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Regrettable tears streamed down her face as 63-year-old Mrs. Cui sat in a Beijing courtroom to hear the verdict on Friday.当63岁的崔老太周五坐在北京法院的被告席上接受审判时,她的脸上流下了悔恨的泪水。No one would believe that the benevolent-looking grandma strangled her own husband, a man who wouldn#39;t have survived without her, and then later would attempt killing herself. Her husband, Mr. Zhou, had been paralyzed since 1999 due to cerebral infarction, a type of ischemic stroke resulting from a blockage in the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain.没人能相信,这个看上去慈眉善目的老太太居然亲手勒死了她的老伴——一个靠她照顾才能活下去的男人——然后又试图自杀。她丈夫姓周,从1999年开始瘫痪,原因是脑梗塞,一种常见的因脑部供血管堵塞引起的缺血症。Over the past 15 years, Cui spent most of her time taking care of her husband. In the last couple of years, she felt increasing pressures as her husband#39;s condition worsened and eventually left him in a vegetative state.在过去的15年中,崔老太生活的大部分时间都是在照顾老伴,近几年,老伴病情不断恶化逐渐陷入植物人状态,崔老太感觉压力与日俱增。Left with no other choices, Cui quit her job and became an occasional street vendor, in order to give him full-time care. Even though she received some financial support from her village, she still struggled to make ends meet.为了专门照料老伴,崔老太万般无奈下辞掉了工作,在街头当起了游摊小贩,尽管得到村里提供的经济援助,也还是得努力维持生计。Her life became even harder when the very same disease struck her in 2013, making it increasingly hard for her to provide care to both herself and her husband. At this particular time the woman became very pessimistic and dark sentiments started to take over her thoughts.2013年,她突然患上了跟老伴一样的病,既要照顾老伴也要照顾自己,让她的处境更加艰难。此时她变得非常悲观,一些黑暗的念头也开始侵入脑海中。In the morning of March 6th, the disillusioned Cui found a tight rope and wrapped it around her husband#39;s neck, putting an end to the old man#39;s misery. Both guilt-ridden and despair, she tried to cut her wrist several times. As she was bleeding, the pain helped to bring her back from the brink of death and she finally called her daughter for help.5月6日上午,已经失去任何希望的崔老太找了个根紧绳套在老伴脖子上,结束了这个老人的悲惨生活。出于愧疚和绝望,她数次割腕自杀,当流血不止时,剧烈的疼痛将她从死亡边缘拉了回来,最后她给女儿打电话求救了。The judge decided to give Cui a three-year imprisonment with a three-year reprieve, given her dedicated care for her husband and the poor family background. The sister of Cui#39;s husband said she and his family can understand Cui#39;s act, and know life had become very difficult for her.鉴于崔老太对老伴的细心照料及贫困的家庭背景,法官最终决定判处崔老太三年有期徒刑,缓期三年执行。崔老太老伴的(OR)说,她和家人都能理解崔老太的行为,也知道她的生活有多艰难。 /201506/382005

China#39;s top three major telecom operators will launch rollover data services, meaning unused data at the end of the month will no longer just disappear.国内三大运营商将实行数据滚存务,这意味着,未使用流量在月末不会被清零。China#39;s ;Big Three; telecom carriers#39; have been asked to make further reductions in overseas roaming rates and allow users to carry forward unused monthly data allowance, in the latest efforts by the government to regulate the sector.此前,经过政府监管部门的努力,三大运营商曾被要求进一步降低国际漫游资费,并允许用户继续使用未用完的包月流量。The Ministry and Industry and Information Technology, also the industry regulator, said on that the new directive follows public complaints that despite the high fees charged by the carriers, the speed and quality of the provided services remain poor.作为电信监管部门的工信部称,新政策发布之前,公众抱怨运营商收费过高,但提供务的速度和质量却过低。Zhang Feng, the ministry spokesman, said the speed-enhancing and price-cutting initiatives will be completed by October and will result in lower, roughly about one-third, and mobile traffic fees nationwide.工信部发言人张峰说道,提速降费的举措将在10月份执行,会使资费更低,大约下降三分之一,同时国内漫游资费也会下降。China#39;s Internet connection became a target of public criticism starting in May after Premier Li Keqiang said the service is ;too expensive; and the speed is ;too slow;.今年5月份,国务院总理李克强称,网费太贵而网速太慢。之后,国内上网接入务变成了公众诟病的众矢之的。Li has repeated the request of lowering prices and lifting speed on several occasions over the past few months.之后的几个月,李克强总理在不同场合重申对降费提速的要求。The top three carriers scrambled to answer Li#39;s call, introducing cheaper deals. But the moves did not go down well with the general public as they felt that the promotions offered by carriers were valid only very late in the night when most users are not likely to surf the Web.三大运营商对李总理的号召做出快速响应,提出降低资费的措施。但公众对这些措施并不买账,认为运营商提出的降费方案只能在深夜使用,而大多数人不会再半夜上网。Since May of this year, the three major operators have tested this kind of service within certain businesses and through a traffic data donation service.5月份之后,三大运营商开始通过流量捐赠的方式测试不清零务,但只限于某些特定业务中。In July, China#39;s Department of Telecommunication Development urged telecom operators to launch data rollover plans to all the subscribers.7月份,电信业务发展部门督促运营商对所有用户实施流量滚存务。In October, the operators will launch the service to all subscribers automatically.10月份,运营商开始对所有用户自动启动流量滚存务。The authority also urged telecom companies to lower Internet prices and elevate connection speeds.主管部门还敦促运营商降低网费提高网速。The size of its telecom market exceeded 1 trillion yuan in the first half, representing a 23.2 percent jump over last year.今年前半年,中国电信市场规模达到了1万亿元,比去年同期大幅增长23.2%。 /201510/402543

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