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The following tips are useful for people who wish to save cash. They are simple yet very effective!以下几招可以帮助你节省现金,简单可行,实用有效!1. Planning ahead提前计划Be an early bird and make reservations in advance. You can save on concerts, flights, tickets and shows by booking such things early.作一只“早鸟”,提前预定,你就可以在音乐会、机票、影票、展票上省钱了。2. Scheduled Shopping做好购物规划Timing your supermarket trips save tons of money. Find out when your local store reduces prices on goods and do your shopping.选好时机逛超市能省下很多钱,先弄清当地商场什么时候减价,然后再去购物。3. Walking instead of driving走路代替驾车Gas costs and its price is growing. If you know you can walk the distance, then do it and you’ll save on fuel! Not only will you save money, you will also get in better shape.油价逐日上涨,如果你知道自己可以走到目的地,那就走着去吧,可以节省油费!不仅省钱,你的体型也会变更好哦!4. Quit smoking戒烟Stop smoking and you will instantly notice the change both in your wallet and your health. Rich and healthy – what could be better?停止吸烟,你马上就会发现不论是钱包还是健康状态都会发生变化。又富裕又健康——还有比这更棒的吗?5. Find free activities and events寻找免费活动和项目Free activities and events are organized on a regular basis. Spot them and take part in them. Entertain yourself by going to free community centers, libraries, exhibitions and parks.其实有很多定期组织的免费活动和项目,找到它们,积极参与,去免费的社区中心、图书馆、展览馆和公园愉悦身心吧。6. Shopping the sales购买促销品Patience can help you avoid impulse purchases. Wait for the sales and do your shopping when prices are lower. After a day or two you might realize that the items you were planning to buy do not attract you as much as they did when you first saw them.耐心有助于避免冲动购物。等到促销季,价格降低时再购物;等上一两天,你可能就会意识到你想买的东西对你来说已经不像第一次看到时那么有吸引力了。 /201606/449082。

People lie, some people are more habitual at lying than others. Some people lie because they are too scared of the outcome, some people lie to stay in the clear, some people lie because they just like lying. How good are you at spotting a lie? Do you see it happen or are you unaware of it happening around you?是个人都会撒谎,但有些人会比其他人更习惯撒谎。有的人撒谎也是因为他们害怕不撒谎可能带来的后果,有的人撒谎是因为他们想让自己保持清白的形象,而有的人撒谎仅仅是因为这是他们的爱好。你对于谎言的判断有多强的能力?你能一眼识破还是只能一只蒙在鼓里?When people lie, they show a lot of signs, signs that are easily seen by some people while others just miss them. When you’re in a relationship (with someone who’s a liar), you need to be on your guard, save yourself from all the hurt and open your eyes. Here are six ways to spot a liar, let’s begin人们撒谎的时候,会有很多迹象。有些人能够很容易捕捉到这些细节,但有的人就直接忽视了。当你恋爱碰到一个谎话连篇的,你就得懂得保护自己了。擦亮眼睛,现在开始。以下六步助你揪出撒谎者:6. Do they instantly change the topic?他们是不是不停换话题?When someone wants to hide something from you or lie to you, they’ll try changing topics very frequently. When you try talking about something that tells them that they’re going to be caught if they keep talking about it, they’ll smoothly just ignore that topic and move on, showing lack of interest in it.要是那人想掩盖什么的时候,就会频繁换话题。要是你俩在谈的话题接着谈下去会牵出他的什么秘密来,那么他一定会表现出不感兴趣并且无缝切换到下一个话题。5. Do they hide their phone?他们是不是把手机藏起来了?This is happening more and more frequently with people nowadays. You might say that every relationship needs a healthy level of privacy and personal space, yes it does. I’m not saying that you should tell each other your passwords, that’s too extreme and happens because of insecurities. But people who have something to hide will never let you touch their phone. This happened to a friend of mine recently (actually two days ago). She was going out with this guy who she suspected of flirting with other girls through messages.这种行为现在是越来越多了。你会说每一段关系都需要一定的隐私和个人空间。这没错,我倒也没说你得把各种密码告诉对方,这有点极端了。但要是有人自己的手机连碰都不让你碰,那就真的有事了。最近我一朋友就碰到这种事情了,就在两天前。她最近在和一男的约会,但是怀疑这男的可能通过短信和一些女的在搞暧昧关系。Whenever she asked him to give her his phone (to take photos), he would just bluntly refuse which increased her suspicion. One day, she just snatched it from him, and as soon as she had it in her hand, a message comes in, from a girl, sending him very raunchy photos. Needless to say, that relationship was over then and there. When you’re transparent with your partner, you don’t care about any of these menial things. I hand my phone to my girlfriend all the time, to answer my calls or to just out a message while I drive, she does the same too, because I know I have nothing to hide.当我朋友要借那男人手机拍照的时候,那男的直接拒绝了。这就更让我朋友怀疑了。有一天我朋友直接从那男人手里夺过了手机,当拿到手,一条信息就来了,里面全是一个女的发给他的一些猥琐照片。不用说,他俩后来就掰了。当你和你伴侣完全透明的时候,你是不会在意这些细节的。我要是开车的时候不方便接电话看信息,我就会把我的手机递给她。当然,换成她,她也一样。因为我知道我我没啥要隐藏的。4. Do they start stammering when confronted?被质问的时候,是不是开始结巴了?Someone who lies is going to have so many thoughts in his/her head before saying a word that they actually mix those words up and start stammering a little. A lot of “umms” and “errrs” will start flowing and they’ll have a very difficult time saying something to save themselves from being caught.撒了谎的人在被质问的时候,脑子里会出现各种想法。想法一多,就会语无伦次,开始变得小结巴。许多“恩……”“额……”,这段时候他们也会非常难熬。3. Do the stories keep changing?那人的说法是不是一会儿一个新版本?When someone tells the truth, they know what they’re talking about. The don’t mix up the names, the places, the time etc. But when someone lies, their stories may vary every time you hear it. Because when someone speaks naturally, they don’t need to rehearse anything and they just talk.When someone tries to make up a story to hide a lie, the story is going to be very well-rehearsed and won’t seem natural at all. Also notice the facial expressions, because they change very frequently when someone is lying.要是说真话,那么总会记得再说什么。名字啊,地点啊,时间之类的也不会搞混。要是撒谎了,说法就一会儿一个新版本了。自然状态下的说话,他们不用演。要是想编个说法出来,那么就得“演练”了,看起来也就会不自然。此外,注意表情,撒谎的时候,表情变化会丰富多。2. Do they become extremely defensive?他们是不是变得异常具有自我保护意识?A person who lies is so scared of being caught that every defense mechanism kicks in when they’re confronted about it. If you confront them with something that’s bothering you, and they suddenly become too defensive. Someone who’s truthful will never need to be defensive while explaining themselves to you because they truly care about you and can’t see you suffer.那些有事情藏着掖着的人总是担心被识破,导致所有的防御机制都开启了。要是你因为一件事忧虑而去质问他,他们会突然变得有防御心起来。说真话可用不着什么防御心,因为那人会很在意你的感受,也不想看到你为了一件事忧虑。1. Has their behavior changed over the weeks?这几个星期以来,他们的表现是不是有点异常?When someone lies to you, they will never act the same around you until they tell you the lie. They’ll be very uneasy around you, usually very quiet or down, it’s because deep down inside the lie is constantly reminding them of its existence.有人对你撒了谎,要么他老实交代,否则表现总会有两样的。他们在你旁边会变得异常安静,情绪低落,因为内心深处,谎言就在那里,抹都抹不掉。They can also be more short-tempered during that time, they may also distance themselves from you just to feel a little better, but if they truly and honestly love you, they’ll eventually tell you, otherwise you’ll eventually find out because no lie stays hidden forever.撒谎的这段时间,他们也会变得易怒,也会疏远你,只是让自己更好受一些。但是,如果他们真的爱你,最终会告诉你真相。即使不这样,你最终也会发现你没有谎可以一直圆下去。 /201605/442629。

The Formation of Chinese Names中国人名字的构成In China,most people#39;s names have two parts,the family names and the given names. One person may have different names. For example, when they are very young at home,they usually have pet names. In school and society they use their formal names. If someone is a writer, he or she has a pen name. Most of the names have special meanings. Some show their parents wishes. Girls#39; names show that their parents want them to be nice.在中国,大多数人的名字有两个部分,姓和名。一个人可能有不同的名字。例如,当他们还小时,在家里他们通常有昵称。在学校和社会,他们用自己的正式名字。如果某人是一个作家,他或她有一个笔名。大多数的名称具有特殊的含义。有的展示自己的父母的愿望。女孩的名字表明,他们的父母希望她们友善待人。 /201605/441073。

For many people, getting out of bed in the morning is no easy feat, and feelings of sleepiness can drag on long into the day ahead.早上起床对很多人来说都不是件容易的事,昏昏欲睡的感觉可能会持续一整天。You may automatically reach for a cup of coffee to fight these feelings off, but for those who don#39;t drink it or find the boost simply isn#39;t enough, researchers have compiled a list of alternatives.也许你会自然而然地把手伸向咖啡来驱赶困意,但针对那些不喝咖啡的人或觉得咖啡不够强劲的人,研究人员给他们列了一串备选方案。In a new from AsapScience, the researchers reveal seven tips to help you wake up in the morning – and none of them involve caffeine.在秒懂科普网一个新上传的视频上,研究者揭示了七个窍门,助你早上起床,没有一个是带咖啡因的。To start, the explains that it#39;s important to ;find the light; in order to properly wake your body up.首先,视频解释说,一件非常重要的事就是“找到光”来适当地唤醒身体。This can be done by opening the curtains, stepping outside, or even using an illuminating alarm clock if you have to wake up before the sun.打开窗帘、走到屋外,如果你得在天亮之前起床,甚至可以用一个发光闹钟,这些都是找到光的好办法。These alarm clocks aim to imitate a sunrise and slowly fill the room up with light.发光闹钟可以模拟日出的样子,让室内逐渐充满亮光。Exposure to light is an important part of waking up, as it is directly linked to the body#39;s production of melatonin, the explains.视频中说,暴露在光线中是起床的重要一步,因为光会直接影响身体产出褪黑激素。Melatonin is a hormone secreted in the brain that plays a major role in regulating sleep.褪黑激素是一种藏在大脑中的荷尔蒙,对调节睡眠有重要影响。It#39;s produced when you are in darkness, and drops when exposed to sunlight.黑暗中,褪黑激素开始产生,阳光下,褪黑激素又开始下降。The team also suggests capping off your shower with a blast of cold water.研究团队还建议要冲个冷水澡。This is said to activate the regions of your brain that regulate wakefulness, causing you to feel alert.据说这样能刺激调节大脑清醒的区域,能让你思维敏捷。And, researchers have found that the shock of a cold shower can increase your metabolic rate to cut down on feelings of fatigue, the explains.并且,视频里说,研究者们发现冷水浴的刺激能加快新陈代谢,减轻疲倦感。 /201605/444152。

Sichuan Baijia Artificial Pickled Cabbage Fish Flavor Instant Vermicelli康师傅酸菜鱼味方便粉丝I’ve been checking out a few of these Baijia varieties recently, and they’ve been interesting. When I first started reviewing, I generally found the flavors and varieties to be pretty horrid, but after a few years, I’m starting to come around. Pickled cabbage and fish, eh? Well, let’s have a look.我最近在尝试白家系列的几款方便面,他们都很有意思。通常我第一次试吃的时候,我发现口味和品种都很糟糕。然而,几年后,我开始接受酸菜鱼味面,嗯?好吧,我们一起看一看。The back of the package. To prepare, add package contents to a bowl. Add 500ml boiling water and cover for 5-6 minutes. Stir and enjoy!包装的背面。先准备一个碗,放入面块和调料。加入500ml开水,焖5-6分钟。搅拌一下就可以开动了!Added spring onion. The vermicelli hydrated well – I cut twice with kitchen scissors to make it more manageable with a fork. They’re a little slimy but have a nice gauge and feel to them. The broth on the other hand wasn’t really my thing. Although spicy, the ‘pickled’ aspect was just a bit too acidic. 1.5 out of 5.0 stars.加点葱。粉条含水度良好——我用厨房剪刀把粉丝剪了两下,使其更便于用叉子食用。酸菜鱼味面有点黏滑,但口感很好。但是,我不太喜欢面汤。虽然辣,但“酸菜”方面实在有点太酸了。5分满分的话,可以给1.5分。 /201604/437690。

It could be the best action selfie of all time—but there#39;s speculation that a of a female snowboarder unwittingly being chased by a bear is fake.史上最佳自拍视频可能已经出炉:滑雪女子被熊尾随毫不知情。不过也有人觉得这个视频是假的。Sydney student Kelly Murphy says she filmed the while snowboarding at Japan#39;s Hakuba 47 Ski Resort over the weekend.悉尼学生凯莉·墨菲称,她是周末在日本“白马47滑雪场”滑雪时拍摄的这个视频。In it, she#39;s seen clipping on her board before slowly moving down the mountain, wearing headphones and singing to Rihanna#39;s song ;Work;, when a bear appears hot on her tail.视频中,墨菲先是乘着滑雪板疾驰,之后减速向山下行进。她全程一直头戴耳机,口里哼唱着蕾哈娜的《Work》,然后一只熊突然出现在她后面的滑道上。The shows the bear chasing the 19-year-old a short distance, but she soon picks up speed and escapes.视频显示,熊追逐了墨菲一小段距离,但不久后,19岁的墨菲加速前进,就甩掉了它。Murphy captioned the : ;OMG! I was going through my snowboarding s and I found a bear chasing me!!! I nearly got eaten!!! This was at Hakuba 47 in Japan, filmed yesterday! Be careful people!!!;墨菲为视频配文道:“天哪!我在回看我滑雪视频的时候,发现有一只熊在后面追我!!!我差点儿被吃掉!!!这个视频是在日本白马47录的,就发生在昨天!!!大家要小心啊!!!”She told Nine News in Australia that she was ;freaking out; when she watched the , and had notified staff at the resort.墨菲对澳大利亚“九新闻”表示,她回看视频的时候简直“吓疯了”,已经把有熊出没的事情告诉了景区工作人员。However, her viewers were sceptical of its authenticity.不过,看她视频的观众们对视频的真实性持怀疑态度。;Do they have brown bears in Nagano, in central Japan? Because that looks like a gigantic freakin#39; brown bear. Nice try. I call fake,; one YouTube user wrote.一位YouTube用户写道:“长野位于日本中部,那儿有灰熊吗?从视频上看就是一只体型巨大的变态灰熊。录得不错啊。但我觉得是假的。”;The movement of the bear is fairly well done. The tonal values are way off however,; Stephen McSorely said.史蒂芬·麦克索里称:“熊出没那段编排的不错。就是色调太差了点。”Ashley Clarke added: ;I wish the fake bear had fake eaten her to stop that awful song.;阿什利·克拉克则表示:“真希望这只假熊能假装吃了她,省得她继续哼那个怪调。” /201604/438160。

Discovering a shampoo that leaves your locks looking like the Duchess of Cambridge#39;s is the ultimate beauty mini fist pump. But gradually, as you use it more the magical effects of said shampoo seem to wear off. ;It#39;s just your hair getting used to it,; your mum/stylist/hair guru you follow on Instagram said. And so you sigh, stick the shampoo back under the sink and head off in search of your next wonder product.探索到一款洗发水,让你拥有凯特王妃般秀发,成功守护秀发恒久之美。但是,渐渐地,随着使用次数的增加,这种洗发水的神奇效果似乎消失了。;你的头发已经适应了这种洗发水了,;你的妈妈/设计师/发型专家在Instagram告诉你。于是你长叹一声,将洗发水随意扔在水槽下,转而寻找另一种神奇的产品。It sort of makes sense - why else would something that left you looking salon-fresh at first suddenly start looking more hair-meh ten washes in? But are there some other factors at play? Can your hair really get used to a certain shampoo?这似乎有几分道理--还有其他理由吗?为什么我们刚开始使用一种洗发水时看起来像做过沙龙,却忽然有一天头发却看起来一团糟,需要不断清洗?还有其他因素在起作用吗?你的头发真的会习惯某种洗发水吗?Marie Claire spoke to the hair bods in the know and it turns out that nope, it#39;s not true. Your hair cannot get so used to a product that it just stops working.玛丽亚·克莱尔与一些美发专家进行了交谈,发现结果并非如此。你的头发并不会习惯某一洗发产品,使其失效。So what#39;s the deal? Celebrity hair stylist for Dove, Cynthia Alvarez, explained that there are a number of contributing factors to your hair riddle, but basically, it#39;s not the shampoo.那么究竟是什么原因呢?多芬的名人发型师辛西娅·阿尔瓦雷斯解释称,关于头发的奥秘,存在着很多因素,但是基本上可以说,洗发水没有任何责任。;A shampoo does not stop working because your hair gets used to it,; she said. ;If your shampoo stops giving you the results you want, the condition and needs of your hair have most likely changed, or the season may have changed - it#39;s more humid, the sun is stronger, or the air is dryer. Your state of health or hormone levels may also be different from a recent illness or your monthly cycle.;;洗发水不会因为你的头发适应了它就失效,;她说。;如果你的洗发水不再达到你想要的效果,很有可能是你的头发本身的状况发生了变化,或者可能受到季节变化的影响--天气更潮湿了,太阳更强烈了,或者是空气更干燥了。由于生病或月经,你的身体状况或激素水平也可能会发生变化。;In other words you need to quit shaming the shampoo. So what can you do to try and hang onto Duchess-esque locks for a little longer? Alvarez recommends switching up your haircare regime when factors, such as the weather, change. When its cold, try moisture-rich formulas and when its humid a product that tackles frizz.换言之,你不应该再责备洗发水了。那么你能做些什么让你王妃般的秀发持续时间更长一点?阿尔瓦雷斯建议,当天气等各种因素变化时,需要改变你的头发护理方法。天气变冷时,选用保湿型洗发水;天气潮湿时,则选用顺滑型洗发水。Experts also recommend keeping an eye on the amount of shampoo and conditioner you#39;re using because over conditioning can clog up pores on the scalp, leading to greasy hair.专家们还建议要留意洗发水和护发素的用量,因为过量的护发素会堵塞头皮上的毛孔,导致头发油脂增加。 /201605/440805。