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赣州中医院做隆鼻手术多少钱赣州俪人整形做去眼袋手术多少钱新东方英语900句 Lesson 10:Past activitiesCore Sentences1.What did you do last Saturday?2.Pills went to the cham to work out yesteday.3.Dans stayed up watching the world cup last night and over slept this morning.4.I running to an old friend of mine on the street this morning. She didn't recognize me.5.There were before he got this job.6.Where is John? John was here a minute ago.7.Jodie invited some friends to visit her new hourse.8.Yesterday, we had a good time at David's birthday party.9.Professor Smith retired two years ago.10.Mary used to be a diplomat, but now she works in a company.11.Mr. Couper started a company at the age of twenty-eight.12.I majored in finance when I was in college.13.John returned to his hometown five years later.14.I told you so.Dialog ExcerciseNumber one Memories of the pastJerry and his wife Lin came to the bar when they matched thirty years ago.Jerry:I used to come here a lot. It was so fun at the time.Lin:I met you twice here.And you invited me to dance.Jerry:But you did not recognized me, until I bought you a drink.Lin: Speaking of drinks, the beers just like water. They are not as fun as before.Jerry:Sure, this bar was a good palce when we were young.Number two Yesterday Once More.'A:Mary, I was superised to your .B:Why, because I lost myself. I feel so bad.Actually not,You are doing the best in the company.You have a stable customer group.You get higher and higher salary, and you have just become the manager.You are promising, I hope you can think it over.A:Shall I put it this way. Two years ago, When I just came here, I really enjoy the job.I enjoyed trading with my customers. unerstanding their needs, and offerring the bestservices and I dreamed for the position I have now.The challendge, the salary, the travellingall the time, I really wanted to be what I am. But I used to live in a happy family. Every weekend I had time to share with my wife and my kids. I was crasy about soccer and I had time to stay upfor the games. See now, I'm too busy for always.The kids don't love me as before, my wife is unhappy to , . Now I want to be what I was.news:/s/B:I see, you are really stressed. I had similar experence.When I was just raised to your position. How about to take several days off and take a trip with your family.See me after that. /200604/5855赣州抽脂瘦腿多少钱 Imagine a microscopic-sized ladder contained in the part of our brain that we#39;ll label our subconscious.在我们的大脑中想象出一个微型的梯子并将其称为潜意识The ladder of inference, which was first proposed by Harvard professor Chris Argyris,“推论之梯”理论 最早由哈佛大学的克里斯·阿吉里斯教授提出is the basis of this model.是这个模型的基础Every time we interact with someone,每次我们和某一个人交流时that experience enters the ladder at the bottom.这种经历进入到梯子的底端That same experience zips up the ladder in the blink of an eye,一眨眼的瞬间exiting at the top.相同的经历把就梯子顶端的出口封住了This process happens thousands of times a day without us knowing it.这个过程一天会发生千百次 但是我们并没有意识到呃3Let#39;s focus on what happens on each rung of the ladder.让我们来关注发生在梯子的每一级上的事On the first rung, we have the raw data and observations of our experience.在第一个梯级上 是我们对自身经历的体察和原始的数据This is very similar to what someone watching a recording of our experience would see.就像一个正在看记录着我们经历视频的旁观者那样Moving up to the second rung接下来 我们来看梯子的第二级we filter in specific information and details from our experience.根据我们的经历 我们在具体的信息和细节间进行筛选We unknowingly filter based on our preferences, tendencies,我们会无意识地根据自己的 爱好 倾向and many other aspects that we believe are important.或者我们认为重要的其他方面来进行筛选On to the third rung.到了第三梯级We assign meaning to the information we have filtered through.我们开始为筛选出来的信息赋予意义This is where we start to interpret what our information is telling us.这时我们才开始试图去解码信息On our fourth rung, a very crucial thing happens.在第四梯级 即将发生一件关键的事情We develop assumptions based on the meaning we created on the previous rung,我们开始提出假设 这种假设主要基于前几个梯级上产生的意义and we start to blur the distincition between what is fact and what is story.这时 我们开始混淆真实和虚幻之间的区别On the fifth rung, we develop conclusions based on our assumptions.在第五梯级 我们开始从之前的假设中推导出结论This is also where our emotional reactions are created.同时也产生出情绪反应On the sixth rung, we adjust our beliefs about the world around us,在第六梯级 我们会调整对周围世界的看法including the person or people involved in our experience of the moment.以及对于我们共处的个人或集体的看法On the seventh and final rung,最后一个梯级 也就是第七级we take action based on our adjusted beliefs.我们开始就我们调整过的想法采取行动Still with me? Great!跟得上吗?很好!Let#39;s take a real-life example and run it up the ladder to see how this all works.让我们举一个现实生活中的例子 来看看每个梯级是怎样运作的Have you ever been cut off in a parking lot, signal light on你可曾有过这样的经历?开着车尾灯 挡在一个空车位前面as you steer toward your coveted spot, only to slam on your brakes at the last minute正要拉下手闸 朝垂涎已久的停车位倒进去的最后一刻时as someone pulls in front of you and steals your spot away?突然有一个人冲出来停在你前面 抢了你的车位Imagine that experience and notice all of the data and observations landing on the first rung of your ladder.现在开始想象这个情景 注意发生在第一梯级的所有数据和你的观察Now let#39;s watch what we pay attention to on the second rung.现在来看看在第二梯级我们重点关注了些什么Who cares that it#39;s sunny out and the birds are chirping?谁管它是鸟语花香还是风和日丽The 50% off sign outside of your favorite store is meaningless.谁管自己喜爱的商店是不是打五折You filter in the sensation of your grip tightening on the wheel,你此刻只注意到自己紧握方向盘的手you feel your blood pressure rise,你感觉血脉贲张 血压都升高了you hear the squeal of your brakes,仿佛听到了踩下刹车的吱呀声and you notice the expression on the face of the other driver as he pulls in front of you and quickly looks away.然后你注意到了那个抢你车位司机的表情——他马上把头扭了过去Time for our third rung.是时候登上第三梯级了Ever since you were young, your parents taught you the importance of waiting in line and taking your turn.打小你的父母就教育你排队等候 遵秩秩序的重要性You live and die by the rule of first come, first serve.你这辈子都守着先到先得的铁律And now this guy has just stolen your spot. What gives?然后现在这哥们就抢了你的车位 凭啥啊!Up to the fourth rung we go.现在往上来到第四梯级Watch closely as our assumptions take over and our story creates itself.看清楚了因为我们开始假设并构建幻想#39;That stupid jerk, didn#39;t his parents teach him anything?太没礼貌了,难道他父母没有教过他吗?How could he not see my signal light? He must never pay attention!我明明开了尾灯的!他一定是没注意Why does he think he#39;s more important than anyone else?#39;他凭啥就认为自己比别人了不起Jumping quickly to the fifth rung,暴跳如雷的你跳上了第五梯级we conclude that this guy is heartless, inconsiderate, he needs to be taught a lesson and put in his place.我们得出结论,这哥们无情无义无法无天 是时候给他上一课了 不然他都不知道自己算老几We feel angry, frustrated, vindictive, justified.你感到愤怒、沮丧 你怀恨在心 觉得自己理直气壮On our sixth rung, we adjust our beliefs based on the experience.在第六梯级 根据刚刚的经历 我们调整了我们的想法#39;That#39;s the last time I give in! Next time someone tries to cut me off,我发誓这是我最后一次让步了 下次要是还有谁胆敢抢我的车位tires will be smoking on the pavement as I squeal past them into my spot.#39;我把胎磨冒烟也要超他 然后停在我的车位里And finally our last rung: we take action.终于到了最后的梯级 你开始采取行动We back up, pull up behind his car, honk our horn, and roll down our window to scream a few choice words his way.你把车倒回去 停在他后面 猛按喇叭 摇下车窗朝着他破口大骂Now imagine, he walks over quickly, apologizing.现在再设想一下 他马上开走了车 并礼貌地道歉His wife, who#39;s almost due with their first baby, called him from inside the mall他挺着大肚的老婆 正在商场里呼唤着他的名字to say she is in labor and needs to get to the hospital immediately.说她马上就要生了 要立刻去医院We#39;re momentarily shocked, apologize profusely, and wish him luck as he rushes toward the entrance.这一秒钟你是懵逼的 旋即向他赔礼 并朝着他向商场出口绝尘而去的背影喊了声祝好运What just happened here? What changed? Why is this so significant?等等 刚刚发生了什么?什么东西变了?为什么这个这么重要?In our parking lot example,在这个抢车位的例子里our beliefs were short-circuited by the ladder of the other individual.我们的想法跟着那个人的潜意识梯绕了一圈#39;My wife is in labor, I need to get there quick,我老婆要生了 我得马上去那儿there#39;s a parking spot. Whew!那儿有个车位 咻~Oh, jeez, I cut someone off. I#39;d better apologize quickly so they don#39;t think I#39;m a jerk.#39;我去 我把别人堵了 我得马上道歉 不然人家得觉得我是个混帐了But what if we were able to short-circuit our ladders ourselves?但要是我们能自己绕着自己的潜意识梯一圈呢?Proactively, by choice?主动的 自己选择绕一圈呢?Guess what? We can!你猜怎么着 其实我们是可以的!Let#39;s return to our unique human function of free will.让我们回到我们人类独有的自由意志上来Next time you notice yourself reacting to your experience,下次当你意识到自己在自己的潜意识里环游时pay focused attention to your ladder.请一定注意那个梯子Ask yourself what beliefs are at play, where do they come from.问问你自己 有什么想法在作祟 他们是打哪儿冒出来的What data and observations did you filter in as a result of your beliefs, and why?因为你的想法 有哪些数据和观察结论被筛选出来了?为什么?Are your assumptions valid and supported by facts?你做的假设确定是基于实际而且有效的吗?Would a different set of assumptions create different feelings, and result in new and better conclusions and actions?不同的假定情况是否会导致不同的情绪 以及更新更好的结论和行动呢?We all have our own unique ladder.我们心中都有自己的一架梯子Be mindful of yours, and help others to see theirs.扶好自己的 也扶好别人的 Article/201706/512960《洋话连篇》MP3下载及全套文本 /200704/12386赣州玻尿酸去唇纹多少钱

赣州植发多少钱石城县人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201606/447232赣州妇女儿童医院激光点痣多少钱

南康治疗蒙古斑价格And it#39;s this soft, spongy bit in the middle.中间有这种柔软的棉花状的东西What#39;s great about this,you put a spark to it, it will burn as an ember,and it will keep burning.这东西了不起的地方就在于 它一旦沾上火苗 就像余烬一样 会一直燃烧So it means you can travel and always have fire near at hand.这就意味着你可以在旅途中 时刻持有火焰The last thing I#39;m gonna do before breaking camp is just use a bit of this tinder fungus.在拆掉大本营之前我要做的最后一件事 便是弄一点这种火焰菌And all I need is that.And then just put a bit of fire to it.我需要的只有这个 然后给它点上火That will then stay lit absolutely ages.这样它就能一直燃烧着了And when primitive man discovered that they could effectively store fire by taking an ember in this tinder fungus,当原始人发现他们能 通过这种火焰菌有效地储存火苗时it completely changed the way that they hunted.他们的传统狩猎模式就完全被颠覆了You see, men, they could now travel further afield to hunt,这样的话人类就可以到更远的地方狩猎Safe in the knowledge that they could always have fire when they needed it.知道身边有固定的 火源总是件让人安心的事And that#39;s just gonna slowly smolder away.这会慢慢烧烬All I need do is wrap it loosely in some moss and then I can travel with that.Okay.我只需用些苔藓小心的把它包起来 就能带着它和我一起上路了 好了Let#39;s get on the move.With a portable fire stored safely in my pack,I can be on my way.出发了 包里有着稳定的火源 我就能安心上路了But you won#39;t get far on an empty stomach.但空着肚子可走不远If you#39;re gonna survive here,your number-one priority now is to find food.如果你想在这生存下去 现在的首要任务就是寻找食物Oh, hang on.This is a part-developed chick fetus.等等 里面是半形成的小鸡胚胎 Article/201705/507452 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464450赣州祛疤医院江西省龙南县人民医院激光除皱多少钱



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