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宜昌市治疗男性不育多少钱宜都市人民中妇幼保健医院看泌尿科怎么样Criticizing a lack of effortA: Allan, I am really disappointed by your lack of effort on this project.B: Look, Sally. I’ve put just as much work into this as anybody else.A: No, I’m sorry. I disagree. I don’t think you’ve been working at full speed at all.B: Well. I’m sorry you feel that way.批评工作涣散A:艾伦,你做这个项目缺乏努力,这实在令我失望。B:嘿,萨莉。我在这上面所投入的一点也不比别人少。A:不,对不起。我不能同意。我认为你根本就没在全力工作。B:哦,你这样想我很遗憾。 /200705/13852宜昌市妇保医院治疗龟头炎多少钱 宜昌哪家做包皮手术比较好

宜昌治疗前列腺炎需要多少钱【Trancript】Talk about social benefitsA:Could I ask some questions regarding to the social benefits?B:Go ahead, please.A:How long is my paid vacation every year?B:You’ll have 10 days paid vacation every year.A:What about the insurance and housing policies?B:We will provide you wit life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, housing benefits, heating allowance and transportation allowance.A:How often is the bonus?B:You’ll be paid a bonus at the end of every year.A:Do I have training opportunities?B:We provide our employees with training opportunities at home and abroad.A:Well, I don’t have any other questions so far. I would like to think a couple of days before I give you my final answer.B:Sure. I will ask Lucy to call you in two days.A:Ok, thank you for your time and patience.B:You’re welcome. /201006/105607宜昌男健医院泌尿科主任名字 How to Answer the Toughest Interview Questions  怎样回答面试中最难的那些问题  You know they're coming: Those seemingly unanswerable questions that pop up during job interviews。  你知道他们会来的——工作面试中突然出现的那些看似无法回答的问题。  You can't clam up. And you don't want to stutter and stammer. So what's a job seeker to do?  你不能沉默。而你又不想结结巴巴地说。那么,作为一个求职者这个时候应该怎么做呢?  The "Future" Question  关于“未来”的问题  Otherwise known as the "big picture"question, the future question goes something like this: "Where do you see yourself in five years?"  这种问题也叫做“前景”问题,关于未来的问题一般会这样问:“你认为自己在五年内会发展到什么地步?” /12/91148宜昌阳痿治疗大概费用

西陵区治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好Have you ever had the good fortune to be invited to someones home during a business trip? Perhaps it was a client or a prospective client. Maybe it was a colleague or potential business partner. And have you ever had the opportunity to have overseas visitors in your own home?在出差的时候你有没有过被邀请去朋友家做客的经历?也是他是一个客户或者是一个潜在的客户。也许他是一个同事或者一个潜在的商务合作伙伴,你有没有一些海外探访者来到你家做客的经历?These are great chances to get to know the people you do business with. You are engaging with people on a personal level and building better relationships. And its important to do that right. The language you use, either as a host or a guest, requires great care.这些都是你了解生意场上的朋友的绝好机会。你是以个人的角度和他们打交道,建立良好的关系。正确的交往对你来说至关重要。在语言的使用,你或者站在一个客人的角度或者是一个主人的角度也是非常重要的。In todays lesson, were going to hear a conversation among four people. Grace and Lee are on a business trip to their company offices in California. During their trip, they have been invited to visit the home of a work colleague, Tanya. Tanya and her husband, Mark, are hosting a dinner for the two guests.在今天的这一课中,我们将听到四个人之间的对话。葛瑞丝和李在去往加利福利亚州分公司办公室的路上。在旅途中,他们被邀请到了一个同事,塔尼亚的家里做客。塔尼亚和她的丈夫,在家中招待两位客人用餐。This is a perfect situation to learn some important aspects of English. Well look at how to make people comfortable, how to show interest in others, how to refuse offers politely, and how to show modesty. These are all essential skills when you sit down to dinner with colleagues or clients.这是一个学习英语表达重要性的绝佳场景。我们将听到如何使得气氛更融洽,如何表现出想要了解对方,如何礼貌地拒绝请求,如何表现出谦虚。这些和同事或者客户一起吃饭时应该注意的地方都是很重要的。Listening Questions1. What does Grace say is usual on business trips?2. What is interesting about Tanya and Marks home?3. What is Grace hoping to do if they finish their work on time? /164235 第一句:May I have a pillow and a blanket, please ?请给我一个枕头和一条毛毯。A: May I have a pillow and a blanket, please.请给我一个枕头和一条毛毯。B: OK, sir.好的,先生。A: How much longer does it take to get to Honolulu? 还有多久到达檀香山?B: About one and half an hour.大概一个半小时。第二句:I think I am a little bit airsick.我想我可能有点晕机。A: Hello, may I do something for you?您好,我可以为您做些什么吗?B: Hello, I dont feel very well.I think I am a little bit airsick.您好,我觉得很不舒。我想我可能有点晕机。A: Dont worry. Here is the vomit bag if you need it. There is some medicine on the plane. I will go to bring you some.别担心,这是呕吐袋,如果您需要的话。飞机上有晕机药。我去为您拿一些来。背诵句型:Can I put my baggage here ?我能将手提行李放在这儿吗?Could you change my seat, please ?我更换座位? /201309/256825秭归县人民中妇幼保健医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱宜昌市人民医院男科专家



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