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Swapping gems for cash宝石交易What next for South Africas foremost mining family?南非最有影响力的矿业家族,下一步会如何?MOST people would be overjoyed to pocket .1 billion. But Nicky Oppenheimer, the chairman of De Beers, said that it was with a heavy heart that his family had decided to sell its remaining 40% stake in the worlds biggest diamond miner to Anglo American, a mining behemoth. The deal marks the end of an era for South Africas foremost mining dynasty.在大多数人眼里,获得51亿美元是一件高兴的事。然而对于尼克 奥本海默而言,这位德比尔斯(全球最大,历史最悠久的钻石矿业公司)主席却不那么轻松。其家族海默家族已经决定向矿业巨头英美资源集团出售剩余的40%德比尔斯的股份。而这次交易也标志这个南非矿业巨头辉煌时代的结束。The Oppenheimers have been in the diamond business for more than a century, including over 80 years with De Beers. Nickys grandfather Ernest settled in South Africa in 1902, having been posted to the diamond-boom town of Kimberley at the age of 22 as an agent for a London-based firm of gem traders. By 1917 he had set up his own mining company, Anglo American. A few years later he won control of De Beers, a diamond miner that had been founded in 1880 by Cecil Rhodes, a British-born colonialist. By the time Rhodes died in 1902, De Beers controlled 90% of the worlds diamond production. Rhodess immense fortune still pays for people like Bill Clinton to study at Oxford.海默家族涉足钻石业已超过一个世纪,其中80年在德比尔斯工作。尼克的祖父欧内斯特在1902年定居在南非。在他22岁那年,作为一家总部在伦敦的钻石交易公司的代理,他外派到钻石业繁荣的小城金伯利。1917年,他已有了自己的矿业公司,英美资源集团。几年之后,他又掌控了德比尔斯,一家由英国殖民者塞西尔?罗兹于1880年创立的企业。1902年,也就是罗兹去世时间,德比尔斯钻石产量占据世界份额的90%。至今,罗兹的巨额财富仍在付美国前总统克林顿在牛津大学学习的费用。Since 1929, when Sir Ernest (knighted for war services in 1921) took over as chairman, the Oppenheimers have led De Beers almost without interruption, massaging the price of diamonds by hoarding them and occasionally selling part of the firms stockpile. The family has wielded political influence, too, mostly bankrolling liberal causes. Both Ernest and his son Harry served in South Africarsquo;s parliament: Ernest for 14 years in the run-up to the second world war, and Harry for nine years as a member of the anti-apartheid opposition.1929年,欧内斯特爵士成为德比尔斯主席。自此之后,海默家族一直经营着德比尔斯,并通过控制库存量来调控钻石价格。与此同时,海默家族为一些南非的自由事业提供资助,在政界也有一定的影响。另外,欧内斯特和儿子哈利也曾为南非议会务:欧内斯特在14年里为二战提供持,哈利也是种族主义的持者。Of late, however, the familys influence has waned. Some wonder whether Nicky and his son Jonathan have the same drive and acumen as their swashbuckling forebears. And Anglo American, the firm their family founded (and in which it now has a stake of 2%), moved its headquarters to London in 1999. Nicky Oppenheimer insists that the family will stay connected with South Africa: they are still based in Johannesburg.近来,海默家族的影响力却日渐衰弱。一些人就质疑尼克和他的儿子是否拥有先驱的进取心和洞察力。而且英美资源集团,这个曾经海默家族一手打造的企业也在1999年把总部迁到了伦敦。而尼克 奥本海默却坚持家族应该要立足于南非:其总部仍在约翰内斯堡。What will the Oppenheimers do with their new pile of cash? The deal will take months to complete, so they have time to ponder. Under its terms, they are barred from dabbling in diamonds for two years. But other possibilities abound.奥本海默家族又如何运用这笔钱?这次交易历经数月才能完成,因而海默家族有着足够的时间来考量。条款规定,他们在2年内禁止从事钻石行业。但不排除有其他可能他们将再次干起老本行。The family has two investment arms. One, called Stockdale Street Capital, invests largely in medium-sized firms in South Africa. The other, Tana Africa Capital, is a joint venture with Singapores sovereign-wealth fund, Temasek, and invests in the rest of Africa. Among other things, it holds a stake in a Nigerian firm that sells powdered milk, and it plans to build up five to ten substantial firms over the next decade.海默家族有2个投资分部:斯托克代尔街资本,主要投资南非的中型企业。非洲塔纳资本,这家与新加坡淡马锡(主权财富基金公司)成立的合资公司则负责其余非洲的业务。除了这些之外,家族还拥有一家尼日利亚的奶粉厂,并计划在近十年中投资在新建5到10个新工厂。At the moment, Tana is focused on fast-moving consumer goods and agriculture, and to a lesser extent on building materials, health and education. The new money could go into any or all of these areas, says James Teeger, a family spokesman. And the Oppenheimers may also look at infrastructure and energy, two of the hottest businesses south of the Sahara. Nicky Oppenheimer is said to be furiously jetting around looking for shrewd places to inject his cash.与此同时,塔纳资本愈发重视投资日益繁荣的消费品和农产品行业。同时,也在慢慢涉足建筑材料领域、健康领域和教育界。娜塔丽珍,这位家族的发言人声称,家族获得的资金会投资到这些行业中。除此之外,基础设施和能源领域是作为撒哈拉沙漠南部最热门的行业,海默家族也在考量着对这两个领域进行投资。据说,尼克四处打探消息,寻找可以投钱的最佳场所。162926图木舒克去额头上的皱纹价格Iraqi Government Encourages Refugees, Internally Displaced to Return伊拉克政府鼓励难民返回家园  The International Organization for Migration says the Iraqi government is allocating more than 0 million to persuade internally displaced people and refugees to return home. the IOM says the government is enacting a variety of legal and practical measures to encourage these returns.国际移民组织表示,伊拉克政府为吸引国内流离失所的人和难民返回家园而拨款两亿多美元。国际移民组织说,伊拉克政府正在制定各种法律和切实可行的措施鼓励他们返乡。The Iraqi government has had some successes in getting people to return to the homes they fled during the peak years of the conflict. In a new report, the International Organization for Migration says more than 100,000 people have returned to Baghdad since the program went into effect on September first.伊拉克政府在劝说那些在冲突最激烈的年头背井离乡的人们返回家园的工作上取得了一定成功。国际移民组织在一份新的报告中说,自从这项计划9月1号生效以来,已经有10万多人返回巴格达。And it says nearly 72,000 more people have returned to other places in the country, mostly to the provinces of Anbar and Diyala. The report finds very few refugees have returned. It says 92 percent of those going back to their homes of origin are people who have been displaced within the country.报告说,另有将近7万2千人返回伊拉克其它地方,其中大多数回到安巴尔和迪亚拉两省。报告发现,返回家乡的难民很少。回到家乡的人中有92%是国内的流离失所者。IOM spokesman Jean-Philippe Chauzy, tells VOA these returns are encouraging, but remain insignificant given the huge scale of the displacement problem. 国际移民组织发言人让-菲利普.乔兹对美国之音说,这些人返乡令人鼓舞,但是鉴于无家可归的人数巨大,这个数字仍然显得微不足道。"You still have 2.8 million people internally displaced within Iraq, including 1.6 million people who were displaced following the bombing of the Samara mosque in February 2006," said Chauzy. "So the scale of the challenge is absolutely stupendous." 乔兹说:“在伊拉克境内还有280万人流离失所,其中160万人是2006年2月萨马拉清真寺发生爆炸事件之后逃离家园的。所以,伊拉克的流离失所者返乡问题仍然很严峻。”In addition, more than two million people have fled Iraq and sought asylum in other countries, mainly in Syria and Jordan. According to the IOM report, very few of these refugees have taken up the government's offer to return.此外,还有两百多万人逃离伊拉克,在其它国家寻求避难,其中主要是叙利亚和约旦。据国际移民组织这份报告,这些难民中几乎没有人由于政府采取的措施而返乡。Chauzy says disputes over property rights remain the single biggest impediment. He says the government has enacted a number of measures aimed at resolving this problem.乔兹说,有关财产权的争议仍然是阻止这些难民返乡的最大障碍。他说,为了解决这一问题,伊拉克政府制定了若干项措施。Chauzy says a law passed last month requires that all squatters vacate houses they unlawfully occupy in Baghdad or face prosecution. But he says to help matters, the government is offering financial inducements to persuade squatters to leave. 乔兹说,上个月通过的一项法律规定,在巴格达所有非法占用住房的人都要搬出去,否则将受到起诉。不过他表示,为了促使那些占用房产的人迅速搬离,伊拉克政府向他们提供资金补助。"That includes a financial payment of about 0 per month for six months to help people find alternative housing options. It also includes return facilitation centers, mostly in Baghdad. And, these centers are there to assist returnees to register to receive a return grant of about 0 and to resolve those property issues that many returnees will face when they return to their home," said Chauzy.乔兹说:“这项措施包括政府在六个月内每个月付给占用房子的人大约250美元,帮助他们另找住处。这些措施里还包括主要在巴格达设立促进返乡中心。这些中心是为了让返乡者得到一笔大约900美元的返乡费而进行登记,同时帮助返乡人员解决他们许多人回到家乡时都会遇到的那些财产问题。”IOM notes security in many parts of the country is improving and new displacements are decreasing. But it says millions of internally displaced people are still unable or unwilling to return home. 国际移民组织的报告指出,伊拉克许多地区的治安状况正在改善,新的流离失所问题在减少。不过,报告认为,数百万在国内流离失所的人仍然无法或者不愿意返回家乡。It says they face many hardships and are in need of basic humanitarian assistance such as food and non-food items, shelter, education and health care.国际移民组织的报告说,返回家乡的人面临许多困难,需要基本的人道主义援助,包括食品和非食品等物品、临时住所、教育以及健康保健等。200810/52704图木舒克无痛隆胸手术价格Human evolution人类的进化You look familiar 你,似曾相识Another piece of humanity’s family tree is fitted into place确定另一人类谱系THE opening scene of Mel Brooks’s film “History of the World: Part One” dispenses with human origins in one line: “And the ape stood, and became man.” Would that it were that easy for palaeontologists to sort out. The transition to humanity is generally agreed to have occurred between Australopithecus, a genus of small-brained, bipedal primates whose most famous member is a fossil nicknamed “Lucy”, and the big-brained species Homo erectus. But pinning down when precisely this took place, and which of the various australopithecine species were involved, has been challenging. Now the most human-like australopithecine found to date is clarifying things—and staking a claim to be the species from which early humans evolved.梅尔布鲁克斯的电影“世界历史:第一部”一开场就用一句台词概括了人类的起源:“猿猴站立起来了,然后变成了人”。对古生物学家来说,(人类的起源)要是真能如此解释,那也未免太容易了。人们普遍认为,人类是在南猿(Australopithecus),(一种脑量小,靠两脚行走的灵长类动物。其最有名的成员是一个外号叫“露西”的化石)和直立猿人(Homo erectus)(一种脑量大的物种)之间完成人类进化过渡的。但至于这段过渡期确切发生在什么时候,又属于众多南猿物种的哪一分,人们众说纷纭。而目前发现的与人类长得最像的南猿,让一切变得清晰起来,同时,它也被确定是后来进化为早期人类的物种。Fossils of the new species, Australopithecus sediba, were discovered in 2008 in a cave in South Africa. Initial research, led by Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand, in Johannesburg, concluded that the species came too late in the fossil record to be the ancestor of the Homo lineage. This week, however, a range of new research into sediba, again led by Dr Berger, has been published in Science. These studies conclude that sediba did in fact predate Homo erectus and, moreover, that parts of its anatomy are surprisingly similar to modern man.新发现的物种化石---南猿源泉种(Australopithecus sediba)于2008年在南非一个山洞中被发现。约翰内斯堡的威特沃特斯兰德大学教授Lee Berger,带领的研究团队经初步研究发现,新物种是化石史上最接近猿人谱系(Homo lineage)的祖先。本周,科学杂志发表了 Berger士对源泉种的一系列新发现,称源泉种实际上要早于直立猿人,并且其结构的某些部分与现代人也极为相似。The fossils examined in the Science papers are of an adolescent boy and an adult woman. They are well preserved, and encased in sediments that allow uncommonly precise dating. They lived 1.977m years ago, predating the appearance of Homo erectus by 77,000 years. The period is an especially muddled one for palaeontology, being full of fragmentary fossils that are difficult to assign either to Homo or to Australopithecus. The sediba fossils, by contrast, have some of the most complete features in the early human record.“科学”杂志发表的论文研究的化石对象,一个是少年,一个是成年女子。这两具化石保存完好,由于是在沉积层出土,所以可以很精确的确定它们的年代。他们生活在197,7000年前,比直立猿人早出现7,7000年。这段时期令古生物学家一直很迷惑不解,因为所有的化石碎片很难确定到底是属于南猿还是直立猿人。相比较而言,源泉种化石具有部分早期人类最完整的特征。201109/153857Who: Suicide Leading Cause of Death Worldwide世卫组织呼吁采取措施防范自杀行为 The World Health Organization says suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide, and one of the three leading causes of death for young people under 25. To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on September 10, the World Health Organization says there are measures people and society can take to save thousands of people from meeting a self-inflicted violent death.世界卫生组织指出,自杀是造成全球死亡的一个主要原因,也是造成25岁以下年轻人死亡的三大原因之一。世界卫生组织在9月10日世界自杀防范日这天说,民众和社会可以采取措施,挽救数千名准备以自杀结束生命的人。The World Health Organization reports every year, about one million people die by suicide. That comes to around 3,000 deaths a day or one death every 40 seconds.世界卫生组织历年的报告指出,每年大约有100万人死于自杀。这意味着每天大约有3000人自杀,或者每40秒就有一个人自杀。 In the past 45 years, the World Health Organization says suicide rates have increased by 60 percent worldwide and it predicts these deaths will rise to 1.5 million by 2020. 世界卫生组织说,过去45年来全球的自杀率已经增长了60%。该组织预测,到2020年,死亡数字将增长到1千500万人。It says suicide deaths account for more than half of all violent deaths in the world - more than all deaths from wars and homicides combined. Almost a quarter of suicides are teenagers and young adults aged less than 25.世界卫生组织说,在世界上所有暴力造成的死亡中,自杀占了一半以上,比所有战争和凶杀造成的死亡总人数还要多。自杀者中几乎四分之一是不满25岁的青少年。The World Health Organization says more men than women commit suicide, but more women than men attempt to commit suicide. 世界卫生组织说,男性自杀者多过女性,但是自杀未遂者中,女性比男性要多。Scientific eExpert in WHO's Mental Health and Substance Abuse Department, Alexandra Fleischmann says risk factors vary in different cultures.世卫组织的精神健康和药物滥用部门的科学专家弗莱希曼说,不同文化中存在不同的造成自杀的风险。"For instance, we know that mental illness disorders like depression or alcohol use disorders play a major role in European countries, for instance," said Alexandra Fleischmann. "But, we have to also look at Asian countries where impulsiveness plays a much more important role, which is that suicide can happen on the spur of the moment." 她说:“举例来说, 我们知道像抑郁症和滥用酒精一类的精神疾病在欧洲国家中起着很重要的作用。但是,我们也必须看到在亚洲国家,情绪冲动是更重要的因素,也就是说,人们可能因为一时冲动就去自杀了。”The agency notes cultural differences, views and attitudes toward suicide influence whether people will attempt suicide and whether suicides will be accurately reported这个机构指出,文化差异、对自杀的观点和态度影响人们是否会试图自杀,以及自杀案例是否能得到准确的报告。The WHO report says most suicides in occur in Asia, which accounts for up to 60 percent of all cases. 世卫组织的报告说,大多数的自杀行为发生在亚洲,其数量达到所有自杀事件的60%。But it reports Eastern European countries have the highest rates of suicide. The lowest rates are found in the countries of Mediterranean Europe and the predominantly Catholic countries of Latin America and Asia, as well as in Muslim countries, such as Pakistan. 但是报告指出,东欧国家的自杀率最高。自杀率最低的是欧洲地中海国家、以天主教为主的拉丁美洲和亚洲国家以及穆斯林国家,如巴基斯坦。The World Health Organization says suicide can be prevented. It says educating communities to better identify people at risk of suicide and encouraging those at risk to seek help can reduce suicides among people with mental illness.世界卫生组织说,自杀是可以防范的。该组织说,向社区提供教育,以便更好地确认有自杀风险的人群,以及鼓励那些有自杀风险的人寻求帮助,可以减少精神病患者的自杀行为。09/83891双河治疗蝴蝶斑多少钱

乌鲁木齐市祛痣新疆医科大学附属医院激光脱毛多少钱Bailout is for bikers too Bike commuters are entitled to a -a-month tax break, as part of the 0B bailout.Well, it seems that still everyone wants a piece of bailout bill and as we learnt today GM and Chrysler are getting theirs and it turns out people who ride their bikes to work also entitle to bailout money. Alison Kosik, as our Energy Fix from New York, helps us understand this one, bicyclers getting some of the bailout money.Exactly T J, you know I bet better you didn’t know this buried with in the bailout legislation is a -a-month benefit for anyone who bikes to work on a regular basis. Cyclists can use the money for things like tires, tune-ups on bicycle parking, but there are a couple of problems with this. First, very few companies are y to implement this benefit, even though it’s available on January 1st. Employers are unsure exactly how to structure the program they are wondering. You know is it a straight reimbursement or a pretax deduction from your pay check, many are waiting for guidance from the IRS before making the benefit available to employees. Second, there is a big potential downside for commuters themselves. If you use the bike benefit, you can’t get any other transit benefit your company may offer, like money for your monthly bus or train pass. And that’s often worth a lot more than $ 20 a month, so people who abide to the bus or train station probably won’t sign up, T J.Well, how many people actually do ride their bikes to work, do we know how many people might be using it, might be benefiting from it?Well, TJ you know we don’t have any hard numbers, but we do know it became a lot more popular than last summer, you remember when gas prices were soaring, cities saw huge jumps and a number of people bringing bikes onto buses, places like Denver, Houston and Fairfax County Virginia, reported increases of 75-100 percent. But now that the price of gas has dropped to an average a dollar 67 a gallon, it’s hard to say whether the trend will keep up, especially with winter here. But the League of American Bicyclist think it will, as they told us, one just start cycling is really hard to go back to been stuck in traffic. And for more on Energy Fix, check out cnnmoney.com. TJ, back to you.You are All right there, the Alison Kosik with Energy Fix today, thank you so much.200812/59586A cat is said to have nine lives because it is more tenacious of life than many animals. People always think that due to the speed, cleverness and flexibility of cats, they can stay alive in most difficult situations when other animals would have been killed, such as a dangerous fall. The cat's earliest ancestors probably hunted both on the ground and in the trees. To survive, they needed not only claws, but remarkable balance, an aptitude all cats retain to this day. In keeping with its reputation, the cat usually does land on all fours, and scientists have come to understand how. Slow-motion photography reveals that cats always right themselves in a precise order. The head rotates first based on messages from the eyes and inner ear. Then, the spine twists and the rear quarters align. At the same time, the cat arches its back to reduce the force of impact.Despite its agility, the cat faces particular dangers in today's modern cities. Here although hundreds of feet above the ground, the indoor cat is just as attracted by moving prey as is any other cat. If any thing, it may be a stir-crazy bundle of energy. So many cats actually careen through unscreened windows that the phenomenon now has a name, high-rise syndrome. At the Animal Medical Center in New York City, doctors were perplexed when they found that victims of higher falls often had less severe injuries than those that fell a shorter distance.It's been about a month since you were here, lad. We'd been puzzled by the high-rise syndrome for a long time, the name that we give for cats falling out of windows. A clinical impression is that cats that fall from medium-level stories are hurt much worse than cats that fell from even greater distances. That seemed to defy our logic that cats that would fall farther would be hurt less. So we undertook a study to examine the records on cats that had been admitted here for falling out of windows. And it actually confirmed that our clinical impression was correct. It seems that cats that fall from higher stories have enough time to reach free fall like a parachutist and are relaxed when you experience trauma when you are relaxed, you'll probably avoid injury; when you experience trauma when you are very rigid and very tight, you will attain a maximized injury.The cat may not have nine lives. But its uncanny abilities to sail through the air is almost certainly responsible for the myth.200810/53541乌鲁木齐整形美容医院处女膜修复怎么样Amazon亚马逊The Walmart of the web网络沃尔玛The internet giant’s new tablet computer fits itsstrategy of developing big businesses by charging small prices互联网巨头用低价战略,进军平板电脑市场A couple of years after it launched its website in 1995, Amazon was the subject of an unflattering report entitled “Amazon.Toast”. The pundit who penned it predicted that the fledgling online bookseller would soon be crushed by Barnes amp; Noble (Bamp;N), a book-retailing behemoth which had just launched its own site.1995年上线后的几年,亚马逊便成为一份名为《AmazonToast》报告唱衰的对象。编写该报告的专家预测,羽翼未丰的在线图书零售商亚马逊很快就会被巴诺挤出市场,后者是网站刚刚上线的图书零售巨头。Far from being crushed, Amazon is doing the crushing. Borders, a once-mighty book chain, was flattened this year. Bamp;N looks likea frightened capybara running from a fierce Brazilian she-warrior. Amazon is now one of the web’s most successful e-tailers. Even Apple is feeling the heat.亚马逊没有被挤出市场,反而变被动为主动。昔日强大的连锁书店Borders今年被清盘。巴诺看起来就像一只胆颤心惊的南美水豚正逃避着剽悍的亚马逊女战士。亚马逊现在是互联网上最成功的在线零售商。即便是苹果也感到热浪灼人。On September 28th Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s boss, unveiled a tablet computer called the Kindle Fire. It will compete with gadgets such as Bamp;N’s Nook Color tablet and Apple’s iPad. The new Amazon tablet, which has a somewhat smaller screen than the iPad and only offers Wi-Fi connectivity, is likely to be just the first salvo in a titanicbattle.9月28日,亚马逊的老板Jeff Bezos发布了一款名为Kindle Fire的平板电脑。它将与巴诺的Nook Color电子书和苹果的iPad展开竞争。新款亚马逊平板电脑的屏幕比iPad小几分,并且只提供无线保真网络连接,它的出现有可能是一场鏖战前的第一。Like Apple, Amazon boasts a huge collection of online content, including e-books, films and music. And like Apple, it lets people store their content in a computing “cloud” and retrieve it from almost anywhere. But the two firms part company when it comes to pricing. The Kindle Fire, which will be available from mid-November in America, will cost only 9. That is far less than the cheapest iPad, a Wi-Fi-only device which costs 9. Bamp;N responded to the Kindle Fire by cutting the price of its Nook Color to 4. This week Amazon also rolled out a new range of Kindle e-ers, the cheapest of which costs just . “We are building premium products and offering them at non-premium prices,” beamed Mr Bezos.与苹果相似,亚马逊号称其有大量的在线内容,有电子书、电影和音乐。在另一点也和苹果相像,它允许人们将自己的内容存储在它的计算云中,并且可以从几乎任何地方取回。但是,这两个公司在对产品的定价上却大相径庭。Kindle Fire九月中旬将在美国上市,仅售199美元。这比只有Wi-Fi功能售价为499美元,最便宜的iPad还要便宜的多。本周,亚马逊还推出了新款Kindler电子阅读器,最便宜的仅售79美元。亚马逊的老板Bezos说:“我们打造优质的产品并以低价提供给消费者。”Amazon’s decision to undercut its rivals is partly a tactic designed to disrupt the tablet market, which is still dominated by the iPad. Gartner, a research firm, reckons that Apple’s device will account for almost three-quarters of the 64m tablets it thinks will be sold worldwide this year. Amazon’s pricing strategy also reflects one of the firm’s core beliefs, whichis that cheap stuff makes customers cheerful. Call it the Walmart of the web.亚马逊以低价削弱对手的主意是其扰乱平板电脑市场策略的一部分,iPad仍占据着这一市场的统治地位。高德纳咨询公司认为,苹果的平板电脑将会占今年全球平板电脑总销量约75%的份额,预计今年全球范围内将售出为64,000,000台。亚马逊的定价策略同时也反映出公司的一大核心理念,那就是“低价吸引客户”,称之为“网络沃尔玛”。201110/155927乌鲁木齐整形美容医院做双眼皮手术好不好

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