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Syllable StressSyllable Count Intonation PatternsIn spoken English, if you stress the wrong syllable, you can totally lose the meaning of a word:;MA-sheen; is hardly recognizable as ;ma-SHEEN; or machine.At this point, we wont be concerned with why we are stressing a particular syllable— that understanding will come later. /201508/394973连云港治疗前列腺肥大医院小咖实用英语口语 第121期:餐厅的那些工具 /201512/411606驼峰李埝山左口石湖曲阳张湾乡东海经济开发区男科医院在那儿4. Learning how to Drive (2) 4.学习如何驾驶(2)A: Where should my hands be on the steering wheel?A:我的手应该放在方向盘的什么位置?B: Your hands should be on 10 and 2.B:你的手应该放在10点钟和2点钟方向。A: 10 and 2? What do you mean?A:10和2?你是什么意思?B: Think of the steering wheel as a clock, and put your hands on 10 and 2.B:把方向盘看成一个表,然后把你的手放在10点和2点方向。A: Oh, okay. What about my eyes? Should I be looking at the signs?A:哦,好的。我的眼睛呢?我应该在看标志吗?B: Take a quick glance at the signs, but always look in front.B:很快的瞥一眼标志,但一直看前方。A: When do I have to use my horn?A:什么时候使用喇叭?B: You should use your horn for an emergency.B:在紧急情况下使用喇叭。A: What about if someone cuts me off?A:如果有人挡我的路呢?B: Thats not an appropriate use of your horn.B:那时鸣笛时不合适的。A: Am I y to start driving yet?A:我准备好开始驾驶了吗?B: No, you need to learn some more of the basics. B:没,你应该学习更多的基础知识。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413626在连云港市做包皮需要多少钱啊

连云港九龙医院前列腺检查连云港的人民医院在哪里Yuri: So, Todd, what about the situation with immigration in the ed States? Is it similar to Italy or different?尤里:托德,美国的移民情况怎么样?和意大利相似还是不同?Todd: Actually, from what youre saying it sounds really similar. The U.S. has a lot of immigration, and its very controversial now in America, probably because the economy is going bad but we get a lot of people from Latin America or Central America and they either cross the border through Mexico, the Mexican border, or they come by boat similar to Italy. So yeah, its kind of a big problem.托德:实际上,从你介绍的情况来看,听起来非常相似。美国有很多移民,这在美国是个备受争议的问题,可能是因为现在经济状况不好,可是我们还是接收了拉丁美洲和中美洲的大量移民,这些移民要么从墨西哥穿越边境进入美国,要么和前往意大利的移民一样,用偷渡的方法。所以这是一个大问题。Yuri: I have a question, please. I understand that a lot of the population, they are actually from South America or Central America. Do people now start to teach Spanish at schools?尤里:我想问个问题。我知道美国境内有很多来自南美和中美的人。那他们是在学校里教授西班牙语吗?Todd: Actually, the language is very controversial. We are taught Spanish actually, but they do a very bad job. Most people cant speak Spanish. But most of the immigrants actually, I think that come to the U.S., do a really good job of learning English. The first generation struggles, but always the second generation, their children, become bilingual rather quickly, so even though we try to learn Spanish, I think the fact is in reality people that come to America, just learn English really quickly.托德:其实,语言是个备受争议的问题。他们的确有教我们西班牙语,但是他们教的很差。大多数人经过学习以后不能说西班牙语。但是我认为,大部分来到美国的移民在学习英语方面做得很好。第一代移民可能在英语方面有困难,但是他们的孩子都会说两种语言,所以虽然我们有努力学习西班牙语,但我认为现实是他们来到美国,只是更快地掌握了英语。Yuri: One more question please. When a foreigner comes to the ed States and finds a job. He get a job, he has the same amount of money he can earn as an American or not?尤里:我还有一个问题。外国人在美国找工作。他找到工作后,他的工资是和美国人一样吗?Todd: Ooh, thats interesting. I dont think you can discriminate pay for a lower paying job whether youre an American or not. I think most Employers probably pay the same wage, but what happens is is only people that are new to the country often will take certain jobs. So, for example maybe you know work as janitors or work in fast food companies or maybe farm work, sometimes construction. The pay is not that great, so they offer a really low wage so only people that just arrive to America or immigrants will apply for the job. So it is kind of a problem because some people think if there werent so many people coming into the country, then people that were born in the country would apply for the those jobs and be paid more, so its a very controversial thing. But in reality, in terms of history economically, the country was built on foreign labor coming in so, you know, thats just a fact. The country was developed by having immigrants come into the country so economically its very important I think.托德:哦,这个问题很有趣。我认为低薪工作在薪资方面不能存在歧视情况,无论雇员是否是美国人。我认为大部分雇员的薪资是一样的,但是有些特定的工作是只有刚到美国的人会做的工作。比如像门卫、快餐店务员、建筑工等工作。这些工作的薪资不太高,雇主给的薪水很低,所以只有刚到美国的移民会申请这类工作。这已经成为了问题,因为有些人认为,如果没有这么多移民来到美国,那美国当地人就会申请这类工作,可能他们的薪水就会高一些,所以这也是一个存在争议的问题。但是实际上,从历史上的经济情况来看,美国是由外国劳动力建造起来的,这是事实。美国是由移民发展起来的,所以从经济角度来看,我认为这非常重要。Yuri: Alright, thank you very much Todd.尤里:好,非常谢谢你,托德。译文属 /201608/458271打嗝----hiccup/belch大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。“打嗝”是每个人的生活当中都会接触到的。如果你翻汉英词典,通常在“打嗝”的下面会出现hiccup、belch这样的词语。这两个词都可以作动词和名词,可是有什么区别呢?诶,区别大大的有。首先,hiccup通常以复数形式出现,We normally have a series of hiccups.也就是说,hiccup是接连出现的那种“嗝”。而且,从成因上探讨,hiccup并不是因为气体从胃部跑出来,而是一种muscle spasm肌肉痉挛。接下来举个例句——“我不断地打嗝。”可以说:Ive got the hiccups.与hiccup不同,belch则是由于气体从胃部跑出来。我们来看个例句:Garland covered his mouth with his hand and belched discreetly.加兰用手捂住嘴,小心翼翼地打了个嗝。这里的belch作动词,我们再看个belch作名词的例子:He drank and stifled a belch.他喝了一口,强忍住打嗝。好了,这期我们学习了两个表示“打嗝”的单词hiccup和belch,希望大家好好注意下它们的区别。我是小强,下期再会!小强在微:@小强英语;小强在微信:englishonair。本栏目由原创,。 /201502/360224连云港那个皮肤医院好Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Waiter:Is anything wrong with your food this evening, Miss?,今晚您的饭菜有什么问题吗?Linda: Sorry to trouble you, but I don’t think this fish is fresh. It actually tastes a bit off 。很抱歉麻烦你,不过这条鱼好像不新鲜。实际上尝起来都有点变质了。Waiter: Sorry, Miss. I’ll replace it immediately. Can I get you another drink while you wait?对不起,。我马上换一份吧。在您等待的时候再来点儿喝的吗?Linda:No, please don’t do that. I’d just like to return it。不用了,不必麻烦了。我只想把这菜退了。Waiter: I’m sorry, Miss, but I’m afraid we can’t do that. But you may order something else instead. I would love to suggest the steak. It’s the house specialty and quite tasty。很抱歉,,这恐怕不行。不过您可以另点一道别的菜。我想向您推荐牛排。是我们的特色菜,非常好吃。Linda:OK, then please bring me the steak medium-rare. Thank you。好的,给我来一份四分熟的牛排,谢谢。Waiter:OK, Miss. I hope you enjoy the rest of your dinner。好的,,希望您接下来用餐愉快。 /201501/355018连云港九龙医院去包皮

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