochigi, even allows the animals to appear in the wedding photographs, before returning to the local zoo, which just happens to be next door.在枥木县的这家名为Epinard Nasu的酒店,甚至允许动物们出现在结婚照上,而酒店隔壁,恰好是一家动物园。The alpaca isn#39;t believed to bring good luck or prosperity - it seems the only reason it is included in the service is for the novelty factor, and of course so the children can give it a good stroke.羊驼并不是好运和繁荣的象征,酒店似乎只是出于新奇提供了这项务,当然,这对孩子们来说也很有吸引力。After being led down the aisle by a trained handler, the alpaca is allowed to observe from the best seat in the house.羊驼在经验丰富的训练员的带领下步上红毯,走到圣坛,占据了礼堂中的最佳位置。Unfortunately for anyone who is interested in this wedding with a difference, the price of the alpaca celebration is not detailed on the hotel website.遗憾的是,对于那些想要尝试这一新奇婚礼的人来说,他们无法在酒店官网上查到羊驼婚礼的具体价格。The inclusion of the fluffy animal, which is washed and groomed before the nuptials, is being seen as a break away from the more formal, ritual-heavy Shinto weddings.让这些事先清理且喂食过的毛茸茸的羊驼加入婚礼,这似乎意味着新人们开始抛弃正式且重礼节的神前式婚礼了。 /201507/388268

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