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I found that very, very thought provoking,我发现这个视频非常有感染力and thats why I wanted to bring it here for you guys to see.于是我把它带来跟大家分享And what was interesting about it is the obvious choice我做这个选择很明显for me to talk about was graphics and audio.因为我所谈的都是计算机图形和声音But as you heard, Michael talked about all these other elements as well.而你们刚刚所看到的,Michael说了其他的元素Video games give an awful lot of other things too,还有很多其他的方面and thats why people get so addicted.这就是为什么有的人会那么热衷于玩游戏The most important one being fun.最重要的一点就是趣味性The name of this track is ;The Magic To Come.;我们这个主题叫做;即将到来的奇幻旅程;Who is that going to come from?谁会是它的制作人呢?Is it going to come from the best directors in the world as we thought it probably would?会是世界上最好的导演吗?就像我们想的那样I dont think so.我觉得不是I think its going to come from the children who are growing up now我觉得会是现在正在成长的孩子们that arent stuck with all of the stuff that we remember from the past.因为他们的脑子里没有被塞满我们以前被塞满的那些东西Theyre going to do it their way, using the tools that weve created.他们将会用他们的方法,用我们做的那些工具The same with students or highly creative people, writers and people like that.学生,善于创造的人,作家等等也是如此As far as colleges go, theres about 350 colleges around the world teaching game courses.到目前为止,全世界大概有350所大学教授游戏课程That means theres literally thousands of new ideas.这就意味着有成千上万的新想法Some of the ideas are really dful and some of them are great.有的想法很烂有的却很棒Theres nothing worse than having to listen to someone被逼无奈去听有的人给你讲一个非常糟糕的游戏点子try and pitch you a really bad game idea.是最让人受不了的事Youre off, youre off. Thats it.到时间了,你该下去了Hes out of time.他时间用完了Ive just got a little tiny bit more if youll indulge me.如果你允许的话,我还想再讲一点Go ahead. Im going to stay right here though.讲吧,不过我就在这儿站着This is just a cool shot, because this is students coming to school after class.这是一个很酷的画面,因为学生在放学后回到学校The school is closed; theyre coming back at midnight学校已经关了,他们在半夜里回来because they want to pitch their game ideas.因为他们想把他们的游戏点子描绘出来Im sitting at the front of the class,我当时就坐在教室最前面and theyre actually pitching their ideas.他们当时正在描绘他们的点子So its hard to get students to come back to class,让学生放学后回到教室是很难的but it is possible.但是是可能做到的This is my daughter, her names Emma, shes 17 months old.这是我女儿,她叫Emma,她有17个月大了And Ive been asking myself, what is Emma going to experience in the game world?我一直在问自己,Emma以后将会有什么样的游戏体验呢?And as Ive shown here, we have the audience.就像我在这里给大家看的,我们有观众Shes never going to know a world where you cant press a button她未来生活的世界中,只要轻轻按一个键and have millions of people y to play.便有成千上万的人蓄意待发(玩游戏)You know, we have the technology.我们已经拥有了技术Shes never going to know a world where the graphics just arent stunning and really immersive.她未来生活的世界中,的画面都将是完美和真实的And as the student showed, we can impact and move.就像那个学生做的视频里展现的,我们可以让游戏感动人Shes never going to know a world where games因此她生活的世界中的将会是充满感情的arent incredibly emotional and will probably make her cry.很可能会让她哭I just hope she likes games.我就是希望她会喜欢玩游戏So, my closing thought.我的总结是Games on the surface seem simple entertainment,游戏,表面上看起来是简单的but for those that like to look a little deeper,但是只要你稍微往深处看一点the new paradigm of games could open entirely new frontiers to creative minds that like to think big.这些新的游戏对于那些善于创新的眼光长远的人来说将会开拓出一个全新的领域Where better to challenge those minds than here at TED?有什么地方的人比TED上的你们更适合接受这个挑战呢?Thank you.谢谢201512/413423

I do not know how to apologise, but I had to do what I had to do this morning because we are trying to resolve what we call the Greek crisis in Europe and I had to spend some hours on that. I would have preferred to be together with the Prime Minister this morning to address the EU-China Business Summit, but it was not possible. So, on my knees, I am apologising to you, but before apologising to you, I am apologising to the Chinese Prime Minister. I wanted to see him as early as possible because I am a great admirer of China. My first official visit in my former capacity as Luxembourgish Prime Minister to China was in 1996 and I went back to the country five, six, or seven times – I do not even remember, but the Chinese secret services must remember how often I was in China. If the Chinese do not know, ask the Americans, because they do know it exactly; because I was always admiring the performances of this great nation, of the leaders of that nation and although from time to time we have divergences on views, mainly as far as human rights are concerned, I was always strongly believing in the capacity of the Chinese nation and of the Chinese leadership to engage with us on common avenues. So I am happy to meet the Chinese Prime Minister in my new capacity after having met the Chinese President back in November – if I remember it correctly – in the margin of the G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia.A solid partnershipI do think that we have to build a solid partnership between the Peoples Republic and the European Union.Together we now have one of the worlds biggest trading relationships. We have to do more in order to better interconnect the Chinese and the European Unions economies.The Chinese do not know it, the European citizens do not know but our trade volume is201508/393348

He goes there and does it.它走去并按这个笼子。And the same time, he is sending a mental message to the second rat that didnt see any light,and the second rat, in 70 percent of the times is going to press the left lever and get a reward without ever experiencing the light in the retina.与此同时,他发送了一条神经信息给第二只看不见灯的老鼠,而第二只老鼠在70%的情况下将会按左边的杠杆去得到奖励而无需肉眼感受到灯光。Well, we took this to a little higher limit by getting monkeys to collaborate mentally in a brain net, basically to donate their brain activity and combine them to move the virtual arm that I showed you before,and what you see here is the first time the two monkeys combine their brains, synchronize their brains perfectly to get this virtual arm to move. 那么,我们将难度提高了一些让猴子在一个大脑网络中 进行神经合作,实际上就是让他们提供他们的大脑活动并把他们结合起来去移动 我刚展示给你们看的那个虚拟手臂,你们看到的是 首次两只猴子连接了它们的大脑,完美的同步了大脑并移动虚拟手臂。One monkey is controlling the x dimension,the other monkey is controlling the y dimension. 一只猴子控制X维,而另一只猴子控制Y维。But it gets a little more interesting when you get three monkeys in there and you ask one monkey to control x and y,the other monkey to control y and z,and the third one to control x and z, and you make them all play the game together, moving the arm in 3D into a target to get the famous Brazilian orange juice.但是当三只猴子在一起的时候 就变得更有意思你要求一只猴子控制X和Y,另一只控制Y和Z,而第三只控制X和Z,你让他们一起来,在三维空间里边移动虚拟手臂去领奖励。And they actually do.而它们确实这么做。The black dot is the average of all these brains working in parallel, in real time.黑点是这三只猴子的大脑在平行移动手臂时的平均值。That is the definition of a biological computer,interacting by brain activity and achieving a motor goal.这就是生理计算器的含义,被大脑活动影响并完成驱动目标。Where is this going?这将向什么方向发展?We have no idea.我们并不知道。Were just scientists.我们只是科学家而已。We are paid to be children,to basically go to the edge and discover what is out there.我们被雇成为孩子,去探索并发现这个世界。But one thing I know:但是有一件事我知道:One day, in a few decades,when our grandchildren surf the Net just by thinking,or a mother donates her eyesight to an autistic kid who cannot see,or somebody speaks because of a brain-to-brain bypass,some of you will remember that it all started on a winter afternoon in a Brazilian soccer field with an impossible kick. 几十年后的某天,当我们的子孙通过大脑上网冲浪,或是一个母亲为自闭的 盲儿童捐献自己的视力,或者某人因为脑脑连接而会说话的时候,在座中的某位将会记得这一切 都始于一个冬日午后在巴西足球场上那一脚超越可能的开球。Thank you.谢谢。Thank you.谢谢。Miguel, thank you for sticking to your time.感谢你遵照这时间规定。I actually would have given you a couple more minutes,because there are a couple of points we want to develop, and, of course, clearly it seems that we need connected brains to figure out where this is going. 事实上我将会给多几分钟给你,因为有些观点我想再深入讨论一下,显然我们需要连接大脑去发现这一切。201503/365494

Its got to be philanthropic, because profits distract biotech,这些研究的钱的来源最好是慈善,因为利润会分散生物技术研究公司的注意力,but its basically got a 90 percent chance, I think, of succeeding in this.但我认为它基本上有着百分之九十的机会成功。And I think we know how to do it. And Ill stop there.因为我们已经知道应该怎么做。我就说到这里。Thank you.谢谢您。OK. I dont know if theres going to be any questions好。我不知道大家有没有问题,but I thought I would give people the chance.但我想我会给他们机会。Since youve been talking about aging and trying to defeat it,既然你在谈论老龄化,并试图战胜它,why is it that you make yourself appear like an old man?那为什么你看上去就像一位老人呢?Because I am an old man. I am actually 158.因为我是一个老人。其实我是已经是一百五十八岁。Species on this planet have evolved with immune systems这个星球上的物种进化了免疫系统,to fight off all the diseases so that individuals live long enough to procreate.以对抗各种的疾病,使个人活到足够生育的年龄。However, as far as I know, all the species have evolved to actually die,不过,据我所知,所有的物种都进化到实际会死亡,so when cells divide, the telomerase get shorter, and eventually species die.因此,当细胞分裂时,端粒酶变得越来越短了,最终物种死亡。So, why does -- evolution has -- seems to have selected against immortality,那么,为什么进化过程似乎已选定‘针对’永存不朽?when it is so advantageous, or is evolution just incomplete?或者那只是进化过程还不完整?Brilliant. Thank you for asking a question好!谢谢你问一个我可以that I can answer with an uncontroversial answer.用一个没有争议的来回答你。Im going to tell you the genuine mainstream answer to your question,我要告诉你主流思想的来回答你的问题,which I happen to agree with,我也恰巧同意这个。which is that, no, aging is not a product of selection, evolution;那就是,不,老化不是一个进化过程的后果,is simply a product of evolutionary neglect.只是进化过程所忽视的后果。In other words, we have aging because its hard work not to have aging;换句话说,我们会老化,因为没有老化的话比较难;you need more genetic pathways, more sophistication in your genes你需要更多的遗传途径,你的基因需要变得更复杂,in order to age more slowly,以便让你老的比较慢些,and that carries on being true the longer you push it out.而且你越想要把老化推迟,你就越需要面对这些难题。So, to the extent that evolution doesnt matter,因此,到进化不重要的程度,doesnt care whether genes are passed on by individuals,不在乎是个体,living a long time or by procreation,或则生活的很长的一段时间,theres a certain amount of modulation of that,或则靠生育种种方法来把基因传给下一代,有一定的调节,which is why different species have different lifespans,这就是为什么不同物种有不同的寿命,but thats why there are no immortal species.但是这就是为什么没有永存的物种。The genes dont care but we do?这些基因并不关心,但我们关心?Thats right.是的。Hello. I somewhere that in the last 20 years,您好。我听说在过去的二十年中,the average lifespan of basically anyone on the planet has grown by 10 years.基本上这个星球上的人的平均寿命增长了十年。If I project that, that would make me think如果以这个资料推断,如果我没有在我的托车上发生任何事故,that I would live until 120 if I dont crash on my motorbike.我将能够活到一百二十岁。That means that Im one of your subjects to become a 1,000-year-old?这意味着,我将会变成你所谓能够活到一千年研究课题之一?If you lose a bit of weight.如果你瘦一点儿。Your numbers are a bit out.你的数据有点出入。The standard numbers are that lifespans标准的数字是,have been growing at between one and two years per decade.寿命已经在每十年增长一至两年。So, its not quite as good as you might think, you might hope.因此,它不是你觉得或希望的那么好。But I intend to move it up to one year per year as soon as possible.不过,我打算尽快将它快速发展到每年寿命多一年。I was told that many of the brain cells we have as adults我被告知,许多我们成人的脑细胞,are actually in the human embryo,实际上在胚胎里是就有了,and that the brain cells last 80 years or so.而脑细胞能活八十年左右的时间。If that is indeed true,如果事实的确如此,biologically are there implications in the world of rejuvenation?在生理的角度看,对再生的世界会有什么影响?If there are cells in my body that live all 80 years,如果在我身体的所有细胞,as opposed to a typical, you know, couple of months?可以活到八十年,而不是一个典型的在两个月就死去的细胞?There are technical implications certainly.当然,这是技术问题。Basically what we need to do is replace cells基本上我们需要做的是取代大脑in those few areas of the brain that lose cells at a respectable rate,的几个领域的细胞的流失率,especially neurons, but we dont want to replace them尤其是神经元,但我们不想比any faster than that -- or not much faster anyway,那流失率更快地取代任何细胞 –because replacing them too fast would degrade cognitive function.因为更换地太快会降低认知功能。What I said about there being no non-aging species earlier on我刚刚说的没有不老化物种was a little bit of an oversimplification.是有点过于简单化。There are species that have no aging -- Hydra for example --有些物种没有老化。例如水螅 –but they do it by not having a nervous system --因为他们没有一个神经系统 –and not having any tissues in fact that rely for their function也没有任何用于老化的的细胞on very long-lived cells.却有长寿的细胞组织。201508/393653

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