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Scripts:I think that you've had really two events over the last couple of months. You had one, a liquidity event in August that the Fed monetized a few weeks ago by lowering rates 50 basis points more than those expected. And then you've had credit worries. But in the liquidity problems you have some shares just beat down so hard that you had them, you had a lot of people come into the market with a lot of li(quidity), a lot of extra capital around that push shares up to an all time high. Yesterday and you have some people as you have, coming on more board, bearish trend and the economy has still lots of potential to roll over probably of taking some money off the table at this point.So essentially you think this is a relatively short term move. That there is some uncertainty there , there is a lot of worry, a lot of people just kinda in and then quickly back out again having made a profit. And it's rather hard therefore presumably to discern the future direction of the Dow.Charles that's absolutely correct. And I would say that there is a ton of uncertainty right now. I think that some financial shares and some of the companies that are tied to the mortgage market do present compelling valuations right now for the truly long term investor, think 3 to 5 years. But in the near term you've got a lot of credit term while that the Fed has effectively delayed maybe or trying to make a softer landing by lowering rates. But that remains to be seen. I think you've seen the housing data coming out, and we're coming to a holiday season, Retail Wise that could be quite weak because of that. So it's a really kind of a wait-and-see approach with the market right now whether that there are pockets of attractive valuations.What was striking on Monday was that we had two big banks, City Group in the ed States, UBS in Switzerland coming out and effectively cleaning up their balance sheets, taking big hits which was ugly and painful. But essentially moving forward with a lot of the bad news certainly aly out there. Their stocks went up quite sharply. Do you think that it will be that easy for some of the other banks to cast off some of these sub-prime worries.Well, with City and UBS, they are such huge large global money banks that by writing down at those loans they can basically move forward and reallocate capital into more high return businesses right now. Some of the smaller players are gonna who are more tied to the mortgage market, it's gonna take a little bit longer for them to play out and they are gonna have potentially some more restructure and some more pain/ to go through on their balance sheets. But for the larger players I think the market was expecting even worse just because of the severe liquidity crunch in August. And seeing at least some clarity along those lines, you know, was a relief to some investors.Let's look at the broader world scene because we are seeing a great deal of strength clearly in Asia. Do you suspect that Asia rather than Europe and certainly rather than the ed States is gonna be where the excitement will be, if you like for equity investors in next few months possibly years?Well, Charles, I will tell you this. The highest growth areas in the world right now are in Asia. Really you look at all the Asian countries you know clearly led by China which seems to be on everybody's tongue these days. But that's where the highest growth is. That's where so many of the manufacture and production, jobs have moved. And in Asia it's basically reengineering I mean you can also think about Japan 20 or 30 years ago when they were going through their growth period. I mean so many countries in Asia right now are in that type of growth phase where just the average consumers are gonna be buying washing machines, driers, refrigerators, cars. And there are gonna be a huge amount of growth and expenditure by them as they become more of developed countries more than the 3rd world countries.Notes:Liquidity: Available cash or the capacity to obtain it on demand.Citigroup: International financial conglomerate with operations in consumer, corporate, and investment banking and insurance.200807/43915Market Share市场份额A: In this area NEST company is our main competitor is our main competitor. They entered the market in 2002, fifteen years later than us. But theyve been developing rapidly and now are the biggest in terms of market share.A: 在这个地区,NEST公司是我们的主要竞争对手。他们2002年进入市场,比我们晚了15年。但他们发展迅速,是市场份额而言,他们是最大的一家。B: We must admit theyve been doing well in product development. But they have their weakness at the moment. They have the lowest profitability.B: 我们必须承认他们的产品开发得很好。但是目前它们也有他们的不足之处。他们的利润很低。A: Yes, in terms of this we still have an advantage. But look at our second competitor, MTC. They entered the market almost at the same time as we did. They have a lower market share than us and their products are sold at slightly higher prices. But their annual return shows greater profitability. They are in strong position to overtake us soon.A: 是的,就这方面而言我们仍有优势。但是看看我们的第二个竞争对手MTC公司。他们几乎和我们同时进入市场。他们没有我们的市场份额大,他们的产品售价较高。但是他们年利润较大。他们处于强势地位,很快就会超过我们。B: We must realize where we are. Our products are not highly priced but less attractive than others. Were also getting the problem with reliability.B: 我们必须认清我们的处境。我们的产品价格不高但吸引力也不大,而且我们的信任度也成问题。A: I agree. Our market share is higher. This is important but profitability is equally important. We must become more competitive if we want to hold on to our market share and increase profitability.A: 我同意你的看法。我们的市场份额高这很重要,但是利润也同要重要。如果我们想保持住市场份额,增加利润,就必须更有竞争力。B: We should get the management and the working staff to realize our situation and call on everyone for effort.B: 我们应该让管理层和基层员工都意识到我们的处境并号召大家共同努力。 /201602/426615Obama Rejects 'False Political Attack' by Bush in Israel奥巴马指责布什发动虚假政治攻击 Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has accused U.S. President George Bush of launching what he termed "a false political attack" on him. Mr. Obama was reacting to comments Mr. Bush made in Israel about appeasing dictators. The White House denies that the president's comment was directed at Senator Obama, but the remarks have created a political storm among Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill. 民主党总统候选人巴拉克.奥巴马指责美国总统布什对他发动了他所谓的“虚假的政治攻击”。他是针对布什在以色列发表的有关姑息独裁者的做出反应的。白宫否认布什总统的是针对奥巴马参议员。Speaking to Israel's parliament Thursday, President Bush strongly rejected the idea of negotiating with foreign leaders or radicals that are considered enemies of the ed States. 布什总统在以色列议会强烈反对与被认为是美国敌人的外国领导人和激进份子举行谈判。"Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with the terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along," said President Bush. "We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: 'Lord, if I could only have talked to Hitler, all this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is - the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history." 布什说:“有些人认为,我们应该与恐怖分子和极端分子谈判,似乎用一些巧妙的辩解就能够让他们承认自己是一贯错误的。我们以前曾经听到过这类愚蠢的幻想。当纳粹坦克1939年越境进入波兰的时候,一位美国参议员宣称: ‘主啊,如果我当时能够和希特勒谈一次话,这一切本来都是可以避免的。’我们有责任指出真相以正视听。这种自欺欺人的、貌似有理的绥靖政策已经一再被历史明其荒谬之处。”President Bush did not mention any names, but a number of prominent Democratic leaders perceived the remark as a veiled attack on Senator Obama, who has said if he was president he would be willing to negotiate with Iranian leaders if they would end their nuclear weapons program and support for terrorists. 布什总统没有提到任何人的名字,但有些人认为这些是不点名地批评了正在竞选美国总统的参议员奥巴马。 Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said the president's comments were beneath the dignity of the office. Democratic Senator Carl Levin also responded. 美国众议院议长佩洛西表示,总统的有失白宫的尊严。"For him to use purple prose such as somebody is appeasing, it seems to me is totally inappropriate," said Senator Levin. "And if there was any effort to suggest that the difference over how to fight terrorism amounts to anything other than a difference over tactics rather than a difference over goals, is way out of place, wrong inappropriate, and I would hope that that is not what he said." 民主党参议员卡尔列文作出回应说:“他用夸张的文学语言说有人主张绥靖,在我看来,这是完全不适当的。我们在如何打击恐怖主义方面的差异仅仅在于采取战略的不同,而不是目标的不同,如果布什总统的话意图超出这个范畴,那他就是完全乱了方向,错误而不当,我希望他没有说这样的话。” Senator Obama issued a statement saying "the president's extraordinary politicization of foreign policy and the politics of fear do nothing to secure the American people or our stalwart ally Israel." 参议员奥巴马发表声明对布什总统的作出回应。他在声明中说:“布什总统把外交政策以及恐惧政策极度政治化并不能向美国人民或者我们的坚定盟友以色列提供安全。” Senator John Kerry, who lost the 2004 presidential election to President Bush, said if the president believes engagement with Iran is appeasement, he should demand the resignation of members of his own cabinet, since Secretary Gates and Secretary Rice have both favored negotiations with Iran. Obama has said that a complete refusal to meet with those leaders who are at odds with the ed States does not help solve diplomatic problems. 奥巴马曾经说,断然拒绝与美国对立的国家领导人会面无助于解决外交难题。 White House spokeswoman Dana Perino told reporters in Israel that Mr. Bush's comment was not a reference to Senator Obama, and said the speech was not about 2008 politics.  白宫女发言人佩雷诺对记者说,布什总统在以色列发表的意见所指并非参议员奥巴马。她说,布什总统的讲话并不是关于2008年的政治。 The rhetorical clash comes just hours after Obama picked up a long-awaited endorsement from his one time Democratic rival for the nomination, former Senator John Edwards. The endorsement aly seems to be paying off for Senator Obama, who has picked up four of the former senator's 19 delegates and the endorsement of the ed Steelworkers Union, which had formally supported Edwards. 在发生这场言词冲突的几个小时之前,奥巴马从前参议员约翰.爱德华兹那里获得了期待已久的持。爱德华兹曾是竞争民主党总统候选人提名的对手。爱德华兹宣布持奥巴马有利于加强奥巴马的优势地位。奥巴马获得了这位爱德华兹原来获得的19张党内代表人票当中的四张,他还获得美国联合钢铁工会的持。联合钢铁工会本来持爱德华兹。 200805/39104

Monarchy Loyalist Party Wins Bhutan Election不丹完成民主选举结束世袭君主制  In Bhutan's landmark elections that ended a century of absolute monarchy, the party widely perceived as most loyal to the monarchy won by a landslide. 不丹历史性的选举结束了长达一个多世纪的世袭君主制。被广泛视为对王室最为忠诚的政党赢得了压倒胜利。Most of the media and political pundits in this tiny Himalayan nation did not see much difference between the two parties vying to lead the nation into democracy, but the voters of Bhutan did. 在喜马拉雅山国家不丹,大多数媒体和政治分析权威人士认为,两个为领导不丹走上民主道路而相互竞争的政党在政策主张方面没有多大区别,但是不丹选民却不这么看。"The DPT, the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, winning 44 of 47 seats in the National Assembly, is declared the ruling party," said Bhutan Election Commissioner Kunzang Wangdi. "The People's Democratic Party, the PDP, having won three seats in the National Assembly, will be the opposition party." 不丹选举委员会官员昆赞.旺迪宣布选举结果:“在有47个议席的国民议会中,不丹繁荣进步党中赢得44个,现在宣布该党为执政党。不丹人民民主党赢得国民议会的3个席位,为反对党。”And, with those words, Wangdi made it official. Candidates from the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, also known as the Bhutan Prosperity Party, won a lopsided victory in Bhutan's first-ever national election. 这一宣布是不丹选举的正式结果。不丹繁荣进步党候选人在首次国民议会选举中赢得了压倒胜利。DPT spokesman Palden Tshering says no one expected such a landslide. 该党发言人希林表示,这很出乎意料。"What I can say is the people have decided," said Tshering. "They looked at the two parties and probably figured out that our party is a party that could possibly give them the government envisioned by His Majesty [Bhutan's current king], one that is stable, one that is strong and one that will lay the foundation for the next hundred years." 他说:“我能说的是,人民已经做出了决定。选民在了解了两个政党的政见之后也许认为,我们党有可能组建一个国王陛下心目中所希望的政府,一个稳定、坚强的政府,一个能为未来国家百年大计打下坚实基础的政府。”The electoral turnout was 79 percent of the country's 318,000 eligible voters. 不丹共有31万8千名合格选民,其中79%的人参加了投票。DPT President Jigmi Thinley is expected to be the country's next prime minister, a post he has held twice before. But this time, he will lead the country as Bhutan's king ends a century of dynastic rule that has been largely peaceful. 预计,繁荣进步党领袖吉格梅.廷里将成为不丹总理。他曾经两次担任总理职务,但由于不丹国王结束了长达一个世纪的王朝统治,吉格梅.廷里这次将担负起领导国家的职责。In Monday's polls, voters elected 47 members of the lower house of parliament. Twenty members of the upper house were elected, earlier this year. 在星期一举行的选举中,选民选出了议会下院的47名议员。20名上院议员已在今年早些时候选出。Tshering says unifying the country is a top priority. "To bridge the gap that has formed in our society today as a result of the elections, that would probably be the first task that we have, because we want the country to be unified," said Tshering. "We want the people to be happy. We would rather there not be any discord in our society today." 吉格梅.廷里说,目前的当务之急是把国家团结起来:“选举在我们的社会中造成了隔阂,我们希望国家团结起来,因此消除这种隔阂很可能就是首要任务。我们希望人民幸福。我们不愿意看到在我们当今的社会中存在任何不和谐。”The electoral commission says the voting was peaceful and orderly, with only minor problems. 选举委员会说,选举过程是和平、有秩序的,只出现了一些小问题。However, the election was not without its critics. Members of the ethnic Nepali community say they were barred from voting. More than 100,000 ethnic Nepalis, who are mainly Hindu, were forced out of Bhutan in the 1990's. Many of them are living as refugees in eastern Nepal and are seeking to be repatriated to Bhutan.然而,这次选举也招致了一些批评。一些不丹土著居民说,他们被禁止参加选举。上世纪90年代,主要信奉印度教的10万多不丹土著居民被驱逐出国,其中很多人目前以难民身份居住在尼泊尔东部地区,他们正在争取被送回不丹。200803/32192

Kenya Swears in Power-Sharing Cabinet肯尼亚权力分享内阁举行就职仪式 Nearly three months after Kenya's disputed elections, the country's new power-sharing cabinet has been sworn in, including former opposition leader Raila Odinga as prime minister. The government is to steer the country away from the political crisis and violence experienced after December's vote. 肯尼亚有争议的选举结束将近3个月以后,肯尼亚新的权力分享内阁宣誓就职,前反对派领袖奥廷加担任总理。新政府旨在让肯尼亚摆脱去年12月的选举后所经历的政治危机和暴力。 At a lengthy ceremony in the capital, Nairobi, Kenya's 42 ministers and 50 assistant ministers - half belonging to or aligned with President Mwai Kibaki's Party of National y, and half from Prime Minister Raila Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement - took office. 在肯尼亚首都内罗毕举行的就职仪式持续了很长时间,肯尼亚的42名部长和50名助理部长宣誓就职,其中有一半来自总统齐贝吉的民族团结党,另外有一半来自奥廷加所在的橙色民主运动。The event officially puts in place the power-sharing government agreed upon by President Kibaki and Mr. Odinga in an agreement mediated by former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan in late February. 在总统齐贝吉和奥廷加签署的一份协议中规定的权利分享政府由此正式成立。在前联合国秘书长安南的调解下,齐贝吉和奥廷加在2月底达成了这份协议。Mr. Annan was on hand for the event and urged support for the new government, despite concerns that the large number of ministers, the most in Kenya's history, is a waste of resources. 安南出席了就职仪式,他敦促持新政府,尽管这引发人们的担忧,部长人数过多,是浪费国家资源。这个政府的部长数目超过肯尼亚历史上的任何政府。"I know there has been some debate as to the size of the government, but what is important is that we do have a government," he said. "We have an opportunity to put Kenya back on track and build a stronger Kenya and it is essential that you all support the leaders and the government." 安南说:“我知道对政府的规模存在争论,但是重要的是我们确实有了一个政府。我们有机会让肯尼亚回到轨道上来,建立一个更强的肯尼亚,但是最基本的是你们都要持领导人和政府。”Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni, Prime Minister Odinga, and President Kibaki also delivered speeches. The president sounded an optimistic note on moving forward. 乌干达总统穆塞韦尼、肯尼亚新总理奥廷加和新总统齐贝吉也发表了讲话。齐贝吉总统听起来对未来非常乐观。"The recent general elections seriously divided our people along regional and ethnic lines. The formation of the grand coalition government promises to heal the rifts created by negative politics and ethnic suspicions which threatened to tear our nation apart," said Mr. Museveni. 齐贝吉说,“最近的大选严重地把我们的人民按照地区和民族分裂开来。”Some analysts say the president's party has maintained a larger share of key offices, including defense, foreign affairs, internal security, finance and justice. Orange Democratic Movement members will be running the land, agriculture and local government ministries, among others. There is concern about how long the government will last because the relative powers of the president and prime minister have not been spelled out, leaving the door open for future conflict.  有人对这个政府能够持续多久感到担心,因为协议中没有说明总统和总理的相对权力,为将来的冲突留下了后患。But the executive director of the Kenya chapter of the International Commission of Jurists, George Kegoro, says there is little advantage for the two sides in abandoning the current arrangement anytime soon. 但是,国际法学家委员会肯尼亚事务执行主管凯戈洛说,要很快放弃现在的安排对双方都没有什么好处。"They have come from very expensive elections. They would like to re-group across the board. And they would like also to re-arm politically. None of the groups is y for battle again, which is what walking away from the alliance would invite," he said. 他说:“他们都经历了代价昂贵的选举。他们希望重新组合到一起,他们希望在政治上重新武装起来。没有哪一方准备再次战斗,离开联合政府就会引发这样的后果。”The cabinet will be charged with the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the post-election violence and putting the country's economy back on track.  内阁将负责处理数十万因选举后的暴力而流离失所的人,并要让国家的经济走上正轨。At the center of the government's agenda will be an overhaul of the country's constitution. That was the issue that split the previous government, causing Mr. Odinga to break with the president and form what would become the Orange Democratic Movement. 政府的日程中心将是审查国家的宪法。这个问题同造成先前政府的分裂有关,奥廷加同政府分裂并组建橙色民主运动就与此有关。 200804/35467

US Offers Russia Assurance on Missiles美力争减少俄对导弹防御计划担忧 Though not backing away from plans to build a missile-defense system in central Europe, the ed States is offering a series of confidence-building measures to allay Russian concerns about the project. Senior Russian officials were informed of the measures during so-called two plus two talks in Moscow among Russian foreign and defense ministers and their visiting U.S. counterparts. 美国虽然没有在中欧建立导弹防御系统计划的问题上改变立场,不过,美国还是提出了一系列旨在建立信心的措施,减少俄罗斯对这一计划的担忧。俄罗斯外长和国防部长与到访的美国国务卿和国防部长在莫斯科举行了被称作“二加二”的会谈。在会谈时,美国将这一系列措施告诉了俄罗斯的高级官员。Speaking at a news conference after the talks, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the ed States elaborated on a number of measures aimed at confidence building and transparency in order to assure that new American missile facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic would not constitute a threat to Russia.  在会谈结束后举行的记者招待会上,美国国防部长盖茨说,美国详细阐述了一系列旨在建立互信和透明的措施,为的是确保美国在波兰和捷克共和国新部署的导弹设施不会对俄罗斯构成威胁。"We have leaned very far forward in this to provide reassurance, and with a number of measures that, obviously, would require host-country approval and reciprocity," said Gates. 盖茨说:“在这一问题上,我们非常主动地让俄罗斯放心。很明显,一系列措施需要征得导弹所在国家的同意。”Moscow says a U.S. system on its doorstep would diminish Russia's strategic deterrent. The ed States insists the missiles would defend against a potential Iranian missile threat. 莫斯科说,部署在俄罗斯门口的美国导弹系统会损害俄罗斯的战略威摄力。美国坚持认为部署的导弹将防御伊朗潜在的导弹威胁。Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the U.S. proposals are serious and will be studied. He was quick to add, however, that the best way to ease Russian concerns about the proposed system would be not to build it at all. 俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫说,美国的提议是认真的,俄罗斯会对提议进行研究。但是,他很快补充说,要消除俄罗斯关于这个导弹系统提议的担忧,最好的办法是根本不要建立这样一个系统。But Lavrov notes the firm U.S. intention to establish the system. Despite disagreement on the substance of this issue, the Russian official says the ed States recognizes that Russia has legitimate concerns and has offered proposals to eliminate or allay them. 但是,拉夫罗夫特别指出美国建立这个系统的决心。虽然关于这个问题的实质还存在分歧,但是,俄罗斯官员说,美国看得出俄罗斯有理由担心,而且美国也已经提出建议消除或减少俄罗斯的担心。Lavrov said participants in the talks did not decide how to proceed after next year's expiration of 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. He noted that any new agreement would be legally binding, but that much work remains before it can be reached. 拉夫罗夫说,参加会谈的俄罗斯和美国官员没有决定1991年签署的《削减战略武器条约》在明年期满失效后该怎么办。他说,任何新的协定要有法律约束力,但是在达成新协定之前还有很多工作要做。Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it is important to recognize the bth of U.S.-Russian relations. Both sides worked out a strategic framework to govern those relations in the future. Rice said the document would reflect agreements aly made or which need to be developed. 美国国务卿赖斯说,美国和俄罗斯关系涉及很多领域,认识到这一点很重要,双方制定出一个战略框架,管理未来的双边关系。赖斯说,这个框架将体现已经达成的协议或者未来需要达成的协议。"For instance, global nuclear terrorism, [and] concerning the two presidents' [Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush] interest in developing a way to get assured fuel supply for countries that may wish to have civil nuclear power without the proliferation risk of enrichment and reprocessing," said Rice. 赖斯说:“比方说,全球核恐怖主义,以及两位总统所关心的,如何找到可以让人放心的能源提供给那些可能希望拥有民用核能的国家,同时还不会有核浓缩和再加工的核扩散风险。”The ed States said it would provide written copies of all proposals by the end of the day, which the Russian side said it would carefully study.  美国说,它会在当天提供所有建议的文本给俄罗斯。俄罗斯说,它会仔细研究这些建议。Secretaries Rice and Gates met earlier for private talks with several Russian opposition and business leaders. Participants included former member of parliament Vladimir Ryzhkov and Yabloko Party leader Grigory Yavlinsky. Former chess champion Garry Kasparov and former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov say they were not invited.  国务卿赖斯和盖茨早些时候与俄罗斯反对派和商业界领导人举行了不公开会谈。参加会谈的人包括前俄罗斯议员雷日科夫和亚卢俄罗斯联合民主党主席亚夫林斯基。前国际像棋冠军卡斯帕罗夫和前俄罗斯总理卡西亚诺夫说,他们没有收到参加会议的邀请。200803/31231Pope Benedict Visits 9/11 Terrorist Attack Site天主教教皇走访纽约世贸大厦遗址  Pope Benedict XVI began his last day in the ed States at Ground Zero, the site of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on New York.  教皇本笃十六世以参观纽约世贸大厦遗址开始他最后一天对美国的访问。世贸大厦遗址是2001年9月11号发生恐怖袭击的地方。 The pontiff brought his message of peace to hallowed ground as the popemobile descended the ramp to the lowest levels of the former World Trade Center site. 在教皇乘坐的专车徐徐驶下斜坡抵达前世贸中心遗址的最低一层时,教皇给这个神圣的地方带来了和平的信息。Pope Benedict knelt in silent prayer on a pew placed in front of a large candle, which he then lit.  本笃教皇跪在一大蜡烛前的一个可以放置双手下跪祈祷的跪台上默默地祈祷,然后起身点燃了蜡烛。The pope then offered a brief prayer for peace and healing for survivors and the families of victims of the attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.  接着,教皇作了一个简短的祷告,乞求上天让发生在纽约、华盛顿和宾州的恐怖袭击的幸存者和受难者家属获得平安,让他们的创伤得到愈合。"Oh God of love, compassion and healing, look on us people of many faiths and traditions who gather today at this site of incredible violence and pain. We ask in your goodness to give eternal light and peace to all who died here, to heroic first responders, along with a the innocent men and women who were victims of this tragedy simply because their work or service brought them here on September 11th, 2001," he said. 教皇说:“啊,充满爱、同情和拥有治愈大能的上帝,请看顾我们这些拥有不同信仰和不同传统的人。我们今天聚集在这个发生过可怕的暴力和痛苦的地方。我们请求您的慈爱永远照耀那些在这里逝去的人,那些英勇地首先作出反应的人,以及在2001年9月11号那一天,仅仅因为工作或务来到这里、使他们成为无辜受害者的男男女女,让他们获得安息。”The pope then met individually with two-dozen survivors and representatives of victims' families.  接着,教皇会见了20多个幸存者和受难者家属的代表,同他们一一进行了交谈。According to officials, Benedict XVI insisted that a stop at Ground Zero be put on the schedule of his three-day visit to New York. For the low key, secular occasion, the Pope wore a long white overcoat in marked contrast to the more elaborate vestments he has worn throughout the rest of his six-day visit to the ed States. 有关官员说,是本笃十六世坚持把访问世贸大厦遗址列入他对纽约三天访问的行程中的。为这个低调的世俗场合,教皇穿了一件白色长大衣,这与他在美国的六天访问中始终穿着比较精美的正式饰形成鲜明对比。 200804/35850World Financial Markets Sag Despite Key US Senate Vote参院批准救市案 世界市场仍下滑  World markets have fallen, despite the fact that a U.S. financial rescue package cleared its first hurdle, passing by an overwhelming margin in the U.S. Senate.美国国会参议院以压倒性多数投票通过了布什政府提出的金融机构拯救计划,使这个倍受争议的方案总算过了第一关,可是世界金融市场似乎并没有因此而受到鼓舞,继续大幅下滑。World markets might have been expected to breathe a sigh of relief after the U.S. Senate approved a bill authorizing the federal government to purchase hundreds of billions of dollars in bad debt from troubled financial institutions. The measure is seen by many economists as an important step toward ending an international credit crunch that could strangle global economic growth. 人们原本预期,美国国会参议院批准金融拯救议案,授权联邦政府拿出数千亿美元收购金融机构的坏帐,会使世界市场松一口气,可是结果还是事与愿违。很多经济学家都认为,这个方案是缓和国际信贷紧缩进而防止全球经济停滞不前的重要步骤。But U.S. stocks opened down and sank even lower by midday trading. The losses came amid another indication of a slowing American economy: applications for unemployment benefits have risen to their highest level in more than seven years.美国股票市场星期四一开市就走低,到了中午的时候,道琼斯工业平均指数便已经下滑了将近300点,主要由于最新的经济数据显示,上个星期美国首次申领失业救济的人数增加到七年多来的最高水平。At the White House, President George Bush met with U.S. business leaders, and said the bailout package must not stall in the House of Representatives, which rejected a similar bill Monday, prompting the biggest ever single-day point loss in U.S. market history.星期四在白宫,布什总统会见了几位美国工商企业的主管。他说,金融拯救计划决不能再在众议院搁浅。星期一下午,美国国会众议院投票否决了布什总统的金融拯救计划,导致美国股票市场疯狂下泻,道琼斯工业平均指数丧失了777点,那是美国股市有史以来最大的单日下跌点数。"This is an issue that is affecting hardworking people," he said. "They are worried about their savings. They are worried about their jobs. They are worried about their houses. They are worried about their small businesses. And, the House of Representatives must listen to these voices."布什总统说:“这个问题影响到辛勤工作的美国人民。他们担心自己的储蓄。他们担心自己的工作。他们担心自己的房子。他们担心自己的小生意。国会众议院必需倾听他们的声音。”While Asian markets were mixed, all major European markets reversed early gains and finished with losses.星期四的亚洲股市涨跌互见,欧洲的绝大多数股市早盘有所上扬,但是最后都以跌势作收。Europe's market downturn came after the European Central Bank opted to keep interest rates unchanged. ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet did not rule out the possibility of future rate cuts to boost economic activity and reassure financial markets, but said the bank was holding steady for now to guard against inflation.欧洲市场是在欧洲中央宣布保持利率不变之后下滑的。欧央行行长特里谢虽然没有排除今后降低利率以促进经济活动和稳定金融市场的可能性,但是他表示,为了防止通货膨胀恶化,欧央行现在只能保持目前的利率水平。"The economic outlook is subject to increased downside risks, mainly stemming from a scenario of ongoing financial market tensions affecting the real economy more adversely than currently foreseen," he said. "Other downside risks relate to the possibility of renewed increases in highly volatile energy and food prices, disorderly developments owing to global imbalances, and rising protectionist pressures."“经济前景受制于日益增加的下行风险,而下行风险主要来自于金融市场的持续紧张,这给真实经济造成的负面影响远远大于人们目前的预期。其他的下行风险跟再度出现的能源和食品价格暴涨有关,还有全球贸易不平衡的混乱性发展和日益高涨的保护主义压力。”Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund is warning of a worldwide slowdown in economic activity.与此同时,国际货币基金组织IMF警告说,全世界的经济活动都在减速。"It is now all too clear that we are seeing the most dangerous shock to the mature financial markets since the 1930s, posing a major threat to global growth," said IMF Deputy Research Director Charles Collyns. "We find that when the banking system suffers major damage, as in the current episode, the likelihood of a severe and protracted downturn in activity increases."IMF研究部副主任查尔斯·科林斯(Charles Collyns)说:“现在有目共睹的是:我们正面临着1930年代以来成熟的金融市场所遭受的最危险的震荡,这对全球经济增长构成重大威胁。我们发现,当系统遭受重大损失时,目前的情况正是如此,经济活动出现严重而又持久的下滑的可能性随之增加。”The increasingly global financial crisis began with a rash of U.S. home foreclosures after a prolonged period of loose credit that saw millions of Americans acquire home mortgages they could not afford. In recent months, most major U.S. financial institutions that traded heavily in mortgage debt have failed, been sold off, or were taken over by the U.S. government.这场越来越全球化的金融危机始于美国的房地产市场危机。在此前漫长的信贷宽松时期,数以百万计的美国人无视自己的承担能力而大笔筹借房屋抵押贷款,结果很多人由于无力偿还贷款而丧失了住房赎回权。最近几个月来,很多大型的美国金融机构由于坏帐如山、资金周转不灵而宣布破产、遭到并购,或者被美国政府接管。200810/51517

Hello? Hello?你好?你好?Oh, Ive lost the signal, hes gone.我没信号了,他挂了。Never mind Anna.没关系,安娜。I think he got the message.我想他明白了。Another drink?再来一杯吗?Lets hope Paul has got the right message about Anna and Tom!希望保罗不会误会安娜和汤姆!Anyway, shes briefed the boss and kept him in the picture.总之,她通知了老板并且让他了解情况。Heres a reminder of some of the phrases she used: Its good news – Ive closed the deal and the contract is signed.这是她使用过的表达方式。我有好消息。我达成了协议并且签了合同。We need to proceed with the order as quickly as possible.我们要尽快推进订单。Im committed to getting the order delivered on time… but I will need some help.我承诺了会及时发送订单,但我需要帮助。A good days work for Anna but now its time for bed.安娜今天做的不错,但现在到了睡觉的时间了。Right, well, its time for bed.好吧,是时候休息了。Weve got an early start tomorrow.明天我们要早起。So, where are we staying?所以我们住哪呢?A lovely little boutique hotel, just round the corner.街角处有一个很不错的小型精品酒店。Ive booked a room with a view.我定了一间可以看风景的房间。A room? One room? !一间房?一间房吗?Err yeah. Thats all they had, actually… honest!是的,说实话,他们其实就这一间了。This could be interesting.这可有意思了。Lets hope things remain professional.希望一切都能公事公办。Until next time. Bye!下次见了! /201705/507586WHO Calls for Complete Ban on Tobacco Advertising世卫组织敦促禁止所有烟草广告  The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging governments to ban all tobacco advertising. The aim is to protect the world's youth from becoming addicted to a product WHO says could cause one billion premature deaths this century. The U.N. organization issued the call on World No Tobacco Day. 世界卫生组织敦促各国政府禁止所有烟草广告,其目的是防止世界上的年轻人对烟草上瘾。世卫组织说,烟草可能会在本世纪造成10亿人过早死亡。世卫组织在“世界无烟日”发出上述呼吁。The World Health Organization says recent studies prove the more young people are exposed to tobacco advertising, the more likely they are to start smoking and the less likely they are to quit. 世界卫生组织说,最近的研究明,年轻人接触烟草广告越多,就越容易开始吸烟,戒烟的可能性就越小。Despite this, WHO officials say only five percent of the world's population is covered by comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. 世卫组织说,然而全面禁止烟草广告、促销或是赞助活动的禁令只涵盖了世界上5%的人口。The Director of WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative, Dr. Douglas Bettcher, says that leaves 95 percent of the world's population exposed to the unbridled marketing activities of the tobacco industry. 世卫组织无烟草行动负责人道格拉斯.巴彻士说,这样一来,世界上就有95%的人接触到烟草行业各种没有任何限制的营销活动。"The tobacco industry continues to sp its deadly product as the vector of the tobacco epidemic," he said. "The tobacco company spends tens of billions of dollars to market its products and tens of billions of dollars a year around the world to particularly develop and study and market to young people, especially in developing countries."  他说:“烟草工业继续向世界广泛推销它们的致命产品,成为烟草疾病的最大催动力。 烟草公司每年花费数百亿美元促销产品,在全球花费数百亿美元特别研究和开发年轻人市场,特别是发展中国家的市场。”The World Health Organization says most people start smoking before the age of 18, and almost a quarter of those before the age of 10. Because of this, it says tobacco companies target young people by falsely linking the use of tobacco products with qualities such as glamour, energy and sex appeal. 世卫组织说,大多数烟民在18岁之前就开始吸烟,大约四分之一烟民10岁之前就开始吸烟。由于上述原因,世卫组织说,烟草公司以年轻人为目标,把吸烟与魅力、力量以及性感等品质联系在一起,误导年轻人。Dr. Bettcher says the tobacco industry markets its product in movies, on the Internet, in fashion magazines, music concerts and sports events to get young people hooked onto their product. 巴彻士说,烟草业在电影、互联网 、时尚杂志、音乐会以及体育比赛中推销产品,让年轻人对烟草上瘾。He says the industry has even converted young people into walking billboards. Wherever tobacco companies cannot advertise, he says they put their logo on boots, shirts and other personal items.  他说,烟草业甚至把年轻人变成了活烟草广告。在无法做广告的地方,他们想办法把烟草商标印在靴子上、衬衫上,以及其它私人用品上。He says young women and girls are particularly at risk of being targeted and ensnared by these aggressive marketing techniques.  巴彻说,年轻女性和女孩特别容易成为烟草公司这种不择手段的市场推销术的目标,最后被诱惑。"We have recommended total advertising bans. WHO recommends these because enforcement of a complete ban on advertising promotion and sponsorship will definitely reduce consumption," he added. "Evidence shows that countries that put into place and enforce them and make sure that all the companies adhere to these bans, will enjoy a 16 percent drop in consumption over countries that do not impose such bans."  他说:“我们建议全面禁止烟草广告。世卫组织提出这种建议是因为全面禁止烟草促销和赞助一定会减少烟草的使用。有据显示,那些执行烟草广告禁令并且确保所有烟草公司遵守禁令的国家与那些没有施行这种禁令的国家相比,烟草使用量下降了16%。”The World Health Organization (WHO) says 5.4 million people a year die prematurely from tobacco-related illnesses, with 70 percent of these deaths in developing countries. It expects this figure to rise to 8.3 million deaths by 2030. 世卫组织说,世界上每年大约有540万人因为患上与烟草有关的疾病而过早死亡,其中大约70%的死亡病例出现在发展中国家。世卫组织预计,这个数字到2030年时会增加到830万人。And if current smoking trends continue, WHO warns up to one billion people could die from tobacco-related diseases this century. 世界卫生组织警告说,如果目前的吸烟趋势继续下去,本世纪会有多达10亿人死于与烟草有关的各类疾病。 200806/40700Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 3 In the east, another ancient range, the Urals, separates Europe from Asia. Both these ranges are evidence of Europe's earliest formation, the results of processes that began half a billion years ago. Back then, Europe was still in pieces. Scandinavia was in the southern oceans, England and the Low Countries were near the Antarctic Circle, and most of the rest sat near the South Pole. All of these isolated fragments of crust were on the move. Continental plates are dragged along by powerful flows of molten rock deep in the earth's mantle, some 80 kilometers underground. They only move a few centimeters every year, but over millions of years these centimeters add up. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, Europe was gradually assembled piece by piece. Each impact created enormous crumple zones. Rock was bent and buckled as if caught between the jaws of a vice, and forced up into great mountain chains along the join. They created Europe's backbone, which in scale once rivalled the Himalayas. The formation of these ancient mountains was the first act of European union. Since then, Europe has traveled halfway across the globe. 300 million years ago, it was straddling the equator. In this warm, wet climate, the foothills of Europe's oldest mountain ranges now became the cradle of the world's first forests. Paris would have been smothered in lush tropical rainforest which stretched east across the entire continent.words and expressionsthe Urals :乌拉尔山脉be on the move:to be travelling在活动中buckle:to bend or become bent, often as a result of force, heat or weakness扣住, 变弯曲vice:a tool with two parts which can be moved together by tightening a screw so that an object can be held firmly between them while it is being worked on老虎钳straddle:to sit or stand with your legs on either side of something偏落于…旁200809/47304

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