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杨浦做疤痕修复多少钱上海交通大学医学院附属瑞金医院整形美容中心Yahoo rejects Microsoft, again 1:53 微软再度被雅虎拒之门外 Yahoo dismissed Microsoft's latest takeover overture, saying its deal with Google is financially superior. Well, the bickering in tech land continues, Microsoft is after Yahoo again. On Friday, Microsoft renewed its bid to buy the Internet giant's search engine, while adding an unwelcome nuance, turning over the rest of the company to a new board controlled by Carl Icahn. In a take-it-or-leave-it bid with a 24-hour time limit, Microsoft went after Yahoo's search division, only to be shot down with fighting words from Yahoo. Yahoo's chairman Roy Bostock issued a statement over the weekend, calling it, "ludicrous" , to think that Yahoo would accept Microsoft's "erratic and unpredictable behavior", knocking down the bid, saying it is not in the best interest of Yahoo shareholders. Yahoo listed the factors for its decision . First, its commercial agreement with Google, saying that provides superior financial value and less risk than the Microsoft Icahn proposal. Secondly, the Microsoft Icahn proposal would block a potential sale of all of Yahoo for a full and fair price. Third, the majority of Yahoo would be overseen by Icahn's slate of board members, which has virtually no working knowledge of Yahoo's business. And finally, Yahoo believes the ousting of its board would destabilize the company for up to the one year it would take to gain regulatory approval for the deal. But also included in its response, Yahoo reiterated its willingness to sell the entire company for Microsoft's elevated 33 dollar a share or 47. 5-billion-dollar / offer, which was pulled from the table back in May. But Microsoft did not buy it. Back in May also, Microsoft offered Yahoo one billion dollars for its search division, and said it would spend eight billion dollars for a 16% stake in Yahoo's remaining operations. As for the latest offer, Yahoo said it contained a number of improvements, but still was not good enough. Yahoo holds its annual shareholder meeting on August 1st, and we'll see then if Icahn gets its way when it comes to the board seats. 200812/58073上海市长征医院光子脱毛手术价格 Earthquake fears on the west coast西海岸担心地震影响 Fingers crossed老天保佑A row over a rickety viaduct一场关于山区高速路的争吵AFTERSHOCKS from Japan rattled America's west coast last week, as consumers in California rushed to buy iodine tablets they do not need and politicians in Seattle bickered about a quake-damaged highway many want to demolish.上周,日本地震的后续灾变震动了美国西海岸地区,加州消费者疯狂购买并非急需的碘片。西雅图的官员为地震受损的高速公路争吵,其中大部分需要拆除。Scientists say there is no chance that dangerous radiation will cross the Pacific. So the run on potassium iodide pills, which can block the absorption of radioactive iodine, made little sense. Californian health authorities warned residents not to compound their anxiety by eating the pills, which can cause intestinal distress and severe rashes.专家指出,危害性放射物质不会横跨太平洋,从而影响西岸地区。因此疯购碘片并认为其能减少辐射伤害的想法是错误的。加州卫生部告知居民,不要因为恐惧胡乱食用碘片,否者易患肠道疾病和严重皮疹。In Seattle, meanwhile, the Japanese quake reminded residents that the Pacific north-west is primed for a comparable catastrophe-and is far less prepared than Japan to cope with it. The Cascadia subduction zone, just 50 miles off the coast and stretching from northern California to southern British Columbia, is accumulating stresses that could unleash an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 and generate its own tsunami. The last 'big one'off the coast of Oregon and Washington is believed to have occurred in 1700, and some recent studies suggest that the chance of another occurring within the next 50 years is about one in three.同时,日本地震令美国西北部,太平洋沿岸的西雅图居民,准备迎接一场大灾难的到来,他们的准备活动可并不比日本差。距离海岸50英里的卡斯卡地亚俯冲带,从加州北部延伸至英属哥伦比亚南部,预计可以缓冲9级地震及其造成的海啸。俄勒冈州和华盛顿州海岸,最近的一次大地震发生在1700年。近期的研究表明,未来50年里,新地震发生的概率只有1/3。The pre-eminent symbol of poor earthquake preparedness in the region is Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct. It is a grubby-looking, double-decked elevated highway that was built in the 1950s and carries about 110,000 vehicles a day along the city's waterfront. A magnitude-6.8 quake damaged and temporarily closed it in 2001. State experts have since estimated that the odds of an earthquake bringing it down are one in ten over the next decade.该地区对抗震最弱的环节是西雅图至阿拉斯加的高架桥。这条高速路肮脏污浊,双层高架,建于20世纪50年代,建在海岸边,每天通行量约为11万车次,。2001年一场6.8级地震令其受损并短时停运,美国专家已研究明,未来十年,这条高速路若地震毁坏的可能性为1/10。Concern about thousands of commuters being crushed between slabs of falling concrete has pushed the city, state and federal governments to approve a plan that would replace the viaduct with a tunnel. But fear of downtown gridlock is pushing back the closure and demolition of the viaduct until at least 2016, when the tunnel is supposed to be y.考虑到地震可能造成成千上万的市民被压在混凝土之下,市、省及联邦政府决定实行新计划:将高架桥改为隧道。但是,现阶段的城市交通大堵塞,道路供不应求,可能使高架桥才能关闭和拆除延迟到2016年。届时,隧道才能全部修建完毕。Having seen the devastation in Japan, Seattle's mayor, Mike McGinn, said on March 14th that the city needs to rethink. He called for the viaduct to be closed next year. He was immediately accused of fear-mongering, not to mention endangering local commerce. And state officials responded by saying that while the highway is vulnerable to an earthquake, the risk is no greater than before Japan's disaster. They said they were simply trying to balance safety with protecting the economy. To that end, they temporarily closed the viaduct last weekend to install new gates that automatically block access one minute after a quake is detected.见识了日本地震灾难,西雅图市长,麦克麦凯金恩于14号称,本市应该重新考虑,并且呼吁明年就关闭高架桥。很快,他被指散播恐慌性言论,更别提此举对本地经济的影响。本州官员回应到,这条高速路很容易受地震影响,其危险性不亚于之前的日本,他们称他们将尽可能找到安全和经济的平衡点。上周此高速被短暂关闭,为安装新入口装置——当地震发生后一分钟,通道口将自动关闭。201104/132373Consumer goods消费品The mystery of the Chinese consumer揭秘中国消费者 In the first of a two-part series on Asian consumers, we ask what makes the Middle Kingdom’s shoppers tickJul 7th 2011 | SHANGHAI | from the print edition LILY LI wears a lanyard with a little plastic card around her neck, even at weekends. It is a badge of honour: it shows that she has a white-collar job. (She is a secretary at Access Asia, a retail-research company in Shanghai.) She uses Apple earphones for the cheap Chinese mobile phone in her pocket, so it looks as if she owns an iPhone. And she drives to work, though it takes four times longer than public transport, just to show off her little car.李周末也佩戴者一张小塑料卡片。这是荣耀的象征:白领。(李是通亚公司Access Asia一位秘书,通亚公司是上海一家零售市场调研公司。)李包里装着便宜的国产手机,耳上却戴着苹果的耳机,看起来就像用的是苹果iPhone手机。李驾车上班,尽管耗时是公交车4倍,但是她就是想显摆她的小车。After decades of deprivation and conformism, Chinese consumers regard expensive consumer goods as trophies of success. In public, they show off. In private, they pinch pennies. The owner of a gleaming new BMW will drive around for half an hour to avoid a 50 cent parking fee. And she will hesitate to spend much on interior decoration, because only her family sees the inside of her flat.过了几十年的清苦日子,循规蹈矩。中国消费者们现在觉得昂贵的消费品昭示着成功。在外就炫耀不已,私下,锱铢必较。拥有一辆闪耀的新款宝马车就得四处转悠半个小时避免交那点停车费。购买房屋内部装饰则很犹豫,因为只有家人才看得到房子内。By some forecasts China will be the second-largest consumer market in the world by 2015, not far behind America. Chinese people aly buy more cars than people in any other country: 13.5m last year to Americans’ 11.6m. China is on its way to becoming the biggest luxury-goods market. The central government made an increase in domestic consumption one of the priorities of its latest five-year plan.一些人预测中国会在2015年成为世界第二大消费市场,据美国不远。中国人已经比任何国家买的车都多:去年1350万辆车,美国则为1160万辆车.中国正在成为世界最大奢侈品消费市场。中央政府将加大国内消费作为未来5年计划重点。201107/143932上海有名的美容医院

上海玫瑰整形美容医院祛疤痕多少钱Private businesses are being encouraged to assume a greater role in development efforts as part of the Obama administration's agricultural development initiative.Food prices are at record highs, and experts are sounding alarms about the potential for civil unrest. The Obama administration has made improving developing world food security an important foreign policy goal. 粮食价格达到创纪录高位,专家们发出关于可能发生社会动乱的警告。奥巴马政府把改善发展中国家粮食安全作为一项重要外交政策目标。But rather than relying solely on governments and civil society groups as in the past, the administration is highlighting the role the profit motive can play in economic development.Mozambique's poultry boomAt a recent congressional briefing, the growth of Mozambique's poultry industry was cited as one example. Until recently, domestic poultry farmers were unable to compete with imports. 莫桑比克饲养业主德雷克.艾克谢维尔说,本土肉禽业一直不能跟进口产品竞争,部分原因是业者们的家禽饲养方法。Mozambican poultry farmer Derek Xavier says part of the reason was the way farmers raised their birds. "We just used to have them at home," he says. "We had no medication, no vaccination. And obviously, with no good treatment, the chickens are always thin, and no good meat."他说:“我们以前只是在家饲养。没有药,没有疫苗。显而易见,饲养方法不好,鸡就很瘦,肉质不好。”It did not help that foreign producers were using Mozambique as a market of last resort to dump nearly spoiled chicken.外国生产商把莫桑比克作为最后的市场来倾销肉鸡,也无助于提高本地产品的竞争力。201102/126366上海市新华医院吸脂手术价格 The MySpace Effect MySpace和其母公司之间的相互影响 News Corp. COO, Peter Chernin, discusses how MySpace has influenced its parent company's business model, and vice-versa.Is there a Myspace effect when you are a big so-called established Media Company? Can you point at things at Myspace, that you are doing differently throughout news corp that you weren't doing before myspace, or vice versa, is there a news corp. effect at a, what was strictly, what it was, essentially internet start-up? Yeah, I think there is clearly an effect on both sides of the company. you know, I’m not sure that it’s not subtle in some ways. but I think that if you look at, i will give you an example of the myspace effect on news corp. which is a lot of people, you know, wrote about Hulu upfront and wrote about,you know,when we were getting y to start Hulu which is an idea that ultimately we came up with, with N and everyone sort of talk about big media, talk about clown co., which is my particular favorite. but, you know, if we did anything right at Hulu, and I think we did a lot of things, it’s we were relentlessly focused on the audiences and focused on the user experience and we never got caught up in we were a big media company we had to protect this and we have these rules or that. Every decision we made, we made through the lens of What's gonna enhance the user experience, what's gonna make this better for the user. and I think that very much came from, from having managed Myspace. You know, I think, if you cut it two years earlier, everybody was writing that, you know, we were gonna "foxify" Myspace and we were gonna change it and we were gonna do this. And i think one of the things we learn very quickly in Myspace was,it frankly wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t our property, it was the users' property, it was something they control,it was their content, and we were only as good as our ability to give them tools and to give them access to things that interested them, but to the degree we started ever pushing things down on them, we figured out pretty quickly that that was gonna be a disaster. and I think that focus on the user and that focus on we are only as good as how users perceived us was very instrumental in making us do a lot of things right at Hulu. And I think that sort of effect goes throughout a lot of things. I think if you look at how we think about all sorts of digital iterations in the company. I think we’ve done a reasonably good job of looking out through the lens of user experience. Right.I think… I suppose~ Myspace is very helpful. Conversely, I think, you know, has news corp. helped MySpace? I think absolutely, you know I think that / it's been giving some operating discipline and I think it's certainly been giving a lot of cash which never hurts, you know, for you to try to build up. Well, I was gonna to say the decision to create a Hulu versus put whatever bad investments into fox.com etc, / , which I’m sure, you know, you must have had people internally who would have preferred that you've done at the time, I’m guessing that was, you know, a view that you might not have had if you hadn’t done Myspace and some/ those other. Look I ,I was, I was never particularly interested in doing it through fox.com because I think if you think about you know, what users needed, what users needed / first and foremost is aggregation. You know if you think about who, when you are a user and the first question you had to do is go now, was that a comedy central television show or a Fox show, or did N produce it for Fox? And I’ve got to go to 37 different websites we believe very clearly that aggregation was a tremendous benefit to users.参考中文翻译:新闻集团的Peter Chernin探讨了MySpace对其母公司商业模式的影响,以及对本身的影响。你们是如此强大的媒体集团,MySpace对你们有什么影响呢?你可否列举出一些在收购MySpace前后新闻集团有什么不同,或者,反之,开始互联网产业之后新闻集团对MySpace有什么影响呢?是的,我认为对公司双方都有明显的影响。你知道,我不确定是不是在某些方面的影响比较微弱。但是,我可以给你举例说明MySpace怎样影响新闻集团的。当我们和N合作推出Hulu视频网站时,很多人写了关于Hulu的文章,谈论大的媒体集团,谈论我最喜欢的clown co.。但是,你知道,如果我们在Hulu网站方面做了什么正确的事情,而且我们也已经做了很多,那就是我们始终无怨无悔的以观众为中心,始终考虑用户的经历,我们从来都没有被“我们是大媒体,应该保这一点”的思想束缚,我们也没有这样那样的规定。我们所做的每一项决定,都是考虑怎样会增强用户的体验,怎样对用户最好。我想,这主要是因为我们管理了MySpace。我认为,我们很快从MySpace学到的就是,这不是我们的财产,这是用户的财产。这是由用户控制的,这是他们的内容,我们所作的只是尽自己的能力给他们一个工具,是他们一个途径来接触自己感兴趣的东西。但是从这种程度上讲,我们开始把所有的东西加给用户啊,我们很快得出结论,这将会是一个灾难。我认为集中于用户,仅仅满足于达到用户期望的那么好对我们做好Hulu是非常工具化的。我觉得那些影响贯穿了很多事情。我认为如果你看一下我们怎么思考公司内部所有的数据循环,你就会发现我们在用户体验方面做得相当不错。对。我想……我认为……MySpace非常有帮助性。相反地,新闻集团有没有帮到MySpace呢?我认为绝对有影响。你知道,它给了MySpace一个运营规则,给了MySpace很多资金来建设的更好。我还想说一下关于建立Hulu来与fox.com 相抗衡的决定,如果你内部有人的话,我确定那时候会有人持你的决定。我猜想,在你没有做Myspace之前你不会有这样的观念的。看,我在做fox.com的时候从来不会对这些特别感兴趣因为我认为,用户需要什么,用户最需要什么是一个集合体。你知道,作为一个用户,你进入一个网站第一个问题就是,会不会有喜剧节目或者fox show,N是不是会为FOX做节目?我研究了37个不同的网站,确信该集合体对用户非常有益。200811/57466上海市第七人民医院激光去痘多少钱

上海治疗胎记的医院哪家好Constitutional reform宪法改革All change英国剧变Britain is on the verge of constitutional upheaval英国正在宪法剧变的边缘THIS may seem an odd moment to make the claim, but Britain is a country in the grip of a modernising frenzy. The outside world may see an unvarying kingdom of royal weddings, golden carriages and clip-clopping Horse Guards, with a young prime minister drawn from the old Establishment. But strip away the pageantry, and David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is proposing radical changes to the constitutional order.现在似乎还不是下结论的时候,但是英国正受到对现代化的狂热情绪配。在国外人看来这个王国并无变化:皇室婚礼、黄金马车、马蹄得得的皇家骑卫队以及正当权的年轻首相。但是在这华丽的虚饰下,大卫卡梅隆的保守党、工党、自民党联合政府正提议彻底改革宪法。A national referendum on May 5th and months of parliamentary wrangling lie ahead. But if all the changes being proposed by the coalition come to fruition, British democracy could look and feel very different by the next general election, set by the coalition for May 2015.5月5日全国范围的公民投票后是长达数月的议会辩论。如果所有联合政府提出的改革都得到成效,下一次联合政府举行大选时(2015年5月)英国的民主会让人们看到、体会到很大的不同。Depending on the outcome of the referendum, that general election may be held using a new voting system: supporters of change call it the biggest shake-up since votes for women in 1928. Voters are to be asked to choose between keeping the winner-takes-all system of first-past-the-post (FPTP) and moving to the alternative-vote (AV) method, in which voters rank candidates in numbered order of preference. Under AV, if no candidate wins more than 50% of voters’ first preferences, the least popular candidate is eliminated and the second preferences of those who voted for him are distributed. The process continues, redistributing third, fourth or lower preferences until someone crosses the 50% line.公投的结果将决定大选是否会采取新的投票体制:改革持者称之为继1928年妇女获得投票权后最大的改革.投票人将选择是保留赢者通吃的简单多数制(FPTP)还是改为排序投票制(AV),后者框架下投票人根据喜好对候选人排序,如果没有候选人获得超过半数的首选,得票最少的候选人将被淘汰,其选票划入排在第二位的候选人名下。以此类推,经过对排在第三位、第四位甚至更靠后的候选人选票重新划分直到有人的得票超过半数。201105/135029 上海仁济医院整形中心青浦区人民中医院做隆鼻手术价格费用



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